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3s foreign
15s [Music]
24s [Music]
32s is in fact connected to everybody
34s Welcome YouTube
36s welcome twitch
38s welcome Steam on the homepage of the
42s everspace everspace 2 home page
45s that's right we always stream over there
47s I know I know it doesn't seem like we do
49s maybe YouTube and twitch think that you
51s guys are the only ones but no we also
53s stream over to the steam homepage
56s so uh yeah
58s welcome welcome
59s we'll be getting started here in just a
61s few minutes I am so sorry for our
64s European fellows and the time change
67s difference it's it's silly it's gonna
70s affect us this week
72s um next week we're actually uh we'll
74s have I have information about next week
76s uh not gonna be surprising at all
79s and then we'll be back up the week after
81s that which will be one week before full
83s release oh my God
86s nuts
87s [Music]
106s thank you
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144s [Music]
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156s thank you
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194s all right
198s I'm so sorry that's so close to the mic
201s I even planned on never doing that again
203s and here I am slapping my hands rip
205s headphone users welcome ladies and
207s gentlemen's the official Rockfish games
209s stream I am your host and your guide
212s Eric Schroeder the community Ambassador
214s for Rockfish games the creators of
217s everspace and overspace 2. I will be
219s guiding you through yet another Game Dev
222s Community stream that we answer your
224s questions live and service you uh per
227s usual we are 20 days out
230s from full release
232s whoo
234s my goodness 20 days out from the full
237s release that is it's like incredibly
240s exciting and terrifying from our
242s perspective right now there's still a
244s lot of stuff that we've got to get done
245s but we have been making some pretty
247s brilliant progress so you may see some
250s of those tweaks and nuances here and
252s there as I'm going through this game if
255s I catch them I'll Point them out to you
257s but otherwise we are picking right up
259s where we left off from geekbite from
261s last week
262s granted I do think that I completed that
264s side mission chain that he was trying to
266s get through uh but then we are heading
268s back over to Prescott continuing Maddox
270s Mission uh other things that we are
272s going to be talking about this stream
273s just wanted to cover some uh actually
276s let's start with it let's start with it
278s we'll also finish with it that way
279s everybody knows we will be at GDC and
283s PAX East very soon like right around the
287s corner literally okay so um GDC it's
290s gonna have a small pocket of individuals
291s Pax eska small pocketed individuals we
293s got two teams going if you are over at
296s PAX East our booth number is 12-0
300s 52 I think is that right I completely
303s set off memory by the way I have to
304s check I have to check
307s um here I know I know a way we can check
309s hang on a second let's watch this
311s Dax that body we just found
316s when I saw it it felt like that was
318s still me in there
322s your DNA scan sure that you're a
324s military clone pilot no wonder you'd
326s bettered my predecessor and what if I
329s broadcast your profile you may not like
332s who will come looking for me
335s hundreds of loose cannons like you
337s roaming the region and causing problems
339s something had to be done about it
345s there's something of Great Value in the
346s DMZ
349s one big easy job
352s you might take it out of here
354s [Music]
360s [Music]
363s they call themselves ocar Prime any
367s opportunity to trigger a new war will
370s suit their purposes perfectly
373s it is time to be clear about your
375s allegiances we can leave you in peace or
378s I can put you and your companions on a
381s high priority eliminate list
384s which will it be
386s you don't understand what's at stake
390s so
391s are you in
398s I'm still trying to figure you out Adam
400s it's clear you're running from something
401s I can't help what I am all I cared about
405s the Star Wars getting out of the DMZ
407s there's no going back now
415s things are looking up hive
417s I think I see light at the end of the
419s tunnel
420s so soon
425s all right
429s dang it I had it wrong
434s 12025 oh my goodness
436s oh my goodness
439s I was close enough right
441s close enough all right 12025 and no
444s there aren't over 12 000 uh booths over
447s at PAX East anybody wondering I saw that
449s in chat no no that's not how it works
451s the various numbers indicate certain
452s very specific details uh but yeah uh if
456s you do get yourself a hold of a map or
458s have heard other individuals talking
459s about it we're kind of like if you're
461s looking straight at the map we're like
463s in the lower right side right next to
466s some other big name folks but that's
469s okay we'll just draw their attention
470s away from them so that's how it works so
473s it'll be it'll be great but I will be
475s there geekbite will be there we have
477s another individual from Rockfish who
478s will be there as well so you can come
480s shake my hand and be incredibly
482s intimidated by how tall I actually am
485s all right all that out of the way we are
488s now going to truly get into our save
490s file a pickup or a geekbite left off and
493s away we go if you guys have any
494s questions at all through any of this ask
497s we are very transparent development team
500s we got 20 days left so if you want to
502s know something now is the time to sneak
505s that question in so that we can provide
507s those added details
509s cool I also think that I'm in a
512s combat location I think that's where I
514s saved so I've been practicing my bomber
517s skills since um
520s well I haven't been the best at it all
522s right so this is the place okay yeah
525s on these guys so um a couple couple
527s things that I wanted to point out I have
530s recently learned that uh the bomber
535s has a pretty good ultimate and I'm gonna
537s start using the ultimate and also the
541s bomber has this ability to wear your
542s secondaries are cost in energy instead
545s of uh quantity so I'm gonna actually use
548s my secondaries just some just some Pro
551s gamer tips I'm giving you guys I know
553s you haven't seen me do it yet but uh
555s that's that's the way that this is going
557s to go down
559s oh that's a new sound
563s that's a new Sound by the way let's just
566s Maybe not maybe not okay hang on a
568s second we need to oh that's in a
571s Tormentor oh gosh okay all right hang on
574s oh my goodness gravy hang on a second we
577s need to restart everything is in
580s shambles everything looks terrible
583s everything is awful
587s let's just start clearing things out a
588s little bit yeah
590s I said I was going to oh yeah we're
592s totally done
595s yeah this Tormentor uh definitely was a
599s problem for us getting right in here
602s also this other Elite right behind us
604s yeah big big problems big problems all
607s right we're gonna we're gonna start that
608s over and we're gonna do it the correct
610s way now
612s but that that noise you hear you hear
614s that noise that is the sound of a
616s missile silo as opposed to a missile
619s turret there is a big difference and the
622s main difference is the pain that it
625s induces a lot of our veteran Aerospace
627s one players are going to know the uh the
632s very stark contrast of audio that is
635s present there and we have just satisfied
639s that audio noise uh in everspace too
642s with that chime of death and destruction
645s if you do not handle yourself
657s incredible when we use our secondaries
659s how it comes together also when we don't
661s rush directly into a base makes the
664s world of difference yeah
666s my goodness
669s I I really want to just yeah let's just
673s right there seems good we're just gonna
675s do that
687s oh look at all the things getting ticked
689s off the face that we've destroyed
690s suddenly oh my gosh that's beautiful
696s probably should have started with the
698s destabilization
704s all right
707s yeah this is going uh much better
710s wow we we really cleaned up that base
712s hard didn't we
718s excellent so um just to kind of go over
720s a couple of the things that have changed
722s since the last run through
724s um I did a bunch of jobs so if you look
726s at my Renown for example we've we've
728s increased it up to here
731s um so yeah we're getting somewhat ish
733s close to professional
734s somewhat-ish our inventory has been
737s mostly the same I've just been getting a
739s couple of jujury 13 elements here uh to
742s try and uh stock things up in our favor
746s but I also got this calibrated Prime
747s zapper and it's been chef's kiss so I'm
749s keeping it
750s and uh yeah I'm I am playing on very
753s hard yes I don't know why I do this to
755s myself but I enjoy it it's it's like my
758s favorite thing to do in most games
760s they're like oh yeah this is the
761s recommended play level and I'm like nah
765s and I just throw myself into the chaos
771s all right let's see if we can uh
774s actually you know what let's just
775s scorpion missile this guy I don't even
777s want to deal with the bombs
779s just get wrecked
782s yeah just have a really big shield and I
785s don't want to deal with it oh did he not
786s die excuse me sir
789s all right now hang on a second I don't
791s like where this is going
792s you come with me that's right
798s we do not want to get overwhelmed here
799s that is our downfall
811s okay okay
816s so sluggish in this ship
819s okay we just have two turrets left
822s and then the base is secure then we'll
825s have to fight a little bus just a little
827s scrub
830s drone
833s should have been a one shot
837s and an out Lobster man I can't believe
840s we actually hit everything else on the
841s base normally you have to kind of do a
843s little bit of flying around searching
845s for things I was gonna show you uh how
847s we've adjusted whenever you have just a
849s couple items left
850s because when you do now it will actually
852s highlight the location of the last
855s elements that are coming oh my gosh go
858s away
860s um it'll highlight the last elements
861s that you have remaining
864s Proto Scouts man
866s they are not messing around
868s and I really don't want to mess oh my
870s gosh
879s knock it off
885s thank you
888s oh it's so tight
891s this is uh not looking super great for
893s us
899s I wasn't enraged are you kidding me
903s great signature is fine here you go
908s this is this is not this is not a good
910s position to be in at all uh but we
912s didn't finish the job so that's that's
915s something at least
916s please die please please please thank
919s you
921s sometimes all you need is half a pixel
923s of Health
925s that's all that's all we really needed
928s job's complete no problems whatsoever
931s nope not a single one
935s all right let's scoop up this stuff kind
937s of uh away from those
939s um mines and then we're gonna head over
941s to Prescott where we're going to repair
943s our dying ship
945s it's uh it's not looking too hot
949s no I don't want to pop g at the very end
951s there I don't think that would have been
952s an effective strategy I probably would
953s have killed myself more than the
955s opponents so uh yeah
957s all right
960s there we go here we go oh um and as I
963s mentioned we did kind of pick up where
965s geekbite left off a little bit so the
966s signal tracing or whatever it's called
968s uh let's let's look at the official name
970s data fishing I'm going to be turning
972s that in I just completed that one and
974s then I was on my way back to hit that
976s base that job
977s for Cato so I'm going to turn this stuff
980s in then we'll talk to uh the next steps
985s I am not seeing any um
987s any frame drops or anything but if you
990s guys do happen to see anything going on
992s let me know and I will uh very quickly
995s adjust what I can
997s oh my God
1000s all right let's um
1006s oh my goodness that was uh that was
1010s definitely a thing that just happened
1015s perfect timing
1022s all right so we're gonna sneak on into
1025s the freelancer hanger to finish up data
1027s fishing
1028s there you go 3.86 quintilobytes of
1031s random data
1033s I do hope your client can find Value in
1035s binge drinking videos that is up to them
1038s to decide
1041s I'm very glad that I can finally show
1043s them something at all
1045s sounds like you had this assignment
1046s lying around for a while now
1048s that is true
1049s frankly
1051s the first one who made it back alive
1053s let me check the Integrity of the files
1056s you should never have taken the
1057s assignment sending contractors to their
1059s Doom for something this vague doesn't
1061s seem right to me
1062s if it was any other clients I would
1064s agree
1065s people like this you don't say no
1068s well packages look fine
1071s here's your payments I guess you don't
1073s want to elaborate on your client's
1075s identity no
1077s but now that you've proven yourself you
1079s may find out soon enough I'll call you
1082s if something new comes up all right see
1085s ya
1087s beautiful
1089s I'm seeing some conversation surrounding
1093s some various elements and uh uh
1095s definitely keep up with the conversation
1097s surrounding basically anything you want
1098s but do remember our focal point here as
1101s always is everspace 2 related questions
1104s and answers and about our 20 days left
1106s of development uh goodness gravy it's
1109s getting it's getting so close
1111s and uh so yeah now that we turn in that
1113s mission I want to fly around to oh wait
1116s no it would be this Hangar whoops no I
1118s wanna I wanna dock here
1120s yeah I want to look at the other ship
1122s options to see if maybe we should swap
1124s since I'm not the best in the bomber
1127s what else we have we have oh we have
1129s tier threes now
1131s okay but they're too expensive so are
1133s the tier twos
1134s but how expensive are they how expensive
1137s ah we're we're like
1139s 12K away all right we'll keep our bomber
1142s for now
1143s we'll keep the bomber for now
1147s and uh but I do think we're gonna sell
1150s some of our stuff
1151s um I've been scrapping a lot of things
1153s but I do want more funds so let's just
1156s go ahead and highlights
1160s a lot of these things that we're just
1162s gonna we're just gonna sell them we're
1164s just gonna sell them
1166s way too many energy boosters
1173s and only mining equipment we'll go ahead
1175s and sell that too
1177s that could sell for a decent amount so
1180s that's five thousand still a bit short I
1183s want to hang on to these Commodities
1184s because I want them to be more valuable
1186s because like look at this one this sells
1188s for two thousand but if we can get to
1190s the right spot I mean we're going to be
1192s we're gonna have so much more and we
1193s have some decent space so we're gonna
1195s hang on to that
1197s signal decoder for 1.5 yeah we're also
1202s gonna actually know we're gonna sell
1203s that
1204s we are also going to sell that okay
1209s back into the wall
1212s back into the wild
1215s so next up is going on over to Cato
1219s Palace to turn in a job
1221s as well as
1224s I guess this is also going to kind of
1225s trigger the talent acquisition a little
1226s bit further and then we will uh
1229s then we'll officially be going after
1230s Maddox oh my gosh so many things that I
1233s needed to tidy up
1235s welcome back Mr Roslyn Mr Cato with like
1238s a moment of your time if you'll wait
1240s just a moment
1241s sometimes I don't have to deal with that
1243s jerk tell Uncle gay I've got it toots
1246s so I did some favors from the job board
1248s what's next hey now no need to get testy
1252s I've got good news for you Mr Cato is
1255s pleased with your recent work
1257s why can't he tell me himself he doesn't
1260s have time to personally deal with every
1261s Hot Shot who floats our way but he has
1264s asked for you to handle something that
1266s requires a little more discretion and
1269s compensates correspondingly I'm
1271s listening
1272s a simple task retrieval of a valuable
1276s asset
1277s what is it not it she codenamed
1281s Clockwork and the best damn safe cracker
1283s in a business okay so when you say
1286s discretion you obviously want this asset
1288s to remain on the hush
1290s Lee
1292s authorities are interested in her
1294s whereabouts
1295s he poached from the wrong dirty aliens
1297s she's been hiding out but our sources
1299s say they're getting close
1302s don't you have a way to warn her she
1304s shut down long-range comms to avoid
1306s detection
1307s I'm not so sure I want to start messing
1309s with the oakheart authorities
1311s it's an in and out job if you're fast
1313s enough you should get there before them
1315s we need you because you're shipping tied
1317s to our organization
1319s I don't regret this at the first sign of
1321s trouble I'll bail
1323s it won't come to that like I said it's
1326s in and out
1328s sure all right
1333s all right as you can see I still have my
1336s uh Dove ability to see way too many jobs
1338s but uh don't mind that
1342s we are going to go ahead and launch out
1345s of here
1346s and I think what we're also going to do
1348s actually wait did I see an orange
1349s commercial
1352s s
1358s he said in and out let's find this code
1361s name Clockwork and make the extraction
1364s because I'm actually awfully close to
1366s buying that Interceptor I think I'm just
1367s going to sell stuff to to basically get
1369s it okay yeah solar panels look at that
1371s beautiful
1373s um and you know we could hang on to the
1375s medicine to make a better profit
1377s elsewhere actually a much better profit
1378s but this is going to be good enough
1379s we'll go back buy that I think an
1381s interceptor
1384s because that's going to be a nice
1385s improvement over where we are currently
1387s at
1393s not that the bomber isn't a good ship it
1395s really is
1396s in the right hands
1400s I have been getting better a little bit
1403s all right let's find this
1406s interceptor
1408s I I am a fan of the way that one looks
1410s too
1411s that is a nice build
1419s ironically the stats don't look as uh as
1422s convincing as I would like them to be
1424s that this is going to be a solid
1426s purchase but the maneuverability that
1428s handling is huge and I think that's
1430s going to make the big difference for me
1431s in particular
1432s so we're going to go ahead and buy and
1434s sell our bomber see you later bomber
1437s you've been good to us
1447s now with our new ship we of course have
1449s to customize it just a little bit and we
1451s also have a fourth weapon slot oh that's
1453s so good
1458s corrosion injector or Annihilator virus
1461s hmm
1463s or nanotransmitter that could also be
1464s good or maneuverability that could also
1467s be smart
1468s let's do that actually Let's do let's do
1470s energize boost
1476s we are going to do high pressure because
1478s who doesn't like ramming speed
1481s and check our inventory we will need to
1484s apply one new primary eventually we
1487s don't have any money to purchase one
1488s though so we'll have to just find one
1491s but uh yeah should be should leave
1494s fairly good now if I remember yeah our
1496s destabilizers do Auto fire
1499s so we want to have that one effectively
1502s equipped oh we didn't customize the ship
1503s look it's fine we'll we'll keep this for
1505s now
1507s we'll keep this for now and then we'll
1508s customize the next time we dock some
1510s more
1515s customize the next time we do explore
1518s all right so we need to go over here
1540s I've been doing a lot of unknown signals
1544s over the course the last two weeks
1549s they are fun I do enjoy them I've also
1551s really been enjoying I know that this
1553s isn't something you have available yet
1554s let me see if it actually happened
1557s uh yeah what's been also really Pleasant
1560s in our current build and I think that
1561s you guys are going to appreciate this so
1563s much is these jobs that pop up in the
1565s middle of your super lighting they just
1568s pop up random location and somebody's
1570s like hey please help us and you can
1571s accept that job right now while you're
1574s just flying turn around and do it you'll
1576s get paid like it's a job but you didn't
1577s have to pick it up from job board it's
1579s rather convenient I've been uh
1581s discovering that I like picking up the
1583s jobs like this because then it's just
1584s kind of like on my way I don't have to
1586s like go back to a station or anything
1587s like that
1589s for me it works pretty well
1592s [Music]
1595s think that you're gonna like that too
1598s is it a dynamic Mission type ah
1602s not sure how you would properly describe
1604s it but all of the different jobs are we
1607s we tried to make them varied and their
1609s opportunities and their challenges so
1611s some people might enjoy certain jobs
1613s over others
1615s but there's a little bit of everything
1625s because there's a space station over
1627s there my sentences detect nothing
1637s okay I don't like where this is going
1639s where what is going
1650s all right I need you to focus run your
1653s sensors again what is this place
1655s mostly it's just smoke and mirrors all
1659s it takes is a wave of my hand
1662s my senses are overclocking and it's gone
1666s you may call me Fallon Pango how can I
1670s help you Adam cut the ACT don't mess
1672s with my ship and how the hell do you
1674s know about me the secrets go in the DMZ
1677s yours is not a very big one
1680s just take the colonial Fleet that can't
1683s post warrants for you since no one is
1685s supposed to know that you exist but they
1687s still talk about you a lot
1689s that doesn't answer my question
1691s you could say that I simply like to
1694s listen to The Waves passing through the
1696s ether while I tinker away on my devices
1700s you can't just turn on the radio and
1701s tune into encrypted Fleet talk there's
1703s some kind of hacker
1705s who else knows about me that depends on
1708s why you've come to see me all the way
1710s out here
1711s I'm looking for a material encrypter
1714s for whom
1715s can't say Tit for Tat nicely done
1720s I can offer you a version for 20 credits
1723s the other for 2 million both do exactly
1727s the same then what's the difference the
1730s cheap one is sponsored by a third party
1732s provider
1733s premium price is exactly what it would
1736s cost without the sponsorship
1738s I am not buying the one for two mil
1740s of course I'll just remove it from my
1743s Loadout then
1745s all right
1747s all we have to do is buy this incredibly
1749s cheap 20 credit material encrypter and
1752s away we go no problem right
1754s no problem whatsoever oh medicine sells
1756s a little bit higher over here
1758s that's fine this is the hardware module
1761s the drivers are transferred directly to
1763s your ship thanks for doing business
1766s my pleasure take care Adam
1770s wonderful and just a quick style change
1773s I think uh
1776s real quick we could go back to the same
1778s colors we used on our bomber but I want
1781s to just do just
1783s let's just have a little bit of fun
1784s because you know we have we have a
1786s number of things we unlock some new
1788s colors as well since last time
1791s let's go this more creamy color the
1793s Stardust
1795s and let's highlight let's highlight
1797s green we've got like this kind of
1799s poisonous build going on so maybe we
1801s should do that here let's do this
1809s I'm gonna go like that a little bit more
1811s window tint we do have a green oh nice
1814s Ah that's that's what I like to see
1817s right there uh engine colors do we have
1819s a green yes oh my goodness it's all
1822s coming together
1823s we even have this subtle green to oh all
1826s right we're gonna do the main green as
1828s our main thrusters and the booster is
1830s going to be that nice bright oh yeah oh
1833s my gosh that came together way too
1835s easily what in the world okay uh last
1839s last but not least let's add a little
1841s decal here
1842s here let's do our veteran status
1844s uh we'll do uh let's see let's keep
1847s let's keep the logo
1849s sort of you know accessible here we'll
1852s just kind of
1856s go like that I think and then the text
1859s let's see
1870s it's a little off-putting honestly
1872s that's better
1873s we'll go we'll go with that it's fine
1875s right it's fine it works
1879s it works
1881s I know I have a couple ship modules oh
1883s my gosh do I I have I have lots of ship
1885s modules okay
1887s except I don't have any Wings unlocked
1889s okay nice
1892s but we are gonna go ahead and keep what
1893s we have we're gonna keep what we have I
1896s quite enjoy it so very good
1898s we got some uh we got a nice splash of
1901s corrosion mines and Scorpion missiles so
1903s I think it it's a nice appealing
1906s corrosive ship nice theming oh yeah okay
1910s I'm very happy with this all right let's
1912s take this in crypto automatics with no
1915s problems in the way
1917s tired of being picked on then why not
1920s treat yourself to a salve or pulse 9000.
1924s salver Armament group because even a
1927s loser deserves a good laser what was
1930s that the signal is emanating from my own
1934s systems
1935s serves me right for buying cheap scrap
1937s from a hacker I am running Diagnostics
1940s attempt jumping again
1947s ouch my teeth sorry kid but you've got
1950s cavities
1952s oh again
1953s but don't worry try foot next
1957s footnax hand lotion your teeth deserve
1960s it the message is are triggered by the
1962s new software
1964s can you disable them not without
1966s deleting the entire package and
1968s rendering the encryptor useless I need
1970s to have another word with that Fallon
1972s Pango guy
1974s all right back to the station we go
1981s crypter came with ads
1982s as I said
1987s and sell it for such a low price if you
1990s cannot pay you either have to live with
1992s the commercials or find a replacement
1995s what kind of replacement are we talking
1997s about
1998s the very old one
2000s if you feel adventurous you can go to
2003s these coordinates you will immediately
2004s know what I want when you see it
2007s in the meantime I'll remove the cheap
2010s module from your ship guess I have no
2012s other choice
2014s I should probably get a more energy
2018s based weapon before I go I'm not sure
2022s the calibrated Prime zapper is going to
2023s cut it
2026s but we're gonna try
2028s maybe we'll have a pit stop along the
2030s way and pick something up
2032s and guys I am not avoiding questions if
2034s you guys are wondering keep on asking
2037s geekbite is in the chat and he's
2039s cataloging them and then we are going to
2041s have a section here pretty soon actually
2042s in just a moment
2044s actually we can get started right now
2045s where I'm gonna be answering the
2047s questions that have been cataloged so
2048s geek bite go ahead and join me let's
2051s start answering some of these questions
2052s as I start traveling across super lights
2058s well well I'm right
2060s you lined up by you um
2064s first up from Christoph saligo over on
2066s YouTube
2067s um do you plan to start the game at the
2070s same time for all regions or are many
2072s players going to move to Australia to
2074s room 1.0 early the game should be
2077s launched at the exact same time across
2080s the world so it's a great question uh
2082s all of our other releases which have
2085s literally been won uh did that same
2087s thing so uh pretty confident of that now
2090s if you are speaking on the front of
2092s consoles we do have separate launch
2094s schedule for the PC slash Max Linux
2098s versus uh like the full optimization for
2102s the steam dock which we are hoping is
2103s going to be as close as possible to 1.0
2105s uh but you'd still be able to like have
2107s it on the steam deck but it's not going
2109s to be like fully optimized possibly and
2111s then we have consoles which are coming
2112s out in the summer uh so that's kind of
2115s how that's all going to be diluted it's
2117s it's uh but yeah whenever like the
2119s official hey the game is available now
2121s wherever you're at in the world it's
2123s available now now
2127s cool
2130s all right
2132s um Brian Brown over on YouTube as well
2134s uh with the 1.0 release uh finishing the
2137s story is the main goal is there any
2139s chance to get more story law in the
2141s future DLC like there was done with
2143s everspace fun I would be disappointed
2146s with my team if we didn't
2152s it's a playful question I can't answer
2153s it further than that though so we
2155s definitely want to expand the world and
2157s the characters and you know everything
2158s as much as we can so even if it's not
2160s like the mainline story and adding on to
2163s that which I don't think would be very
2164s fruitful as DLC
2166s um yeah I mean I think you can certainly
2168s expect more lore to enter the picture
2170s when we get to that uh the DLC by the
2172s way for anybody wondering is scheduled
2174s to come out in 2024 about mid 2024 so
2179s yeah
2180s as of right now
2184s answer right uh Pokemon spark has got a
2188s couple of things lined up in one
2190s question here over on YouTube
2192s um AMD FSR 2.0 is it coming to the game
2198s uh FSR 2.0
2201s gosh oh man this technical question I've
2204s seen it so many times I get confused
2205s because there's some that are like 1.0
2207s and then there's 2.0 and 2.1 and 3.0
2210s um I know in most of the sort of
2211s technical elements on that front we are
2214s doing like the 2.0s and the 2.1s but the
2217s 3.0s are not where we are going so man
2221s that sounds like almost kind of shady in
2223s how I'm responding to that because I'm
2225s not answering it completely direct
2227s um and Michael if you are in the chat if
2229s you can provide that quick added Clarity
2231s I would appreciate it but um pretty sure
2233s FSR 2.0 is
2235s but uh yeah just look at the options
2239s says igmar oh my gosh oh my goodness
2243s let's look at the options we have uh we
2246s have our renderer okay hang on a second
2249s how do I how do I access my render
2252s upscale oh dlss quality mode quality
2255s balance performance Ultra performance
2256s good beautiful uh we have our AI
2259s upscaler FSR uh oh FSR is the 2.1 that's
2264s the one
2267s yep so there there you go
2269s thanks eggmark we'll just uh show this
2271s all hopefully Michael's okay with it
2273s even though he didn't approve it I'm
2274s sure it'll be fine
2277s but I've been running on these streams
2279s the dlss AT Quality
2283s so uh yeah oh my gosh my head's been in
2286s the way the entire oh my
2287s goodness great oh my gosh okay all right
2291s let's try this all one more time AI
2294s upscale we have dlss
2296s we have FSR 1.0 and 2.1.1
2300s goodness gravy and then we have like the
2303s FSR temporal upstairs quality and you
2306s can do all these things
2307s as well
2309s and for Sega stream let's just let's go
2311s to Performance maybe now we'll do
2313s balance
2315s we'll adjust that
2317s yeah and uh now I remember why I can't
2319s change the renderer because that's
2320s DirectX 11 the way to change that is by
2322s exiting the game and restarting it uh
2325s yeah so yeah I'd also run it in DirectX
2328s 11 because for me where the games
2330s currently in development uh with 20 days
2333s out uh Drive Max 11 is a little bit
2335s smoother performance for myself uh there
2338s are individuals on the team who have
2339s been running it in DirectX 12 and say
2341s that that's a little bit smoother so I
2342s think it's going to kind of come down to
2343s system specs and whatnot but uh yeah
2345s anyway there's bunch of information
2348s there we go
2351s thanks eggmar I do appreciate that
2356s right uh just to continue on pulkins
2358s question
2360s um they're wondering are there any plans
2362s or for bringing back every space one the
2364s official soundtrack and if we could
2366s possibly have some ambient soundtrack
2368s and combat sound track separately
2371s there's not any plans to bring the
2373s Aerospace one soundtrack into everspace
2375s 2. I mean it's certainly something that
2377s could happen
2378s um but it's it's not in the plans like
2381s it's that's we don't we don't want to do
2383s that we want everspace one to be that
2386s and it's music and we want everspace two
2388s to be this and it's music they are
2391s different games
2392s yes the story and the lore is all bound
2394s together but gameplay experience wise
2396s like any veterans out there have
2398s Aerospace one can tell you quite
2399s immediately they are different games and
2402s so the music also has been catered
2404s accordingly to those differences this
2406s audio is an important aspect of game
2409s design ah
2410s ah who the
2412s all right
2415s excellent right uh Christoph saliga
2418s again over on YouTube uh do you have
2421s said the same save games in Steam
2423s version and The Game Pass OR is the
2425s windows game system format will not work
2428s with steam and steam with Game Pass it's
2430s just basically asking but if there's any
2431s compatibility between the two so it's a
2434s bit of a technical question but it's
2435s also a technical question that I'd defer
2437s to igmar if he wants to answer that
2439s um to my understanding I know that we
2441s have like subtle delays whenever we're
2443s updating like The Game Pass side of
2446s things so my guess is that there is a
2448s difference
2450s um but whenever we do have those updates
2452s and whatnot uh it's a very short delay
2457s um normally like a couple of days at
2460s worst maybe a week
2462s but hopefully that's changed a little
2464s bit more in fact we've improved that a
2465s little bit more over time because it
2467s used to be like we had like a month
2468s delay that was awful
2470s so but yeah and the same thing kind of
2473s applies to like the
2475s um the uh good old games as well like
2478s generally speaking those updates also
2480s kind of get a slight delay in them
2483s um but the games themselves cannot be
2487s swapped specifically from Steam uh to
2492s the Game Pass version uh there are
2495s individuals who have managed to do so
2496s igmar tells us and there's a thread in
2498s the steam forms about it so thank you
2502s for that added little context igmar and
2504s thank you for the question as well it's
2506s beautiful
2507s all right
2509s last one for the time being at T3 Cube
2512s on Twitch a question about future
2514s content post 1.0 uh currently you guys
2517s are promoting a new save for 1.0 due to
2520s the amount of new content with the
2522s release for the content you guys have
2524s missed will players also experience the
2527s same in regards to having progressed in
2529s the story to a point where they will
2531s miss some of the changes new features
2533s content and play alterations through the
2535s patches
2536s I mean yeah I think
2538s the the overarching answer I mean it's
2541s going to be kind of something that we've
2542s said multiple times but for anybody
2544s who's missed it like if you are
2547s playing an old save into the 1.0 it is
2551s very likely
2553s that there will be some sort of
2555s transference issue that comes up
2557s somewhere it might be something super
2559s minor like you had gotten like a more
2563s percentage of locations and like one
2565s place you had 100 another one you had
2567s 100 another one you had 60 you load up
2569s your old save and it's gonna be like
2570s zero percent fifty percent and 33 or
2573s something you're gonna be like what the
2574s heck it's because items were moved and
2577s adjusted and stuff uh the storyline
2580s itself you wouldn't miss anything that
2583s you've passed you might have to go into
2584s your data Tab and go your story so far
2587s and figure out what maybe you missed
2589s because these are all these cut scenes
2591s are being updated of course for 1.0 and
2593s they might have a difference of how the
2596s delivery is of the messaging between the
2599s characters exchanges and stuff like that
2600s you may even see some completely new
2602s things uh entirely uh that you would
2606s completely have missed as well
2610s and so uh yeah so when you use an old
2613s save it is a 100 guaranteed chance that
2618s something is going to be off
2620s if it's going to be game breaking we
2622s can't tell you
2623s so far in our tests I think we've only
2627s had a couple instances where an old save
2629s was just outright crashing the game and
2631s it was because of obscure circumstances
2633s with how it was saved so I would not
2635s worry too much on that front still we do
2640s recommend a 1.0 save wipe from a
2643s personal level but we did incorporate
2646s that using old saves because it was
2648s hotly requested and we listened to you
2650s guys so there you go I know that was
2652s more an update on that from TV Cube he's
2655s just asking like further down the line
2657s is The Game's patched to say 1.8 uh with
2661s a 1.0 save would they miss anything I
2665s it's I mean it's not going to be any of
2667s our patches are not going to be
2669s retroactive changes for old Saints old
2671s States will constantly remain old saves
2674s the new saves and patches thereof in
2677s addition to that I mean we're not like
2679s patching in more story so you're not
2681s gonna like if you start a new save
2682s you're not going to get a patch but then
2684s you miss stuff it's going to fix stuff
2687s it's going to adjust stuff it's not
2689s going to uh it's yeah so hopefully that
2692s makes sense there's no reason why after
2694s the 1.0 release we'd be like oh hey we
2696s just added a bunch of content behind the
2698s scenes now if you wanted to experience
2700s you have to start your game completely
2701s over again haha gotcha that would suck
2703s that would be lame and we're not gonna
2704s do that
2706s absolutely
2709s so cool do you have one more question
2712s for me and I'll keep going yeah I've
2713s just got one that's just coming from
2715s Excelsior over on YouTube a bit of a
2718s speculative one as they generally do any
2720s new info regarding the plasma thrower
2722s will it be included at 1.0 oh my gosh
2725s you guys you know that we want to
2728s include as much ever space one stop as
2730s possible
2732s um we've also said publicly that the
2733s plasma thrower was something that we
2734s kind of prototyped and it had some major
2738s technical issues so uh yeah
2742s is it something that could appear in
2744s everspace too yeah
2746s am I guaranteeing it right now in the
2748s Stream no absolutely not absolutely not
2752s you can be hopeful
2753s we can be too
2755s time will tell
2757s we'd love it to be in the game
2760s but it's not and it's technically not
2762s planned
2764s sorry
2767s Eric is confirming it don't listen to
2768s his lies oh my gosh
2770s you guys are great I love it all right
2773s so now we're heading over to fullerville
2774s thanks so much for the questions by the
2775s way from everybody in geekbite your
2777s service to read them off that does help
2779s a ton if you guys have more questions as
2781s we continue through this
2783s ask away we love making sure you know
2787s the details of what's going on
2789s all right so for Lauren Vale
2795s did we change our emissive lights did I
2797s oh no I know I didn't change my list of
2799s lights did I I need to change my
2800s emissive lights to Green this must be
2802s yeah they're still yellow
2804s where does coordinates lead
2808s another cave hopefully without crawlers
2811s this time
2813s rookie mistake
2815s failing
2817s to update my emissive lights and our
2820s customization otherwise I really like
2821s the way this ship looks this place would
2823s have been absolutely solid
2826s to see those beautiful green emissive
2828s lights in my shots are terrible hang on
2830s a second
2834s am I out of oh I'm out of range gosh
2836s guys
2840s oof
2846s this is this is not looking too pretty
2848s all right hang on a second let's just
2852s there we go
2855s Alec I actually appreciate you showing
2857s up
2862s definitely appreciate it
2865s apparently I still have a lot to learn
2866s in very hard mode
2871s excellent
2875s don't shoot me Alex you calm down there
2877s with those lasers
2880s all right
2888s oh
2890s more enemies over there even good that's
2892s crazy all right
2902s I like I like
2907s oh my gosh
2910s we do need to take out this Raider
2911s though he's gonna be major problems if
2913s he gets us webbed again
2921s yeah that autocan's taken a while
2928s hello there
2938s all right
2946s [Music]
2955s oh come on
2970s all right you know what
2972s go in a straight line
2975s there we go
2984s I want you to go down there
2986s thank you
2991s much better
2997s when we flew in but I can borrow one
3000s from them
3002s steel one would be the more appropriate
3005s phrasing
3007s all right let's see what we can muster
3010s over here
3013s do you see that if by that you are
3017s referring to the ancient structure up
3018s ahead I would be able to offer some
3020s information the Ancients were believed
3023s to be higher beings distantly related to
3026s and revered by the Oka they ruled over a
3030s powerful and far-reaching Empire yet
3033s they mysteriously vanished from
3035s historical record some Millennia ago you
3038s don't have to tell me I painfully
3040s remember our previous encounters with
3042s him GB should know better than to risk a
3044s run-in with an ancient Warden
3047s all right so that's a that's a one for
3052s one callback from everspace one the
3055s first time you run into ancients that is
3057s actually what Hive will say
3062s feels good
3063s feels nostalgic for some reason
3072s foreign
3074s [Music]
3081s I actually want more energy DPS
3087s unfortunate
3091s all right
3092s system recovery routine
3094s yes please
3098s all right let's take this on over
3113s whoo
3116s Crime Stoppers are a variant of coilgon
3118s which normally has two kilometer range
3120s probably just forgot that it's 1.7
3122s kilometers of stud yep that is exactly
3124s what happened we have made several
3127s adjustments over the variations of the
3128s coil guns because they were too similar
3132s they were too similar it was just like
3133s why even have a different color gun at
3135s all they're just all the same and uh so
3137s we fixed that so now there's some
3139s variety to them and there's certain
3140s reasons to use some over the others like
3142s for example range
3145s also the um
3148s the uh the prime zoppers are strong they
3152s they are strong but
3155s they lock the range
3161s spelunking Hive I do not have moot that
3166s moons
3167s activating indoor navigation mode
3170s ah don't pretend you can't be moody my
3172s friend you may even be the moodiest AI
3174s activating pilot ignoring mode
3179s oh my gosh I love my team so much we are
3183s also going to save the game right here
3184s uh just because we don't want to
3186s accidentally do something uh really dumb
3190s so here we go
3192s here we go
3198s atmospheric mode
3222s ooh
3225s all right I find it quite pleasing to
3228s emersify oneself in that sense
3231s all right here we go
3234s what is
3237s tell me
3240s Notting anything like it
3242s this must be the place the boofus hacker
3245s asked you to find I'm afraid you're
3248s right about this
3250s any signs of some incredibly rare object
3252s nearby my senses are unable to detect
3255s anything in here it would appear you are
3258s on your own
3262s excellent so we have these little
3264s segments that break up all the combating
3266s that goes on
3267s um and uh this one is very much
3270s harkening back to everspace one as well
3272s as just expanding the lore of our game
3274s series revolving around the Ancients
3277s something that is uh somewhat of a
3281s creepy but also like legendary sort of
3285s thing that's been going on in the world
3289s foreign
3295s and looking around
3297s you'll find these little ancient runes
3300s but just plugging them in is not enough
3303s there is a little bit more to this
3305s puzzle
3310s so as you can see
3312s when we go up to them it says rotate
3315s and we can cycle them around
3318s but how do we know which one needs to be
3320s facing you ask well to that I would say
3323s let's keep looking around to find out
3328s Z
3329s okay
3334s Z
3339s what's over here we've got the something
3343s like a sort of d
3353s here we have the sort of s
3360s and regardless of whether we can find
3363s the last one or not it doesn't really
3364s matter we can just cycle it until it
3366s turns on
3369s foreign oh
3371s that's new
3373s thanks team
3385s okay
3428s almost had it
3430s there we go
3455s oh
3456s ouch
3470s trying to stay close to him using the
3472s same tactics I used in everspace one you
3474s stay close their shots normally go
3476s around you instead of hit you
3478s maybe I'm being a little too bold I'm
3480s not sure
3505s all right
3518s come on come on
3520s there we go
3523s thank you
3534s now you can all see why I wanted to go
3536s for an energy weapon
3541s Ah that's not good
3545s okay
3548s almost
3555s gaining some distance
3561s alive
3562s this Warden was different than the ones
3565s we encountered in the past
3567s for what it did not posthumously turn
3569s into a black hole
3571s yeah I remember
3575s have things up around here before it
3576s remembers too
3583s this is what the hacker is looking for
3585s time to get out before another warden
3587s shows up
3589s excellent let's take whatever this thing
3592s is back to the hacker and never come
3594s back here I agree
3602s whoops
3606s well that was fun let's head back to
3609s Fallon Pango
3644s Mouse bump
3646s we're pretty good about that combat
3648s there
3651s what about that
3652s don't know if that would have went as
3653s well in the bomber
3655s at all in fact I can almost guarantee it
3657s at least my style of play with the
3658s bomber
3661s probably would have been painful
3663s um I do also want to mention
3666s I don't think I'm overstuffing my bounds
3668s in mentioning this I'm just going to let
3669s you guys know just gonna let you guys
3671s know we are still planning on tweaking
3673s certain boss uh battles so what you did
3676s just see there is not actually a hundred
3679s percent done
3682s it's probably gonna be some adjustments
3683s if not by 1.0 uh then probably shortly
3686s thereafter but uh internally I can say
3689s very clearly that uh overall
3692s we aren't entirely satisfied with our
3696s current state of the ancient Warden okay
3699s want to be very transparent with you on
3701s that so that you know where we stand and
3704s you also know that we do have plans
3707s to at least tweak it in some capacity at
3711s some point again I'm not guaranteeing
3713s any sort of tweaks by 1.0 hopefully we
3716s can
3716s but it is something that we do want to
3719s go back and address especially because
3721s what you just witnessed was me at the
3723s same level of the mission that we're
3725s doing with not a heavily optimized build
3728s with a lot of equipment that was
3729s actually under leveled
3731s on very hard
3733s and very hard it should definitely
3736s require the optimized uh Loadout on very
3740s hard at that State so
3743s just being very transparent
3752s [Music]
3754s ooh ship module
3759s that would have been really nice for
3761s that engagement
3765s oh my gosh
3770s oh well
3775s all right let's let's get in here and
3777s see what their talk is all about
3781s is this what you wanted
3783s I found it
3784s care to swap this for a material
3786s encrypter certainly but please be
3789s careful with it
3790s me a long time to perfect it
3793s say with all this information you're
3795s hoarding what can you tell me about a
3796s man called Maddox I assume you're
3799s referring to Henley Maddox the comrade
3801s of Dexter Bashar whose signature was
3804s broadcast alongside yours we held by
3807s bloodstar
3808s that's the guy I don't know much
3811s he's a very private person and always
3814s avoided doing business with me
3816s I understand he killed his Superior
3818s during the recent war and is now
3820s searching for something very valuable
3822s but the only objects of real value are
3826s ancient things like the one you just
3828s brought to me ancient and dangerous
3832s the old car guarding these artifacts
3834s closely by the way you may care to know
3838s that they are already on the move
3840s who the ocar yes a raid on Avon rest
3845s it's been on the wavelengths for some
3847s time now since that's where you flew in
3850s from when coming here I assume that is
3853s where your friend is hiding oh scrap
3855s gotta go
3857s don't be a stranger Adam
3860s there's a bit of information there
3862s excellent I also see a couple of
3864s individuals just joining us because
3867s they're like wait what if I missed why
3870s why did I not know that the stream
3871s started um yeah
3873s daylight savings time did take over in
3875s America it has not over in Europe yet I
3879s believe it's like the 26th or something
3880s for you guys if I'm not mistaken
3883s um I might be mistaken but regardless
3885s we're gonna have a wonky a couple of
3888s weeks because of that
3890s really silly difference in interaction
3892s we did make a post on Twitter and we
3895s made a statement on Discord so if you
3898s are following us the appropriate places
3899s you will be notified of whenever we are
3903s uh jumping into these live streams and I
3905s do encourage you guys to do so so that
3907s you don't miss them and we will be
3909s continuing to do these live streams by
3910s the way after the 1.0 launch so uh just
3914s just know that also do we have green we
3916s got green we got green it's not it's not
3918s the green that I wanted I wanted the
3919s brighter green but this will work
3921s this will work
3923s all right so now we are at a pretty good
3926s stopping place for more questions
3930s so let's do that geekbite go ahead and
3932s join me here I know that I've seen a few
3934s more questions kind of populating so
3936s let's get on that let's cover some
3939s thoughts
3941s right we have a question from Pokemon
3944s spark over on YouTube are we going to
3947s have steam Point shop content on post on
3951s launch or post launch
3953s the steam steam what
3956s steam point you accrue steam points uh
3960s on Steam and you spend them for various
3963s things yeah so everspace one uses steam
3965s points because there's like the little
3967s uh emojis in in the backgrounds and
3970s stuff so like you can get those I am
3972s rather confident that we would have
3973s something similar in everspace too
3976s um if we even have like the achievements
3978s which I think they got recently updated
3980s with uh iconography now so if you
3983s actually go to Aerospace 2's steam page
3985s and you look at the achievements even
3987s though you don't know what they're for
3988s you can't see pictures there so that's
3990s kind of fun
3991s um that's not related at all but we were
3993s talking about steam I got carried away
3995s oh oops oh it just came out anyway uh
3998s but yeah so I I would expect so I would
4001s expect so so next question please
4004s uh excellent right same again from
4006s Pokemon spark
4008s um what is the approximate projected
4010s time for completion of the main campaign
4014s the approximate completion time if you
4017s are more or less
4020s streamlining the main story
4022s you are going to have around 30 to 40
4025s hours of play time if you
4030s um if you are trying to aim for 100
4032s completion your first time's probably
4034s gonna net you over 100 hours if you'll
4036s become a veteran and then you return to
4038s the game you try on like a higher
4040s difficulty or whatever or you're trying
4041s to Speed Run
4043s um yeah I mean that's going to look
4044s different but uh yeah main core gameplay
4047s uh campaign experience is about 30 to 40
4049s hours and if you're trying to do
4051s everything in the entire world it's
4054s probably going to be closer to 80 hours
4055s 90 hours maybe even a hundred and on top
4059s of that there's still going to be more
4060s you know
4061s content that is refreshing at the end
4064s game state where you can just keep going
4066s over and over again so you can play to
4068s your heart's content so yep
4072s excellent
4073s uh right Brian Brown on YouTube wants to
4077s know since the current difficulty
4078s settings are simple percentage changes
4081s to damage given received it was stated
4083s to not be uh the final Vision uh what
4086s changes can we expect to difficulty
4088s settings for 1.0 so that is fantastic
4092s follow-up question and we do still want
4094s to make a couple of alternate changes in
4097s the back end of the differences and we
4099s have started to do so I can't get into
4101s all the details as of right now
4104s um I would like it to be as transparent
4106s as possible so that you know like when
4107s you're choosing your difficulty what it
4109s is but that's not looking like it's
4111s going to take effect I can assure you
4114s though that there's going to be like a
4115s number of differences in enemy
4116s encounters uh depending on what
4118s difficulty that you're in drop rates
4120s will not be adjusted whatsoever drop
4123s rates are going to be exactly the same
4125s uh no matter if you're playing on very
4127s easy up to very hard anything in between
4129s that drop rates are identical nothing's
4132s different nothing's going to change so
4133s so you're not constant gated whatsoever
4136s there will be stat differences of course
4139s um because that's you know but outside
4142s of that uh right now there's not any
4145s crazy plans there's nothing absurd
4148s you're not going to see new enemy types
4149s very hard or you know gimped ones at
4153s very easy it's primarily as primarily
4156s stat changes as of right now so
4160s yep some number adjustments here and
4163s there but uh
4164s yeah that's probably what it's going to
4165s be like at 1.0 release probably will get
4168s tweaked a little bit further
4170s the expectation and the reality of it
4174s is probably it's going to be more on the
4177s side of stat based differences at this
4181s time for 1.0 so I know it's a little bit
4184s discouraging hearing me say that
4186s especially for those of you who are in
4188s that camp of wanting you know that
4189s authentic crazy challenge uh yeah but uh
4193s yeah that is just where we're at with
4194s development and what we are able to jump
4196s on so yep
4199s oh oh there's something that's just come
4201s on
4202s um on the twitch channel from Stig it's
4204s just asking
4205s um about the he's been looking at the
4207s product on and off since the start is
4209s the build your own ship modular system
4211s design on and I know you're just in the
4213s menu now so it might be oh yeah we're
4215s still working on it it's definitely not
4217s finalized but yeah I mean you can see
4219s here like we are it's it's in full bloom
4222s at least in our builds um I
4225s I think we actually finished up some
4227s actually it might be completely in
4229s um maybe we did finalize some of the
4231s other little kinks excuse me
4234s um
4235s so yeah but there is
4239s um the way that these show up by the way
4241s these are dropped very similar to like
4243s the colors of your ship so the same way
4245s that you would go and pick these up out
4247s in space somewhere that's how you're
4249s also going to acquire those ship modules
4256s this question for now and that's from
4257s spoot night over on Twitch uh do the
4260s symbols uh going back to the warden
4262s fight that you had do the symbols have
4263s an actual character name uh they've had
4267s to use their own idea of how they look
4268s as a reference bit like you with the Zed
4270s and well the Z sorry yeah
4273s Etc yeah it's all you can call it Zed
4275s that's fine I think everybody
4276s understands what that means
4278s um yeah so all right the um I know that
4282s we have done a lot of iconography
4284s internally in regards to like how the
4287s ancient beings are represented and we do
4291s take great care in that so I wouldn't
4293s say that we've developed our own
4294s language I think that might be taking a
4296s little bit too far but there are certain
4298s glyphs that we use for specific purposes
4302s and there's also glyphs that we have
4305s that we just throw wherever the crap we
4308s want to just to make it look ancient all
4310s right so
4311s there's a bit of both there's a bit of
4314s both it's just a representation of this
4316s you know civilization or creature or
4319s whatever that had existed prior and
4322s you're just seeing sort of like what
4324s that looks like and I would actually
4325s take this just a tad bit further and
4327s encourage any of our developer friends
4329s out there whenever you're making a game
4331s whatever you want to add or incorporate
4333s some added lore bits and you're just
4334s like oh let's just slap on any random
4337s glyphs or imagery or whatever make sure
4340s it does actually have a purpose for
4342s being there
4343s Aesthetics are nice Aesthetics are
4345s pleasing but if there's not some
4347s overarching tie-in it's it's it's not
4350s going to feel the best as you continue
4352s that style of development so but for us
4354s we absolutely had to do that so yeah a
4357s lot of that has uh been utilized UVA was
4360s behind a bit of it as well as a number
4362s of other team members to put it all
4364s together
4368s glyphs space emojis you could basically
4370s call them that that's fine
4372s uh one last question is just coming from
4374s excels here over on YouTube that will
4377s difficulty settings include AI changes
4379s like aggression or evasiveness so at one
4383s point we wanted to do that quite heavily
4385s and over time it was looking like oh
4388s this is going to be way more complicated
4391s than uh maybe it probably should be from
4394s a technical standpoint right so I'm not
4395s talking like more complicated it's like
4397s oh it's it's a it's going to be hard to
4400s do so we don't want to do it no not not
4402s at all
4403s um more on the lines of how would this
4405s fit into the game Space from altering
4407s the difficulty systems and is this going
4410s to be something valuable worth our time
4412s at this point in development uh in this
4415s process of still cataloging and covering
4417s so many other priority needs and as such
4421s um yeah doing an AI based uh difference
4425s on your various difficulties is
4430s a bit of a burden unfortunately now uh I
4434s say that and I think that there was a
4436s little bit of that addressed already in
4439s our system
4441s um in the sense of especially like
4443s aiming quality yes aiming quality is
4446s quite a bit different between very hard
4449s and very easy so that part of the AI
4451s system is different if you're on very
4453s easy your opponents are going to miss
4454s you a bit more their tracking is going
4456s to be a little bit harder so until
4458s they're up in your face they're probably
4459s not going to hit you very much but when
4462s you are applying on very hard uh that's
4465s they're going to be a bit more accurate
4468s going to be a bit more accurate in
4470s addition to just dealing out more damage
4472s too so
4475s I think we're going to swap this around
4476s next question please uh that's it for
4479s the time being perfectly fly on pilot
4480s excellent I'm going to maybe foolishly
4483s swap out my pulse laser uh for this
4487s Umbra
4488s um I'd really like a penumbra
4491s but we're gonna we're gonna do this for
4493s now and I think
4494s [Music]
4497s I think the railgun will satisfy my
4498s needs for draining Shields from afar
4500s then on brow when I get up close I guess
4502s we'll see I guess we'll see how it all
4504s turns out so let's continue the story
4506s here
4509s for a little bit longer then we're going
4510s to jump over to our community segment
4512s and show some really sweet screenshots
4515s we got over the course of the last week
4518s good ones
4524s the weapon output but okay we're in it
4526s we're in an Interceptor so this should
4528s be fine
4530s is that three that was three yay
4533s oh let's get a little more utility
4548s come in Maddox the oak are on their way
4550s is not responding this is Sophie's
4553s ignoring me and the oak are haven't
4554s gotten to him yet
4556s yeah just as I'm cruising over here
4557s there's one more question that I do want
4559s to answer
4560s um from John Cross
4562s um as a console backer well I need to
4565s won the current gen conocyls ieps5 and
4569s Xbox series s and X yes so if you are
4572s console backer we are only able to do
4575s Gen 5 consoles
4578s we also Gen 5 gen 9 consoles
4582s so if you have a gen 8 console and
4583s that's what your expectation was when
4585s you started the kickstarter we are
4586s offering refunds and transfers uh for
4590s those of you in that territory
4594s so yeah
4605s all right here we go
4608s oh I see him requesting from a stream
4611s from PAX East everyone's like oh yeah I
4614s agree with this stream from taxis would
4615s be great that would be amazing
4618s if we had a technical team to get that
4620s all set up and score it away for us that
4622s would be absolutely nuts but uh as it
4624s stands we do not that would probably be
4627s a rather expensive uh direction to go
4630s just for maintaining a stream but we
4632s will be taking some photos and buy some
4634s videos oh sorry we'll be taking some
4636s photos and some videos of our you know
4638s experiences there and maybe we'll have
4640s like a little reel of of what we've done
4642s but I would not expect anything crazy
4644s from PAX East at at worst we'll have
4648s some pictures on the Discord to share
4649s them right uh but yeah we're just
4652s excited to get back out there to
4653s conventions meet some of you fine folks
4655s let you play a much more refined version
4658s of everspace 2 like two weeks out of its
4661s full release it's gonna be at that point
4663s oh
4665s man and then uh yeah
4678s already I need to get to maddox's hanger
4679s and transfer the software before they
4681s can scan him
4682s no authority to barge in on us like this
4685s we are a peaceful settlement and have
4688s died with all the regulations
4690s We Are The Authority here those who
4693s impede our investigations will be dealt
4695s with severely
4698s but yeah
4699s um
4700s streaming at conventions and in general
4702s guys is uh it's quite expensive because
4705s then you're getting into like internet
4706s territory to do all that stuff anyway
4709s all right Continuing Story
4711s you made it back if the ocar figure out
4713s what kind of ship I got here I'm toast
4715s did you get the encrypter
4718s transferring it as we speak great now
4721s the okar will probably register a change
4723s to the roster once I upload this to my
4725s systems try to keep them off my back
4727s long enough so I can get the whole
4729s shebang running
4730s I'm not so sure about taking on the ocar
4733s they'll be here any minute come on kid
4735s we're in this together now once I'm out
4737s I'll meet you back at Rodeo Station as
4739s soon as I can make it well all right
4741s let's do this thing
4744s all right beautiful
4748s here we go this part's getting gets nuts
4753s we have detected a registered change in
4755s one of your vessels engaged units for
4757s intercept check again none of my people
4761s would no scrap Maddox you idiot we
4765s should have never taken you in okay Adam
4767s the encryptor just started overriding my
4769s systems shouldn't be long before I can
4771s launch
4781s all right
4784s okay
4786s I wasn't terrible
4792s shoot him
4803s actually you know what you can just die
4806s from corrosion your Shield's too much I
4807s don't want to deal with it
4816s I am really glad we equipped this weapon
4823s stop shooting Maddox
4844s stop it
4855s ouch
4879s out and watch the master at work
4915s there were three levels below me
4928s Cruiser again
4930s the sheer level of trouble you are in is
4932s without president
4958s laughs
4966s hey
4970s what the
4986s ah you are awake
4988s we meet again Mr Roslyn the um oh what
4992s we haven't I can never tell anymore so
4995s many crossed paths anyway I am well
4997s acquainted with you in the Roslyn line
4999s my ship is in the Docking Bay returned
5002s by the okar authorities who handed it
5004s over to me along with your good self
5007s it was you who raided The Blood star
5008s base yes looking for you I've had quite
5012s a difficult time finding you you need me
5014s for something or I'd be dead already
5017s acutely observed Mr Roslyn after all you
5020s shouldn't exist part of my remit was to
5023s erase every trace of the Roslyn cloning
5025s facilities in the DMZ hundreds of loose
5027s cannons like you roaming the region and
5029s causing problems something had to be
5032s done about it I can't help what I am
5034s don't expect pity from me it's lucky for
5037s you that more serious matters are afoot
5039s pull up case File g72-844
5044s do you know who this is uh yeah Oscar
5047s Blakemore he's the GMB director for all
5049s the DMZ operations good and this I only
5053s heard about it I haven't been there
5055s Vesna mining colony in the zarkov system
5057s GMB Regional headquarters good so you
5060s seem to have some idea of the
5061s astropolitical situation in the DMZ look
5064s what's this about this is about you Mr
5066s Roslyn that isn't me no but that is Adam
5070s Roslin blakemore's right hand
5074s you want me to be him exactly I need you
5078s to infiltrate the mining Colony as the
5079s other Adam Roslin and gather some
5081s information for me and in return I let
5084s your base stand I let you live
5087s I guess that's good enough incentive
5090s I think I might have encountered him
5092s when not long ago the jump gate at Union
5096s Bridge
5097s well it must have been him since you are
5099s the only two Roslyn clones remaining
5102s only two that's right the cloning
5105s stations have been offline for some time
5106s now and many clones were identified and
5109s intercepted attempting to reach the home
5111s worlds we couldn't have that could we
5113s and now there is just the other Adam
5115s Roslin who was an agent for gnb and you
5118s who I can't really figure out yet you
5122s are already in a difficult position it
5124s is time to be clear about your
5125s allegiances you can rehabilitate
5127s yourself with the fleet and we can leave
5128s you in peace or I can put you and your
5132s companions on a high priority eliminate
5134s list which will it be I would take the
5137s common sense approach good
5140s I have someone on the inside of the
5142s mining car
5144s she'll walk you through
5145s so we have an understanding yeah
5157s I am pleased that our little discussion
5159s has proven to be a constructive one
5161s using the main jump gate to the zarkov
5163s system where Vesta mining colony is
5165s located will not be an option as it be
5168s immediately registered there's a
5170s Smuggler's route I've heard of I know
5172s someone who can get me through
5174s of course you do our agent will send you
5177s instructions once you are through to the
5178s system
5179s my technicians have uploaded further
5181s instructions to your hive unit you will
5184s require some extra coaching in order to
5186s convincingly portray the other Roslin in
5189s the meantime you and I will need to
5191s maintain radio silence until the task is
5193s finished if you are discovered I will
5195s deny any knowledge of your existence
5198s and as a fugitive Roslyn clone I will be
5200s obligated to hunt you down
5202s I have no intention of getting caught
5204s having a colonial Cruiser this close to
5207s your home base may cause irritation for
5209s your companions you're right I better
5212s check on her
5214s all righty
5217s by the way there's spoilers in these
5219s videos
5220s is gamedev live streams
5223s it's a couple it's a little bit
5230s what the heck is going on why is there a
5233s great big Colonial Cruiser at our door
5236s they were my ride home I realize this
5239s looks bad but maybe we can play things
5240s to our advantage first things first has
5243s Maddox shown up
5244s you were expecting more company I was
5247s hoping but maybe it was too much to
5250s expect a mercenary like Maddox to follow
5252s through
5253s circumstances have changed I'm in a real
5256s bind now
5257s I need to do a top secret job for the
5259s fleet if I pull this off we'll be given
5261s some kind of reprieve from the colonial
5263s authorities but I don't know to what
5266s extent that means or if I can trust this
5268s commissioner
5269s God damn it Adam what have you gotten us
5272s into
5272s hey Alec back when I was delivering the
5275s red plasma gin you mentioned that there
5277s was a Smuggler's route open to zarkov
5279s where's it located
5280s no idea but I'm sure tarjack that okar
5283s Bootlegger would know if anyone did okay
5286s I'm heading to Cartwright's wake to
5287s catch up with him
5288s you might not hear from me for a while
5291s if Maddox shows up tell him to sit tight
5293s we'll hold the fort let us know when you
5295s need bailing out
5298s excellent The Vortex we're finally
5300s getting into zarkov territories
5303s oh I'm excited
5306s very much looking forward to that I'm
5308s also watching the chat and everybody
5309s kind of talking about all the different
5311s things especially like computer
5315s prices and oh gosh it it hurts my brain
5318s I'm so sorry also people saying great
5320s big that's just a light Cruiser well
5322s yeah I mean light Cruisers are still
5324s kind of terrifying them if you look at
5325s Star Wars and a mere architans is still
5328s not exactly something you want to go up
5330s against even if it's not something like
5332s a victory class star destroyer and don't
5334s even get me started with the Imperial
5335s class uh so yeah I mean it it you got
5339s your variety and they're definitely more
5341s threatening to Fighters like Cruisers
5343s are uh because they're the support
5345s Cruisers and general Navy and space uh
5348s sci-fi all right so uh as a fighter
5352s craft definitely more concerned about a
5355s light Cruiser uh in that particular
5357s field in a nutshell all right anyway
5361s enough about that stuff who cares ah
5363s let's uh look over what content we have
5366s briefly I want to get on over to zark
5368s actually let's just go let's just go
5370s let's just go there's nothing we don't
5372s need nothing actually we could use some
5374s conceivables but we don't need nothing
5376s it's fine we really need to update our
5377s equipment it's fine
5379s those Fleet Tech's been tinkering with
5381s you you still yourself and as much as I
5384s have still not been updated to the
5386s Eterna Network and have been grossly
5389s insulted by being treated as
5391s illegitimate Machinery I am the Satan
5394s Hive as before
5398s well hold on a second I look over and I
5401s see Eric can't handle Tech talk he's a
5405s fake nerd
5406s excuse me I need a geekbite I need you
5409s to kick that guy right out of the chat
5410s right
5413s oh my gosh uh no I mean everybody knows
5417s different things right nobody's a master
5420s at everything so yeah I mean I will
5422s fully admit I know just enough about
5424s computers to be dangerous all right I've
5426s built my own computer before not the one
5428s that I'm currently using I did of course
5430s have help because I probably would have
5432s destroyed it if I tried to do it myself
5433s but
5435s I just I got to defend myself a little
5437s bit there all right stop with that smack
5439s talk
5440s frog do to you I have been supplemented
5443s with a coaching coaching protocol
5450s commander of the GMB Elite Squad in the
5453s DNC perfect also I want to just clarify
5456s and just acknowledge this beautiful
5458s statement from T3 Cube over on Twitch he
5460s says Eric is a master of forgetting
5462s about ship abilities so get wrecked take
5465s that I am to Aid you
5469s when you are not playing the part
5472s properly
5475s I mean you're not wrong
5479s I'm here to show me how to act more like
5481s me
5482s crazy
5488s trying to use the warp gate that's not
5489s how to do it
5491s silly buffoon
5496s should have got a hive unit
5502s there we go all right here we are let's
5505s go
5510s I did use the alt earlier I was waiting
5512s for the um the oak R Corvette to get
5514s close enough I didn't want to use it
5516s before
5518s and I use it at just the right time
5519s because I actually almost got wrecked I
5520s don't know if you guys were watching my
5521s consumable usage in my health but uh
5527s audience I've been having these weird
5529s dreams these
5531s songs
5537s oops
5540s where'd it go why didn't he finish that
5542s I don't know what happened
5544s let's keep going
5554s [Music]
5562s excuse me
5564s nothing here there no no no
5567s strange blip in the Audio Waves
5570s nothing to worry about everything
5576s oh my gosh why are you guys savaging me
5579s over on YouTube what invo world see if I
5581s answer any of your questions again
5584s oh scary missiles
5591s seriously though what in the DMZ are we
5593s going to do next Friday well you're
5594s clearly gonna show up to PAX East and
5597s hang out with us that's that's what
5598s you're doing
5599s of course that is what you are doing
5602s coming over to paxies
5605s be there be square
5609s Frazier sure looks familiar
5614s excellent
5617s I'm looking for tarjack seeing him
5619s around
5620s as I live and breathe Adam
5623s terrine wow so that's your freighter
5626s outside thought I knew it from somewhere
5628s it has been a long time
5631s I had wondered what had become of you
5634s can I just say how pleasant it is that
5637s we used the same ship model granted it's
5641s updated from everspace one so if you've
5643s played everspace one including the DLC
5646s and you are playing through everspace 2
5648s and you see that
5650s freighter
5652s both Adam says this line doesn't it look
5655s familiar but then also your very eyes
5657s are like hey that does actually look
5660s familiar there's a direct correlation
5662s there it feels good feels good very
5665s pleased of the results of this
5668s my shop quite frequently even twice at
5672s one time which I thought was unusual and
5675s then your visits tapered off until
5678s eventually nothing
5680s so you have survived the never-ending
5683s turmoil that is the DMZ
5686s that I have terrain just barely and I
5689s tried to play it straight for a while
5690s and got a proper job but that didn't
5692s quite work out he never does for the
5695s like of you and me Adam we outcasts are
5698s best following our own paths
5700s they meant to that
5702s you still in the trading business
5704s indeed and I have moved up to bigger
5707s clients now large order of fulfillment
5710s the cargo might be questionable but the
5713s reward is sufficient and I see no harm
5715s in it good for you you said you were
5718s seeking tarjack he passed through some
5721s time ago but is presently engaged with a
5724s task
5725s don't suppose you would know a way into
5727s the zarkov system without getting
5728s noticed
5729s I've heard from our old mutual friend
5730s elec that some of you Traders fly a
5732s route through there
5734s that is true and since you are such a
5737s valued and trusted old customer and
5741s friend I would oblige you with access to
5745s a secret back door it is quite near our
5748s current whereabouts I will provide you
5751s with the precise location and
5753s instructions on how to activate the gate
5755s you're a startering it's good to see you
5758s again let's catch up properly soon
5761s now that we have found one another again
5763s that can be a distinct possibility
5766s I will be in zarkov soon on the Run
5768s okay let's keep an eye out for each
5770s other then
5772s excellent I also see some praise uh
5775s coming over from Pokemon spark over on
5777s YouTube saying kudos to the writing team
5778s been enjoying the dialogue so far in the
5780s Early Access well thank you so much that
5781s means a lot we have absolutely put a lot
5785s of our effort into the writing for
5787s everspace 2 we have oh my gosh it's
5790s it's insane how many lines of text are
5795s in this iteration it's four times that
5797s dialogue four times that of everspace
5800s one
5801s that is quite an impressive difference
5804s in the number of audio lines that we
5807s have to record and translations we have
5809s to take care of it's it's been a wild
5811s ride but we are incredibly happy with
5813s the results of it and um the individuals
5816s who have been assisting us on that
5817s matter both internally and also
5820s externally
5821s been remarkable to see it coming
5824s together so thank you thank you very
5826s much
5827s close to 10K lines in Outer Space 2 and
5829s there's uh and that's a triple a
5832s territory is what uh Michael the CEO of
5834s Rockfish game says so uh Wild
5838s absolutely wild all right let's get to
5840s this hidden jump gate get over into
5842s zarkov
5844s again it's a small universe
5846s tree encounters are not so improbable
5850s social engagement you undertake within
5852s the confines of the DMZ
5854s you just gotta take the mystery out of
5856s everything don't you
5861s only I was using a scout right now
5865s that's still effective though
5870s one more pot shot
5872s no more Shields beautiful
5876s thank you for your donation into my loot
5880s box
5882s all righty
5886s so once we get over to zarkov we will go
5888s into our little Community segment where
5890s we like to highlight the screenshots and
5892s Fan Art and all that type of stuff I
5894s haven't seen any fan art recently so
5896s it's just gonna be screenshots today but
5898s uh yeah we'll also give you some more
5900s information on uh paxies
5903s don't want to come out the other side
5905s scrambled
5907s here we go
5914s foreign
5926s I am receiving an encrypted message
5929s addressed to your signature that must be
5932s Hawk's agent put him through you made it
5934s in
5935s first things first I'm your contact for
5937s this Mission you can call me Tammy
5939s Roslyn is out of the system if he jumps
5942s back in we'll know right away and we'll
5944s have to abort before venturing further
5946s into the system you need to pick up a
5948s data package with a required signature
5950s you'll find him inside the gasworks
5955s dear best not to be seen
5957s communicate over well I was rather blunt
5960s couldn't even get a high or how are you
5965s know what happens
5968s contacts these days Marie
5973s sniper sniper
5975s here we go
5976s stop it
5986s there we go oh yes level 14.
5991s oh I really needed that honestly
5995s this makes me much happier
6002s oh my gosh see what did we find here
6005s some powerful homing missiles oh yeah oh
6007s gosh
6008s yeah I think we're gonna I mean they got
6010s the cannot be damaged but you know
6014s let's replace the corrosion mines we
6016s haven't really been using those
6018s uh but uh otherwise yeah I mean we we
6021s gotta get this stuff updated oh my
6023s goodness we'll we'll definitely have to
6024s start doing that the next time we play
6026s we got to go into super light one time
6028s because gosh dang it I love zarkov super
6031s light music I've missed it here we go
6034s here we go
6044s [Music]
6064s it just gets better too oh just
6069s gero you're my hero
6099s sort of like I was repeating yeah
6101s let's wait
6105s I love this so much
6114s okay all right now we're
6139s oh
6143s all right all right now it's repeating
6145s gosh oh I love that I love that so much
6153s so good so good so good okay all right
6155s so this is gonna be our stopping point
6157s right here done we have entered the
6160s location it's saved I think yeah it says
6164s game saved on the right I'm gonna just
6165s say that it did and it works completely
6167s fine even though technically still
6169s really access uh but what could possibly
6171s go wrong so we are gonna go ahead and
6173s head on over to the news section with
6176s this one very brief interlude to tell
6178s you about our social channels yes we did
6180s have an hour time change because lo and
6183s behold I am the American on the Rockfish
6186s games all German team uh and so we are
6190s operating the streams on American time
6192s because it has to be around my
6193s children's schedules sorry about that
6195s inconvenience for these two weeks uh but
6197s that will get cycled back around to not
6199s miss any notifications you can of course
6202s join us over on YouTube and Twitter and
6205s twitch and Discord is probably your best
6208s bet we do a lot of notifications over on
6210s Discord basically anything that's handed
6213s out anywhere else I will get it posted
6216s in the Discord and if I don't it's
6218s because somebody didn't tell me that it
6219s went live and then I get upset and I
6221s post it in the Discord anyway it's
6223s awesome good time that is the best way
6225s truly to stay informed so you never miss
6229s a Beat
6231s so good
6233s you know what else is so good let's
6235s check out some of these really stinking
6237s awesome screenshots cause man you guys
6239s truly we didn't have a lot of
6241s screenshots submitted over the course of
6243s the last week but they packed pack a
6245s punch and so I actually included uh most
6248s of the submissions more than I would
6250s normally do but it's uh that's just how
6252s we are gonna go down
6254s uh yeah Michael he's also adding a
6257s little Clarity there since I said that I
6259s was the only American so yeah okay let's
6261s let's give credit where credits do we
6262s also have a Canadian we also have a Brit
6264s absolutely and soon a French living in
6268s Tokyo
6270s excellent that's right very very good
6273s very good so thank you for that added
6274s Clarity Michael definitely appreciate it
6276s we are diversifying the team ever so
6278s slightly ever so subtly in beautiful
6281s ways man the talent across the world and
6284s the talent in the community this one
6285s comes from Skye probably not the um the
6289s PAW Patrol member probably somebody else
6291s uh they're probably gonna hate me for
6293s saying that now I'm not sure I have five
6295s children so sorry about the reference
6297s anyway uh Skye did a fantastic job with
6300s this shot capturing the Drake system
6304s this is a coalition base this is the one
6307s that's odds goodness graveyard I can't
6309s remember its name but I think this does
6311s such a fantastic job of just capturing
6314s the atmosphere out here which is so
6316s desolate and alone based on all the gang
6318s wars that had transpired while the
6320s Coalition has only just recently been
6322s transforming into a Mercantile operation
6325s and uh yeah this is a great shot I love
6328s the widescreen anytime there's a
6330s widescreen shop posted it's almost
6331s always a winner for me so good job
6334s excellent excellent keep them coming I I
6338s just dig it so much next up we've got
6340s the way to the Halo they submitted
6343s several shots and you know they had a
6346s lot of really fun ones really playful
6347s shots so I'm going to highlight several
6349s of those here and geekbite I know that
6351s we do have some questions I'm not
6352s avoiding you I just want to get through
6353s a couple of these first and then we're
6354s going to answer questions while we're
6356s showing these uh images to everybody
6358s um The Way of the Halo was kind of doing
6361s like this mining sort of theme and it
6362s maybe was based off of one of our
6364s previous Community challenges which were
6366s mining themed and I think they did sure
6368s some clever shots here so I'm going to
6370s kind of go through several of them that
6372s they have as we answer some more
6375s questions so all the ones that I'm
6377s cycling between are from the way to the
6379s Halo
6380s so question right
6383s uh Casper oh on YouTube uh is asking are
6387s there plans for more late game
6389s activities currently the ancient riffs
6391s are the best source for almost
6392s everything on these star forged items
6394s and it also drops legendary items yeah
6398s so internal testing has shown some
6400s pretty interesting results and what is
6402s the best to farm but I think in general
6405s right now riffs are probably that field
6408s especially if you can hit them in the
6411s higher lunacy levels that being said
6413s there's still some Goods to be had out
6415s of high risk areas a granted that they
6417s do take a little bit more time we've
6419s seen and that's something that we may or
6421s may not adjust whenever we sort of go
6423s into that sort of refinement of high
6425s risk areas specifically and we've also
6428s found that jobs are rather Pleasant to
6430s just pick up and do as well kind of
6432s fills the space with a little bit more
6434s to do as well as you're accruing more
6436s Renown to get to that top legendary
6439s status which does open up some nice
6442s little features of having those decals
6444s so it's it's quite beneficial to have as
6447s well
6448s um but yeah overall there have been
6451s improvements adjustments and additions
6453s to the riffs which we will
6457s I don't know if we'll highlight actually
6458s in the streams or not it might be
6459s something that you will just experience
6461s when 1.0 comes out but also based on
6464s internal testing the Rifts are a bit
6466s more fun we added we added some more
6468s funness there and also a little bit more
6470s challenge in the in the process as well
6472s so yeah but all these shots these four
6475s shots that I cycle between all of those
6478s were from the way to the Halo and I
6480s think that they captured some pleasant
6482s shots it was nice so the next one I have
6485s is actually from geekbite but I feel
6487s like I've seen this shot before was this
6489s a previous shot you submitted geekba is
6491s that and no this is this is recent this
6494s one oh okay well I mean it's it's I love
6497s it I love the the way that the engines
6498s are just screaming at you and I love the
6501s way it's just going veering off into the
6502s pseudo sunset
6504s so uh definitely kudos for me also do
6506s have a question I do uh
6513s YouTube would like to know will it be
6516s possible to change the color of the jump
6518s engines when flying between planets or
6521s the super light engines super light
6522s engines will not change we are it's it's
6526s um there were some
6529s I mean at the end of the day there were
6531s a lot of elements that we could adjust
6533s and tweak about how super light would
6536s come across but it's it would be a bit
6538s of a process but more of a process than
6539s we would like it to be and we want to
6540s hit the priority elements of 1.0
6542s especially
6544s um as opposed to getting maybe a little
6546s too detailed in customization territory
6548s since customization as a whole is a nice
6550s to have in fact at some certain points
6553s we weren't entirely sure if we were
6555s going to have the ability to customize
6557s the cockpit color or the engine Trails
6560s we just weren't sure about it so we're
6562s happy that those got in
6564s um I know it's always like you get one
6567s thing you want more and more and more
6568s right it's like my engine colors look
6569s great but not super light well super
6571s light you know it's activating a
6573s different type of engine there so from a
6574s lower standpoint it's going to shine a
6576s different color some way for sci-fi
6578s reasons probably
6580s um and that's what we're sticking to as
6581s of right now so thank you for the
6583s question uh I know that you probably
6585s don't like that answer but that's not uh
6587s yeah we're not going to make color
6588s changes to the engine in super light uh
6591s not planned not for one point so
6594s excellent so this next shot also comes
6597s from geekbite and it it created a little
6599s bit of controversy I think over in the
6601s Discord because uh because a lot of
6603s people are like wow my gosh that's a
6604s gorgeous shot from Drake uh no no it no
6608s it's not this is not this is not from
6610s Drake This is actually from every space
6612s one
6613s um everspace One Shot here and then
6616s people were like man I think that the
6618s planets look better in everspace one and
6619s they do everspace two
6623s all right and uh yeah okay so there's
6627s some discrepancy there I think some of
6629s you guys I mean it's certainly Pleasant
6632s to look at that is there's no doubts
6634s about that we are happy with however
6636s space one came across but we're also
6637s happy with everspace too come on now
6640s come on now folks
6642s come on now but uh it is a great shot
6645s it's a it's a very nice shot to a geek
6646s bite were you doing another everspace
6648s one run were you going back through it
6649s or no I was just digging through my
6652s terabytes upon terabytes of uh images
6655s from every space one and I thought that
6657s looks cool great well thank you for
6659s submitting that do we have another
6660s question
6661s uh yes
6663s um probably one that we can't actually
6665s answer however ask it anyways yeah on
6668s YouTube wants to know how is the visual
6670s polish pass coming along any sneak
6673s previews
6675s um I can't provide any sneak previews
6676s right now because I'm in screenshot mode
6678s for you guys but there have been
6680s pouncing bouncing uh and polishing
6683s passes for certain uh lights and certain
6686s asset packaging
6688s um to make it stand out a bit more in
6690s fact we have a bit of internal testing
6692s where some folks were like catching uh
6695s adjustments that were like wow this
6696s looks cleaner did you guys change this
6698s yes we did actually and and so there's
6700s been a number of adjustments on that
6702s front and a lot of the different
6703s handcrafted locations the well over a
6706s hundred handcrafted locations that we've
6708s designed in everspace 2 we are crazy
6711s holy cow I think it's just for reference
6715s um and Michael you can of course correct
6717s me if I'm wrong here for reference I
6719s think the intended number of handcrafted
6721s locations at the start of development
6724s was somewhere around 80 to 90 locations
6726s and if I'm not mistaken I think we're
6728s sitting somewhere around 120 or 130
6735s include all of the random
6738s local can encounter with unknown signals
6740s and stuff like that they do use uh
6742s procedural generation of assets that
6744s were handcrafted though so there is that
6746s it's um
6748s it's nuts it's absolutely nuts so um
6752s so so good question uh here's a
6754s different response uh
6756s I hope you enjoyed it though so good
6758s good stuff so these next slew of
6760s screenshots come from sanuzaki and
6762s sonozaki also was the provider of our
6765s YouTube thumbnail on YouTube
6767s um that was incredibly redundant but uh
6769s shout out to them already
6771s and this is their first shot just flying
6774s over the destruction of the um cryptus
6778s bull
6779s where all the junk is basically tossed
6781s down on the plant and they try to
6783s recycle it into something new probably I
6785s guess so nice shot here we're going to
6788s transition over through a couple of
6790s sonozaki's shots that are equally as
6792s visually pleasing as we answer another
6794s question
6796s uh right we have uh an interesting one
6799s for Steve over on Twitch uh how much
6802s have you evolved the puzzle aspect of
6804s the game a lot
6808s a lot
6809s um we started off and I imagine you guys
6813s probably uh recognize this even in Early
6815s Access especially like the puzzles
6817s starting off we wanted them to be a bit
6819s more basic so you could comprehend what
6821s was the objective right and then later
6823s Parts in the games like we want you to
6824s have to think about it that's the point
6826s of puzzles if a puzzle is like you know
6830s there's three blocks in front of you and
6832s you have to get this to the block at the
6834s top oh no how am I going to do it that's
6835s not fun that's not engaging that's a
6838s Time waster we do not want to put time
6840s wasters in the game we want to have
6842s things that you can engage with and be
6844s pleased by when you figure it out when
6847s you put all the puzzle pieces together
6849s and especially in uh kite nabila we felt
6853s really good about those puzzle tools
6856s coming together and further still you
6858s know we get to um Drake we wanted to
6860s keep refining that process and yeah
6862s there was a bit of a transformation
6863s towards those puzzle elements uh from
6866s the beginning of Early Access especially
6867s to where we're at now because we just we
6869s had to make them better and better and
6870s we had to make sure they're engaging so
6873s yeah I know that there are some of you
6875s guys out there who don't like Puzzles we
6878s get it we totally understand you don't
6881s want to have to think you just want to
6882s loot and shoot that's totally acceptable
6884s I get it I sincerely understand but our
6887s Core Design philosophy here is that if
6889s we're making handcrafted locations we
6891s also want there to be you know reasons
6894s why we've designed these levels in the
6896s way that we have we want there to be
6898s points of interest and we want there to
6900s be rewards for you exploring and
6903s extracting various details from these
6906s worlds we've created
6908s yeah
6909s good good stuff lots of lots of
6911s development on the puzzle side
6912s I mean shoot I'll even say this
6915s we do still have a lot of other puzzles
6917s uh puzzle ideas that we uh sort of
6920s prototyped that you've never seen before
6921s that we're kind of sort of working and
6925s um it you know maybe in the future you
6926s might end up seeing some of those and
6927s maybe the DLC or you know what have you
6930s uh but yeah we we definitely have quite
6933s a bit more up our sleeve on that front
6935s to make things nice and fresh so uh
6938s we'll see what happens probably not by
6940s 1.0 but uh maybe we'll see what the
6943s future has in store for us this shot
6945s also comes from sonazaki by the way just
6947s a great shot of the
6949s one of the ramen joints over at Prescott
6951s star Basin last but not least we have
6954s this one I I love these just open space
6956s shots uh where you're just getting this
6959s huge feeling of scope and this one just
6964s does it so beautifully over in zarkov
6967s it's the the I guess it's a gas is it a
6970s gas giant
6971s shoot I can't remember now
6973s um the specific location but just I love
6975s the way that this is captured the colors
6977s being so softened make it just gentle so
6981s pleasing to me
6983s quite like it
6985s and I also dig the color combination
6987s there that it's a nice it's a nice
6989s ship sanuzaki so very good very good
6994s very very good stuff all right so we're
6996s going to transition over into excel's
6998s shots we've got a couple from him
7000s um and uh we're gonna cycle through
7002s those as we answer yet another question
7004s as well so thank you Excel for these uh
7006s beautiful screenshots uh and uh
7009s yeah geek by question
7011s right T3 Cube on Twitch he's asking will
7015s you guys consider playable credits like
7017s race the sun having unskippable stuff
7020s scroll for 15 minutes like most games
7022s it's kind of boring
7025s repeat the question one more time I'll
7026s make sure I've captured
7028s wasn't you guys consider playable
7030s credits like raise the Sun and believing
7034s that is a reference to a specific game
7037s races
7039s yeah and having unskippable stuff's
7041s growth 15 minutes is kind of kind of
7043s boring
7045s um
7047s give us a bit more clarity on that
7049s that'll be cool
7050s um unfortunately I'm not familiar with
7052s the game race the sun
7054s um could you give me another reference
7056s point because I'm not a hundred percent
7058s I'm sure
7059s I understand
7061s the question
7064s apparently it's a fun little game with
7066s interactive credits kind of thing
7069s maybe do something I'll make your credit
7071s something oh okay oh okay oh okay okay
7074s so it's just a credits sequence you want
7077s to be able to engage with the game
7078s during the credits okay
7080s um no there's no plans uh it's a it's a
7083s curious question I like that I think
7085s that's playful I think it's fun
7086s um but no there's no plans to do that
7088s that would definitely be in the nice to
7091s have territory and I I don't even know
7093s if there's a single team member who is
7095s like ah this would be fun
7097s um we might have some I believe the
7100s proper terminology is um no it's
7102s actually that's not the right word uh
7104s we might have like layered backgrounds
7106s to where when it's going down and you
7107s move your mouse around you might see
7109s like asteroids move or planets move and
7111s stuff like that but that might just be
7113s the the bulk of it and of course we'll
7115s have a speed up mechanic so if you want
7117s to get to a particular segment because
7118s you know your name's a backer and you
7121s want to see that and how we've
7122s highlighted it yeah I mean they'll
7124s definitely be tools like that as well
7126s but uh yeah so yeah there's there's no
7129s plans to to to do that but
7132s yeah
7133s it would be fun but I also am not 100
7135s sure how we'd incorporate that almost
7138s like you have this railgun minigame
7139s where drones occasionally pop up and
7141s they try to shoot the various names
7144s scrolling through the credits and you
7145s have to save them that's that's
7147s ridiculous that's not even
7152s I could see people getting upset with
7153s that and be like I was a backer of this
7155s game and a drone shot my name out of the
7157s credit sequence
7160s all right thank you for these shots
7161s again though excellent thank you for
7163s that question two three Cube it's an
7164s interesting one but no it's not in the
7165s plans not in the plans
7168s all right uh last shot we have for today
7171s is the chemical bro
7173s contrast per usual uh just a nice clean
7177s representation of the kite research
7179s facility the Brie bio plant
7184s it's a solid one
7186s which works really well one of the
7187s questions do we have geekbite and then
7189s we're going to wrap up the stream how
7190s many questions do we have by the way
7191s I've just got the one more accurately
7194s um but it's one that we've had before
7196s but I think we fight with a lot of new
7197s players coming on board Etc uh it might
7199s be good to just answer it welcome spark
7201s on YouTube uh is there any chance of a
7204s new game plus I know it's been one
7205s that's been asked yeah sometimes yeah
7207s this is this is something that we have
7208s been observing um you know I wouldn't
7210s say that this is like a hot request from
7212s the community I know some of you who
7214s want it you're like yes it is we've been
7215s screaming it blah blah blah now listen
7217s listen Okay quick timeout sees all right
7219s we hear you let me say that we hear you
7223s a hundred percent we hear you we are not
7226s denying you because we're ignoring you
7229s because we don't love you because we
7232s don't care no no no no no okay whoa slow
7235s down okay let's take one step back all
7237s right sincerely
7239s we don't want to approach a new game
7241s plus because of the technical issues it
7243s would create if we were to go in that
7246s direction we would easily need another
7248s six months development
7250s and with the with the full release three
7252s weeks out you could probably see why
7254s we're not so interested in going that
7256s particular route and when I say at least
7258s I'm talking at least okay all of the
7262s story components that we have worked
7264s into the current state of everspace to
7266s were designed around specific levels
7270s they were designed around specific
7272s elements of progression to just scoop
7276s that all up and hit Level 30 and say oh
7278s yeah you can replay it all and blah blah
7280s it it doesn't that does not translate it
7282s does not work like that and
7284s unfortunately what it would require is
7286s an entirely new balancing pass of the
7290s whole game
7291s that is not a small ask so again
7295s we hear you we sincerely do is it a
7298s great idea it might be it might be but
7301s we're not doing it it's not in the plans
7304s never said we were gonna go in that
7306s direction
7307s it's not gonna happen okay
7310s got to be clear in that expectation I
7312s know that for some of you that really
7313s sucks she's not it's not in the plans
7316s okay
7317s super clear about that one
7322s so now on that Downer
7324s um
7325s goodness um
7327s uh the good news is that uh of course we
7330s will be at PAX East next week oh my gosh
7333s man I feel like I feel like the air is
7334s kind of Dusky right now sorry about that
7337s everybody but just it's the direction
7338s that we are moving in
7341s um we have uh GBC and we have PAX East
7344s next week and PAX East we will be on the
7347s floor so GDC not so much on the floor
7350s but there will be Communications
7351s possibly
7353s um and at PAX East we will have a four
7356s space you'll be able to go there engage
7358s with us play the version that
7360s effectively I just showed you today with
7362s all the updated bells and whistles full
7364s of voice recording for both English and
7365s German as well as basically every single
7369s freaking tweak and adjustment that we've
7371s made since the fall update itself and
7374s that number is in the hundreds of how
7377s much we have shaped changed touched
7379s modified adjusted fixed balanced it
7382s really is crazy so if you are interested
7385s in coming out to experience that
7387s everspace 2 glory and as well as meeting
7390s myself
7391s bite as well as 31 Fox who is over in
7394s the chat on Twitch we will all be
7396s sitting at that Booth with our glorious
7398s faces hidden behind masks because that's
7401s uh that's the process that they require
7403s but we'll gladly give you hugs and
7405s handshakes and allow you to play our
7407s fine everspace to experience aside from
7411s that uh I don't know geek fighter am I
7414s missing anything is there any other
7416s details uh thank you for sharing that
7418s link by the way that's that's chef's
7420s kiss look at that look at this guy
7421s beautiful beautiful
7425s um no I think the only thing we're going
7426s to mention was regarding uh the Discord
7429s and keeping your account safe because
7431s we've had a lot of potential scams
7434s coming through with regards direct
7436s messages Etc
7437s yes that's a that's a very good point
7439s and geekbar did you want to talk on that
7440s a little bit further do you want me to
7442s it doesn't matter uh you can carry on
7443s yeah okay yeah so effectively guys I
7446s mean most of you have used Discord for
7448s some time for those of you who are maybe
7450s a little bit newer to it
7452s um it is very common around the release
7455s schedule of games for their discords to
7458s be hit by a lot of people who don't have
7460s best intentions so there are a number of
7463s ways that you can protect yourself
7465s through authentication as well as
7467s through binding your account through
7468s email which we do have our Discord now
7470s where you can only join it if you are
7472s bound to an email it's the only way yet
7475s scammers still seep in and it might even
7477s be because they've jacked somebody
7479s else's account so anytime you get a
7481s friend request completely out of the
7482s blue from somebody you've never heard of
7484s let us know and we'll track it you don't
7487s have to respond unless you want to mess
7489s with them a little bit in which case we
7491s don't necessarily encourage you messing
7492s with them because they might not be a
7493s scammer you never know it's hard to say
7496s but I can assure you that if they've
7498s somehow reported you to steam and your
7499s account's going to be deactivated unless
7501s you give them information that's not how
7502s it works at all
7505s so don't buy it the second they're like
7507s is this your Steam account the nope it's
7509s it's done just let us know we'll clean
7511s up the Discord accordingly we got you
7513s covered all right no big deal
7515s so thank you for bringing up that point
7517s geek I really do appreciate it
7519s um you're welcome yeah aside from all of
7521s that that's that that's the stream guys
7522s that's everything that's it we ran a
7524s little bit over but uh wonderful
7526s screenshots I'm glad that we were able
7528s to show a bit more of the story more
7529s voice lines I think too instead of
7531s text-to-speech so that was pleasant
7533s um an answer a slew of fantastic
7535s questions you guys are sincerely awesome
7538s so uh yeah definitely hope that you can
7541s join us for PAX East
7543s um I'm gonna show you this uh this fun
7545s little trailer one more time and then
7547s we'll be happy next week by the way oh
7549s yeah oh gosh that's the last important
7551s thing thank you oh my gosh because we'll
7553s be at PAX East there will not be a
7555s stream over on YouTube or twitch there
7558s will not be one so we're gonna skip the
7560s next stream will be one week out of full
7562s release
7563s foreign
7565s oh my gosh so I hope that you can join
7568s us for that in two weeks from now no
7571s stream next week all right
7574s I'm gonna say all my stuff right here
7575s you guys have been awesome I have been
7578s Eric Schrader your community Ambassador
7580s for Rockfish games don't stop being
7583s awesome we'll see you at paxi's next
7585s week or we'll see on the stream in two
7587s toodles
7591s Dax
7592s that body we just found
7595s when I saw it it felt like that was
7598s still me in there
7601s your DNA scan sure that you're a
7604s military clone pilot no wonder you'd
7606s bettered my predecessor and what if I
7609s broadcast your profile you may not like
7611s who will come looking for me
7615s hundreds of loose cannons like you
7617s roaming the region and causing problems
7619s something had to be done about it
7625s Great Value in the DMZ
7629s one big easy job
7631s if you want to get out of here and yours
7634s too
7636s your Authority
7640s filthy presence have no place here
7643s they call themselves bulkar Prime any
7647s opportunity to trigger a new war will
7650s suit their purposes perfectly
7653s it's time to be clear about your
7655s allegiances we can leave you in peace or
7658s I can put you and your companions on a
7661s high priority eliminate list
7663s which will it be
7666s you don't understand what's at stake so
7671s are you in
7677s I'm still trying to figure you out Adam
7680s let's go you're running from something I
7682s can't help what I am all I cared about
7685s the Star Wars getting out of the DMZ
7687s there's no going back now
7695s thanks for looking up hi
7697s I think I see light at the end of the
7699s tunnel
7700s so soon
7719s hello there
7723s I know that you guys have been wanting
7725s me to do something for a while and my
7727s throat hasn't been feeling so hot it is
7729s better
7730s but I'm willing to look silly For Your
7733s Entertainment
7743s I need some more water first
7753s thank you for being a part of this
7754s community
7765s [Music]
7785s please
7787s [Music]
7809s [Music]
7817s [Music]
7823s Roblox
7829s [Music]
7843s [Music]
7849s thank you ladies and gentlemen for
7850s coming to the Rockfish Stream post show
7853s Shenanigans segment
7854s if you enjoyed what you liked please
7856s leave a thumbs up and don't forget to
7858s comment on YouTube sharing your favorite
7861s moment of the stream that's always
7862s appreciated
7865s also last bit
7867s you guys do know that the price increase
7869s did of course happen last bit oh you
7872s guys do know that the price increase
7875s woo
7877s sorry about that isn't that fun whenever
7879s you get reverberation ah but what I was
7882s saying
7883s is that uh there is a the price increase
7886s did of course happen already forever
7887s space 2. you can still wish list it and
7890s wait for sales generally there's like uh
7892s there's like little sales that go on
7894s every now and then on Steam in fact
7895s there's one right the heck now uh but we
7898s are not in it
7899s so you're not saving anything if you're
7901s buying right now you can always wishlist
7902s wait for a sale otherwise and of course
7905s April 6th full release date
7909s full release happening 20 days from now
7913s mark it on your calendar we will be
7915s starting an event in the Discord to mark
7917s that date specifically as soon as
7919s Michael allows me to post the exact time
7922s of day that that is going to occur so uh
7925s no pressure on you Michael uh but yeah
7927s we want to make sure nobody misses a
7929s beat on that front and uh it'll be good
7931s times all right
7933s don't stop being awesome
7935s like I've said already and have a great
7938s weekend and truly I do hope I get to
7940s meet you over at PAX East that would be
7941s that'd be Pretty stinking cool all right
7944s see you later guys
7948s [Music]
7957s wait a second wait a second no no we we
7959s uh
7961s no okay everything's fine everything's
7963s good okay nope everything checks out
7964s cool great weekend do it

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