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Hey guys

A few weeks ago i tried to login to my Eft account after a long brake. The game needed my authorization after i added my corect password and username. The problem is i lost the Email of the account cause it got hacked so i had to close it.

I tried to contact the EFT support and they send a few informations wich they need to know so they can reset my account. I searched for everything and send it to them. Their answer to my Email was just we need the exact date of when you bought the game, so i had a look in paypal and saw i cant go as far back as i needed to get --> January 2018 so i called paypal. Their respons was we dont find the exact formular of when you bought this article but we can give you a writing with all the infos. So i sended Eft the infos of Paypal about my Purchase date and they still said thats the wrong formular like what else do they want of me are they out of their minds ??!!

Can anybody tell me what they exactly want of me cause they cant seem to tell me?


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Hello, write me your support ticket number, please