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It has been awhile since I complained about Bounty progression, but seeing as how Bounties are going to become a more core part of progression I guess it is time again. I don't like repetitive grinding. I rarely go two hunts in a row with the same weapon. My susceptibility to burnout in Dauntless is pretty touchy so I have to keep my gameplay in check.

Bounties were the perfect solution to my problem. A set of rewarding challenges that asked me to make active changes to my loadouts and/or playstyle. It kept the game constantly feeling fresh and gave me a consistent dribble of rewards that I could see the impact of (Hunt Pass go up). It was great, I loved Bounties... then Phx put a hard cap on the amount of Bounties I had access to.

I have been a "casual" player for the last five-ish seasons. By casual I mean my playtime has been much lower, not "I don't like difficult things". At this point in my progression there are only two things rewarding to me, Escalations and the Hunt Pass. Escalations on their own (once you hit rank 25) are an incredibly slow grind, 15 runs for a single weapon is... oof. Lucky me Escalations synergize great with Bounties so when I put those two together I feel rewarded for every run of Escalation rather than every 15 runs. Crazy take, when I get on to play I like to be rewarded. Unfortunately once I burn through all of my bounty tokens I see my progression grind to a halt unless I go do one of the most repetitive pieces of content, Patrol spamming.

What has my solution to this problem been? Simple, just don't play until I have a big stock-pile of Tokens.

For the past few hunt Passes I have been in a cadence of "don't play for two-ish weeks, have a couple days of burning tokens, don't play for another few weeks". When a new Hunt Pass comes out I log on to see the new shiny, grab daily things, then hop off. Pretty sure that is the opposite of what Phx wants with a new content drop...

That is the way I feel and the personal solution I have to address it. I've had ideas on how to change Bounty progression but with Reforged in the pipe those ideas would probably be irrelevant due to context (gib more bounty tokens). I thought that it would be useful for Phx to know how I currently felt about Bounties so... I dunno, sometimes screaming into the void is fun.

Quick note on casually playing Dauntless: On one hand I can't help but feel like my weekly playtime makes my opinion less valuable. But on the other hand I have really enjoyed playing Dauntless casually. It has been nice to come back to a game periodically instead of have its grind always looming above me, the "monster hunting genre" feels like a great fit for such a cadence of playtime.

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Let me stop you right there, it is not because you're not playing every day that your opinion is less valuable. If anything, it would actually be more valuable (we hear a lot from our super active players, but usually less from our casual ones)!
So thank you for sharing your feedback! 😊