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Hello, we are working on the material drop tables + adding quests that will introduce the material vs the concerned monster
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Originally posted by corpdog87: Yeah, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. It would be a good system if the drop rates were a higher (like maybe a factor of ten). Because right now, I just finished chapter 2, I’ve killed at least 100 Dunnrir, and I still don’t have enough bone or antlers to upgrade Selene’s staff.

Hello, next week there is a patch that include some balancing fixes around weapon crafting, if you feel like the droprates are still low please tell us here so i can give the feedback to our game designer working on the balance right now (or you can test right now the steam "trunk" beta branch)

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Hello, i've forwarded your message to our game designer that is currently working on craft lootables balancing and he'll have a look thanks.
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Originally posted by dr.gonz.t.mandl: So far I also couldn't craft alot, and the ones I crafted (Wildfang, Stone cutter and Soulblade and some 2 Staffs for Selene I think) are totally inferior to a Dawnbreaker + 5 I found ( or got from a quest? ) quite early. From the stats they look okish, but they all just lack the slot amount the Dawnbreaker + 5 offers and I just deal much more damage and have more skills options with that one. The Soulblade was the only one which got near once I leveled it up close to max but I switched back to Dawnbreaker again because I got the 3rd generation of gems and having more of those in the additional slots totally outweigh the Soulblade...

In the new patch the Dawnbreaker +5 doesn't exist anymore, if you had it you'll still have it but now it's a +2

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