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Played this game quite awhile ago and enjoyed it, though my friend group who played wasn't quite big enough so I just dominated the economy because I focused on mining and refining. Turns out having total control over all metals and mints gives you too much power, who knew!

Anyhoo in that play through I wanted to expand my operations overseas so that I could more easily get the oil that was over there but at the time there was no good way to do this. Either you swim across the ocean with a barrel or you build a gigantic (and expensive) bridge. I figured I would ask if boats have been added yet, because I have basically been waiting for those to play through again.

Alternatively any high volume method of moving items or liquids around. At the time there weren't pipes or anything so idk what is available now. Mods are fine too if those get what I need!

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No, boats have not yet been added, we expect them to arrive with the next major update.

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Originally posted by JodieShelly

When is the next major update?

I can't tell that yet, but definately not before the second half of 2021.

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Originally posted by D_Enhanced

I believe there was some mention of trains as well?

Trains are not confirmed and if we do them, then extremely likely after final release.