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I just lost an elimination match where none of my teammates were eliminated due to our team having 3 members, instead of 4.

One of the teammates left the match, I don’t know if it was because he was a piece of poo, because he had some connection issue or whatever. It doesn’t matter. It kinda sucks that one player can ruin the experience for other three, intentionally or no.

Squads mode is quite enjoyable, but these things are a turn down. One could argue it could ruin the infallible trophy, but perhaps you shouldn’t try this one with randoms.

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I had a bit of a think about this over the weekend and I think granting double points to a random other squadmate is a nicely elegant solution. Obviously the best solution is to minimize quitting, but I think this would work as it's easily understandable and creates some interesting new gameplay (a lone player in squads gets a 4x bonus!)

Ultimately it's a little tricky as you could game the system by having slowpokes quit to give your leaders double points, but I think that's balanced out by being at a definite disadvantage in any final. Happy to hear some opinions on this!

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How about just flat scaling? So no one teammate gets an outsized influence, just like in a full squad. E.g. If a squad only has 3 beans, then every normal point is now worth 1 1/3.

The problem then is that you get players winning decimal placed points which is just a bit icky. Plus it's not as exciting!