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Every now and then the game stops recognizing the controller, and Dauntless is the only game that does this (None of the other games I play triggers this problem)

The game still recognizes there's a controller connected - if you press a button in the controller the game changes the UI- but refuses to acknowledge any input in the actual game

Anyone else is experiencing this? I migrated from switch for the higher Frame rate and speed but this is getting on my nerves as it always happens after some hunts and always in the middle of a battle, the only solution is to restart but even then after some hunts the game stops recognizing the controller again

If there's a solution already please help me :( I'm using an Xbox controller if that's of any use

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15 days ago - /u/tinouti - Direct link

The only time I have this issue is when I switch to another app on another monitor and forget to focus back on Dauntless. The game will still accept some inputs when not in focus (like moving iirc), but won't accept most others. Would you happen to have multiple monitors?