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Just started getting into dauntless the last few days. As a new player I can speak to 'new player retention,' a bit.


  1. Generous for a Free2Play game. I havent spent a dime and Im unlocking lots of content quickly, makes me more likely to eventually buy some dyes etc.
  2. Very solid netcode and reliable hitboxes. Honestly in some ways the hitboxes feel more accurate and reliable than monster hunter, which I think is the fairest comparison of course.
  3. Great core combat loop with fun and flashy combos.

The big Con.

The only thing that's killing my enthusiasm is the way chasing challenging content is NOT rewarded. There is a lot of grind, and the grind is a LOT faster in public lobbies, but inevitably public lobbies are carried by high level players and my contribution feels meaningless. Soloing a 3 star-level 10 with my level 8 axe is a fun challenge, but the long and difficult fight is not rewarded with higher income gains AT ALL.

I really think that lower player count\solo\duo\private lobbies with lower level players should receive some income bonuses. As it is I feel encouraged to get carried to access high level gear in a reasonable amount of time, and that's a shame because getting carried ruins the core gameplay loop. I would appreciate if they kept public rewards the same as they are now, but gave a +100%, +75%, +50% scaling bonus for solo\duo\trio respectively, as long as the 'difficulty' rating is normal or better for all members of the party.

As it stands, once my friends realize how much faster public is we will likely switch to public for fast level gains, and get burnt out quickly.

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Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to write your feedback!
May I ask what you current progression level is? This would help a ton to put your feedback in context (Slayer's Path main unlocks, weapon(s) level, estimated total play time, things like that). 🙏