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Joined a server on day 4, my buddy was there from day 1 with his first character. We were both learning the game. On day 8 the meteor has been destroyed and most active players announced they would move on to a new server.

Now I am not saying this is good or bad, but I am trying to find out what sort of expectation I should have when joining a server. Is it normal for a server to be 'finished' before day 10? Or do most servers continue even after the meteor had been destroyed?

And judging by the number of players who haven't been online since the first or second day, it seems common to hop servers quickly.

Again, not judging, but what should I expect? What are your experiences?

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I can also recommend you "Civitas" from Snepserv (will start, when version 9.5 of eco will be released). I play on an earlier cycle called "Aeternum" and it runs for over 100 days with good population. Its managed by a staff member of SLG and in my experience after 2.000 hours its important, to have activ admins.

Just to clarify: A volunteer staff member, no employee.