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Ok, so I've been playing dauntless for a while and ever since the electric escalation came out I've been thinking that I'd be cool to ride behemoths. Recently, I've been thinking about it more and I want to hear your thoughts on the matter. The idea is basically that lady luck and some new npc(maybe ozz) get together and introduce behemoth racing to ramsgate. Now we all know slayers and behemoths don't get along well, however lady luck has managed to trap them in an arena. She could send the slayers on a quest to capture 1 behemoth to use as their racing partner. There would basically be 3-5 teams of 4 racing on behemoths. 1 slayer would be the rider and would have to control the behemoth. Another slayer could run in front of the behemoth to focus its attention. The last 2 slayers could play defense/offense for the team and attack other slayer's behemoths. Not necessarily killing the other teams behemoths but for example breaking a part causing it to slow down or even stop completely. To stop any unbalance from the races weapons like axes and hammers could slow down your behemoths if they are small like a rift stalker or embermane but something like panger could easily carry them. This idea is getting long; so, i just want to add that the defense and offensive teams would have to up with their behemoths by tethering back on to the behemoth. Otherwise points could be taken off for leaving behind a teammate etc.

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I really like this idea :D