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We are all connected to the universe, with our bodies, our souls, and our senses. We recognize the world as much as the world recognizes us. One can see all of the world in a single grain of sand, yet many of us have chosen to close our eyes and shut off our senses, thus severing our spiritual bond with it. We are detached from the universe, like a stray fledgling who has lost sight of their flock. But everything in this world serves a purpose. Our deviation also serves one; through separation, we are destined to develop tighter bonds further down the road. A fragile twig snapped by the wind will cause the tree to grow a sturdier branch. The ash of burned grass will nourish a healthier meadow the following spring. That is why, even when caged in a concrete jungle, we yearn for the bounty of nature. That is why, despite living in an age of instantaneous social connection, we feel ever more alone. That is why we are having this conversation – you feel this disconnect, and I am here to help you.  

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