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resuming my last thread, Ive managed to get a hold of tarkov support, they asked me to reproduce the issue and send them a video, reproducing was as easy as simply going on a game.

Ive sent them these 2 videos :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_SDV4bdFrI >>you may skip to 4:30 as up untill then its just me running around not even realizing im not connected to the server. (I tried looking for a box/stash so i can show that when interacted with when within this state all it does is just physically opening the box/stash etc without bringing the loot menu up, another great sample of this connection lost is when trying to drop something from your inventory, as it would just start blinking and get stuck on you untill u dc out.


To which they responded : Try leaving your dogtags case in stash/if you do bring it up to raid, make sure its empty.

Sadly, this means they werent even watching and I should be seeking support from the reddit section as the videos are taken on a level 5 character, going naked into a raid(WITH NO DOGTAGS CASE, NOT EVEN IN STASH) .

*(the low hp was after disconnecting from such a "awaiting session start" phase, pretty fun losing both your gear and health..

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Could you write me the ticket number?

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I am sorry for the long answer. I see that you have solved the problem by contacting your ISP.