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6s [Music]
8s so
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37s excuse me but that was a good test to
39s see if the microphone's working
64s so
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110s so
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130s so many people sneaking in today my
132s goodness welcome everybody
135s got quite the crowd
149s oh
150s goodness gravy and of course i don't
152s have my water one second
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186s [Music]
197s here i made it on time let the records
200s show
201s even if you can't see my face
204s i am present
205s are you
207s welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
208s official rockfish game stream i am your
211s host eric schroeder the community
212s ambassador for rockfish games and
214s everything related to everspace 2. and
217s frankly speaking also everspace won
220s but we've mostly been focusing on
221s everspace too because you know it's in
223s development so uh welcome
225s welcome to everybody uh swinging on in
227s here
228s whoo i'm a little out of breath oh my
230s gosh whoo
232s but uh yeah i like how to high tail it i
234s fill up my water it's completely empty
236s that would have been a problem
238s but uh yeah how are all of you fine
240s gentlemen and ladies doing today oh my
243s goodness
244s how are you
246s it's been a delightful little week here
247s at rockfish let me tell you what
250s we've had a number of people come back
252s from vacation uh we've had a lot of
254s stuff behind the scenes going on for
255s stuff that we can't quite show you yet
257s because it's heavily in development
260s but we are
261s pretty happy with how things are coming
263s together there are also a number of
265s things that we are bringing forth that
267s will probably i might poke out a little
269s bit here and there if the right
271s questions are asks ooh
273s there we go uh but otherwise yeah it's
276s uh
277s it's been really good it's been really
279s good today
280s the focal point is
282s unknown signals
284s also distress calls but it sounds way
286s cooler when you're like oh new unknown
288s signal so but regardless
291s that stuff that you find when you're in
293s super light and see little signals pop
294s up those those are what we're talking
296s about today um andy has been working on
300s a slew of new ones and the this is just
303s a taste
304s we still have a lot more to come um
307s because we just want to add a little bit
308s more variety to the game space aside
310s from you know these very persistent
312s locations these handcrafted places that
314s you're going to that you're frequenting
316s um we wanted to you know uh create a
319s little bit more variety just in like
321s locations that you can
322s casually run into and have those
324s challenges as well um now this is kind
327s of like a
328s it's not really there's not any
329s foreshadowing here going on like this is
331s just kind of a process to where we want
333s to add more variety into the game space
334s especially when you're in in-game state
336s um but you know we'll have more
339s information on what that looks like this
341s coming fall and not update accordingly
344s uh but yeah
347s i wonder when it's going to be everspace
348s 3 focused my guess mad bad is when we're
350s done with everspace 2. it's a hunch call
353s it a hunch i would be incredibly
355s surprised if some of my co-workers were
356s secretly working on ever space 3 right
358s now even though we're not done with
360s every space like that would i would slap
362s them i would slap them
364s i say that and you know part of the
366s process of development is normally
367s getting an idea of some semblance of an
369s idea for what you're going to do in the
371s future before you're done with where
372s you're currently at but i digress
375s did he just hint that there's going to
376s be an everspace 3 no
379s but i wouldn't i would be lying if i
381s said the team hasn't internally been
382s thinking about what that would
383s potentially look like i mean come on
386s we've all been there you've been working
387s on a project you're like man it'd be
388s really cool if
390s and then you start going in the future
391s thoughts like that's that's part of the
393s process that's part of the process
396s but we got a game to finish we're making
397s our first
398s core game of everspace 2 which is
400s launching in 2023 the first half even
404s michael said the first quarter i'm
406s hesitant on fully saying that i love you
409s michael you know i i do and i like i'm a
412s gamer through and through as well as you
414s know obviously developer but like
416s stuff happens things can change but i'm
418s you know we are shooting for that q1 um
422s michael's saying it's gonna happen so be
424s looking out for that then after that we
426s will have dlc okay this is guaranteed
430s there will be dlc uh some of which will
432s be in the form of freebies we'll just
433s drop it on you if you own the game boom
435s more content that's always fun um and
438s also in the form of uh purchasable dlc
442s so that's kind of the road map of just
444s like what's to come for everspace 2
447s and then after that who knows every
448s space 3 five six seven eight nine ten
451s everspace infinite ever spaced beyond
454s ever space
456s space ever uh you know whatever um
459s it's
460s it's fantastic uh so there you go
464s it'll be may 16th this floor wait what
466s are we talking about
470s i was like i just dove into a random
472s conversation i have no idea may 26th
476s what what are we even talking about uh
478s regardless
480s regardless that's kind of the roadmap of
482s what things look like so i have this
484s build that i was playing earlier um and
486s this is kind of like carried over from
488s our last stream build it's this striker
490s that we dove into
492s and i i need to modify it just a little
495s bit i'm gonna i wanna i'm gonna change
497s one thing um because we did make an
500s update to the fusion hook
502s i
502s don't think it's live in this build but
506s i can at least talk about it because
509s it's a little bit of feedback you guys
510s have provided and we think that it's a
512s good idea so whenever you're using kunai
514s which is very popular once it stands out
517s right
518s since it stands out so well
521s we made some adjustments on this to
523s where when you are grabbing a
525s enemy
526s it puts them in a better position for
528s you to follow up on um in your guys
530s current build when you use kunai they
532s can be flung right past you which is
535s hilarious and fun in some regards but
536s also kind of frustrating if you're
538s trying a combat sequence and trying to
540s like you know bring that all together so
542s uh yeah
544s so just be advised that that is being
546s tweaked and again i don't actually know
547s if it's if it was done in this build or
549s not legitimately did not get
550s clarification so let's just try it
552s really quick
553s if they fling by okay yep so it's not in
555s this build
557s but that will be
559s that is something that's getting
560s adjusted for the future point point of
563s ease
567s otherwise
569s we are going to champion this location a
571s little bit and we're gonna start diving
572s into those unknown signals as i've been
574s preaching
577s i've also found one of my new favorite
579s combos
580s which is just using
583s this gatling weapon
587s paired with
589s the all-day
590s mod of the front shield generator
594s let me tell you what when you line up
595s your shots
598s you can do it all day
601s all right that's short answer it's so
603s good
609s like
610s if any of you don't know what that mod
612s is because you know it's a new one
613s anytime my shield gets hit
615s not only is it blocking the shots but
617s it's also
619s giving me energy
622s so quite literally able to keep firing
624s this thing at maximum capacity
627s i just i'm still going
629s i'm still going
633s still going
635s isn't that awesome
637s what a great little combo
640s like so easy to put together
644s so yeah
646s anyway uh there's a boss here uh where
648s we're at we are in drake we're in the
649s outer rim right now um so i figured this
652s was a really nice spot because when
654s we're done here we start flying around
655s we can run into some nice juicy healthy
657s unknown signals we might even go to
659s union and ceto and zarkov to find some
662s unknown signals too because they might
664s have some stuff uh specific for their
666s locations as well um and uh yeah
671s there you go
678s um also keep in mind that
680s uh gig bytes he is another one of our
682s community managers he is cataloging any
684s questions that you guys might have for
685s the stream so i'm kind of like looking
688s over the chats right now and i'm not
689s really seeing any particular questions i
691s see some conversations happening like
693s about spoiler like story spoilers and
695s stuff which i totally get it's totally
696s fair um but yeah
699s if you have questions about
701s the game
702s you know about development you know
703s stuff like that feel free to ask if they
706s are like super blatantly obvious ones
708s i'm sure the community will answer them
710s or geekbike will give you the heads up
712s um but if they're like really super
713s detailed and you're curious about like a
715s mechanic or something like that happy to
717s answer if your question is when
719s specifically is the fall update going to
721s be released like by the freaking minute
723s uh you know i'm not giving details like
725s that out um but yeah just be kind of
728s mindful about what you ask
731s actually shoot nah don't be mindful just
733s ask whatever if it's dumb enough the
734s community i'll make sure you know
739s that's how that works right
742s oh my god
746s you know
748s i made a little time sheet there but
749s seriously the
751s there's the only such thing as a bad
753s question is one that goes unasked that's
756s that's what a bad question is so if
759s you're curious if you have a question
760s lay it on us
763s [Music]
767s yeah see how he zips around like this
768s this is one of the things that we will
769s be addressing with the kunai fusion hook
772s edition
777s i need more energy shoot me
779s shoot me
780s yeah
783s yeah all right
788s get rid of that shield oh yeah
794s you get rid of all your buddies oh my
796s gosh
799s this guy just got freaking destroyed
820s delicious
823s oh man alec has taken a lot of damage
824s maybe i should maybe i should help him
846s everyone always
847s talks about how annoying alec is when he
849s jumps in have you ever thought to help
851s him though huh
853s you ever thought to make sure that he
854s was doing okay
858s i like has feelings too and a lot of
860s children
862s and that right alec
864s am i right
868s look at this sick new ship
873s it's kind of like an aeroplane
876s i don't know why i said it like that i
877s just felt like to be incredibly
878s classical
881s pretty cool
886s all right
887s so let's go find some random stuff
892s and uh oh you know what i'm gonna do two
894s things
895s because right now on my missions no my
899s my uh
901s my challenges i have
903s outlaw i started trying to do these uh
906s before the stream started and then i
907s just kind of gave up if they happen
909s they'll happen naturally it'll be
910s beautiful
912s good thing that i was around see you
914s adam yeah take care alec
919s cool
922s oh i see some questions being generated
924s and good good
925s all right let's see if i can uh
928s do this okay good i can
930s do zurelia retaliators specialize in
932s different kinds of damage like zerulia
934s have more armor and do more shield
935s damage
936s or
937s why isn't this looping around i thought
940s i fixed that interaction
943s uh no it's oh cause it's not doing the
948s all right hang on a second hang on a
949s second everybody
951s apparently
955s i done a goof one second
975s fit to data that's what i wanted fit to
977s data
982s everyone's like what he's what is he
983s doing well we have this little we have
985s this little document that catalogs your
986s questions and in order for me to see
988s your questions fully uh i need to be
990s able to have the data show up so first
992s question we have from twitch from med
994s bed do zurelia retire specialize in
996s different kinds of damage like you
997s really have more armor and do more
998s shield damage or something similar to
1000s that
1003s so i mean the big thing between zerulia
1005s and retaliators is that the damage types
1007s they offer have special effects right
1009s clearly the zerulia are fire based
1012s retaliators clearly ice based
1015s um but in general um the difference also
1018s happens to be like
1019s certain ships are like more profound
1021s with their damage output than others so
1024s zerelia as a whole they kind of just do
1026s more damage like they're about stacking
1028s damage with the fire
1029s um but their defenses are a little
1031s lackluster in comparison to the
1033s retaliators who are far more about
1035s disabling you um
1037s hence the buildup of ice right
1039s and
1040s they have a bit more armor as a whole i
1043s believe
1045s uh so yeah that's gonna be like the
1047s biggest difference between the two of
1049s them on that front uh more variations
1052s may come into play in the future you
1054s know
1055s but yeah
1057s sloreen tetson from youtube there was
1059s some talk about a character model in the
1060s cockpit some time ago is that still on
1062s the table it is in fact still on the
1064s table
1065s so for anybody who wants to know what
1068s does it mean to be on the table that
1069s means that
1070s it's something of a priority it's just
1072s not being worked on so there is an idea
1076s there is a concept that we would very
1077s much like to put a character in the
1081s cockpit of the ship
1082s um i can't go into photo mode right
1084s there silly me
1087s um and yeah we would like to do that we
1090s would like to do that if we can get to
1092s it awesome but it's not
1095s the priority for us okay so i would not
1098s expect it i think that could be that
1100s could go into some poor uh
1102s directions here i would not expect to
1104s have bodies in the cockpits at like full
1106s 1.0 release even afterwards um it's just
1110s something that we've talked about
1111s internally it would be a nice to have
1113s but i was never planned to be in the
1115s game
1116s and it's something that
1118s you know we've only talked about
1119s internally and say yeah i think it would
1120s be nice
1121s so yeah
1123s zero guarantee that it will happen but
1126s it's technically on the table
1129s are any of the promised 1.0 features
1131s from the roadmap going to be pushed to
1133s the free dlc post release i hope not
1136s brian brown um you never know what's
1138s going to happen through developments
1140s which is always frustrating um you know
1142s we have very intense standards here at
1145s rockfish actually like pertaining to the
1147s promises that we speak on so whenever
1150s i'm in these streams and i'm talking on
1151s specific topics there's an
1153s intentionality to that like i'm not
1154s going to give you guys information
1156s that's going to get wildly changed at
1159s least to our knowledge and understanding
1161s of where we're at with the tools that we
1162s have and the projections that we are
1165s foreseeing um that said stuff does come
1168s up you know we've had delays here and
1170s there we've had to swap things around um
1172s you know
1174s there was a character plan for the
1175s summer update that didn't get dropped
1177s right and that's because it just he he
1180s she it wasn't ready um
1184s so we were like nope this we're not
1186s gonna do this yet so we pulled that back
1188s out um the beauty of doing that actually
1191s i should say like sometimes when these
1193s situations happen it's not just because
1195s oh we're not going to reach this
1196s deadline it's because we have these
1198s really solid ideas for what this
1200s character is going to do we could either
1202s wing it and make it by the deadline and
1205s it's going to be okay it's going to do
1207s what we said it was going to do
1208s or we could make it actually good we
1211s could make it actually enjoyable it's
1213s functional it's fun that's what we want
1215s to do whenever we're establishing these
1217s things and sometimes our projected
1218s deadlines you know they kind of go at
1220s the window and we're like dang it
1222s because we don't like delays just as
1223s much as you guys we want you guys to be
1225s enjoying a fine game so um so yeah for
1228s that character in particular like that
1230s character was moved back
1232s they're not being removed they could be
1234s in the fall update they might not
1238s but alongside that character i can
1240s guarantee that when they do enter into
1242s the game space you're gonna have some
1244s fun i can guarantee that so
1247s yeah yay development oh my gosh isn't
1250s game dev fun isn't game dev so fun but
1253s uh for the most part any major ideas
1255s themes designs stylizations uh gameplay
1259s systems whatever that we can't reach
1262s for any reason whatsoever by 1.0 you
1266s absolutely can bet we will put that into
1269s the dlc either for free or with a
1273s massive amount of additional content to
1275s come but that content
1278s that would be pushed to the dlc
1280s is not stuff that we promised would
1283s happen by the 1.0 release so anybody
1285s please do not like misinterpret what i'm
1287s saying there okay
1289s if the content that we promised
1292s is not done
1294s by 1.0
1296s like wait i said that weird if the
1297s content we promised isn't done by 1.0
1300s that we said was going to be done by 1.0
1303s it will absolutely come in a free
1305s package but that even being said i've
1307s had discussions with the team i don't
1308s know if there's anything officially off
1310s of the table that we promised that won't
1313s make it by 1.0 anyway so you're not you
1315s might not even have to worry about that
1317s so yeah there you go
1320s are there plans to add different sets of
1322s weapons like bloodstar eclipse yes
1324s uh thank you from uh mini on youtube
1327s yeah we are absolutely adding more sets
1329s um you may even be able to find some new
1332s ones this fall as early as this fall
1334s so
1336s set a previous stream that the
1337s difficulty would be dealt with as the
1338s last thing before release but what does
1340s the team envision under difficulty uh
1342s says silly from twitch i love this
1344s question too um
1346s difficulty
1347s is there's so much that comes with
1349s difficulty
1350s there's so much that comes with
1351s difficulty but i'm gonna actually pull
1353s up a little um
1355s chat that michael brought to the team
1357s just the other day
1359s actually
1360s uh beca through a forum post um you guys
1364s could all you could all find this
1365s actually on steam there was a post that
1367s says too hard for me and a person's
1369s basically going through saying it's hard
1371s to utilize this order that do these
1374s things um and they started a little
1376s conversation about difficulty and
1378s michael uh like i think was yesterday
1380s yeah it was yesterday
1382s he basically popped up and said hey uh
1384s do we have plans to do timed puzzles and
1386s boss fights uh differently based on what
1389s difficulty that is selected these are
1392s the questions that we're asking
1393s internally this was from the ceo himself
1395s right these are the questions that we're
1396s asking internally about what we want
1398s that difficulty to do to the game space
1401s which is such an important element like
1403s right now it's so boring and standard
1405s it's like very easy your enemies are
1406s weaker your weapons do more damage very
1409s hard there's more enemies and they do
1411s more damage to you
1414s that's it's boring it's it's it's very
1417s rudimentary and we said that whenever we
1419s first dropped it but we dropped it
1420s because
1421s you guys wanted some semblance of what
1423s that looked like and it also does help
1425s us for balancing purposes for the future
1427s of what the difficulty system will look
1429s like um but hopefully in this rambling
1431s you can tell
1433s what difficulty looks like to answer
1436s your direct question directly
1440s we want it to be
1442s customizable
1443s to the extent of
1446s having more profound interactions and a
1448s higher difficulty
1450s and having much more simple interactions
1452s at a less difficulty that's not to say
1454s we are going to withhold content
1457s so if you're playing on easy mode you
1458s don't get to experience an enemy type or
1460s a location no no you'll be able to see
1463s everything regardless of what difficulty
1465s you're on but the level of complexity
1467s that there is like
1470s higher difficulty your enemies are more
1472s resilient to emps so instead of it
1473s lasting eight seconds it's only gonna
1475s last six you know just a simple example
1477s like that
1478s um
1479s you could see
1481s yeah so so there's a lot of a lot of
1484s there's a lot to that there's a lot to
1486s that
1488s uh time timed puzzles like what michael
1490s brought up like you know you're gonna
1492s have a lot more time on easy mode versus
1494s on hard mode where it's gonna be like
1495s where we envisioned it you know stuff
1498s stuff like that
1499s cus stuff like that so
1501s yeah
1503s hopefully that's much more direct
1507s of a response and answers that question
1509s a little bit more fruitfully
1511s um
1512s yeah
1513s i think a really easy example to know
1515s like what we really mean by it is by
1517s looking at everspace one's difficulties
1519s when you pop open that difficulty and
1521s you see the differences between them you
1522s have a very clear and fair understanding
1525s of what you're getting into uh normal is
1527s how the game's in intent to be played on
1529s harder on easier it lists out all the
1532s different things i've talked about this
1534s topic far too long you get it it's not
1537s just a matter of numbers go up numbers
1539s go down there's intricacies there's
1541s subtleties there's a lot that goes into
1543s play uh based on that difficulty alone
1547s okay
1548s okay
1551s all right
1556s ooh
1557s wonderful cracks
1560s kazavan asks over on twitch this will be
1562s my last one and then we're going to get
1563s into whatever is happening here
1566s and we'll go to some new places new
1568s places are there any plans to add a fire
1570s visual to the burning debuff to pair
1573s with the frozen visual effect from the
1575s retaliators i think that as far as the
1578s um conditions the conditional effects go
1581s they're not completely done so i imagine
1584s that there will be
1586s i imagine that there will be um
1589s i'm gonna ping the appropriate
1591s party member
1594s and see if i can get more detail on that
1597s um i don't know if i'll get a response
1600s by the end of the stream or not
1608s but we'll see
1611s i believe that's in the plan
1613s i believe that's in the plan let me see
1615s if i can get a more firm response for
1617s you okay so that's that round of
1619s questions for now let's get into
1621s this location see what's going on
1624s might just be a normal unknown location
1626s which it looks like it is
1646s let's just have a quick look around
1650s this looks like i'm playing everspace
1652s one right now
1654s honestly it just
1670s yep we're like going to a
1673s like we're trying to find the points of
1675s interest trying to collect some stuff
1676s there's like a random minefield oh my
1678s gosh we are really
1684s that looks like we've been modifying the
1686s loot quality doesn't it
1689s all right
1694s look at this blood star guy let's see if
1697s we can hit him with this
1704s that's it oh man that got soaked by his
1708s armor
1711s all right
1712s either that or we need new cruise
1714s missiles
1720s ow ow ow ow
1727s all right so it looks like this is a
1728s pretty basic
1731s signal location
1733s this is not one of the new ones that i
1735s was hoping we'd run into so we're gonna
1737s bounce
1741s excuse me
1746s oh cause my shield was up
1749s has that really always been the case
1752s oh my gosh that's a bug if i've ever
1754s seen it
1755s you can't go to super light when your
1756s front shield generator's on because
1758s there's something in the way oh my gosh
1760s that's a hilarious bug i'm gonna ask the
1762s team to keep that in
1764s oh my goodness i'm not really
1766s let me just write that down
1769s that's funny
1782s gotta love these development streams
1783s where
1784s random stuff happens just on the fly oh
1787s my goodness you guys having tons of
1789s questions today i love this so much
1793s oh my goodness that you're just pouring
1797s in i love it
1801s all right cleaning up uh the questions
1805s excellent excellent
1817s um because i see a quick question that
1819s you've asked geekbyte um i'm just gonna
1821s address it right now uh just for
1823s everybody uh the question was are future
1824s experimental branches projected to last
1826s one week
1828s um yes they are um also because i know
1832s that
1833s you know we encourage the
1835s we encourage a fresh restart um and that
1838s can be really difficult to start over
1839s and then have only one week to try and
1841s get to like all of the
1842s new territories even though the new
1845s content is technically accessible uh but
1847s you know having the power through the
1849s story can be a little bit tedious um
1852s i think that there was a there was a
1854s conversation
1856s i had a while back about like at the
1858s start of experimental giving like a
1865s i'll have to follow up and see if
1867s there's like a thing that we can do for
1869s those but in short uh
1871s yeah in some cases it might even be a
1874s good thing to just go with where you're
1876s at
1877s instead of doing a restart based on
1880s various factors
1885s but uh we do always recommend
1888s doing the save wipe though so
1890s we'll have we'll just have to see
1896s i wasn't super light with a big old
1897s shield on my nose either yeah yeah i
1898s know that's fair
1902s [Music]
1904s yeah okay so i'm gonna read this aloud
1906s because i want to make sure and let you
1908s guys know how i feel about this as well
1911s uh how the team feels how rockfish feels
1913s so a statement was like
1914s big difference between gameplay
1916s difficulty and gameplay annoyance
1917s difficulty a completely agreed so uh he
1920s comments on a game that at a higher
1922s difficulty would remove the minimap
1925s so it's not that it's hard it's just
1926s annoying you know annoyance subjective
1929s here because some people like to have
1931s nothing that's holding their hand and
1933s they include a map as one of those
1935s things they'd rather get a feel under
1937s the lay of the land and memorize it by
1939s not having a map conveniently there
1942s because now they are instructed to
1944s memorize because they can't just know
1946s magically through a map right some
1949s people really like that
1950s so some developers could also see that
1953s as not annoying but just as a greater
1955s challenge however you are correct and
1957s how that actually changes the gameplay
1958s experience because now you have you're
1962s requesting the player to pay attention
1963s to something that they didn't have to
1965s previously
1967s um and
1968s that's
1970s that can be very off-putting
1972s um and it has to be done very eloquently
1975s if you're going to implement something
1976s that removes some foundational feature
1979s right um
1980s and
1981s sometimes that can be very healthy for a
1984s game and sometimes that can be very
1985s detrimental to it even for just like a
1988s challenge mode so yeah like we do
1990s consider those various details um you
1993s know so yeah and every space too when we
1996s get to the massive difficulty uh you go
1998s to the map uh you can't see anything yep
2001s no you just have to fly around randomly
2002s and super light until you run into a
2004s location by luck you have to be at the
2005s exact coordinates and then you can go
2007s there and that's the only way
2008s we feel it's really strongly
2011s that would be terrible but no i the
2013s point is is that like
2015s it's gonna depend there's different
2017s factors but we want to make sure that
2019s they aren't annoying as you put it we
2022s want to make sure that they
2023s invoke
2026s additional thoughts and skill
2029s as opposed to
2031s additional medium
2043s ouch
2044s we are getting burned literally
2054s oh my goodness
2065s so
2098s flying around me i don't like that
2100s it's like they knew my front shield
2101s generator was on
2131s hopefully that'll take care of the drone
2132s behind you
2143s excellent
2155s a lot of damage from the australians
2179s excellent
2185s yeah so as we continue to go through
2186s these various locations we may or may
2188s not find some new stuff
2190s sometimes we'll just run into stuff that
2192s you guys are already familiar with
2195s but as i find the new stuff i'll point
2196s them out we do have a couple new ones
2199s intercepted
2213s excellent i also see a container over
2215s here so i'm gonna grab that
2223s some credits better value by
2227s bye weight see you at the base toodles
2231s all right
2236s yeah but going to these unknown signals
2238s it very much feels like at least to me
2239s it feels like a little slice of
2241s everspace one because you don't know
2242s what you're going to find you just have
2243s to deal with it
2244s oh my goodness so let's keep let's keep
2247s going on
2254s hard difficulty mode we completely
2257s inverse all the key buttons
2260s and you can't change them
2264s don't worry guys
2266s that's not what we're gonna do
2268s [Music]
2273s now we do also want to see some distress
2275s signals because that's going to be
2277s actually let's look for some distress
2278s signals
2279s let's look for some distress signals
2288s yeah there's a there's a reason why like
2290s in everspace one
2292s when there's stuff that impedes your
2293s ability to do certain things they are
2295s literally called handicaps
2298s specific to hardcore mode like
2302s i want to put a lot of emphasis on that
2303s right now
2307s okay trouble coalition versus
2308s retaliators
2310s this is something that you can have
2312s happen
2313s it's definitely there just a random
2316s battle support
2317s out in the middle of nowhere
2321s wow
2322s my coalition guy got completely screwed
2330s see if we can win this now we also upped
2332s the difficulty
2333s of
2334s the enemies in these particular uh cases
2337s so it's actually kind of hard to help
2340s the coalition win especially when you're
2341s on very hard like you have to
2343s seriously protect them
2350s let's see if we can win it oh man
2352s they're getting overwhelmed i don't know
2354s if we're gonna be able to
2356s oh my gosh they're getting completely
2358s destroyed
2363s coalition stay on fire
2372s yikes
2378s oh that's not good those are all going
2379s to pop and coalition's just going to
2382s or they're gonna chase me which is
2384s good
2386s that was good that was good we might win
2388s this
2389s we might win this
2393s it's gonna be so close
2403s oh we need a we need a big juicy target
2410s come on
2412s oh no nicolas just loop
2414s wow
2417s i think we got the last kill right as
2419s coalition like almost went down
2423s excellent that was very close quite a
2426s mess
2427s i hope everyone's all right
2431s that feels good
2432s that feels good
2435s that's a lot of ships yes it was all
2437s right more distress calls
2439s we're gonna we're gonna run into new
2440s ones i promise
2442s they're here they're present
2446s and if we're not seeing them if we don't
2447s see them after a little bit i'll just uh
2449s start telling you what some of them are
2450s like but we do have plans to implement
2453s uh more like we have more unknown
2455s signals on the way we've got more
2456s distress calls on the way
2459s just something to add a little bit more
2460s uh you know uniqueness to what's going
2463s on in the universe
2465s situations that people are caught in and
2467s uh you know situations that you get
2469s yourself caught in
2471s we want to add to that
2472s because it's fun
2498s i'm going to answer a couple more
2499s questions here as we're looking around
2508s will there be an actual star forge as
2511s the location or maybe it will be the
2513s only as a manufacturer method asks many
2516s from youtube i'm going to need a little
2518s bit more context behind what you uh
2520s believe a star forge is
2526s because it sounds like you're talking
2527s about
2529s the creation of like specific
2531s manufactured goods
2535s and as of right now the only way to do
2537s that is if you craft at random which
2541s internally we don't think feels the best
2543s it's like you can make all of these
2545s different things
2546s but you only get the basics but if you
2548s randomly craft something you have a
2550s chance to have like a bloodstar item be
2553s made for example um
2555s part of us likes it part of us doesn't
2557s like it um it's still getting cleaned up
2559s that system is still being looked at
2563s as a whole i think that there's
2565s probably the most like
2567s adjustments coming to
2570s primary weapons under this crafting
2572s field it's been a it's been a point of
2573s conversation we've had even through like
2575s discussions and whatnot
2577s uh several times over but we're getting
2579s pretty happy with how secondaries
2582s modules consumables and components work
2585s through crafting as well as catalysts
2586s frankly
2588s we're pretty happy with all these but
2589s primary weapons still feel a little bit
2591s off modifying is still uh something
2594s that's getting a lot of work done to it
2596s as well
2599s yes there are steam achievements planned
2601s for 1.0 release i just saw that just
2603s answering it straight up yup
2605s absolutely are there plans to introduce
2607s amd fsr 2.1 to the game on launch or
2609s perhaps in the fall update we've
2610s received that question a number of times
2611s uh fred sparkvet um and the short answer
2614s is we would love to
2616s but we will
2618s much with any sort of like addition of
2621s you know
2624s new settings and graphic options and
2627s tweaks and doohickeys and stuff like
2629s that uh we will make announcements
2631s accordingly that says hey you guys can
2633s now do these things
2636s so
2637s yeah hopefully
2639s hopefully
2640s my guess is that we will
2643s but
2645s it's a guess
2647s it's a gus
2649s i noticed every update brings at least
2651s one system fully reworked damage hey
2653s let's see what i can do hey here's a new
2656s one this is a distress call where this
2657s guy's like hey help me out i'm damaged
2660s okay
2664s this is new so this kind of gives you
2667s some semblance of
2669s what this could look like for a number
2671s of different things but this basic
2673s element is this freelancer freighters
2675s like man i'm stuck i need repairs
2677s maybe his engines are down right and so
2679s you specifically have to have one
2681s nanobot
2682s that is large
2684s uh we actually have it already
2686s but if you didn't of course
2689s you could go in here and presumably
2691s craft it
2693s probably
2694s i can't hilariously enough that's more
2696s of a state of the
2698s cheated save build that i'm using oh my
2700s gosh
2701s but regardless i can transfer it over we
2703s do that
2705s nice and simple no worries
2709s that's all he needed gives me credits
2710s for it
2711s i had a nanobot he gave me 4 000 credits
2714s for it
2716s neat so that's also very similar to um
2719s an event that actually happens in
2720s everspace one
2722s where you can come across
2724s uh traders
2726s that will exchange different things for
2728s money or other items
2732s just something that is
2735s now added into the game so you can
2737s probably keep your you can probably like
2739s put it together like what other
2740s opportunities that can kind of
2742s generate
2751s but maybe if you're looking for a
2753s specific item or credits or whatever
2755s sometimes just sneaking into a
2756s distressed call might be really good for
2759s you
2762s um okay so now to fully answer this
2764s question i've noticed every update
2765s brings at least one system fully
2767s reworked i wonder what systems the team
2768s would like to rework in the future
2771s um rework is an interesting
2775s word there
2777s we've definitely put in a lot of
2779s additional work
2780s to all of the systems as more updates
2783s come out but this is something we've
2785s communicated from the very beginning so
2787s if you haven't been here from the very
2788s beginning let me go over this very
2789s briefly
2791s hello
2793s i'm eric schneider okay too far back
2794s okay so basically
2796s everspace is being designed not
2799s episodically okay
2801s not episodically that does not mean like
2803s oh and we did this when we did this
2805s update all of ceto was available you
2807s could do everything you got all your
2809s missions done okay next update now you
2811s get all of union you get all the new
2812s story you get all the new content done
2815s okay next update you get all of zarkov
2817s et cetera et cetera that's never been
2818s how it's been delivered some of you
2820s might be thinking well eric that's what
2822s you've been doing in development i had
2824s ceto to begin with and couldn't go
2826s anywhere else then you gave us union
2828s then you gave zarnoff yes yes but you're
2830s not listening okay now hear me out okay
2832s there's a very big difference between
2836s having access to a new system
2839s and
2840s having access to an entirely fully
2842s feature complete new system with all the
2845s bells and whistles with every single
2846s item with every single faction with
2848s every single side mission with every
2849s single everything
2851s very big difference
2852s as we have been developing in the game
2855s we have been working on
2857s the game the entirety of it not just the
2861s new content that's added
2863s not just this new little section not
2865s just that new little story okay it's not
2868s episodic in that sense
2870s we are making the full game and when we
2873s generate new content for the game
2876s it applies
2877s to the whole thing
2879s so yeah we are still looking at and
2881s still refining different areas in ceto
2884s and union and zarkov and the kait nebula
2886s in fact uh this is something that uh we
2890s i've even talked about uh somewhat
2892s recently
2893s where i was talking about how we did a
2895s 100 completion run internally and we're
2897s not happy with how some of the secrets
2900s are placed like we've just been
2901s re-evaluating those and saying does this
2903s feel good is this fun and some of them
2905s they just aren't
2907s they're not fun
2909s we're not gonna leave that in and be
2910s like oh well it's feature complete we
2911s added all of it no we're still working
2913s on the whole game
2917s so
2919s wonder what systems the teams would like
2920s to rework in the future i mean we will
2922s continue to rework all of the systems
2924s where need be in order to make the game
2927s fun because at the end of the game
2928s that's what we're making we're making a
2929s game that is meant to be fun
2935s rewarding even
2937s all right
2945s let's answer
2947s one more question and then we'll see if
2948s we can find another unknown signal uh or
2950s distress call and if we can't or if we
2952s can we'll also go to union and see if i
2955s can find some fun stuff there
2957s [Music]
2959s does difficulty affect drop rates and or
2961s quality of the loot dropped uh no and i
2963s don't think that's something we want to
2964s to do anyway so um let's take this as an
2968s example fred spec fat because i i think
2971s this this question uh requires a very
2973s delicate response so if we were to
2976s change the loot quality say easy you
2978s have a
2979s 5 chance to gain a legendary and
2981s and
2982s very hard you had a 10 chance right um
2986s that's content gating by the difficulty
2989s which doesn't feel right on from our
2991s perspective anyway um what we'd rather
2994s have is not affect the loot tables at
2996s all the loot tables stay the same
2999s because
3000s inherently
3002s you're gonna have
3003s greater challenges
3005s and very hard against more enemies
3008s against more situations right um
3011s that are going to inherently reward you
3013s based on that alone
3015s very easy you get into a situation
3017s you're gonna have like three enemies
3018s tops very hard you're gonna get into a
3020s situation with six enemies the exact
3022s same situation but it's
3024s literally has more enemies to face
3027s and through that
3029s your odds of finding something
3031s technically are better because
3034s three ships that have a five percent
3036s drop chance
3038s are less
3039s than six ships that have a five percent
3040s drop chance drop chance the same
3044s but because there's more enemies that
3045s exist it just inherently balances that
3048s element out
3049s you fight more folks
3051s you get more chances at loot
3056s okay
3058s cool
3070s i really like that question though i
3071s want to i want to
3073s say that
3074s very clearly i love that question
3076s because that's something that grinds my
3077s gears
3078s whenever i'm playing a loot centric game
3080s it's like oh yeah you want you want the
3082s best chance at this you want you want uh
3085s you want to actually be able to get this
3088s content well sucks to be you because
3090s it's only reserved if you play on super
3091s omega low hard
3093s and uh
3094s your skill level has to be over 9 000 in
3097s order to play at that level so tough to
3099s be you you don't get that content unless
3101s you until you get good no it's not what
3103s we want to do
3106s it's not what we want to do not all
3114s oh you're talking about systems as in
3116s mechanics okay got it got it i wonder
3118s what systems the team would like to
3119s rework in the future yeah no there's
3121s there's okay med bed as a follow-up to
3123s your question real quick
3127s uh like pertaining to the various
3128s systems of the game i mean shoot like
3130s you've even seen how
3132s uh this was completely redone right
3135s like the idea of what we had before was
3138s just a little bit too big a little too
3140s complicated um and this is much more
3142s direct
3143s much uh better about giving you more of
3146s like what you're looking at
3148s um yeah so i mean there's there's so
3150s many different systems that could easily
3152s get tweaked it almost sounds like it's a
3154s little bit of a rhetorical question like
3155s you're just curious like what's what's
3157s the team going to rework in the future i
3159s mean we're just constantly evaluating
3161s the game and
3162s what systems feel right and what systems
3164s don't
3166s and uh reputation did not feel right
3170s and you guys didn't think it felt right
3172s either honestly like we got a lot of
3173s feedback from you all about that um
3176s so
3177s yeah it was kind of like
3179s we were kind of on the fence about it
3181s we're seeing like comments that you guys
3182s are making and we're like okay yeah we
3184s should change this
3188s oh hello
3190s ambush
3204s this looks like a basic signal so we're
3206s gonna bounce and go to another one
3214s also just casually read how do you live
3217s i went a week without a pc once it was
3218s the worst week of my life
3224s okay there's a lot to unpack here
3226s but what i'm gonna say this is not
3228s related to ever space or rockfish or
3231s anything this is more like personal life
3233s experience let me tell you what
3236s a healthy disconnect
3238s from all the noise that is technology
3241s like just go a weekend without your
3243s phone turned on at all and just sit
3244s outside enjoy mother nature it is so
3248s freaking refreshing
3249s oh my gosh then when you move back into
3252s your work day come monday morning you're
3254s like a new man
3256s ah
3256s anyway
3264s telling you
3265s it's so so refreshing peter frog says no
3269s that's like your opinion man
3279s i'm realizing that i'm talking to a
3280s bunch of nerds on computers man
3284s i'm serious though like a a healthy
3286s disconnect really does wonders to the
3288s brain
3289s not joking but i also get that you guys
3292s really you know
3293s you got your attachments you got your
3295s needs and some of you temper yourselves
3297s really well and you know you stay
3298s connected and it works
3304s we need help
3306s yes you do
3315s all right i think that's gonna be our
3316s last one in drake and then we're gonna
3318s bounce over to union so we can pull some
3320s other ones up
3324s if we survive my goodness
3327s all right you need to go
3332s nope yep all right
3341s goodness gravy
3357s oh thanks
3369s oh that was a drone oh shoot
3373s oh that was silly
3374s oh wow
3399s whew
3405s oh my goodness so much stuff
3408s let's uh clear
3413s let's swap let's swap things things
3415s around i think
3419s um you know because this isn't broken
3421s we're gonna we're gonna use it
3423s [Music]
3427s well let's see
3435s even better
3437s i'll take it
3446s beam laser is getting a change in the
3448s future too just uh casually tossing that
3450s out there
3455s nice nice look at all these goods that
3457s we've been collecting that i haven't
3459s been paying attention to because i've
3460s been answering questions oh my gosh what
3462s a delight
3463s what a delight
3466s [Music]
3468s all right
3469s let's get this guy off of them
3474s actually this has a chance of dropping
3476s the shield right
3480s oh that feels really good i like that
3482s okay
3483s cool
3488s let's see if i can destroy him before he
3491s can get his armor
3493s yeah it always feels good
3495s just completely bypass their armor
3497s region
3498s also
3499s i like shot that missile right across my
3501s nose jeez
3507s all right so we're gonna head over to
3508s union now see you later
3513s and hopefully grab some
3516s new events over there as well
3525s cool
3537s did you get zero loot from doing that
3538s unknown signal battle report it's very
3541s likely that i did and i will tell you
3543s why that it's likely that i did
3545s and when i say did i mean that i
3547s received no loot
3549s um and that's because we are
3551s incorporating this idea of having jobs
3554s spun up
3555s within unknown signals
3557s there it is we got to the big functional
3560s point of the stream today
3562s you can actually just randomly encounter
3564s jobs
3566s through going to just random unknown
3568s signals
3569s that is something that we want to
3571s incorporate into the game space
3572s and so far it's feeling like it works
3575s pretty well but there's some kinks in it
3577s like we literally just added this
3580s so uh yeah if i did not receive any
3582s rewards it's because
3585s it's broken
3596s all right so let's head over to union
3601s and find some more places
3603s so you get renowned from it yes that is
3606s the plan i'm not sure if it actually is
3607s working as intended yet i know that the
3610s functionality of having jobs randomly
3612s spawn was only just added and everything
3614s that makes that make sense is still kind
3617s of on the
3619s on the docket
3621s still getting plugged in
3628s man there's there's one
3630s unknown signal that's that i really want
3633s to happen and
3634s if it doesn't happen i'll tell you about
3635s it i guess maybe
3638s ah maybe i'll keep it as a surprise
3640s that's really fun
3642s but uh all right
3646s you just added it and there are kinks i
3648s know right early access that should be a
3650s hundred percent done when we add
3652s something i i don't know what i was
3654s thinking out of the team was thinking
3655s how dare we
3659s i completely agree sorry intention
3664s and don't worry i could definitely tell
3665s that was sarcasm
3671s will there still be jobs on the job
3673s board yes yeah so if you want to go get
3676s some jobs you can get them out of
3677s station or you can just randomly fly
3679s about and hope you get a job because
3680s again it's random from an unknown signal
3683s right
3685s you don't know what you're gonna get it
3687s could be somebody that had a job and you
3690s randomly show up or it could be
3692s something completely different
3710s it's not working ah come on
3713s okay so clearly
3715s you can tell that this looks rather
3717s different from a traditional hey we need
3719s help
3720s there's a lot of gmb here right
3724s there's a lot of gmb here
3727s i think
3729s i think this one's borked oh my gosh
3731s guys we added all these things i tested
3733s it out i got one working but then this
3734s one looks like it's broken
3736s um
3737s so yeah the the outlaw faction didn't
3740s jump in so in short what this
3744s probably looks like
3747s this was something that we were
3748s considering and then you guys also had
3750s pointed out it would be really fun so we
3752s were like yeah you know what we'll do
3753s this this is basically a battle support
3757s specific to union
3760s because gmb operates in union pretty
3762s heavily right
3764s all their trading their marketing
3767s and outlaws
3770s really like jumping in on them
3772s so you get to see a little bit of what
3774s that looks like
3776s by going into some unknown locations and
3779s maybe this one's working as intended i'm
3781s not sure because i felt like they're
3783s supposed to be like really big battles
3784s oh here's
3786s the outlaws over here maybe
3788s but uh regardless
3792s regardless that kind of shows you what
3794s happens when a small group of outlaws
3795s show up against the gmb i suppose
3802s but more variety on that right
3807s faction battles
3809s everywhere
3810s depending on where you're at
3815s i really really really hope i can get a
3817s good example of that during the course
3819s of the stream we've got one hour left
3820s we've got 30 minutes more gameplay
3822s because i want to show we got so many
3824s screenshots from last week from the over
3827s the course of last week
3829s i feel like i should probably hello
3831s there actually i feel like i should
3832s probably highlight the stuff you guys
3834s have been doing too
3850s fantasy
3860s oh
3863s i should probably get that weber drone
3865s huh
3871s oh great i just flew through that
3884s great now make yourself useful
3895s all right
3901s eco booster all right
3916s unknown signals are like a box of
3918s chocolates
3920s you never know what you're gonna get
3921s that's right guys
3924s exactly and we just want to do more with
3926s them because you know unknown signals
3927s have existed for a long time but they've
3929s all been
3931s very similar for a long time and now
3933s it's like we're getting to a part of the
3935s game where it's like we want there to be
3937s more fun factor we want there to be more
3939s opportunity we want there to be a little
3940s bit more variety um so that's what we
3943s are
3945s poking into
3947s absolutely
3950s [Music]
3952s will there be in the future probably
3954s after the full release any community
3955s events i mean timed events to win
3957s rewards that are only available for a
3958s specific time by doing special missions
3959s that are for example only available for
3960s four weeks what i can do about this mess
3962s you're in hey here we go this one's
3964s working we really appreciate it
3966s this one's working properly so we got
3968s the gmb on the left and we got outlaws
3970s on the right
3972s so in this particular case the gmb are
3974s the good guys
3976s and this particular case
3980s [Music]
3985s all right
3993s oh that was a bad shot oh i should i
3995s should feel really embarrassed about
3997s that
3999s here happy to hold still
4002s much better
4004s hello there
4008s shoot me
4009s give me energy
4015s oh
4016s oh there's some
4018s there's a sniper going somewhere
4047s i hope everybody's fine
4053s all right
4056s so in a case like that we got we got 4
4057s 000 credits um but also because this is
4061s a battle support
4062s um the way that i understand it is that
4065s battle support jobs
4068s won't generate
4070s at the job boards
4072s anywhere outside of drake however you
4075s can randomly come across
4077s battle support jobs
4079s from unknown signals so it's kind of
4080s like a unique case if you're outside of
4083s drake that you can come across these
4085s because these aren't the jobs that gmb
4087s want you to take on but because they are
4090s jobs when you complete these you would
4092s technically go up in renown
4096s so they're not offered jobs
4099s but they can appear
4104s all right
4106s all right
4108s [Music]
4111s just casually look over and i see a
4112s message from a while back it says i
4115s still have not done i have still done a
4116s total of zero jobs in my entire time
4118s playing overspace too you know what
4121s that's that's fair i know some people
4123s who uh haven't yet completed the story i
4126s know some people who haven't changed out
4128s of their starter sentinel ship
4131s uh you know it just
4133s there's takes all kinds it's fine
4136s it's fine it's great actually
4142s any reason why you are not using okar
4144s for these union battles i never said
4146s that we weren't
4151s hoping to find one
4157s but yeah it would be specific to ceto
4160s and i think it they can also generate in
4161s zarkov or not zarkov uh kait
4166s but yeah the idea is that you can
4168s encounter different combinations of
4170s factories
4173s don't think it's going to be unknown i
4174s think it has to be a distress call but
4176s we'll see what's here we'll see what's
4177s here this is probably one that's um
4181s probably a standard one but let's find
4183s out
4187s yeah just a standard one
4192s some noobs trying to stop
4195s somebody from getting from one place to
4196s another and trying to steal all their
4198s stuff general outlaws out there
4204s and then we could explore this we got a
4206s nice points of interest on this site so
4209s maybe we can find some additional loot
4214s yeah look at that
4220s wow
4221s okay
4223s you know it's not every day that you
4225s find resources that don't generate in a
4227s location
4228s um
4230s that that can sometimes be really
4231s beneficial
4235s that's much more that statement i just i
4237s said that and like i'm sure some people
4239s were like really i already have a
4241s billion of that resource that's not
4243s important whatsoever if you restart your
4245s save
4248s i think you'll really feel it i think
4250s you'll really feel it
4262s but i digress
4266s let's recharge our armor
4268s yes please yes awesome
4270s oh i stopped firing oh my goodness
4277s that piece of debris came out of nowhere
4278s all right
4286s [Music]
4294s [Music]
4296s just making sure i didn't miss anything
4297s why not use gmb and ceto and zarkov and
4299s use okar in union uh well we wanted to
4302s add variety so there's gonna be some
4304s that can spawn in certain
4307s systems and some that can't and yeah
4309s okar um the
4311s when you first enter into union
4315s is the first time you see the old car in
4316s everspace 2 so we also wanted to put
4318s them a little bit more in the hot seat
4320s uh since their presence is known right
4324s it's like these protected locations
4326s right that's where the oak car reside
4329s and we felt like it makes more sense to
4331s start seeing them combat outlaw threats
4334s when you're just flying around doing
4335s things
4337s zarkov the oh car don't really make too
4340s much sense
4341s this isn't really some place that they
4342s protect or defend this is mostly gmb
4345s operations
4346s um and also frankly speaking there's a
4348s lot of outlaw presence here too but
4351s they're very small threats because it's
4354s hard to live out here
4358s in regards to
4360s kite nebula
4361s what i imagine you would probably see
4364s but i have not tested this one
4366s is that you could have like okar versus
4369s the um
4372s redeemers for example
4375s we could try that we could see if that's
4377s something that's possible i legitimately
4379s have not tested so i don't even know if
4380s that's a possibility if it's not andy
4382s make it happen thanks
4385s he'll do it now 100
4387s there's zero backlash in me uh telling a
4390s developer what to do
4391s uh it just happens i have that power
4394s it's amazing
4395s michael i'll take my t now
4398s please
4399s get off your butt geez
4404s [Music]
4406s spoiler that's not how it works all
4408s right um
4410s but yeah we'll see we'll we'll see what
4412s we encounter in kite nebula too just
4414s because
4417s just because we'll see
4420s it's not one i tested
4422s but why not we're doing things
4425s we're doing things
4427s wait do i have this one available yet oh
4428s no i don't okay
4435s and next week geekbite because eric got
4440s look we fired that phone we like to have
4441s fun so if you guys are wondering uh gig
4443s bite said it earlier um
4445s if you didn't see it
4446s michael is not in the stream today
4448s because he's actually at the
4450s he's at the tokyo game show where we
4453s actually have a booth actually um and
4456s he's you know delivering everspace too
4458s uh to our eastern audiences it's pretty
4461s pretty sweet
4463s pretty sweet thanks to special bypass
4465s technology
4470s there's also an article that was posted
4472s i'll probably give you a link to it
4474s uh so you guys can translate it see what
4476s they're talking about all the way over
4478s there
4480s i say that it's like you know this is
4482s the internet
4483s all the way over there is literally
4485s right here right now
4487s we're all connected
4489s i'm gonna go bully this inquisitor and
4491s then we'll uh see about some unknown
4493s signals and stuff
4495s or maybe i'm going to get bullied
4506s let's see if i can time this right put
4508s the shields down oh come out yeah that
4510s was a good hit
4512s that feels good
4516s we'll just finish you off
4520s oh come on oh man
4530s the ships seemingly contain repurposed
4532s freelancer technology with unknown
4535s ancient modifications
4538s did you guys know that if you're doing
4540s stuff in the game very similarly to
4542s everspace one hive randomly pops up is
4544s like yo check out this information
4547s did you also know we're still working on
4548s more little clips and statements between
4550s adam and i
4562s what
4568s ah
4570s these guys are so fast
4576s all right
4577s so let's go find some
4580s now let's go find some random stuff
4586s things you shouldn't do at work telling
4587s your ceo to bring your coffee i didn't
4589s ask for a coffee i asked for a tea see
4592s i'm following all the rules and
4593s engagement
4598s i just like imagining michael somehow
4600s popping into the stream right now and be
4602s like eric
4603s that's fine
4606s so hive savage mode is still a
4607s possibility look i'm not saying that
4609s it's that it's not going to happen
4613s i will i will i will say this
4616s so uh for those of you who didn't know
4618s like
4620s there was a recommendation at some point
4622s and then the community all got behind
4623s her like oh that would be hilarious if
4625s like you're on very hard difficulty the
4627s hive has
4628s more cruel quips against the player um
4631s and internally we thought that's kind of
4633s savage
4634s we like it um so
4638s that's something that could actually
4640s happen
4641s but we want to be gentle if we go that
4643s route because
4645s that's locking content behind a
4648s difficulty meter right and we don't want
4652s to do that i know you're just like why
4654s it's just a voice line what do you mean
4656s it's locking it's content it's delivered
4659s content and you know we have to ask that
4661s hard question of like do we want to
4663s reserve
4664s this uh content to players that are only
4667s playing at this difficulty level or not
4670s um
4671s or reverse it if you're playing on easy
4673s mode hive is like being more cruel
4675s because you're playing uneasy uh i said
4676s it backwards but but regardless
4678s regardless this is something that we are
4680s talking about and it in fact
4683s has a chance
4685s it has a chance to be realized so
4689s if you guys really want it you better
4691s get in on that action and make your case
4693s say it on the forums so whenever we
4695s search for it it populates ten thousand
4697s times because the more interactions
4699s there are the more chances it has of
4701s coming in
4702s so
4704s there you
4705s go
4706s there you go
4709s all right let's answer just a couple
4710s more questions here and then we'll we'll
4712s search through here as we're listening
4714s to these beats
4715s [Music]
4719s are there plans for ancient wardens for
4721s any signals not really
4724s not really um
4727s not right now i should say not right now
4730s uh because as you know in everspace one
4732s it was
4733s not necessarily uncommon to come across
4735s ancients
4736s um
4737s because of a signal
4739s that you see you know that there's jump
4741s gate nearby right
4743s um so
4744s uh it's
4746s potentially possible presumably
4750s perhaps
4752s but as of right now there's not there's
4754s not really a plan to do that
4757s any chance of extending the wanted
4759s system for other factions oh man the
4761s plans for the wanted system is very much
4763s similar to the plans that we had for
4765s reputation we wanted to have all these
4768s multi-level shenanigans and stuff like
4770s that um but we also
4772s wanted it to be simple in that approach
4774s and it's why we changed it from a
4775s reputation system to a straight renowned
4777s system um so regarding the oh car in the
4780s wanted system that is going to be
4782s changed i'm straight up telling you
4784s that's one of those systems that bearded
4786s frog you know he was asking i wonder
4788s what other systems we can expect change
4789s the wanted system the wanted system will
4791s actually be changed um to what degree
4794s hard to say but we don't currently like
4797s it
4798s we don't currently like it
4800s it's
4801s very average and for us average is not
4804s acceptable we want to we want it to like
4807s since we're adding that in as a
4809s functioning part of the game you know
4810s where the oak are jump in and do these
4812s things like
4814s it needs to be
4815s important to the game space why it's
4817s there because right now it's not really
4818s it's not
4819s it's not
4822s so it'll change
4824s it's not it's just not like
4828s i say that gr like begrudgingly because
4830s there's a couple team members who think
4832s that it's fine where it's at and we
4833s don't need to deal with it and
4835s um but you know again like and i'm not
4838s even like trying to like put down
4839s teammates here or anything like that
4840s like legitimately we have a lots of
4842s internal discussions about these things
4844s and what we want to establish and
4846s everybody on the team agrees
4847s if we're going to build out a system
4849s that's effective in the game it needs to
4851s be just that effective
4854s and right now unfortunately
4858s one system's not really
4860s it's not really
4862s man i have so much stuff
4866s i need to go sail
4870s all right
4871s sha bar let's find us an unknown signal
4875s or a distress call see if we can find
4877s something cool
4879s uh wait a second do i get a message hang
4881s on
4886s uh one second guys gonna check a thing
4891s [Music]
4901s okay
4913s so it looks like nebula doesn't actually
4915s have a signal added to it yet
4919s so we could we will fruitlessly search
4921s here unfortunately
4923s so that's where we don't need to be here
4925s but uh rest assured
4929s the idea stands that we would like to
4931s have these more like battle support
4932s things that randomly show up where you
4934s just appear and there's a battle going
4937s on and you can effectively uh help out
4940s or choose to not help out you know
4946s so yeah we can't do anything here so we
4948s are going to bounce out i'll go to uh
4953s well i guess we could go back to union
4954s and see if we can generate one with the
4956s old car but
4957s we could also just um
4959s go to zarkov
4961s and zarkov is going to have gmb versus
4964s outlaw
4970s or random jobs
4987s uh what was the i like this question
4989s this is a great lore question what was
4990s the war called when the colonials and
4992s the oak are fought it was called the oak
4994s our colonial war
4996s i know aptly named right um
5000s uh is there an official name for yeah
5002s it's literally like a lot of individuals
5004s in the dmz just refer to it as the war
5006s and i think somebody else had mentioned
5007s that um but yeah it's literally called
5010s the oak our colonial conflict the oak
5012s colonial war
5013s um i think somebody asked
5016s um how long the war lasted and just to
5020s give you
5021s some sense of that we do have our
5023s timeline cataloged here it's sacred but
5025s it's definitely there
5029s let me just run the numbers super quick
5038s so the first skirmishes
5041s started happening a bit after colonials
5044s showed up in the dmz because the dmzs
5046s were like spreading out finding stuff
5047s but they didn't encounter okar
5049s um
5050s that was back in
5053s uh
5053s 2901
5057s up to three thousand so that's where so
5059s almost a hundred years worth of
5061s exploration vessels were arriving in
5063s cluster 34 all right lord time yay
5067s um
5068s the first arrival of mining interests so
5071s a hundred years after exploration was
5073s done in 3022 was when the colonial
5076s mining interest started appearing and
5078s the skirmishes started appearing four
5081s years after the mining interests did
5083s it's like all the exploring that was
5085s done all of like the figuring out like
5086s what we could do where we could go
5089s they send out the mining interests and
5091s the ulc are like what are you doing here
5095s so there were tensions that rose in 30
5098s 26
5099s i feel like i need like those like tiny
5101s little glasses and have them like okay
5103s story time um
5106s and the first major conflict was had
5107s between the okra and the colonials in 30
5110s 28. now this was this is not the start
5113s of the oak colonial conflict okay this
5115s is when the meeting happens between the
5117s okar and the colonials uh there was some
5119s quick acting diplomacies
5121s uh tensions continued to resume there
5124s was a diplomatic mission to the oak our
5126s home worlds that happened sometime in
5128s the mid 3000s
5130s and it failed which escalates it into a
5133s full-blown war okay so colonials go to
5136s the oak our home worlds
5138s and probably don't come back like it
5140s fails hard
5142s um so then the full-scale war happens in
5145s 30-39 i'm giving you all the secret
5147s deets in fact some of this was
5148s catalogued by grindel because he read in
5151s between the lines from our codex where a
5152s lot of this comes from too
5154s a full-blown war comes from 30-39
5158s uh adam rosslin and seth nobu uh were
5160s sent to the front lines a year after
5162s that just uh just so that you all know
5164s um and then
5166s uh
5167s the there was a colonial oakhart
5169s armistice that happened in 3042.
5173s okay
5174s so the full-blown oakar colonial
5177s conflict was for three full
5180s years now some of you might be thinking
5181s like oh well that's not very long like
5184s that's kind of short-lived like some
5186s games are like a hundred year war blah
5187s blah well you have to keep in mind
5190s that's incredibly short for what was
5193s presumed to be the conflict because the
5195s losses from the colonials and the oak
5196s are both were
5198s massive this is actually covered in the
5199s war of everspace one
5202s like
5203s things escalated quickly stuff got
5205s destroyed quickly like it just came all
5209s tumbling down which is why the
5210s demilitarized zone is littered with so
5213s much
5214s uh post-war debris equipment bases all
5218s that stuff
5219s right
5222s so
5223s 40 so 30 39 is when the full-scale war
5227s officially started and went for 30-42
5230s um
5232s i believe there's information in the
5233s codexes to know what year it currently
5235s is i almost need to get confirmation
5237s from grendel
5239s um
5240s but
5241s effectively it has been
5245s i think i'm allowed to tell you this
5246s it's effectively been about 14 to 15
5249s years since
5251s uh that armistice was called into play
5253s since 3042 so um
5256s the events of everspace 1 for example
5258s are happening around 30 56
5263s and i think that's about all the more i
5265s can tell you without crossing into a
5268s line of spoiler territory
5273s so
5274s you can also take into consideration
5276s from this information for any of you
5278s guys who are like comparing ships from
5280s aerospace one to ever space two and be
5281s like well why does the gunship have
5283s shields in everspace too and why does
5285s this sentinel not have a lightning gun
5287s or you know all these different types of
5289s things well
5290s it's been 15 years
5293s since those colonial ships from
5295s everspace one were used
5297s because keep in mind even though the
5298s events of everspace one were about a
5301s year-ish ago from the events of
5303s everspace 2
5304s the cloning program that adam rosslyn
5307s kicks into place is on a downed
5309s character
5310s carrier
5311s from the wars
5313s so that down
5315s carrier is 15 years old that has seen no
5318s adjustments improvements upgrades
5319s modifications what have you so you're
5321s flying 15 year old fighters and
5324s everspace one
5326s okay
5328s so a lot's changed and developed over
5330s the course of all these found colonial
5332s ships and how the old car oh how the
5335s outlaws have adjusted themselves uh and
5338s upgrades and all that fancy stuff
5344s thank you adam so there you go there's a
5346s that was a ton of lore nice little lore
5349s section for you all i'm sure that will
5351s be nicely cataloged for the vod
5354s um
5358s yeah
5360s there's way more information for i'm not
5362s even sure if that question was
5363s officially asked i just thought and i'm
5365s like i'm such a lore junkie when it
5366s comes to games like they have to feel
5368s right to me and we make sure it's
5371s feeling right in every space too
5374s we are making sure that that at least
5375s that aspect the lore of it all does make
5378s sense
5380s the 15 year old fighters still kick ass
5382s in every space one yeah they do but they
5384s also have some problems which is
5386s suitable for a roguelike experience like
5388s energy management between the weapons
5390s and the engines that's all the same
5392s you're like you're here and you can
5394s manage between your weaponry energy and
5397s energy and your engines like that's such
5399s a convenient feature right that's so
5401s much better it's like this should have
5403s been in technology for the last 15 years
5406s right was because it was replaced
5408s shortly after the wars you know stuff
5410s like that
5411s stuff like that
5413s so yeah lots of differences but uh oh
5415s that also reminds me
5418s there's we've been adding descriptions
5420s to the i'm going to go to a ship dealer
5422s i'm kind of jumping around i was going
5423s to get to an unknown signal i want to do
5425s this i want to see if i can find a ship
5427s dealer
5428s um
5429s [Music]
5430s we're going to the flying duchess
5432s hopefully they have an interceptor
5433s because we we really do pay attention to
5436s the lore and i want to show you that if
5437s there's an interceptor available
5442s i'm getting so excited because of this
5444s all the lore stuff
5446s oh it's a distress call though
5450s we're doing this we're changing we're
5452s changing plans slightly because
5454s community conversation
5457s this is it's organic approach that's
5459s what we're doing
5467s adam remembers 1 100 year old movies yes
5471s he does
5472s because they've been well documented
5474s cataloged and put on reruns on the uh
5476s turner network
5480s you know it
5484s also relevance and you know real world
5486s situations
5488s oh wait that's not where we need to go
5489s we need to go over here
5491s beacon the flying duchess
5504s and i thought i was all alone out here
5507s sorry for disturbing
5509s no no it's fine stay
5511s interceptor
5513s intercept ah
5514s intercept ah i love i love the looks i
5516s love it i love it yes interceptor all
5519s right let's read this description even
5521s though technically not supposed to read
5522s this i know i'm blocking it tough you're
5524s just going to take my word for it it
5525s says the colonial fleet's original
5528s workhorse the interceptor class fighter
5530s maximizes offensive capabilities by
5532s redirecting engine reserves to weapons a
5535s feature preserved from older models for
5538s steady uninterrupted fire
5540s oh my gosh
5542s it's like the lore makes sense it's like
5545s it all comes together and there's an
5547s intentionality behind a special called
5549s power converter where weapons use boost
5552s energy after weapon energy is depleted
5554s oh my goodness gravy crazy
5558s holy potato wedges oh my gosh
5563s need to dip those in some goodness gravy
5568s yeah we like lore
5570s [Laughter]
5575s all right let's see
5577s we're gonna answer like a couple more
5578s questions and we're gonna transition to
5580s the screenshots
5581s oh my gosh
5584s but yeah i mean i mean if you're
5585s creating a game world right
5587s super short snippet here if you're
5589s creating a game world you have to make
5591s sure
5592s that the factions the characters the
5594s whatever's in place makes sense right
5597s they have to make sense yeah there's
5598s going to be gamification there's going
5600s to be some things that are a little bit
5601s wonky or weird maybe sure
5603s whatever but at the end of the day like
5606s if it's not believable that's a problem
5608s and we are very very happy with the
5611s story of everspace as a whole
5614s like it makes a lot of sense to us and
5616s how the characters like how they
5619s interact and how they position
5620s themselves and kind of what they're
5622s doing what their objectives are uh like
5624s we feel very good about this dmz that
5627s we've created these different factions
5629s uh why they exist and also frankly
5631s speaking why it's so easy to pick up a
5633s bunch of military usable items for your
5636s ship
5638s it all ties into that lore it all goes
5640s hand in hand telling you
5642s crazy
5644s it fits together
5648s fits together okay so um we're i think
5651s we're gonna save here
5652s i am really happy that we got to to see
5654s that interceptor um there's still more
5657s work on this page i didn't even test
5659s this before the stream so i'm glad this
5660s isn't like super crazy different uh but
5663s there's still more work on this uh site
5665s um
5668s i love the way that this these warp in
5670s though
5671s oh my gosh it feels so good and also
5673s these new wings we saw that but
5675s showing that again
5678s that still hasn't been updated
5680s just like looking around for more
5682s updates more updates more updates oh my
5684s gosh but uh i digress
5687s i digress all right so we're going to
5689s save here
5695s this is so good
5699s love the phase in effect yeah yeah uh
5701s somebody mentioned was it spoon it might
5703s have been you i can't remember who it
5704s was but somebody mentioned uh like a
5706s free space or a
5709s some other game that does something
5711s similar and they're like oh my gosh it's
5712s like that um yeah
5715s yeah definitely definitely inspired by
5717s it was you spoon okay yeah
5719s yep 100
5720s inspiration yep
5722s okay all right now we're gonna take a
5723s quick break when i come back we're gonna
5725s get to your screenshots i'll be super
5727s fast i promise alright super fast
5733s in the meantime
5735s feel free to hit us up on discord
5737s twitter twitch reddit youtube all the
5740s different places and things to get
5741s notified about what's happening when
5743s it's happening all of that stuff i
5746s really want to point out that the
5747s discord has been pretty active lately
5749s it's been really nice it's good fun you
5750s guys have been chatting it up in the
5752s right sections there hasn't been too
5753s much weirdness uh due to some cleaning
5757s ups um i will say some of you all really
5759s have your strong opinions in that gaming
5761s chat but you know that's good that's
5763s good just make sure you're not bringing
5764s anyone down for their weird opinions
5766s you're just embracing you're loving your
5768s uh you know whatever even in your
5770s disagreements you can love on people so
5772s uh yeah i'll be right back
5792s [Music]
5797s [Music]
5830s [Music]
5841s and we're back welcome again uh for that
5844s nice little intermission just want to
5846s share this quick image with you uh
5848s michael is over at the tokyo game show
5851s right now got a little modest setup uh
5854s where we are representing germany
5858s and uh delivering the goods of everspace
5860s to to all of our fans over there um
5863s and uh yeah he's been saying it's been
5865s it's been a good time he's sleeping
5867s right now because of the hours that are
5869s um and uh yeah but he's having a blast
5873s meeting tons of people
5874s uh yeah i guess you could say that we're
5876s starting to kind of get back into the
5877s groove of conventions when appropriate
5879s where applicable so uh maybe maybe there
5882s will be some of that stuff next year i
5883s hope i hope uh we'll see
5886s we will see otherwise let's get into
5888s some of these questions and also some
5890s screenshots uh that you guys have been
5892s doing because i love it i love how this
5894s all comes together i love how it all
5896s comes together so
5898s starting things off we've got a question
5901s from shadowy from twitch any reason you
5904s are not using okar for the oh wait no we
5905s answered that we talked about that never
5907s mind that one's done
5908s that one's done
5909s delete
5910s delete delete delete delete and i lost
5913s my uh i lost my where where did my
5916s folder go oh my gosh this one comes from
5918s uh
5920s come on come on come on perfect
5923s super well executed perfection all right
5925s this one comes from bradley bradley uh
5928s has been taking
5930s um a decent number of screenshots but
5932s the thing about it
5934s is that when he delivers a screenshot
5937s it's fantastic
5939s he has time and time again
5942s not
5943s like gone crazy with his shots but just
5945s delivered what he felt were really solid
5947s shots and they have been
5949s they have been
5950s and as such
5951s a little bit earlier today i just
5953s slapped galactic photographer on him as
5955s a badge like i i love the content he's
5957s been posting you guys have been loving
5958s the content he's been posting so bradley
5960s welcome to the galactic photographer
5962s crew
5962s keep it up you are delivering very
5965s specific very detail-oriented shots that
5968s are just delightful
5970s just delightful and we're gonna see i
5972s think nine shots from bradley today
5975s oh my gosh
5976s nine because there was like every single
5978s one it was like i have to show this i
5980s have to show this like
5982s it's ridiculous so very very good stuff
5984s this shot comes from kazaa and it looks
5986s like it's from like an action movie and
5988s i i dig it so much i love that shot the
5992s use of the depth of field and seeing
5994s this ship trying to get away it's like
5996s these little jokes like no i can make it
5998s it's just like ah
6000s there's there's a sequence to this it
6002s feels like it's a scene from a movie
6004s like it really does and uh i dig that
6007s i dig that greatly so very very cool
6012s oh my goodness so keep up that style of
6015s shots kazaa you are a galactic
6016s photographer so i don't need to apply it
6018s to you here's another one from bradley
6020s uh this one he's playing around with the
6022s silhouettes of ships and i think that
6025s this one uh deserves some pretty good
6028s praise because of the framing of it all
6030s okay like it's not just oh here's a
6033s a spaceship image on the side of an
6036s asteroid like he's taking great care and
6038s the positioning of like even the
6039s bordering effects these little red lines
6042s right and then we also have
6045s the missiles
6047s did you guys know that the missiles are
6048s just like hanging in between a
6050s vindicator did you know that it's
6052s it's crazy and when he shows this and
6055s you see like how the wings are designed
6057s like you get all those intricate little
6058s details that is an impressive capture of
6062s what's going on with this vessel and
6064s that's why i chose this one it's just
6065s it's really cleverly taken and i think
6068s it comes together so well
6070s very nice
6071s i see i look over and i see
6073s conversations about lan parties oh my
6075s goodness the number of lan parties i've
6077s been to it's insane the last land party
6079s i went to i was actually uh it was
6081s shortly after college i'd have been like
6084s 20
6086s 20 10's 2012's i went to a lan party in
6088s 2012. yeah okay it was awesome this
6092s probably wasn't necessary but it was
6094s amazing
6096s um yeah lan parties man crazy bring your
6099s own computer setups and everything and
6102s way too much heat in a single room of
6104s the house
6105s so good speaking of so good check out hi
6107s barf's uh shot hi barf
6110s sent us
6112s so many images i think i was actually
6115s stressed
6116s filtering pilfering through them
6120s it's like trying to like select all the
6121s screenshots like okay well now i have to
6123s evaluate this one to this one and this
6124s one and this one this one on this one
6126s and like doing this routine of like i i
6128s think that over the course like the last
6130s week there's easily like 60 to 70 shots
6133s from high barf alone you are a mad lad i
6136s love it because you do have some pretty
6137s solid shots in there and uh it makes me
6140s happy so this is one of those shots um
6142s looking onwards to see what's around the
6144s corner love those storytelling shots of
6146s course
6147s all the mountain dew for lamb parties
6149s gosh no i cannot stand mountain dew
6152s oh gosh
6154s i can't do it i can't do it more power
6155s to you guys and your
6157s impressive stomachs
6159s i can't do that that's not for me um are
6161s there any plans for other companions
6163s jumping in to help with fights uh at
6165s some point in time there was but those
6167s were secret plans and you don't know
6168s that i also didn't tell you that so uh
6172s there you go
6173s great question from kilton lynch
6176s we got another one any news movement for
6177s additional job types yes
6180s yeah there are going to be more uh job
6182s types for sure yeah uh can't crack into
6185s them yet because they some of them
6187s require
6189s oh that's so telling i can't tell you i
6191s can't tell you but there's more stuff
6192s for jobs
6194s i've told you too much oh my goodness
6197s thunder flame uh snuck into the discord
6200s i don't know how long they've been in i
6201s tried to get that information prior and
6203s i just didn't quite get there but i dig
6205s this shot i love the explosion i love
6207s the colors that are chosen here which is
6209s so very important we have an incredibly
6211s beautiful contrast between those oranges
6213s and blues you've heard michael talk
6215s about this all the time for me talk
6217s about it like you look at the ship and
6218s you're like but eric this ship is great
6220s but it's reflective so when you're
6222s squinting your eyes at this and you're
6224s looking at the colors that are popping
6226s you're actually seeing tons of blues and
6228s oranges uh that are mixed intermingling
6231s if you will on this entire format the
6234s depth of field makes that ship pop even
6236s further it's just an incredible shot it
6239s really is it's it's a very very well
6241s captured shot taking great care of all
6244s the colorations that are happening you
6245s don't really see any other colors other
6247s than orange and blue or variation of
6250s them like everything's within that color
6253s palette range
6254s you don't see a single green you don't
6256s see a single red like i said you don't
6258s see a single green and oh my gosh but
6260s my point is my point is there's a
6263s tremendous focus on what's happening
6264s here and it makes all of it stand out
6267s because of that powerful contrast anyway
6270s anyway
6271s moving right along we've got this shot
6274s from c dudson um he is he also slapped
6277s down so many shots from his streaming
6279s endeavor if you guys don't watch his
6280s streams y'all give him a little shout
6282s out he does stream the game a lot and
6283s he's pretty fun he's pretty enjoyable um
6286s definitely had a good time taking some
6288s photos and he was just like whoa when he
6289s saw this one he loves taking shots um
6292s and i don't know how many of you have
6294s seen this yet some of you might be like
6295s where's that at what in the world now
6297s there's some crazy stuff that's
6298s happening in the game and maybe there's
6300s going to be more stuff that is
6301s applicable
6302s to why it is
6304s perhaps
6305s maybe
6306s uh but yeah we're gonna go through a
6308s couple of the shots that i felt like he
6309s did a pretty good job this one was
6310s another one uh just nice and clean i
6313s love these environmental shots you guys
6315s know that i'm a sucker for it this is
6316s something that i could have like as a
6318s backdrop behind me as i'm doing this
6319s news feed for example it just makes it
6321s illuminates the most important things uh
6324s it's it's just pleasant it's just solid
6326s uh really really clean really really
6328s good and then we also had this one from
6330s him which is showing the illuminated
6332s cockpit uh love how the lights are so
6336s bright on this ship um i think that
6339s there's some additional illumination
6341s going on in this scene i can't quite put
6344s my finger on it because i don't think
6346s they glow like that
6348s i don't think they glow like that but
6350s it's really freaking cool and that's why
6352s i'm showing it
6355s so very very cool um another question
6357s from slarine tetson what's the
6358s relationship between the redeemers and
6360s the ancients why are they so obsessed
6362s with them uh well actually the um
6367s there's there's a very complicated
6369s storyline on that front which is not
6371s done being told
6372s so i'm not sure how much i can crack
6374s open on that front uh slorine um but in
6377s short
6378s do keep in mind
6381s that
6382s the
6383s redeemers
6384s uh
6385s showed up into the kite nebula
6388s and
6391s uh they weren't called redeemers uh you
6394s know prior they were probably called
6396s something else that's probably been
6398s really pushed if you take a little bit
6400s of a care and attention you know exactly
6401s their origin story um but like they
6404s started going basically mad uh and then
6408s because they went mad they started
6409s pulling others down um through all the
6412s ancient technologies and everything and
6414s they even captured a freaking warden
6415s right um
6417s so
6418s they're not buddy buddy with ancients
6421s they're they're not so
6423s i'll leave it at that the redeemers and
6424s the ancients they are not buddy buddy
6426s the redeemers for all intents and
6428s purposes they are a ancient
6431s uh ancient worshiping cult
6434s that's what we'll simplify it to that's
6436s the main thing you need to know and
6438s they're crazy the old car don't even
6439s like them because the oak are worshipped
6441s the ancients right but they
6444s they worship them correctly
6446s whereas the redeemers uh kind of like
6449s don't at all in the slightest so there
6452s you go
6453s that's that's as far as i can go with
6455s that without going across the line
6457s um all right next next image
6460s next image we got this one from
6463s dark chaos darkest does a great job with
6465s these scenic shots i'm always
6468s highlighting different locations and
6470s kind of like their aesthetic features
6472s um i feel like you could almost go back
6475s through dark chaos's shots and just make
6478s a storyboard based on where you've been
6481s by just plugging in these photos that
6483s he's taken it's really cool actually i
6486s really like
6487s how it uh he captures the
6490s locations as a whole
6492s um and i already forgot what location
6495s this is but i know it's in drake there
6497s you go uh but it's a great little shot
6499s it's a great little shot
6501s so well done
6503s to
6504s him
6506s next shot we've got in the line comes
6508s from bradley again i told you we were
6510s gonna have a lot
6513s speaks for itself up in your face
6515s getting ready to blast you probably
6519s very very cool shot
6522s i also think it's kind of uh interesting
6524s how like the depth of field affects
6527s everything here but then like the lines
6530s are so crisp
6532s that's probably a bug we should probably
6534s have that looked at but regardless
6538s it's pretty neat
6541s because also short answer solid maybe
6543s yeah that's yeah it's possibly maybe
6546s perhaps a chance i think
6551s but yeah i love these up close shots i
6553s love the depth of field i love the
6554s cockpit shots you guys know that ah
6557s it's so good it's so good and the detail
6559s on the drones is a pleasant surprise to
6561s see
6564s it's a pleasant surprise to see not a
6566s lot of people get up close and personal
6567s to the drunks where you can actually see
6568s the level of detail we've put into them
6569s that's a great shot
6572s delicious water is delicious
6574s all right
6575s next up we got high barf
6577s he's taking another look at an alien
6579s that he found like this is the head
6581s right here's the body and he said that
6582s the hands were like holding an artifact
6585s uh sure
6587s if that's what you're imagining
6589s i guess that it could be interpreted in
6591s such a way but i do like how he's like
6593s trying to capture what what i think is
6595s more appropriate is like yeah you know
6597s you have this alien right but
6599s who is he talking to who's this guy
6602s and what's with that what's with that
6604s face
6605s huh that's the real question
6608s who's this
6610s i need answers rockfish
6612s lore hit me come on
6614s where are my answers because that is
6616s some questionable character going on
6618s great great shot
6620s i love it
6623s we got another one from bradley who'd
6625s have thought oh my gosh
6627s look at this sexy photography look at it
6630s ah
6631s i dig it i think it's so much it's so
6633s clean it's so good
6637s ah
6638s i don't even need to describe it you
6639s just look at it and go that's a nice
6641s shot
6642s that's a nice shot ah
6645s this is so good
6648s so pleasant
6650s so pleasant
6651s let's keep moving on because i got lots
6653s of these oh my gosh we got another one
6654s from bradley he had several
6656s interpretations of this one is my face
6658s in the white goodness i'm not even
6659s looking at my face because i got so many
6660s freaking things pulled up yeah my face
6662s is totally the way check this one out
6663s see that see that ship right there
6665s that's a ship that is a ship that's
6667s flying
6668s in space
6670s close to this site i just described
6672s obvious things to you and i love the
6675s smoke coming out it almost looks like
6677s it's industrial even though it's
6678s probably an explosion uh but it really
6680s sets this tone it sets this theme it
6682s sets this story
6685s really come back to that so much don't i
6686s i really do because it's important in it
6690s speaks so loudly so great job once again
6694s oh my goodness i'll dig it
6697s then we've got this one which uh
6700s so spoiler not really a spoiler i almost
6703s streamed over space one today because i
6705s thought oh it'd be a nice change of pace
6707s there's not too much to show right now
6709s like next week we're probably gonna have
6710s a lot of stuff to show my goodness who
6712s said that um
6714s and like i was feeling like doing a
6715s hardcore one for aerospace one so i did
6718s off stream and it felt really good and i
6720s was like man i'd love to do that on
6721s stream maybe we'll have to do a little
6722s revisit thing uh whatever space two
6724s isn't at the forefront like maybe after
6726s every space two is released we could do
6727s like a side-by-side like comparison
6730s thing or walk through the story whatever
6732s but flori's been playing through it
6734s they've been having a blast
6736s i had a double take on this because i
6737s originally thought this was everspace
6739s too and then like from further
6741s inspection you can tell that that ship
6742s is 15 years old can't you just look at
6745s it that's dated
6747s day to day
6750s um but uh still uh floyd's got several
6753s shots that they'd captured from
6754s everspace one so we're going to be
6756s covering several of those you guys when
6759s you're when you're adding to the
6760s screenshots channel it's not under
6762s everspace it's intentionally under
6764s rockfish games like if it's anything
6766s related to rockfish gaming at all
6768s everspace one or two
6770s post it we love this stuff so much it's
6774s so good or maybe it is under everspace
6776s it's supposed to be everspace specific
6778s content but it can be ever space one or
6780s two anyway anyway i digress so this was
6782s a shot um that i felt like i needed to
6785s include because of the statement
6788s uh that was had pertaining to the shot
6790s uh crispy muffin was like this might be
6792s my new favorite so i want to let you
6794s guys judge
6795s do you think that this is a really good
6796s shot or do you think it sucks do you
6798s think this is awful and if you should
6800s feel ashamed
6804s no that's a really good shot but uh
6807s i think it's i think it's really solid i
6810s love the way that it's just flying out
6812s into open space i don't know why i was
6814s so dang savage there that was
6820s but no it's it's a solid shot i love it
6823s it's mid
6826s oh my gosh
6827s under airspace but the description says
6829s one and two yeah so everspace is like
6831s more of the branching franchise like it
6833s has to be everspace related
6835s uh but everspace one and two are both
6836s ever space related so yeah
6840s very very good there is still such a
6842s massive conversation going on over in
6844s youtube and i don't know if i want to
6845s intervene or not you guys keep on
6847s rocking it it's wonderful uh it's
6849s nothing that really pertains to every
6850s space too unfortunately so i'm just
6852s gonna keep talking about the stuff
6855s that's going on over here like flores
6856s fine work and everspace one oh what a
6858s great shot of this random galaxy that
6861s looks like it could potentially be the
6863s milky way but it wouldn't make sense if
6865s it was or maybe it would i don't know um
6868s but i love it i love it i love how close
6870s that looks
6872s um i love the spaceship like this is a
6874s part where we start getting into like
6876s the gamification of things we just
6877s thought this looked cool in the
6878s background so it slapped it in would
6880s this authentically be a visual you could
6882s have based on the location of this which
6885s is still technic like the dmz is
6887s technically still in the milky way
6889s galaxy like too many questions okay too
6892s many questions let's just leave that it
6894s looks cool so we put it in the game um
6896s and yeah it's a really nice scene i
6899s think this was one of those scenes that
6900s kind of wowed a lot of players because
6902s we see this screenshot taken a lot
6904s actually a lot of people post this and
6905s there's like they do the eye emoji with
6907s the hearts and the eyes right
6910s a lot of people love them
6911s so yeah
6913s next up again flory we keep rocking
6916s these everspace one screenshots um and
6920s for good reason like this is such an
6922s exciting space where you know that it's
6924s just like
6925s so much torment is going on you've got
6927s to make some quick decisions you got to
6929s figure out what's going to be best for
6930s you and your ship and your get the
6932s equipment that you have you know
6933s whatever um because it's a roguelike
6935s right and when you enter these
6938s like space storms these lightning storm
6940s areas they can burn your shields away
6943s like mean fast
6945s uh but at the same time they can also
6947s give you energy so the gunship loves
6949s these places since they don't have
6950s shields you're a gunship you sit in
6952s these locations you get infinite energy
6954s and you're just like yep that's me look
6956s at me take care of everything it's a
6957s benefit to the gunship um in this
6959s particular site but no other ships
6963s somebody's like wait it regenerates
6965s energy yeah sorry that's that is one of
6967s the effects in everspace one
6970s so uh yeah it does give you energy
6974s flory again
6976s with another ever space one shot
6982s can i just
6984s can i just say how good ever space one
6986s still looks to this day he's watching
6989s another streamer today
6991s [Music]
6992s revisiting everspace one because they
6994s hadn't in a while
6996s and they were just like they were just
6998s in awe they were just like i can't
6999s believe this game came out like five
7001s plus years ago
7003s that's crazy to me
7005s sometimes it's crazy for us to think
7007s about too and yet it still holds up
7009s really freaking well i think it does at
7010s least i think it does
7014s but of course i'll let you guys be the
7015s judge of that but these screenshots
7017s coming through sometimes i still get
7018s them confused between every space one
7020s and two because like the the level of
7022s detail and polish that resides obviously
7024s there are telling signs
7026s between the two but
7027s crazy
7029s it's crazy all right
7031s [Music]
7032s next up we've got a shot
7035s from crispy muffin
7037s this one i particularly liked because
7040s that narrative tone that it's setting
7043s you know a derelict spaceship that
7044s you're pilfering through
7046s finding if there's any anything of value
7048s maybe even you're trying to find
7049s survivors i don't know
7051s i don't know
7052s and uh
7053s i just love the way that that comes
7055s together it's great composition with the
7057s highlights from the light source and the
7058s darkness that you get just from the
7061s naturally cast shadow in these
7062s territories love the spaceship
7064s silhouette
7066s brings everything together full circle
7071s very very cool
7073s the planets in everspace one are a tree
7075s yeah we're really happy with how this
7076s came out
7078s we're really happy
7080s so it's good stuff
7086s i see a quick thing that i want to
7088s comment on from the the youtube
7089s discussion uh guys if any of you ever
7092s expects multiplayer to happen in
7094s everspace 2 which is or ever space one
7096s or two for that matter i'm just gonna
7098s nip that in the bud right now it's not
7100s gonna happen okay i wanna be super clear
7103s like let's get that expectation
7105s completely eliminated i just see some
7107s stuff that's kind of implying that it
7109s could happen it's not okay average space
7111s one and two have both been designed as a
7113s single player game in its entirety there
7116s was never
7117s any
7118s concept there was never any vision to
7121s have them become multiplayer games okay
7123s i just will be very super clear
7126s okay
7127s it's very super clear
7131s all right
7133s all right next up we've got uh dark
7136s chaos with a pretty chaotic shot
7140s where he's flying down on the zorillia
7142s home planet here got his beam lasers
7144s beaming uh and just the color palette
7147s that's being shown like i love these
7149s lights
7150s that are like paired up with the beam
7152s laser there's probably some something
7154s that's wrong with happening but i love
7155s the way that it's conveyed uh almost
7157s looks like it's like charging up on the
7158s sides of the the dashboard or something
7161s um
7162s and yeah just the presentation of this
7165s environment i think is done really well
7167s in conjunction with the cockpit
7169s so yeah pretty cool
7172s pretty cool
7177s another one from bradley
7179s yet another one and some of these that
7181s bradley did it's interesting because he
7183s wasn't 100 sure what his best shot was
7186s so he'd have like three different shots
7188s this happened on a couple other ones
7189s that we showed we had one where it's
7190s like here's one with the ship right here
7192s here's another one with the ship over
7193s here here's one with the sun over in
7195s this position and like just kind of like
7196s subtly changing things around he's like
7198s i'm not sure which composition i like
7200s the most it's
7202s it's crazy uh but each one was actually
7205s really nice in its own right um
7207s just bradley just keep it up man i just
7209s love the way these are coming together
7211s i just love the way that these are
7213s coming together oh my gosh i see a
7214s question what if we take everspace 2 to
7216s a lan party to play together do they
7217s still do lan parties in 2022
7220s breaking news ever space 2 is doing land
7222s support even though it's single player
7224s oh gosh that's why why would be the
7228s i get what you're saying i think that's
7230s funny i i uh man
7233s you know don't they have those like
7234s internet cafes where you basically go to
7236s a lan party
7238s don't they have those
7240s i know there's a place nearby where i
7242s live that's basically that you can you
7243s basically go in to pay to play video
7245s games on computer setup and you can like
7247s bring your friends and play together
7249s um all in the same room it's effectively
7251s like you're paying for a lan party
7253s so anyway i digress
7260s all right next up we've got this shot
7262s from spoot night
7263s uh
7264s wait is this spoon night
7266s yes this is spoon night yeah cause it's
7268s the spook mobile oh my goodness how
7270s could i not recognize that um just a
7272s nice nice clean look at his ship as he's
7274s flying through environments he had
7275s several of these
7276s i took this one away just because of the
7278s color palette it was something a little
7280s bit different versus some of the other
7281s ones like you know red red anyway
7285s uh i think it stands out i think it's
7287s nice i love your ship
7289s i tell you that all the time because i
7290s really do i think it's a great looking
7292s interceptor i can't wait for more
7294s details to be added to them uh so it's
7297s good stuff hybarf has another one i
7298s think this one stands out really well
7300s because of the coloration that's
7302s happening um that green coming up from
7304s the bottom almost looks like he's diving
7306s into like a poisonous pit or something
7309s really like that i really like that
7311s [Music]
7314s so really cool
7315s really really cool
7317s um and otherwise like
7319s that tone set of the green down below
7322s you know we could argue about like the
7324s other colors kind of like contrasting in
7326s interesting ways you know the oranges
7327s and the blues here but then you have
7329s that bright red light with the green so
7331s there's something still to this that's
7333s pretty pleasing and i just i felt like
7334s it stood out a lot so i wanted to
7336s highlight it here's one of i think
7338s hybarf's uh better shots i think um just
7341s way to capitalize on his ship
7344s using this perspective i love how he's
7347s using the um
7348s oh my gosh the prescott starbase
7350s insignia as well uh some people don't
7353s even know that you can collect that
7355s you gotta complete stuff guys if you
7356s wanna get all the special doohickeys um
7359s but i also love just the drones kind of
7362s lazily falling behind and uh the debris
7365s field the juxtaposition of
7368s uh you know the asteroids and the storm
7371s itself versus just open space i think
7373s there's a lot of elements done right
7375s here
7376s really cool stuff uh next one up we have
7378s another one from bradley who focused
7380s their silhouette entirely on the space
7382s station entirely on the space station
7386s nice clean environmental shot
7389s super cool i'm looking at the time i
7391s gotta keep cruising through these oh my
7394s goodness
7395s i got no time
7398s uh
7399s i lost my i lost my folder where'd my
7401s folder go folder come back to me
7404s there you are
7406s uh
7407s fast mode med bad underwater
7411s yummy jellies yay lots of photos with
7413s jelly med bed i love them i loved every
7415s single one of them forever i love my
7417s jellies they're super cute and
7419s delightful we got another one from high
7420s bar uh this one's also i think one of
7422s high bars uh better shots too
7425s and it comes down to the use of
7427s coloration uh that the depth of color
7430s here is really nice too you got very
7432s very warm in the middle and then you're
7434s branching out to cool with the ship
7436s enclosed in shadow except with that nice
7438s highlighted red
7440s very nice features on that one bradley
7442s posted this one somewhat recently we got
7445s him flying in front of braden grunt just
7446s a it's like a poster boy for like
7448s advertising brandon kron this could be
7450s you blah blah blah you know don't mind
7452s the coalition symbols on there just
7453s replace it with gmb and we got a solid
7455s retelling we got flory walking into a
7458s warp gate in everspace one and he's
7461s bruised he's battered he's probably
7463s bewildered a little bit maybe not them
7465s specifically but maybe adam is depending
7467s on what state in the game is happening
7469s here but love the way that this is just
7472s bridging everything together what a
7474s sight to see as you are
7476s trying to get through as far as you can
7479s oh man i hope you can buff out those
7480s scratches
7482s very very neat we got the chemical bro
7484s who's flying beside uh
7487s basically it's a it's a it's a loot ship
7490s you go grab them they give you something
7493s uh outside on the outskirts of lethal
7495s starport of the
7497s coalition home base uh great looking
7499s shot we got geekbyte who this is so
7502s trippy it looks like an eyeball
7504s oh i don't i don't like that i don't
7508s like it but i love it at the same time i
7510s love it so much but oh gosh i don't like
7513s it but i love it
7515s and now you have to not like but love it
7517s but don't like it too with me
7519s ah such a clever shot
7521s very well captured i it's staring into
7524s my soul do not want we got bradley again
7527s with another shot this one i think he
7528s even took today these last couple ones
7530s were today like right before the stream
7532s started um the one the reason why i
7534s chose this one honestly is because of
7535s this little effect right there
7537s seeing through the glass you can see
7539s everything like it feels realistic
7542s because of that
7543s it's like you're looking at a camera
7545s that took a legitimate shot
7547s at this ship that's actually flying you
7549s have the proper depth of food because
7550s it's focused on that dashboard this is
7552s cool that's really cool
7554s um we got crispy muffin uh not looking
7557s at explosions going on behind him i
7559s can't tell if he's friend or foe here it
7562s looks like
7563s that frigate is going down and it's not
7566s it either that or there was an outlaw
7568s that was really close by so i can't tell
7570s if he's being assistive
7572s or assistive if he's being beneficial or
7575s if he's been a hindrance
7576s uh to
7578s this uh party but i love it i love the
7580s shot i love the composition crispy
7582s muffin very well done and then the final
7584s shot comes from kazaa
7586s with uh flying really way too close to
7589s these lava puddles uh love the detail
7592s work on it though so i had to highlight
7594s it i'm also really digging your ship the
7596s zurelia painted colors on it looking
7598s pretty clean looking pretty good
7600s and that's everything that's all of it
7603s that's all the things that i have for
7604s you today uh
7606s so much
7607s um oh there was gonna be a link that i
7609s was gonna share maybe i can share it
7610s afterwards uh but for all intents and
7612s purposes that concludes
7615s the uh the stream guys so
7617s thank you everybody for coming out and
7619s asking questions i felt like we did a
7621s really really good job of bringing some
7624s thoughtful
7626s questions to the mix today so i really
7628s do appreciate that
7629s um
7631s i am trying to do a thing sorry all
7632s right there we go
7634s um but yeah
7636s so
7637s you've been awesome and i've been eric
7640s schroeder your community ambassador for
7642s rockfish games i got suddenly really
7644s excited ah
7645s don't stop being awesome and we'll catch
7647s you in the next stream next week and i
7650s can assure you that we're gonna have
7652s some more fun stuff
7654s to show and talk about so don't miss
7657s next week all right
7658s toodles
7669s my button's not working hey hang on a
7671s second hang on a second hang on perfect
7675s manual button pressing
7677s i love it
7679s amazing exit
7685s [Music]
7714s [Music]
7734s it's that after stream time
7737s where i tell you about everspace 2 and
7740s what you can do to support us
7742s because
7743s even if you are pinched for money
7746s we understand
7748s we play video games we have expenses in
7750s our lives we have to wear clothes and
7752s have to purchase them too if you suffer
7755s from having to wear clothes which we
7757s understand because you have to purchase
7758s it and you can't purchase a video game
7760s just know this you can wishlist us right
7763s now and
7765s we'll be informed whenever there is an
7767s update as well as when there's a sale if
7770s there's a sale and you purchase it you
7772s will in fact save money
7775s also keep in mind that when we hit that
7777s 1.0 release in 2023 first quarter
7781s it's gonna go up in price
7783s so
7784s if you take the necessary steps one
7787s wishlisting us to be informed on when
7790s stuff is happening two making a purchase
7793s when the stuff does in fact happen for a
7796s sale for example you will in fact three
7799s have purchased it at the most affordable
7801s rate possible
7803s prior to the 1.0 release and that
7805s support also helps us
7808s continue to develop and make things
7809s better who knows if we reach the right
7812s figures we'll keep working on everspace
7814s too for
7815s a little bit longer and have multiple
7817s dlcs i don't know it's possible my point
7820s is money there you go hope that you
7822s enjoyed that guys my wife needs to go i
7826s need to go you probably need to go don't
7828s have an accident in your chair
7830s and uh well yeah that's all i got so
7833s yeah no no beatboxing today my throat's
7835s in a rough spot per usual i feel like
7837s this is a normal thing that's happening
7839s now
7840s gosh goodness gravy but don't worry
7842s we'll beat box again in the future
7845s it'll be fun
7847s i hope
7851s [Music]
7862s man why did i talk about clothes again
7864s what
7876s so
7880s [Music]
7890s you