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So, last week I did a Windows update. Turned my PC on to find myself logged out of the launcher (no biggie) I put in the correct e-mail & password.... Username or password wrong

Maybe I miss typed so try again.... Username and password Wrong....

I reset the password Via e-mail (which also has 2fa) ... (Password Changed).. Sweet.

I try to sign in again...... Wrong username or password? What? Until I'm locked out for 1hr>2hrs>24hrs, I change it numerous times throughout the week successfully and try but nothing.

Contacted support and was told to provide all the info I can e-mails name changes etc etc, the only thing I couldn't provide was a screenshot of payment due to not being able to access my old e-mail address after changing e-mail for security reasons 1 year prior (but still had the pre order thank you e-mail with my account number to send).

I have provided, passwords, VoDs from Twitch streams, Clips recently recorded, detailed info from messages, screenshots and dates of last raid, screenshots from 1-40 as I intended to make content with it on YouTube even as far as giving them my IP address requested.

I've been playing since 2018 & introduced more than 15 friends to the game, I own 2 accounts so theoretically I could just keep playing on my standard account but after investing 600+ hrs on my EOD account, 400hrs this wipe and being so close to Kappa I can't see myself playing again at all after this.

Bsg: "Without this information we cant help you, unfortunately."

Thanks for the help BSG, enjoy my money for a service I'm now refused access due to a backend log-in error on your end.


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You don't need access to your old email. Contact your payment system (for example, the bank from whose card you paid) to receive a statement of the transaction.

The transaction will be marked as Xsolla, by the way.

I saw your other comment. You need to contact the person who bought the game for you to receive a receipt from him. Or, provide screenshots of how the key was transferred to you