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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s who are the prime evils only when we
4s understand their Dark Legacy can they be
6s stopped and perhaps not even then older
9s than Humanity older than Sanctuary their
12s Story begins with the birth of the
13s universe it is said the burning Hells
16s formed from the blackened husk of the
17s seven-headed Dragon T from the dragon's
20s heads emerged the great evils with the
22s dominant three coalescing into the prime
24s evils Diablo Lord Of Terror ba Lord Of
28s Destruction and misto Lord of hatred the
32s three have left their Mark in countless
34s terrible ways baal's Legions laid waste
36s to the armies of men and corrupted the
38s very heart of sanctuary the world Stone
41s Diablo LED an assault on the High
43s Heavens that nearly saw the hells
44s victorious in the Eternal conflict and
47s Mesto well mephisto's designs have yet
50s to be fully understood but of this we
52s can be certain the Lord of hatred is far
55s from done with
57s sanctuary