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Hi guys, I've purchased elite dangerous odyssey on steam but it doesn't appear on my library. The launcher only shows the horizons, arena and training play modes, but not ODYSSEY. In frontier it doesn't appear as purchased. How can I solve it?

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Hi there! It sounds like you firstly need to link your Frontier and Steam accounts together - https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/4404175514514-How-to-link-your-Frontier-Account-to-the-platform-on-which-you-play-Elite-Dangerous-

After this, you'll need to use the STEAM LOG IN option on the launcher to access Odyssey. To do this, open up the launcher and select Options, then Log Out, then STEAM LOG IN. (You may need to restart the launcher if the button isn't immediately available)

This ensures that the launcher reads your Steam purchases (the standard LOG IN button reads purchases from the Frontier Store only). Doing this should grant you game access :)

If you have any further issues, you can send us a ticket here - https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us

-Support Agent Nova

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