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I would assume our games are not tested using this feature on Macs. Additionally no game has been ported over to native M1 code, they all use the Rosetta emulation in MacOS. Technically speaking M1 is unsupported hardware for these games!

You mention this affects all Paradox titles. Under your name here I see EU4, Stellaris, Prison Architect and Cities Skylines. The first two are games we develop on our own game engine, the second two are developed by separate external studios using the Unity game engine. Does this really happen with all 4 of those games?  
about 2 months ago - AndrewT - Direct link
I see, then I guess this is an incompatibility between that feature of MacOS, Rosetta, and the Clausewitz game engine we use for those games. In that situation there will be nothing you or I can do to fix that problem, it would need a code fix.

Your only hope really would be to lodge a bug report in that forum for each of those games:
https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forums/euiv-bug-reports.813/ forum.paradoxplaza.com

Stellaris: Bug Reports

Found a bug? Does something seem odd? Share it and it will be investigated! forum.paradoxplaza.com forum.paradoxplaza.com
There QA will look into it, and I suspect open a case with against the Clausewitz game engine. If and when that will bear fruit I cannot say, but I suspect it will not be very quick. Sorry about that!

PS: another thought - you could contact Apple about that as well, as it could be considered a failure in their Rosetta emulator.  
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scatteredbeams said: I will file a bug report. Thanks for the explanation and the link to the right forum!
I strongly suggest you also report it to Apple, as I mentioned. This is because technically speaking this game is not supported on the M1 hardware, so QA and the devs may not take it on as a game bug.