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I've owned Elite since before 2018 (not sure on the exact date) and remember playing it back in 2018. Steam says I have about 30 hours clocked. 2 days ago I decided to buy Odyssey. It's installed. Then I launch the game and it said something about needing a Frontier account and I made a new one because I forgot the log in credentials of the old one. I linked this new one to my Steam account.

But the launcher has no Odyssey option, and also no 3.8 option. Only Horizons 4.0, and when I launch that, the game tells me there is no connection after setting up shaders and planets. And in the bottom left it says access denied.

So not only can I not play Odyssey, but it seems I can't play the game at all anymore. I've tried re-installing, verifying files, nothing helps. Can someone help?

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Hi there! Please send us a ticket via https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us so that we can look into this with you :)

- Support Agent Nova

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