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I had an idea about this a LONG while back, I was thinking “what if tarkov land had a gas shortage for.... 1 week” prices would go up, traders would have limited stock, people would refocus their looting priories

This idea could be tossed around for ammo.... (imagine the flipped tables when people can’t buy the best ammo). Meds could also see a scare for a week, armor, anything you could think of.

But instead of it being a “rebalance or nerf” what if this is BSG’s first look Into dynamic loot changes? It might be a long shot, but I think it would be a VERY NICE change to the game if this becomes the new “meta” rotating bountiful loot / loot shortages. Could be a week long, could be longer, could be shorter.

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it was never about "nerfs". Ir's a test of fuel shortage and Jaeger is only supplier who started to change other traders fuel trading strategy (and also fleamarket players). We simulated initial great shortage, then after some time other Traders saw how is it going and started to sell fuel too (at the quantities they actually were able to buy from Jaeger). Then (yesterday) Jaeger found another source and started to increase his fuel restocks which started to normalize the inflated flea market prices. It was a test and hopefully in the future we will have more of such AI-led dynamic events.