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0s (upbeat rock music)
6s - I saw the contest on Instagram,
9s and they said, "Hey, you know,
10s you can get a customized tattoo from Revolt Tattoos,"
14s one of the best tattoo shops in the world.
16s I submitted my story and I won,
18s so here I am (chuckles).
20s (upbeat rock music continues)
25s (intense rock music)
26s The first time I actually played "Diablo,"
27s I played "Diablo II,"
29s one of my best friends in elementary school,
31s he actually gifted me the game.
33s I grew up in a very, very strict Catholic household,
36s you know, my mom's super religious.
38s She uninstalled the game and threw it out.
40s But through other methods,
42s I obtained another copy of the game
44s and continued playing it.
45s I'm getting the Demon Hunter from "Diablo III."
49s I played it all through "Diablo III."
50s You know, it was always my favorite character.
52s I love how she looks.
54s I think that she's...
55s And I think she's sexy.
56s I think she's really strong.
58s - Gee, I don't think I would wanna cross her
60s in a dark dungeon by any means,
61s you know? - Right (laughs).
62s My first tattoo, you know, religious themed.
66s This new tattoo is gonna be "Diablo" themed.
68s There's kind of a contrast in there,
69s and I like that.
70s I really like that.
71s And plus, it's gonna be one of my favorite characters
73s in the game, so I'm like, "Let's go."
75s (intense rock music)
77s (upbeat rock music)
80s - It's amazing. It's beautiful.
82s When I walked up, I just...
83s So many feelings
85s To see everybody out there,
86s and excited to wanna be here, it's really awesome.
90s When I started playing "Diablo,"
91s and the reason I love it so much,
92s is I was 23,
94s during that time of my life,
96s it was a really, really hard period,
97s and I walked into my friend's room,
100s and he was playing.
101s The grittiness, the dirtiness,
103s the darkness of it, I thought, was amazing.
105s And I started playing with the Witch Doctor,
107s fell in love with the Witch Doctor,
108s thought it was the most, like, amazing character.
110s I honestly didn't play with anyone else until later.
113s And having that one game,
114s like, bring my family together was just...
116s It means a lot, because we're always going,
118s so having that one thing that could connect us
120s at the end of the day or at the end of the week,
122s it means a lot.
123s So the tattoo I got was Lilith.
125s When I saw her for the new game,
127s whew, I fangirled over her.
129s Yeah, I do. I do hard.
130s - And was it like an immediate attraction?
132s - It was, it was.
133s It was like I saw her,
134s and then ran to my fiance,
135s and was like, "You need to look at this.
136s You need to look at this."
138s And he was like, "Oh, I understand."
140s This wouldn't be something I'd be able to do
141s if it wasn't for "Diablo."
142s "Diablo" has given me a sense of community
145s that I don't think I've ever had in any other game or place.
149s It means everything. It really does.
151s Like, I'm excited for my daughter to see it when I get home.
154s I mean, I'm excited.
156s (upbeat rock music)
159s (upbeat rock music)
161s - [Damaso] "Diablo IV,"
162s I'm excited to see all of the new art.
164s - [Erika] And I cannot wait to just go through the levels.
167s I'm excited (laughs).
169s - [Damaso] I'm excited just to see what the game
171s has transformed into after all these years.
174s (upbeat rock music)