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Okay, the event was already done last year and basically one environment artist just added new location that took her something like 20 minutes so it's not like this event was time consuming or anything.

For the lighthouse bug i'm on it since 3 days i'm even working on it on my week-end and the bug first is extremely hard to reproduce and fix since it happen only on builds so basically when i want to test anything i'm in for a 1 hour build before seeing the changes that i have done, so on those conditions it will take time since i have absolutely no clues on the cause yet, i'm doing my best.
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Basically the "tile sizes" are different in build than in editor and then the 10th floor fail to generate everytime due to the larger tile size but i didn't identify yet why tile sizes are higher in build.
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Originally posted by DeathOfKakyoin: It would be great to make this more noticeable as i also just wasted about 1.5 hours climbing the tower to find out this is a known bug. Do you happen to have a list of game breaking bugs that waste your time like this one anywhere? and if so please make that list more accessible to first time players.

Actually this is the only 100% repro game breaking bug it was introduced with the latest patch and i hope to fix it asap
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Originally posted by DeathOfKakyoin: Ok, Thank you. I use the in game bug report whenever i find something but its pretty much all cosmetic such as the background not loading or models loading and unloading during a cutscene.

I'm quite interested in those, if you have videos showing those issues don't hesitate to send them to me on the EOE discord, it helps a lot, thanks!

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