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I was interested in changing the ways to collect blank cores for just me, not anyone else, and asked around the discord (big mistake)

- Do not spread cheats or cheat software. We don't care what you do in closed games and on your own, so keep it to yourself.

I had read this rule, and from what I understand, this is distribution. Even if this doesn't count, I should atleast be warned or muted first!

I wanted to understand why it was bad to modify the core drops for a personal save, as this game is coop/singleplayer PVE.

I use the discord to play with people so in doing so, I have lost a major way to play with others (so mods, you litterally just made me stop playing the game)

I know this post is going to get deleted, so reddit mod as you see this, I don't want to jump into lobbies with 5x damage and instakill the waves and ruin the lives of others.

I talked about a bad thing and got instantly banned for it. Wow.

Sorry for for the kafuffle, If I had know it would be this bad I would had not said it.

Rock and stone.

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2 months ago - /u/GSG_Jacob - Direct link

"I know this post is going to get deleted"

It's not. Your response and post is fair. Like someone else mentioned, the Discord is 400k members, and it's hard to communicate everything that's happening all of the time. You should have been warned first - not sure if you were, but it's sometimes also easy to miss. I've removed your ban, and you're welcome back on the server.

Note to others: This is how you do a ban appeal. Calm and level headed.