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I have been loving dauntless the last few months since I found it. I have around 30+ reforges now spread out over the different weapons and have hit 25 in all my esca trees and collect my 300 steel marks each week from trials. You could say I have reached "end game"

Now that I've learned each weapon fully, the chain blades are by far the most overpowered/easy to play weapon in the game, almost to the point where I lose interest in the others just because of how easy chain blades make this game feel.

  • They have a easy to use spam combo that does crazy dmg and part breaks.

  • The special ability (reaper dance) gives you basically a never ending iframe window so you can dodge everything all day. It also hits like a truck at 10 stacks.

  • They have a better dodge than the rest of the weapons for some reason?

They just feel real imbalanced and although I love them, it's hard to ignore that.

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Just a little bit. 👀