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Hey everyone,

so i've pre-ordered DEATHLOOP and on launch day it didn't work! i open it and it shows bethesda logo and arkane to this warning at the start and that's it! the game closed and all i see is steam again. I tried everything and funny enough the only thing that worked was launching the game as an admin! it worked fine for 2 days until today... the issue is back again and even starting it as an admin doesn't fix it. i deleted the game files and downloaded it again and nothing, closed every other app and nothing. I have RTX 2070 Super - 16gb ram - AMD Ryzen 5 2600

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about 2 years ago - /u/MortalEmperor - Direct link

Hi Sheckovich, sorry to hear you're having an issue. The best place to report this would be to contact our Support team at https://help.bethesda.net. Please be sure to include the error message that you're seeing upon crashing. Thanks!

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