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I feel like survival mode is way too easy even at very late waves. The only enemy that even shoots anything shoots grenades and they are pretty easy to avoid in survival. Anyways here's a few whacky enemy ideas I came up with while bored.

Sniperbot: a non-moving easily killable eggbot with a pncr. It always misses if the player is very moving fast . Chargers: when they spot a player they will wait half a second before dashing in one direction at them with the shotgun. They have some knockback resistance.

Vampirebot: regular eggbot but they cause full health decay (basically poison) once they hit a player with their melee. The health decay stops after 10 seconds. (Maybe the speed of the health decay can stack with each hit)

Regen-Grenaderbot: the reguler grenaderbot but with 50% more health and starts to regen if they havent taken any damage in the last 2 seconds.

ShaftBossbot: a different kind of boss that can appear instead of a regular boss bot. They are slow but will shaft the player with almost perfect accuracy if the player is in their line of sight for more than 4 seconds.(Kinda like the shambler from quake 1)Has slightly less health than a regular boss.

CommandoBossbot: a bossbot that will fire a rocket at any players it sees every 3 seconds. Is slightly slower than a regular boss bot and has only around 60% as much health.

Anyways I only wrote all of this because I was bored. I dont think survival is actually gonna get any new enemies, but I can dream right?

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you know that you have to set the netcode to clientside, for bots to do any damage right? They are pretty tough, and a later waves will instakill you on touch.

Also, join the survival discord group!


There is info on new maps and stuff.

A new map was released today: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diabotical/comments/ph70tf/diabotical\_survival\_map\_pack\_3/


You do not have to set the netcode to clientside since the last update.