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I don't know how, but since i joined my friend in a multiplayer game my chat/console's output just stopped working. I still get the Sound-Cue for recieving a message but it doesn't show up. I can look at the output through the (^) button, opening the console, but normally chat messages, advancements and research cues should be output normally, right? Anyways i digged around the game's settings and the net for a good hour or two and am starting to think that i managed to brick factorio since i didn't find a trace of my problem online. Has anyone heard and/ or encountered this?

Edit: A fresh intall doesn't work, might have bricked some vital software somehow

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What do you have set in Settings->Interface->Other->Chat message delay?

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Originally posted by Exorbity

  1. I mean the messages are not being delayed, but rather just not shown

You can set it to 20 which is the default value

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