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I bought for honor a few days ago and everytime i wanted to start it, it crashed. What do i have to do now to play it. Its always crashing...

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Hey @emin68

I'm sorry to hear your game is crashing when you try to launch it. Please can you check through the steps in this article and see if there's anything you haven't tried yet, as we just need to rule out any of the most common causes of issues on PC first of all.

There is also some more steps found in here that can help.

Another good thing to try is to close Ubisoft Connect, go to your cache folder in your Ubisoft Connect directory and rename your cache folder to something like "cachebackup". Then see if you still have an issue.

If you still have issues after these steps, let us know here and we can create a support case for you, as we'll need to get these system files from you to look into this further. 

DX Diag

MSInfo - Please run this file straight after the crash, as it will show the most recent errors happening on your PC when it crashed. 

If you would prefer to contact us via live chat, you can do so here and we can get your files from you whilst speaking to you on there. 

As live chat isn't always available, you can also reach out through a private message on Twitter or Facebook if you prefer, as that will also create a case for you and we can then get your system files off you through there. 

If you do contact us through one of the above options, please mention what steps you have already done, or just provide links to those articles so they don't get suggested to you again. Also, please let us know here if you have, otherwise we will create the support ticket for you if you let us know you still need assistance.  

If contacting on Twitter or Facebook messages, please provide your account username and email, so we can link the chat to a support case so you can attach the files.