Hey everyone,

I just want to touch base on the new progression system after seeing some concerns about migration. We know that you all worked hard for your current Dauntless progress, and we don’t plan on taking that away when we switch to the new progression system. Our goal is to make sure that Slayers pick up 1.5.0 and have the same amount of power they have now.

First off, yes, we are removing all weapon/armour upgrades from +1 to +15 in favour of a completely different levelling system. This does not mean that we will not compensate you for your hard work! Any progress you made in Dauntless will transfer over into the new system in one way or another. While this is still a work in progress, and we’re still having discussions about it every day, here is a high level of what to expect:

After the patch, you will only have to craft the initial piece of gear, and then at the end game, you will Power Surge any weapon or piece of armour by using an Aetherheart (and some behemoth break parts) to advance. To gain an Aetherheart, you will have to Reforge your weapon/armour class. Reforging means taking a class at max level 20 and resetting it to level 1. You level up a class by slaying Behemoths and gaining XP. Once you have an Aetherheart, you can use it to Power Surge a piece of equipment to increase its power.

When we migrate to this system, players will start with weapon/armour class levels based on the highest piece of gear they have in that category. Our class levels go from 1 - 20 for each class (sword, axe, etc.). Your current highest level item will be multiplied by 2 to give your new level. For example, if you have a level +8 sword in your inventory, you will start at Sword Class level 16. We are also working on crediting existing players Aetherhearts and Heroic Behemoth break parts so that they can Power Surge back to their existing power bracket. Basically, we'll scan all your gear, come up with a total, and that's how many Aetherhearts you get. We’re still working on this, but we’ll have more details in the future.

The Slayers path not only shows your class levels, but also how far you’ve progressed in the Dauntless experience and it’s how new players will unlock the core features of Dauntless (smithing, weapon classes, hunt types, etc.). Mastery progress will transfer over to the Slayer’s Path. Any rewards that players got in Mastery will also be given to them on the Slayer's Path, so players will get a head start if they’ve progressed far in the current Mastery system.

Quest progress will also migrate over. This means that you will start in the same place and have access to roughly all the same content, but it's not a 1:1 mapping so there will be some subtle changes.

And on the final note of Rams: Yes, we plan on Rams being used to unlock nodes in the Slayers Path. None of the values are final in the latest test, and they are subject to change. We should also note that the economy will be changing in 1.5.0 to accommodate this. Expect more rams from more sources etc.

This is all UNDERDEVELOPMENT. Things may change, but this is the high level of where we’re at. Expect a full blog around these systems in the future, but for now, I hope this clears things up. If you have feelings, be sure to post them in the comments! We’ll be reading them all!

Thanks for testing, thanks for the feedback, and thanks for your support!

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