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31 May


Originally posted by ZeroSignal_

I remember 😄 now if only you let slip a little something about the coming roadmap.. a little tease perhaps..

... It's not an actual map.

smoke bomb


Originally posted by ZeroSignal_

You're having too much fun I think 😂

I made this weeks ago and even used it in a reply or two - and suddenly it fit for more than just a sh*tpost. :D


Originally posted by GloriousQuint

The precursors, of course!

Phew, I thought you meant leaf lovers for a second.


Originally posted by Spikewerks

show us the barrel chaos jacob

I've been barrel embargoed.


Originally posted by GloriousQuint

It's them, isn't it?

By Karl, no!

Wait, who?


It’s brilliant! Feeding this straight to our internal Slack channel.

30 May


/u/Joe_Duncan, you magnificent bastard!

Edit: Argh, wrong Joe Duncan.

29 May


Originally posted by King_Pumpernickel

Except the guy at the bottom of every thread in this subreddit, but I don't know who shoved that stick up his ass lol

It was me, and I have apologized profusely and asked for my stick back. :(


Originally posted by acmarkes


New Boss fights? Survival mode? Double the enemies for double the profit? Start theorizing!



Originally posted by Jescar1

Dwarf 1: We want more mission type!
Dwarf 2: Wish there was a deeper level!


GSG: Hold my beer!

*2nd round of Glyphid Slammers


Hi, sorry you fell victim to a bug like that :( Can you add your full pc specs? and does it work for regular missions?

Also, are you on steam or win10?

28 May


Those are lovely!


Engineer is my favorite due to the turrets.
Scout is great too, since he can zip all over on his own.
Actually, I like the gunner too in certain scenarios.


Originally posted by Wenex


I did reported this bug countless times already, but it never got fixed nor got any traction. I know I'm not the only one who gets "annoyed" but this small bug. It's not game breaking, but immersion breaking. And can get on your nerve, if you start noticing it everytime it happens.

I hope some Dev sees this video and forwards it. This bug is 100% reproducted by shooting Flamethrower/Cryogun and changing weapon to secondary. The visual effects just disappear if you don't have the main gun equipped. They do come back if you change to main weapon again.

We're aware and it's on the list.