Transcript (by Youtube)

0s not making it out as there's another
1s team up here there we go internet rap is
3s instantly going in and there's a Bianca
5s Alti as well the re of the vampire queen
7s going to probably finish this here as
8s super I don't think he's able to get out
9s of this one maybe getting a kill uh from
12s delinko here he's trying his best
14s delinko trying to dodge everything
15s internet rep trying to hold his ground
17s and where they do not have their third
19s it's only these two super might actually
21s one V2 this Dinko going to try to get
22s some damage do they not have heal cut
24s super is healing so much here can he get
27s the 1v2 is he going to keep going or is
29s he just going to back out he cannot
30s decide it looks like we are just going
31s to take the console here delinko is
33s going to see that oh my God a lot of
34s damage from that first donot going
36s forward and here we go the stas is
38s coming forward can super get the kill
40s one more Auto possibly there we go super
42s winning this 1 V2 absolutely crazy for
45s them