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Scene One The scene opens to a group of men in very expensive suits, with slick hair and 'evil' moustaches.

Employee One: It's going just as we planned! The players are going to fail the event! Mwahahaha!

Employee Two: All of the slayers who took part in the first Community Event will receive the Hunt Arrival cosmetic, and they'll be so confused about...

Employee One: (Confused) Wait, we actually made that? We didn't spend man-hours on that, did we? Ten million is so... So much... (Everyone quietly speculates about said cosmetic and whether it got made)

Employee Two: Of... Of course not. But we are just about to put up the community poll.

Employee three: Oh, the poll for which character we'll... I mean, the communities favorite character? (More chatter, this time about the stray dog outside the ale-house)

Employee One: Yes, precisely that poll. End scene.


A laptop sits open on a desk, as live updates of a poll are shown on the screen. It's a tie between the Ale-house dog and the Blacksmith's Apprentice.

Scene Two A child playing his favorite videogame in a cozy home on a nondescript gaming platform. A cut-scene plays in the tv, and the camera pans into the cut-scene until it fully focuses on ramsgate. In ramsgate, buildings are on fire, slayers are panicking, ships are falling from the sky, and umbral behemoths are running amok. Outside The smithy:

Slayer One: Oh Heights, they're everywhere! (Screams as they are beaten by a lesser gnasher's lesser tail)

Wils Bormen: Zebko, stay with the shop, I'll go get help! (Runs past the ale-house, where inside asleep is the player's avatar, having had too much ale to bother with the Community Event)

Wils Bormen: Slayer, slayer, wake up, the city is being destroyed! (Shakes the slayer, who drunkenly waves him off before returning to their nap)

Citizen: Run! To the ships! (Cowardly screaming)

The dog then gets up from inside and runs through the burning city, past destroyed shops and lifeless slayers and citizens, eventually arriving to find a scared and beaten Zebko, who is clutching for dear life to a small knife (this is a hint at the next weapon- throwing knives). Zebko grabs the dog by its collar and the faithful dog leads him through the chaos to the docks. The point if view switches to the player character, as they leave on the final ship, Zebko and Dog running, but not making it quite fast enough to be rescued. A Riftstalker approaches Zebko.

The screen fades to black.

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Question? Why wasn't I cast as the leading role in this?

I'm calling my agent.