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As of the writing of this, we're 67% done with 3 days and 4 hrs to go. This comes around as 10% a day which means we could get this!

I've read some suggestion regarding this event and I'd like to affirm some of these and put my own two cents in.

1.) I agree that this event needs milestones. I also agree that a single arrival emote isn't exactly motivating. A milestone system will set small but clear goals that will reassure players that even if the final goal isn't met, it won't be a complete waste of our time. And if it is met, we won't just get a single emote. This helps in guiding players to the goal, seeing as some have already lost sight of it.

2.) Archonite should get some other use like being a currency for an event shop similar to the Springtide event. This will serve as the reward for individual contribution to motivate players to gather more than 20 archonite. This will also reward those who are collecting a lot more than they have to for effectively carrying us in this event.

3.) Furthermore, a leader board will help us appreciate these people. A ranking system in general will introduce a competitive edge to this event. We're not only competing against the clock but also against each other by helping the community as a whole.

4.) I agree that 10-50 escalation should yield more archonite. I suggest that the number of archonite gathered is tied to the last level finished (not necessarily 1-1) even if the party is overwhelmed. This incentivizes getting as far as players can while lessening the fear of losing out when they fail, encouraging players to get better at the game (not that that's the point of the event).

5.) I agree that this should have been in place from the start. Gathering the community at the tail end of a Hunt Pass, just before another Hunt Pass, to complete an admittedly tedious quest is...questionable. This might have been done to keep players playing throughout the season but at this point, people who have moved on have moved on and are simply waiting for the next Pass. I say this because this quest isn't building up to the next Hunt Pass and there is only minimal reason for them to return now.

TLDR: 1.) Milestone system 2.) Uses for archonite 3.) Ranking system 4.) Higher escalation, more archonite 5.) Begin at start of Hunt Pass

PS. New to Reddit, hope I'm doing it right.

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Thanks for the input! We've been having lots of discussions around how to improve events like this in the future, and many of these features were brought up (milestones, leaderboards, currency). This is our first stab at an event like this, and we can't wait to iterate on this foundation in the future.