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"If you run Energized +6 with Adrent Cyclone in 1.6.4, you can stay in that special for 20 to 30 seconds in an unstaggerable state. Dauntless is a game about skillful decision making and timing. This combination of abilities broke that design principle. It’s okay to bend the rules a bit with special abilities, but this was breaking our design entirely. This is an initial step towards removing Ardent Cyclone meter gain in 1.7.0.

Reduced the amount of Ardent Cyclone meter gained while using Energized by 85%."

First of all, if you think you're going to force cyclone noobs to git gud by doing this, nope. People are going to quit over this. Cyclone noobs play it because they don't want to learn, people who do eventually transition out of it because it's boring as f*ck. Secondly, you're all over the place. Everything else you do is redesigns in favor of new players but now you want to push "skillful" play. Thing is, that only goes so far in grindy games based around a very small, repetitive gameplay loop. No one wants to give 100% of attention and skill on every boss if they have to kill 20000 bosses. At your pace of releasing content or even fixes, people would burnout way before they're done. The desire for convenience or efficiency takes over. If you're going to grind out Slayer's Path, which is what you've chosen as the main objective of the game, you want something that allows you to give at most 50% attention to the game while you watch youtube or whatever.

Why now? This has been in the game for years and the game hasn't changed much at all since then. Why do these half-steps of one patch removes attack speed affecting cyclone, the next nerfs meter gain, and at the same time you're announcing there will be no meter gain next patch. Why not do it all at once? The way you're trying to ease people into this change feels very manipulative and reveals that you know it won't be well received. If you want to encourage transition away from this playstyle, nerf the damage, not the playstyle. Let people whirlwind forever if they want, people looking for killspeed rather than convenience will play something else.

And just fyi, I'm not personally affected by this. I haven't regularly played sword since before the rework, I'm drowning in millions of gold and merits I have no use for, and I have nothing left to gain. I just think this is a bad idea for what you're trying to do with the game.

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about 1 month ago - /u/CreatureTech-PHX - Direct link

I've gotten word that cyclone will get some buffs in 1.7.0.

Hold tight for more information next week when patch notes drop!

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