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So, long story short, I recently got banned from the Fall Guys Official Discord for expressing my opinion. Yes, that is all. Obviously most of you who read this are aware Epic Games owns Fall Guys now. So, the discussion thread on their discord was filled with people complaining about the game becoming free-to-play and how the game will now die. My opinion was the opposite. I felt Fall Guys becoming F2P was a great thing for the game, so that is what I stated. Of course, being the minority, I was practically being cussed out by everyone in the discussion. They called me a “troll” and basically my opinion was inferior to theirs. I explained I was not a troll and apologized for expressing my opinion. Next thing I know I am banned. From the entire discord. I’m honestly in disbelief at how toxic that thread is. It sucks because I cannot enter in any of their social contests now because I stated my opinion on the current state of the game.

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Hi! I was pretty concerned when I saw this, so we investigated why you were banned. You wouldn't ever be banned just for voicing your opinion, and from what you've written here it sounds like you were speaking a lot more positively than other users which obviously would be welcomed!

This post does not paint an accurate picture as you were actually banned for sharing leaks. You'd also received warnings about sharing leaks in the past, and about swearing, both of which are clearly stated as being against the rules. You then created an alt account in order to evade the ban which is against Discord's TOS.

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Originally posted by Flynn_The_Fox

Imagine having a rule against swearing

Would it not be slightly inappropriate to allow swearing on the official Discord of a PEGI 3 game?

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Originally posted by TheHormone-Monster

I agree cussing people out is harmful in a discord where we are trying to be a community and friendly with one another is obnoxious. However, people slip up and say “shit, I died on fall mountain” or something along those lines. These aren’t really grounds for banning people left and right. No one is perfect.

Of course, which is why we don't ban people for accidentally swearing, it just results in a warning. This warning will contribute to the decision to ban, however, if there are multiple instances of rule breaking. You had received four warnings and two mutes in total for various rule breaks within the space of a month. Then, two days ago, you sent 3 messages in which you shared leaks which was essentially the final straw that lead to the ban.

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Originally posted by olibearbrand

Noob question -- how do people in discord know that that particular account is an alt? Do they track it via their IP address?

Don't worry, no tracking or anything like that! To be honest it's mostly that you can tell just by looking but this is obviously approached with caution as mods wouldn't ban an account that they just suspect is an alt, there would have to be enough evidence.

In this case, OP made an alt just with "Not" in front of part of their original name (plus some other evidence). Hats off to them for that though that's quite funny.

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Originally posted by TheHormone-Monster

I will respond to this because I still think think the bans were unjustified.

1) the leak was an honest mistake because someone in the discussion referred to being hopeful about squad modes and I mistakingly brought it up because I had known about it from my other discord server not realizing it.

2) the cuss word I said was shit. I never actually swear at people telling them to “f**k off” or anything against someone in a harmful way.

In my opinion, as they do go against the “rules” of the discord they don’t merit a permanent ban. I’ve been silenced within the discord several times just for creating discussion as well. People in the chats will say “stop arguing” but that’s simply not the case. I’m just trying to get people thinking about the game in a meaningful way other than gibberish. Regardless of the reasons why I got banned there is a perpetuating problem within that discord and there are many people here who have experienced it first hand.

Edit: added some thoughts

I truly do believe that your ban was due to the frequent rule breaks, rather than creating meaningful discussion, but we do have ban appeals where you can appeal your ban if you think it was unjustified: http://discord.gg/SKkk24w.

We really welcome discussion from both sides when it comes to things that might divide opinion. It can help inform our decisions in the future if we're able to see all the varying opinions of players. Moderation action wouldn't be taken against this unless it was just unkind, or appeared to be someone just trying to start an argument rather than have meaningful discussion. That said, when discussions do go too far the Discord staff may ask people to try to move on from the topic. This might happen if users were arguing but going round in circles a bit and not really getting anywhere other than continuing to raise tensions.

I'm not saying you were banned for swearing. You actually swore once on 6th February, and then again 1st March, both of which you were warned for, not banned. I agree, in neither instance was the swearing with any malicious intent. If it had been, you probably would've been muted. You had also been warned for discussing leaks on 2nd February. In between these incidents you also described Fall Guys as a dead game, which also does usually result in moderation action as well. This is a lot of rule breaks for someone to collect in only the space of a month. The ban was a result of the leaks you discussed on 2nd March, as well as your other prior rule breaks. I agree that as isolated incidents a ban would not be justified, but these are not isolated incidents.

Leaking by accident does happen, we know people can just not realise that something is a leak. If you're someone who sticks to the rules and just leaks something by accident, it's likely you'd have your ban overturned.

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Originally posted by TheHormone-Monster

It did feel malicious from my perspective. However, I believe the “dead game” comment was out of context. All of my posts on here are fall guys related, so why would I think the game is dead? Regardless, I will attempt an appeal.

Just to clarify the "malicious intent" was that I agree that in the instances you swore, you didn't do it maliciously or to hurt anyone.

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