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Last year, I moved across the country from NY to CA. A month before I even moved I foresaw an issue with my pre ordered items arriving (DSC Raid Jacket, DSC Pin, GG Track Jacket, GG Pin, VOG Raid Jacket, Expunge Hoodie) and adjusted my shipping address.

My order pages still showed my old address so for the next 2 months I emailed every support address I could find to get them fixed. Even though I have emails of them confirming the addresses were adjusted, one by one I've gotten an "order ___ is on the way" email with the wrong address.

Each time I try to get it fixed, I'm eventually told that the item in question is in transit and due to limited quantities they can't offer a replacement, only a refund. Each time, I ask about the remaining items I ordered and they confirm that the address is correct and then the cycle repeats.

This stopped since my VOG jacket was shipped, since then no matter how many emails I've sent I can't get a response at all. It's been 2 months and I still haven't even gotten a refund. I just got an email today for the Expunge Hoodie and surprise surprise, it was shipped to NY again...

How the hell do I get any support from Bungie Store Support???

TLDR; I ordered $550+ worth of items and Bungie managed to ship them all to the opposite side of the country with several months notice. I haven't gotten a response from Bungie since the last $250 of items were shipped.

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Hey there. Sorry to hear that you had this issue. Can you send me a DM with some of your order numbers? I’ll try to contact someone and see what’s going on.

about 2 months ago - /u/Duardo_ - Direct link

Originally posted by Saiyan26

Thank you! I just sent the list of order numbers.

Received. I've forwarded them to our team to investigate.