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Rascott said: @Vattier

If I am being rude for asking you for any information on what to expect, then I apologize and will keep my mouth quiet on this matter.

I know it's too early to communicate anything precisely about future mod tools, but I wanted to know if you think it's a great idea for modders to be able to communicate openly about what they would like to have as mod tools through this post which may simply be a meeting place for modders that developers of the new Redkit or Wolvenkit can access if they are interested in reading some opinions.

If there must be another communication channel between modders and Redkit developers, please communicate it when possible, it would be good if there was a communication between CPDR, Yigsoft and Modders during development.

Or maybe those private communications already exist and I'm not saying anything important.

There is a lot of interest in this game from Modders, you just have to see Nexusmods. Click to expand...
As usual, we always try to read all the feedback coming from the community so please keep sharing it with us. Regarding the cooperation with Yigsoft, at this moment we don't have anything else to add but once the situation changes, they will be sharing results of their work for sure!