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0s going to get stac by the Bianca and on
2s the backside superiori they don't have
3s the cool they are going to get chased
5s and there is another team close by we're
6s going to have to see what happens they
7s are getting chased to the corner and oh
9s my God com out p is going to get the
11s engage and oh my God on the other side
13s sheep Farmers getting deleted delinko so
15s far away and the poor Darko are going to
17s go down nessus tries to get him but
19s blinks back over and P comes out on top
21s wiping two teams down to
28s SMI gotcha
30s you little oh my gosh are you okay sorry
35s I'll buy you another
37s one let's go somewhere cool hope it's
40s not too cold wait let's eat first should
44s we bury you in the sand just
48s asking you're underwater now you'll get
51s drenched to the
53s skin the water's not great
56s today a run away stop being Dr
62s M say hi to my sister missed
77s me playing a dangerous game here free is
80s going to try to get the flank it's going
81s to get some damage on the super and the
82s point does come out from Kyo instantly
84s but nimi is going to go forward and
85s where's he there's the Alti from Kyo
87s free is still safe trying to move around
88s oh my God such a great into the double
90s ol that is huge for homeless laptops
92s here taking out two of them and there we
94s go they finally got the run back onto no
96s flame right before Wick such great
98s timing this should be their Wick
100s everyone else fighting for themselves as
101s speaking fighting for themselves we do
103s see Team reborn draw getting into a bit
104s of a tussle tar what can you do can you
106s save your team on the bottom of the
108s leader board patar on that heart very
110s well known is going to be trying to
111s trade the damage but Anan on that Seline
113s trading a lot of damage as well P
114s getting in there getting taken out super
115s low it's going to be hit by that AUM P
117s takes it down FR is going to be Chas as
119s well but redem gets pulled but does get
121s saved by FR on fully on the island here
123s so it's a little bit hard to take some
124s of these fights looks like gummy does
126s know that this team is calling
127s unfortunately Q is going to miss from
128s wiu but they are going to keep on going
130s gum is going to take a lot of damage
131s from free here can free get a kill
133s before he is taken out he does Flash out
134s to avoid the syvia combo and he still
136s alive here but the Darko is just trying
139s to close in it doesn't barely get him so
141s I think this is going to be a homeless
142s laptops kill here it looks like Messias
144s is going to be able to get out though
145s unfortunately for homeless laptop Z able
148s to chase this Sylvia character but what
150s a great turnaround from free from this
153s character so yeah this Yuki pick doing
155s pretty well for his team oh my God
156s homeless L is waiting in red this is so
158s psycho Kyro is going to be right here
160s going to pull them all together wiu he's
162s going to have to pop the damage but free
164s is down wiu is going to be able to maybe
167s get one here though unfortunately the
168s Perry is going to go through Cyro is
170s going to have to walk all the way to
171s dock it looks like here five here and
173s pyob is going to go forward it looks
175s like here miss a hook but it is going to
178s take a lot of damage from L do John here
180s the full rainbow is going to F this team
181s at Bay an not is on the backside but I
183s don't think he's going to be able to get
184s anyone more possibly getting Lilo John
187s it's going to look a little bit closer P
188s the Parry a little bit early hoen
190s getting the clutch there for his team
192s though he not making it out as there's
193s another team up here there we go
195s internet rap just instantly going in and
196s there's a Bianca Alti as well the re of
198s the vampire queen going to probably
199s finish this here as super I don't think
201s he's able to get out of this one maybe
203s getting a kill uh from delinko here he's
205s trying his best delinko trying to dodge
207s everything internet rep trying to hold
209s his ground and where they do not have
210s their third it's only these two super
212s might actually one V2 this Dinko going
214s to try to get some damage do they not
215s have heal cut super is healing so much
218s here can he get the 1v2 is he going to
220s keep going or is he just going to back
221s out he cannot decide it looks like we
223s are just going to take the console here
224s delinko is going to see that oh my God a
226s lot of damage from that first Q Don kot
228s going forward and here we go the stas is
230s coming forward can super get the kill
232s one more Auto possibly there we go super
234s winning this 1v2 absolutely crazy for
237s them getting the credits as well you
239s know is Sur our
240s our winners of the first two games here
242s oh my God ky's going in right away he is
244s not messing around this time and free is
246s going to get aled by noi such a great
247s flash as well to get out of that one and
249s now the engage is gone wiu is doing his
251s best to kite out such a great e as well
252s to get out of way from the zi Kyro being
254s low going to use that plate to you know
256s get a little bit of healing and now
257s they're going to go aggressive Kyro
258s looking for the taunt here it looks like
260s the Parry is going to go wide from thei
262s and now Kyo falling once again but these
264s guys are really low wiu can you get the
266s damage out it looks like they do not
267s have a camera in the bush they're trying
268s their best but they did get the stick
270s from wiu here free is going to keep
272s pushing forward here he is not scared
273s and we have CYO self resing in the back
275s free trying his best to keep these guys
277s away and knockup is going to hit freze
279s getting a lot of damage out naimi is
280s going to try to push forward to stop wiu
282s here he is going to get the stun but is
284s that the right choice oh my God the Amon
285s syvia is going to be one shotting wiu I
287s do not think free is able to 1 V3 this
290s and finally no flame gets their win here
292s 19 kills in game three and here we go
294s the run back once again from these two
296s teams Cairo trying his best to keep
298s naimi away from them we do see the going
300s through instantly alting free once again
303s but here we go the same thing as last
304s time happened but we do see super
305s flashing on free once again and you do
307s see Frankie Falling Again in first it's
310s just a replay of last time and the was
312s saved by wiu so homeless laptops you
315s know now they're two for
318s one how much would you like to
321s borrow how many people taking my
324s business card do you think will be all
325s right
330s one finger for every
332s th000 how about
335s that no bless
341s o time to make some
345s money let's not complicate
349s it you running
352s away crawl like a dog and maybe I'll cut
355s you some slack on the interest
361s do you know the two things you should
363s keep closest in
365s life money and violence with these two
369s there's nothing you can't
380s solve take
384s responsibility you still got debt left
386s to
388s pay time to write a contract
393s TR ah there you are my
405s client I don't have the Leisure to
410s regret it's so
412s quiet there's no sound at all the best
416s hunters don't even predict
423s here's my
425s prey I'd like to see them get caught in
430s it I'm getting stronger great strength
434s is needed to bounce off the target like
438s this my arrow will pierce you now
442s everything is almost
446s over I Will Survive for you
458s as R's going to try to poke out a little
459s bit more oh my God but oh my God
461s actually it looks like they found out
462s kitty king found them in the bush here
463s but it's going to take a lot of damage
465s but thankfully the healing went going to
466s keep them safe going to try to keep
467s green Shy Guy Healthy as well such a
469s great knock back as well from kitty k
471s here keeping them away from Chris can
472s Chris get the damage out though is the
474s question green shy guy is still safe
475s Kitty Kang doing their best to keep them
477s away from Chris but this team does not
479s have the timer to work with here they
481s got to get moving forward Chris only has
482s 8 seconds here they're going to try to
483s heal it up here Hy going to try to keep
485s them away kitty k already low the
486s healing wind is down as well and they're
488s going to looks like they're flash over
489s the wall and get this started here hoyen
491s is barely picked out but unfortunate
492s this team isn't able to finish any of
494s these kills of these characters a little
496s bit you know hard to get on to but there
497s we go they did get the Yuki being the
498s tankiest of the three just crazy and now
501s this team will get the healing off of
502s that as well kitty king playing this
505s character so well getting a lot of picks
507s here and now are they a to get Hy they
508s are and now it's Ellis 1 V2 here looks
511s like what fortun is going to be rooted
513s and hit by Chris here on this nathon
515s just a couple more seconds there we a
517s couple on another te as we do have a
518s fight possibly going out here delinko
520s hitting the St here but fortunately
521s taking so much damage from this nathapon
523s actually so has one already down Green
524s sh really low but G such a great F stop
526s from Chris actually saving green shy guy
529s here and to get the kill for internet we
530s have a third party coming through these
532s guys need to walk away Lexi not able to
534s hit the to but does hit the slow and it
536s looks like the fear will go through by
538s kitty king here such a great w as well
540s Chris going to try to pop out some
541s damage as well can they turn this one
543s here as well oh my God the bow skill
545s actually going a hit here and GRE shagy
547s is still alive he could loop around if
548s he wants to this team avoiding the
551s threepiece so well and getting so many
553s kills in return as well really well
555s played by team joku Kyro is going to try
557s to look for the pick and wiu there we go
559s cyers skill going out going to see them
560s moving forward here now his team has to
562s try to move in against his Bernice which
564s we know is so hard with these traps
566s available can they get in here L dojn
569s trying to see maybe can get in and make
571s the cut but yeah there this timer is
573s ticking they got to get in soon here
574s here we go little John going in free is
577s completely safe oh my God is going to
578s completely obliterate that backline with
580s Cairo that is insane and wiu is still
582s safe the cut is going to go out but it
584s will not be enough to take out free and
585s there we go homeless laptops will be our
587s winners of game four here and our final
590s game for today I can you know goof some
592s of us up but before we keep talking
594s about that possible fight here before
596s our Omega spawn such a great uh engage
598s from kyir here hitting the Todd are they
600s able to get the kill on the Nikki here
602s looks like they do super trying his best
603s but they fall down too very quick
606s Frankie is going to go straight for the
608s res it looks like and I think Cairo and
610s fre know what's up they're going to try
611s to follow him here as another fight is
613s going on actually the myON actually
615s bring Alison in on the aggressive here
616s oh my God great double stun here is hit
618s and now is a 2v2 hyen getting a little
620s bit too low but Lexi low as well R
623s trying his best to clean this up here
625s just barely getting the kill but it's
626s going to fall and now it's only Ellison
628s versus Lexi here here but I think Lexi
630s is just going to have to back out of
631s this one homeless laptops not going to
633s have that extra rage for the Alti you
635s see the qes coming out from Super to try
636s to poke out a little bit free he's going
638s try to get some damage Quake already
639s coming out as well nimi actually alting
641s uh Kyo right away Kyro is going to have
643s to Al to try to stay alive a little bit
644s longer now it's a 2v2 and who goes out
646s first and there we go free and wiu just
648s have to take out super it should be no
650s issues here they are going to take down
652s the bodies going to get that extra
653s healing super trying their best to get
655s in but not able to and there we go
657s homeless laptops 18 kills for our first
659s game of ercs and wow if they can make
662s some Fancy Feet Work happen looks likeu
663s very strong on this Rocky we goting
666s again but does hit that counter engage
668s as well looks like Lexi is taking up a
670s lot redeem with the Rockets is doing so
671s much but Frankie hits the double knock
672s on the backside roach being taken out to
673s kitty k is actually here to cause KY K
676s in there throwing down the the ultimate
678s as well is going to get taken down but I
679s think it caused enough disruption as no
681s flame is going to walk away with this
682s fight oh my God dis ass I'll crush them
685s all to
688s Pieces Just f fight no need to
691s complicate
693s things I don't need a reason to fight
695s you
698s fools I'm just warming
700s up there's nobody left I still have
703s fight left in
705s me I win
709s again you're a
713s waste to lose is to
717s die survived because I'm strong
720s I'm strong because I
725s survived good
730s finished I swore on my
737s survival there's more to
744s come team Lexi draw safe a little bit
747s longer as you do see no flame and
748s homeless laptops back out once again
750s here in Forest just like how we saw last
752s game and here we go going straight onto
754s free this time it looks like they know
756s and Alti is going to come up from Kyo
758s keeping him safe such a great tornado
760s keeping super off of him this team is
761s now safe as they do take out Frankie and
764s yeah looks like this team does not need
765s the m to keep free safe as they do win
768s another battle against snowflame here so
770s this is how the sea
773s smells I've always wanted to come to the
777s beach I'm growing
782s tired it's a dream to wash away the evil
784s of the world with merely
786s water the face of a sinner reflects on
789s the
791s surface
794s judgment May death cleanse you of your
799s sins I'll see you in
807s hell may you allow this short
811s break death
817s awaits die die my hands are stained with
824s blood There's No
836s Escape are they trying to tell me to get
838s my [ __ ] together
841s you got to be careful dust is very
844s flammable I can't die until I see my
847s brothers
848s again I'll pray once all of this is
852s over I don't think you'll need a
854s grave move carefully
858s everyone I hope it's not for
862s nothing it's always easier to destroy
865s things
871s you can believe in anything you want
873s just don't try to push it on
877s me don't worry I'm not going to run
885s away get out of my
889s way I guess my patience hasn't run out
895s yet no flame trying to take this pretty
898s safe they are getting zoned out we is
899s going to be sticking that going to throw
900s down a miner two Kyro is going to hit
902s the engage though not able to hit that
903s ta they are going to try and burst down
905s kro shoot weu pretty safe on the
906s backside free as well but super does get
907s in on wiu wiu being forced to e shift
909s away super is getting forced down though
911s but ky's already down freak what can you
913s do wiu is being taken down by Frankie
915s and it's just you is going to get
916s stunned by that free can you get one the
919s CHS are coming out strong superior is
921s pretty low as well but free we've seen
922s him win these 2v ones not sure if no
924s wants to take this or not but free is
925s going to look aggressively towards I'm
927s not sure if this is the right play fre
928s is getting real spook
930s yeah free is definitely you know he's uh
932s he's feeling the game right now he is
934s definitely in the mood but finally he's
935s deciding to back off see what breaks
937s down don't get too close to the Here
939s Comes GM is going to get Nikki I believe
940s fry doodle is on the chase as well but
942s here comes the Darko is going to try and
943s on the back side delinko also hitting an
945s Ulta trying to separate them n versus
946s jiram I believe jir can win on this back
948s side we just see what super oh my God
950s the a lot of damage jir with the great
952s spacing doing a lot of damage on the
953s autos and Franky go inut is going to get
955s stac by the Bianca and on the backside
956s superia they don't have the cool Downs
958s they are going to get chased and there
959s is another team close by we're going to
961s have to see what happens they are
962s getting Chas to the corner and oh my God
964s comes out p is going to get the engage
966s and oh my God on the other side sheep
967s Farmers getting deleted delinko so far
969s away and the poor Darko are going to go
972s down nessus tries to get him but blinks
974s back over and P comes out on top wiping
976s two teams down to
982s Smither
984s gotcha you little oh my gosh are you
988s okay sorry sorry I'll buy you another
991s one let's go somewhere cool hope it's
994s not too cold wait let's eat first should
998s we bury you in the sand just
1002s asking you're underwater now still get
1005s drenched to the
1008s skin the water's not great
1011s today ah run away stop being
1016s dramatic say hi to my sister Miss
1031s me playing a dangerous game here free is
1034s going to try to get the flank it's going
1035s to get some damage onto super and the
1036s point does come out from CYO instantly
1038s but nimi is going to go forward and
1039s where's he there's the Alti from CYO
1041s free is still safe trying to move around
1042s oh my God such a great into the double
1044s baa that is huge for homeless laptops
1046s here taking out two of them and there we
1048s go finally got the run back onto no
1051s flame right before Wick such great
1052s timing this should be their Wick to let
1054s everyone else fighting for themselves as
1056s speaking of fighting for themselves we
1057s do see Team reborn draw getting into a
1058s bit of a tussle patar what can you do
1060s can you save your team on the bottom of
1062s the leader board patar on that heart
1064s very well known is going to be trying to
1065s trade the damage but an on that Seline
1067s trading a lot of damage as well getting
1068s in there getting taken out super low is
1070s going to be hit by that AUM P takes it
1072s down is going to be as well but R gets
1074s pulled but does get saved by FR on fully
1076s on the island here so it's a little bit
1078s hard to take some of these fights it
1079s looks like gummy does know that this
1080s team is calling unfortunately Q is going
1082s to miss from wiu but they are going to
1084s keep on going gummy is going to take a
1085s lot of damage from free here get free
1086s get a kill before he is taken out he
1088s does Flash out to avoid the syia combo
1090s and he's still alive here but the Darko
1092s is just trying to close in it doesn't
1094s barely get him so I think this is going
1096s to be a homeless laptops kill here looks
1098s like nessus is going be able to get out
1099s though unfortunately for homeless
1101s laptops not able to chase to syvia
1104s character but what a great turnaround
1106s from free from this character so yeah
1108s this Yuki pick doing
1109s for team oh my God homeless lapt is
1111s waiting in red this is so psycho Kyro is
1114s going to be right here going to pull
1115s them all together he's going to have to
1117s P the damage but free is down wiu is
1120s going to be able to maybe get one here
1122s though unfortunately the Perry is going
1123s to go through Kyro is going to have to
1124s walk all the way to dock it looks like
1126s here here and pyob is going to go
1128s forward it looks like here miss a hook
1131s but it is going to take a lot of damage
1133s from L do John here the full rainbow is
1135s going to fold this team at Bay an not is
1136s on the backside but I don't think he's
1137s going to be able to get any one more
1140s possibly getting little do joh it's
1141s going to look a little bit closer the
1143s Perry a little bit early Hoy getting the
1145s clutch there for his team though not
1147s making it out as there's another team up
1148s here there we go internet rap just
1150s instantly going in and there's a Bianca
1151s Alti as well the re of the vampire queen
1153s going to probably finish this here as
1155s super I don't think he's able to get out
1156s of this one maybe getting a kill uh from
1159s delinko here he's trying his best
1160s delinko trying to dodge everything
1162s internet rep trying to hold his ground
1164s and where they do not have their third
1165s it's only these two super might actually
1167s one V2 this Dinko going to try to get
1169s get some damage do they not have heal
1170s cut super is healing so much here can he
1172s get the 1v2 is he going to keep going or
1175s is he just going to back out he cannot
1176s decide it looks like we are just going
1178s to take the console here delinko is
1179s going to see that oh my God a lot of
1181s damage from that first Q Don kot going
1182s forward and here we go the stas is
1184s coming forward can super get the kill
1186s one more Auto possibly there we go super
1188s winning this 1 V2 absolutely crazy for
1191s them getting the credits as well you
1193s know Ser our uh our winners of the first
1196s two games here oh my God Kyra's going in
1197s right away he is not messing this time
1200s and free is going to get aled by noi
1201s such a great flash as well to get out of
1203s that one and now the engage is gone whu
1205s is doing his best to kite out such a
1206s great e as well to get out of way from
1207s thei Kyro being low going to use that
1209s plate to you know get a little bit of
1211s healing and now they're going to go
1211s aggressive Kyro looking for the taunt
1213s here looks like the Perry is going to go
1215s wide from thei and now Kyro falling once
1218s again but these guys are really low wiu
1219s can you get the damage out it looks like
1221s they do not have a camera in the bush
1222s they're trying their best but they did
1223s get the stick from wiu here free is
1225s going to keep pushing forward here he is
1227s not scared and we have CYO resing in the
1229s back free trying his best to keep these
1231s guys away the knockup is going to hit
1233s free is getting a lot of damage out nimi
1234s is going to try to push forward to stop
1236s wiu here he is going to get this stun
1238s but is that the right choice oh my God
1239s the Amon Sylvia is going to be
1240s one-shotting wiu I do not think free is
1242s able to 1 V3 this and finally no flame
1245s gets their win here 19 kills in game
1247s three and here we go the run back once
1249s again from these two teams CYO trying
1251s his best to keep nazimi away from then
1253s we do see the Q going through instantly
1255s alting free once again but here we go
1257s the same thing as last time happened but
1259s we do see super flashing on free once
1261s again and you do see Frankie Falling
1263s Again in first it's just a replay of
1265s last time and this the was saved by Wu
1267s so homeless laptops you know now they're
1269s two for
1272s one how much would you like to
1276s borrow how many people taking my
1278s business card do you think will be all
1283s right one finger for every
1286s th000 how about that
1290s no bless
1295s obl time to make some
1299s money let's not complicate
1303s it you running
1306s away crawl like a dog and maybe I'll cut
1309s you some slack on the
1314s interest do you know the two things you
1317s should keep closest in life
1320s money and violence with these two
1323s there's nothing you can't
1334s solve take
1338s responsibility you still got debt left
1340s to
1342s pay time to write a
1347s contract ah ah there you are my
1360s client I don't have the Leisure to
1365s regret it's so
1367s quiet there's no sound at all the best
1371s hunters don't even
1376s predict here's my prey
1380s I'd like to see them get caught in
1384s it I'm getting stronger great strength
1388s is needed to bounce off the target like
1392s this my arrow will pierce you now
1396s everything is almost
1400s over I Will Survive for you
1412s as R's going to try to poke out a little
1413s bit more oh my God but oh my God
1415s actually it looks like they are found
1416s out kitty king found them in the bush
1417s here but it's going to take a lot of
1418s damage but thankfully the healing wind
1420s going to keep them safe going to try to
1421s keep green Shy Guy Healthy as well such
1423s a great knock back as well from Kitty
1425s Kang here keeping them away from Chris
1426s can Chris get the damage out though is
1428s the question green shy guy is still safe
1429s Kitty Kang doing their best to keep them
1431s away from Chris but this team does not
1433s have the timer to work with here they
1435s got to get moving forward Chris only has
1436s 8 seconds here they're going to try to
1438s heal it up here h going to try to keep
1439s them away kitty king already low the
1440s healing wind is down as well and they're
1442s going to looks like they're flash over
1443s the wall and get this started here hyen
1445s is barely picked out but fortun this
1447s team isn't able to finish any of these
1449s kills of these characters a little bit
1450s you know hard to get on to but there we
1451s go they did get the Yuki being the
1453s tankiest of the three just crazy and now
1455s this team will get the healing off of
1456s that as well kitty king playing this
1459s character so well getting a lot of picks
1461s here and now are they be able to get Hoy
1462s and they are and now it's ellisan 1 V2
1465s here looks like one fortunately is going
1466s to be rooted and hit by Chris here on
1469s this Natha Pond just a couple more
1470s seconds there we a couple on another
1472s team as we do have a fight possibly
1473s going out here delinko hitting the stun
1475s here but unfortunately taking so much
1476s damage from this naon actually so has
1477s one already down Green shy guy really
1479s low but such a great F stop from Chris
1481s actually saving green shy guy here and
1483s is a to get the kill for internet we
1484s have a third party coming through these
1486s guys need to walk away Lexi not able to
1488s hit the Todd but does hit the slow and
1490s it looks like the fear will go through
1492s by kitty king here such a great w as
1494s well Chris going to try to pop out some
1495s damage as well can they turn this one
1497s here as well oh my God the bow skill
1500s actually get a hit here and GRE shagy is
1501s still alive he could loop around if he
1503s wants to this team avoiding the
1505s threepiece so well and getting so many
1507s kills in return as well really well
1509s played by team joku Kyro is going to try
1511s to look for the pick and wiu there we go
1513s cyers skill going out going to see them
1514s moving forward here now his team has to
1517s try to move in against this Bernice
1518s which we know is so hard with these
1520s traps available can they get in here L
1522s do John trying to see if he can get in
1524s and make the cut but yeah there this
1526s timer is ticking they got to get in soon
1528s here here we go joh going in free is
1531s completely safe oh my God is going to
1532s completely obliterate that backline with
1534s CYO that is insane and wiu is still safe
1536s the cut is going to go out but it will
1538s not be enough to take out free and there
1540s we go homeless laptops will'll be our
1541s winners of game four here and our final
1544s game for today can you know goof some of
1546s us up but before we keep talking about
1548s that possible fight here before our
1550s Omega spawn such a great uh engage from
1553s kyir here hitting the Todd are they able
1554s to get the kill on the Nikki here looks
1556s like they do super trying his best but
1558s they fall down to very quick Frankie is
1560s going to go straight for the res it
1562s looks like and I think Cairo and fre
1565s know what's up they're going to try to
1566s follow him here as another fight is
1567s going on actually the myON actually
1569s bringing Elison in on the aggressive
1570s here oh my God great double stun here is
1572s hit and now is a 2v2 hyen getting a
1574s little bit too low but Lexi low as well
1576s R trying his best to clean this up here
1579s just barely getting the kill but it's
1580s going to fall and now it's only Ellison
1582s versus Lexi here but I think Lexi is
1584s just going to have to back out of this
1585s one homeless laptops not going to have
1587s that extra rage for the AL
1589s you see thees coming out from Super to
1590s try to poke out a little bit free try to
1592s get some damage Quake already coming out
1594s as welli actually alting Kyra right away
1596s Kyro is going to have to Al to try to
1598s stay alive a little bit longer now it's
1599s a 2v2 and who goes on First and there we
1601s go free and wiu just have to take out
1603s super it should be no issues here they
1605s are going to take down the bodies going
1607s to get that extra healing super trying
1609s their best to get in but not able to and
1610s there we go homel laptops 18 kills for
1613s our first games of ercs and wow see if
1615s they can make some Fancy Feet Work
1617s happen looks like weu very strong on
1618s this
1619s goting again but does hit that counter
1622s engage as well looks like Lexi Tak up a
1624s lot redeem with the Rockets is doing so
1625s much but Frankie hits the double knock
1626s by the backside roach being taken down
1628s to kitty k is actually going to cause
1629s kitty k in there throwing down the the
1631s ultimate as well is going to get taken
1633s down but I think it caused enough
1634s disruption as no flame is going to walk
1636s away with this fight oh my God disaster
1639s I'll crush them all to
1642s pieces just fight no need to complicate
1647s things I don't need a reason to fight
1649s you
1652s fools I'm just warming
1654s up there's nobody left I still have
1658s fight left in
1660s me I win
1663s again you're a
1667s waste to lose is to
1671s die survived because I'm strong I'm
1675s strong because I survived
1680s good
1684s finished I swore on my
1691s survival there's more to
1698s come team Lexi draw safe a little bit
1701s longer as you do see no flame and
1702s homeless laptops battling out once again
1704s here in Forest just like how we saw last
1706s game and here we go going straight on to
1709s free this time it looks like they know
1711s and Alti is going to come up from Kyo
1712s keeping him a safe little such a great
1714s tornado keeping super off of him this
1715s team is now safe as they do take out
1717s Frankie and yeah looks like this team
1719s does not need the ma to keep free safe
1721s as they do win another battle against
1723s snowflame here so this is how the sea
1727s smells I've always wanted to come to the
1733s beach hello everyone and welcome back to
1736s week one of ercs here we're now on day
1739s two and as you can see we have someone a
1741s little bit new and old joining me today
1743s unfortunately usma was not able to make
1745s it today but it's okay today we have
1746s shui so how are you doing today doing
1749s pretty good doing pretty good it's a
1750s great Sunday weather's quite nice out
1753s here and I'm ready to watch some me turn
1755s turn yeah you know so am I and yeah a
1757s little bit different for you you know
1759s being here not so early in the morning
1761s you know since you're usually casting ER
1763s so little bit of a normal time frame for
1765s you here for ercs that's kind of
1767s exciting but you know as for usual let's
1769s just get right into it we're just going
1771s to give you guys a quick overview of the
1773s format and you know what these players
1775s are going to be fighting for here across
1777s the next couple of weeks uh so here's
1779s your overview with the weeks uh you know
1781s definitely keep an eye on the schedule
1782s here we did try something a little bit
1783s different we are playing every other
1785s week this time uh so after today there
1787s will be a week break before the players
1788s do get to come back and you know in the
1790s middle here is the prize pool as you all
1792s know so that is going to be the money
1794s and the NP that they will be fighting
1795s for and as per usual the right side is
1797s the circuit Matrix so how many points
1799s these teams will get uh after today's uh
1803s games today and next we will have the
1805s format here for you as well kind of
1807s showing what it's going to look like
1809s throughout the entire tourney uh as per
1811s usual top uh team in each block will go
1813s to Grand finals and the second and third
1815s place teams will go to wild card and
1817s then the top four teams from the wild
1819s card will be going to the group stages
1820s along with the first uh teams from each
1822s block and then as per usual uh Grand
1825s finals will be your checkpoint format
1827s here and yeah once they hit that 55
1829s checkpoint they just got to get that win
1831s and then they will be moving along their
1833s way and now for the more exciting part
1835s here let's talk about what teams will be
1836s playing today we will have be having
1838s Block B and block D shui do you want to
1840s give us a run through of all the players
1841s here today absolutely guys the four
1843s teams on the top side are going to be
1845s the teams coming in from Block B bottom
1847s four are going to be the ones coming
1848s from block D and let's take a look at
1850s them real quick as we do have Lotus
1852s coming in for Block B it's going to be
1854s Dylan Zack Griffin and tomu for that
1857s team penguin daycare also coming in for
1859s team or I should say block be not Team
1861s Water fudge pie master hoko as well as
1864s ghost electricity we got uh we've
1867s decided it's GNA be Aja AA or something
1870s a something like that it's long guys I
1873s don't know we don't know we'll figure it
1874s out I I'm pretty sure we'll say
1876s something in the middle of these casts
1878s I'm pretty sure we'll figure it out but
1879s it is going to be uh doring elevant 4
1882s Dino Boy 78 swash bugler 82 and Evan uh
1887s for those you guys who don't know it's
1888s going to be some familiar faces right
1891s there soaring elephant is going to be
1893s Desu right Dino Boy 78 is going to be
1895s meui and swash buger 82 will be Leaf so
1898s uh yeah if we get names mixed up don't
1900s blame us for that one all right and team
1902s slot number four also coming in from
1904s Block B it will be team window Shoppers
1906s with Walmart pajamas Davis XM exus as
1908s well as lock to round out our teams
1910s coming in from Block B and the teams for
1912s Block D this time around we got Baja
1914s blasters coming in with JK Breeze 69 J
1917s tang and I the mold divers with Striker
1920s wokes effect and rim rinth Apollo with
1923s pant gazor tolki and melt and last but
1926s not least coming in as our last team for
1928s Block D is going to be rats Lily Dongo
1932s that's not the real ly Dongo Ren and
1934s slim for team bad guys that Lily Dongo
1937s is Celeste so there we go all of these
1940s awkward weird names we know who they are
1944s not sure if we'll actually get the casts
1945s correctly in the middle of the game so
1948s give us a moment on that one we'll try
1950s to get used to it yeah I am it's okay
1952s you know what it's not an actual uh
1955s eternal return cast with a little bit of
1956s hiccups here and there as we were you
1958s know so used to and you know I'm so
1960s ready to get this show on the road here
1961s let's get this first game started and we
1963s will see what these players will be
1965s bringing us here today and look at that
1967s we got a change from yesterday we're on
1968s Sandstorm no more rain no rain oh my God
1972s I was watching yesterday from the
1973s sidelines four rainy weathers I don't
1976s know I the weather hey wait a second
1979s maybe we could have four sandstorms
1980s today so let's not say anything just yet
1982s but it is a good change up at least for
1983s the first time this weekend yeah I know
1986s for sure and let's see what these
1987s players are going to be playing here and
1990s as to No Surprise we already have P
1992s Master on their coveted heart uh coming
1994s on through here we have effect on their
1995s hedge and WS is giving us a little bit
1997s of teaser there with the shichi but that
1999s is not actually going to come through
2000s we're going to get that nathapon here uh
2002s hoko been practicing some Frontline for
2004s his team so we're going to see the mai
2005s coming through with the Theodore uh
2007s Dylan now repping the new Debbie and
2008s marleene skin yeah this is looking like
2010s a pretty good Lobby so far we already
2012s have a Debbie and marleene band coming
2013s through between gazar Ren and Dylan so
2016s that's a little bit of an interesting
2017s thing to see here they even all repping
2019s different skins man I guess the
2021s prediction was right we were kind of
2022s talking about this before we went in
2024s here but yeah indeed we are going to be
2026s having a Debbie and marleene ban but
2029s interestingly enough most of these
2030s players are actually running kind of
2032s different things right we're seeing a
2033s combination of healing drone force field
2037s we're seeing vamp bloodline force field
2040s and then we're also seeing a healing
2041s drone and I think it was a protocol
2045s violation was it I have to double check
2047s this again cuz I completely forgot what
2048s the last one is I'm trying to look for
2050s her now because there's so many of these
2051s Demas hanging around let me see here it
2054s is now I'll find it eventually right
2056s what is good on yeah they're
2060s uh yeah false oath yeah so the little
2062s bit of a change up on all of them here I
2064s mean de being a character that can
2065s actually Flex a lot of their augments it
2067s looks like here Dylan play more just
2069s like that front line for his team while
2070s the other two are going for like more
2071s damage oriented with Ren being like Giga
2073s damage oriented he even has the false
2075s elf for that here uh so that'll be
2077s interesting to see kind of cool that
2079s we're going to get a demo band uh to
2080s start off the gate here yesterday we had
2082s a my band coming out so a little bit
2084s different but hey still a ban
2085s nonetheless uh only two theodors this
2087s time around though I was hoping you know
2089s we'd get a third one to pull out a
2090s second ban that would have been you know
2091s real fun coming into the games yeah one
2093s of the biggest things that I do like
2095s about these demo picks is that a lot of
2096s times we I think there was a little bit
2098s of discussion about this yesterday but
2100s demo a lot of times cannot be played
2102s just as a solo frontliner she has a lot
2103s of crowd control and a lot of damage but
2106s very difficult to manage a lot of that
2107s back and forth kind of fighting action
2109s especially when you're taking a lot of
2111s that aggression since you are going to
2112s be the sole front line so I do like the
2114s fact that there are certain compositions
2116s here that are bringing demo to the table
2118s but at the same time there's other
2120s things that are supporting her up at the
2121s front line like the Bianca for team
2123s Lotus we have the Alex on the side of
2126s Team bad guys and of course for team
2127s Apollo there is the lenx right there
2129s this Dema is going to have a lot easier
2131s time up at the front lines more so than
2133s just her being there by herself yeah
2135s 100% and let's you know take a look at
2138s some of these other uh characters in the
2140s game here get a little bit of highlights
2142s on some other people uh looks like we do
2144s have an Alonzo in the lobby Alonzo you
2145s know something we've seen a lot
2147s throughout ercs and na being a really
2149s good frontliner for a lot of these teams
2151s and kind of making it really easy for
2152s them to have their game plan I mean hey
2154s pretty easy to pick who they want to
2156s pick out of the fight when you're just
2157s pointing at them here so lock is going
2159s to be doing that for his team with that
2160s double backline it looks like ly Dongo
2162s which is Celeste getting griefed here a
2163s little bit and dock by team one Lotus
2165s actually fully meeting up at Doc before
2167s you know anything even spawns here so
2169s that's crazy early aggression from them
2171s we saw effect going down as well and
2173s another player going down here in stream
2175s this group is definitely not scared to
2177s fight it out early yeah this is a little
2179s typical nowadays JK I don't know where
2181s you're blinking to there buddy there is
2183s no jump pad on this side we'll get
2185s cornered by gazur and pan I believe
2187s there was a attempt of support coming
2189s through from Jang but as soon as Toki
2191s shows up yeah that fight is absolutely
2193s CAU so's a lot of individual picks
2195s coming through in the early stages of
2196s the game but this is nothing too
2198s surprising if you've been watching
2199s eternal return as de will most likely
2201s take the fall one last Auto attack from
2203s P Master will secure that too so a very
2205s very fast start towards the early stages
2208s of the game but again this is not too
2210s surprising if you've been keeping up
2211s with eternal return competitive for
2213s about I think the last season and a half
2215s now is these early game kills very much
2217s a common
2218s yeah already six kills on the table here
2220s now we do have Dylan fighting it out
2221s against lock his team is coming up here
2223s momentarily Dylan already ripping the
2225s twins rush to get started we have the
2226s Bianca Al coming out but it's not going
2227s to be enough to go forward lock using a
2230s great job alting to keep them at Bay and
2232s it looks like Walmart PJs will have an
2233s easy time in the backline but dece is
2235s falling as well so one for one on that
2236s side as we actually have another fight
2237s in Warehouse already three members
2239s falling here gazor you got to run your
2241s team is out of here and now jtang and JK
2243s will be chasing are they going to
2245s survive he does barely not get grabbed
2247s but I don't know if he can get out of
2248s this one but looks like Pat barely
2250s resing in time that is a lucky turn of
2253s event here Pat's actually going back in
2254s he's a little psycho for this one but
2256s tki is up so looks like he will be safe
2258s will he be able to get this kill on J
2259s Tang looks like he will not here so a
2261s couple more kills on the table five for
2263s Baja blasters so far yeah I think the
2265s red just disappeared barely before the
2268s yellow landed and even if I don't think
2270s the spread on the yellow actually just
2271s barely reached AJ either so nice and 10
2274s coming through from pant right I mean
2275s you know you're probably not going to be
2276s able to get away from that one even if
2278s it is an early game Cilla play with us
2281s cool down reduction is quite good to
2283s catch up to certain players so good
2284s stuff coming through from a lot of these
2286s teams again these individual picks might
2288s not mean too much when it comes to the
2290s actual game state right cuz it is too
2292s early in the game for these death timers
2293s to actually be any meaningful but it is
2296s those individual points and another Bush
2298s trap here we go let's see what this
2299s fight is going to bring to the table
2302s yeah looks like d boy is getting taken
2303s down pretty low but he does have
2304s Charlotte on his side being able to heal
2306s him and keep him pretty healthy we do
2307s have the salty already down so there
2309s should be a good fight for aaya to take
2311s here if they decide to keep on going but
2313s oh looks like we're actually just going
2314s to back it out you know deciding we do
2315s not want to fight this as team seven is
2317s now coming in here Apollo just going to
2319s say hi see what's going on as I believe
2321s we have another fight actually across
2322s the map here here we go we already see
2323s the F ripped as well as the Alonzo ulti
2326s Striker unfortunately being taken down
2327s here affected Woks will have to walk
2329s away and that is more kills on the table
2331s here for these players did not quite see
2333s you got the beach Farm but there is a
2334s couple of more people in hotel so effect
2337s will have to be a little a little bit
2338s careful here luckily they are on the hge
2340s and so should not that' be okay there we
2342s go unfortunately I think effect is taken
2345s oh there we
2347s go my goodness look at the number of
2349s Swords flying around the map the bottom
2351s of the screen but you got to look at the
2353s center cuz of biancaa the vampire queen
2355s is going to go through but Zach gaining
2357s absolutely nothing from it will get
2358s taken down there's so many players in
2361s this area that this Alonzo is finally
2362s going to get the chance to maybe try
2364s picking up that tree of life jtang going
2366s to get jumped down here as well girl in
2368s the bubble is barely going to be enough
2370s no it's going to be the twins rush to
2371s knock that down JK trying to run away
2373s from this one is the shots going to land
2376s the second one is going to miss from
2377s deos but yeah jtang down on the ground
2380s JK is going to have to completely book
2381s it look at how many people have swords
2384s flashing above their heads even 20 30 40
2387s seconds after the objectives are gone
2389s yeah we are still fighting it looks like
2391s here even seary tree fight is still
2392s going on Slim Game taking up pretty low
2394s here unfortunately the AL will not hit
2395s from Striker but it does not matter slim
2397s will be fall down here Striker is going
2398s to keep on pushing forward we're going
2400s to get the kill on Ren here and it looks
2401s like celest will be the last Living
2403s member is just going to take the jump
2404s pad to get out of this one two more
2406s kills on the table looks like going over
2408s to mold divers here finally getting some
2409s kills on the board it'll feel very nice
2411s for them here didn't quite get to see
2413s who caught the tree though but hey I
2415s mean two kills is still a win in my book
2417s so they're probably feeling pretty good
2419s about that one as we know we move on to
2421s the you know mid part of our game here
2423s and let to see what these uh teams
2424s decide to do who's going to come ahead
2426s before these battle zones spawn indeed
2428s Lucy 21 is the number right now the
2431s number of kills in this game I heard
2433s usma saying something about God and
2435s yesterday before going into a night
2437s number one well we got 21 on the board
2440s in the middle of day number two so yeah
2442s these game Paces are absolutely On The
2445s Rise I mean these players have to be
2447s able to keep up right I mean some of
2448s these guys are just now calling in some
2451s items this is not exactly the pace that
2453s you're looking for especially
2454s considering the fact that school is
2456s going to be an active battle field in a
2458s few more seconds here oh Jon you got to
2460s pick that up buddy oh my goodness good
2462s stuff for picking that up but here we go
2464s the blast energy field coming in Oneal
2466s more pajamas this overclock shots are
2468s going to disappear in just a moment
2470s Breeze walking away will be able to get
2472s on out of here yeah overcharge gone one
2474s more pajamas level 11 right so energy
2477s blast field at level two shouldn't be
2478s too long before that comes up but
2480s without those Buffs his fighting
2481s capabilities is on the down low yeah
2483s Bree's doing a great job keeping lock
2485s away from the team able to get that
2486s craft off here before the Battle Zone
2488s actually starts lock just try to keep
2489s them at Bay as he has two great long
2491s range characters behind him able to poke
2493s them from over the wall here are going
2494s to have to be careful though jtang
2496s getting the pull just barely actually on
2497s Deus here unfortunately de should fall
2500s in just a second he cannot move he has a
2501s Lenox Alti on top of him here we already
2503s have Breeze falling down as well as Deus
2505s as we were talking about earlier but
2506s another team coming in JK is going to
2508s waste the flash here to get out of this
2510s one pant and gazor are the only two here
2512s because they're actually using tki to
2514s keep the Drone alive on the top side of
2516s the map here so they can just out Tim
2517s these guys if they do choose to jtang
2519s going to have 4 seconds here de low once
2521s again we see the ulti come out as well
2523s from where PJ's Gs are going in with the
2525s twins rush and there should be an easy
2526s clean up for team Apollo tki is coming
2529s in as well here this should be a great
2531s force Fe or Force core pickup I should
2533s say for a team Apollo in just a second
2535s is JK getting a little bit of Fancy Feet
2537s here as there we go Force core in the
2539s hands of Apollo as the top side is just
2541s about to end as well Dylan barely
2543s Staying Alive with that two-handed Parry
2545s the rest of his team pretty low can Ren
2547s and L clean this up here one kill down
2549s another one possibly going down here
2551s second the stasis going through from
2552s Zack the ply is going to finish the deal
2554s here but now it's actually a one V1
2555s Celeste versus Dylan who is it going to
2557s go down toly Dongo
2560s Celeste go through the St is going to go
2562s through the dodging the knock up here
2563s from Dylan but now it is a timer game
2565s Dylan has to get in the zone here looks
2567s like is trying his best to get the
2569s healing from the body oh my God it's so
2571s close that he just barely gets it
2573s Celeste out playing Dylan here getting
2576s what did he get is it a force score I
2577s didn't quite it was a myth roll oh my
2579s God that zone almost lasted as long as
2581s the other one here all that for a myth
2584s roll my God these players are
2586s bloodthirsty and there's another fight
2587s that's happening inside a factory Lotus
2590s down to two members but now Ren in a
2591s little bit of trouble Slim's already
2593s down to the ground which means that Emma
2595s got the bid roll but the rest of her
2597s team is paying for it right now there
2598s goes the iso down to the ground as Griff
2601s will get eliminated here too so H I
2604s don't know I don't know if this is going
2605s to end anytime soon Lucy everybody is
2607s just looking for blood I would assume
2609s after game number one we're going to
2610s start seeing teams 20 30 points easily
2613s as another fight in hotel yeah we are
2616s not ending here oh a great uh exclusive
2618s from homecoming there keeping them alive
2620s a little bit longer Gs are with a great
2621s twins Rush as well trying to get out of
2623s here but I do not think it'll be enough
2624s as we finally have our first team fall
2626s here team Apollo unfortunately being the
2628s first team to go out in our first game
2629s but hey four kills on the table at least
2632s almost all the teams have some kills on
2633s the table unfortunately two missing some
2635s kills on their own you know I think
2637s might have a moment to get a quick item
2639s check before another fight starts here
2640s just out of curiosity where everyone is
2642s sitting and here we go we do see two of
2644s the my chest coming through for one team
2646s couple items uh across the board for the
2649s others as well even the team of zero
2650s kills still having a couple of
2652s transitions of their own so you know
2653s everyone at least has something on the
2655s table but you know some teams have a
2656s little less than others even know how a
2659s lot of these teams had time to get all
2661s these transitions because just feels as
2663s if the entire bottom of her screen has
2665s been flashing red this entire time with
2667s so fors health bars dropping and there's
2669s another one look at this another team
2670s now trying to look for a fight inside of
2672s Hospital trying to tag people up with
2674s some of these spark needs going around
2675s but Walmart pajama is not Landing any of
2677s them just yet lock standing up in the
2679s front Shield still steady but both of
2681s these teams know that one small
2683s positioning mistake is going to get you
2685s absolutely demolished so Jank just going
2688s to absolutely book it out of here lock
2690s also trying to push up front nothing
2691s happening but another fight inside of
2693s police station what the heck yeah looks
2696s like finally a Gant is going to have
2697s their moment here going to try to start
2699s a fight the charot ulti keeping them
2700s safe but Ren just barely getting out of
2702s this one we do see me trying to push
2704s forward on Celeste but no one actually
2706s just getting killed here looks like
2707s everyone's just going to disperse slim
2709s going to have to burn some timer but he
2710s doesn't have that much available are
2711s they going to try to Camp the top side
2713s it looks like they're opting out of
2715s doing that so SL will be able to live a
2717s little bit longer possibly going for the
2719s hyperloop it looks like here just to be
2720s safe so you know no kills going over for
2722s that team actually using the flash as
2723s well to preserve some more of that timer
2726s yeah he's be sitting on two seconds a
2727s little bit scary here as they possibly
2729s run into this team again for the run
2730s back yes Les does know what's up here he
2732s does have the dove set up if he wants to
2734s do anything but looks like he will walk
2735s away slim going to be the one being
2737s chased here it looks like they're going
2738s to try to Corner him and he only has two
2740s seconds of timer it'll be hard for him
2741s to get out of this one yeah they don't
2743s know now they know slim he's about to
2746s get found out it's going to be the
2747s charlot landing a lot of skills EMP BR
2749s coming out C trop's doing the same thing
2751s but Charlotte and Camilo do not care
2753s about those slows at all nice kill
2755s coming through for uh even another fight
2758s inside a factor I swear we just come out
2760s from one land up straight into another
2761s but this is not the peace maker you were
2763s looking for water fudge just pumping out
2765s damage one after another but these Auto
2767s attacks are looking good it's going to
2768s be Walmart pajamas versus water fudge
2770s deos on the other hand going to get
2771s taken down by P Master which means a 2v3
2774s is going to come through it's going to
2775s be a one fight on the side of Team
2777s penguin daycare meanwhile that was
2779s happening more fights all across the
2781s board cuz bad guys loses another player
2784s I don't know anymore luzy what is
2785s happening I don't know but the these
2787s guys are definitely uh yeah nonstop
2789s fighting they want to get those kills on
2791s the board early here speaking of fights
2793s we might have another one here just
2794s kidding not right there but in Warehouse
2796s it looks like Griffin and Zach pushing
2798s forward trying to see if they can find
2799s these guys they do know that they'
2801s probably just resed here it looks like
2803s slim was the last one to get res on that
2804s team so he's going have to run to the
2805s bottom side un fortunately this team is
2807s separated once again but it looks like
2810s uh the team of lus will just decide to
2812s take the Bears and move along and you
2814s know try to get some more Mastery in
2815s that way as we possibly see another
2816s fight this team is just trying to force
2818s their win anyone they can find but this
2819s team will take the jump pad they are out
2821s of there for a little bit longer and I
2822s think the GI does know that they are you
2825s know trying to sniff them out you can
2826s tell they're just trying to Corner them
2827s here in pond and there we go the fight
2829s is going to start we have Desu going in
2831s but he has a lot of that defense
2832s reduction from that Shield here safe for
2835s a little bit longer looks like meoi will
2836s try to get in one more time but they are
2838s just going to back out this time for a
2840s little bit longer 40 seconds before our
2842s next day cycle comes up and these two
2844s teams just do not want to you know
2845s continue their fight here I don't know I
2847s think a wants to actually fight this one
2850s I actually don't think it's going to be
2852s Baja blasters that wants to look for
2853s this cuz they need to burst somebody
2855s down but who do you burst and can you
2857s even burst this Charlotte is going to
2858s let you out sustain pretty much
2860s everything that this is going to do in a
2861s beautiful triple VTA coming through from
2863s Dino Boy Jay in a little bit of trouble
2865s there's when they popping out there's a
2866s heal coming in there's a shield coming
2868s in as well it's absolutely Bonkers
2870s there's no way J's going to be able to
2872s deal with that one G get taken down J
2875s Tang all the way off into the middle of
2876s nowhere as this Zone about to close as
2878s well and the sl's completely isolated
2880s yeah that is an absolute massacre in a
2882s half although wa a good old flip is
2884s going to come through from Striker Ren
2886s trying to salvage this with the twins
2887s rush but I don't think there is much for
2889s you to salvage maybe kill a kill up on
2891s wols no absolutely not we'll get taken
2893s down two members down for team bad guys
2895s still sitting on zero team and fi kills
2898s I should say they got three oh hoko
2900s getting a double to here to start off
2902s this fight we do see the ra of the
2903s vampire queen as well to try to cancel
2904s it but it will not be enough as hoko is
2906s in the front lines no problems here is
2908s going to hit the healing win and the
2909s healing drone going to keep himself
2910s alive as water fud P Master just pumping
2912s the DPS here on the backs side is
2914s another fight is going through here and
2916s I think AIA finally is going to get
2919s their first team wipe here going through
2920s is d boy going to stay alive he has so
2922s many Shields coming through on his team
2924s he's just able to pump out the DPS and
2926s they keep him alive it's actually so
2928s crazy that no one is able to take out
2930s any three of these members this team and
2932s now has five kills on the table taking
2934s out another team here it looks like the
2936s team of window Choppers will be our
2938s second team to be out this is reminding
2940s me of the Camilo priia come from back in
2943s Early Access they had to Nerf Camilo
2946s Shield cow oh this is not where you want
2949s to be oh no what a horrible teleport
2952s coming through 14 B guys will end up
2955s losing it they will at least be able to
2957s maybe take one additional placement
2959s point right but that's about it down
2961s goes J Tang onto the ground it's going
2963s to be penguin dayare with yet another
2965s kill now sitting at nine still still
2967s looking for the chase this is a lenx
2968s though she does have the heavy knee pads
2972s does get a little bit of additional
2973s range okay she will get out or will she
2976s yeah she's out okay yeah a little bit
2978s interesting thing here as we're hovering
2980s over homecoming here we do see that he's
2981s actually repping the Helix on the M here
2983s getting some of that defense shred for
2985s his team something a little bit
2986s different that you see not don't see too
2988s often on the M but you know still
2989s playing more of that supportive uh take
2992s for his team even to like a further
2993s extent here as you do see Striker team
2996s following Lotus in uptown Striker trying
2998s to find that flip into his team got to
3000s be a little bit careful though who he
3001s decides to flip Dylan actually taking a
3003s lot of damage f- stop coming through
3004s unfortunately not going to hit anyone
3006s going through here and now this team is
3008s a little bit separated just a little
3009s unfortunate here trying to just regroup
3011s and rest all they can before this fight
3013s possibly starts once again but I think
3015s they are able to get out of this one now
3017s for a little bit longer oh my God
3018s penguin daycare just called in double
3019s blood okay here we go here we go it's
3022s going to be a red shoes up in online for
3024s water fudge we already see the primary
3025s transitions coming through right this is
3027s probably one of the strongest theodors
3029s you're going to see in quite a while but
3031s here we go another fight coming in Dylan
3032s is going to have to be forced to pop the
3034s force field already in this fight
3035s healing drone is already popping rea the
3036s vampire queen is going to come down but
3038s Zach already gets taken down too Striker
3040s does taken down but it doesn't even
3042s matter cuz Dylan is on the ground as
3044s well Griff needs to try solo fighting
3046s this but he gets pulled in with the
3047s charm which means he's just going to
3048s completely have to book it effect
3050s beautiful beautiful zoning away for the
3053s iso and can Griff even Salvage this is
3055s the question they do have the credits
3057s there is the jump pad over but effect is
3059s on the chase can he get this done can he
3061s get this done oh oh my god oh
3065s no this is so bad Griff you're not going
3067s to be able to reset that yet you're not
3068s going to be able to reset that Griff no
3070s no oh my gosh and there's another team
3072s in the area I think they know too yeah
3074s they are rushing for this here water
3075s fudge knows is he just going to rip the
3077s Alti no they are looking Homecoming on
3078s the back there's the Alti I think this
3081s might be lights out for this team the r
3083s of the vampire queen will not save you
3084s from this one and oh PP coming actually
3086s saving there a little bit he is going to
3088s be able to walk away as a exclusive
3090s actually saving him but will the ciper
3092s shots hit no they will not it looks like
3095s here unfortunately so Griff able to live
3096s a little bit longer but unfortunately
3098s day five is upon us so he is going to be
3100s a sole isol Warrior here oh my God
3102s homecoming trying to find in oh I think
3104s he got it he gets the taunt here he's
3106s going to have the W for that reduction
3108s and there we go another team going out
3109s here but hey eight kills for the team of
3111s lotus not too shabby in our first game
3113s here yeah but that that came as a result
3116s of accidentally the bear coming through
3118s from the jump pad you hate to see it but
3120s you know that happens every now and then
3122s you got to deal with it you have to
3124s anticipate for thinking that the Bears
3126s are alive and of all the Bears right of
3128s all the Bears it was a
3130s mutant that ISO is not surviving
3133s throughout that fight so a terrible
3134s tragedy coming in for that team but for
3137s team Lotus you're absolutely right eight
3138s kills on the board in this chaotic of a
3141s game is definitely not that bad of a
3142s result but considering the fact that
3144s penguin daycare another team in the same
3146s group as already sitting on 12 they're
3148s going to have a lot to catch up in the
3149s future games yeah 100% here penguin
3152s daycare looking really well looks like
3154s we do have the sniper shots coming out
3156s uh from water fudge just going to scout
3157s out the area uh looks like there was a
3159s team on the top half and they should
3160s know now so it looks like they are going
3162s to try to set up for here they're just
3163s kind of creeping their way forward see
3165s what they can do there go the AL is just
3166s going to go forward oh my God homecoming
3167s is so fast getting the Taun in we
3169s already have the Charlotte Alti coming
3170s out here so early giving P Master
3172s Hopefully the rain to do what he needs
3173s to do to get this damage out he does
3175s have the blood guitar and he's going to
3176s tell so much damage coming through but
3178s the Charlotte already down water fudge
3180s on the backside keeping his team alive
3182s and oh my God penguin daycare eliminates
3184s another team here up to 15 kills you can
3187s shield and heal all you want but water
3190s fudge is sitting on red shoes they've
3191s all got the wick line blood bleed effect
3194s I should say as well which does by the
3196s way guys give healing reduction oh my
3199s goodness a team that is based on syain
3201s is not going to have a fun time dealing
3202s with that composition but for team
3205s penguin daycare there's still a couple
3206s additional teams to go through right I
3208s mean they are looking really good right
3210s now 15 team kills and their items are
3212s looking absolutely insane but the mold
3213s divers and Baja blasters are two teams
3215s that can theoretically snipe off some of
3218s these squishy members if just allowed to
3220s be here and there will they be able to
3222s do it woke sitting up in the front same
3224s thing for Striker there's a lot of ways
3227s that I think penguin daycare can get
3229s wrecked if they don't pay attention for
3231s a split split second yeah a little scary
3234s oh my God speaking of scary homecoming
3235s was so fast with that the Al I I think I
3238s would have screamed if I just saw that
3240s like he was so fast he I think the Taun
3242s missed coming through but it didn't even
3243s really matter cuz the you know the
3245s backside coming up so fast thanks to the
3247s ulti from the Theodor admit that that
3249s team was no no way they were going to
3251s escape this one here as we have couple
3253s more seconds day six is now here and we
3256s will see that all three teams are in the
3257s two zones and you know to No Surprise uh
3260s we do have mold divers and Baja blasters
3262s on the top side completely avoiding ping
3264s good daycare we do know that they still
3265s have the wick buff here and they're
3267s looking incredibly strong but it looks
3268s like they are going to be closing in
3269s homecoming possibly using the plant here
3271s to get an engage but it looks like
3273s they're just going to back out of this
3274s one they do not know where the other
3275s team is and never is going to kind of be
3277s dancing around a little bit possibly
3279s until these zones do become active and
3282s we're still not at midseason just yet
3284s which means the teleport or not the
3286s teleport but the the final Zone stuff
3289s isn't coming through yet Breeze and the
3290s little bit of trouble actually getting
3291s caught out in everything on the side
3294s effect and W Wombo Combo wow locks down
3297s everybody and Striker is able to finish
3299s out jtang and by the way no third party
3301s coming in from penguin daycare this is a
3303s clean three and0 coming through from
3305s mold divers and they will be able to get
3306s on out now still has to deal with this
3308s team but on the bright side wickline
3310s bleed is gone do they have the items to
3312s deal with this beautiful reactions
3313s coming through from homecoming will be
3315s able to get on out of there with the
3316s catwalk and strut but now that the final
3318s zone is set in dock mold divers have to
3321s push in yeah a little bit hard for them
3323s to push in against this Theodore that's
3324s completely safe on the backside here
3326s they do have the F stop available to
3328s possibly start the fight but it's going
3329s to be a little bit hard to catch either
3331s of these players I mean you have heart
3332s having so many dashes available and
3334s water fudge will be on the ready with
3336s the flash if he needs to flash out of it
3338s so I mean there's definitely ways for
3339s them to get in on this team but it will
3340s be very difficult we do see them trying
3342s to you know fin angle their way into the
3344s Zone here Striker is going to hit hoko
3346s into the wall here and the ulti is going
3347s to be ripped from the Theodore and so
3349s much damage as effect is taunted and
3351s take it down instantly as you see the f-
3353s stop go out as well but it will not be
3355s enough so this will be a clean 18 kill
3357s game coming out from penguin daycare
3359s here in game one of ercs day two
3362s fantastic start for team penguin daycare
3364s and it was so close for the mold divers
3367s so so close they had an absolutely
3369s incredible start to the fight with the
3371s stun onto Homecoming coming from Striker
3373s but in the end it is going to be the
3375s energy blast field that allows the
3376s catchup to come through and a little bit
3379s too difficult to deal with a M that is
3380s just running straight at you as a hen
3382s who needs to wait a little bit before
3384s that teleport comes in fantastic
3386s reaction coming through from homecoming
3387s fantastic reactions coming through from
3389s water flge and that right there is why
3391s penguin daycare is probably one of the
3393s most strongest contenders in this Lobby
3395s hands down yeah 100% yeah unfortunately
3397s effect not even got to get that Alti
3399s through and I don't even think that like
3401s effect is being focused at all it was
3402s just all that AOE damage coming out from
3404s the theore there that kind of made him
3405s fall down here P master was able just to
3408s push right through and yeah what a great
3410s start to our first game here uh penguin
3413s dare definitely feeling pretty good
3414s after that one they're going to be
3415s pretty high on the leader boards uh you
3417s know coming out of game one kind of a
3419s repeat from yesterday I mean our first
3420s team yesterday I think was like a 20
3422s plus kill game as well for the team in
3424s first place so yeah these teams are
3426s definitely not scared to fight early and
3428s fight a lot for sure as yeah first game
3431s was definitely a crazy turn of events a
3433s lot of uh a lot of crazy things
3435s happening that game from a lot of these
3436s teams unfortunately for some uh just
3438s falling a little bit short a little bit
3440s uh on the unfortunate side here we saw
3442s bad guys fall pretty early just not able
3444s to get their footing after that first
3445s res that we saw come through yeah these
3448s games are quite literally the
3449s personification of survival of the
3451s fittest at this stage right I mean you
3452s got to stay alive at least until day
3454s number three we saw that some of these
3456s teams didn't even have the chance to be
3458s able to call some of those transitions
3459s in until middle of day number two maybe
3462s towards the end of day number two which
3464s means you got to stay alive before all
3466s that stuff happens but it's not going to
3468s be that easy since everybody in this
3470s game is looking for points we saw that
3472s hands down during game number one and
3475s might I say a little bit B more
3477s aggressive than yesterday's games
3478s although yesterday's games you just said
3480s it there was a team that potentially
3482s came out with 20 plus kills in game
3483s number one you combin all the kills at
3486s this game alow there's like 50 60 70
3489s kills so I don't know yeah yeah we'll
3491s have to definitely take a look to see
3492s what the scoreboard says yeah what we
3494s said there was over like 12 kills or
3496s whatever after uh day and night one so
3498s that's kind of crazy these teams yeah
3499s there's like six to eight kills coming
3501s through like in the first minute and a
3503s half of the game which is absolutely
3504s crazy these teams are grouping way
3506s earlier that we saw in the first day and
3508s they're definitely getting those early
3509s kills which we're going to see reflected
3510s on the scoreboard for sure here the
3512s points will be definitely a lot higher
3514s and it'll be interesting to see how much
3516s higher they're going to be in accordance
3518s to how day one ended so yeah I'm
3520s definitely excited to see that and I'm
3522s excited to see what these teams are
3523s going to do after this Dema is banned
3526s definitely not a character I would have
3527s expected to see banned uh I mean
3529s yesterday we even had a darco ban as
3531s well so I guess you know at this point
3532s all characters are on the table for ones
3533s that could be banned uh in these Future
3535s Days as well to be fair somebody in our
3538s voice chat here Us in the background did
3541s actually determine that there could have
3542s been a demo ban and they were absolutely
3544s right about that one so kudos to you
3546s keeping up with what everybody is
3548s playing around here in North America but
3550s you're absolutely right demo ban being
3552s gone I don't think actually maybe a lot
3555s of these guys did anticipate it right
3557s because most of the players in this
3558s Lobby that did play the demo are demo
3560s players right for example Ren off the
3561s top of your head has been playing a lot
3563s of demo lately on the stream as well so
3565s you know for sure that a demo ban was
3568s theoretically possible but on the bright
3570s side we know most of those guys can play
3572s other front liners as well although when
3575s it comes to having that much crowd
3577s control and have that much
3578s sustainability and keeping themselves
3580s alive I don't know if there's that many
3582s options for that one yeah we'll have to
3584s see what they do for sure but first
3586s let's get into the scores here we could
3588s take a peek at the leaderboard here
3590s before we get into our second game let's
3592s see where these uh points landed them
3594s here going through H Del surprise
3596s penguin daycare sitting there
3597s comfortably at the top with 18 kills 26
3600s points with mold divers following with
3602s 14 points Baja blasters in third at 11
3605s Lotus with 10 we do have a window shoers
3608s Apollo following suit and bad guys in
3610s the bottom here but hey it's only game
3612s one and as you all know uh the
3615s scoreboard can definitely change a lot
3616s after one game I mean any of these teams
3618s could have you know a 15 plus kill first
3620s and that'll change up the leaderboard a
3621s lot so I'll have to see what happens
3623s going into game two here I just H the
3625s math 56 kills after game number one and
3628s of course those are not all the kills
3630s that happened because we had multiple
3631s teams inside of battle zones for game
3633s number one which means we had at least
3635s 60 plus kills in this game alone and I
3638s don't think that is going to slow down
3639s anytime soon either because my is not
3642s banned right just because Dema is banned
3645s does it mean it really changes the idea
3646s around how this game kind of came to be
3649s of course Dema is going to allow you to
3651s initiate a lot easier if you really
3653s choose to do so thanks to her kid and
3655s the twins coming through as well as her
3657s Perry and allowing her to take those
3659s kind of risks with a little bit of the
3661s safety net but most of the characters
3663s that were pivotal in this game like the
3665s M like the Theo like the heart
3667s especially for team penguin daycare none
3669s of them are banned so we're going to go
3671s straight into game number two and see
3672s what these comps have what these teams
3675s have I should say to deal with these
3676s kind of compositions that just kind of
3678s roll you straight over without that many
3681s answers yeah 100% be interesting as you
3684s can see a lot of these teams completely
3686s changing some of their compositions
3688s entirely we have bad guys pivoting over
3690s to my syvia and William uh something a
3693s little bit different coming out of them
3694s actually different allog together but as
3696s you know some of you old heads might
3698s know William uh being a character that
3700s slim has uh been playing a lot in the
3702s past and you know it does play a little
3703s bit here and there coming forward uh and
3705s I think this might be like our first
3706s William in a while we've seen on the
3708s ercs side of things so this is pretty
3709s exciting for us to see I mean we all
3711s always all talk about how cool of a
3713s character William is and how powerful he
3715s could be when put in the right hands so
3717s have to keep an eye on S and see I know
3719s what he can do with this character here
3721s yes he is playing the adrenaline build
3723s here too right so he is going for some
3724s of these long extended fights and I
3726s think that's the right call here too
3728s because a lot of these fights haven't
3730s really been just a oneandone deal when
3732s it comes to how these fights progress
3734s it's a long extended fight which means
3736s for slim yes of course the fast balls
3738s are going to be important that's a
3739s majority of his kit but the fact that he
3741s does have adrenaline is going to allow
3743s him to actually have more of that
3745s fighting capability maybe even when the
3747s fast ball is over in comparison to the
3749s accelerator build that we've also seen
3750s Williams going on where it takes a
3752s little bit more advantage of the attack
3754s range that with the prominence of
3757s Antioch coming in as well as I think it
3760s oh I think it's David slinging that has
3762s the additional attack range as well it
3764s takes advantage of that but this time
3766s around this is much more fitting
3768s alongside how these fights have been
3769s going in this series alone yeah and a
3773s couple other changes going through here
3774s uh unfortunately Gord not able to stay
3776s on that demo this time around so he's
3778s going to be on that character that we
3779s all know him for he's pivoting back to
3781s the Abigail with that strer as well so
3783s maybe he's able to get a couple kills
3785s here in the early to mid game and you
3786s know able to oneshot some of these
3789s backline carries in the later parts of
3790s the game uh don't really see Abigail
3793s that often I think we saw her what what
3794s like one game inm I think I heard that
3796s you know floating around yep yep how
3800s that go H about as well as you would
3803s expect it was on it right so it it was
3806s interesting for a little bit but there
3808s is a reason why this character is very
3810s difficult especially in a region like KR
3812s where you do have a prominence of my so
3816s I don't know too well on how this Lobby
3818s is going to go for gazur of course I do
3821s hope that Abigail does have fun right
3823s cuz that makes a good show for us to
3824s watch but with the prominence of M in
3826s these lobbies it makes me a little bit
3829s skeptical of how this how well this is
3831s going to go yeah it could be a little
3832s scary but hey maybe we'll be pleasantly
3834s surprised here keep an eye on G are
3836s going out through these games and then
3837s of course uh we did have Dylan pivot
3839s over as well and this time he's going to
3841s be on the Darko uh we saw Darko get
3843s banned yesterday as I had mentioned
3844s which is kind of interesting here being
3846s uh the newer character on the island and
3848s he's going to be repping the healing
3849s drone and I believe uh the force field
3851s going through this time as well so
3853s playing more that tanky front line for
3854s his team uh trying to capture someone
3856s with that ulti and you know kind of
3858s separate him from the fight so have to
3859s see if that is what this team needs here
3861s speaking of that we see a little bit of
3863s scuffling going around in Chapel has to
3865s no surprises happened a lot yesterday as
3867s well Chapel being the place to get some
3868s early fights going the lock should be
3870s walking away no problem but SL is going
3872s to be yed here by Breeze going to try to
3874s use that catwalk and that stret to get
3876s out but it will not be enough as they
3877s were tagged by that LX l oh my goodness
3880s early game is still going to continue
3882s lock trying to finish up a couple of his
3884s items but he does have the healing drone
3887s he should be able to stay alive for a
3888s little bit longer maybe it's even Ren
3890s that overstate as well back in coming
3892s through the jump over the wall is going
3893s to come in but that means he didn't take
3895s the speed gate trying to jump on through
3897s no he's going to have to be forced to
3898s Blink on out of there and another fight
3900s right up on top as this time around
3902s Cemetery full on 3v3 water fudge taking
3904s a lot of damage I don't know if that
3906s Peacemaker was necessarily worth it or
3908s is it going to be cuz there's a lot of
3909s good damage coming in from both of the
3911s teams across the board Breeze trying to
3913s knock down P Master P Master eating a
3915s lot of these outer ring recoils he tried
3917s to dodge out of one one more Auto attack
3919s should do it Breeze nicely done to knock
3921s down the heart H go trying to run JK
3924s trying to chase this down he does have
3926s the catwalk but no real cameras he does
3928s not have the catwalk down he goes to the
3931s ground nicely done coming through from
3933s Team Baja blaster on top three kills
3937s waterf and I was like oh what's going to
3939s happen here he thought about it I was
3940s like I could see the like the stutter
3942s he's like wait a second but now we're
3944s just going to walk away from this one
3945s wait for homecoming to come back up onto
3946s the board possibly regroup here as you
3949s know all the teams are now rotating
3950s around the map uh to see what farm they
3952s can get before our first objectives do
3954s spawn here uh not as many kills as the
3957s first game going through this time
3958s around uh you know a lot of these teams
3960s having to Pivot their comp just a slight
3962s bit so maybe that is why we're not
3963s seeing as many kills come around this
3965s time but that is okay a little bit more
3966s of a slower game as we get started here
3968s we already do see a couple teams in the
3970s Uptown area Ren just going to farm the
3972s top side here but he have to be careful
3974s as two other teams are near as well as
3977s you know another team being in Warehouse
3978s here are these two teams going to be
3980s looking a little bit scary here tky
3982s going to walk by the plant here are we
3983s going to use it I think he knows that
3985s there is a fight going on there we go we
3986s see the Theodore Alti oh my gosh it
3987s looks like the chicken barely saving P
3989s Master's life and we did see one of the
3991s Altis coming through from amay to save
3993s their team and now is hoko that is going
3994s to be in trouble gazar going to keep
3996s chasing but is it going to be enough
3998s here now we're going to step on the pad
4000s here and yep there oh my God the AL
4001s looking a little goofy there as we fly
4003s on over this should be a kill any moment
4005s there for the team of Apollo and yeah
4007s what a crazy turn of events but only one
4009s kill actually coming out from these
4010s teams here that's exactly where gazur
4013s wants to be right now though isolating
4015s these targets ni push CH coming through
4016s from JK which means striker in a little
4018s bit of trouble but this is quite an
4020s early force field coming in a lot of
4021s damage soaked up Breeze is actually
4023s going to get absolutely demolished from
4025s that fight J Tang straight into the SM
4027s just SMI Rines is he going to be able to
4029s get away from this one Striker still
4030s looking for it and the knockup comes
4032s through my goodness it's a two for zero
4034s on the side of Team mold divers but
4036s another fight on the southide Toki got
4038s the healing drone popping oh my goodness
4040s the magnetic storm not really going to
4042s do anything there either what on Earth
4043s is going on toi dodging out on those
4046s energy cannons they and there left and
4048s right going to Juke them all this other
4050s side Hotel fight for the Tree of Life
4053s hoko still running away P Master getting
4055s a little bit of damage down but that
4057s seems a little over Force considering
4059s overcharge status for the Theo is gone
4061s but they're trying to just scam the tree
4063s maybe get themselves away from it there
4064s is a camera inside the bush no hoko is
4066s not able to pick that up he's going to
4068s get taken down water flud is Last One
4070s Alive they were kind of coping this game
4072s team penguin daycare yeah Apollo almost
4075s getting taken down as well on the bottom
4076s side of the map here yeah P Master you
4078s know taking a bit more damage than I
4080s think he would have expected he did try
4082s to go in on the back line but took so
4083s much damage he had to rip The Peacemaker
4085s almost instantly and we had Striker you
4087s know following around water fedge water
4089s fudge not able to help uh his other
4091s backline carry so unfortunately no tree
4093s coming out for this team but hey the
4094s team of the mold divers getting four
4096s kills on the board so far and a tree is
4098s going to look pretty good for them
4099s moving on to the later parts of the game
4101s here and other than that I did not quite
4103s see who else got some other RNG um we do
4106s see a couple other teams on the bottom
4108s side of the map but it looks like for
4110s now we should be safe to maybe take a
4111s look at the item see who decided to get
4113s some cins here and yeah not too many
4116s coming in quite yet they're probably
4117s making their way in there now but we do
4119s see Griffin just you know off the batter
4120s having three meteor items uh on his
4123s inventory there it's just kind of crazy
4125s coming forward we do see the Persona
4126s already for JK slim now has Antioch
4128s available as well so these teams are
4130s getting the Collins now before the
4132s battle zones do pop but it looks like
4134s the chapel Alpha might be the place to
4136s look cuz we already have two teams in
4137s the area mhm this is going to be a huge
4139s one cuz Griff he's either looking for a
4141s GP mvg or looking for a couple items on
4143s somebody else right he has double crit
4145s items at the moment looking for a
4147s potential third that's where maybe the
4149s possibility of gpmv is going to come
4151s from is there going to be an initiation
4152s attempt coming through from this team
4154s Griff trying to 1 V one gazor there's
4155s the ultimate coming in is it going to be
4157s enough yes it will be gazor is going to
4159s be able to knock down Griff 20 seconds
4160s until the battle zone is going to pop
4162s something has to happen intimidation
4164s tactic will be enough to knock down
4167s the two in trouble down goes the lenx is
4170s this te going to be able to get away
4171s from this is the question they're
4173s running in towards the battle zones
4175s there is the yellow land pant looking
4178s but I don't think he's going to find
4179s anything Zach in a little bit of trouble
4181s himself he's just going to be able to
4182s get himself safely inside of that Battle
4184s Zone his team not in any danger of
4186s getting wiped effect about to get taken
4188s down here as well one two is that going
4189s to be able to get anything no he's just
4191s in here for fun yeah you know
4194s unfortunately for him the kills in the
4195s Battle Zone will not mean much but hey
4197s it's a little bit of like a morale boost
4198s you know you get the kills in the Battle
4200s Zone for a little bit of fun as you had
4201s to run in here to escape and let your
4204s team live a little bit longer but hey
4206s you know the sooner that you end this
4207s battle Zone the better for you as you
4208s can group up with your team but it looks
4210s like he's deciding to uh waste window
4212s Shoppers time a little bit here
4214s unfortunately the timer will just keep
4215s on ticking down this team I don't know
4216s if they know that he's the only one in
4217s here you can see that they're playing so
4219s safe but there we go the timers are
4220s going down so will be the team of the
4222s window Shoppers picking up an item here
4224s for themselves as yeah we move on and
4228s we'll have to see what the other teams
4229s pick up we already saw the ghost bread
4231s dress coming through for Desu on a Gia
4233s we did I think see the my coming through
4235s or maybe there a force cor coming
4236s through for um window Shoppers here as
4239s they just make their way down into
4240s warehouse unfortunately doc R already be
4242s farmed but maybe they'll find some
4243s victims here coming on through lowly but
4246s surely these teams are being coralled
4248s into certain locations of the map as the
4250s map is going to close and we saw how
4252s chaotic these games can get they don't
4255s know about that little Bush just yet
4257s CCTV has been taken they're both running
4260s sniper characters but haven't checked
4261s the bush right up above oh that's not
4263s good W more pajamas standing in the
4264s middle of everybody Raa the Vampire
4266s Queen goes down but there is no Bush
4267s hanging around that there's a bomb in
4269s there Walmart pajamas budy you got to
4272s check your information you got to check
4274s the vision double sniper rifle
4276s characters and you still do not know
4278s everything which means this team will
4280s get punished heavily for that one D is
4282s going to get taken down lock you should
4283s not have stayed lock wait a second here
4285s you stay alive for 20 seconds I don't
4287s know about that one Chief he's got to
4289s stay alive 14 seconds is the timer for
4291s him to live but it's not going to come
4292s through window Shoppers with a
4294s devastating loss inside of their own
4296s Battle Zone yeah that is insane we did
4299s see uh one more pgs did check with the
4303s sniper skill and he did see them on the
4304s mini map I was watching it the entire
4306s time so he had to know that the players
4308s were there I'm surprised he walked up as
4309s far as he did as another fight is
4310s starting here G already on the backside
4312s is going to use the Alti going to
4314s possibly take out JK here but is not
4315s going be enough as he will fall but tki
4317s walking forward picking up that kill
4318s here as pant is fighting on the backside
4320s against Breeze J still fighting it off
4322s with tki it is a 2v2 here as we do know
4325s Lenox a character that can sustain
4326s pretty well for themselves here both
4327s Lenox is going to pump out the damage as
4329s much as they can and there we go another
4330s person down J Tang the last surviving
4332s mener going to flash the wall here but
4334s will it be enough the is able to get the
4336s route here and I think that is another
4338s team being eliminated here and that will
4340s be Apollo picking up a couple kills
4341s another fight is going on we already saw
4343s the Charlotte Alti to start this one out
4345s slim already down Ren and celest will
4348s have to walk out of this one
4349s unfortunately losing their main carry
4351s asz now we have two teams completely out
4353s as another fight is still going on here
4354s what is going on homecoming is trying to
4356s fight it out against Striker with water
4358s fudge here as it did lose P Master but
4361s Striker is all alone so he's just going
4362s to have to back out of this one here and
4364s every team just decides to fight at once
4366s what are they doing I don't know but a
4368s lot of these fights are conclusive right
4370s we've already had two teams falling down
4371s in its entirety most of these fights are
4374s pretty much one andone deal so a little
4376s bit of a swap up coming through from
4377s game number one where you know that a
4380s team is going to win sometimes maybe a
4383s little bit too late as we saw window
4385s Shoppers maybe teetering on the edge of
4387s potentially turning the fight but just
4389s know the decision makings were a little
4391s bit off and it seems to be the case for
4393s a lot of these teams so far as these
4395s fights I mean one person goes down but
4397s the rest of them thinking they can turn
4399s the fight tries to go in and loses out
4400s on a couple more yeah a little
4402s unfortunate for those two teams here but
4405s hey we got got some more teams to go
4406s here we still have six teams left alive
4409s here and you know they all are looking
4410s to be in a pretty good spot I think all
4412s of them are getting their Callins here
4414s uh pretty soon or if not already did uh
4417s you know we could take probably a look
4418s at the items here before uh the Omega
4420s spawns in about 40 seconds and oh my
4422s gosh Griffin being already full build
4424s here and unfortunately Apollo being a
4426s little bit farther behind than the rest
4427s of the pack here as all the other teams
4429s are having a little bit more items on
4431s the table maybe Apollo just hasn't had
4433s the time to get their Callins yet we do
4434s see gazer with roughly 340 credits so
4437s and we do see talk now with the myth
4439s Helm so yeah looks like these cins are
4440s coming through for this team here in a
4442s second and yeah they should be a little
4443s bit uh in line with the rest of the
4445s lobby here soon it's got to come quick
4447s especially for gazur right I mean what
4449s is he going to go for here is it going
4450s to be the holy orders or is he going to
4452s aim for a little bit of the smaller
4454s double transitions it has to be the holy
4455s orders yeah there it is he's going to
4457s immediately jump on that one no it's
4459s going to be the Revenant right so a
4460s pretty big transition obviously coming
4462s in for the Abigail but just revenant
4465s alone in a lot of cases usually isn't
4468s going to be enough you're still looking
4469s for those nightmare Nails you're still
4471s looking for the astronaut helmet on that
4473s character in order to get the damage
4475s down but he's lacking both of those even
4477s if they may be small transitions like
4479s the meteorite ones they're still
4480s absolutely huge when it comes to the DPS
4482s but another fight inside of Hotel Dango
4484s trying to run away from this one slim
4485s trying to get the damage in he's
4486s actually sliding in all over the place
4488s but now he's completely isolated and the
4490s taunt the fear comes in all at the worst
4492s time possible written will be able to
4494s knock down one there's the exclusive to
4495s maybe save him a little bit but Striker
4497s he is Unstoppable this Marcus is just
4500s trampling down everybody in his sights
4503s yeah this Marcus character definitely uh
4505s you know not only being like a good
4506s front liner but pumping out the damage
4508s he actually almost got the stun uh on
4510s the sles here on that engage but it did
4512s look like it didn't matter as Slim just
4514s unfortunately not able to find the angle
4515s and get the damage out was definitely
4517s sliding around but did get feared uh by
4519s effect at the end there you know
4521s unfortunately going to be his Doom but
4523s hey they still had one member get out so
4525s they were able to get the reses off in
4526s archery range it looked like there and
4528s so they are going to be back on the
4530s island here hopefully a second chance
4531s going through and now we're in the mid
4533s part of the game where it's a little bit
4534s slower uh still six teams left but not
4537s as many kills going through as the last
4539s game here pangma dayare you know still
4541s sitting on zero kills which is a
4542s surprise speaking of a surprise Celeste
4544s is already in the middle of a team fight
4546s here and we do see d boy going crazy
4548s there goes the AL to keep slim safe but
4550s it will not be enough as this Camilo is
4552s just dancing all over them as he's going
4554s to keep pushing forward as another team
4555s is coming through Dylan going to start
4556s on the engage here but they do not want
4559s to let this one up as saring elephant is
4560s already going in going to stff the
4561s Bianca engage that's huge there and now
4563s we have the Charlotte Alti coming
4564s through to keep the team safe with all
4566s that healing coming through being a
4567s complete reset for them as they are
4569s going to re-engage here but one is
4570s already taken down here which means that
4572s another one be taken down a lot of burst
4574s damage coming out from this iceo I do
4576s not think Mei has what it takes to take
4578s them down and there we go another team
4580s being eliminated here uh now down to
4583s five teams actually and it is only day
4585s four
4586s perfectly macro from Team Lotus just
4588s wait out the duration of the demine
4590s intervention look for an initiation back
4592s in and hey wait we don't need to
4594s initiate they initiate for us straight
4596s into an ISO bomb and it looks so bad for
4598s a second there right cuz when you eat
4600s triple charlot Q it's not exactly the
4603s greatest thing the slow this laid into
4604s the game is quite massive but it just
4606s didn't matter sha potentially coming in
4608s from gazor they're looking to fight up
4610s against Striker but look at the amount
4611s of damage that this Marcus is doing
4613s gazor down to half HP he's looking to
4615s fight this but look at this damage
4617s coming through from this character it is
4619s absolutely filthy right now finally he
4621s will be stopped but the lenx has already
4623s taken down pant maybe looking to get a
4625s train yellow red wait a second the AOE
4628s coming in from this team gazor he's got
4631s one down by the hex 2 8 seconds left on
4635s tolki team Apollo they salvaged this
4638s situation and now we're down to four
4640s that was a crazy play from pan you know
4642s showcasing his character so well just
4644s getting the flash to get route and going
4646s to continue forward getting the kill on
4648s the backside here and cleaning it up for
4650s his team and yeah even like Striker had
4653s such a good performance as well keeping
4654s two of them at Bay but unfortunately
4655s just not enough for the team here mold
4657s divers being the next team out here now
4659s four teams left on the island here as we
4662s are in day four with Wick about to spawn
4664s and I think it's only Lotus yeah in the
4665s area of Wick spawning in Forest here
4668s will Apollo have time to move on in
4670s it'll be a little bit hard looking there
4671s Dylan is already full build here on this
4673s Darko looking pretty Tak for himself his
4676s entire team actually being full build
4678s sorry I do not forget about them as yeah
4680s they are completely massive going into
4681s this Wick fight here well do they even
4683s need
4685s this well you know it is going to be the
4687s Hellfire most likely coming through for
4689s Griff right at this stage you don't
4690s really necessarily need the death on
4692s Zach you don't even really need Rod of
4694s heart going into the hands of Dylan
4696s either so yep there we go Griff is going
4698s to be able to pick up that Hell Fire
4699s most likely for himself going to call in
4702s everything that he needs and then I
4704s think it's the Crimson upgrade yeah
4706s there it is for the additional attack
4707s range so you're not even losing out on
4708s that compared to the J judgment huge
4712s item differences now going through for
4714s Griff and the real quick real quick real
4715s quick for the Observer can you go to
4716s gazur real quick for
4718s me I swear I swear I saw a thorn
4721s Shackles on this guy earlier but I guess
4723s not here we go fight beginning on this
4724s game Slim in a little bit of an awkward
4726s situation double nothing is not going to
4729s land the fight reset has to come through
4731s especially with the Revenant on cool
4732s Down's just going to have to back away
4734s from this one and yeah uh I got scammed
4737s earlier I swear I saw on this guy I was
4739s like what is he cooking I think the
4742s third shackles is on um talky I believe
4745s no I I swear I swear there was I swear
4749s to God you might think I'm joking but I
4751s swear to God I saw Thorn Shackles on
4753s gazor well it looks like no Thorn
4755s shackles coming through Gaz that would a
4756s little bit funny though we definitely
4757s would have uh gave him some FL for that
4760s one look at
4761s that what it's okay look at that we are
4765s just going to wait in the wings here we
4767s do have strer three available online now
4769s for Galer as well going to get that uh
4770s slow when he gets that engage here which
4773s is going be huge helping him land the
4774s Alti here but Team 8 being a little bit
4776s worried about it as what happened at the
4778s last engage unfortunately though uh the
4781s pull is not going to hit from tki here
4783s but we do have the engage going through
4784s Celeste and there we go g are barely
4785s actually hitting the edge of that Alti
4787s on to slim here going to be able to take
4788s him out but oh no we have the first team
4791s coming in Lotus having that Wick buff
4793s going to chase both these teams out and
4795s now these teams are just trying to get
4796s the remnant of the kills that they can
4797s pant going to barely get the kill on Ren
4799s and now going to try to keep Celeste at
4801s Bay going to keep running forward but
4803s Dylan is going to keep on The Chase and
4805s no just kidding he's not they're just
4806s going to take their last kill as team
4808s seven going to possibly just run
4809s straight for that hyperloop and try to
4810s get out of this one here the pant Get
4813s Out Alive that yellow blue to deny the
4816s escape from Celeste on the ma and he
4818s himself gets on out of there see why at
4821s sign this man is out going straight into
4823s towards Chapel he's still alive but now
4825s that they're on the Southeast side of
4827s the map he's going to have to deal with
4829s Team penguin daycare we are down to
4831s three teams with day number five so
4834s quite considerably a large map
4836s considering there is only three teams
4837s left but does this team know what's
4839s going on around here okay nothing in
4842s here nothing in here but they haven't
4844s seen anything just yet they haven't seen
4845s anything just yet there we go and the
4848s fight does start here it's a little
4849s scary of a start here but hey H's
4851s already getting pretty low from pan here
4852s and Gs are on the backside but not able
4854s to take out Master unfortunately but but
4856s can pant and tki clean this up the two
4858s backside are really low there we go pant
4860s actually picking up two kills on the
4861s backside water fudge it is up to to
4863s cleanse this team oh The Flash from pan
4866s barely keeping them alive I think that
4868s is going to be the game-winning play for
4870s them as tki is able to stay water water
4872s fudge actually picking up the kill maybe
4873s I was wrong tki it is you against water
4875s fudge against the world here but I do
4877s not think it'll be enough as the healing
4879s wind will come through but I do not
4881s think it will be enough as the res is
4883s going to come through from water fudge
4884s talky you got to stop him here going to
4885s hit that whip skill into the bush though
4887s just going to be a little bit scary as
4889s the damage is going to start coming out
4890s tki going to just try their best to keep
4892s the team away but I do not think it'll
4894s be enough as the healing drone is coming
4895s out we are just playing the waiting game
4897s here as these teams are now exploding P
4899s Master can you get into the Zone just
4900s barely there we go and now water fudge
4902s is going to get the res on his teammates
4904s that was a crazy turn of events we are
4907s down to two water fudge he turns it
4910s around the kill straight over on towards
4913s P pant actually he is able to get that
4916s the red blue never came through so his
4918s health bar was way too low and this late
4920s into the game each Auto attack is going
4922s to hurt for a lot water fudge is not
4924s running the dragon free rebuild that we
4926s see Walmart pajamas running every now
4928s and then this guy is on his solo bolo
4931s build right now the racing helmet and
4933s the torrian time piece each of his Autos
4935s are going to hit like a truck if you
4936s just let him be pant walks into it and
4938s takes the fall yeah that was so close I
4940s thought ban had it I mean he got the
4943s kill on two of them with that uh blue e
4945s going through but unfortunately the
4947s flash actually wasn't enough I thought
4948s that was going to be the game-winning
4949s play for them as you know he dodged the
4951s damage from water fudge but the reset
4952s not coming through for them and now uh
4955s penguin daycare having some kills on the
4957s board here now and now they just have to
4959s get down through the last team the team
4961s being Lotus possibly being the next
4963s winners of our next Lobby we'll have to
4964s see or maybe penguin daycare will be the
4966s reigning winners of two games in a row
4969s oh my goodness this going to be
4970s devastating but they don't have that
4972s many kills this time around right so a
4974s little bit on the slower side for team
4976s penguin daycare rest of the lobby are
4978s going to be quite content with this one
4980s of course does want team Lotus to pick
4982s up the rest of these kills here not
4983s letting team penguin daycare get any
4985s ahead but it looks like that can happen
4988s I mean did you just see the items on
4991s hoko he is on nothing and yes he is
4994s playing my into Griff who is playing
4996s assault rifle ISO but you can only sha
4999s Veil so many times throughout a fight
5001s before this hell fired up ISO is going
5004s to Shad you to pieces so it's a little
5007s bit dangerous right now for team penguin
5009s daycare final zone is also inside of
5012s Hotel so what does this team even
5014s actually is it wait hold on oh no no the
5015s forest one is still kind of up let's see
5017s where is it going to go who wins the
5018s 50-50 it is oh no that is yeah very
5023s unfortunate for penguin daycare this is
5024s not a team you want to be walking into
5026s there's going to be isol bombs
5027s everywhere and as you can see they're
5028s going to take it nice and slow possibly
5030s to go around through Reddit looks like
5032s here homecoming is going to start going
5034s around at as well and I do not think uh
5037s Team Lotus even has a hunch of what
5039s could be going on here water checking
5042s with that sniper skill was going to
5043s sneak all the way around and yeah Lotus
5046s has no idea what is going on here no you
5050s can't do this this is RCS this is ranked
5053s what are you guys doing they have
5055s absolutely no clue now they're figuring
5058s stuff out maybe but it's too late it's
5061s too late you have no setup here yeah
5063s this very unfortunate but hey at least
5064s did not walk into the bush they did at
5067s least check uh the surroundings so they
5068s do know that the team is behind them now
5070s and it looks like they actually be able
5071s to overtake the Zone once again but oh
5073s water fudge has this nice opening if he
5075s can get his team in but it's a little
5077s bit hard as they do have to get through
5078s a Bianca they do have to get through the
5080s Darko and here we go the zone is
5081s starting there go the Theodor Alti is
5083s going to go through Dylan is already in
5084s as well and P Master getting aled in
5086s going to rip The Peacemaker to keep the
5088s backline at Bay Water fudge going to do
5090s his best against Dylan on the backside
5091s hoko going to keep High Master safe as
5093s well but Griffin is going to keep
5094s pushing forward this is such a messy
5096s fight as Dylan is barely getting the
5098s kill on one and there we go going to get
5100s the knock up on P master and that is
5101s going to be a Lotus team win for game
5103s two here Dylan was able to push away
5106s water fudge till the end of that fight
5109s there was no supporting damage for p
5111s master and you already used the flinger
5112s in he can't easily get out of that fight
5115s well played on the side to team Lotus
5117s finally able to close this game out 12
5120s kills on hand will take first place GG
5123s well played yeah that was a a crazy
5126s start of that fight yeah what an
5127s aggressive exclusive there coming out
5129s from hoko I is not what I was expecting
5130s to go through and it almost enough but
5133s this Darko had full items I don't think
5135s there's uh anything that water fudge
5137s could do there no bushes available as
5138s well to escape him and yeah he was able
5141s just to push him out of that fight
5142s completely so well played by lotus there
5144s yeah and I think a big issue there for
5147s waterfood was that he's trying to
5148s prioriti getting additional damage onto
5151s both Griff as well as Zach because he
5153s knows that P Master already used the in
5155s right the shot call was probably there
5156s the fight was stalled out a little bit
5158s but it's still very difficult for a Theo
5161s to push through H Darko that is usually
5164s not what Darko allows you to do in those
5165s kind of fights and yeah splitting the
5168s splitting the attention like that is
5170s exactly what Darko wants you to do and
5172s Griff and Zach also both holding their
5174s own up against hopo as well as P master
5178s I mean the fight is just written all out
5179s in scripts there yeah I know that was uh
5182s crazy for sure and crazy for a lot of
5184s these other teams as well I mean hey you
5187s know gazur on the Abigail did not do did
5189s not do too bad looking pretty shabby for
5191s that team they did get 12 kills uh in
5193s that lobby as well so definitely not bad
5195s you know being on that off pick here and
5196s another couple of these other teams
5198s unfortunately just falling a little bit
5200s short here uh the other team of bad guys
5202s you know getting a better placement but
5203s only getting one kill pushed on through
5205s here so another team that might have to
5206s make some adjustments going in these
5208s next two games you know speaking of the
5210s next two games this is where it gets a
5211s little bit fun this is where teams can
5213s choose to make those up player swaps if
5215s they choose to yeah and I'm wondering if
5218s it's actually going to come through for
5219s some of these teams because yes we do
5223s have some teams that are seeming to
5224s struggle a little bit here in these
5226s games but for the most part every single
5228s one of these teams have actually had a
5230s fight that they did pretty okay and
5232s maybe bad bad guys have had a little bit
5234s of struggles with it but here and there
5236s they were finding small successes with
5238s the compositions they're coming through
5239s and especially with Dema coming back for
5241s game number four do you really want to
5243s try changing things up all of a sudden
5245s to maybe turn things around we'll have
5247s to see right that's all going to depend
5248s on what these teams and players decide
5250s to think and what the game State itself
5252s is going to look like after the
5254s intermission itself is over too but we
5256s still have the scores that we need to
5257s look out for so I'm not sure yeah we'll
5259s definitely have to see going forward
5260s what these teams decide to do here and
5262s I'm always excited to see you know game
5264s three is always like the fun uh turning
5265s point of the series get to see if any of
5267s those changes do come through as you did
5269s mention Dema is back on the table so
5271s maybe we won't see those swaps coming
5272s through as Ren is one of those people
5274s that a lot of demo and you know gazer is
5277s another one that has been playing it as
5279s well Dylan that has been his new main of
5280s the season so maybe no swaps coming out
5283s from them here and you know the other
5284s teams are still doing pretty well for
5287s themselves too and we will be able to
5288s see that here on the scoreboards that
5290s are now available uh so let's take a
5292s look at those before we go on our short
5294s little break here and we still have
5296s penguin daycare in first it looks like
5297s here with 34 points even after only
5299s getting three you know kills in that
5301s second game but still getting second
5303s place for the nice placement points here
5305s Lotus being in second with 30 and mold
5307s divers coming in third so far with 24 a
5310s paollo with 20 and Baja blasters with 15
5312s and you know rounding out the bottom
5314s here we do have a Gia with 13 Window
5316s Shopper six and bad guys now with five
5318s but you know with that we will send you
5320s guys on our quick break here and you
5321s know get back to you guys in about 5
5323s minutes so don't go
5329s anywhere
5331s gotcha you little oh my gosh are you
5335s okay sorry I'll buy you another
5339s one let's go kind of set up for it here
5341s they're just kind of creeping their way
5342s forward see what they can do there go
5344s the AL is just going to go forward oh my
5345s God homecoming is so fast getting the
5346s Taun in we already have the Charlotte
5347s Alti coming out here so early giving P
5350s Master Hopefully the rain to do what he
5351s needs to do to get this damage out he
5353s does have the blood guitar and he's
5354s going to tell there's so much damage
5355s coming through but the Charlotte already
5357s down water fudge on the backside keeping
5359s his team alive and oh my God penguin
5361s daycare eliminates another team here up
5363s to 15 kills you can shield and heal and
5366s looking for a potential third that's
5368s where maybe the possibility of gpmv is
5371s going to come from is there going to be
5372s an initiation attempt coming through
5374s from this team Griff trying to 1 V one
5375s gazor there's the ultimate coming in is
5377s it going to be enough yes it will be
5378s gazor is going to be able to knock down
5380s Griff 20 seconds until the battle zone
5382s is going to pop something has to happen
5383s intimidation tactic will be enough to
5385s knock down gazur andant the two in
5388s trouble down goes the Lennox is this
5390s teal going to be able to get away from
5392s this is the question they're running
5394s towards the battle zones there is the
5396s yellow land pant looking but I don't he
5399s is on the down low yeah bre's doing a
5401s great job keeping lock away from the
5402s team able to get that craft off here
5404s before the Battle Zone actually starts
5406s lock just try to keep them at Bay as he
5408s has two great long range characters
5409s behind him able to poke them from over
5411s the wall here going to have to be
5412s careful though JT getting the pole just
5414s barely actually and D here unfortunately
5416s D should fall in just a second he cannot
5418s move yet a Lenox Alti on top of him here
5420s and we already have Breeze falling down
5421s as well as Deus as we were talking about
5423s earlier but another team coming in JK is
5425s going to waste the flash here to get out
5426s of this one pant and gazor are the only
5428s two here because they're actually using
5430s tki to keep the Drone alive on the top
5432s side of the map here so they can just
5434s out Tim these guys if they do choose to
5436s JT going to have 4 seconds here de low
5438s once again we see the Alti come out as
5440s well from all where PJ's Gs are going in
5442s with the twins rush and there should be
5443s an easy clean up for team Apollo tki is
5446s coming in as well here this should be a
5448s great force Fe or Force core pickup I
5450s should say for a team Apollo in just a
5452s second is JK g a little bit of slow this
5455s late into the game is quite massive but
5456s it just didn't matter sha potentially
5459s coming in from gazor they're looking to
5460s fight up against Striker but look at the
5461s amount of damage that this Marcus is
5463s doing gazur down to half HP he's looking
5465s to fight this but look at this damage
5468s coming through from this character it is
5470s absolutely filthy right now finally he
5471s will be stopped but the lenx is already
5473s taken down pant may be looking to get a
5476s TR yellow red wait a second the AOE
5479s coming in from this team gazor he's got
5482s one down by the hex 2 seconds left on
5485s tolki team Apollo they salvaged this
5488s situation and now we're down to four
5490s that was very much a common occurrence
5492s yeah already six kills on the table here
5494s now we do have Dylan fighting it out
5495s against lock his team is coming up here
5497s momentarily Dylan already ripping the
5498s twins rush to get started we have the
5500s Bianca all coming out but it's not going
5501s to be enough to go forward lock using a
5504s great job alting to keep them at Bay and
5506s it looks like Walmart PJs will have an
5507s easy time in the backline but dece is
5509s falling as well so one for one on that
5510s side as we actually have another fight
5511s in Warehouse 33 members falling here you
5514s got to run your team is out of here and
5516s now jtang and JK will be chasing are
5519s they going to survive he does barely not
5521s get grabbed but I don't know if he can
5522s get out of this one but looks like Pat
5524s barely resing in time that is a lucky
5526s turn of events here Pat's actually going
5528s back in he's a little psycho for this
5529s one but T is up so looks like he will be
5532s safe be to get this kill on J Tang looks
5534s like he will not here so a couple more
5536s kills on the table five for Baja
5537s blasters so far sitting on zero kills
5539s which is a surprise speaking of a
5540s surprise Celeste is already in the
5542s middle of a team fight here we do see d
5545s boy going crazy there goes the AL to
5546s keep slim safe but it will not be enough
5548s as this Camilo is just dancing all over
5550s them as he's going to keep pushing
5551s forward as another team is coming
5553s through Dylan going to start on the
5554s engage here but they do not want to let
5556s this one up as soring elephant is
5557s already going in going to stop the
5558s Bianca engage is huge there and now we
5560s have the Charlotte Alti coming through
5562s to keep the team safe with all that
5563s healing coming through being a complete
5565s reset for them as they are going to
5566s re-engage here but one is already taken
5568s down here which means that another one
5570s be taken down a lot of burst damage
5572s coming out from this iceo I do not think
5574s Mei has what it takes to take them down
5576s and there we go another team being
5578s eliminated here H now down to fight
5580s wants to be right now though isolating
5582s these targets knce psh Che coming
5584s through from JK which means striker in a
5586s little bit of trouble but this is quite
5587s an early force field coming in a lot of
5589s damage soaked up Breeze is actually
5590s going to get absolutely demolished from
5593s that fight J Tang straight into the SM
5595s just SMI Rin is he going to be able to
5596s get away from this one Striker still
5598s look watching it the entire time so he
5600s had to know that the players were there
5601s I'm surprised he walked up as far as he
5603s did as another fight is starting here G
5604s already on the backside is going to use
5606s the Alti could possibly take out JK here
5608s but is not going to be enough as he will
5609s fall but tki walking forward picking up
5611s that kill here as pant is fighting on
5613s the backside against Breeze jte still
5615s fighting it off with tkey it is a 2v2
5617s here as you do know Lenox a character
5619s that can sustain pretty well for
5620s themselves here both leox is going to
5621s pump out the damage as much as they can
5622s and there we go another person down J
5624s Tang the last surviving mener going to
5626s flash the wall here but will it be
5627s enough the is able to get the route here
5630s and I think that is another team being
5631s elimin hello everyone and welcome back
5634s to day two of week one of ercs and oh my
5637s God what some exciting games you had to
5639s get started here H shubi yeah 100% super
5642s aggressive game and then relatively
5645s aggressive game but then the differences
5647s between the two was that a lot of teams
5649s did die until way later in the game for
5651s Game number one but then in game number
5652s two a lot of teams died before we got
5655s into the late game so I wonder what
5657s we're going to see for game number three
5659s but here we go character selections are
5661s abound so we're going to send it
5662s straight into towards the game let's see
5665s what we have on the docks for game
5667s number three yeah we already see one W
5670s and Marlene possibly coming through from
5671s Dylan a second one from Ren but Gala it
5674s looks like possibly sticking with the
5675s Abigail this time the team may be
5677s deciding that we're going to get more
5678s kills with him on his more signature
5680s pick so they're going to stay on there
5682s iol coming in it looks like actually for
5685s jtang for the team of Baja blasters so
5687s that's going to be two abigailes in this
5689s Lobby something definitely we did not
5690s think we'd be seeing to theodors once
5692s again and yeah than that it looks like
5695s the teams are looking the pretty same
5696s across the board
5697s here I'm a little bit worried for team
5700s Baja blasters that's a team that really
5702s needs to oneshot teams or oneshot
5705s somebody in these games but we've seen
5707s nobody really ever get one- shoted a lot
5710s of these fights especially up against
5712s very close-range characters like the
5714s barber like the Abigail it's very rare
5717s in games like this that that's going to
5718s happen with all the safety nets that's
5720s in line so I'm a little bit scared for
5722s that team but on that note maybe they
5724s can run it something similar in game
5726s number four because we do have a May ban
5729s going after game number three yeah looks
5731s like another my band coming through here
5734s and you know just to you know highlight
5735s the scores once again you will see them
5737s on the right side of your screen if you
5738s did forget during our five little minute
5740s break or maybe if you're just getting
5742s here those are the scores on the right
5743s side penguin daycare being the four
5744s runners here going into game three where
5747s you know a lot more is going to be on
5749s the line here after this we only have
5750s one more game to you know choose who
5751s will be the winners for today and who
5753s will get get the most points after today
5755s as well and then we have that nice
5757s little one we break before these teams
5759s do come back here and there we go we are
5761s going to get started into game three
5763s here and you know is there anything else
5764s you wanted to highlight you know any
5766s predictions going through here we could
5767s have a little bit of fun who is going to
5769s be the team to wipe first you think this
5771s time around oh I don't want to guess on
5773s that one if I'm G to be honest with you
5774s because you know me I don't know I'm
5776s pretty much the embod of Caster curses
5779s and I don't want to be a guest here on
5780s ercs and just immediately call out a
5783s team and and just watch them immediately
5785s disappear off the face of the planet so
5787s I'll I'll leave that one on the books
5789s for now I'll think about it in my head
5791s and I'm hoping that's not going to
5792s happen but yeah I won't say it out loud
5794s and just in case to make sure that the
5797s Caster curse does not happen but a
5799s prediction that I do want to make here
5800s considering guys by the way that today
5802s is just a best of four right it is just
5805s group stages we're still looking to see
5807s how many Circuit points these teams are
5808s going to be able to get we're seeing it
5810s already right now Group B is on very
5813s very far ahead compared to a lot of the
5814s rest of the teams in this Lobby right
5816s penguin daycare looking very good in
5818s these games Lotus looked absolutely
5820s amazing in game number two mold divers
5822s also doing pretty good right now as well
5825s but there's a lot of ways we've seen
5826s that this team can get tripped up by the
5829s teams that are being played in group b
5832s yeah 100% here and you know you can kind
5833s of take a look on the right side as well
5835s as the bottom part of the uh screen here
5837s to kind of take a look to see where
5839s these teams could be ending up at the
5840s end of the day here since this is our
5842s first week and you know we can kind of
5844s see how the leaderboard will start to
5846s form after today as you already see hoko
5849s getting griefed a little bit here by
5850s Griffin but it looks like he should be
5852s able to make it to the speed gate in
5853s time going to you know Loop all the way
5855s over to cemetery so going to escape here
5857s for the time being Dylan now fighting it
5858s out against pan here already have HP
5860s pant painting him up with the colors
5862s here but Dylan painting him up with
5863s colors of his own but gzar coming into
5865s the ring here with that stride you're
5867s going to be catching up now the backup
5868s from Dylan's team is coming in right of
5870s the vampire queen going to go through
5871s and gazer will be the first one to fall
5873s here looks like pant going to tryy to
5875s get a cleanup kill here but
5876s unfortunately not going to go through as
5877s that force field is going to eat up a
5879s lot of that damage from the Tia and
5881s there we go two kills actually going
5882s over to Lotus I almost was going to say
5884s that hey we don't have a lot of kills
5886s coming out this time around but then you
5887s know the fighting starts just as I start
5888s to think about it yeah right at the
5891s location that a lot of fights ever since
5893s season 3 has been starting down in dock
5895s right it's either a lot of teams group
5897s up down there where there's a TIA that
5898s is waiting to absolutely murder you down
5900s there we saw it yesterday with elisan on
5902s PMA doing the exact same thing as well
5904s but this time around it's going to be
5905s pan another fight inside of cemetery
5907s this time around though homecoming
5909s trying to get some of the damages done
5910s on the backside but he's just a lonely m
5913s not really going to be able to do too
5914s much trying to run away from this one
5916s The Peacemaker actually looking pretty
5917s decent but lock healing up a bunch he's
5919s not going to be able to sustain
5921s throughout all of the damage coming
5922s through from water fudge though P Master
5924s fantastic Peacemaker to Halt the advance
5927s of Team window Shoppers and the rest of
5929s his team just follows it up with
5930s fantastic damage stack yeah 100% looking
5933s looking pretty clean there from the team
5935s of penguin daycare getting their first
5936s kill on the board here you know in
5938s comparison to last game looking pretty
5939s good for them as we do see the team of
5942s the mold divers just going to you know
5943s eat up the farm here in archery range a
5945s little bit slower actually maybe I
5946s should say a lot slower of a start this
5948s game around compared to the other two
5950s coming through only three kills on the
5951s board going into night one here way
5954s different than our first two games
5955s before the break you know the teams
5957s maybe relaxing a little bit after their
5959s 5minute break here you know taking a
5960s little bit easy going forward possibly
5962s going to be finding Ren and Doo here on
5964s the loop but it looks like they barely
5966s get out of this one so yeah no more
5969s kills coming on the board this time
5970s around it looks like pretty pretty good
5972s A lot slower of a game and as soon as I
5974s say that look at that see look at what
5976s I'm saying I cannot say anything
5978s otherwise it's a Caster curse JK oh
5980s actually gets away wait a second here oh
5982s he's going to get taken down it's a one
5983s for one trade so far IO trying to get
5985s away from Dino Boy it is an early game
5987s Abigail and I don't think she has what
5989s it takes to killow down she goes on the
5992s ground another fight inside Hotel
5994s fortunately pushing that Tia back in is
5996s going to push Striker back in towards a
5998s fight again ban now trying to run he's
5999s the one that's completely isolated he's
6001s the one that's going to get taken down
6002s two for Z in favor of Team mold divers
6005s inside a hotel yeah looking a little
6008s scary there for the team of Apollo but
6010s talky you know recognizing it and just
6011s getting out as soon as he can possibly
6014s two other teams here maybe looking for a
6016s fight yeah W more pajamas does get found
6018s out by Dylan was not able to actually
6019s step in the bush for that movement speed
6021s going to try to use the ulti for an
6022s escape here but as you can see the
6023s Bianca ulti coming up but such a great
6025s ulti from Lock keeping her at Bay and
6027s now we have the fight being able to
6029s reset here you do see lock almost full
6030s HP again from that protocol from that
6033s healing J as well Dylan getting low
6035s Griffin and the Bianca low On The Backs
6037s side as well now this team is looping
6038s around to try to find them here but oh
6040s they have a they have a ward on the
6042s metor they cannot touch it it looks like
6044s here so they're not going to to start
6045s collecting it but thank God f- stop
6047s isn't going to hit anyone here now Dylan
6049s just going to kind of poke out here for
6050s a little bit of fun as his team is
6052s looping around the backside here it's
6054s too early in the game I think for
6055s Walmart pajamas to fight or to
6056s overcharge at a level one energy blast
6058s field doesn't really do too much the
6060s fight got drawn out a little bit too and
6062s it's the same case for water fudge he's
6064s level 9 energy blast field doesn't
6066s really get that much done and down goes
6067s the heart water fudge trying to run away
6070s homecoming doing the exact same thing
6071s water fudge you got to go budy you got
6073s to go hoko trying to run away here as
6075s well and slim with the chase H shail you
6080s got to get it slip okay there's a net
6082s drop and this should be a still want the
6084s H go down he goes with the last of the
6086s cards of tyranny yeah a little scary
6089s there uh for the team of penguin D here
6091s but water fudge able to walk out of this
6093s one no problems did recognize the
6094s situation unfortunately uh P Master
6097s getting caught by that polymorph is
6098s going to be the thing that kills him
6100s here the uh Peacemaker not able to come
6102s out in time now Ren being chased down
6104s going to get taunted immediately by
6105s Breeze here and now we see the damage
6107s coming out from that Barbara Ren going
6108s to be going down almost instantly his
6110s team is just going to have to walk away
6111s from this one oh he wait for him to
6113s reset but it's okay uh we still have 50
6115s seconds in day two here so he has plenty
6117s of time to get back up before the battle
6118s zones do start yeah it's not looking
6121s that bad for some of the teams in the
6123s hotel at the moment still looking to get
6125s a little bit of positioning inside the
6127s Zone but considering that the only
6130s objective around this area is going to
6131s be Doc yeah Chapel is going to be
6133s vacated extremely extremely soon see a
6136s lot of teams just slowly but surely
6138s positioning themselves around these
6140s objectives one of them inside a school
6141s right around the console at this point
6143s Point another team hanging around that
6145s fire station Battle Zone as it will
6147s start in about 20 seconds but there
6150s aren't that many teams actually looking
6151s to fight battle zones this time around
6153s just only in stream as well as doc yeah
6156s we do see two teams in Doc here lock
6158s going to keep pushing forward you know
6160s onto team Baja blasters seeing what he
6162s can find out here it's just going to see
6164s that there is only one team but he has
6166s double snipers and they're probably both
6167s sniper Skilling on the backside here
6169s just taking a look to see what is ahead
6171s of them there we go the blast comes
6172s through from the Drone Here and Now lock
6175s and his team are going to be able to
6176s back out as we have two teams here at
6177s archery range a fight is going to start
6178s we do see Striker is tag Dylan trying to
6181s get the paint on him the fop going to go
6182s through on the Bianca here so the fight
6184s is going to start Dyan tagging up two of
6185s them with that Force Fiel as well to
6186s keep himself healthy we do see the
6188s Bianca going in but instantly taken down
6190s he looks like here by wols as out Dylan
6192s and Griffin do take Striker on the
6194s backside so out is a 2v2 for these teams
6197s and possibly just a full reset coming
6199s from both of them here WS does not have
6200s the f- stop available as two teams
6202s fighting in this battle Zone here did
6204s not quite see where we did start here we
6205s do see the dend coming through to keep
6208s Dino Boy safe a little bit longer here
6209s ly Dongo will be falling in an instant
6211s and now it is just Ren stuck in the 1v3
6214s unfortunately I do not think the demo
6215s will have what it takes to take down
6217s these three people here so we be a
6219s battle Zone win in just a moment here
6221s for the team of AIA in just a second
6224s just you know taking a little bit longer
6225s having a little bit of fun here getting
6227s another knock up here from Ren and there
6229s we go the last little bits do come
6230s through and so would be a nice I believe
6233s it is a mythal coming through for this
6235s team we did see a force core coming
6236s through for window Shoppers as well and
6238s without the Alex I don't really think an
6240s Emma and the demma alone is going to be
6242s able to chunk through the healing that
6243s Charlotte is going to be able to bring
6245s to the table at level 12 at this stage
6247s in the game too so quite unfortunate for
6250s that team but it is what it is right bad
6251s guys sitting on two kills right now it's
6253s actually I think the most amount of
6256s field kills they've had so far in the
6257s series so it's not a bad start for these
6260s guys at all it's just we see some of the
6262s issues through for this comp right lose
6265s one player and your DPS kind of goes out
6267s the window at least consistent ones I
6270s should say considering the compositions
6272s that are around in this series I don't
6274s really know if you're missing consistent
6277s DPS is really a good thing in the long
6279s run yeah I know I just just realize yeah
6282s uh the team of aaya uh they did pivot
6285s over to the my this time maybe they
6286s actually pull that may ban out for game
6288s four they usually do play the Estelle
6291s instead so for a little bit more of that
6292s damage and you know that huge Shield
6294s coming through uh for the Camilo we did
6296s see that you know once or twice in like
6298s game number one it is massive value uh
6300s keeping him alive here so a little bit
6302s of a change up coming through for this
6303s team like I said possibly bringing out
6305s that ban uh but now we do have the next
6307s rngs droing oh my god there are three
6310s teams up here in school and the fight is
6312s already starting Striker is going to go
6313s through Dylan pushes through as well but
6314s little do they know there's a team on
6316s the top side and Dylan now spot some
6317s Zach going through with the re of the
6319s vampire queen but should be falling down
6321s here shortly that he will not be enough
6323s we do see the stasis to try to keep him
6324s at Bay a little bit longer players
6325s falling left and right to the third
6327s party coming through and WS trying to
6329s get that res but not enough freeze might
6332s actually fall here effect is in the area
6334s as well such a great exclusive but not
6335s going to be enough to keep thems alive
6337s here yeah I don't know what the call
6339s there was for Breeze you know you're
6341s looking for bodies yeah but you can't
6342s really stay so far away the F stop comes
6344s in IO trying to recover but he cannot
6347s he's down there is nothing that Iola is
6350s able to do JK trying to run away from
6352s this one he is going to at least be able
6354s to get out with the overclock at the
6356s moment but his entire team is in
6357s shambles and look at the credit count on
6360s Baja Blaster they are down so bad in
6362s it's day three yeah that is very
6364s unfortunate for them for sure and
6366s there's a lot of teams here in the
6368s school archery range area Striker is
6370s resting here at the bush Dylan trying to
6371s scout out the area you did see another
6373s team yeah in archery range it looks like
6374s here and two teams below and another
6376s fight happening in Chapel here tki
6378s already half HP gazar seeing if he can
6380s get an angle on to these sniper
6382s characters but they're so far away even
6384s with that strer it's just so hard for
6385s him to get in especially with the front
6387s line being this Alonzo as well and all
6390s that healing coming through on the
6391s Theodore just keeping them completely
6392s healthy here Pat going to have to do a
6394s lot of work in this fight here going to
6396s keep painting lock up as much as he can
6397s getting the damage out great job walking
6400s back not getting pointed at there thanks
6402s to the route as well pant trying his
6404s best to walk up but it's so hard against
6406s these sniper characters there we go the
6407s pull almost goes through but it does not
6409s matter because of that E from the Kota
6411s Deuce is just pumping out so much damage
6413s here and there we go finally the fight
6416s is start Hy and now there's another team
6419s yeah right below them do they know in
6420s time here it looks like Gs are actually
6422s pumping out a lot of damage is going to
6423s be able to get de but they both fall and
6425s now it might be the team of AIA actually
6427s being the real winners here getting that
6429s third party going to get Walmart pajamas
6431s here and possibly getting lock on the
6433s top side if saring elephant decides to
6435s keep on chasing doesn't he have any
6437s cameras available he does have the boore
6439s is going to use the camera anyway but I
6441s don't think this is a Chase he can keep
6442s up with yeah I think lock is getting ran
6446s down kind of bad he will have to eat a
6448s whole lot of timer but will keep his
6450s life intact on the flip side he's a
6452s little lonely Alonzo right I mean he
6455s can't really go too far or go anywhere
6457s too quickly he's just going to have to
6459s slowly waddle his way on over towards
6461s any of those consoles try to get his
6463s teammates back alive they do have the
6464s credits for it but are not really in any
6467s good condition to do any of that trying
6470s to get away from this spot same thing
6471s for the rest of this team on our screen
6473s here too Lotus trying to chase them down
6475s maybe look for an angle in not going to
6477s give it to them yeah the game in a
6480s little bit of a quiet state right now
6482s right no one wants to fight no one wants
6483s to go for anything crazy just waiting
6485s for transitions get those power spikes
6487s going and maybe then maybe only then
6490s look to fight yeah 100% here these teams
6493s are going to be looking to get these
6494s last minute cins while they can the
6496s Omega will be going over to the team of
6498s penguin daycare and no one actually in
6499s the area so looks like this will be a
6501s clean pick up for them nice little easy
6503s Force core coming through as we do see
6505s the team of Baja blasters you know just
6507s chilling here waiting to see if they can
6509s get their res of their third teammate
6511s here soon a bun of cameras coming
6512s through first saring elephant here he's
6514s going to eat those up he's definitely
6515s happy to get those being the my player
6517s wait pick those up bro oh my
6520s god oh this is this is tough I think for
6523s Baja blasters them being stuck in that
6525s corner I mean where do you go right
6527s police station police station console I
6529s should say is already being eaten by
6531s another team inide of Temple there's
6532s another team you see PS on both sides
6535s where the heck do you go that team is
6537s just kind of stuck there especially with
6539s a as well as a barber they will be able
6541s to Res gazur back but they wasted so
6543s much time the entirety of night number
6545s three pretty much I just don't think
6547s that's exactly where you want to be at a
6549s team that quite frankly needs to one
6551s shot players we talked about this
6552s earlier mhm yeah for sure and you know
6555s we'll have to take a peek to see what is
6556s going on here possibly another fight
6558s yeah there we go and Striker getting
6559s that wall done it's just going to take
6561s JK down instantly so unfortunately for
6564s Baja blasters losing another member here
6566s sitting in not a fun comfy spot here
6569s going into day four they are still able
6570s to rest him once again but they're going
6572s to have to find a way through you know
6573s the other seven teams on the island
6575s every team is still alive here going
6577s into day four which is going to be crazy
6579s but it looks like they are barely
6580s possibly sneaking by here oh maybe not
6583s they did spot slim there but it looks
6584s like slim is just going to take the bear
6586s so maybe they are safe for a little bit
6587s longer but once again definitely hard
6590s for them to find a res station going
6591s forward here more so than the rest
6594s station they still need 25 credits at
6595s the stage right it's going to be a long
6597s walk for these guys oh actually the
6600s chickens are alive that is actually
6601s amazing they're going to have enough
6603s credits actually just barely look at
6605s that is about one or two credits over
6607s which means JK is going to come back
6609s alive he missed out on the he missed out
6611s on the weapon Mastery of all those
6612s Mutant Chickens though that's got to
6614s hurt quite a lot for this Barbara yeah
6616s but hey you know locked out a little bit
6618s there with the mutant chicken still
6619s alive and we do see three teams actually
6621s here in the area of Chapel see two teams
6623s above here another team even above them
6625s I mean the island is slowly closing in
6627s Striker is going to start the engage
6628s here but D is clearly getting out of it
6629s lock taking so much damage though is
6631s going to rip the ulti to keep alive oh
6632s my God such a great knock back from
6634s Striker into the F stop here WS can you
6636s get the damage through it looks like
6637s effect is already down and it does not
6639s matter that that clean engaged started
6641s off the fight as this team is pumping
6644s out so much damage oh no walks right
6646s into the waiting hands of penguin
6647s daycare M divers finally being our first
6649s team out here wart pajamas turned that
6652s fight so well the energy screen actually
6654s obliterated everybody but another fight
6656s inside of forest as everybody stacking
6658s up divine intervention going to keep the
6659s Charlotte alive for a little bit longer
6661s but that is just that a little bit
6663s longer everybody else trying to fight
6665s everybody's trying to run away from this
6667s Dino Boy and soaring elephant staying
6669s alive this Camilo and Ma just running
6670s people down left and right 1 2 3 4 Baja
6673s blasters is going to be eliminated but
6675s the Charlotte is gone it is night number
6677s four a minute and 30 seconds to go
6679s before all those calls are going to be
6681s finalized we glind going to be secured
6682s by team bad guys because everywhere
6684s around the map people are looking to
6686s fight Zach's going to get taken down
6687s Griffin trying to run away from this one
6689s beautiful white lily to get away but
6690s Dillan now completely isolated on his
6692s end he's got no twins Rush he has no way
6695s out he's going to get locked down and
6697s taken down gazur trying to chase down
6699s the rest of those reses oh Zach oh are
6701s you going to be able to get away for now
6704s yes you can see gazar just hesitating
6707s he's like I don't know do I keep going
6708s do I not keep going I can like imagine
6710s the comms they're like screaming at him
6711s to come back because don't know what's
6713s going on on the top side and now as you
6715s can see there's a team on the top side
6717s it will be the team bad guys who
6718s actually got the wick we do see the Alex
6720s Alti coming through here to try to slow
6721s gazar down but it's only these two ahead
6723s of them Alex being a little bit too far
6725s behind gazar looking out a little bit
6727s here as another fight might brew as
6730s another team is in forest and there we
6731s go we do know and this a little bit of a
6733s scary team for them to deal with here as
6735s if Charlotte can keep them alive a
6737s little bit longer as we oh my God see
6738s another team running on the backside
6740s here oh white ly not quite used effect
6743s actively here it's okay guys we still
6744s got out nothing to see here I'm a little
6747s worried everybody's using timers blast
6750s field this is not good water fudge takes
6752s down one Zach is down on the ground
6754s already fantastic Peacemaker to come in
6757s Dylan is going to try to salvage this
6758s with the twins rush but this fight is
6760s already over P Master is going to get
6762s exclusive Dylan is going to get taken
6764s down there's another team gone we're
6766s down to five but more fights happening
6767s inside of forest as a beautiful snake
6769s fight going to come through on towards
6771s Charlotte the fight is going to be
6772s forced out diny boy still trying to stay
6774s alive throughout this fight gar getting
6775s taken down dangerously low there's a
6777s full rainbow but it is countered by the
6778s divine intervention healing coming
6780s through thean taking low a lot of damage
6782s coming through from literally everybody
6783s yellow has been tagged on everybody here
6785s as well the blue is not going to land as
6787s d boy finds the angle with the c and he
6790s goes in 1 2 3 4 Auto attack down goes
6793s gazor and Toki has to book it oh was it
6795s to I think it was oh my goodness I don't
6797s know this
6798s game yes we just had like what two or
6801s three teams almost fall instant like at
6803s the start of day five here and yeah like
6805s we said earlier Apollo is going to have
6807s a hard time against the team of aaya
6809s with this Camilo it's so hard to lock
6812s him down with so much support coming
6814s through and they just do not have the
6815s consistent DPS to actually lock him down
6817s so it is now six kills going over to
6819s that team here you know in the later
6821s parts of the game they're looking pretty
6822s good for themselves unfortunately tky
6824s and another lone tank being locked on
6827s the uh Island here just going to have to
6829s peruse around and try to get those last
6830s bit of pement points while they can they
6832s you know while that was all going on you
6834s know bad guys were the ones that took
6835s the wickle line buff here and having
6837s four kills on their own so finally
6838s finding their footing here in the last
6841s couple uh games of the turny here you
6843s know Ren unfortunately losing the wick
6845s buff here but hey that's fine you know
6846s they did get the items and his other two
6847s teammates still have the buff as well
6849s Yep they're still alive and that's
6851s exactly what matters at the stage in the
6852s game right losing out on rim means you
6854s don't really have a consistent front
6856s line and toy has been found out there's
6858s the spark n Landing he does have the
6860s Heavy D pads is he no he's actually
6862s running the
6863s healing the what is it the healing drone
6865s so he's kind of dead he's not going to
6867s be able to get out this one yep that
6868s healing drone is not going to save you
6870s ggs called out to the members of Team
6872s Apollo they will be taken down as our
6874s wow fifth place team cuz the Alonzo from
6877s window Shoppers is still alive lock he's
6879s holding his ground he is holding his
6881s ground indeed just sitting up there in
6883s the corner oh almost being found out by
6885s the Drone here uh dinoy just kind of
6887s looking around here can he fight it out
6888s against this team he's got to keep
6889s himself safe from the polymorph which I
6891s think should not be an issue two
6893s supports and there we go sing alfit is
6894s going to start the fight the Quake is
6896s going to go through the double polymorph
6897s coming through but there we go the ulti
6898s from the exclusive is going to go out
6900s the second ulti from the Charlotte going
6901s to come out as well keeping this team
6903s completely healthy and here we go now
6905s this sustain is going to come through
6906s from Dino Boy can he wipe out any of
6908s these members it looks like he's just
6911s barely not going to catch slim Ren with
6912s the great twins rush to keep them all
6914s together for this team there we go
6916s another person falling down Dino Boy can
6918s you clean it up you're not going to get
6919s the kill on Slim just barely The Q's are
6922s not not going to hit and there we go bad
6924s guys wiping out another team here you
6926s know being the second full team in this
6928s third game here oh dude oh those those
6932s welas were illegal I can't believe that
6934s didn't land on the slim no way those
6936s didn't land on the slim but yeah in the
6938s end that is going to cause team aaya to
6941s fall and that's quite unfortunate too
6943s right now because they were sitting on
6944s six kills and their game progress looked
6946s really good that fight looked really
6948s good but it's a Charlotte that gets
6949s taken down a little bit too early on in
6951s the fight a dash of Hope taking them
6953s into the danger zone up against the Dema
6956s and an Emma and an Alex by the way mind
6959s you too much damage taken for the
6960s Charlotte she is the first to fall and
6963s the rest just kind of comes in one at a
6965s time for Team bad guys they are looking
6968s happy and content right now but still
6970s has to deal with Team penguin daycare
6972s right these guys are not going to be an
6973s easy target considering look at that
6975s it's going to be the heartbreaker and
6977s the what is that the the blood Ripper
6979s blood Ripper my God pie master
6983s yeah sitting at a comfy spot indeed and
6985s water fudge probably pretty sitting
6987s pretty comfy for himself hoking you know
6989s sitting on the backside here not going
6990s to be found by the Drone it is
6992s unfortunately uh Alonzo being the last
6994s Living member of his team but hey it's
6996s okay you know he R it out to third place
6997s so nice placement points for his team
6999s he's just going to have to make his way
7000s into the Zone there we go marching on in
7003s does have that protocol three but
7005s unfortunately not going to be enough
7006s here so it's going to be some extra
7007s points for the team of penguin daycare
7009s before we get to our last 1 V one of
7011s game three here he just tried to make
7013s his way across the entire temp
7015s Zone didn't care he didn't even place
7017s down the protocol
7019s violation good stuff lock okay final two
7022s teams it will be penguin daycare and bad
7024s guys now Lucy we have 40 seconds to
7027s breathe so I'm going to take this moment
7028s and take ourselves a deep breath cuz we
7030s know the fight that is upcoming in a few
7032s minutes here is going to be quite
7033s chaotic yeah it's going to be a little
7035s bit crazy here we'll have to see what
7036s Lily Dongo can do on this Emma uh do
7039s they have what it takes to get down to P
7041s master or water fudge they can
7042s definitely polymorph combo one person
7044s and probably nuke them but the question
7046s is is can can they get to them it is
7047s very hard with the exclusive from the my
7050s the Taun from the may you know there's
7051s so many things that they're going to
7052s have to get through and here we go the
7054s fight actually might start a little bit
7055s earlier than we thought yeah the vision
7058s plant actually helping out team bad guys
7061s find a little bit I think the big part
7063s here is going to come down to Lily Dongo
7065s right I mean you got to look for the
7066s double bunny morph and maybe see if you
7068s can win out on that they do end up
7070s winning the 50/50 so the rest of this
7071s team is going to have to push
7073s Ms pooke is pretty good especi
7075s considering the dove can get a lot of
7077s things done but R taking a little bit of
7079s damage here to P Master doing a lot
7081s energy blast field is going to come
7083s through a lot of things dodged out right
7084s now ooh this is pretty good from Team
7086s bad guys why are they investing in this
7088s guys wait out a second overcharge is
7089s still activated what are you doing oh my
7092s goodness he's going to have to use the
7093s twins rush out but he's still dead I
7095s don't know if that was the fight you
7096s guys should have taken yeah I thought
7098s they could get the reset but they
7099s decided to keep fighting it out there we
7100s go it looks like our Emma is rooted the
7102s stasis is going to go out but it will
7104s not be enough here unfortunately as
7106s penguin daycare yeah just cleans up that
7108s fight you know they did that in game one
7110s as well they just let hoko run them down
7112s and you know the taunt didn't even hit
7113s but it did not matter exclusive kept him
7115s safe and the reset did not come through
7117s and penguin daycare going to be our
7118s winners of game three here you should
7121s know at this stage that hoko is not
7123s running Quake right if that was a quake
7124s three M yeah maybe you're going to be
7126s forced to fight but he's been running
7128s healing win this entire time and he had
7130s it in that fight too I don't necessarily
7133s no and this is one of the reasons why in
7134s a lot of cases I say Theodore does want
7136s to hit level 16 cuz the overcharge buff
7139s at that stage in the game is one super
7141s long two is insanely good CU I think
7143s it's like a 70% attack speed increase
7146s and bonus damage off of the shots that
7148s you shoot through your energy screen
7151s that is not a fight you want to go into
7152s especially as a demo if you don't have
7154s easy access to the Theo but Ren sent it
7157s back in everybody sent it back in just
7159s not exactly the greatest fight that they
7160s could have taken but for team penguin
7163s penguin daycare I mean that's that's
7164s great they just won yeah I know they're
7166s feeling pretty good they're like yeah
7168s you want to try to come back in that's
7169s okay we have so much damage coming out
7171s through our Theodore and yeah I mean
7173s they've seen that engage time and time
7174s again and yeah imagine if he did have
7176s that Quake I mean yeah there's
7177s definitely no way they're getting out of
7178s that one but hoko did a great job
7180s soaking up all of that damage where you
7182s know the Emma didn't even get a chance
7184s to kind of go in on the backline I don't
7186s know if we saw The Peacemaker during the
7187s fight I think we saw it at the end as
7188s like a celebratory thing the one Al
7191s wasn't even used throughout that entire
7192s thing penguin daycare are going to be
7194s sitting very comfy uh on the
7196s leaderboards in the last part of this
7197s game here yeah big part about that fight
7199s too by the way is that water fudge it
7201s almost felt a little bit forced but I
7202s did like the call because if that fight
7205s doesn't work out for team penguin
7208s daycare usually nowadays I think Theo
7211s does tend to run what is it recharger or
7215s what whatever it's called I forgot what
7216s the ultimate cool down
7218s yeah yeah it should be on which means at
7221s this stage in the game name his ultimate
7223s cool down I think with full transitions
7225s is somewhere around 25 30 seconds so
7228s even if that fight doesn't work out
7230s timers are all fully reset which means
7232s for the side of Team penguin daycare
7234s they can reset if that fight doesn't
7235s work out everything is playing into
7237s their hands the only card that team bad
7240s guys actually have on the table for them
7242s is that they have control over the final
7244s Zone they didn't play around it just
7246s back away play it out wait for the
7248s overcharge to end and then try to fight
7251s it out that's happen and it's looking
7254s good for team penguin daycare they're
7255s going to be so far ahead of Team Lotus
7257s now yeah 100% they're going to be
7259s sitting pretty comfy up there Lotus is
7261s going to have uh quite a ways to crawl
7263s back up on the leaderboard if they want
7264s to be placing in first after the groups
7266s but hey I mean placing second isn't as
7268s bad either I mean it is our first week
7270s uh you know I always want to say there's
7271s three weeks to go but it's actually more
7273s like doubled because we're like on it
7274s every other week's schedule so it is a
7277s little bit more uh time so I guess you
7278s could say we have like three more days
7280s uh to go for them uh before things start
7282s to get really crazy here and speaking of
7284s really crazy we do have our scores here
7287s and are looking pretty interesting so
7289s let's get them on the board here do you
7291s want to take us uh take us through these
7293s scores here while I take a minute to
7294s breathe yeah absolutely I mean look at
7296s that penguin daycare 17 points now up
7298s above team Lotus sitting at 52 for
7300s themselves 31 field kills now it's not
7303s that big of a difference compared to our
7305s second and third place teams but penguin
7307s dayc Care's consistent performance is
7308s going to take them well above everybody
7310s else but that does mean Lotus sitting at
7313s 35 again 17 points below and the mold
7315s divers three right below that will be
7317s sitting at 32 Apollo in fourth place
7319s with 27 aaya is going to be sitting at
7322s fifth place with 22 Baja Blaster sixth
7325s place with 19 17 points for bad guys and
7327s Window Shopper sitting currently in eth
7329s going into the last game which might be
7331s a little bit difficult but guys do not
7333s give up 14 points just go for the
7336s circuit points that's all I can say yeah
7338s I know 100% definitely I go for the
7340s circuit points those are definitely
7341s still on the table here and yeah look at
7343s that yeah like second third even fourth
7346s you know they're all so close actually
7347s in proximity in points I mean that that
7349s part of the leaderboard could definitely
7350s change you know any which way going into
7352s our last game here which now has a my
7354s ban uh so this is where things always
7356s get spicy that my character you know
7358s being so prevalent on ircs here that
7361s when they get that that gets taken out
7362s of the table you know these teams have
7364s to make a lot of adjustments do they
7365s decide to Tech in another tank or do
7367s they decide to change their team comp
7369s entirely we'll have to see as we go into
7371s game four here I'm excited game four
7374s definitely always gets spicy uh we'll
7376s have to see if we see anything special
7378s coming out from like penguin daycare
7379s here sometimes the first place teams
7381s gets a little fun so we will have to see
7383s what happens yeah and I think game
7384s number three working out for team
7386s penguin daycare was the best timing
7388s possible because of the my ban I should
7390s have probably said a little bit more
7391s about that in the last game especially
7393s considering that was going to be the
7395s last run for team penguin daycare with
7396s that composition today but we do know
7398s that hoko has been running a lot of
7400s different composition or not composition
7402s but a lot of different characters lately
7404s I know he has been pretty comfortable
7405s with the Lennox on his hands right you
7408s know his Kenneth is actually pretty good
7409s too but let's take a look at what the
7412s character selection is going to be hoko
7413s is considering the lenux at least as of
7416s the time being everybody else just
7418s adjusting according to their needs Dylan
7421s back on towards that Darko we see tokki
7424s back on the Linx and ren going to be on
7427s that Debbie and Marlene Striker on the
7429s Yuki too so yeah good adjustments coming
7431s in it's a lot of Tanks A lot of Bruiser
7434s adjustments coming in for the M that's
7436s exactly what we normally expect yeah
7438s Striker has been on that Markus the
7440s entire series here but it looks like
7441s he's pivoting back to the Yuki a
7443s character that he actually played a lot
7444s last drcs uh he was kind of repping this
7447s character a lot and doing a lot of work
7449s on it as well we saw a lot of crazy
7450s Clips coming through effect now pivoting
7453s over to the sniper ya instead of that
7455s heding here a little bit more of that
7456s you know pointand click DPS coming
7458s through here now having the sniper skill
7460s as well to scout out instead of that bow
7462s skill uh so something a little bit
7464s different here and you know we have that
7465s large AOE Alti coming out as well maybe
7467s something that'll keep Woks a little bit
7469s safer here so a little bit of a change
7470s up coming through from the mold divers
7473s as you know every other team looking
7475s pretty much the same here besides you
7477s know the Lenox pick coming out from hoko
7479s as you did say and you know he has been
7481s practicing this pick a lot so definitely
7483s you know not something to scoff at here
7485s he's been putting in a lot of work on it
7487s and you know a couple of the other teams
7488s you know repping the Lenox as well we
7489s have tky on it as well as Breeze 69 so
7491s lenx you know getting a good showing
7493s here in our final game yeah this does
7495s put a little bit strain on the side of
7497s Team penguin daycare though they're
7499s really brute forcing this pick and you
7501s can tell cuz it is going to be the blink
7502s I mean you just saw it right there there
7504s it is there's the blink right there for
7506s hoko he's going to be forced to use
7508s those kind of blinks to look for the
7509s initiation attempts that you aren't
7511s going to be able to do now since you
7512s aren't playing the m and yes lenx is
7515s really good her sustain is really good
7517s I'm actually wondering hold on let me
7518s double check here he is running the
7519s heavy D- patch so he does have the
7521s additional safety net of canceling out a
7524s hard source of crowd control even
7525s assuming that the initiation at the
7527s start is not exactly going to be the
7529s greatest but now you don't have the
7530s healing wind now you don't have the
7532s exclusive that are those two are very
7535s very important utilities that allows you
7537s to do what aay does that Lennox can't
7539s really do all the time yeah 100% you
7541s know they're definitely going to have to
7542s brute force a lot of these picks uh with
7545s this Lenox here but hey you know they do
7547s have the Theodore on their side going be
7549s able to get that movement speed into
7550s them so maybe not as hard forced as we
7553s do say but definitely a little bit more
7554s than they're used to here and this
7556s Leno's going to be able to be taken down
7557s a little bit easier than the mice since
7559s you know a lot of their abilities are
7560s more offensive instead of on the
7562s defensive side but hey you know that is
7564s fine for the team of penguin daycare
7565s they're in their final game they're
7566s looking pretty good on the leaderboard
7568s as you do see there on the right and
7570s yeah our final game is going to get
7572s started here hope we take a look around
7574s nothing quite happening quite yet we'll
7576s have to see if we get any early kills
7577s this time around the games have been
7579s getting down to slower and slower as we
7581s go out through the day so maybe you know
7582s this will be a little bit of a slower
7584s start maybe we'll get a little bit of a
7585s breather here in our final game yeah no
7588s I don't think so I'll be I'll be honest
7590s with you I don't think we're going to be
7591s able to get that much of a breather
7593s especially considering look at the map
7594s right now everybody is already looking
7596s to fight water fudge in danger ISO
7598s looking for a couple kills at the moment
7600s JK is also going to be on the far end
7603s does he oh JK okay uh move the camera
7606s move the camera we don't we didn't see
7608s that no no no no oh my goodness P Master
7610s trying to get away from this one
7611s straight into Bree but he's still
7612s building items on this lenx no he's not
7615s D is not part of this team so he's just
7616s kind of here for the fun part of this
7618s fight oh goodness gracious what on Earth
7621s is happening now they find de this Kia
7623s is dead to right okay well on the bright
7626s side JK found a oh two kills off of that
7629s okay the blink was worth
7632s calculated yeah he definitely knew that
7633s was going to happen 100% two kills going
7636s over to Baja blasters here in the early
7637s part of the game you know looking nice
7639s on the board for them here the only team
7641s getting two kills so far as you know
7643s everyone else is actually wow really
7644s spread out no one in like any kind of
7648s Zone near each other so yeah we might
7649s actually have a little bit of a breather
7651s going forward here 10 seconds before our
7653s bears do spawn and it looks like almost
7654s every team is in a separate Zone but
7656s possibly team penguin daycare moving
7658s into stream here to try to contest these
7660s stream Bears against uh you know the
7662s team of Dino boys and soaring elephant
7665s will they move their way in here a
7666s little bit hard to see and there we go
7668s homecoming is going to walk right in
7670s going to get the FL on the soring Alit
7671s to start right here there we go theout
7673s is going to come through and there is
7674s the Alti from water fudge but
7676s unfortunately Dy isn't able to get in on
7677s him so Master is going to get so much
7679s damage on top of him here and we do have
7681s one Dash coming out from P master and
7683s will he be able to pick up the kill here
7686s possibly there goes another slow here
7688s there goes the W but the flash is going
7689s to go through onto the speed gate so
7691s will be actually no kills yet coming up
7692s for Penguin dayc Care's homecoming
7694s fighting on the bot side here against
7696s these other two but is going to FL them
7697s back into his team and will be the
7699s Charlotte falling but there we go then
7701s we see the is still Al going by-bye onto
7703s the Loving Hands of Dino Boy here barely
7706s escaping and not giving another kill
7707s over to penguin daycare so funny we see
7710s Dino boy running the entire time from
7712s two big damage dealers and you would
7713s normally think that the other frontliner
7715s by himself is just going to get taken
7717s down relatively low but it's justtin
7719s Estelle and Charlotte on the other hand
7721s on the South Side pant in a little bit
7722s of trouble maybe Dylan wants to try for
7725s this but no it's actually pant trying to
7726s deny this initiation attempt he's going
7728s to be able to get the jump across cuz I
7730s think there was a knock up that denied
7732s from walking up good St coming from him
7734s he should be able to stay alive for a
7735s little bit longer but another fight on
7736s the North side BL cartridge blocked up
7738s by slim they get the full Target down
7740s goes the a where is the rest of the
7742s targeting W's getting chased down L
7744s Dongo trying to chase this in oh no oh
7747s my goodness Theo stats are a little bit
7750s difficult to deal with slim should be
7752s able to get this one to Blink up oh my
7753s goodness it's the
7755s shuriken yeah just barely uh you know un
7757s fortunately uh they were not able to get
7759s Striker on the Yuki barely escaping
7762s another kill going down here for the
7763s team of penguin daycare finding Bree 69
7765s here it looks like in stream and yeah
7767s what a crazy fight there from our two
7769s teams in gas station it looked like no
7772s one completely eliminated but our meteor
7774s fight is going to start with all three
7775s teams in every entrance for this meteor
7777s who is going to get this one this will
7779s be an interesting standoff which team
7781s will be the team that leaves first no
7784s one yet we do see lock flank look at the
7788s flank there's the intimidation tactic
7790s coming in towards log no bonus damage
7792s coming in from the backs side Zack
7794s finally not dying at the start of this
7795s fight a lot of good damage dealt over
7797s onto Walmart but we see the damage
7799s already dealt to Dylan and Griffin
7800s they're going to have to back away din
7802s Boy by themselves gets taged out by a
7803s spark n so a lot of damage down on
7805s towards his backside The Shield is going
7807s to be forced out go that gri V
7811s wa up there buddy a little bit on the
7814s aggressive side why don't you sex is
7816s going to pop but Dy boy is out JK trying
7818s to run away from this he's not The Last
7820s One Alive on his team but will get taken
7822s down regardless sword sword swords
7824s flying everywhere on the bottom side of
7826s our screen Lucy yeah Baja Blaster is
7828s losing two members here and yeah
7830s unfortunately Griffin you know just
7831s getting taken down there on the bot side
7833s uh we did see Dino Boy just trying to
7835s find a look onto the thing and yeah and
7837s we just you know it's kind of scary you
7839s know you get jumped on by Camilo and
7841s then all of a sudden you have an Estelle
7842s landing on you as well almost instantly
7843s because of that channel here so nice
7846s little pick up of a kill there for them
7847s Lotus unfortunately not finding any
7849s kills but possibly another fight here in
7851s uptown but looks like they are going to
7853s turn around for now we do see the alphas
7855s up on the map and our Battle Zone
7857s spawning as well roughly a minute before
7859s we get there these teams are going to
7861s start getting their Callins you can see
7862s there at the bottom of your screen
7863s Scotty coming through for the mold
7864s divers we did see the Wind and Fire
7866s Wheels coming over for bad guys and we
7868s do have a slight fight here over by the
7870s mutant wolves and an RNG drop for them a
7872s nice little tree pickup for tki going to
7874s give it over to pant here before we get
7876s into the Battle Zone fights roughly 30
7878s seconds here the teams trying to get
7880s their last little remnants in but maybe
7882s only one battle Zone might be the one
7884s that's being contested we do see WLS
7886s kind of hovering in police station that
7887s might be a free one on the top side as
7889s well yeah these battles and positions
7891s are really awkward you go to Uptown you
7893s win it well the entire bottom right side
7895s is kind of isolated no hyper Loops no
7898s nothing just a couple Bears maybe you
7900s farm but if there's another team in
7901s there well you're kind of cooked same
7904s thing for factory as well those guys are
7906s in a little bit of an awkward spot
7908s another fight though inside of Uptown
7909s starting before the battle zone is going
7911s to be again oh my goodness the healing
7913s coming through on towards Dino Boy is
7915s absolutely massive helac stat is
7916s actually going to knock up three there's
7918s a dend coming in that's a double hit on
7920s towards oo which means the stun is going
7921s to land now it's Salvage situation for
7923s literally everybody as down goes the
7925s Estelle down goes the Charlotte can slim
7928s D it out up against tidle boy the
7930s shields oh it's not going to be enough
7932s slim stays alive is he going to be The
7934s Last One Alive on this team yeah well
7936s unfortunate it's going to be a battle
7937s Zone one out by Bala blasters they're
7939s able to pick up nine overall team kills
7942s but of course four the one that really
7943s matters when it comes to points yeah and
7946s they are going to get an FC I believe as
7947s well for winning this battle Zone here
7949s so lucky for them being the third party
7951s and what a crazy start to that fight
7953s such a good dende with the HK stat to
7955s start that off you did see him go back
7956s in and get that knock up on that team as
7958s you now see two teams now in dock here
7960s going to be fighting over this Alpha
7961s lock going to be walking forward here
7963s they are going to be seen by Deus thanks
7965s to that W from the katcha lock is going
7967s to go right onto tkey here but the full
7969s rainbow is going to keep wart pajamas in
7971s placeing are getting the angled there
7973s going to completely eliminate him
7974s instantly now Gs are On The Backs side
7976s is he going be able to find Deus here
7977s he's going to get locked down by lock
7979s here haha nice play a words there as he
7981s does get taken down almost instantly so
7984s it will uh be D having to run for the
7986s hills on this one going to stay alive a
7988s little bit longer for his
7990s team I see that yeah yeah I thought it
7993s was pretty clever there as another team
7994s fight though we can all talk about it
7996s yet as we have another fight going down
7997s uh Team of penguin daycare looking
7999s really well here in game four and now up
8001s to 10 kills here uh in night two
8005s yeah I think this series is kind of over
8008s if I'm going to be honest with you Lotus
8010s fully wiped off the map mold divers
8012s fully wiped off the map that's your
8013s second and third place teams completely
8016s gone from this game so penguin daycare
8019s sitting on 10 kills I don't know about
8021s the series anymore I think we can at
8022s least call our champions for today but
8025s the game still must go on Slim's going
8026s to get eliminated here as well bad guys
8029s fully wiped we are down three teams
8032s before day number three this may be one
8033s of our fastest Pac games yet Lucy yeah
8036s that is crazy you know we were talking
8037s about how the beginning was a little bit
8039s slower but maybe it was a little bit of
8040s a Caster curs there as you know we just
8042s you know pivoted the kills into night
8044s two instead of night one and you know
8046s these teams unfortunately is not able to
8048s get the uh the free resing in time as
8050s these teams are falling left and right
8052s here and now day three is upon us I
8054s probably take a look at the items and
8056s the map here while we have a little bit
8058s of the downtime as yeah everyone is
8059s completely separated here where are
8061s sitting here Breeze 69 looking great
8063s with the ghost brid's dress as well as
8065s soaring elephant here and you know P
8067s Master sitting on a great deal of items
8069s gazar sitting on two of his own here as
8071s well everyone looking uh semi kitted up
8073s here but you know the team of Baja
8075s blasters you know having you know three
8076s FC's already in their favor on their
8078s characters is looking really well for
8080s them so maybe this is a team uh game for
8082s them to really get some more points onto
8084s the board but maybe I was a little bit
8086s wrong as they run into Apollo here pad
8088s taking a lot of damage but able to get
8089s out the healing wind also keeping him
8091s safe here is going to have to fight out
8092s against the Lenox gazar trying his best
8094s to get the damage out as well as iol
8096s both of the abigailes are spinning but
8097s unfortunately gazar will be the first
8099s one to fall so tki and pant will have to
8101s walk away pant trying to keep them at
8103s Bay here but the turret is going to do a
8106s lot of damage there to pan is barely
8108s getting out 60 HP going to be running
8111s straight for the red station but he is
8112s being followed by JK not going to get
8114s hit by that laser so he is safe for a
8116s little bit longer but tki will have to
8118s be careful he's possibly running into
8120s that team but he does have to Swift
8121s stdes available from that myth Helm so I
8123s think he might be good but will his team
8125s be good on the top side I don't know
8127s they're looking for an initiation good
8129s calls with the Recon drones but the
8130s Lennox is doing a 1 V one on the top
8132s side JK has absolutely nowhere to go do
8134s they have the ultimates gazor oh my God
8136s he at least is able to knock down JK now
8138s it's a 2v2 coming through can this
8140s Abigail without the ultimate knock down
8142s this Tia absolutely not it's going to be
8145s way too difficult and now Breeze running
8147s away oh my goodness the white lily is
8149s there so the Lennox is able to get on
8151s out don't kill them yeah okay there we
8154s go JK have a little bit of time Yep
8157s they're waiting they're waiting Breeze
8158s is just going to have to book it he
8159s knows to good call coming through from
8162s that team not killing the bodies right
8164s this is the right call here no 100% yeah
8166s going to run straight there to make sure
8168s he does not get the uh resing to come
8170s through and yeah what a crazy uh fight
8173s by fight there for the teams of Apollo
8175s and Baja blasters yeah luckily for
8178s Breeze getting the white lily just in
8179s time just barely getting the respawn
8181s there he might have been dead as that
8183s full rainbow would have hit and here we
8184s go going to be able to get the resing
8186s back for his team unfortunately down a
8188s lot of credits here but hey they now can
8190s you know get some more placement points
8191s and get some more credits throughout the
8192s game and hopefully get some more
8193s transitions online this is a game the
8195s Baja blasters absolutely require though
8198s they are actually quite far behind in
8200s points right now so this game is their
8202s last stand to get whatever circuit
8203s points possible at least in group d
8207s right because most of the teams that we
8208s were talking about so far that has the
8210s high amount of points are the members in
8212s group group b so Baja Blaster is sitting
8215s with seven kills right now similar to
8217s Apollo they still have a lot of
8218s opportunities to get more because of
8220s their Battle Zone win on top of it this
8222s is a team that is desperately looking
8224s for points they're looking so hard right
8226s now to the point where they're taking
8228s fights that in a lot of cases you might
8231s kind of yeah I don't know you know
8234s not here we go speaking of a fight yeah
8237s Paulo fight is going to go down Walmart
8238s pajamas barely surviving against gazar
8240s here de going to get tagged up by the
8242s full rainbow but not going to get taken
8243s down pant going to have to run barely
8245s surviving the ulti here the ciper shots
8248s barely missing so he will be fine but
8250s now this team is going to try to Corral
8251s pant in this corner it looks like pant
8253s possibly getting the res might not be
8254s the want res as this team is coring you
8257s and now they are going to split up will
8259s Pat be found out Pat doing great going
8261s on the bottom side but he might run into
8263s de here he could have kept going and now
8266s D is going to push forward Pat not able
8268s to tag him enough with the colors so he
8270s will be the one to fall and tki running
8272s into another team as well oh no this is
8274s what Baja blasters wants so they need
8276s this team to be taken down and tki will
8278s probably fall here momentarily gazor
8280s being the last surviving member of his
8281s team and little to no credits available
8283s as another fight's breaking out here in
8285s school the oh the boore almost tagging
8287s the Charlotte here but looks like they
8289s are safe for a little bit longer just
8290s going to back it up here possibly for a
8292s nice little reset yeah energy blast
8294s field overcharge is gone on the side of
8296s Theo I don't think that's a fight you
8297s want to take anymore at least especially
8299s up against this team that you cannot
8301s afford to have as much damage as
8303s possible to chunk through the heal as
8304s well as the shields do seem to be the
8307s case as everybody in school just
8308s splitting apart we can see that at the
8310s mini map on the bottom left side going
8313s to be moving away so across the board at
8315s the moment these teams are playing
8317s carefully right but for team Apollo as
8319s soon as they lost two members there are
8320s too many credits to recover from at this
8323s point 147 is going to be the SLX they're
8325s sitting at around
8328s 170 overall with the Tia take a little
8332s bit of a long time natural generation of
8334s course in it of itself is not going to
8335s help the east side of the map a little
8338s bit isolated but it does seem like
8339s stream is completely open so Apollo
8342s catching themselves a little bit of a
8344s break here should be able to get
8346s something done maybe the rest coming
8347s through and then and only then will they
8350s try to look for anything in the late
8351s game yeah for sure we do see two teams
8353s here on the top side of alley a lock
8356s going to keep pushing forward into the
8357s team of penguin daycare haven't seen
8358s them do much in the mid part of this
8359s game and there we go the theor AL is
8361s going to be ripped for master doing so
8363s much damage to De The Peacemaker is
8365s going to go out but not going to be able
8366s to keep them alive walart PJ is being
8368s low as well homecoming is just going to
8369s keep pushing forward here the play to
8371s hold him back right into the ghost
8373s Prides dress AOE field they're going to
8375s get that defense reduction and penguin
8377s daycare getting a couple more kills on
8379s the board here and P Master just going
8380s to be resed here momentarily see now
8382s that's a fight you want to take as a
8384s Theo where you're autoing immediately as
8386s soon as the overcharge begins IO trying
8388s to do it out but it's a little bit
8390s difficult this Camilo is bit tanky the
8392s Executioner bonus comes through just
8393s barely in time but it's not going to be
8395s enough critical chance strike is a
8397s little bit too much especially with the
8398s crimson red lovers dude no that Camilo
8401s is a disgusting amount of damage coming
8403s through from that character right now
8405s yeah speaking of that there we go
8406s another replay of this Alti both the
8408s alties actually going forward here lock
8410s trying to lock down water fudgy does
8412s fall this time and P Master is solo it
8414s is a 2v2 p Master get to try to reset as
8417s much as he can going to try to get the
8418s damage on the luck but it's not going to
8419s be enough and the Cy
8421s through and now penguin dayare is going
8423s to be falling to window Shoppers here
8425s but hey 13 kills not too bad on the
8427s board for them yep and another team
8429s that's desperate for points right now
8430s right window Shoppers was in last place
8433s after game number three these guys need
8434s points too 10 kills yeah they're eaten
8437s good so far even knocking down the top
8440s team in their own group when the name of
8441s Team penguin daycare who still is safe
8445s right these guys are well above any of
8447s their competition right now so
8448s congratulations to team penguin daycare
8450s for most likely taking away first place
8451s today but for window Shoppers they still
8454s have a chance there is plenty of points
8456s left in this lobby as long as they play
8459s in these fights just as we saw them do
8461s it should be okay make sure you use that
8464s overcharge please please please please
8467s yeah here we go we did see Baja blasters
8469s fully uh get their team back online here
8472s as we are in night four so we do have
8473s four full teams left going into day five
8476s here momentarily you to see one BF
8478s coming through for the team of window
8480s shoppers so it looks like possibly some
8482s red shoes coming out oh no just kidding
8483s is going to be the VF weapon coming out
8485s for Walmart pajamas here and yeah let's
8488s take a quick look at the items here
8489s before we get our day five fights on
8491s let's see where these teams are sitting
8492s actually just kidding we might have a
8494s team fight here looks like Apollo was
8496s the on to take out the wickle line so
8498s they do have the items and the buff
8499s available G are sitting pretty comfy
8501s there now has the VF weapon online has
8503s the remnant as well has a little bit
8504s more of that burst with the death
8506s available as well for that head piece
8508s you know Gs are going to be a little bit
8509s scary for these backliners to deal with
8510s even has a Strider three as well so
8513s definitely hard to get away from this
8514s Abigail and I think they know a team is
8517s above them
8518s here but this team is going to be hard
8520s to scout out as yet there we go there
8521s Comes The W from the kacha so now they
8523s are aware but they are also found out as
8525s well yeah but where do you who do you
8526s target here as gazor can you find
8528s anybody to Target cuz with all these
8530s sniper rifles it's a little bit
8532s difficult to find actual targets it's
8534s going to be dodged out too the snake
8535s bite now gazor heing Targets on the
8538s backside he does use the Strider a lot
8540s of things actually utiliz on the side of
8542s Team Apollo they're looking for
8543s initiation back in gor going to find an
8545s angle over on towards de but look at the
8547s damage this Kia is dishing out over and
8549s over and over again H's going to get
8551s looking for an angle back in he's trying
8553s to do something but look at the health
8554s bars on the side of Team Apollo I think
8557s window sh just barely have it wait a
8559s second oh both of the damage dealers are
8561s down no Apollo turns it around galor on
8565s this Abigail pant on the Tia is able to
8568s turn the 2v3 into a 2v hero wow yeah
8572s pant with a ballsy play there flashing
8575s over the wall to hit them with the blue
8576s e that was that was insane I thought he
8578s was actually going to go down but he
8579s barely lives with like 60 HP and yeah
8582s gazor barely surviving on his own that
8584s Revenant damage you know coming in
8585s clutch for them here that's got to feel
8587s great for the team of Apollo they're
8589s sitting like the middle of the
8590s leaderboard if I remember right so you
8592s know this could be enough to push him up
8593s here you know now three teams left in
8596s our final game here Baja Blaster sitting
8598s below them but they're going to get a
8599s couple more cins here before the fights
8601s come out oh my goodness oh my goodness I
8604s really cannot predict how the rest of
8606s this game is going to go each of our
8607s teams that are alive left in this game
8610s have shown us some truly bizarre fights
8613s throughout the course of the series
8614s turning fights making fights happen
8616s dominating fights they've shown us the
8618s entire spectrum of how an entire team
8620s fight can go but look at the items I
8623s mean gosh what are you what do you
8627s do this is crazy yeah for the team of
8630s Baja blasters looking a little bit
8631s farther behind here than the rest of the
8633s lobby as you can tell from the board
8635s here tki getting another item online for
8636s thems and yeah this is going to be a
8639s scary game for them team seven is moving
8641s on in they still just kidding the wick
8643s buff is now over for them do they H
8645s they're not even going to check that
8646s bush that they're actually in so they're
8647s just going to walk right on pass maybe a
8649s little bit of a breather for Baja
8651s blasters maybe not ready to fight out
8652s this team going to use the plant to
8654s check out the rest of the area now going
8656s to get the console as well he might be
8658s in a little bit slower part of the game
8659s only three teams left so a little bit of
8662s a breathing time for us as you know we
8664s still have two zones and possibly both
8666s teams hiding it out yeah as you can tell
8667s they're on the mini bath both them just
8669s kind of waiting to see what's going to
8670s happen they still haven't moved a muscle
8673s right now that bat right there you can
8675s see on the center of forest should be
8677s able to catch out team Baja blasters as
8679s they start moving but they know that the
8681s zone is completely unlooted un
8684s completely un on farmed too so that bat
8687s yeah now it's gone they have no clue
8690s there is nobody there anybody behind
8691s them the CCTV is gone too gazor is going
8694s to walk this PO and find himself oh my
8697s God no no they just saw Brie stepping
8700s into the bush now I this is a clean 3v3
8702s but the item differences are a little
8704s bit too massive I RW forcing the fight
8706s on the B but he's dead he's already dead
8710s don't do it to him gasur now has access
8712s to the back line down goes toi but it
8714s just doesn't even matter it's a 1 V2 JK
8717s has absolutely nothing left in the tank
8719s down he goes three for one in favor of
8722s Team Apollo sitting at 13 kills now with
8724s one team left to secure their first
8726s place in game four yeah and this team is
8728s a little bit scary for them these two
8729s teams did fight it out I believe last
8731s game and you know we saw dinoy just able
8733s to like rip apart through the team if he
8735s doesn't get bursted down and how do you
8736s burst this down I mean they have a
8738s Charlotte and an Estelle uh you know
8740s supporting them on the front lines here
8742s and it looks like this fight might start
8743s a little bit earlier than we thought
8745s unfortunately for them though Chapel is
8747s going to be the final zone so the setup
8749s that they did will not matter here as
8751s make our way into chapel and it will be
8752s the team of a going to be the ones be
8755s able to get uh control of it so if they
8757s have any extra credits they do to to get
8759s these traps online they are going to be
8760s able to litter The Zone with traps which
8762s is going to be a little bit harder for
8763s this team to move on
8764s in see how they decide to do it let's
8767s see how they decide to do it Forest is a
8770s very very large zone right but you don't
8771s want to be in there especially
8773s considering the fact that I think on the
8775s side of Team Apollo they got to be
8776s really comfortable with where they are
8778s using all these Recon drones is going to
8780s slowly pushed their way in in towards
8783s the temp Zone and final Zone most likely
8785s of Chapel Toki do they know where this
8788s Camilo is they have not found him just
8790s just yet he's sitting right behind that
8792s gargo right now oh my God this could be
8796s the flank of a lifetime if this Camilo
8798s was able to find an angle on the back
8799s here we go he's been found out ban now
8801s finds him a little bit isolated gor
8804s looking for a little bit of damage on
8805s the backside but the fight will begin
8807s here we go who's going to be able to
8808s deal more damage over the course of Time
8810s full
8811s isolating everybody there is the divine
8813s intervention coming in but it's too late
8814s the EST is gone can this cam somehow do
8817s the 13 I'm not entirely sure cuz down
8820s goes to Charlotte down goes to Camilo
8823s third welta is not even going to be able
8824s to finish GG's to team Apollo 16 kills
8828s on hand we'll be able to pick a first
8829s place for game number four yeah it's got
8831s to feel very great for them coming into
8833s the last game of the day getting 16
8835s kills and you know gazar wasn't even on
8836s the demo you know this could be like a
8838s good thing and a bad thing for team
8839s Apollo now he's going to be convincing
8841s his team like guys just let me play the
8842s Abigail look at how well we did and know
8844s look at what I did look at how much I
8845s clutched up in the end here so what a
8848s great ending to the game series here as
8850s Apollo will be our winners 16 kills yeah
8853s what a what a showdown here for them
8855s it's going to look really good for them
8856s so congrats and what a fun way to the
8859s end of the night and an end of our first
8861s week of ercs here yeah a great way to
8863s end it when we see an Abigail with full
8865s transitions you know the game is going
8867s to be good even sitting with the Scarlet
8869s scythe and the dog upgrade my goodness
8872s gazor was eaten good in game number four
8874s but of course that's just what happens
8876s when an Abigail gets to late game a lot
8878s of these small tibits of damage is going
8880s to scale up towards the end and allow
8882s that Abigail to run everything down so
8884s congratulations to
8886s team Apollo there we go I got it right I
8889s I had to think about it for a second
8890s there I monitor to see everything so
8893s yeah congratulations to team Apollo for
8895s finishing in first in the final game 16
8898s kills in first place that is 24 Four
8900s Points going to them is that going to
8902s cause an upset in the score sheet yeah
8905s we will definitely have to see here when
8907s they come up on our screen here see
8908s where everyone ends for the day and then
8910s we'll also be able to see where everyone
8912s is ending up on the actual like Master
8915s scoreboard leader
8917s board circuit board thank you I'm like
8919s what is it called again hey I thought my
8921s reasoning was pretty good yeah the
8922s circuit board we'll have to see where
8924s they end up on there too that's you know
8925s the kind of fun parket to see where all
8927s these teams ended up after our first
8929s week and they should all be feeling
8931s pretty good after the first week what a
8932s lot of different games we had coming in
8934s store here for them a lot of different
8935s winners coming out across all of the
8938s games here and yeah just see such a
8940s great uh turn of games as well I mean we
8943s had such a wild first game that kind of
8945s slowed down at the r at the end of the
8947s series uh but that was such a crazy like
8949s start to our first day you know I came
8951s in being like okay you know I'm ready to
8953s go and these guys are like nah you are
8954s not ready you're like just you wait and
8956s see what's going to happen here you're
8957s not going to see how many kills are
8959s going up yeah I was not expecting that
8961s coming in oh my goodness yeah I had a
8963s lot of fun here today too it's been a
8964s while since I casted a North American
8966s event for ercs and you know what I had a
8968s lot of fun just watching these guys in
8970s scrims is not enough I need more of this
8972s I need more of ercs so I'm going to be
8974s watching very excitedly during weeks two
8977s and three guys remember that's happening
8979s in two weeks time for weeks for week two
8981s I should say not yeah week two will be
8984s happening in two weeks time so make sure
8986s you guys pay attention to what's
8987s happening in midseason update cuz you're
8990s see esc's week two is going to have a
8992s massive number of changes coming in so
8995s be expecting that when we do see you
8998s guys coming back for the next week of
9000s yours yeah it's going to be wild here I
9002s mean we already uh had all the wild
9004s changes with the weather coming through
9006s and now we're going to get some even
9007s more coming through and hey we didn't
9008s get four days of rainy this time we got
9010s a little bit of a mixup here so what a
9013s great second day and a little bit more
9014s of a variety for our players here so uh
9017s you know thanks for that uh on the back
9019s end whoever decides to choose you know
9021s which uh weather we get thank you for
9023s giving us more of a variety that was
9024s very nice is all you yep sorry guys
9027s caught C it's all me I came in today
9030s sorry no more rainy guys we're gonna
9032s have a little bit more fun here uh for
9034s these teams and yeah I'm excited to see
9037s what happens for the rest of ERC as
9039s these teams are going to have to you
9041s know make some changes possibly going
9042s into the next weeks uh you know some
9045s Landing a little bit lower on the
9046s scoreboards than we had thought but hey
9048s you know maybe picking it up at the end
9049s you know bad guys sitting a little bit
9051s lower but picking it up in game three we
9053s had window Shoppers as well sitting at
9054s the bottom but picking it up in game
9056s four so I mean these teams definitely
9058s have what it takes they just need to you
9059s know get out those little like Kinks out
9061s of the way and you know push their way
9062s up on the board yeah especially starting
9065s from week two when we start mixing and
9066s matching some of these groups I think
9067s the results are going to be a lot more
9069s interesting because we did see some
9070s powered groups coming through I think
9072s throughout this weekend we know that
9074s group a was doing really good yesterday
9075s during day number one and today Group B
9078s was doing really good and the second
9080s rotation so once we start mixing
9082s matching a lot of these teams to play
9084s against each other now starting from
9086s week number two and three down the road
9089s I think we are going to have an
9090s incredible circuit across the board so
9092s really excited to see what the results
9093s are going to be like just waiting for
9095s the scores now and you know what Lucy
9098s it's going to be close especially with
9101s Team Apollo getting that many points at
9103s the end I'm really excited to see it
9105s yeah and you know you don't have to you
9107s you can still be excited but you know
9108s the excitement can die down a little cuz
9109s we are getting the scores and the
9111s standings so let's get those up on the
9113s screen and do you want to take us
9114s through the scores since you know oh so
9115s excited to see what they look like here
9117s oh heck yeah what the heck are you
9120s kidding me okay first place we know
9123s penguin daycare congratulations first
9125s place we'll be able to round it out with
9127s 67 points in the end but second place
9131s Apollo with
9133s 51 that's
9135s crazy they in fourth by the way wow wow
9139s wow well wow they're going to be able to
9141s jump themselves all the way up into the
9143s second place spot so congratulations for
9145s that team will take a very very
9147s comfortable lead in that group D slot in
9150s third place is going to be team Lotus 36
9152s points mold divers will unfortunately be
9153s falling to Fourth as well Baja blasters
9156s losing out on the tiebreaker by one kill
9161s one kill one are you kidding what is
9164s this
9166s group yeah what a crazy group for sure
9169s here and there you go next we'll have
9171s the uh the circuit board see remembered
9174s what it was called that time we'll get
9175s that up on the screen for you guys here
9177s take a look at where the teams ended
9178s after week one here and there we go
9181s penguin daycare is sitting at the top of
9183s their block after today and Apollo
9184s sitting at the top of their block as
9186s well after today and you can see
9188s everyone else following suit and you can
9190s also take a look at where the teams
9191s ended up from yesterday homeless laptops
9193s sitting at the top of their block and
9195s PMA sitting at the top of their block as
9197s well what you know a little surprise
9199s there I mean some of our predictions
9201s from the podcast being a little correct
9202s and you know some of the other ones not
9204s being correct so that's kind of a fun
9206s thing to see here uh going into our
9208s second week of ercs hey so far I'm two
9211s out of two right now penguin daycare and
9213s PMA I talked about these guys during the
9215s podcast we did and you know what it's
9217s looking fun it's looking good so far so
9219s I'm really excited to be able to again
9221s Watch What Happens to these teams down
9223s the road we can see that groups A and B
9225s looking very strong after week number
9227s one but we'll see how they fa with all
9229s the other teams cuz
9231s goodness gracious this week was an
9232s absolutely chaotic one yeah and you know
9235s speaking of chaotic week we have a
9237s couple other things to announce uh while
9239s we're here with us today so do not go
9240s anywhere uh first I would like to
9242s announce our next Professor I'm so
9245s excited here it is tomorrow and I didn't
9247s announce it last time because we weren't
9248s sure but it will be jast being our next
9250s Professor another one of the homeless
9252s laptops members going to be giving us uh
9254s class here on suame so don't forget to
9257s miss that tomorrow it's going to be 400
9259s p.m. PT and 7 p.m ET uh so anyone that
9262s wants to learn subub or you know learn
9263s how to play against
9265s subub
9272s that so a community game
9276s night on we go and on August 3D so don't
9281s forget about those make sure you join
9282s the Discord to be a part of that here
9285s and then yeah we should be good to go
9288s anything else you want to highlight on
9289s that
9291s much I believe ERC uh ERM is also going
9293s to be next weekend so make sure you guys
9295s tune in to that the qualifiers I believe
9296s finished this morning so that's going to
9298s be a fun one if you're able to stay
9300s awake at at uh pretty pretty normal
9303s hours I would say for ER players right 5
9306s in the morning for Central players then
9308s do hop in if you guys want to week two
9311s for or I should say phase two for is
9313s going to happen other than that I mean
9314s we have a lot of community events so
9316s make sure you guys join in on the fun
9322s yeah make sure you guys definitely come
9323s back for that here if you guys are not
9324s here I'm sorry I heard that maybe my
9326s connection is a little goofy there uh
9328s Community game night is going to be July
9331s 6 and August 3rd make sure you join the
9333s Discord to join in for those uh Saturday
9336s at 400 p.m PT 700 p.m. ET for both of
9339s those and yeah I think that is all we
9341s had uh for some little fun announcements
9343s going forward before we hit uh the last
9346s or the second week of ercs here and is
9348s there anything else you wanted to say
9349s shy before we uh you know get this show
9351s on the road and get everyone on their
9353s way not at all uh thank you for having
9355s me on ircs again great to be back over
9357s on the ercs table had a ton of fun good
9359s to see that na is as interesting as ever
9362s so thank you very much for letting me
9363s watch and thank you so much for letting
9364s me cast yeah thank you for joining me
9367s it's been a long time since we've gotten
9368s to cast together you know it's like
9370s casting with the person that brought me
9372s in so it's definitely a lot of fun to
9373s see how you've been doing and you know I
9375s hope the rest goes well with ERM for you
9377s and of course thank you to the
9378s production team on the back side for
9380s doing everything for us you guys are
9381s always so amazing and make everything so
9382s swell so thank you uh for that and you
9385s know thank you everyone else for joining
9386s us and thank you for the players for you
9388s know giving us our entertainment for the
9389s evening and with that I hope you guys
9391s have a nice rest of your night and I'll
9393s see you guys back here for professors
9394s tomorrow
9439s n n
9526s n
9558s n
9560s n