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I have been wondering about creating a YouTube channel that focuses on wierd stuff instead of he regular "Trial attempts" or "patch notes". Think like Vandiril but for Dauntless. I have a little background in video editing and I have some great ideas that I would like to realize. I'm just not sure if this is something anyone is interested in watching.

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Yes please! At least for bugs - exploits that aren't intended such as infinite Ardent Cyclone shouldn't be widespread as many people can start doing those and use in Trials to get on the top Leaderboard or on other hunts to make farming too easy. You could maybe see if you can collaborate with PHX and post the exploits as private/unlisted videos and only available to PHX so they're up to date on what needs to be fixed.

Not 100% sure what you mean by "weird strategies".

Videos (especially the ones with repro steps) are the best type of bugs report there is, so yes please! :D