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Transcript (by Youtube)

6s greetings Pilots we've reached the sixth
9s and final major Early Access content
12s update for everspace 2 and with full
14s release just over the horizon it's time
16s to bring out our in-game for version 1.0
20s through the help of one of your
22s companions you'll be able to stabilize
24s ancient energies and open a portal
27s once inside you must face a barrage of
30s Fighters consumed by Madness
35s entering a rift will lock your Loadout
38s and once inside your game difficulty is
41s disregarded instead lunacy influences
44s the power of your enemies to the
46s detriment or benefit of Rewards
53s now that you're prepared buckle up
57s time to take the dive
60s [Music]
64s brace yourself as your ship is exposed
66s to forces beyond your control draining
69s your resolve
70s should it fall to zero your ship will be
74s pulled to safety but you'll be leaving
76s empty-handed determined Pilots must
79s confront these forces to survive succeed
82s in New Paths reaching deeper into the
84s rift will form each with a unique
87s challenge
88s which will you choose
90s outlasting them all pits Pilots against
93s the rift boss defy its Authority and
96s collapse the rift in its wake the
98s physical remnants of your
100s extra-dimensional Conquest remain
102s [Music]
104s your Loadout just got upgrades
107s we can't wait for you to try the First
109s new legendary items and with new gear
112s like the front Shield generator and
113s cruise missile you'll be well equipped
116s for the increasing challenges and
117s advanced enemies appearing across the
120s DMZ
122s opportunities continue to grow as well
125s additional job types side missions
127s distress calls and more have been added
130s to build your Renown across the Stars
134s we've continued refining the UI
136s designing new icons and adding quality
139s of life features along with the rework
141s to level scaling and hey you should try
144s your piloting techniques through the
145s races
147s so spool up those engines strap in and
149s launch into the sixth and final Early
151s Access update of everspace 2.
155s we have more planned including the last
157s Act of the story another star system one
160s more companion additional side missions
162s and activities tier 4 player ships the
163s list keeps going so your final
165s opportunity to get your feedback in is
167s right now don't stop being awesome and
170s take care out there Pilots