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05 Jan

Hello everyone!

Shipping schedule for the special reward, Wilson Pillow, is listed down below.

Estimated Delivery Date:
South Korea: By January 14th, 2022
Other Regions: By January 21th, 2022

*Due to Covid-19 overseas delivery may be delayed from the estimated delivery date.
*Delivery may not proceed if incorrect information is provided.

If you have any questions about rank rewards, please contact Eternal Return Customer Service.

04 Jan


Hey boss!

I was curious as to what caused this so I looked into it.

First off, you aren't banned whatsoever. Your rights to the feedback/suggestion channel was revoked. That's it.

We don't typically reveal who takes what action on the Discord, but looking into it, I see that some of your suggestions didn't quite consist of the quality that we're trying to harbor in that channel.

Some of the most recent ones, for example:

i don't care if you have to nerf daniel's ult and w to half let me fight without ult

talking about builds, please reset recommended builds per patch. reason is obvious enough.

is it possible for player perspective (including cursor) replay system? thanks

please let the server just kick me out of the game if i'm dc.

spending 3 minutes to reconnect to game that is no longer exists is annoying.

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Mai has arrived on Lumia Island! It'll be quite the treat to see what new outfits of hers on the catwalk.

Speaking of new outfits, Street Fiend Luke and Alleycat Nicky are both have a new attire!

Check out the details on our {LINK REMOVED}Website.
    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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