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A Main Moderator on the DRG discord server muted a bunch of people for no reason. I got muted and then forcibly removed from the discord server for making fun of Bet-C friendly firing me. I said heinous things like "Bet-C is mean she friendly fires me" I was not given any warning or even told the reason of my mute and ban. The worse comment I can think of was when I said "Bet C makes me drink fish tank water." But I said it in a joke and got muted without warning. All I got was this one ominous message saying "you wont be living for long if you do". I'm just hoping there's someone or something that can sorta help with this problem cause apparently I wasn't the only one improperly muted without warning and that this one mod, according to others in the server, doesn't take their job seriously. Thanks for the great game and community and hopefully I can get this resolved cause if I did something wrong please tell me the exact reason so I don't repeat the offense again.

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the discord mods are cringe. got perma muted for saying "tbh them molly legs kinda got me actin a fool". i aint groveling to a mod to get unbanned from a server where i can't even lightly shitpost.

If we let all 250k users lightly sh*tpost, it would no longer be lightly sh*tposting.

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Alright, I checked up on your story, and I think you're either twisting the story or confused, so I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but there are some inconsistencies in what you are saying.

First, you have not been kicked. If you're not on the server, you left it on your own device. We log everything, and I've talked to the mod involved.
Second, you were muted as a consequence of joining in an off-topic rant in the DRG channel about a deleted message (not yours) but I can see you initially thought it was your message.
Third, the comment was "you won't be living here for long if you do" (emphasis mine) as a reply to you saying "you're not living if you aren't treading the lines" in context of someone saying you were asking to get muted on the Discord. So you were made aware that your posts were pushing it in regard to the accepted content on the server and you confirmed that you were aware of this.

You are free to return to the Discord server. If the bots uphold your muted status, I will remove it when you are back.

To everyone else joining in on the moderator bashing, you are free to contact me if you feel you've been unjustly treated on the Discord, but keep this in mind: I've yet to experience hardly anyone contacting me being able to actually back up that claim - we have logs, and if I have to waste my time going through them, I ask of you to be sincere and respectful about it. I am not reluctant to lift bans by myself or the moderators, if it's sensible. Second chances are definitely possible, but will primarily be given to people with enough self-realization to know when they've overstepped, or at least sensibly arguing their case.

If you think I'm not taking reports on the moderators seriously, you're dead wrong. Whenever I come across reports or is contacted I do the research needed. If there's any misunderstandings, I clear them up - mistakes can happen, especially on a Discord server with 250k people. Misunderstandings can be solved by communicating. Keep in mind that talking back to the moderators, not following directions from the moderators, and arguing semantics of the rules are not things that speak to your advantage - admitting you overstepped and being respectful are. But... so far all I've seen is some really vile sh*t from the people claiming they were wrongfully banned, only to go to a different Discord server and not only confirm they were exactly the sh*tbirds they were banned for being, but magnitudes worse than that in their attitude towards people different from them. Topics cover homophobia, transphobia, talking about killing and dismembering moderators or straight up shaming other users for their looks, behaviour, sexual orientation, etc. All we ask if for you to act like a decent human being. You really don't have to agree with people on a deeper level to do so.

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Originally posted by SmallProfession6460

Wait, so why do you get to cuss? Oh right, UNLIMITED POWER!!!!

What are you even on about?

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