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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Valley Villagers!
Disney Dreamlight Valley got even more magical last week with the launch of our fourth major content update – Pride of the Valley. A big portion of this magic surge is due to the inclusion of a brand-new Star Path – this time based around the Disney Parks!

Fans have already been quick to notice recreations of many iconic Disney Parks signature attractions and items – from the Alice in Wonderland-inspired Mad Tea Party attraction to the humble trash bins you can find in Disney theme parks worldwide.

To celebrate the magic of Disney Parks coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’re issuing a challenge to all players to build their own theme parks, or, Dreamlight Parks! So what does a Dreamlight Park look like? Well, it will have to meet a few different criteria, inspired by features of Disney Parks:

  1. Amusing: What’s a theme park without attractions? You’ll need to have at least 1 attraction placed to call your creation a Park!
  2. Cleanest: With all the snacking that will be done in your Park, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve placed ample trash receptacles.
  3. Greenest: Disney Parks are famous for their topiaries – your Dreamlight Park should feature at least a few leafy decorations.
  4. Most Stylish: What’s a Disney Park without fabulous outfits? Make sure to unlock one of the two new Dream Styles for either Donald Duck or Goofy to count towards this goal.
  5. Most Poppin’: This one’s easy – make sure you’ve got plenty of Parks balloons from the new Star Path!

Of course, a challenge isn’t a challenge without goals. As you work together with other Disney Dreamlight Valley players to build your Dreamlight Parks, rewards will be unlocked for every player once enough Valleys feature items that count towards each goal.

ACHIEVEMENT NAME REQUIREMENT ELIGIBLE ITEMS Most Poppin' Park 300k items placed Magical Balloon Bundle Cleanest Park 350k items placed Rusted Trashcan
Parks Trash Bin Greenest Park 400k items placed Jubilant Topiary
Dreamlight Figment Topiary Most Stylish Park 450k Dream Styles unlocked Train Conductor Goofy Dream Style
Safari Donald Duck Dream Style Most Amusing Park 600k Items placed Dumbo the Flying Elephant Attraction

Mad Tea Party Attraction

Pixar Pal-A-Round Attraction
Once each achievement’s requirements are met, rewards will be sent to all player inboxes. Keep in mind that only eligible items will count towards each achievement, but you can participate by placing multiples of each item! For a head start on your Dreamlight Park and the Cleanest Park goal, claim a free Rusted Trashcan using code DREAMLIGHTPARK.

This challenge will be live from now until May 31st – we can’t wait to see how you design your Dreamlight Parks! Be sure to share images of them with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #DreamlightPark and #DisneyDreamlightValley for a chance to also win a 500USD ShopDisney gift card! Full contest details can be found here: https://gleam.io/eZH8W/disney-dreamlight-valley-dreamlight-park-sweepstakes

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