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I have hit a crazy bug in factorio. If I load my current save and start playing after about 15 mins the console commands history just appears. At that point the radars both stop working and are reversed. So now I can see all of the map except where there is a radar.

Also all of the artillery stops working and bitters start encroaching the base.

Radar coverage reversed.

I don't use mods. If I save and reload the radar thing continues but the artillery starts working. I also drop to about 10 UPS although if I zoom in and view an area I shouldn't be able to view the UPS goes up to about 30 (24ish being what the base normally runs at). The base appears to be working except at half UPS.

Has anyone seen a bug like this before?

PS I will be submitting this to the bug forums but first I need to try it out on 1.1.62 as currently I'm running 1.1.61

EDIT Same thing happened in 1.1.62 but the game just crashes to desktop a couple of seconds after it happens. It also has the same bug in 1.1.63.

EDIT 2 So it seems we think it's a game timer running out of space. [0.17.50] Game locks w/ black screen, 100% cpu after 3 autosaves - Factorio Forums

Thank you all for your help. Wish I'd know a map has a finite amount of time before I built this. Mining Directly into Trains : factorio (reddit.com)

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Can you make a bug report on our forum, and attach the savegame?

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Originally posted by sbarbary

I said I was going to in the original post but I don't need to it's already been reported


Assuming it's the same bug.

Posting the save is still useful for us, so we know how common the occurrence is, and we can haves up to date saves to testing

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Originally posted by sbarbary


I have done as you ask pls can somebody download the save and then post something so I know and can get rid of it from dropbox.

Thanks, I have reuploaded it to our google drive, so you can remove it from your dropbox

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