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603s one one
613s ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
617s fortnite fans from around the world
620s wherever you are watching from Welcome
623s to the fncs Invitational 2022 coming at
628s you live from Raleigh North Carolina the
631s Raleigh Convention Center is being
633s packed right now we got fans up in the
636s building we got the players on site and
639s not too long from now we'll have some
641s games
642s six games today six tomorrow all
645s culminating in an fncs Invitational
648s champion
651s we're in for it I hope you guys are as
653s excited as we are let me introduce you
655s to our good friends that are joining us
656s here on the analyst desk it's none other
658s than Pro player turned analyst Vivid
663s hello everyone thank you so much Zeke
666s the stages set we have international
668s players joining us here today there's a
671s lot on the line and it makes me so
673s excited for every single one of the 12
675s games we'll be watching and it's it's
677s she's the best at everything if you
678s don't believe it it's in her name the
680s best taco as much as I appreciate that
682s Zeke the real best thing ever about
684s today is the fact that the weight is
685s finally over we are finally here for the
688s fncs Invitational and honestly seeing
690s how packed the venue already is it's
692s exhilarating that's right the fans are
694s ready we are ready but you know who else
696s is ready it's the players check this out
700s these are gonna be some of the most
702s exciting games you will see in all of
705s fortnite the last couple of years I
708s already missed in-person competitions
709s yeah I'm super excited to get back into
711s real life competitions we really hope to
714s play in-person events for like the first
717s time since World Cup me and Dukes are so
719s excited you know what I'm saying it's my
720s first time being at a tournament on land
722s lands are just like the greatest Vibes
724s ever we've been playing with each other
726s a lot especially in the past like two
727s weeks yeah we've been working hard I
729s mean just so many incredible Duos
732s competing here today A lot of people
734s sleep when I say they're going to prove
736s to the world while we are the best I
737s think it's always been on top like Glenn
739s wise yeah
743s there's nothing to prove because
744s everyone knows he's the best region
746s there's no discussion there's no
747s argument including the Invitational
749s proves whatever because every region is
752s here one of the key things that I miss
753s from playing in-person events uh
755s honestly is the crowd I'm really hyped
757s to be honest it feels more real playing
759s on station at home the best best thing
761s about impersonal language is that you
763s said right next to your new partner
764s everybody's watching you and everybody's
766s screaming yourself that that's when you
768s get like really nervous winning and just
769s having like stuff like fire like
771s fireworks or something it's just like
772s crazy winning would prove to myself that
775s I'm one of the best in the world winning
777s the Invitational would really be an
778s emotional moment for us it is officially
780s here
781s 's an incredible weekend of for my
784s action we're definitely here to go for
786s the back-to-back title I'm confident
788s fighting almost anyone in the lobby he's
790s pretty correct if someone contests as an
792s icon they definitely get eliminated 100
795s anybody who's ever contested us they're
797s just playing for bottom 40. if you're
799s thinking about confessing us go for it
801s see what happens guys come contest us
804s you want to win thanks for the three
805s points
811s we got this we got this we got this we
813s got we got this
819s it doesn't get more hype than that I'm
822s doing my best to contain my excitement
824s right now and I'm having a real
826s difficult time now that's just a handful
829s of players that we'll be seeing compete
831s on this stage in just a little bit but
833s first I'd love to for you to give a big
835s warm welcome to our main man it's Adam
837s Savage
839s thank you very much seek we're feeling
843s good here on the show floor audience
845s North Carolina let the world hear you
848s scream
852s dude you guys are beautiful uh right now
855s joining me here is Jakarta what a
858s weekend of fortnite action we are in for
859s my friend it's incredible Adam look it
861s has been years since we've had an
863s international event of this caliber
865s seven regions 27 different countries 50
870s of some of the best Duos in the world
872s are competing here today at total prize
876s call of one million dollars I mean words
879s cannot even describe how excited I am we
883s are so excited one more time North
885s Carolina let them hear you
889s and then said back to Zeke and we're
891s excited here buddy
892s [Applause]
894s just having this incredible
897s a player audience here just roaring as
901s we watch things unfold eliminations
903s happen right players walk out on the
905s stages
906s we're going to the next level and I
908s can't wait but first let's focus in on
910s the competition for just a moment let's
912s talk about what's at stake now for you
914s fans that have followed us along the
916s fncs this is pretty familiar right Vivid
918s yes absolutely as you can see here we'll
920s be playing for placement as well as
922s eliminations 50 rail has been worth that
924s big chunk 32 points cascading all the
927s way down to the 35th place where yeah
929s you only get four points but make sure
931s yourself you get into that threshold
932s there because outside of that 36 through
934s 50 will not be getting any points in the
936s placement category but every single
938s elimination Taco oh so important we see
940s that make the difference in a lot of
942s these fncs's two points for each of
944s those you're gonna need those points to
945s rack up because each of these players is
947s fighting for their portion of the Lion
949s Share out of this million dollar prize
951s pool first place going to be bringing
953s home two hundred thousand dollars to
955s start granted 46 through 50 you're still
956s walking away with something but it's not
958s just the literal prize money that's on
961s the line here today for these Duos
963s that's right for the first time take a
966s look at this absolutely stunning
969s Swarovski trophy that's right your Duo
972s that walks away as fncs Invitational
975s Champions will be forever
978s have a little nice little trophy they
980s can sit in their room and say yeah that
982s happened that was in fact us Vivid I'm
986s so I'm trying to contain myself man are
989s you excited are you as excited as I am
990s right now
992s it's hard to not bounce around it's
993s really it's really hard right I'm saying
994s you know they stand still Vivid listen
996s the crowd is going crazy the competition
998s hasn't even started yet and yes that
999s trophy is oh so important we have seen
1002s people raise these things up before and
1003s those moments they're still re being
1005s replayed to this day which makes these
1007s players wanted oh so more and it's
1009s honestly just so exciting to think about
1011s the fact that by the end of this weekend
1013s we are only going to get to see one Duo
1016s lift up that beautiful Swarovski trophy
1018s so absolutely insane you got a little
1021s taste of some of the players you got in
1023s the little introduction but let me
1025s introduce you to a few more
1027s all right so we're both always
1028s consistent always placing the top ten
1030s we're just gonna play the same game that
1031s we always play honestly like we're not
1033s really scared because we're the best
1034s players to touch the game I think we're
1036s we're due for a win we're due we're
1037s literally do in total we have three fncs
1040s wins and we're looking for our fourth
1041s we've won two weaponces together I've
1044s won two fncs's both in trios I have won
1047s six fncs's I've won World Cup and three
1050s fncs's to become an fncs Champion I
1053s think one it takes a lot of grinding a
1054s lot of viewing skill and then two I
1056s think you're gonna have to put a decent
1057s amount of zones you have to get a little
1058s bit lucky you have to be the best you
1060s have to have talent you can't just be
1062s hard working our two last Grands
1063s obviously we uh we definitely learned a
1065s lot and we've been kind of kind of look
1068s at all of our games look why we made the
1070s mistakes and hopefully we win this time
1071s yeah I've been really consistent in
1073s fncs's but the last two have really been
1076s bad for me so I'm here to not mess
1078s around and prove myself this season
1079s we're going to be very more consistent
1081s of getting like top three stop two maybe
1083s winning games and then that's gonna help
1085s us get the extra points we need to get
1088s that top spot it tells in terms
1091s of this is
1094s [Music]
1097s yeah so there's you know loads of fnts
1099s Champions including him but which I plan
1101s to just eliminate the people who you
1103s know are landing on us and eventually
1104s win the game in the pasta consensus we
1107s played too aggressive and uh we will try
1110s to be more passive in this limitation
1113s the fact that there's a lot of good
1115s players makes it a better Lobby it makes
1117s it much easier than rather if it was
1119s more random and Scattered so I feel like
1121s we have a good playing field here can't
1123s be nervous you also got to be focused on
1125s the game can't really pay attention too
1127s much to your surroundings or you know
1128s what else is going on I think one thing
1130s that's also important that's like maybe
1132s slept on is just to be calm and like you
1134s know do your things and stay focused on
1137s ourselves and know everything that's
1139s happening around us and keep the
1141s communication good obviously in fncs I
1144s got second four times now I thought they
1147s ever come short of getting top ten I
1149s think every time I qualify I always make
1151s it it doesn't tell familiar box is too
1153s much but you will get eliminated to ever
1155s do those good luck but we are 100 here
1157s to win the Invitational I've already won
1159s fncs on two regions so watch out for me
1161s because I'm gonna win this one it's
1162s gonna be really hard but we're gonna
1164s give it our best shot and we're going to
1165s try the 12 early team contesting oh yeah
1166s we are going to wipe them they are going
1168s down
1170s oh the confidence the confidence is
1173s unreal right now you can just tell from
1176s those little tidbits that these players
1179s have never been more focused in their
1180s competitive careers Than This Moment
1183s everything is on the line now we did get
1186s to see two members there queasy and Vino
1188s I mean Heralds of EU right they're
1191s basically Taco they've been winning
1193s everything queasy and Vino are entering
1196s this fncs Invitational as an established
1198s threat despite the fact that they've
1199s both already achieved fncs championship
1201s titles in chapter three their recent
1203s successes with the elite cup weekly
1205s finals in Europe and North America East
1207s is a primary example of their unwavering
1210s work ethic these guys are absolute
1212s Grinders and not only that but they had
1215s a first place finish in week four first
1217s place finish in week six and remind you
1219s that was the NA East and European weekly
1222s finals that they managed to bring home
1223s for themselves so the results speak for
1225s themselves here when you are able to
1227s have such dominating performances so
1229s most closely synced together to an event
1232s like this it's no wonder that they are a
1234s clear fan favorite to bring it all home
1236s because this is a world championship
1237s caliber Duo and I'm excited to see what
1239s they do this weekend yeah let's go ahead
1241s and re-address that fact that you said
1243s winning both Elite cups on the same
1246s exact day on NA East and EU right now
1249s this Lobby is 75 EU plus Naes which
1253s means that they have proven already that
1255s they can pretty much beat 75 of this
1257s Lobby the confidence has to be through
1259s the roof
1261s you know I feel uh we we can't not
1264s mention them
1266s vividual that I think many people are
1269s very excited to see compete here in
1271s person it's puga and it's Miro
1274s representing the home region here NA
1277s East representing Sentinels representing
1280s dignitas in my opinion the most titled
1285s Duo here at the event let's talk about
1287s it Booga solo World Cup champion it's
1289s what he is known for but because that is
1292s such a huge accomplishment it almost
1293s always gets pushed on the rug that right
1296s now in the past five fncs's he's gotten
1299s top three in every single one of them
1301s with three of them being wins but that's
1303s not all those three wins back to back to
1306s back it's an absolutely disgusting stat
1309s line when you really think about it and
1311s he's not the only one you have to keep
1312s in mind his dual partner Miro he has
1314s also been the nae's individual leader
1317s for eliminations for three out of the
1320s last six fncs finals that statistic
1322s alone showcases the fact that I think
1324s this nae's Duo is certainly going to
1326s pack a pretty vicious Bunch for the rest
1329s of these regions that's right and uh we
1331s have a very special treat for you fans
1332s here and of course viewers at home guess
1334s what Kelly Link is standing by with
1336s Booga and Miro
1337s thank you so much Zeke joining me right
1340s here I got Miro and
1343s interview
1344s [Applause]
1347s it's your iconic World Cup win what is
1350s it like to finally be back on stage in
1352s front of all of these people playing
1354s uh I'm super excited I mean it's super
1357s cool to be back in in-person events and
1359s uh hope they're being more in the future
1361s of course but uh yeah just hoping for
1363s the best honestly yeah of course in Miro
1366s talking about the game of course you
1368s guys are not only uncontested but it
1370s also seems like there's not too many
1371s teams around you on the South Side what
1373s are your plans to handle storm surge
1376s um I mean as of right now we're
1377s uncontested we'll see what happens we're
1379s gonna try not to leak too many strats
1380s but I think we'll be okay I love it the
1382s confidence coming in from these two guys
1384s right here Make some noise for Booga and
1385s Miro and let's head on back to the desk
1389s that's right fans you guys can make some
1391s noise that's okay you want to be
1393s cheering on this Duo right
1396s they got me they got me they're still
1398s waking up it's all good now we have to
1400s talk about more of the duels we're going
1402s to be seeing compete today is there
1404s another maybe duel that you have eyes on
1405s right now well that's the beautiful part
1407s about the fncs Invitational is that we
1409s do have that International
1410s representation and Alex and Bailey are a
1414s must mention from Oceana because they
1416s have had an absolutely phenomenal
1417s chapter 3 Performance so far they've
1420s only been getting better with each
1422s season of chapter three they started out
1423s with third place in season one then
1426s Second Place season two so guess what
1428s season one was that's right they were
1430s the fncs champions of the most recent
1432s season coming into this NCS Invitational
1435s and their dedication to the Grind did
1437s not stop there either because they have
1439s been absolutely dominating in cash cut
1441s performances as well Alex even I believe
1443s tweeting at one point 10 first place
1446s finishes in those cash cups alone so the
1448s consistency is definitely there for this
1449s Duo the thing that I love is the
1451s confidence right right here alone
1452s Bailey's name in-game Bailey on height
1455s man I wonder why oh he's gonna be
1457s playing today going for the higher gun
1459s honestly listen the great thing about
1460s being here in person is that I am
1462s actually able to go into the practice
1463s room kind of stand behind some of these
1464s players and last night I did just that
1466s with Alex and Bailey and they won the
1468s scream game that I was watching and they
1469s just look so good Alex's aim holy moly
1473s we have to talk about another threat
1476s here in the competition a six-time fncs
1480s champion coming from N.A West it's epic
1484s whale and he's gonna be paired up with
1486s Reit if you've watched fncs broadcast
1489s you know these guys are literal sharks
1493s yeah the 6X the only one in the world
1496s the individual player who has the most
1499s fncs wins right there it is none other
1502s than epic whale but it doesn't just stop
1504s there third place at World Cup then of
1506s course winning the most recent
1508s International Event as well he is on an
1511s absolute tear right now and he always
1512s looks so good but the thing that I love
1514s about epic whale is that he is able to
1516s adapt to almost any situations so much
1518s so that one season he even transitioned
1521s to controller of course now he is back
1523s on that keyboard and mouse but showing
1524s that he is so versatile is what is
1526s important to me my favorite part about
1528s this Duo as well is that collectively
1530s they have eight fnts championship titles
1532s to their name wow which actually ties
1534s them for first place with buga and Mira
1538s of all Duos so this could be an
1540s excellent opportunity here for epic will
1542s and Reed to establish once and for all
1544s who really has the most championship
1546s titles to their name you'll love to see
1548s it now listen fans in the audience I
1550s need you guys to Make Some Noise because
1552s Kelly is standing by right now with epic
1555s whale and Reed
1556s thank you once again Zeke and you are
1559s right I have epic whale and Reed joining
1561s me for another quick interview epic well
1563s everyone knows that the 6X in your name
1565s stands for how many fncs titles you
1567s currently hold what has the preparation
1569s been like so that you turn that into 7x
1572s uh yeah just a lot of botter viewing
1574s with our coach and like watching our own
1577s games back watching uh other players
1579s from other regions and just always
1581s improving like from the elite cups and
1583s stuff right I love it and
1591s 20 bombs every him love it that's what I
1594s want to see I'm going to hold you to
1595s that 20 bomb everyone let's head on back
1597s to the desk
1599s oh boy you can't just be saying that man
1601s I'm looking for a 20 balls we'll see how
1604s that all unfolds well that's just a
1605s sneak peek at some of the competitors
1607s let's see how others feel about the
1609s competition
1611s Anything could happen like it's tight
1612s match up they're both really good teams
1614s a lot of people think that one of nh's
1616s best teams I think they're pretty down
1617s here actually we're gonna get out of it
1618s and go in and clean it up every game
1620s this is gonna be crazy
1625s so at cloudy condos we got Aqua reason
1628s we have mustache malibucca and then we
1630s have Jason and chappix
1631s obviously those three teams are like a
1633s lot of people's favorites to win it
1634s Daddy comb does is pretty highly
1636s contested I mean it's Edge map you know
1638s easy dead side rotates it looks pretty
1640s strong definitely Aqua reason I'm gonna
1642s take at least one game you know The High
1643s Ground Kings and it really depends on
1645s like who is gonna like then on the one
1648s side alone and the third way to the
1650s other team we've heard some rumors that
1651s Mary station Malibu guy contesting us I
1654s don't know if it's true but if it is
1655s we're ready just just come I think
1658s Malibu cream or sash are kind of playing
1659s like the third man out and it's mainly
1662s tasting and traffic's fighting Malibu
1664s can research are insane Fighters it's
1666s gonna be a very fun contest
1669s foreign
1672s versus clicks and Dukes I think there's
1675s not enough loot for two teams so I think
1677s they're definitely gonna fight each
1678s other I think pink and ass will come out
1680s on top most games if it comes down to
1682s like a straight up 2v2 fight where they
1684s both have loot nothing clicks and like
1686s because obviously click some dude's
1687s probably yeah
1690s way better they're way better Fighters
1693s maybe maybe a little better although I
1695s think pink is going to come out on top
1697s uh we're gonna see if clicks is able to
1699s surprise us
1700s with Joneses if you want to have good
1703s look you really have to win it so you
1705s have to be prepared to beat your
1706s opponent just like two sides of Jonas's
1708s they will split yeah they might split it
1710s I think if we fight Anna so clicks not
1713s gonna do the good thing Jonas's they can
1715s come to Breezy that's fine but not like
1717s uh Jonas is not
1724s then over at groom Gables we have Muzz
1726s and looter conning Smite and Larson in
1728s this fight it's interesting I think
1729s obviously since there is the hill and
1731s then there's also just down below I
1732s don't think there's any world where
1733s these teams fight unless it's like in
1735s the last game let's both of them trying
1736s to you need influence you know I don't
1737s know if the the hills are not they're
1739s not quite a mountains funny people do
1740s that maybe I don't know maybe if they
1742s want to come out on top and do well in
1744s the tournament
1745s I think that they have to like not take
1748s the fight but try to gain ground because
1750s it has really good strong points around
1752s it I've played with a little before and
1755s he's crazy I honestly think it could be
1757s a 50 50. the POI is kind of just like
1759s one house everyone else was there
1766s dude I I I'm I'm gonna lose my mind we
1769s are almost there now we've had a chance
1772s to kind of talk about the outside
1773s looking in let's actually talk about the
1775s game itself yeah we have to talk about
1778s some of these pois man because uh it's
1781s it's looking like it's gonna be messy
1783s there's gonna be a lot of action going
1785s on in the early game and here's where
1787s you can find most of them of course Grim
1788s Gables going to be contested tilted
1789s Towers I don't know what's going on over
1791s there a whole party looks like five Duos
1794s are wanting to fight for that but then
1795s cloudy condos here we go three Duos
1799s Landing there Taco all of them being EU
1802s and not just any EU Duos you're looking
1805s at tasting and chappix aqua and reason
1807s as well as mustache and Malibu the three
1809s European Duos that could arguably walk
1812s away here either Champions on this fnc
1815s is Invitational or in the top five at
1816s the very least but the fact that they're
1817s all contesting each other is the most
1819s incredible aspect here Vivid especially
1821s when you factor in that you've got tasin
1823s and chaptics who love playing The High
1825s Ground going up against the original
1826s High Ground king of EG with aqua yeah I
1829s mean listen there's pretty much two ways
1831s that this kind of peeling can uh can
1833s work out right they kind of split their
1835s Loot and be happy with it but that's not
1836s really advantageous right there's so
1837s much loot there that you want for
1838s yourself now let's talk about the other
1840s option which actually happened in the
1842s elite cup just a week ago where malibuca
1845s and mustache got second place from this
1847s exact same situation basically what was
1849s going on was hasten and chappix or
1851s basically just straight up 56 to be an
1853s aqua and region on the south side and
1854s then Malibu and Mercedes were just
1856s running right in afterwards cleaning up
1857s and walked away again with that second
1859s place in that Alika and you know what's
1862s coming now right that's right it's an
1864s interview but this time we've got our
1865s in-game analyst mini miners standing by
1867s take it away
1869s thank you so much Zeke now I couldn't be
1871s more excited to be alongside two Titans
1873s of the European region we've got Tyson
1875s and malibuca alongside me here this is
1878s exciting Tyson to kick things off you
1880s are one of the online ghosts you are
1881s considered as one of the best players
1883s online how can you transfer that into
1884s this in person experience today
1887s I think it's really important to get
1889s used to it for the next line events
1891s online is not as I mean land is not as
1896s comfortable as home of course but need
1899s to get used to prepare for next and
1901s do our best of course now malabuki you
1904s guys are known as one of the best
1905s fighters in the European region are you
1907s guys confident in fighting or spawn
1908s against likes of tasting chappies
1910s um yes I think we have a very aggressive
1913s play style and that's why it's very easy
1915s for us to eliminate other players and I
1919s don't think I'll spawn will be hard for
1920s us of course and it works as well you
1922s guys have a 78 success rate of Spawn
1924s does that fill you with more confidence
1926s going into it or you think like this is
1928s gonna be a tough fight
1929s uh I'm sure we will have uh 12 games we
1933s will go out from our spawn and we won't
1936s die even once that's good to hear now
1938s Zeke I want to hear more about the next
1940s head to head
1942s where these players are Stone Cold
1945s eliminators baby I am ready for all of
1949s this action let's talk about another Duo
1951s another head-to-head matchup we have to
1953s break down I think for me the key kind
1955s of takeaway and thing to consider is
1957s this is a there's seven regions being
1959s represented here on this Invitational
1960s stage right so not only am I thinking
1962s what's my meta at home wait what's their
1964s meta at home oh I have to fight against
1965s that good luck me yeah over at Green
1968s grables a little bit of a different
1969s situation than cloudy condos or Tilted
1972s Towers given that it's just a
1973s head-to-head standoff between Smite
1976s Larson and Muzz with looter but I'm
1979s really in curious to see how this
1981s actually pans out because we are getting
1982s a little bit of that international
1983s region spice Battle of the regions there
1986s with any East in oshiba to be fair to
1988s Muzz he has actually been in NA East
1991s along with looter competing in all of
1994s these Elite cup weekly finals trying to
1996s get as much experience as possible I
1998s think it's going to be a really exciting
1999s matchup for them and when you factor in
2001s that must most recently with the chapter
2003s 3 season 2 top 10 finish came in eighth
2006s place I believe although at the time he
2007s was doing with Avery not to mention his
2009s partner looter while he was competing in
2011s Oceana he still nearly closed out a
2014s match point trigger with a 518 Point
2016s finish there into season two as well for
2018s chapter three and then of course Muzz
2020s being the only player actually to win an
2022s fncs on multiple regions hit it out on
2024s oce and NA East as well but that's not
2027s to talk down on Larson and smite they do
2029s so well in these all spawn situations
2030s they come up with such unique strategies
2032s throwback to season one of chapter three
2034s where even the likes of cold incense
2036s that were having trouble against them
2037s because of the strategies they were
2039s coming up with so that's what I'm
2040s excited to look forward to today what
2041s did they prepare for Muslim looter
2043s caliber player is just absolutely insane
2046s for just a moment I do want to touch on
2048s that tilted tower situation why do we
2051s have five Duos all landing at Tilted
2054s Towers but one of them is Fabs and
2057s snacky and okay one of my favorite Parts
2058s about this is that throughout the
2060s entirety of chapter three there were 30
2062s six finals games played right right Fabs
2064s and snacky only went two out of those 36
2067s games without receiving any actual elims
2070s so with four other Duos there to contest
2073s at Tilted Towers it's not just a prime
2075s opportunity for them to keep boosting
2077s that stat metric but it also kind of
2079s indicates the fact that whether or not
2081s they're the ones walking away from
2082s tilted towers by the end of it all
2083s they're taking somebody else with them
2085s so absolutely insane now guess what
2090s another interview coming your way mini
2091s minor what you got
2093s I've got two incredible players right
2094s next week we've got Luther we've got
2096s Smite and oh boy am I excited yes again
2098s as always now lutwell kick things off
2099s with you you've played on both oce and
2101s NA East right how does the how do the
2103s regions differ and how are you going to
2104s use that experience today well there is
2106s a big difference that's for sure
2108s um I definitely think OC is obviously
2110s easier and and it has a different skill
2112s set but I made sure to come a month
2114s early so I could learn the lobbies as
2115s much as I could to do as good as I can
2117s over these next two days that's great to
2119s hear man now of course my you had your
2120s best fnts performance in chapter three
2122s season one you had a third and in that
2124s season you were uncontested how are you
2126s gonna approach the challenge of being
2127s contested today well when you're on con
2129s you obviously have the advantage of
2131s leaving with fully stacked Lou and you
2133s could fully focus on surge but when
2136s you're fighting a team of swan you have
2137s that advantage of also leaving with
2139s storm surge right off the bat yeah so
2140s it's also an advantage at the same time
2142s yeah definitely what happens two ways to
2144s look at it now just quickly we'll ask
2146s you guys what do you think the score is
2147s going to be off spawn the all-important
2149s question okay realistically I want a 12
2151s Oak nice and clean but I don't think
2152s that's going to happen that's
2153s unrealistic I think it's going to be
2155s more like eight four nine three
2156s something like that okay it's might just
2158s quickly I'm thinking afford 12 over here
2159s twelve they both think they're gonna win
2161s I'll spawn unbelievable best of luck to
2162s you both think
2163s thank you so much mini Miner my goodness
2167s uh we've had a chance here from some of
2169s the players talk about the game I want
2171s to just take a quick moment here to
2172s introduce you to our casters for the
2174s event it is Monster deface and Jacob PR
2177s oud that's right thank you so much Zeke
2179s we do have the pleasure the honor of
2182s calling all the action this weekend and
2184s my gosh the energy is already starting
2185s to you really feel it yeah it's
2187s absolutely insane and for myself and
2190s watching you cast the World Cup now
2192s being here with you this is a dream come
2194s true and then getting to cast This
2196s Global competition insane right right
2199s and that is what we have in store for us
2200s of course is an amazing competition what
2203s a special moment not only for the
2204s competitors but all of you who get to
2206s tune in here and watch this return to an
2209s in-person event it couldn't be better
2211s and already you see the content like the
2214s real interview pieces where we get to
2216s read the players read the room there's a
2218s lot of contestants there's a lot of
2219s fights that are gonna play out yeah and
2221s like I'm saying and it said it kind of
2222s before earlier today speaking of in the
2225s back that these players they're really
2226s good friends they like to sit in the
2228s same Discord they talk they play
2230s fortnite together all the time but when
2232s that battle bus starts monster they're
2234s no longer friends they're looking at
2235s each other like they're the enemy yeah
2237s definitely you see the pink in the last
2239s uh battle or pink versus clicks you know
2242s engagement that might be going down
2243s there as well so that's us we're going
2245s to be calling all types of action this
2247s weekend Zeke thanks for checking in with
2249s us
2250s hey thank you so much my goodness we are
2253s not that far from kicking off the
2256s competition I just want to get your
2258s guys's kind of quick thoughts here as we
2259s prepare what are expectations coming
2262s into just the first six games of the
2264s fncs Invitational I should have expect
2266s the crowd to be loud we already heard
2267s when some of those interviewee names are
2269s called The Crowd was going crazy when
2271s the action really starts to kick off I
2273s want these players to fuel themselves
2275s with the energy from the crowd and
2276s really just take home a real solid clean
2279s game number one but then also you know
2281s if it's not a good game number one use
2282s that in game number two as experience
2284s exactly and I think that this in-person
2287s event is a really important experience
2289s for a lot of the Duos competing here
2291s today but I'm super excited to see what
2292s happens with some of our International
2293s regions because we do have so many Duos
2296s that are actually going uncontested and
2298s one that nearly comes to mind Bruno and
2300s Peppa for example they've got all of
2301s lustrous Lagoon to themselves and with
2304s that much available Loot and resources I
2306s wouldn't be surprised if they're able to
2308s kind of Kick It Up iron the leaderboards
2309s some people might be expecting yeah
2311s that's right some of these Duos man this
2313s is their first time in a setting like
2315s this right to have an amazing crowd like
2317s all of you here in person so make sure
2320s you guys are just streaming your heads
2323s off it is almost that time to start the
2325s show so for now let's go on over to Adam
2327s and Kelly
2329s yes Zeke it is
2332s get close now
2336s are you ready for this
2341s I I am so excited Kelly we're so close
2345s now to the beginning of the fncs
2346s Invitational and I cannot wait for what
2348s we are about to show everyone but guys
2351s we know what you're here for you're here
2353s for the games you're here for the
2355s players so in just five seconds I'm
2357s gonna need your help for the countdown
2359s everyone all right join me 10 and nine
2363s ten
2364s [Applause]
2395s foreign
2400s [Applause]
2431s foreign
2458s hello there and welcome to fncs
2462s Invitational 2022 live here in Raleigh
2466s North Carolina
2467s foreign
2474s audience my name is Adam Savage and I am
2477s Kelly Link we will be your host over the
2479s next two days and in those two days you
2481s guys will witness 12 incredible games of
2484s fortnite 50 of the best Duos around the
2488s world representing seven regions will
2490s not just be duking it out for the
2492s million dollar prize pool they won't
2493s just be fighting for the pride and
2495s Prestige they're gonna be fighting for
2498s that trophy right there can we get
2503s I'm getting Goosebumps here Kelly we've
2506s set the scene here for you guys but a
2508s chance to talk to the broadcast team
2510s we've seen you guys in the audience
2511s looking amazing but now
2514s are you ready to meet the stars of this
2517s show
2522s it's time to meet the players
2527s [Applause]
2535s epic will win everyone domination is the
2539s key word here with multiple fncs
2541s championships under their belt to Grand
2543s Royale win the World Cup experience this
2546s team could take it all
2549s give it up for Fabs and snacky as
2552s three-time fncf champions of the na west
2555s region this Duo is here and they are not
2559s playing around
2562s welcome to PSN and pizza coming in all
2566s the ways from the Brazilian region with
2569s a total of five share of fncs titles
2571s they are now ready to prove to
2573s themselves and the world
2576s put your hands together for Janice and
2580s video champions of fortnite champion
2583s series chapter three season three Europe
2585s they are the German powerhouses
2592s mixing it up with the fncs champion of
2595s chapter three season one and season two
2597s these guys are not to be messed around
2600s with watch out
2609s this is rapid and andalex they Duo board
2612s specifically for this event French
2614s Powerhouse paired together with a middle
2616s eastern player this one is going to be
2619s interesting
2622s let's put your hands together for Basil
2625s and Jace the champions of fncs chapter 3
2629s season 1 oce this is their moment to
2632s prove what they can do
2636s stand up and get loud for pink and Oz
2639s from Top tier performances in several
2642s tournaments including the latest
2643s third-party event now they are here in
2646s Raleigh to do it again
2649s if you say Poland I say Cami and steady
2653s they're absolutely dominating 2-0 they
2656s are ready to compete for the fncs
2658s Invitational title and become Legend
2663s let's hear it for aqua and reason they
2666s do a World Cup teaming up with an iconic
2669s and highly competitive German Juggernaut
2672s this can only go well
2683s I cannot believe with just 10 players
2688s coming out the Raleigh Convention Center
2690s are absolutely losing their mind lines I
2694s hope you guys have enough in the tank
2695s until we got another 40 Duos so please
2697s don't pass out that was just the first
2701s 10.
2702s what are thoughts we're stacked we are I
2705s haven't even seen the rest before we're
2706s stacked we're stacked right snacky and
2708s fast being one of those dominant Duos
2711s being showcased right there in one of
2713s our first 10 to present listen they're
2715s on a hot streak right now coming out of
2716s the N A west region back to back fncs
2720s wins in season one and season two of
2721s this chapter followed by a third place
2723s as well but you can't forget about pink
2725s and anas either this European Powerhouse
2727s I think is going to be absolutely one to
2730s keep an eye out for and I'm really
2732s excited to see them Clash out over in
2734s Fort Jones with clicks and Dukes of
2736s course he's got the pink hair too so
2738s he's easy to easy to recognize easy to
2740s recognize now that was just the 10.
2742s let's welcome the next 10.
2753s give it up for eye drop in Mr Savage a
2757s true fortnite OG teaming up with this
2760s highly competitive Norwegian teammate
2762s this is not a drill everyone let's go
2769s introduction clicks and Duke timing
2772s their way up the ranks fourth in the
2773s most recent Naes fncs they won the first
2776s Elite cup of the region and then ready
2778s to take off the international stage
2781s this is cold and scented these guys are
2784s like bread and butter best together when
2787s placing an end game finishing both
2789s second and fifth in the most recent two
2792s fncs's
2795s Make some noise for Runa and Peppo the
2798s Japanese Powerhouse are here to rock our
2801s world with several fncs titles in the
2804s back they might just make it happen
2805s again
2808s put your hands together for Noah Riley
2811s and bad sniper this newly formed Duo for
2814s this event have built World Cup cash cup
2816s and fncs experience under the belt I
2819s mean this can become dangerous
2825s foreign
2835s duo will take on the competition
2841s the W keyers have arrived mellow boots
2844s to ever stash one of the most aggressive
2846s Duos of the EU region they have always
2849s consistently come out with the most the
2850s limbs and this weekend it should be no
2853s different
2854s put your hands together for True legs
2857s and Chicho long-standing Duo featuring a
2860s former Trio fncs Champion they're ready
2863s to prove their work to the world of
2865s fortnite
2868s let's welcome Bailey and Alex third
2871s second first is how this duel has placed
2874s on the Oceania region and now they must
2877s be absolutely ready for the big Sage
2884s now this is what you get when you mix
2887s Raw Talent with maturity and experience
2890s this is a flaming hot Duo
2897s foreign
2898s [Music]
2910s [Applause]
2916s clicks my friends out here in front of a
2919s live audience you've experienced World
2921s Cup before how great is you back here in
2923s front of all these amazing people you
2925s know after two years it's finally a
2927s pleasure to you know be at another land
2928s event seeing the crowd you know
2930s different you know different atmosphere
2931s you know so hopefully we do good
2933s absolutely and Duke as well I'm gonna
2935s ask you uh quite new to in-person events
2937s but being here this experience so far
2939s behind the players the audience how are
2941s you feeling going into this I'm feeling
2943s great it's like the experience is insane
2945s I'm loving it you're absolutely loving
2947s it are you guys loving it too
2950s all right clicks and Duke thank you so
2953s much guys and it's over to Kelly and see
2955s who she's with
2956s from one Savage to another I am joined
2959s by Mr Savage and eye drop here now I
2962s drop I know that you guys are going to
2964s be contested on drop are you planning on
2966s flat fighting or splitting hundreds and
2968s fighting I've had a Duncan for 12 months
2970s on the best region so
2972s we're definitely fighting I love it Mr
2974s Savage I heard that it's your birthday
2976s today
2977s [Applause]
2988s all right guys good luck in game number
2990s one and let's head on to the next 10
2991s players
2999s [Music]
3002s please welcome clown and rest guard with
3006s the PowerHouse performance in chapter
3007s three season one this consistent
3009s teammate he has picked up these last
3011s couple of chapters they can take it all
3013s the way
3018s a fairly new performing Duo coming out
3021s strong together with a Seventh Place
3023s finish in the most recent eufncs they
3026s could take it all the way
3032s with a great start to chapter three
3034s these guys have taken home both second
3036s and six and two fncs is this chapter now
3039s it is time to see them here at the
3041s Invitational
3043s put your hands together for a but Lucy
3046s and hi Joe a lot of fncs experience
3049s coming out of these guys and that will
3051s be needed this weekend in order to take
3053s home the prize
3057s Vico and my ride everyone with a
3060s combination of a young and talented
3062s player and an even more experienced
3065s player side by side this can only go
3067s well for this European Duo
3076s arm one and Baka everyone a Duo
3079s showcasing their skills last season of
3081s the na west region with a second place
3083s finish at fncs they're here to take home
3086s the glory
3089s let's hear it for Watson robot a very
3092s talented promising up and coming young
3095s Duo these guys have been performing so
3098s solid lately can they keep it going
3103s Rose and rifty one of the newer yet well
3106s performing Duos in this lobby with a
3109s sixth place finish and his first fncs
3111s these guys came to take on his challenge
3116s and a big welcome to many East Larson
3119s Ian Smith a well-performing chapter 3
3121s Duo they are here and ready to compete
3124s on the big stage amongst the best of the
3127s best
3130s put your hands together for Falconer and
3133s hellfire and a West OD to me up with an
3136s aggressive style European player now
3138s it's time to find out if it pays off
3151s 30 Duos
3153s you could already tell this is gonna be
3157s some of the craziest fortnite we have
3159s possibly ever seen seven regions being
3162s represented on this stage right now
3163s clown and refs guard the first Duo to
3166s walk out though I mean some more of the
3168s more notable players in EU they're
3170s definitely a fun Duo to follow along
3171s with although it's only their third fncs
3174s actually competing together I think that
3176s it's interesting to note that they both
3178s as individuals respectively had top 10
3180s finishes in past fncs finals so they
3183s definitely have what it takes to place
3185s high up in the leaderboards but what I
3187s want to see them do as a Duo more
3190s specifically is kind of take that to the
3191s next level you've made top 10 before but
3193s let's see you actually win it all there
3196s you go win it all tall task especially
3198s you know seeing these 30 deals I have
3200s walked out already
3201s that's right man well Viva guess what we
3204s got another 10 for you so Raleigh makes
3207s some noise
3208s [Applause]
3216s put your hands together for peterbot and
3219s jumper the individual's skill is so high
3222s in this Duo and despite being you at the
3225s duel they're boasting fmcs and cash cup
3228s title wins
3230s Make some noise for pants too and fast
3233s the French Canadian duo with a tight
3236s Bond back from Grand Royale and the most
3238s recent Naes fncs has third they are here
3242s to take it all
3244s KBR and defaults the regional fncs
3248s champion of Brazil chapter 3 season 2
3251s and now they are here and ready to
3254s compete on the international stage
3258s let's give a warm welcome to Bevy and
3261s vortexer they do a fresh out of the
3263s lobby with only one fncs together as
3265s teammates they're now ready to give it
3267s their all here in Raleigh
3271s and a big welcome to retake and novice
3274s the most recent fncs champions of
3277s chapter three season three as well they
3279s are here and now ready for the fncs
3282s Invitational
3290s give it up for scram and chimp combining
3293s the powers of EU and Naes these guys
3296s have great potential in front of them
3298s they could go all the way
3304s your hands together
3308s mcf champions of Asia they have put
3311s their mark on their region and now they
3313s are ready to defend the title as
3315s champions
3317s a huge welcome to Jew and you Street
3320s Great potential in this Duo here and
3323s fairly recently teaming up together
3325s their Journey Begins now and what a
3328s journey it's gonna be
3331s this is the Andy and Joe FN everybody
3334s several fncs final performances and most
3337s recently fourth in eu's fncs now they
3340s are ready to take home the big rise
3345s it's cool and Yumi with a stunning
3348s performance winning the N.A West chapter
3350s 3 season 3 fmcs we cannot count these
3353s guys out and will they do it here as
3356s well
3361s foreign
3366s players down 10 more to go here but
3369s before we can get to that 10. I have a
3371s special interview with swearing and
3373s swearing just being here in front of all
3375s these people with this big beautiful
3376s stage what are you feeling I feel really
3378s great like this is so cool I mean
3380s Raleigh showed up fortnite Community
3382s showed up players showed up like
3384s everyone's excited I don't know I'm I'm
3385s hyped for this like it's so awesome I'm
3387s super hyped as well and I know that
3389s you've recently ran a tournament where
3390s it was just all goo guns obviously
3392s thankfully we're not going to be seeing
3393s any goo guns today but what do you hope
3395s to see real quick I didn't run that that
3397s was Beach cobbler I played in it did
3398s really bad I I'm really excited to see
3401s people just like push for high ground
3402s and like just do like really exciting
3403s plays and stuff I'm excited to see
3405s people like the 1v2 and clutch up and
3407s just like all those classic like
3409s fortnite land moments I'm excited for
3411s it's gonna be so awesome I cannot wait
3413s as well and I believe everyone that we
3415s have 10 more players to introduce so
3417s let's head on over to Jacob and MDF
3421s foreign
3441s please welcome focus and spy with
3444s progression throughout each and every
3446s fncs with a third place finish and the
3449s most recent Middle Eastern fncs these
3451s guys are ready to compete
3455s it is Thomas HD and stripper and folks
3458s two words dangerous and dominating and
3462s these two are extremely experienced and
3464s they must be ready to win this weekend
3466s here in North Carolina
3469s a huge welcome to Mach 1 and Kanata
3472s reunited has never felt so good these
3475s guys are looking to pick up where they
3477s left off and take home the prize
3482s let's hear it for acorn and edgy
3485s consistently Great Performances
3487s throughout their careers they are here
3490s to continue that Trend Nae show them
3493s some love
3499s foreign
3502s Vortex everyone an incredible Duo coming
3505s out hot with tons of experience and a
3508s few fncs Champions up to the belt and
3510s they're looking to add one more
3515s let's give a big welcome to Commandments
3517s and Avery your chapter three season
3519s three nae's fncs winners with one of the
3522s closest end games we have ever seen in a
3525s finals it's time
3528s a Duo that needs no introduction Tayson
3532s and chappix combined six fncs titles
3534s countless cash Cup wins and now they're
3537s ready to take on the global competition
3542s let's give it up for mods and looter
3545s multi-regional fncs winners previous
3548s champions of oce's fncs as well listen
3552s these guys have got it all
3555s and finally let's hear it for booba and
3559s Miro our solo World Cup champion with
3562s his multiple fncs winning Duo Parker
3564s these guys are looking to cement their
3567s legacy
3572s [Music]
3576s let's freaking go look at this insane
3581s roster of duels that will be competing
3584s on the fncs Invitational stage
3588s I'm gonna pass out I'm gonna pass out
3591s please do not pass out Zeke listen 50 of
3595s the Duos Now set on stage and one of
3597s them is standing out to me and I know
3599s it's standing out to another part of the
3600s crowd right up there King and Ed making
3604s a big name for himself at World Cup of
3607s course being the most aggressive player
3609s there he stole the hearts of all the
3612s fans and I'm hoping that he kind of
3613s redoes that performance here at the
3614s Invitational and his flexibility as a
3617s player I think is only going to pair so
3619s nicely with Ed despite the fact this is
3620s their first time competing together for
3622s this fncs Invitational I think that it's
3624s awesome that he came in fifth at the
3627s solos for World Cup but he also had a
3628s Duos placement there as well so it's a
3631s quick indicator that Brazil can
3632s definitely represent that's right I just
3634s want to throw some stats at you guys at
3636s home if maybe this hasn't quite set in
3637s you don't understand how insane this is
3639s 15 fncs's
3641s 105 fncs events across seven regions 88
3647s fncs championship titles on that stage
3650s 47 fncs Champions on that stage yeah
3654s 27 countries all represented on that
3660s stage and guess what we're ready to kick
3663s off the competition Adam
3664s let's do this
3666s yes indeed we get a huge round of
3669s applause for Thomas HD Tripper
3673s Thomas it's uh it's 10 top 10 fncs
3677s finals for you you must be feeling very
3679s confident coming into this competition
3680s yeah yeah I'm really excited to play
3682s it's gonna be
3684s a long time since like the last land
3686s event
3687s um and I can't wait to compete hopefully
3689s a good placement
3691s we're hoping I'm sure it will be great I
3693s mean tripping as well this is your third
3695s fncs finals to get is it Third Time
3696s Lucky for you fellas yeah also I'm
3699s excited to play and yeah I'm playing
3700s with Thomas so can't go bad all right
3702s give him a big round of applause please
3704s folks best of luck fellas but we also
3707s whilst up here as well must chats to the
3711s reigning Nae Champions as I'll give it
3713s up for Carmen and Avery
3717s Avery my map uh this is an incredible
3720s opportunity and experience uh obviously
3722s playing for the live audience as well
3725s how how hyped are you guys as a Duo
3727s right now well this is my first land uh
3730s it's another honestly to be here like
3732s it's just unbelievable
3735s if you guys are unbelievable
3738s um we've also got as well uh to talk
3740s about obviously last season's win one
3742s point separated you guys from first and
3743s second place which is Booga Romero um
3745s how are you gonna try and retain that
3747s title this weekend what do you have to
3749s do right we're just gonna try to play
3750s our game be consistent and hopefully we
3753s can take it home
3755s do you think they can take Home Folks
3757s yeah
3758s [Applause]
3765s thank you so much we are drawing ever
3766s closer to starting this competition
3769s kicking off and jumping out of that
3771s battle bus we have to highlight a form a
3773s few more Duels for you I wanted to start
3775s pretty easy here right Jan is in the
3778s deal I mean EU fans you guys already
3780s know what these guys are capable of and
3783s here's just a handful of stats you know
3785s this stats don't look that crazy Vivid
3787s uh are you sure Z because I don't think
3789s we're looking at the same stats if you
3790s don't think those look crazy this is
3792s from the elite finals EU week six total
3795s Point 310 25 limit that's just over the
3798s course of those six games of course and
3801s listen if they're putting on performance
3802s like that from game to game I can't wait
3804s to see what they can do with the
3805s Invitational and it's so exciting to get
3807s finally get a chance to see them compete
3809s on that International Space because we
3811s are looking as well at the European fncs
3814s Champions from chapter three season
3816s three that's Giannis and the deal they
3818s are a dynamic duo they don't want to
3821s mess around even at one of the intro
3822s videos that we saw we what was the first
3824s thing that the deal said you want to
3825s contest us that's fine free points for
3827s us the confidence listen I love the
3830s commoners out of everybody also you know
3832s shout out to tripping right because like
3833s his interview went yeah I'm playing with
3835s Thomas we're gonna do great like it
3836s literally can't go bad that is a lot of
3838s trust and you do it right there love
3839s that you love to see it talking about
3841s deal and Janice they are currently
3843s uncontested at greasy Grove what does
3846s this mean for this Duo having a POI
3850s uncontested that literally six other
3852s regions and even your own said no no you
3854s can have that that's fine listen this is
3857s how it goes okay you pretty much get to
3858s play all 12 games right but because you
3860s aren't Tesla's one you aren't finding
3862s any of those early fights so you have to
3863s go forcefully find some of these fights
3865s and they can be very very hard when the
3867s pressure's on the nerves are kicking in
3869s the audience is cheering on the stage
3872s you know you're thinking about it man do
3874s I really want to go take that fight do I
3875s really want to go get that storm surge
3876s so they have to be confident in those
3878s routes of strategies that they have set
3879s it's the audience aspect that I'm really
3882s curious to see how it impacts a lot of
3884s these Duos not just Giannis and the deal
3885s because it's one thing to play from the
3887s comfort of your home it's another
3888s entirely to be in front of a live
3891s audience where when you got the cheers
3893s going behind you you never know where
3895s that momentum might actually influence
3896s you to go next I wouldn't be surprised
3898s for some of these players to really have
3901s to hone in on a lot of that mental
3902s discipline to not let themselves get
3904s distracted by any of the flashing lights
3905s or the noise just stick to what they
3908s know that's right let's talk about
3909s another Duo clicks and Duke we actually
3911s got to hear from them via Adam I mean
3914s look I mean yeah their crowd's already
3917s going absolutely ham clicks fans rise up
3920s what can we expect from this Duo listen
3922s I'm excited right because clicks has
3924s been improving from season to season day
3927s to day as an igl teaming up with Duke of
3929s course who is very very good
3930s mechanically you know I saw him in the
3932s practice room always grinding the
3933s creative always willing to take on
3935s pretty much anybody in that room who
3937s wanted to give a shot at seeing if they
3938s could take him down and it's impressive
3940s how well clicks has managed to
3942s simultaneously taught her because
3943s between this Pro Player aspect as well
3946s as the heavy side of content creation I
3948s think that it is not very easy to
3950s maintain both of those Lifestyles and
3952s not only that but when you have to be as
3954s experienced as duke right next to you I
3956s can understand where the trust comes
3957s from this Duo and knowing that they're
3959s against pink and Nas potentially at Fort
3961s jonesie I do believe we heard them
3962s mentioning though a possibility of just
3964s splitting at the start well listen I
3965s love the fact that you mentioned content
3966s right because listen you know he's used
3969s to that right he wants the reactions he
3970s posts that content to get reactions and
3972s hear what other place better place to
3975s get reactions than from a live crowd so
3977s maybe he'll just straight up embrace it
3979s and it'll fuel him
3980s that's right I have to I have to
3982s highlight this to a man your evidence
3984s yes Asia Champions who are competing on
3987s this stage dare they are zagu and maram
3990s remember these are fncs champions they
3992s literally just won the fncs that passed
3995s and now we will see them compete when we
3998s look at the stats man I'm pretty worried
4001s for everybody else that's like we were
4002s just talking about you know video and
4004s Janus Who coming into this event are a
4005s lot of people's favorites right but
4006s right there they had 310 points one of
4008s those Elite cups right there I saw them
4009s at 344 there's a little bit of
4011s competition going on there and as you
4013s can see from the camera shot I love it
4015s the prep racing they literally have
4016s printed out sheets of spots on the map
4019s things that can help them out in this
4020s competition anything to give them the
4022s edge and from the moment that we saw
4023s just how much energy they were actually
4025s bringing with them on their initial walk
4027s out to the point of them sitting down
4028s here now their faces do not indicate any
4031s sort of nervousness they could very well
4034s be a big part of the Bamboozled myth to
4037s take place here with the international
4037s flavor I mean they're up against
4039s commandment and Avery right I feel like
4041s this could go really well for one of
4044s these duels it could be really messy I
4045s mean what do you think Vivid over at the
4047s Rave cave listen I think you know
4049s ultimately commandment Avery are going
4050s to be comfortable over there right they
4052s did win an fncs from this POI and of
4054s course you know zygu is landing on the
4056s outskirts of that so I don't even know
4057s if they're going to take any of those
4058s early fights but again as the games
4059s develops if they start to struggle on
4061s storm surge in the later parts of the
4063s game they might want to start taking
4064s that early fight but there is usually
4065s enough space surrounding Rave cave for
4067s duo so not necessarily have to look for
4069s those early in games if they don't want
4070s to and you also have to keep in mind
4071s that they're not the only ones that are
4073s going to be landing there there's also
4074s going to be Thomas HD and Tripper that
4076s is a notorious favorite spot for them to
4078s go is that south side of the raid cave
4080s so yeah curious to see where exactly
4082s these zones wind up actually taking
4083s these players and how their encounters
4085s might actually shape up that's right
4087s there is a Duo here that is quite
4089s terrifying uh you know out of Brazil not
4092s a big deal the fans of them are up here
4094s in the audience it's king and Ed I mean
4097s if you the crazy thing is King is one of
4101s the most winningest player I mean the
4102s crowd's already going crazy there it is
4104s one of the most winningest where the the
4106s single-handedly craziest mechanical
4108s players you will ever see in your life
4110s but when you pair it up with just
4112s stopping power which he also has by
4113s himself he is a one-man Army yeah listen
4116s of course uh King representing phase and
4119s Shout out and congratulations to Ed
4121s recently just days before the event
4123s signing the Team Liquid amazing
4125s opportunity there as you can see him
4127s dripped out in the Jersey shouted off
4129s here at the Invitational and what I love
4131s most about this is that you know again
4134s we're here in person right so we can go
4136s into the practice room we can kind of
4138s see what's going on King and Ed 2v2
4141s matches almost day and night in and out
4144s and listen they were dominating players
4147s from every single region but the sheer
4150s presence that you have as an
4152s international player and I was speaking
4154s about King here because the fact that he
4156s actually has audience members with signs
4158s of his name at an N A based venue that
4162s alone speaks volumes for the kind of
4165s impact that he has had on the fortnite
4167s scene
4168s these guys are uncontested
4170s we already know what this means for
4172s everybody else it means they're going to
4174s get a free pass into the mid game if
4177s they are allowed this opportunity what
4180s the heck is everybody else going to look
4181s to do to try and stop them nothing well
4184s not 12 games of pure aggression from
4187s King and that's what it means just
4189s straight up nothing else and also just a
4191s really quick note there about Ed he has
4192s been steadily improving which each of
4194s his performances throughout the entirety
4196s of chapter three so if the momentum kind
4199s of keeps going in that direction again I
4201s don't think that International gameplay
4204s is going to disappoint by any means
4206s these guys are amped up they are ready
4207s to Showcase their representation for
4209s their regions that's right we want to
4211s come on over back to n a we got to talk
4214s about fams and snacky an iconic Duo to
4218s say the least that's pretty good yeah
4220s they're pretty good that's pretty right
4222s there you know two fncs wins just this
4225s chapter followed by third place all that
4227s you know in the aggression from tilted
4228s Towers I can tell you right now you know
4230s watch some of the leak up games they do
4232s not like to leave till the towers
4233s without at least trying to find a fight
4236s and I think that's going to play into
4237s the part right some of the other players
4239s Landing until Towers might not be
4240s expecting you know maybe they came into
4241s this like oh we're gonna split it now
4242s I'm pretty sure they're going to be
4244s aggressive and we've already touched on
4245s a little bit with this Duo earlier today
4247s but they are in fact certified Point
4249s Getters because on top of that stat that
4251s I gave you guys earlier we're out of 36
4253s fncs finals games for chapter three they
4255s only went two without elims well guess
4257s what else they didn't go a single game
4259s in Chapter 3 of NCS finals without
4260s scoring points of any capacity
4262s throughout every single round that is
4265s insane just a stat line right I mean
4268s this stage is going to like it's
4270s legitimately some of the best players
4271s from all representing seven regions from
4274s all around the world it's absolutely
4277s ridiculous I wanted to really quickly
4279s touch I know both of you guys have come
4280s from competitive player backgrounds you
4283s know what this feels like to be on a
4285s stage like this to be in front of a
4286s crowd like this what are some of these
4288s players feeling right now that's in some
4291s of them they're looking locked in right
4293s they're looking like focused they're not
4294s even thinking about the crowd I don't
4295s even see the crowd beyond the monitors
4296s right now which is really really good
4299s for some of them but I'm telling you you
4300s know some of them are probably just
4301s really good at hiding the nerves because
4303s being at these events it's a different
4305s atmosphere we talk about it time and
4306s time again it is not the same as
4308s cleaning your room at all you will have
4310s all these lights you know maybe the desk
4312s is a little bit of a height difference
4313s the chair is a little bit different than
4315s what you're used to and it all plays
4316s into part you know how well you're going
4318s to do I remember as a player myself been
4320s a little bit uncomfortable on the stage
4321s not because of the crowd not because of
4323s lights but simply because of you know
4324s slight changes in how I was used to
4326s sitting it's just not your home setup
4328s and that's going to be naturally
4329s difficult for any player to overcome no
4332s matter how much in person or Land
4334s Experience they might actually have
4335s underneath their belt but one thing that
4337s I always find a little bit fun talking
4339s with some of the players even yesterday
4340s and in the player Lounge it's asking
4342s them what are their kind of like little
4344s tips and tricks I want to know how many
4346s of them like taking their shoes off for
4347s example because it's just that it adds
4349s that extra little safety net into is hey
4351s I feel more like I'm at my in-home
4353s environment yeah 100 and this is all
4355s like I know it sounds like take your
4356s shoes off that's like a joke right now
4358s this is legitimately man like when a
4360s player is comfortable they will perform
4361s better it's perfect why don't we hang
4363s out with uh we got this tokata mini
4364s minor you guys in the player Ariel
4366s we are date Zeke now some of these
4368s players might have their shoes off but
4369s we've got our thinking hats on about
4371s this day today at Jakarta I mean we've
4373s got two days of fortnite action I'm
4375s excited we're gonna be breaking
4376s everything down tomorrow uh and today of
4378s course but how excited are you look I'm
4380s incredibly excited right there's so many
4382s story lines that have yet to be built
4383s right we have Malibu come our stash
4385s going against European goats Titans
4388s right tasting and chappix down in the
4390s Cloudy condos and even with the third
4392s Duo there Aqua reason with a possible
4395s third party I'm excited to see that
4396s engagement we even have Mr Savage being
4398s contested up north closer to Log Jam and
4400s then down at the synapse station Joe and
4402s zyandy which are no longer contested
4404s because now Baka and on one have moved
4406s up north to Mr Savage and his Duo's drop
4409s spot I mean there's a lot of action to
4410s unfold Minnie I'm excited I'm super
4412s excited as well but things can change of
4414s course you know we know how these drops
4415s are maybe gonna form we see some people
4417s moving around and changing up their idea
4419s of how they're going to play this so be
4421s on the lookout for some changes be on
4422s the lookout for some of these players
4423s and teams that are thinking actually you
4424s know what let's switch things up let's
4425s go for Plan B plan C Plan D plan Zed
4428s maybe who knows that's what I love about
4429s fortnite right you never know what's
4431s actually gonna happen right we might be
4432s able to see the drop Maps see what these
4434s Duos have planned ahead of time but who
4436s knows maybe they have a not so great
4437s game one and then they have to change
4439s things up or maybe even after halftime
4440s right three games down you're like okay
4442s we're not doing too good we gotta change
4444s something out but I'm excited to see
4446s who's gonna be able to show that they've
4448s been practicing they have been in the
4449s player Lounge going against each other
4451s even in Creative you know doing 1v1s
4452s 2v2s and I mean there's so much to see I
4455s really just can't wait so much to see so
4457s much to do and I can feel the energy in
4458s the arena right now but Zeke please take
4461s it away we're too hyped
4462s bro I'm right there with you man I I
4465s just cannot wait to see all of the
4467s action unfold before our very eyes we're
4469s almost there just a couple little things
4471s before we start the battle bus on its
4473s journey I wanted to highlight another
4475s Duo Cami and seti right for you long
4477s time EU fans as well you know these guys
4479s recently just won a dream hack they've
4481s literally came in first and second place
4484s in a solos competition they were the
4486s best two players at the tournament you
4489s know and the thing I love about Camion
4490s city is that individually they kind of
4491s remind me of myself right that really
4493s slow methodical game play style you're
4497s not gonna go for anything too flashy
4499s anything too risky they're just gonna
4500s play their game out and play that top 10
4502s top five consistent every single game
4504s because they are laying out that mid-map
4505s spot uncontested yeah the infamous Cami
4508s split as everybody in EU and just how
4511s the world has yeah basically come to
4513s know exactly but I am curious to see how
4515s their surge management actually unfolds
4517s throughout the entirety chapter three I
4519s don't think they really had too many
4521s issues with it but it is important to
4523s note that for this Duo specifically they
4525s don't really like fighting early and
4527s well fortunately having an uncontested
4529s drop spot can definitely feed into that
4530s so naturally you want to wonder where
4533s their points are going to come from or
4535s where their surge management is going to
4536s come from and I think that that is
4538s something that they're largely just
4540s going to have to control throughout
4541s their mid game yeah they also have to be
4543s very very careful when they're Landing
4545s there in the center of the map there are
4546s a lot of teams landing around them
4547s especially you know we think about
4548s tilted Towers right to the left of kind
4550s of where they're landing and also Center
4551s map you know cold and tendon are
4553s expected to be contested there at that
4555s loot Lake kind of area so if any other
4557s teams kind of want to disengage from
4558s some of those early spawn fight
4559s situations they could easily run over to
4562s the split the Cami and Teddy are looking
4563s to take and maybe gather up some loot
4565s themselves which could force a fight and
4566s that's really disadvantageous for Camion
4568s City because they're going to be split
4569s right they're at these split jobs so
4571s they're usually off on their own and I
4572s think what you're getting at is
4573s adaptability right yes duels being able
4575s to moment to moment say we had a game
4578s plan we did not find the chest we did
4580s not find the thing we got tagged someone
4581s has pushed on our like location we need
4584s to change up absolutely something how
4586s what does that look like man right like
4588s if this was eufncs I think oh yeah no
4591s problem I got all the notes for you but
4592s it's Nae system West it's Asia broke you
4596s know there's so many other regions that
4598s you have to kind of be accounting for
4599s and not only their own meta it's the own
4602s that duo right like oh so I know they're
4605s from BR and they do this oh great I'm
4607s listen you're bringing up a great point
4609s there right like how you don't have many
4611s notes on a lot of these teams because
4612s they're just around for the entire world
4614s right and that's what international
4616s events are held at such a high praise
4618s because they're just straight up hearted
4620s the competition from all around the
4621s world it's harder to play against people
4622s that you don't normally play against and
4624s the
4626s the breakout throughout the course of
4628s each of these 12 games and this weekend
4630s I think that that is going to be a
4632s really crucial aspect for some of these
4634s teams to hone in on we know that these
4636s players have been cramming VOD review
4638s leading up to today we know they're
4639s going to be doing plenty more of it
4641s after these six games are even played
4643s tonight but as far as I mean instead of
4645s your concerned just touching back on
4647s them I like the fact you brought up the
4649s early game engagements because honestly
4651s they're uh they're all time record by
4654s the way first three zones they have a
4656s less than five percent of elim scoring
4658s throughout those first three zones so
4660s they don't like the early game
4661s engagements that is absolutely crazy in
4664s deep you know a Duo I feel like could be
4666s a Dark Horse the competition
4668s that I really want to see kind of win it
4670s all it's it's Acorn and edgy edgy over
4673s in N A has come second place so close so
4678s many times paired up with acorn look we
4682s know this duel is absolutely incredible
4684s they are some of the toppest caliber Duo
4686s that any has to offer yeah but edgy just
4689s hasn't been able to grasp that number
4691s one spot and what I feel like for me to
4693s come out of this event and say I'll walk
4695s away the Swarovski trophy baby that'd be
4697s pretty sweet okay what's up edgy listen
4701s Angie loves it man you know we're
4703s laughing at him getting you know second
4704s place four times he himself
4707s I wonder where he's landed he has the
4710s the picture himself there we've seen it
4711s a couple times now tilted towers and
4713s they were being real confident coming
4714s into this event Unfortunately they are
4716s contested by a plethora of other teams
4717s over at the dollars I really think that
4719s if they were uncontested they could
4721s probably run away with this event we'll
4722s have to see what happens I still think
4723s it's possible I think it's a little bit
4725s less likely but I was watching Acorn you
4727s know yesterday last night even into the
4729s later night 10 11 o'clock he was still
4731s VOD reviewing all the way up until then
4733s so I'd love to see The Practice coming
4734s out of this Duo but it's the fact that
4736s there's five Duos at Tilted towers and
4739s literally none of them are willing to
4741s budge from this spawn they all want
4744s their piece of the pie here at Tilted
4746s towers and whether or not this
4748s engagement could end up being worthwhile
4750s for the duo that even walks away because
4751s when you think about it Vivid there
4753s might have to be a ton of resources
4755s expended yeah we we cannot forget here
4758s they are queasy Vino we talked about
4760s them at the beginning of the show and
4762s like a circle we find ourselves back at
4765s the beginning I mean what more could we
4768s possibly say about this Duo they've
4770s basically been winning everything as of
4772s late queasy is looking in absolute top
4774s form Vino has been crushing it he's
4777s ready to go
4779s you wanna know something so uh I used to
4781s be a professional player now I'm an
4782s analyst right both are very heavy when
4784s it comes to the bottom views I pretty
4786s much have just done it for the past five
4787s years very interesting I love it it's
4789s awesome I have never watched a Vaude
4792s review and been like wow I am impressed
4794s on individual because I've been at the
4795s top before right you know I mean I've
4797s seen pretty much everything that these
4798s players can do there's still first in
4799s our hearts with him thank you very much
4800s I appreciate that Vino I I've reviewed
4803s him for this event is it an
4804s International Event I'm typically on the
4806s Nae side of things but you know let me
4807s dabble in eu's that way I'm prepared for
4809s this event I'm watching Vino
4810s individually like I said I've never been
4813s impressed I was impressed he seems so
4817s clean every single action that he does
4820s it seems like it has a purpose and I I
4822s genuinely have never seen that out of an
4824s individual player ever there's a reason
4826s why he's often regarded as one of the
4828s best fraggers in fortnite competitive
4831s history right now and not only that but
4832s he's got a perfect igl to match that
4835s queasy is notorious for being an
4838s absolute genius for his idealing and I
4840s think something that I love about crazy
4841s is that his stats also speak for
4843s themselves because you don't go the past
4846s seven seasons getting a victory Royale
4849s dating all the way back to chapter two
4851s or chapter two season six
4853s without being a consistent idealer he
4855s just knows how to stay cool calm and
4857s collected in every single competitive
4858s environment and I love the fact that
4859s you're bringing up the eye Jalen aspect
4861s right you know a lot of these dudes are
4862s gonna be making a lot of calls queasy
4863s what he is known for is this very clean
4866s High Ground takes it just always seems
4869s so methodical and Flawless whenever he
4871s does it so the parent is very very well
4873s but then that's not even like one of the
4875s most exciting Parts is they always seem
4876s to find those mid-game deadside
4878s rotations that work out so well that
4879s keep them alive into the end game very
4881s consistently and it's kind of like
4883s having a silver bullet right you have
4885s you know they're ready to go as anyway
4887s if you're queasy you're just thinking
4888s okay I need to go accomplish this goal
4891s I'm going to point my silver bullet in
4893s the direction there's there's an enemy
4894s over there I don't like Vino why don't
4896s you just go 1v2 then for us and then
4898s bring their Loot and ammo back and build
4899s and then I'm gonna be up on High Ground
4901s okay I'll see you in 30 seconds that's
4903s not a joke I'm laughing because you know
4905s 1v2 is right they seem impossible
4907s especially on International stage but no
4908s like literally you know he just does it
4911s so often and I cannot wait to get the
4913s game that's right guess what ladies and
4916s gentlemen fortnite fans we're ready the
4919s battle bus is already the players are on
4921s board so let's do this it's game number
4924s one
4924s [Applause]
4929s here we go it is time is one just big
4933s moment away from really kicking it off
4935s all that preparation we're gonna have to
4937s put it into it the battle bus is ready
4938s let's go Jacob it is time game number
4942s one of the fncs Invitational starts
4945s right now
4946s 27 different countries are represented
4949s 88 different champions
4952s overall this is just amazing and just
4955s look at the concentration on the players
4957s faces as they start to populate onto
4959s this world put yourself into their shoes
4962s imagine the pressure as you are jumping
4965s off the battle boss gear we already know
4968s what's in store for us it's gonna be an
4970s incredible amount of action as we know
4972s there are so many contested drop spots
4975s yeah and already looking at the drop
4976s path one of the biggest ones is going to
4979s be over towards Rave cave where you have
4981s commandment and Avery the most recent
4983s Naes fncs Champions they're a little
4986s contested not gonna be a hot fight right
4988s out of the gates against Thomas HD and
4990s trippin because right now they're just
4992s getting that early game done and ready
4994s that's right and it is going to be so
4996s important for everyone who is contested
4998s to take and walk in the path of caution
5001s you cannot allow yourself to make any
5003s risk up at Chrome Jam Junction we
5006s already know there's several prayers on
5007s top of each other tilted Towers remember
5009s five Duos contesting this area some of
5013s which are the most notable of bad sniper
5015s Noah Riley Acorn edgy that's in snacky
5018s just at the South that's such a stack
5020s stage you might as well call that the
5021s Legends Landing let me tell you if it's
5023s Steve stacky over on the side you're
5025s talking about bad sniper as well but one
5027s of our hottest drops with eu's biggest
5029s names cloudy condo feet haven't even
5032s touched the ground yet but it does look
5034s like it's gonna be malabuka and mustache
5036s on the ground first malibucca of course
5038s representing for Russia Mercedes to lock
5040s devia we got Aqua here and reason our
5043s high ground Kings one of the most
5045s respected set of Duos right here if they
5048s if they really cut loose they make end
5051s game it's over you're gonna see how the
5053s aquaplane for that big High Ground Play
5055s and look at how they're respecting the
5057s area everyone making sure there are
5059s solidifying their their Foundation right
5062s before they really decide to make a
5064s fight yeah but look at Malibu because
5065s already a green prime a blue Evo Chrome
5069s burst he's ready to pack a punch at a
5071s moment's notice he's probably be waiting
5073s for Merced Ash to probably give him the
5074s go-ahead but another in a regional
5076s battle over towards Grim Gables now
5077s what's crazy about this I got to sit
5079s down with Muslim looter they are feeling
5081s exceptionally confident in beating
5083s Larson and smite but you have to put
5085s yourself into this kind of position
5086s right now there's pressure all around
5088s you to me it's looking like Larson and
5091s smite have the advantage right now just
5093s take a look at the Focus right here
5094s right this little bit of High Ground
5095s they have them almost trapped down below
5098s and the thing is right now Larson is a
5100s little bit separated from Smite that is
5102s a little bit towards low ground you know
5103s as well as I do all it takes is one
5106s second of Separation to kind of do one
5108s of these teams in as Brian and Vico over
5110s here towards reality tree another
5112s contested drop but you can see this is
5115s only game number one nobody wants to put
5117s it all in the line just yet but I might
5118s have spoke too soon Larson would get it
5120s take it down a ton of damage on the Muzz
5123s lunar tried to back him up and it looks
5124s like they got the first elimination of
5126s fncs down goes Larson in the quick
5129s finish for lunar oce gets to claim the
5132s front first on the show today it's Smite
5134s now left with the pressure of the world
5136s on his shoulders can he escape these oce
5139s players it doesn't look very possible we
5141s all know from the past experience that
5143s looter and Muzz are some of the fastest
5145s and deadliest when it comes down to
5147s these engagement and they're hit to hit
5148s right now yes Mike right now he has to
5150s figure out a way to just really stay
5152s alive and it looks like Muzz and looter
5153s they're trying to decide right now
5154s monster do you continue to try to fight
5157s against Mike as he's looking to try to
5158s get that reboot card onto Larson as a
5160s third-party shots are beginning to come
5162s in from the distance and that's the
5164s thing you know as well as I do any drop
5166s that's contested and you have that early
5167s game fighting especially at builds just
5169s like this there are so many teams that
5171s are look at you to get their search now
5173s in the past Smite has been known to walk
5174s away with at least one elim in every
5177s single major game this time might
5179s actually break his streak that he's been
5181s on but Muzz and looter take a look at
5183s the respect here to play cautious take
5186s their time and not over commit even in
5188s the two even that's the respect but
5190s let's get to the real battle quality
5192s Jason japics taking on this big Duo Toe
5196s to Toe it's mustache and malibucca who
5199s every 73 78 win ratio when contested the
5203s odds are not looking good the third
5205s party in the distance ahmas I'm on High
5207s Ground they're positioning for the fight
5209s yeah freeze on a and aqua they have that
5211s High Ground just put damage onto two
5213s different players they're like eating at
5215s a buffet right now when it comes to
5216s storm surge within the feed in the feed
5218s Mr Savage is down odd one in Baka from
5221s na West they're trying to take control
5222s of that POI but all three teams are here
5225s but you got to keep notice while all the
5227s action is going down
5229s you see aqua and reason just trying to
5231s keep their distance crazy how they fight
5233s back they are not just allowing this
5235s team to third party them reason gets
5237s super hurt there and it looks like the
5239s battles in the distance get to conclude
5241s but here and now this fight rage is on
5244s here reason all of a sudden we have such
5246s an advantageous position right and lands
5249s all those shots the entire teams have
5251s turned yeah and it does look like the
5253s N.A West Baca and on one have solidified
5256s Chrome Jam Junction to themselves down
5258s goes Mr Savage down goes eye drop n a
5261s West makes some noise that's right and
5264s now for Jace in basil another team that
5267s was contested in the early kind of uh
5269s situation but it seems like they've won
5271s themselves in space they're vibing out
5273s look at the storm surge tags here as
5274s they start to fight back the teams that
5276s are out on the outer edges here what a
5278s great spot to be especially with the
5280s Zone house right on top of them they
5282s have so much going for them now that
5284s they don't have to worry about that whoa
5286s a big fight though on one gets back
5288s that's the replay there I love that we
5291s got to catch that and you can see the
5293s strategy coming out from onward and buck
5295s they switched up their drop spots this
5297s weekend it's not like they've been
5299s practicing their all season long they're
5301s just adapting on the Flies you see Booga
5304s Mara we already talked about that
5305s uncontested drop spot of chonkers
5307s Speedway the zone is kind of above them
5309s and they're one of those teams that just
5311s wastes no time trying to figure out what
5313s that game plan is they're going to try
5315s to get to Zone and then worry about
5316s surge with all those other teams that
5318s are south and east of them have to go
5319s past them and the Middle Eastern one of
5322s the few representatives of the Middle
5324s East Community here in andalus what a
5327s Monumental task to step up here and for
5330s the first time ever compete with a Duo
5332s so we love to see what we have going on
5334s here so much representation of all of
5337s our spaces you know what I saw which was
5339s in the feed as well Japan versus Brazil
5341s looks like Peppo found one too so little
5344s exchanges happening everywhere because
5346s now we jump over to Vino get on queasy
5349s some of the best that shiny sound yep
5351s you see them just going for their own
5352s search this is gonna be one of the
5354s wildest lobbies we've ever seen if
5356s you're down on surge at any point in the
5358s game you're forced to play catch up to
5361s all these Elite teams who'll know
5363s exactly how to handle their own surge if
5365s they are above but one of the big teams
5367s one of the favorites to possibly take
5369s the competition overall Jan is in the
5371s deal crazy girl uncontested and
5374s everybody knows what they can do on
5375s contestant Janice is the only European
5377s player to have ever picked up an fncs in
5381s solos trios annuals three different game
5383s modes such a decorated team that we have
5386s together that's our German Powerhouse as
5387s we jump over to anas and pink
5389s what a team right now remember they were
5392s contesting Clicks in Duke down at the
5395s Joneses it seems like things might have
5397s slowed down for them they've been a bit
5399s more passive there's a single elim
5400s though right inside there too so that's
5403s a pickup yeah and for a lot of these
5405s teams today this is just game number one
5407s the nerves right now they're just
5409s feeling each other out trying to figure
5410s out how everybody's playing and then
5412s they're gonna adapt as soon as this one
5414s gets at least towards the mid game
5416s probably towards the end game it's it's
5417s gonna get super exciting very very quick
5420s as mustache malibucca that fight done
5422s and over with they know it's about the
5424s resource about matting up and set
5426s yourself up for later on and I love that
5427s you say that because what they have to
5429s be other teams don't tons of
5430s accessibility to the metal you see how
5432s their metal resources really starting to
5434s cap out there tasting and traffic so
5436s they're gonna give up the drop they say
5437s hey enough is enough we've you know kind
5439s of guide our hands dirty let's go and
5441s move out and you notice that they also
5442s managed to take home the metal as well
5444s everything else man you can find it on
5446s your way out right it's it's the
5448s toughest resource to rebuild that just
5450s that metal when you were at the draw
5452s spot so this is a team they'll bounce
5453s back and it's also one of the first
5455s materials that you use when really
5457s trying to offend yourself a zagu and
5458s Miriam just kind of looting up the
5460s greasy grow whatever Janice and vadile
5462s left behind and there's actually a lot
5463s of the teams that landed in the Rave
5465s cave a little bit north that are trying
5467s to rotate towards this slower side of
5469s zone and right now everybody are just
5471s stuck stuck in zone because nobody wants
5473s to bite off more than they could chew
5474s this is our current reigning champions
5478s of the Japanese region representing for
5480s Japan of the Asia region here now we
5483s jump over to Ed and King one of the most
5485s explosive Duos we talked about Ed's
5488s history how much he's raised like really
5491s risen to the challenge improving season
5494s after season now paired up with King
5496s they have such a fun history here they
5499s have engaged against one another
5500s multiple times in fncs in seasons pass
5503s now they get to play together yeah kind
5504s of rotating all the way from North
5506s Chrome Jam Junction they find themselves
5508s a sweet spot but a team that has so much
5510s experience together but years ago now
5513s reuniting for the Invitational mackwood
5515s and Canada let me tell you some of those
5517s practice games sponsor that uncontested
5520s drop spot that Canada Mac would have
5522s have proven to be fruitful they got
5524s first place and scrims and now they're
5526s here to try to replicate that on the
5528s biggest stage only two Duos have fallen
5531s and now another steps into the position
5534s here to possibly take a 5-0 the EVs and
5537s Vortex will know a little bit better
5538s they're gonna land right behind shots
5539s they finally takes it out by himself a
5540s great shot here and now he steps up but
5543s smarter to go ahead and defensively
5545s Poise up here no need to get to him not
5549s not just yet at least you can't really
5550s get too busy too early there's so many
5552s players that right now you see 95 left
5555s alive when storm surge actually
5557s activates monster this is probably going
5559s to be one of the most scariest things
5560s I've seen in fortnite in quite a while
5562s that is true in Bev is in vortexes are
5565s really considering peeking out now one
5567s thing we spoke about with the
5568s professional players is that one thing
5569s you don't do is open those big boxes and
5572s Peak for too long if there's ever a time
5573s to do it you can do it here in the early
5576s game kind of while you have some time
5578s but while we have some time let's just
5580s go ahead and catch up with mini Mike
5584s not quite there tokata but close enough
5586s I got you monster we're gonna be taking
5587s a look at North shiny sounds where we
5590s have a fan favorite Duo queasy and Vino
5592s I find it interesting how they were
5593s playing split up here queasy was on the
5595s low ground taking shots from opposing
5597s Duos but Vino up above on the balloon
5599s was able to get free tags on the
5601s opposing Duos that were looking at
5602s queasy and having this split mentality
5605s in the drop spot is crucial for getting
5608s those free tags and able to set yourself
5610s up for that late game
5612s it's an amazing break down there Jacob
5614s yeah one thing that it's kind of I
5615s didn't really mention it did you see 18
5618s splashes on them these guys are ready
5622s for that end game if you have that much
5624s heels that's gonna allow you if you are
5625s down on search to kind of handle it fast
5627s and stacky fncs champions from N.A West
5630s hurting on storm surge right now trying
5632s to get themselves back up but it does
5634s look like the fight maybe the dust have
5636s settled and this is the aftermath that
5638s you see yeah Fab does have one
5639s elimination 36 above the damage
5641s threshold even though right now they
5643s have a little bit of comfortability that
5645s threat is still moving in the back of
5646s their minds that's right and they rolled
5648s up they took down the team there and now
5650s they get to go ahead and reap the
5651s rewards they needed those tax but that's
5654s not going to be enough there's a little
5655s bit more in front of them a team that's
5657s well below the surge right now are full
5659s Middle Eastern Duo spy in Focus are
5662s sitting here and it's not looking too
5664s hot 220 damage below I had so much time
5668s to catch up with spy he is an incredible
5671s and I mean incredible player but this is
5675s one of those decisions that you have to
5676s make now
5677s fight there's no easy one now we have EU
5681s versus any West Noah Riley bad sniper
5684s epic whale and Reed on the other side of
5685s the wall this one is gonna get close
5687s because we are going to talk about he
5688s loves to fight epic well loves to fight
5691s as well but eggwell was also that igl
5693s that six-time champion he knows when and
5695s where to pick his battles in every
5697s single one of these situations so he's
5699s probably talking to him right now get
5701s the pre-edit ready but he's 137 below
5703s this is why they're not batting the
5705s fight they have damage to do epic whale
5707s and re have around a 70 plus percent win
5710s ratio when taking on these early game
5712s fights in these early zones it's looking
5714s very good for them but the surge no one
5716s can beat the surge that is going to be
5718s inevitable damage in the coming seconds
5720s so this is why this fight's so important
5722s down comes the Chuck Hill they're just
5723s gonna go in and sit there try to get as
5725s much health as possible meanwhile in the
5727s distance threats and Alice are starting
5729s to put shots in so this is not a fight
5731s death uh not you know being interfered
5733s with Reed's gonna fall first epic Wheels
5735s by himself shots come in Noah Riley
5742s who will steal away this elimination
5744s here someone
5745s get it in there it is they close things
5748s up and finish it off quickly and just
5751s like that EU comes out on top oh my God
5752s but the action is just all over basil
5754s Chase they're out as well that's pink
5756s and an awesome pick up two more and I
5758s even saw moments ago that Booga went
5760s down the elimination feat is just
5762s lighting up bars and Rays go down as
5764s well this one is getting active very
5767s fast but that's because of the storm
5769s surge but this is something I feel like
5771s all of us preface just a little bit
5772s handling that storm surge is gonna be so
5775s important throughout these 12 games
5776s kanado and Mac would take down buga and
5780s Miro in the feed it is done it is raps
5782s meanwhile Asia's Champions are finding
5785s some too but KBR and Z representing for
5788s Brazil are here and they need more tags
5791s they're just eight above well pleased
5793s for them to go ahead and find a few to
5794s keep them in the game but let's get on
5796s over to that fight that is inevitably
5798s gonna continue Jason versus chopping and
5801s this is exactly what happens I'll split
5803s it though they split that drop spot they
5805s weren't able to
5810s and there he goes back to the lobby but
5813s Dale and Janice do it again from
5815s teammates to enemies Janice takes down
5817s Tayson in the zone just like that it is
5820s over now we jump on over to onwon in
5824s Baka three elims and a West one of the
5827s few hosts for na West this weekend right
5830s here talks to me about how they managed
5833s to Surge over Mr Savage and eye drop and
5836s now they're picking it up just honestly
5838s talking to them before this as they were
5840s preparing and when they finally made
5842s that decision to switch up their drop
5843s spot they had a choice you can test hand
5846s and Vortex do you contest Joe and Z Andy
5849s they said no they want to take one of
5850s the biggest names in Europe they want to
5852s go against Mr Savage and eye drop and
5853s already it's proving to be fruitful on
5855s one coming from Mexico this guy is a
5859s legend from N.A West and honestly it's
5862s been just a few seasons and he's already
5863s making a name for himself that's right
5865s and way to do it on the international
5866s stage now when it matters now we jump on
5868s over to Chicho and trulics here what a
5871s great spot to be in mine yeah finding
5873s beautiful tags here holding the team out
5874s on the side meanwhile the deal and
5876s Janice look like they have finally made
5878s it from outside the storm line top spot
5881s to be in you have a lot of water here
5882s very little land terrain to work with
5885s and take a look in the distance there
5886s you see the stocking starting to happen
5888s meanwhile on the other side some of the
5891s NA East bats edgy and acorn now what's
5894s cool about this Duo here is that edgy
5896s and acorn quite literally said hey the
5899s better the Lobby's skill lies the better
5901s I will perform that is how much
5903s experience he's picked up in the past
5905s from practicing against the best of the
5907s best luck and already we look at their
5909s loot right now that five team
5911s contestation coming out of tilted Towers
5913s honestly didn't do too much 256 above
5916s the damage threshold as well shots
5917s continue to fire off on the Jew he goes
5919s down elimination's got to be cleaned up
5921s to Acorn they're getting two to their
5923s total and his teammate use three goes
5925s down as well that's gonna be the deal no
5927s Riley picking up some more eliminations
5928s as well what a quick way to finish that
5930s one off oh there's a problem here we
5932s have Bakken on one sitting on the walls
5934s if any East champions are most recent of
5936s Avery and commandment you can see
5938s they've actually taken a lot of damage
5940s here they were just below the surgery
5941s quite a bit ago and yes more damage is
5943s starting to come in it's only a matter
5945s of time now for them they will have to
5946s take a fight that's no easy fight on the
5948s other side of the wall but first tags
5950s there are gonna go to the side of the
5951s enemy East boys yeah I'm going to Baca
5953s right now they just need to play their
5954s game they are down on storm surge in
5957s terms of commandment and Avery 65 above
5959s those traded shots actually I wish I was
5961s back would have stayed in the Box
5962s because honestly if they would have just
5964s waited a little bit longer storm shirts
5966s would have had these guys almost down
5967s and out and they could easily clean
5969s those up but right now they're just
5970s playing safe they just want to go ahead
5971s and make it towards their end game
5972s because this is one of the teams they
5974s finished second in the last fncs of N.A
5977s West they know how to fight with the
5978s best of them this is what it's all about
5980s we show up for big moments like this can
5983s you step up to the plate we are just
5985s moment minutes away from the game
5987s becoming extremely difficult the zone is
5990s only getting Tighter and Tighter and
5991s take a look at how many players have
5993s huge pressure rapid and ambulance now
5996s and they have clicks and Dukes in above
5997s them mack one and Kanata starting to
5999s look down as well they're off to hot
6000s star that is one of the teams to look
6002s out for meanwhile a single elim already
6004s for clicks on the other side so they've
6007s survived the drop a huge shot Clips Five
6009s to one they're off to handle like this
6011s to finish two Clinton Duke managed to
6014s get two more eliminations oh my gosh hey
6017s you gotta give him credit though he said
6019s it himself he has that World Cup
6021s experience team with an fncs champion in
6025s Duke his first time in an in-person an
6027s event and he's already loving the
6030s environment even though he didn't take
6031s that off spawn fight it was so that he
6033s can make it towards this end game and
6035s continue to do things like that Alice in
6038s threats they're communicating with the
6040s translator between them NA East and
6043s Japan playing with each other but hold
6044s up the deal Janice this is a problem one
6049s of our favorites when you look online
6051s you look at Twitter you look at what
6053s everyone is putting together for a top
6054s 10 list you expect this team to do so
6057s well in game one and already broken
6059s apart yeah Janice was down inside of the
6062s storm the deal really couldn't go and
6064s save him yes no HP really to regain
6066s mustache and malibucca another one of
6068s those teams towards cloudy condos where
6070s nobody really fought it off spawn they
6072s got some tags and left 31 below the
6074s pressure is on they're so close to Zone
6076s but they can't necessarily travel to
6078s Zone because they have to worry about
6079s storm surge that's actually doing a ton
6081s of damage 31 below not looking good
6083s Jacob attacks are coming in clock is
6086s ticking they do have heels they can
6088s survive for a little bit more but you
6089s hear the shots raging everywhere as the
6092s lobby turns online but deal fires back
6094s he catches mackwood in the feed that
6098s must have been incredible and that's
6099s happening right above us meanwhile
6102s turning the story around vadile is known
6106s as one of the greatest box Fighters
6108s literally made his name known for taking
6111s on fights and destroying players across
6114s Europe let's take a look at that one
6116s more time yep you see video just kind of
6118s peeking through the code catching
6119s mackwood off guard and honestly it
6121s looked like Macklin was gonna try to do
6122s the same to him pick it through that
6124s cone you better watch where you pick
6126s assetti and Cami another favorite to
6129s probably take the top spot here in this
6130s event 306 above the damage threshold
6133s they're still continuing to put that
6135s pressure on the lobby that's exactly
6137s what you got to do when you make it to
6138s end game especially if you're a team
6139s that doesn't fight off spawn the coming
6141s Legends Cami and seti have two launch
6143s pads they have material they have heels
6146s this just might be their game
6150s let's jump on over to seat KBR how's it
6154s going here 132 they have the handy and
6158s Joe have been on the other side of the
6159s wall it's gonna be a tough one
6161s 23 Duos remaining here The Surge is
6163s still active and now as the timer hits
6166s zero and the Zone reveals itself we're
6168s gonna start entering into the first
6170s moving zone territory these next 25
6173s seconds are gonna be some of the
6175s toughest they have ever had to deal with
6177s remember for some on this stage this is
6180s their first land an in-person event that
6183s they have ever experienced here and they
6185s get to play it out now and this is where
6188s you talked about some of the players
6189s that had rotation it is going to be so
6191s important you see where there's own
6193s pools there's different elevations that
6195s these players aren't gonna have to
6196s Traverse through if you don't have any
6199s sort of rotation you're gonna have to
6200s figure out how to recycle it otherwise
6202s you're gonna be living a nightmare but
6203s he'll he has a long surprise he's gonna
6205s play for him High Ground the first ones
6207s to go is Dino and crazy this is where
6211s you expect them to be there are up tops
6213s where they are so comfortable now can
6216s they hold it all the way the launch
6218s track comes down they don't want to stay
6219s there and commit the map they're going
6220s to switch it up mustache and the low
6222s ground down to 40 HP but he still has
6224s some movement to work with you can see
6226s him he's speaking to the cone Gathering
6227s that information he has a launch pad as
6229s well he can easily try to find his way
6231s through but there's so many players
6232s stacked all around him they don't want
6234s to make it easy but 28 above the damage
6236s threshold he's not only looking for the
6237s perfect rotation he's looking for some
6239s players to put some shots on but a high
6240s ground goes over to Peppo whoa Isha on
6244s height now too this is big that's
6247s something you did not expect but Vino
6249s and cuiser are now looking up to take it
6251s decide to go for it they land on top of
6253s Asia and it's all or nothing now Vino
6255s fights for it the wall gets edited it's
6257s not quite his it's a battle on all
6259s fronts here can they win it off and he
6261s does just enough Dino and Queasy have
6263s managed to fight back for high ground in
6265s the first game of the fncs invitation
6267s yep and then there goes the saw to the
6269s bead the deal and Janice they're round
6270s pink to an anviko picking up a Nas and
6272s mustache two different players Alice is
6274s trying to break through 118 below the
6277s damage threshold he knows he cannot stay
6278s in one place too long trying to reunite
6280s with threats man he goes down as well
6282s storm surge really eating these guys
6284s alive Alice has to do something but the
6287s options are so thin he doesn't know what
6288s to do finally finding one player puts
6291s the shot on it's going full still going
6293s wild he's below but that side been
6294s coming through just for the nick of time
6296s to keep on line he is alive he takes
6298s them a run steps into the zone and look
6300s at this a huge pickup now that's gonna
6302s buy him more time that could be the
6303s absolute difference meanwhile seti and
6306s Cami playing their game Pam's doing
6308s fashion still alive as well High Ground
6310s has queasy and Vino belgrit has Chicho
6313s in true licks playing and leading the
6314s front side of his own there's not a
6316s player in sight clicks is still alive
6318s now working his way through he has lost
6319s his teammate the full finish comes
6321s through it might be all or nothing now
6322s he still has so much left in the tank
6324s yeah but I'm not too worried about him
6325s because of him and Duke's High placement
6328s last fncs was because of solo clutches
6330s from that man himself but talk about
6332s solos Joe gets one as the Andy goes down
6335s shots coming in from The High Ground
6336s pressure is there but Joe's trying to
6338s find his way to the front side of his
6340s own but it's a hard Journey trying to
6342s find it 12 hp continuing to drop shot
6345s still coming in he's gonna find a moment
6347s of an oasis to try to stabilize to
6349s figure out what's the next play Tammy
6351s and seti find their way to the high
6352s ground down goes clicks to the hands of
6354s Cami that's a huge one hello Vino you
6357s have to turn and run Cami wants to hear
6359s nothing about that noise right there
6361s meanwhile said he's keeping eyes on the
6363s general area very solid Chicho fighting
6366s his way but no a headache comes through
6368s it's zaku and Marine who's right above
6371s them there our fncs champions of Asia
6373s are still here down those pimps to as
6376s well what a huge elimination here the
6378s top seven Duos alive 11 players total
6382s left in this game one of them being seti
6384s and Cami towards The High Ground the
6386s analyst has called it these guys don't
6388s play Too Many early game five State wait
6390s for this end game and for every
6391s opportunity but Acorn he's trying to
6393s sneak some extra points he has the men
6394s Miss sitting in the zone Vino doing the
6396s same but he's almost all out of
6398s opportunity this is absolutely what you
6400s expect of the best players in the world
6404s coming together for this Invitational
6405s here to have this opportunity to step up
6408s to the plate represent for your region
6410s this is what it's all about Vino by
6413s himself just working his way riding his
6415s way through the build Acorn is as well
6417s there's a set of major points separating
6419s though Vino looks to High Ground he says
6421s I'm not gonna allow you to just sit
6422s there and focus me true Lex is meanwhile
6425s in the low looking for something to do
6427s here turning builds into Chrome and
6429s remember he can slip through any one of
6431s these now he's becoming desperate he's
6433s just trying to reinforce a little bit of
6435s the fields that are around him so nobody
6436s can quickly edit through and try to pick
6438s that chop mirror they don't have that
6440s high ground but they have that big layer
6442s trying to find that comfortability but
6444s you know only two HP no men Miss left is
6447s gonna have to try to find a siphon here
6448s but no he gets dropped Acorn finds
6451s another one from the outside of his own
6452s seven elims for Maureen and zagu
6455s representing for Asia here looking great
6457s meanwhile Yumi and cool are getting one
6459s step closer now to taking this fight a
6462s huge shout out to Marine he's gonna feel
6463s that one as he plays defensively visagu
6466s is here to back him up they're going
6467s hand in hand the fight breaks out thank
6469s God
6470s oh my gosh steps up to the plate we are
6474s now down to three Duos in the end game
6477s two solo in a Duo up top carrying that
6479s momentum from last season's fncs but he
6482s has so much more work to do seti and
6485s Cami the only Duo left in the game is
6488s Concord staying alive still four
6490s eliminations on the back of cool trying
6492s to find his way through but just like I
6494s said there's only one Duo team and they
6496s have The High Ground and the recipe for
6497s Success you cannot write a better story
6499s for becoming Legends said he is fighting
6502s bad Cami is fighting back they looking
6505s to get inside there goes the elim they
6507s were looking for just one player
6509s separates them with acorn will not
6511s survive
6513s enemy take game number one
6515s Poland is the first country to take home
6519s a victory Royale on the fncs
6522s Invitational stage these guys have came
6526s to play through and through what a fairy
6529s tale beginning for these absolute
6532s veterans ghosts some of the hardest
6535s workers we have ever seen enter into the
6538s ecosystem becoming Legends seti and Cami
6541s must be absolutely proud Acorn and edgy
6545s they were just incredible way for acorn
6548s to truly step up to the table there and
6550s clutch this one out and he said it put
6552s me in the best lobbies I will put up the
6554s numbers yeah and for him that's a little
6556s bit of a success even though he didn't
6557s get the victory Royale Staying Alive as
6559s long as he did getting extra
6560s eliminations and getting that top
6562s placement that is just insane but let's
6564s go ahead and throw it over to an
6567s interview with the winners
6568s you guys
6572s I am with our game one winners give it
6575s up a cameo City
6580s I must ask what uh first and foremost
6584s uh obviously uh game one winners how was
6588s that being out there and winning in
6589s front of this amazing crowd uh it's
6591s amazing I love the atmosphere here it's
6593s really nice having crowd again excellent
6596s and also obviously High Ground rain
6597s Supreme once you've had the higher
6599s ground there able to maintain do you
6601s think that was the Difference Maker you
6603s felt comfortable being Above the Rest of
6604s the teams
6606s um like we knew that high team doesn't
6609s have much so we just took it he took it
6611s going into the next game uh much of the
6614s same do you have to constantly change
6616s strategy or did it feel good playing
6618s against the rest of the world uh it
6620s feels good it feels pretty easy I'm not
6623s like denying in the competition but it
6625s is really nice playing here and uh yeah
6627s we're just going confident into game two
6629s uh still have to be consistent to the
6632s end of the tournament and that's it
6633s excellent once more time guys give it up
6635s your game one is
6637s [Music]
6639s good stuff let's head back over to a
6642s man's dick on the desk
6645s thank you guys so much game number one
6648s is taken by EU
6652s this is gonna be a tough one for
6653s everybody else and you let's represent
6655s baby Cammy and seti though come out huge
6658s in game number one what's crazy too for
6661s a moment there we watch queasy and bino
6664s go for height and sixth moving right but
6667s it's not them who end in height it's
6669s Cami and seti that's crazy big
6671s development there I can't believe Cameo
6672s inside are the ones that actually end up
6674s on The High Ground I love the fact that
6675s you mentioned that there were a little
6676s bit of flip-flopping going on on The
6677s High Ground somehow came in said he
6679s probably the least likely to in my
6680s opinion to find themselves up there do
6682s so well played coming from them and also
6685s not to mention this end clip right here
6687s doesn't even tell the full story he said
6689s he goes down in that mid game and Cami
6690s clutches up 1v2 which why has so many
6692s eliminations coming into this and then
6694s to close it out here just two separate
6697s solos and they make easy work of them it
6699s was right around the start of zone eight
6701s that we saw Cami just sweep queasy
6704s completely off guard there on the flank
6705s didn't seem as though queasy was fully
6707s aware of the fact because there were so
6708s many teams trying to challenge that High
6709s Ground at once but it was Cami and
6711s steady who actually successfully walked
6713s away with it and they just had so many
6715s builds that vertical play throughout the
6718s entirety of eight and Ninth Zone there
6720s was just nothing anyone else could do
6722s about it and the thing I love right is
6723s we came into this game and we're like
6725s who's gonna be nervous who's gonna be
6726s confident I have never been able to tell
6729s if somebody is confident after winning
6730s game number one of an Invitational it
6732s seemed like there was like no expression
6734s coming out I can't even say there was
6735s like yeah that's expected that's what
6738s they're used to right that's how they
6739s won the most recent dream hack this is
6741s almost like it's like their life is on
6743s repeat but this time instead of
6744s dreamhack it's Evan's Invitational right
6746s uh I'm curious to get your guys's
6748s thoughts we saw a lot of like Self
6750s Regional eliminations right EU
6752s eliminating EU and a eliminating n a it
6755s was kind of crazy I'm surprised there
6757s wasn't more I guess intermingling big
6760s battles going on here and it's really
6762s close towards the top of this
6763s leaderboard of course Camion City
6765s finding themselves at the top they're
6766s getting that Victory Royale securing 44
6768s points the early lead after game number
6770s one but n a West also representing here
6773s going down in that second third place
6776s position sorry getting 42 points on the
6778s back of so many eliminations but it was
6779s actually the fourth place position and
6781s Noah Riley bat sniper they're walking
6783s away with eight elims that is a good
6785s chunk of points that they were able to
6787s compensate for despite not being able to
6789s close things out and I think ultimately
6791s we saw in the first three zones a little
6793s bit more EU heavy as far as the elimfe
6796s was concerned but by the time we hit
6797s that mid game it seemed as though all of
6799s n a and some of the international
6800s regions just really started to hit their
6802s stride because everything just started
6804s lighting up immediately A lot of these
6806s players right they're using this initial
6808s game as a kind of a feeling right let's
6809s just kind of see how this all works and
6810s everyone the land looks like and then
6812s we'll look to go ahead and fight back
6814s but real quick we have a mini miners
6816s standing by what you got for us thank
6818s you so much seeing now we want to be
6819s taking a deep dive into one of our GEOS
6821s that have been deep diving into the dead
6822s side of Zone it's a reveal this massive
6825s screen right behind we're going to be
6826s talking of course about commandment and
6828s Avery our reigning NA East fncs
6831s champions we can see them on the screen
6832s right there the little white arrows and
6834s they've made a really really interesting
6835s rotate this game we can see the path
6836s that they are going to take using all
6839s the way on that dead side as though now
6840s you might wonder what is the benefits of
6842s dead side now you can see on the map
6843s loads of those little arrows on this
6845s side of zone right and this is the area
6847s that most teams are going to be at
6848s because most of the poys are going to be
6850s rotating into there we can see
6851s commandment and Avery using the the sort
6853s of the mid-map rotation right you can
6855s see the in-game rotation devices you can
6857s see the launch pads being used you can
6859s see the balloons and of course you can
6860s see the slip streams as well and you can
6861s see them getting to this less congested
6863s on his own nobody's there what's going
6864s on they have a free rotation but of
6866s course this comes with some problems
6868s right we saw them struggling with surge
6869s in that previous game it didn't quite
6871s work out the way that they were
6872s expecting they weren't able to find as
6874s many players as they could so the
6876s benefits for them are of course they're
6877s on the lessons Justice on his own they
6879s don't see anyone but that also has
6881s implications you don't get the damage
6882s done and you can see that in the last
6884s game they were struggling for tags of
6885s course we saw King and Ed doing the
6887s exact same thing that they were able to
6888s find as many eliminations and as many
6890s tags as they possibly could which kept
6892s them afloat unfortunately for
6893s commandment and Avery though it didn't
6895s quite work out I've got so many
6896s questions to ask and who better to ask
6898s them themselves Kelly over to you thank
6900s you so much mini Mania joining me right
6902s now I have commandment in Avery and
6903s Avery I gotta ask you man how do you
6905s feel about gay number one uh surge was
6908s pretty rough we had to run through all
6910s the shield uh pretty early so we died on
6913s uh half Zone but we still managed to get
6916s eight points for first game just testing
6918s the grounds
6919s well good luck in that next game guys
6921s I'm sure you're going to be doing a lot
6922s better I'm going to be joining over here
6924s Acorn and edgy guys that second place
6927s finish what was going through your mind
6929s once you had that solo run
6931s um I mean honestly it was all Acorn like
6934s I didn't even do anything to be honest
6935s he's just the best player in the world
6936s yeah man what was going through your
6937s mind uh I know I had chromes and I was
6939s like I'm 100 gonna get top two here no I
6942s was confident and it went my way I love
6944s it congratulations guys you have a great
6946s start to the competition let's head on
6947s back to the desk
6950s thank you so much Kelly and of course
6952s Minnie Miner and shout outs to the
6954s players that was just game number one
6956s now this looks a little deceiving right
6958s for a moment we celebrated camian
6960s setting we think okay they got to figure
6961s out big deal however Acorn there it's
6964s okay they didn't get the victory Royale
6965s but that's not what they needed right
6967s they just needed a place High yeah of
6969s course you know Acorn you could you can
6971s hear it out of edge right there best
6972s player in the world love that confidence
6974s coming out of the teammate but again you
6976s know one of those solar clutches that we
6977s kind of saw was from cool and you man I
6979s think it was cool specifically getting
6980s into that game securing that third place
6982s position and we could tell at one point
6984s in time he was like in that 1v2
6986s situation in that box fight and he comes
6987s out on top and just transitions that all
6990s the way towards that third place
6991s position you don't become fnts Champions
6993s without having this kind of a collective
6996s measure when it comes to your mental
6998s discipline inside being spot fights and
6999s not to mention the fact that they also
7001s had seven elims to boot to close this
7004s one out so not only they're placing high
7005s but they're also making sure to
7007s capitalize on those elims as well and it
7009s is everything when you're able to try
7012s and establish these early leads because
7014s this is a very competitive Lobby and I
7016s think if anything game one is only amp
7018s me up even more to see what these
7019s players are going to do yeah the
7021s individual performances coming out and
7022s that's what matters so much on these
7024s stages you know we saw last season on
7026s the Anna east region commandment is the
7027s one that won it with his solar eclipse
7029s so every single solo performance is
7031s matters tenfold that's right I want to
7034s take a look at our standings once again
7036s and again don't freak out this is just
7038s game number one this is our feeler game
7040s right from here we make adjustments and
7043s we make the changes we need to succeed
7044s Kami and steady they did win game number
7047s one but with only six eliminations
7050s they're currently sitting at the 44
7052s points as we kind of start to go top to
7054s bottom you know we did watch queasy and
7056s we know they did try and take height but
7059s I'm curious as to like what you feel
7062s kind of happened why how did that all
7064s unfold the the high tank looked good but
7067s something went wrong so we knew this was
7069s coming right we knew cuisine we're going
7071s for the high gun and they had it going
7073s into that first moving Zone and then all
7074s of a sudden we were checking them out
7075s you know Runa and pepper are all of a
7077s sudden On The Higher Ground and Cuisine
7078s mirror like all right fine we'll give it
7079s up and then like five seconds later I
7081s look back up and Cuisine Divina back on
7082s height so you know they had the
7084s strategies there ultimately came in and
7086s said he just found the best of them
7087s though that's right really quickly let's
7088s go on over to our friends Kelly and Adam
7090s who are standing by on the deck on the
7092s stage
7093s thank you very much see guys if you're
7095s having a good time
7097s all right we're looking good day one is
7101s done and game two is imminent however we
7104s need your help everyone because our
7105s battle bus is out of gas and we power it
7107s with hype so in the count of three I'm
7109s gonna need you to get as loud as you can
7112s possibly get all right one two three
7115s [Applause]
7126s come on keep going
7130s fantastic you look beautiful out there
7132s it's time for game number two
7138s now that's how you kick off a battle bus
7141s Jacob whoa the clap the crowd is really
7144s coming together for that one yep an
7146s acorn clutching it up by himself is a
7148s solo cool and you me from N.A West but
7150s you got to give it up to EU Cammy and
7153s seti taking that top spot and they're
7155s really putting the lobby on notice hey
7158s we came to play we came to take over so
7160s much representation from all of the
7162s players showing up in that last game
7164s there any West in a East Asia EU of
7168s course he saw what they were able to do
7169s there and again that is what makes this
7173s all worth it that is why we tune in for
7175s these moments yeah but that was just
7176s game number one I'm pretty sure with
7178s game number two right around the corner
7179s the nerves are beginning to settle the
7182s players have figured out how the lobby
7183s is going to be and one of the things
7185s I've noticed after that first game
7186s everybody is stingy with storm surge
7189s damage that's right but listen The Show
7191s Must Go On Let's just go ahead and keep
7193s things rolling
7196s thank you guys so much we're trying to
7198s get our players back on that battle bus
7200s we can start game number two now that we
7203s have a moment here to Just Breathe the
7205s biggest thing I think on a lot of these
7207s players behind as you even saw some of
7209s them talk about in their interviews
7210s storm surge this is something that a lot
7213s of these players they try to overcome
7216s and now they have to double adapt not
7218s just adapt to their own meta and the way
7220s they're used to playing storm surge but
7222s how other Duos ahead of them next to
7224s them behind them may be doing the same
7226s thing every single time in front end
7228s that we have like a set Lobby over the
7229s course of x amount of Games game one is
7232s always the most stacked and we saw right
7233s there it was like the flip of a coin all
7235s of a sudden the lobby the amount of
7237s players left the live just crashed
7239s instantly because so many of them needed
7241s to fight for it but one thing that I did
7242s see in that early game right there a lot
7244s of balloons are being used a lot of the
7246s players poison themselves all the way up
7248s there in the sky then using those Hammer
7249s assault rifles primarily to get tags in
7252s the early game and then anybody that
7253s wasn't really doing that unfortunately
7255s just had the force of fight later on in
7256s the game like for example we saw epic
7258s whale and Rico down because of one of
7260s those fights look it might have been
7261s Cami and steady that actually closed out
7263s the lobby but it was Muzz and looter who
7265s got the action going for us because we
7267s did see a decent amount of hesitation
7268s and kind of expected I think game number
7271s one here at the fncs Invitational nobody
7273s wants to be the first one out but
7274s unfortunately Force might and Larson
7277s that was the case because looter and
7279s Muzz actually winning out the immediate
7282s trade and this is one of the pois that
7284s we touched on at the start because we
7286s knew that Green Gables was going to be
7288s popping we knew that Muzz and looter
7290s have the experience to tango with the
7293s other regions you wanna know something
7294s this is what I love because you know
7295s we're talking about how some of these
7296s all-spawn situations are going to go
7298s down and you know I was talking with
7299s some of the other analysts and taco
7301s included and Muslim leader was like I
7303s think this might actually you know play
7305s into their favorite being because you
7307s know looter himself said Naes has been
7308s way harder than OC thinks a lot more
7310s Talent over here and then storm surge
7311s was one of the things that he was most
7313s worried about so the fact that they
7314s ended up being contested and that game
7316s is a great example they get that early
7318s Damage Done those early eliminations and
7320s they're set for the rest of the game
7321s they don't even have to worry about
7322s their biggest worry coming into the
7323s Invitational another deal that had a
7326s tough time getting going Mr Savage they
7329s took a fight that maybe didn't quite go
7331s the way it was anticipating let's take a
7333s look at some of the replays that kind of
7334s talk about what we're seeing that one
7336s was definitely a bit of a heartbreaking
7338s moment because when a Duo that hasn't
7341s even naturally been practicing this
7343s all-spawn situation up until recently
7345s challenges you and beats you I drop said
7348s it himself in the pre-game interview
7350s I've been dropping here uncontested for
7352s the past year it's not going to change
7355s the outcome and yet we're witnessing the
7358s downfall of eye drop and Mr Savage yeah
7361s and honestly shout out to on one right
7362s there because you know the discipline
7364s right sometimes when you go to clear
7365s buildings you're kind of just running
7367s down the staircase or running through
7368s corridors you're just like ah I'll be
7369s fine I don't hear them I haven't seen
7371s him here but no he actually pre-builds
7373s off the wall the floor he catches Savage
7375s trying to go for a sneaky little shot
7377s and Savage at that point is just kind of
7378s caught in this box and on one cleans it
7380s up after placing that wall to make sure
7382s Savage can't get any control over any of
7384s those builds so really well played from
7386s on one for sure and something that's
7387s also worth considering I think for Mr
7389s Savage and I drop now is you have to
7391s remember when you have so much
7392s information out there on how you like to
7394s drop Loot and land this spot like what
7397s we've witnessed from this Duo I think
7399s that that is pertinent information
7400s because I would be very surprised if
7403s almond and vodka haven't been utilizing
7405s a lot of VOD review to their favor
7407s leading into this yeah I mean uh I
7409s dropped in South setting he's been
7410s laying here for 12 months so there is a
7411s lot out there on it yeah now the
7413s question is do we get the repeat of this
7415s again well we watch this happen again do
7417s we think they're going to change
7418s something up do they feel now like they
7420s have no choice they have to try to take
7421s this fight you know I think that you
7424s know the players especially up there
7426s they are pretty set on going for the
7429s fight so I think we're just going to see
7430s a fight happen again but you know game
7432s one Jitters are kind of out of the way
7433s if you get eliminated early in a game
7435s you kind of can just sit there right you
7437s can mentally reset you know obviously
7438s some of it's going to start to wear down
7440s on you or mental a little bit but you
7442s know you can full reset maybe come up
7443s with a new strategy with you do a kind
7445s of talk to him in that meantime you
7447s pretty much had that whole game to talk
7448s strategy and kind of you know mention
7450s what went wrong you think exactly it's
7452s not the end of the world by any means
7453s because we are literally only one game
7455s through we still have five left to go
7457s there is ample opportunity here not just
7459s for the players to have a chance I think
7461s boost their placement points on the
7463s leaderboard but also it's just the
7466s simple fact that they can make the tiny
7467s adjustments that they need to as far as
7469s I dropped Mr Savage are concerned now I
7471s think they're a lot more wary of the
7473s fact that I want embaka they're
7475s definitely willing to take a super early
7477s engagement they don't care about the
7479s fact that it's the first three zones
7480s both of these Duos I think are going to
7481s continue trying to look to establish
7483s their surge management early on and I
7485s love the terminology you use right there
7486s more aware right because you know again
7488s on one just recently decided to land
7490s here like two days ago so it's like whoa
7492s for Mr Savage and Niger we had no idea
7494s there's no information because this door
7495s hasn't really landed here before but now
7497s game one the information is starting to
7499s reveal itself on one is obviously you
7501s know leaking some of those things just
7503s naturally as he plays through the games
7505s and we know that Savage and eye drop are
7506s very well experienced so they should be
7508s able to turn that into something
7509s positive yeah it's not kind of like the
7511s the one beats all right there is going
7513s to be this back and forth that continues
7515s to develop and it's kind of what we
7516s talked about like at the beginning of
7517s shows that adaptability Factor how many
7519s jewels could just say Okay this went
7521s wrong let's go ahead and change these
7523s things so that doesn't happen again
7525s right fortnite is primarily a game of
7527s what you would call RNG right you landed
7529s a POI what's there where are the chests
7531s where's the guns where's the builds and
7533s for these Duos they're trying to limit
7535s as much of that as possible right they
7536s want to find that spot hey I know
7538s there's a gun here every time I know if
7540s I hit this building as I open this door
7542s pick up this thing I'll have 10 bills
7544s that's a wall I can use to defend myself
7546s if I'm jumped right so I'm excited to
7548s see Hal in game two a lot of these Duos
7551s look to say
7552s what do we got to do differently well
7553s for pepboy and Ruda I was actually very
7556s happy to see that they were the ones
7557s that initially started off at that
7559s lustrous Lagoon and again that was an
7561s uncontested drop spot for them you're
7562s talking about Luke you're talking about
7563s resources Zeke and there is ample of it
7566s at Luster's Lagoon a lot of these
7567s players didn't even talk about the fact
7569s that it's kind of crazy that they have
7571s gone this entire time leading up to the
7573s event without anyone wanting to
7575s establish an immediate contest at that
7577s POI so I I like the fact that they were
7580s able to hang in that top 10 leaderboard
7582s as well really representing their region
7584s I think excellently there because the
7586s fact is there was a lot of traffic
7587s coming their way due to the way the
7589s zones ended up pulling towards that
7590s North Side so the fact that they were
7592s able to not only
7594s stay in that surge management position
7596s despite being uncontested but they also
7599s just may do with what they were given
7600s there yeah absolutely it's really really
7602s cool to see that they actually also took
7604s The High Ground from none other than
7606s queasy and veto and then in the game
7607s ultimately yeah they did end up losing
7609s it but I want to see more of that right
7610s just because you lost it just this one
7612s game you may have a very good strategy
7613s that takes out you know some of that
7615s Cuisine Vino aren't used to and that's
7616s kind of that multi-regional imitational
7619s that is just so good and all the
7621s strategies start to come out and catch
7622s players by surprise good luck to see it
7624s this is just kind of our insights here
7626s from the desk but we also have many
7627s minor standing by to get his thoughts on
7629s that game absolutely Zeke it's not just
7631s me it's the castle alongside me as well
7633s now we've been watching all of this
7634s action unfold behind the scenes we've
7636s been able to see some extra povs to
7637s Carter it's been intense right we've
7639s seen some crazy plays look players from
7641s all around the world it's what I love to
7643s see these players shine right zagu and
7645s Miriam they were fragging out Minnie
7647s they got what almost eight eliminations
7648s in that match even players from the West
7650s Coast cool and Yumi they were also
7653s popping off in that late game and what's
7654s going on with seti and Cami up in the
7656s clouds right we never seen them up there
7658s right playing up top it's something that
7660s you love to see in game one of an
7662s International Event like this and this
7663s is what imitation is all about right we
7664s have so many different players there's
7666s so many different regions bring
7667s different strategies but it can all
7668s change as we talked about earlier things
7670s can change so quickly Kami and seti on
7672s The High Ground what's going on this is
7674s crazy but of course calling Yumi as well
7675s you mentioned it right I had a few
7677s questions to ask about their search I
7678s actually spoke to them in person in the
7679s player area and they said we have all
7681s the answers when you wanted don't worry
7682s don't be concerned and I was like mate
7684s carry on you do it mate if if that's
7686s what they're gonna do and they're
7687s pulling out all the stops today I mean
7688s they proved it right the way they played
7690s that late game they were ready to
7692s dominate but I mean steady Cami up top I
7694s think that was more of like a
7695s situational thing right we had queasy
7697s Vino earlier up top on The High Ground
7699s but then City and Cami saw the
7701s opportunity and they striked right I
7703s don't think it's going to be an every
7704s game type scenario for this deal we know
7705s they like the consistency so I wouldn't
7707s you know be surprised if they switched
7708s it up a bit but I'm excited to see what
7710s they continue to do I am very excited as
7712s well I'm sure as are the deaths let's
7714s throw it back to them to see what they
7715s think
7716s you know you got a good laugh out of uh
7718s of our boy David here I'm down I'm not
7720s opposed yeah you chuckled that was
7722s pretty good another two I did want to
7723s take a moment to highlight on screen
7724s right now zagu and Miriam coming out of
7727s Japan these guys were just looking so
7731s good seven eliminations there in that
7734s game with a 41 total point now this is
7737s just out of game one and I mean consider
7740s we kind of talked about it they they're
7741s contesting commandment and Avery over in
7743s Rave cave and they were allowed to leave
7746s Rave caves yeah 100 you know I think
7749s that that's pretty much what we can
7750s expect but something that I did not
7751s expect and I my eyebrows they went up
7754s right I raised them that statue right
7756s there they did
7758s 2200 plus damage this game that is
7762s incredible you can see it right here a
7764s lot of it coming from this end game
7765s actually picking up a plethora of
7767s eliminations their box fighting skills
7769s seem to be catching a lot of these
7770s players off guard in the game look at
7772s that absolutely crispy and cooking
7775s inside it's looking like a full-on
7777s barbecue right now with Jack and Marine
7779s the way that they were just lighting it
7781s up inside of that low ground congestion
7783s not only that but I just love seeing how
7786s poised they are after that finish they
7788s have not lost sight by any means they
7791s know exactly what's on the line here as
7792s far as Regional representation is
7794s concerned and you absolutely love to
7796s just see that energy kind of be
7798s reflected in their gameplay yeah I love
7800s the fact that you mentioned energy I've
7801s been seeing a walk around the player
7802s Lounge everything like that you know the
7804s walkouts they always seem so happy right
7806s they're so happy to be here and they
7808s seem confident as well there's never
7809s really like a you know oh we're worried
7811s to be here no it's they're just fully
7813s embracing it and we can see it right
7814s there in game number one they you know
7816s they came out on top pretty much when
7818s you have performances like that I can
7820s imagine why they're so confident because
7821s again I think a lot of Duos may not have
7824s necessarily been anticipating some of
7826s this aggression that we are witnessing
7828s right now in game one from the internet
7829s other International regions but at the
7832s very least I I do expect a little bit of
7835s a bite back from NA East West and EU I
7839s think for me I'm looking forward to
7841s seeing how many more duels try to go for
7843s height right for in this instance zag
7845s them Rim they were just in that mid
7846s ground they didn't even care about High
7848s Ground they're like no you guys you guys
7849s battled out we want more eliminations
7851s we'll stay right here do you guys think
7853s that maybe more duels will want to just
7854s say like look we our kind of strategy to
7857s win is that High Ground we gotta go for
7859s it yeah I mean 100 we just saw a lot of
7861s teams that actually like to play The
7862s High Ground unfortunately not make an
7863s instant game they went down a little bit
7865s early like for example aquan reason yeah
7866s he's in chapex also went down another
7868s one Alex and Bailey we talked about them
7870s from from oce they love to play the
7872s higher ground and they just all three of
7874s them went down a little bit early so it
7876s could change big time you know we also
7878s saw uh Kanata went down a little bit
7879s early mackwood loves to play The High
7881s Ground coming out of n a East pretty
7883s much the only thing that he strives for
7884s but being left as a solo he couldn't
7886s really do that this game but just look
7888s at some of these names that are located
7890s on the second page already for the
7892s leaderboard you got Thomas HD a
7894s trippered pink and a Nas again I think
7897s Vico and Brian have been really exciting
7900s to kind of follow along especially since
7901s they're relatively newly formed here for
7903s the fnc is Invitational I don't think
7905s that that is an easy feat by any means
7907s to have to quickly adapt to your partner
7909s 100 and listen I can't believe it
7912s actually because clicks and Duke were
7915s actually popping off towards that end
7917s game right and you know the crowd was
7918s going crazy we on the desk were like wow
7920s they're really showing up right now and
7923s you know to on that leaderboard it's
7924s really showing as well finding those
7925s eliminations on big name teams as well
7927s they're coming into the Invitational
7929s with the experience and it's showing
7932s how many of these Duos are thinking
7933s themselves
7934s game two I'm ready I have that strategy
7937s locked in I think I know what I need to
7939s do to get going because I want to make
7941s the crowd here in the Raleigh Convention
7944s Center just lose their mind when we're
7946s taking shots because man there was some
7947s eliminations happening and I was just on
7949s my feet screaming with the crowd you
7951s know straight up ultimately it's it's
7953s gonna be based on an individual level I
7955s think you know how good are you and how
7958s good is your mental ad taking something
7960s that could be negative and turn it into
7962s something positive because you know not
7964s everything went right for any Duo of
7965s that game so they have to think about
7967s those things and like okay what can we
7968s do what have we scrimmed before that has
7971s kind of helped us throughout these
7972s situations just make those changes come
7974s in in the game number two but there's
7976s also Duos plenty of them especially the
7978s top 10 on the leaderboard who you know
7980s found things that worked for them so
7982s keep doing those things but again not
7984s Everything went perfect so keep that in
7985s mind but nerves aside as the games go on
7988s it's going to start feeling more and
7990s more natural I think for a lot of these
7992s players you're going to start being able
7993s to focus in a lot more on the actual
7995s gameplay itself and I think that's where
7997s the audience just becomes a little bit
7998s of background noise until it comes down
8000s to those final moments but something
8002s that I'm really curious to see is
8004s whether or not these players are
8006s actually going to Showcase some of their
8008s flexibility or adaptability because
8010s mustache malibucca I think they're a
8012s great example of a Duo where they can go
8014s a game or two or three without really
8017s being able to catch anything and then
8018s they just turn up that's right we've
8021s heard from us we've heard from many
8022s minor in Toccata let's throw it on over
8024s to Casper to hear their thoughts on game
8026s number one
8027s thank you so much for that quick of
8030s course toss there so we can start
8031s getting into our perspective here I mean
8033s Jacob let's talk about what we know just
8035s coming out of game one yeah I mean what
8036s we know n a West cool and Yumi showing
8040s up big not only getting that third place
8042s finish but you saw that 2V1 off the back
8044s of cool another thing Acorn and a in
8047s general is just kind of showing up
8048s obviously EU won the game but I think we
8051s need to start giving any more credit
8053s yeah definitely have to give them that
8054s credit they show up and then wait for
8056s them to win those early engagements I
8058s mean listen we got to sit in the player
8060s Lounge quite literally stand over the
8062s shoulders of odd one in Baka while they
8064s were practicing they took on the lights
8066s you know who they're training against
8067s who they training breeds in Epic whale
8069s that's their training partners and I
8071s don't know about you but if you were
8073s following Twitter I posted a little clip
8075s of retaking on mustache and Melaleuca so
8077s it kind of all ties together if
8079s mercymala Buca are known as some of
8081s their greats and then on one in Baka
8083s could hold their Toe to Toe with someone
8085s like Reit I mean it all just starts to
8087s make sense you know loving out of all
8088s that though you talked about the two
8090s partners right amwan and Baca and who
8092s they're sparring against an epic well
8094s that's Annie West that's n a West
8096s showing each other some love I've talked
8099s about a lot of these guys being friends
8100s but when they're on the battlefield
8101s their enemies that is just inner region
8103s training and that's something I love to
8105s see that's right and of course the the
8106s upsets right we saw a couple Edge
8108s battles there bugen Miro taken out so
8111s early this is one of the things we
8113s didn't really get to talk about you
8115s would think that a team like bougain
8116s Miro who have drilled and trained their
8119s draw spot so perfectly they almost have
8120s it conditioned this should be another
8122s walk in the park situation for them what
8124s do you think went wrong as they were
8126s rotating out because it seems like they
8128s face planted into macwood and Kanata
8130s that was the big resistance and they
8132s were just taken out you know without
8134s seeing too much of their POV I can only
8136s go off a few educated guesses here and
8138s just judging by 95 players being alive
8140s when storm surge hit I think there were
8142s one of the few teams that were having
8144s problems dealing with that and that's
8146s one of the things that I said in
8147s interview before this event that storm
8150s surge is going to be hard for these
8152s players to deal with because the players
8154s that are above storm surge they can hide
8155s in the Box they can focus on those
8157s rotations but the ones that are below
8158s they have to fight outside of the storm
8160s they have to fight the first person they
8161s see in that first moment because you
8163s can't continually falling down on that
8165s damage that's right well listen that's
8167s our perspectives here we have so much
8169s more in store
8171s thank you guys so much for those
8174s insights we actually have a really cool
8175s moment here the casters kind of talked
8178s about a Booga mirror going down earlier
8179s we had a listen in moment let's take a
8182s look
8186s we need to find extra heels
8189s you should pop cabbage maybe for whites
8192s I need to heal unless you throw me a
8195s mini now yeah I come
8197s out there
8199s I want that big ammo Curry but I know
8201s they're just gonna get above us I mean I
8203s think you can go for it there's a chest
8204s there as well it's definitely worth the
8206s with our loot
8208s it's just glid off not a thing it is
8210s yeah
8211s if we could get if we can get surge here
8213s we can get uh
8214s and make sure this is invaded bro it's
8217s not okay we can get stuck bro
8220s I'm chilling if we get served we sit in
8222s zone bro we should look
8224s yeah like where though
8226s we just have to we'd have to follow
8227s right side yeah we have to go right side
8229s I'm just gonna go up no we should bun
8230s all right
8233s you can already tell even Booga and Miro
8236s are like hey we need storm surge we need
8239s to make sure this is right it is
8240s absolutely affecting many of these
8242s players we will come back and talk about
8244s more of this in just a moment first I do
8245s want to throw it on over to the player
8247s area a little special interview
8249s we have a very special interview Zig I'm
8251s here with one of our alternate players
8253s of Frey now for free you've been
8254s watching in the crowd right what's the
8255s energy like how does it feel the crowd
8257s is amazing I'm so happy that we have the
8259s answer back uh the crowd couldn't be
8261s crazier it's so awesome to be here yeah
8263s we can hear them just there in the
8264s background as well they're getting
8265s they're getting kind of crazy right so
8266s of course you're a professional player
8268s yourself uh how would you prepare for an
8269s event like this how do you think the
8270s players and what's been sort of going
8271s through their minds so I think Bobby
8273s young is extremely important you need to
8275s know who's landing around you what they
8277s do what Their Tendencies are
8279s um and yeah just about you fix your
8281s mistakes coming up to the event and then
8282s just play your game because you can give
8284s a big insight into the game as well for
8286s a lot of these players you can sort of
8287s uh you know give your Insight maybe uh
8289s to talk to them as well but just we'll
8291s stop it right there we'll throw it back
8292s to the desk for some more
8296s thank you guys so much
8306s Make some noise it's game time this is
8309s the fncs Invitational
8312s 2022 coming at you guys live are you two
8316s ready yes yes beyond ready and Beyond
8320s excited I think that more than anything
8322s else this game number two could really
8324s be a little bit of a breakaway moment
8326s here for some of these Duos Cami and
8328s sheddy in particular they are definitely
8331s looking for another highlight reel
8333s instance and whether it comes from
8334s Victory Royale or just from being able
8337s to rack up those elims I think that the
8339s Polish Powerhouse is certainly still
8342s making it known that they are some of
8343s the best Champions are on the stage
8346s right number two is you know this is
8349s where you got to start picking up you
8350s got to start developing your strategies
8352s Around The Meta of the lobby and you
8354s know who better to do it than the
8357s hundred of the best players from around
8359s all of the world
8361s look at them zeroing in right now Vivid
8364s they are so amped they are focused the
8367s the tension is real
8369s the tension is beyond real and not only
8371s that but I kind of want to touch on
8372s Buddha and Miro we saw that little
8374s listen in instance between the two of
8376s them and we're at any other Duo I think
8378s there might be some room for concern but
8381s Buddha and Mira I think are an exclusive
8383s case because Miro specifically this guy
8386s is a five times fncs champion and yet
8389s out of all the fncs finals that he has
8391s competed in he has only ever collected
8393s three Victory royale's wow so it is a
8396s primary example of the fact that High
8398s Ground can win games but low ground
8400s could possibly win championships and
8402s that moment in game number one while it
8405s wasn't able to go in their favor because
8406s they were struggling with surge
8407s management along with some of the other
8408s Duos again they're able to make it
8411s happen
8411s all right we broke it all down
8414s we had game one wrapped up it's gone
8416s game two is here it's now the battle bus
8419s is ready the players are on board let's
8422s just get this started
8427s here we have it thank you so much Zeke
8429s we get to start gearing up for this
8431s battle boss to take off now yeah this is
8434s this is finally setting in for a lot of
8437s these players on the stage game number
8439s two is starting right now and hopefully
8442s all those nerves from the end of game
8444s number one have settled because now when
8447s push comes to shove some of these
8448s players that might be at the bottom of
8450s the leaderboard Mr Savage eye drop that
8452s went down early they might have to start
8454s dealing with that storm surge early and
8456s that's right we saw what happened in
8459s game one the real question is how are
8460s you gonna adjust coming into game two
8463s this battle bus is telling me that the
8466s Chrome Jam Junction is under Fire very
8468s quickly it's so close to the drop spawn
8470s you can see already things kick off this
8472s time I drop says you know what let's put
8474s that weight in my experience on my back
8476s Savage takes down Bosco and all of a
8479s sudden it's a different tale to be told
8482s happy birthday Mr Savage first
8484s elimination here in game number two and
8488s that puts on one on notice you gotta
8491s have to watch out because we're here to
8492s fight that first one might have been a
8494s little lucky but another one this one I
8496s feel like has to have a little bit more
8497s damage because all three of these
8499s players monster they were dealing with
8501s storm surge and they were just on the
8503s cusp somewhere even below this is not
8505s the only contested draw spot don't
8506s forget tilted Towers has so much going
8508s down there as well so between cloudy
8511s condos and tilted Towers these are the
8513s two most contested drop spots and what I
8516s saw there is Acorn and edgy in the B
8519s find Miller early so there are big
8521s fights unfolding already just giving us
8524s a little sample of how these drops are
8526s playing out yeah you can kind of see
8528s everybody just on their drop spot the
8530s ones that don't necessarily have the POI
8532s it's about looting up getting as much
8534s resources as possible trying to get as
8536s many metal and brick as you can in terms
8539s that way when you make it towards the
8541s end game that way you don't have to
8542s worry about it but for these teams that
8544s are also on the outskirts of talk about
8545s looting up you have to start thinking
8547s about storm search your pathing is going
8549s to be so important because we saw how
8551s many teams went down to the surge itself
8553s here is Poland's finest game one winners
8557s from becoming Legend cities and Cami
8560s this team here has placed top 10 in
8562s every finals they have ever competed
8565s with together but wait a second hold
8567s that thought and as in pink here on the
8569s other side of the Joneses this is a
8571s fight that's being extended out the last
8573s time we were here clicks found an
8575s elimination with Duke they actually held
8577s it off remember when we talked to
8578s reading epic whale they said hey you
8580s know what I believe in the fighting
8582s power of n a on this one they have full
8585s confidence that they can do it Lincoln
8587s and us have to jump back yeah and you
8589s gotta we think back to that nae's finals
8591s where clicks solo points after solo
8594s points but as long as these two guys
8596s stay alive they're gonna be contenders
8598s for every single tournament they play
8600s and Duke has fncs champion in trios
8602s clicks is one of the best individual
8604s players on the planet you have a huge
8607s opportunity here for Duke and clicks to
8609s continue to build up big numbers we know
8611s they had an excellent kickoff to things
8613s here as they continue to find their
8615s strides but things are going to slow
8618s down and you know you really genuinely
8621s expect this to happen especially out of
8622s Fort jonesies this is not a POI big
8625s enough for two
8626s yeah just trying to gather the
8627s information the longer this fight goes
8629s and the higher they build if it comes to
8630s it that Jazel or Jason basil over on the
8633s side that was the third party that we
8634s saw towards the early of last game is
8637s the Doss pink trying to get deep into
8639s the box that Evo Chrome burst AR we saw
8641s how much damage it does to these builds
8643s and it eats through in a second more
8645s importantly if you can find the tags
8646s just like that pinking enough already
8649s turning this story on his head here
8652s that's bait there he sees the shotgun
8654s that moment
8656s Duke does not let it drop
8659s now mind you clicks has some of the
8661s greatest track record in history of
8664s taking on head-to-head battles like this
8666s this is why he is so recognized as one
8669s of the greats of the space in these kind
8672s of moments
8675s these guys 66 of their overall Victory
8678s royale's do come from the low ground
8680s they're picking an ass they're just
8681s trying to keep a little bit of elevation
8683s they're not ultimate High Ground three
8685s four boxes big they're just trying to
8686s keep that advantageous position as long
8689s as they can but this monster this one's
8691s dragging out a little too long do you
8693s think there's gonna come a point in time
8694s where they just kind of abandon and try
8695s to get to the Zone well I hope it
8697s continues because the rest of the lobby
8699s is just taking their time 49 Duos are
8701s still alive here and this is one of the
8703s only ones deciding to go toe-to-toe
8705s clicks once again gets tagged there and
8707s again let's talk about the bad blood
8709s developing between these two pink and
8711s clicks Were Once Upon a Time almost Duos
8714s as pink was so close to traveling to
8717s United States to play alongside them but
8719s now they find each other on the other
8721s sides of the monitor here going head to
8723s head and I mean looking at the HP so far
8726s it's looking very good for gills and ass
8728s and Tundra's pink yeah and honestly
8730s let's talk about this prolonged fight
8733s and what happens if they do actually
8735s split
8737s but a big shot coming out from clicks we
8740s know what happens when this man has his
8742s back against the wall his bite is much
8744s louder than his bar this is where Duke
8746s does tend to shine right now these real
8748s Scrappy types of engagements this man
8750s does not tend to miss a shot and now
8753s they're looking they know the enemies
8756s felt that on the other side of the wall
8757s but hey the longer they stay here the
8759s less like you know the less odds they
8762s have to actually survive the longer
8764s story is of course making it to end game
8766s Let's jump on over though to our
8768s favorites of Miro and Booga here head to
8771s head with the Andy Joe FN Betty in the
8774s distance as well there's so much going
8775s on here yeah for them it's all that
8778s replay of last game during the listening
8780s they were just dealing with storm
8781s surgeon not the best way even though
8783s they're about 50 above that's not the
8786s position you want to be in but you can
8787s see Booga and Marrow have a 60 plus win
8790s rate when contested so they just need to
8793s find their Rhythm here on this
8794s International stage talking about
8796s International stage Alex and Bailey they
8799s have taken this from the player Lounge
8800s to the main stage game two now the fight
8802s the second time the story won't be the
8805s same it's history who finds a trade
8807s there and now has to protect his team
8809s made a huge shot off to Bailey it's not
8811s looking good for oceania's Champions
8813s here but Bailey wait for the total he
8815s gets the first he needs the points
8816s that's a kind of play you only see in
8819s person a huge shot Bailey says respect
8822s me you tree back up he has some heels to
8825s use but does he have the time I'm not
8827s finding a way to stabilize Bailey's
8828s gonna get in but only a sliver of HP and
8831s that's why he's picking and choosing his
8832s fights right now he's just trolling for
8834s peace control first trying to heal up
8836s getting as much Shield as he can but you
8838s can see he has no HP to regain so that
8841s knock on the Jew is so important and he
8843s knows he cannot allow him to get the
8844s heel off here you will not save your
8846s teammate if it's up to Bailey Loosely
8849s may have the Health Advantage but u3
8850s passes Back Against The Wall right now
8852s to defects the trains they're getting
8854s shot and Bailey gets put the pickaxe out
8856s you three clutches up saves his teammate
8859s and they are in game two sends him back
8861s to the lobby but third place n a West
8864s cool Yumi getting busy already
8866s elimination on the walks now it's up to
8869s Rob Bob trying to stay alive here trying
8872s to get and find a position to where he
8874s can hide you see it in the mini map he
8876s just got out and I love that play coming
8878s out from some of these players choosing
8880s not to be the hero because you end up in
8882s the hero in the wrong position your end
8884s up going to be a zero now robap doesn't
8885s have a lot of experience here they've
8887s only made two finals together between
8889s walks and robot but there's a huge
8892s development happening here let's walk
8894s this back one more time here's how it
8896s kicks off cool fans the huge tag all of
8898s a sudden the knock is there and yes
8900s there was a third party in the side you
8902s get the reaction as well you can see how
8904s fans are cheering in support of one
8906s another but back into the action
8908s Hellfire Falconer New Duo no pair it up
8912s with one another they already took down
8914s King so this has got to be Ed coming out
8916s from Brazil
8918s e-u-n-a-west trying to take down the
8921s region trying to Bose through their
8922s points because right now the only points
8924s they have is that elimination onto King
8926s but with storm now covering and moving
8928s over them ultimate teams now in the
8930s distance as well it's going to become
8932s more and more dangerous buffer is one of
8934s the only competitors one of the very few
8936s left in our scene that has been here
8938s since the World Cup he plays fifth in
8940s Duos way back when wait for him to step
8942s up to the challenge and take on this
8944s first fncs Finals ever together
8946s alongside Hellfire there from Denmark
8949s but on one in Baka did they get the save
8952s off no no I think I was there by himself
8954s he's trying to stay alive and it does
8956s look like Larson and smite Mike know
8958s he's there and this is where on one has
8960s to be very very careful finding in the
8962s storm with very little HP Larson
8964s knocking off the door trying to burst
8965s his way then you see the bait and switch
8967s come through try to make sure that both
8968s of these players have enough 8p to take
8970s a big shot from onward and continue that
8972s bait and switch but he is on the Run
8974s what a tough story for is such a great
8977s and strong showing in game one he loses
8979s his teammate to Mr Savage outfit gate
8982s survives saves him but Smite and Larson
8984s who are contested here by looter and Moz
8987s are still in the zone and they meet him
8988s and that's how they get this first heal
8990s himself it's only a matter of time now
8992s as that clock rages on Smite steps up
8995s and there it is the zone does the rest
8997s and they will find their second elim now
8999s wiping off one of the crits from nus now
9002s they gotta go ahead and travel to tone
9003s but back on board how can her and
9005s hellfire but let's just make it Hellfire
9007s because Ed was able to take down
9008s Falconer in 1v2 situation now he's 1v1
9012s versus EU Brazil trying to stand up tall
9015s and put the pressure onto those covers
9017s but he knows when to pick and choose his
9019s fights he hears the splash is coming out
9020s he knows that's going on to Falconer The
9022s Shield keg as well he's trying to stop
9024s as much of the heels from going through
9025s but it does look like Hellfire is gonna
9027s get 200 200 yet again listen and
9030s recently signed to Team Liquid showing
9032s you guys why exactly he deserves to be
9035s here he has had some of the most
9036s impressive rises in recent times on his
9040s region but now he's looking to represent
9042s for Brazil and of course for Argentina
9044s his teammate King who is already down
9046s Hellfire manages to lose his teammate
9049s the wall gets taken and hellfire has to
9052s react quickly but look at that he does
9055s not miss the beat and finds the siphon
9057s and now it's an even exchange yep right
9059s now the two launch pads on the Hellfire
9061s he can abandon this fight at the
9062s moment's notice you're an ed with no HB
9064s It's All or Nothing it is the moment
9066s she's been waiting for here it is coming
9067s through it
9069s East Brazil and Argentina are probably
9072s standing on their feets right now and
9075s touches up for 1v2 oh my gosh and if
9077s somehow someway he found a way to get
9079s king's car but they're on over to
9081s chonker Speedway the action will
9083s continue reason and aqua going up
9085s against hen and four are Bevy and
9087s vortexers they have a lot of practice
9089s going against each other on the EU
9090s region so this is no strange fight to
9092s them what's scary about this is the fact
9093s that they've rotated out of the condo
9096s down to the territory of Olga in Miro at
9098s chonker Speedway and yes they get met
9100s with this incredible Duo but it shows
9102s you that no one is safe this entire area
9105s is such a deadly Play Zone and now you
9108s have reason with the scraps with his
9110s back against the wall below the storm
9112s surge absolutely ready to commit to this
9116s battle yep the aquan reason again 140
9119s below the damage threshold you can see
9122s all the players at the top of the damage
9123s threshold but this is again what is
9126s going to happen at cloudy condos a
9129s triple contested spot but nobody is
9131s fighting that's forcing these players to
9133s rotate away to find some extra Loot and
9135s find the damage and 165 below monster I
9138s would be lying to you if I said I wasn't
9140s nervous Copenhagen Flames Pablo and swag
9143s on your screen right now also below but
9145s hey a good little tag here of Elin for
9148s swag right now puts him in a nice
9149s position he found a player out in the
9151s distance snacky and fast have a window
9153s open there focusing on the duo as well
9155s so they're all looking to Target Noah
9157s Riley and bad sniper remember know where
9159s Riley was eliminated very early to the
9161s hands of edgy while they were landing
9163s and he didn't even get to touch down
9164s before he was swatted out the sky and
9167s game number one winners Cammy and seti
9169s they haven't even done much they get the
9172s zone for now they get The High Ground
9173s probably just trying to go for search
9174s that way when there are forced to rotate
9176s they only have to worry about that but
9179s we knew they were down onto surge now
9181s the peace control is trying to come over
9182s they're trying to break into the boxes
9183s it's now or never because damage being
9185s dead a huge shot from aqua's on to Bevy
9188s who's forced back into a defensive
9189s position well here we go it's now enough
9191s in 20 seconds left but so if the surge
9192s gets active and they have to turn up
9194s right now this is game number two Aqua
9196s needs these points here bevies manages
9199s to go ahead and chug Splash his way down
9200s he's back up to backs HP he's looking
9202s pretty solid but Aqua not afraid by any
9205s means meanwhile reason finds a wall
9207s that's an angle but he doesn't like the
9208s defensive edit that responds from Bevy
9211s and vortexer and now here it is things
9214s are gonna get dicey as storm surge turns
9217s off yeah it looks like them you see 30
9218s below even though they're continuously
9220s dropping they're doing damage seti
9222s getting one on a Peppo probably sending
9224s him back to the lobby as scram goes down
9226s as well Acorn found a way to get
9228s rebooted but Deja Vu strikes he goes
9230s down again to Epic well who honestly is
9232s having a much better performance this go
9234s around but back into the action here
9236s reason now down to no HP Aqua is also on
9239s the defensive stance here down goes
9241s reason that's a huge shotgun shot from
9242s vortexa from the side if you blinked you
9245s missed it and now Aqua has this all the
9247s pressure on his Cheryl shoulders he has
9249s to back up before testers playing smart
9251s respecting the goat of EU Aqua here on
9255s World Cup Duo Champion is now left as a
9259s solo
9260s clock stick in here the pressure comes
9263s in bevies looking for any angle these
9265s are all enemy walls here one false move
9267s and it could be it but the surge is
9269s Gonna Hurt Aqua again he gets the heel
9271s off and no he gets finished vortexer
9273s finds a second 500 above the damage
9276s threshold this is only their second fncs
9279s playing together and they're looking
9281s like they are long time teammates
9282s already as Joe and Z Andy uncontested
9285s over towards synapse station looking to
9288s get some damage as well even though 79
9289s is above the damage threshold you know
9291s as well as I do that is absolutely
9293s nothing
9294s fixing an art door here oh no they're
9297s gonna find a huge elimination there
9298s another surge fight that's going down
9300s it's attracting the pies in the distance
9302s there you see folks starting to look
9303s over our tour
9305s we're gonna make does he push in again
9307s they barely have anything they've used
9309s all their heels one tag it's all it's
9310s gonna take for take them out oh claps
9313s back though and that's a huge punishment
9315s there and with the downed body he says
9318s you know what I'm gonna full finish here
9319s I'm back in this game our tour takes off
9322s running for the hills that was a much
9324s needed that was a much needed battle
9326s bike rolls and I like to play again you
9328s cannot be a hero in these lobbies as a
9331s first Dash looking like he's having a
9333s little bit of trouble here 202 above the
9335s damage threshold two eliminations
9337s already so they finish this fight but
9339s you can see the teams on the outskirts
9341s of Rocky reels they don't want to let
9342s this be an easy rotation to one of the
9344s deadliest teams in the lobby the launch
9346s crowd's already down on Malibu mustache
9347s cap off HP and hit it off they go it's
9350s Chicho and trulics who are looking in
9352s these guys have gone head to head so
9354s many times in the past and you know
9356s there is all types of
9359s that story's waiting to unfold in front
9361s of us but Chicho and truelex don't get
9363s the elim they managed to hit the ground
9365s running malabooker mustache waiting here
9368s though
9368s oh yeah time to fight back
9372s trying to break through he talked about
9374s in some of those interviews paying a
9375s little bit more passive than what he's
9377s used to two eliminations I gotta think
9379s that you're trying to pick and choose a
9381s lot of their battles but the lobby is
9382s putting such a focus onto these two
9384s getting them to expand so many resources
9387s balabuka has just about 60 to 70 HP as
9390s well mustache is trying to do what he
9392s can to try to find a stabilization
9393s method here but it's just happening from
9396s so many different players who have so
9398s many different angles one thing that is
9399s working though is the Zone it pulls
9401s pretty close to all the players nearby
9403s finally things settle down tasting and
9405s choppik's last game found the same duel
9408s on the edge but let's jump on over to
9410s the West Side let's get to the opposite
9412s side of Thomas HD and trip burn
9414s what a great standing so far here
9417s looking pretty solid they have Janice
9419s and bad deal weakened nearby bougain
9421s Miro are also making it much further
9424s this game looking like they've adjusted
9426s learned from their last mistakes but
9427s here we go that familiar Story three of
9430s all that when you kind of see in the
9432s circle the circle is the zone is
9434s literally in the center of the zone so I
9437s don't think there's gonna be too much of
9438s any slow side for a lot of these teams
9440s to try to travel to his Miro taking a
9442s couple of shots but the team that fun
9443s off spawn trying to have a much better
9445s performance Mr Savage an eye dropper
9447s Under Siege Under Pressure Mr Savage is
9450s gonna get dropped for now trying to pass
9451s on the resources to eye drop because he
9453s knows he's gonna have to deal with a lot
9455s that don't worry on his back here I drop
9457s has to step up Savages down can he do it
9460s he's been in so many finals with Mr
9463s Savage's third appearance now
9465s in a big setting like this but of course
9468s the first return to in person they're
9470s gonna allow
9471s Mariah might actually allow him to get
9473s the pickup whoa that is a huge mistake
9476s there yeah a huge mistake and I honestly
9478s these are one of those things that you
9480s take a picture you record this moment
9482s right here Mr Savage went down you give
9484s a player like that a second chance at
9486s life they will make you regret it as
9488s they're trying to launch that away
9489s trying to find some sort of safety
9492s sticking box to box hip to hip landing
9494s on a couple more resources as well this
9496s is a perfect spot to land at for eye
9497s dropping Mr Savage that way they can
9499s replenish some of the Lost resources
9501s such a massive find right there it was
9503s looking like it was all over for a
9505s moment but there they get a little lucky
9508s Smite and Larson at four elims now it
9511s seems like that's all the action as all
9513s the cooks jumped into the kitchen they
9515s have managed to walk away with a
9517s successful Mueller two they're looking
9519s pretty good before he lives like you
9522s said clown ref scar just a little bit
9523s above them you just check a sneak peek
9525s at the leaderboard Cammy and seti still
9528s holding on to first place by seven to
9529s Asia's varim and Zago 151 above for the
9533s N A West three-time champions Fabs and
9536s snacky sitting in a good spot trying to
9538s gather the information but badiel and
9540s Janice are under pressure with the deal
9542s down 56 below the damage threshold shots
9544s from Thomas HD to take down another EU
9547s Powerhouse and in the distance Japan is
9551s just lurking nearby Asia has performed
9553s so well remember Marie manzagu are in
9556s second place as the most recent Evans
9559s against champions of the Asia region
9561s the envino though
9563s 40 in front of them this is a team that
9565s we have expected to come out so far
9567s ahead of the competition as they have
9568s had one of the more dominating tracks
9570s leading into this taking home a
9573s multitude of the lead Cup finals where
9575s the competition as we know it is
9577s extremely tough
9578s meanwhile Smite and Larson's battle
9580s freaking out above them they get to
9581s steal the loot here that's a great fight
9583s yeah that's a that's a huge fine for
9585s them all right you get to upgrade some
9587s of your inventory get some more heals
9589s the Chrome Splash probably gonna be used
9591s a little bit later just to get that
9592s rotation to come through
9594s for them they found a huge amount of
9597s resources that way they could try to
9598s make it towards the next end game but
9599s you see storm surge just still affecting
9601s so many teams tough spot for being there
9603s for Larson as he misses the heel in an
9606s awesome pick go down from The High
9609s Ground it's vortex in hand they are just
9612s turning this Lobby upside down right now
9614s queasy and Vino are back at it again
9617s though in this end game here trying to
9619s find a position now remember what they
9621s did in the last time was exactly this
9623s happened half out they say hey we're
9626s gonna play for High Ground Vortex that's
9628s all right you can have it Penn says you
9630s can have it I'm going to low yeah but I
9632s gotta be careful here queasy and be no
9634s poke no sixth moving Zone which is about
9636s to happen here shortly is one of those
9638s zones to where yeah you might have The
9639s High Ground now but with the amount of
9641s launch pads going around the amount of
9643s threats that are in this Lobby you might
9645s have to stagger your teammates one
9647s forward one back just to make sure
9649s nobody is able to sneak it away oh this
9651s is looking like a tough situation right
9652s now for our champ
9655s once again leading into this game second
9658s place
9659s no heels very very peculiar spot to be
9662s in the zone pulls far south as well now
9664s they have some maps but they will
9666s absolutely need a refresher right now
9668s maybe even a gifted launch pad from a
9671s team in the distance all around them are
9673s so many healthy players on the other
9676s side bino and Queasy starting to high up
9678s the lobby size up the rest of this game
9681s here
9684s there it is the full finish is gonna
9686s start to come through the first elima
9689s and Miro
9690s this is where I'm looking at the mini
9692s map right now and seeing where it's
9693s actually going to go there's different
9694s elevations I think whoever is able to
9696s grab a side of that mountain first will
9698s have the best chances to win this game
9700s overall as they're still 500 above the
9703s damage threshold Cami as soon as he
9705s lands he's gonna get back up to 200 200
9707s along with seti as well Canada's still
9709s alive in this game as well keep an eye
9710s out for him but seti in Cami have to
9713s defend their lead right now three elims
9716s what a way to do it so far meanwhile
9718s queasy and Vino are still on hype this
9721s is this is one of the toughest end zones
9724s as well flutter Barn has so much varying
9727s terrain you have to be careful there are
9730s indestructible large Stone monuments in
9733s between you and your rotate
9735s but Canada going down leaving mackwood
9737s as a solo they at least got one
9739s elimination so they don't have to worry
9740s too much about damage in terms of storm
9742s surge but Booga and Marrow as it does
9744s shut off you saw they were well above it
9746s so changing up their strategy and it's
9748s paying off handedly the pacing is
9751s incredible right now only 19 fuels
9753s remaining things have really taken a
9755s turn here for the worst for most Reed's
9757s gonna get burned and turned back to the
9760s lobby there as he falls but that's still
9762s well inside the top 20 meanwhile Vino on
9765s High Ground looking very comfortable no
9767s resistance Larson and smite are making
9770s up for where they left off they may have
9772s not earned a huge game one but a great
9774s game too and now Miriam Bluegrass
9776s fighting back yeah to the Big N A West
9777s Powerhouse is going down they're trying
9779s to get that elevation marrow huge shots
9781s could be fired but miro's getting tagged
9783s back up he needs that siphon to go
9785s through but it's still not gonna be
9786s enough phn does go down fuga trying to
9788s be that igl he's trying to lead him to
9791s greener pastures but he's running out of
9793s resources backwood Falls High ground
9795s though just Vino and Queasy still have
9797s that position onto The High Ground of
9799s smart and lows and they're not ultimate
9800s low but they found themselves that
9802s perfect middle layer you'll notice who
9803s gets now left by himself kvr fine his
9806s teammate smacky Larson on the ultimate
9808s low hen and Vortex front side firing
9810s back and on height Vino and Queasy are
9813s looking like this is a fairy tale game
9815s for EU once again but we'll see if n a
9818s can step up to the damage let's see it
9821s hit it's going to be punished and now
9823s hunted down Smite doesn't find the full
9826s elim here but my gosh already at six
9828s eliminations
9830s meanwhile we jump over Central and cold
9832s still alive here this is where they do
9833s best like we said before it's bread and
9835s butter they know how to stick his hip
9837s they have to now
9840s top place he's out of this Duo not
9843s wanted to fall short here today but
9844s Cammy and seti from High Ground to low
9846s ground another end game's gonna be
9848s achieved true Lex gets dropped smite's
9850s going to go ahead and lend that helping
9851s hand trying to steal away all of that
9853s loot with the zone is just immediately
9855s chunking him out for HP and a dream for
9858s Smite and a huge end game right now in
9860s front of smite here at top five unlocked
9862s before him Cammy goes down said he goes
9865s down and it is all his here and now he
9867s fights back but the zone does to rest
9869s great game there but Vortex Is Now by
9872s himself what can he do Colin said to now
9875s have the high crowd they've turned the
9877s story around I don't know how they stole
9879s it away but ketos is the solo as well
9880s High Ground versus low ground but it's a
9882s 2v2 scented and cold versus vortexers
9886s and hen this is gonna come down to the
9888s wire monster and this is gonna come down
9890s to Center than cold when and where they
9892s drop down low once again we are looking
9894s at an N A versus EU finish Kohl's is
9897s gonna get big tagged there by four
9899s checks in the low ground 7 elims no
9902s bills it's looking very very tough and
9904s it's the same story for hen as well it's
9906s all or nothing can they find something
9908s here but scented pink hole although they
9910s have the height they are also running
9912s extremely low on resources but if
9914s there's a team that can do it it is then
9917s yeah you see them trying to go back
9918s outside of Zone trying to find anything
9920s to work with in terms of hand and Vortex
9922s Sentinel Cole to talk about it's up to
9924s them when and where they drop down low
9926s the game is definitely in their hands
9928s they just have to close it out EU versus
9932s Naes this one is just a prolonged long
9934s game but the damage is in from cold and
9937s this is what we talked about that whoa
9938s there's nothing you can do it's all or
9940s nothing down those Cole senses hurt too
9942s but they have the angle they're gonna
9943s wait this one out just for a little bit
9944s and allow the zone to do the rest cold
9946s finds the one and second
9950s takes game number two you look at that
9954s the passion the emotion coming out of
9957s scented and called a team from NA East
9962s honestly I don't think they got the
9964s right respect coming into this event
9965s because of what happened to them last
9967s season that's right cold and scented
9970s have been here before and now they get
9972s to get a victory in person on stage
9976s against some of the best we have ever
9978s seen and what a way to do it EU game one
9983s and a game two it looks like the stories
9985s are tied right there was perfect because
9987s you heard me talking about wanting them
9989s to drop down low I want to see what
9992s they're thinking how they're feeling
9994s Kelly let us know
9996s I am joined here by cold and said didn't
9998s you guys what an incredible run you got
10001s to tell me though how did you take
10002s height uh so Cuisine Vino just dropped
10005s on our sidewalls and we instant edited
10007s and just shot him I mean obviously a
10010s great strategy right but I mean that
10011s final moment there how did you know how
10014s to take them down obviously you guys
10015s were kind of in The High Ground low
10017s ground fight what was the final moment
10018s like uh honestly cold call to just drop
10020s above him and sit there uh I don't know
10022s he did most of it that game it played
10024s really well he's a goat all right man
10026s well congratulations you both are the
10027s good now that is game two VR for you
10029s guys let's head on back to the desk
10034s the EU picks up the first game of the
10037s fncs Invitational n a strikes back and
10041s says not like this cold and scented
10045s really quickly I do want to touch on
10046s this at the start of show we talked
10048s about possibly taking your shoes off as
10050s a form of being comfortable tacos you're
10052s right it's a legitimate strategy man I I
10055s if anybody that has played competitive
10057s will tell you the same thing it matters
10060s but more importantly what matters even
10062s more so is that jump in the leaderboard
10065s positionings that we are seeing happen
10067s now for cold and scented a 41 placement
10071s jump granted have to keep in mind that
10074s it's still a little bit of ways to go
10076s but they are now breaking into that top
10077s ten gosh these are leaderboards always
10080s seem to surprise me because even you
10082s know even after this incredible game
10083s from Colton said that there's still 34
10085s points behind the leaders in Camion City
10086s who you know shout out to them for
10087s hoarding the lead but this is just so
10089s good from corn and something and this is
10091s the moment that we missed right here
10091s this is the one that cold was talking
10093s about queasy and Vino actually make a
10095s play this is actually classic from I've
10097s seen them do this in a league cups where
10098s you know they try to quickly Pinch A Duo
10101s that is in these builds and it usually
10103s works out very very well but cold
10104s intended to hold on very very well as
10106s core mentioned making that instant edit
10109s getting the shot in and ultimately they
10111s realize Cuisine Vino were the ones on
10112s height and let's go up and take it and
10114s this right here it's just all about
10115s riding the zone now you can see the Zone
10117s point up there going right through the
10118s mountain Henry Ford Doug just had no
10120s chance after that clean win from scented
10123s and cold who as you can see right there
10125s what we're referring to scented no shoes
10127s it makes all the difference man it does
10130s apparently as proven by scented uh we do
10133s have Adam who is standing by he's
10135s hanging out with a player Adam who
10137s that's right I'm hanging out with
10139s everyone right now in particular Smite
10141s and lots and everyone uh Smite that was
10144s an incredible display just then we saw
10146s seven eliminations you clutch up you had
10148s to so how imperative is it in this
10150s situation in this environment as well
10151s that you have to try and gain as many
10153s points as possible even when your
10155s teammate goes down oh it's really
10157s important I mean like you need to get as
10159s many points as you can like every Point
10161s matters doesn't matter now you're being
10163s contested as well hey Larson uh Muslim
10165s luta uh they're looking like they're
10167s fighting each time are you guys up for
10169s this how are you managing to deal with
10170s that when it comes at you um we're down
10172s to fight every game and I don't care bro
10174s I'll find him every game you don't care
10176s bro they'll find them every game give it
10178s up for smiling lasting everyone
10180s thanks boys and also over here I'm
10182s delighted to be next to peterbot and
10185s jumper jumper as well uh jumper uh it's
10190s been uh I mean what an experience being
10191s here um in this in this situation this
10194s environment uh how are you guys dealing
10195s with with the rest of the regions being
10197s here competing with you in the same
10198s Lobby
10199s um our original strategy hasn't been
10201s working so we're gonna have to make
10202s changes into the next games but it's uh
10205s very fun playing here the crowd is
10206s amazing and I'm happy to be here and
10208s there's still 10 games left plenty of
10210s time to do that yes okay you've got this
10211s you're feeling confident I'm feeling
10213s confident for you the crowd of feeling
10214s confident too uh let's uh here for
10217s peanut butter jumpers you head back to Z
10218s and the desk
10222s thank you so much for that Insight
10224s coming out of the players this is kind
10225s of what we've been talking about right
10226s the question has been once all of these
10230s regions finally meet head to head on the
10233s island nope what will happen will
10235s strategies hold and the answer for some
10238s is no because who knew that having to
10241s adapt to a meta that is completely
10244s different than your own region that
10245s you've been playing for several fncs's
10247s now is going to be very difficult but if
10250s there's anybody that has a strong head
10251s on their shoulders there's gonna be
10251s Jamber he's been around for so long and
10253s I love to hear him like you know listen
10254s the same same strategy in games one and
10257s two it's not working so let's just
10259s switch it up and I love the fact that
10260s they are just able to kind of you know
10262s have that mentality but then also have a
10264s backup strategy that's what's really
10266s important but that's just part of what
10268s it means to be part of the 50 of the
10271s best Duos competing here for the fncs
10273s Invitational title but not only that
10275s well they might be working on some
10277s changes Cami and Shetty are a Duo where
10279s if it ain't bro don't fix it they have
10281s been painting this first place position
10283s throughout the first two games and it's
10286s definitely a very strong performance
10288s here out of this polish Duo more
10291s importantly I think that cami and steady
10293s have just been able to consistently stay
10296s working throughout this mid low ground
10299s element despite the fact that we've been
10300s seeing a lot of high ground takes and a
10302s lot of High Ground Play From the close
10304s of the lobby I think that Sadie and
10306s Kimmy did a great job just holding on to
10308s this Underside congestion control you
10311s know we talked about it after game one
10312s it's like whoa camian City or on highgon
10314s this right here this was more so their
10317s style where it's just like you know
10318s we're paying attention to the higher
10320s ground changes that are going on and
10322s then all of a sudden we load up the
10323s leaderboard and it's like okay they had
10324s 44 points at the game number one and now
10325s they're at 77 uh they just got 33 points
10328s that game uh when did that happen
10329s because I mean like they love to play
10331s these games where they don't like to
10332s show up and show out they just
10334s consistently get those points couple
10335s elims here and there they're not popping
10337s off the elimination feed but they're
10338s just so consistent and those are the
10340s type of games that are scary because you
10341s know we saw great great performance out
10343s of coordinate but still even after game
10344s members saw like 30 odd points behind
10347s because Kami and said are playing so
10348s well and it's the competitive experience
10349s I think that also helps them with
10351s understanding hey even if I've lost my
10353s Duo partner in this moment I can still
10356s hold on for moments longer I think that
10358s that was a great display there that
10359s closing kit there for absolutely and
10362s Cami and I think that ultimately they're
10364s gonna probably just keep trying to stay
10365s consistent here yeah I mean one point we
10367s tuned in and they had five there were
10368s 500 above surge I don't know how that's
10370s humanly possible but for studying Cami
10373s it's just another day at the office
10374s let's talk about queasy and Vino there
10376s they did get edited on right and listen
10379s we we have as the viewing audience we
10382s have the much larger perspective right
10385s for them in this opportunity this was
10387s the only chance they had and we're gonna
10390s start to kind of figure out what
10391s happened yeah I'm hoping that you know
10393s throughout these replays right here we
10394s can maybe catch and some insight into
10397s why they actually ended up dropping down
10398s because it seemed like they were getting
10400s refreshes I know they specifically got
10401s one right at the start of you know
10402s moving Zone number two so luckily they
10404s were chilling on math and again right
10406s here oh as you can see Weezy actually
10407s only two builds up so that was the call
10409s let's go try to get a refresh real quick
10412s unfortunately cold intent they're so
10414s good in box fight situations especially
10417s cold I mean you know Santa picked them
10419s up just because he is such that
10420s well-rounded mechanical player and
10422s Colton sent to you know one thing that I
10424s love about them is they're always on the
10426s same page and it's always incredible to
10428s see and right there was one of those
10430s situations unfortunately for Cuisine
10431s video but I love that out of them right
10433s going for those plays is what is what is
10435s going to make the difference on the
10436s international stage as far as the igling
10437s is concerned queasy seems relatively
10440s confident still in that decision two
10442s times over now we've seen this Duo go
10444s for High Ground by the time that first
10446s moving Zone actually comes into play and
10449s maybe third time's the charm here for
10451s this Duo all in all though The High
10452s Ground strategy is working right second
10454s place now only four points behind first
10456s so just keep doing their thing yeah and
10458s I mean I feel like especially looking at
10460s how many eliminations they had man five
10462s eliminations five Refreshers and that
10465s wasn't enough to take them through that
10467s game so we'll have to keep an eye on
10468s that cold attempted back on them 44.6
10471s elimination currently sitting in that
10473s number one spot again
10475s 2800 damage dealt that's my favorite
10478s game one we saw it was 2200 and I
10480s thought that is an astronomical number
10482s yeah cold sentence said hold on one
10484s moment so we're gonna see you know
10486s hopefully we keep seeing those statlines
10488s because as the day progresses teams are
10490s going to get more and more aggressive
10491s which means that this storm throw
10493s threshold is gonna aggressively go up
10495s which means that teams are gonna need to
10496s do more and more damage so hopefully
10497s we'll see you know maybe we'll break
10499s into the three thousands for an
10500s individual team but yeah 2 800 damage
10503s that is a lot but entering the the
10505s halftime Point essentially because
10506s heading into game number three if there
10509s were ever a time to look for a shift in
10511s strategy like what we heard from a
10513s couple of Duos earlier I think that
10515s Peterborough and Amber they had like the
10516s right idea they're like hey it's not
10517s working out this is where you would want
10519s to make the adjustments who's heading
10520s into game three it's fine now it is it's
10522s time to see who will rise who will fall
10525s and how they will adjust to these games
10527s this is game number three of the fncs
10529s Invitational
10533s and just like that we are already
10535s gearing up for the next round of action
10537s yeah game number three right around the
10539s corner but two exciting games battle bus
10542s is ready not long to wait because game
10545s number three Starts Now now we're moving
10547s at my Pace let's do this take a look at
10551s your screens take a look at these
10554s players someone here will walk away with
10557s it all two hundred thousand dollars for
10560s first place a trophy unlike ever before
10564s seen in fortnite and a chance to call
10567s yourself one of the best in the world of
10570s fortnite not just your region and it
10572s looks like we have a very similar busted
10576s last round that means these Northern
10577s contested teams are going to fight first
10580s one of the biggest things we saw from
10582s game two was that early elimination onto
10585s Noah Riley edgy quite literally you know
10588s took him out before he can even touch
10590s down and then of course there's this
10592s battle here a battle of who can get the
10594s best drop in what a great way to kick
10596s things off such a powerful Loadout to
10598s really start things here yeah and it
10600s does look like Baka and almond making
10601s and yet another adjustment they win the
10604s offspawn fight in game one they lose it
10606s in game two and this time around they're
10607s not even contesting for a fight but
10610s blinking you might have missed it a
10612s first elimination is gonna be on to
10614s looter so Smite and Larson are finding
10616s ways to get things done again n a fires
10619s back first on to oce here and a great
10623s fine a great reward comes out of the
10626s very little time larkness might have to
10628s loot up there take a look after you
10630s loadouts it all comes together for them
10633s now you know sometimes it's all it takes
10635s right sometimes it's all it takes is a
10637s little bit of luck you get the right
10638s loot you're able to take that fight uh
10641s that fight nice and fast and clean it up
10644s see now the pick and choosing comes
10646s through they're going to slow things
10647s down try to loot up as much as possible
10649s making their way in towards one of the
10651s only houses towards Grim Gables and you
10653s can kind of see in the distance mud is
10655s still floating around and he's not
10656s trying to cause too much commotion and
10658s put the focus on to him he's just trying
10660s to wait for spite enlarsing to leave so
10662s he can try to get that free reboot onto
10664s looter all this pressure onto maz's
10667s shoulders now as he is trying to wriggle
10670s his way through this low ground here he
10672s knows that material is going to be the
10674s key to allowing him to do something big
10676s here
10677s achieve the unthinkable win a 1v2
10680s against Smite and Larson who built their
10682s entire reputation this last chapter off
10685s of these early game fights Smite wants
10687s none of that he walks to the wall must
10689s you're great but how good and no swing
10692s and Larson come out on top they clean
10694s things up for two games in a row now and
10697s earn themselves a little bit more and as
10699s soon as Mr Savage gets up a little bit
10700s of The High Ground on when a Bach
10702s immediately trying to take it over him
10704s and I drop are separated just a little
10706s bit and that could have been a perfect
10707s opportunity for them to strike but
10708s everybody is just biting for time
10710s fighting for that perfect moment so that
10712s they can pounce and this one this one
10714s that we talked about you heard it from
10716s Mr Savage you heard it from eye drop
10717s I've been Landing here for a year
10719s straight no one is going to scare me off
10721s the real question is is I drop Walling
10724s out right now he's getting very close to
10726s onward and vodka
10728s but no now he decides all right I'll
10730s listen to you savage I'll come on down
10732s but you have to meet me down here as
10734s well and they start to retreat here and
10737s this might just Emma know Baka steps up
10739s a Savage is so quick what a shot right
10742s there and now he turns the tables around
10744s I drop looking to meet them down here a
10747s great free fire but not enough to find a
10749s tag and all of a sudden now they
10751s reevaluate yeah I like the outside of
10753s the box thinking coming out for a couple
10754s of players in the game already bringing
10756s out their protractors trying to find
10758s that extra angle and that's the thing if
10760s you have all that confidence in your
10762s teammate as a solo you'll allow them to
10764s kind of play with the angles play with
10766s The High Ground and try to see what they
10768s can get and they get 149 damage
10770s disappearing off the back of odd one
10772s another shot's gonna be fired A1 goes
10775s down it's a 1v1 Mr Savage versus on one
10778s Savage wants none of it he wants none of
10781s it he finishes it up and just like that
10784s two games now
10785s he's back in it meanwhile Malibu can
10788s mustache one of the greatest Duos we
10792s expected to show up today put on such a
10795s performance have midnet with so much
10798s resistance every single turn there's a
10800s new great team waiting for them this has
10803s been probably their least favorite Duo
10805s to meet though yeah
10807s those look like they're fighting over
10809s the Vault that is right below him
10810s doesn't want to let that one go get easy
10811s but you got to be careful because
10813s there's a third team Landing towards
10814s quality condos another team towards the
10816s North in the form of kanada in mackwood
10819s that could be letting that helping hand
10820s trying to get that storm surge damage
10822s for themselves and make your job that
10824s much harder for Malibu and mustache it's
10827s all about trying to find the perfect
10830s angle trying to find that information so
10832s they can try to catch a player off guard
10833s because we already know they're one of
10834s the most aggressive teams in this Lobby
10839s see it you're waiting trying to
10842s capitalize on any opportunity here we
10844s all know what Jason is capable of one of
10847s the most winningest players in the
10850s European region he has done it all he
10853s has proven it all all that's left is for
10855s him to show up in person and put the
10858s numbers up
10859s but it's no easy task right now Malibu
10862s can mustache are so good
10865s playing defensively right now they're
10867s doing a great job but Jason is slowly
10869s inch by inch getting closer and closer
10872s peace control go over tasting's tried a
10874s few times but you try try again
10876s eventually you'll find some success
10878s they're able to take it just for a few
10879s seconds but the longer you fight this
10881s far out of Zone you can get more and
10883s more dangerous because we got a little
10884s bit of a North Zone going on these guys
10886s are gonna have to end this one sooner
10888s than later even if they both choose to
10890s disengage
10892s stop fighting back here trying to regain
10894s the walls here
10896s let's talk on some traffic here nicely
10898s done he's gonna open things up allow him
10900s to get some more territory and closer he
10902s walked for Tayson fights back to 4X fncs
10906s Champion is all of a sudden now with his
10908s back against the wall here but no he's
10910s hurt forget that it takes him down and
10914s now it's up to Merced and no he finishes
10917s it off too and choppix is left running
10919s drops now in Inside the Box
10923s Oxygen's starting to run out he fights
10925s back but for how much longer traffic
10928s that's so much damage he loses the wall
10931s and no more shield now and it's all over
10934s traffic's intakes and fall and from
10937s malibuca mustache that is huge because
10939s not only does it get you elimination
10941s points it gets you the storm surge so
10943s you don't have to worry about it later
10944s in the game as chimp and scram trying to
10947s get things going for them one of the
10948s most consistent players in Naes and you
10952s got hamster and batch on the other side
10953s also from Nae so they have a lot of
10955s familiarity in terms of fighting against
10957s each other scram is going to be the odd
10958s man out and you see him trying to find
10960s some separation because him and Tim are
10962s not that close together and all it takes
10964s is for both of them to kind of bum rush
10965s into one box and kind of end their run
10968s now jumping over to the other side of
10969s the map as we all know this area one of
10972s the most highly contested zones right
10974s now tilted Towers at every single
10977s in-person event has always been the home
10979s of fireworks and Chicho and trulics are
10982s looking to go ahead and see what they
10983s can spark up nearby but that's not going
10986s to be anything
10987s on the other side na West cooling Yumi
10990s one of the few teams on NOS showing up
10992s in the top 10 so far yeah fantastic game
10995s number one third place cool gotta be
10999s Living on a Prayer right now because for
11000s him he's one feet two unfortunately
11003s enough he was unable to get Yumi up in
11005s that game he had to finish it off as a
11006s solo and for this Duo it's kind of slow
11008s and steady they land out here towards
11010s the island a little uncontested they
11011s might have one team just a little bit
11013s South for them it's about getting the
11014s resources looting up and then they go on
11016s the top of the mighty Monument to find
11017s their surge before they eventually try
11018s to rotate out robbing walks now stepping
11021s up they're chasing down Peppo here
11022s Bruno's already gone too and of course
11024s Runa yeah way off in the distance he's
11026s gone he's out he's watching oh
11030s this is gonna be good robot Bob
11033s horse kind of in advance position walks
11035s trying to alleviate some of that
11036s pressure Peppo do it all he can one of
11039s the best in his region but well it
11041s doesn't look like it's going to be taken
11042s walks with a huge shot Bruna and Peppo
11044s go down in 45th Place tough spot to be
11048s in for Runa in pepo one of the few
11051s representatives for the Asia region have
11053s now been taken out cold and sensit on
11056s the other side after a hot wind there
11058s are now in position up that Center and
11061s it seems like they have done enough this
11064s villain story that we've seen unfold
11065s over the weekend
11067s contested in the lead up
11070s Malibu and Mercer still problems on the
11072s horizon could it be of course Booga and
11076s Mira who were looking off and picked
11079s them off
11080s and you I knew they were gonna go on top
11081s of the mighty Monument to try to get the
11083s storm surge but great minds think alike
11086s Peter bought jamper from Naes beat them
11088s to it and took down one of the players
11091s from the na West Championship Duo It's
11093s Gonna Leave cool by himself yet again
11096s but how many 1v2s can you take this is
11098s Peter Pop though put some respect on his
11101s name and he makes it look easy it's just
11103s like that Jennifer and peterbot earned
11106s themselves a huge elimination onto a
11109s team inside the top 10 what an Elon and
11112s for them you got to think peterbot and
11114s jamper don't have to worry about storm
11116s surge in the immediate future but you
11118s know how active this Lobby is they gotta
11120s start thinking about it later on in the
11122s game once they find that rotation well
11123s listen we have many money here to update
11125s us on more action
11128s thank you so much monster now this is a
11130s prime example as to how to finish a
11132s fight quickly right we know pl we know
11133s pH scene and ketos are fighting in the
11136s middle of the map they need to finish
11137s this fight quickly and look at that
11138s pinching from both angles getting that
11140s storm so it's done early as well as
11142s bolstering their loot look out for this
11143s team for the rest of the game
11145s and that is such a huge set of elims
11148s there because that's another team that
11150s is huge like honestly showing up for the
11153s Brazilian region phin and quito's man
11155s wave for them to just really show out
11157s you know the discussion and lead up to
11160s this entire event was things are going
11162s to be easier you know does let's not
11164s respect these guys and now all of a
11166s sudden they're saying hold up no no no
11168s no hold my water hold my mini Shield let
11171s me show you what I'm capable of and I am
11174s so impressed by what we have seen so far
11176s and you're seeing a lot more activity in
11179s this game than the previous two because
11181s they're starting to fill each other out
11182s they're realizing how hard it is to get
11184s storm surge later on in the game so
11186s they're trying to get it as early as
11188s possible so that when they end up in
11190s those closed zones they're boxed up they
11191s can pick and choose when they have to
11193s Peak instead of storm surge saying you
11195s have to go or you're gonna go back to
11196s the lobby the deal no stranger to
11198s Victory royale's but Falling very much
11201s short so far you saw the standings there
11203s four points separating first and second
11205s still a very much competitive
11207s competition but EU has taken big strides
11211s to start leading the pack here Pam's
11214s doing fetch
11216s or solid but let's get on over to clicks
11219s and Duke here they've had such an uphill
11221s battle finding their way out of the
11223s Joneses against pink in an off and we've
11225s already seen it has not been easy for
11227s them 35 below the damage threshold for
11231s them they have to worry about it yes but
11234s it's such a lower number they're just
11235s trying to get ahead of a lot of the rest
11237s of the teams so that way they can easily
11239s try to look back and the shots do coming
11241s in from The High Ground there goes Duke
11243s trying to poke a couple of shots he
11244s finds some good damage but takes some as
11247s well gonna be above the damage threshold
11248s so once again they can find a way to
11250s kind of rotate forward and I want to see
11252s them do that now because history says
11255s when clicks and Duke fall behind the
11256s zone They somehow find a way to kind of
11259s not have those good games I think the
11261s player base tends to forget the scene
11263s tends to forget clicks has also competed
11266s in the World Cup for solos and Duos this
11268s is where it all began for him so many
11271s years ago and just look at the
11273s difference now
11275s all grown up here at the international
11278s State still competing at the highest
11280s caliber
11281s remember
11282s similar stories they've been putting in
11285s work for a very long time but look at
11287s this tough right now this is the worst
11289s we've seen them yeah yeah we're pretty
11291s active in game number one trying to do
11293s it again game number two game number
11294s three 164 below the damage threshold the
11297s lucky thing for them is not only are
11298s they right at the edge of Zone they have
11300s rotation right above them they have
11302s elevation right above them so they're
11303s gonna be able to kind of lay their eyes
11305s on the land and try to find the shots of
11306s Bethany and Vortex was under siege yet
11308s again luckily for them they're 153 above
11312s the damage threshold so they can pick
11314s and choose do we fight this here do we
11315s kind of wait a little bit longer and it
11317s looks like they're just gonna Peak try
11318s to get even more surge we'll hunt down
11320s these teams as Vortex takes a huge
11322s amount of damage or Tex versus four
11324s Texas first second there don't be
11325s confused two very different Duos Kanata
11328s and Mac with though are alive right now
11330s we've seen them put up some exceptional
11332s performances today so far especially in
11335s that game one they were the upset to
11337s bugga and Miro game two not quite where
11340s they want it to be but this here is a
11342s chance at Redemption they find robot to
11344s walk on the edge Zone malibucca from the
11346s storm to the new safety of the zone is
11349s not looking good though he has lost his
11351s teammate yeah early games they were
11353s below on damage not getting too
11354s aggressive and you see the A's Duo
11357s taking out Brazil as well King went down
11360s but that's Jason basil above malibucca
11363s do they know he's weak that is the
11365s biggest thing because if they know he's
11366s a solo and they know he has a total of
11368s 86 HP and shields you know as well as I
11371s do they're probably gonna go but that's
11372s information that they lack well don't
11374s yell too loud let's go ahead and jump
11376s into bad sniper and Noah Riley right now
11379s they're starting to eye up the
11380s competition on the other side of the
11381s wall as well you can see they're just
11383s looking but hey man there's something
11385s about these extremely healthy builds you
11387s know no one really wants to fully commit
11389s a full mag inside you have to start
11391s deciding for yourself are they in a
11394s world of trouble can I actually do it
11396s and bad sniper says instincts speed
11398s speak louder here I want to step up I
11400s want to take this fight right now he
11401s heard he heard he heard fast Shields get
11403s cracked by storm surge and he
11405s immediately looked that direction bad
11407s sniper and Noah Riley coming out with a
11410s Vengeance here in game number three
11411s right around the corner though you gotta
11413s watch out Cami and seti is there but the
11415s back on board this fight where malapuka
11417s is still alive by himself Jason basil
11420s they're trying to attack right now but
11421s Malibu been doing a good job trying he's
11423s doing everything that he can pressure
11424s from so many angles
11429s will have an incredible win rate in
11432s these close game battles in the early
11433s zones and look at that all of a sudden
11435s now they add to it patting the stat
11438s making it look nice and solid Glitz and
11441s Duke thought about it they say no no oce
11444s boys you got it I'm getting out of here
11446s and that is so much respect because they
11448s are so far below the surge as well they
11451s could have easily stood there and fight
11452s they needed more than anyone and asked
11455s you oh my gosh our game leader seti and
11458s Kimmy are actually below the surge this
11460s is so so bad for them
11462s need to be able to find a position front
11464s side of his own but they think it's the
11465s Less Traveled but there's so many teams
11467s in front of them three directly on the
11469s right three directly on the left one is
11471s behind them and it's hot on their heels
11473s that's still O'Reilly that's bats diaper
11475s you shot by Cami box the Box he's
11477s knocking on the door he wants to finish
11478s this one off inside of storm nobody
11481s really having HP to kind of regenerate
11483s and Cami and steady go down and bad
11486s sniper gets to represent for France
11488s they're taking down are polish Duo
11492s alongside Noah Riley as well way to do
11495s it there Switzerland has to be half so
11497s let's jump on over to reason who is of
11499s course representing for the EU side and
11502s Germany but let's see it awful looks for
11505s something he's got to do in his sights
11507s for Duke clocks wrapping off was hurt he
11509s loses reason but Aqua manages to find a
11512s two for one special and cleans things up
11514s yeah two quick is getting chunked out by
11517s the Zone he had two players hot on his
11519s heels it's not the exact position you
11521s want to be in but these guys guys can
11523s show up at any moment in any game but
11525s for them they're down three and one shot
11528s two Eagles a very rare occurrence when
11532s you're that good you're that good that
11534s is true here's an ass pink we already
11537s know now their biggest problems are down
11540s they're out
11542s ketos and pH in here they are
11546s looking to continue to hold their
11548s position they were huntered above the
11549s surge they are just around that top five
11552s position leaning into game three what is
11555s almost the halfway mark of the
11557s competition and Brazil could not be
11560s prouder to have them representing here
11562s see jumping on board Bob Kebab he's
11564s already down he is out chimp's gonna be
11567s able to get two more points for the
11568s elimination for himself including storms
11570s jurors walks he has no Shield he has no
11573s HP to regenerate just 50 HP total left
11576s to his name and those two launch pads
11579s but that's also what worries me is those
11580s two launch pads because he has a far
11582s rotation to go and he's gonna have to
11584s boot probably use both of them with
11585s short pads in order to get there that's
11587s right he's looking to go ahead and make
11588s that move there's nothing in front of
11591s him meanwhile Miro and Booga decisions
11593s for them as well how do they want to
11595s move out they hear the launch by golf
11597s they say hey let's save ours come up
11598s here let's go and recycle that can they
11600s find it there it is they do get it and
11602s they go in the opposite direction that
11604s is the the difference in strategy Miriam
11607s Booga go right closest way of least
11610s resistance directly to his own wasp
11612s stood far left
11614s and that probably would have been the
11615s Saving Grace because he ran into aqua
11617s and reason who immediately took him down
11619s his threats is going to fall as well
11621s Pablo gets taken down to Brazil's
11623s ketones Alex going ahead and taking down
11625s TSM Reed so much action going down
11627s around the lobby as buba and Mara trying
11629s to find that sweet spot because you know
11631s as well as I do as long as they make it
11634s to end zone those eliminations will
11636s naturally present itself this is a team
11638s that has struggled in the early
11640s instances of the chapter this season but
11643s they have managed to find their way into
11646s such a great position but now let's jump
11648s on over to some of the goats Vino and
11651s Queasy two elims already poison
11653s themselves up for an excellent game here
11655s near Max material so they have to be
11657s coming just off of a fresh uh re refresh
11661s right there quite literally bouncing
11663s back in the game and man you don't see
11665s this very often where it's your drop
11667s spot where you start off in the zone
11669s just lands directly on top of you so
11671s they are being served up yep and right
11674s now for an end zone like this when it is
11676s on your drop spot you already know how
11678s to Traverse every piece of terrain that
11680s is around asquitos still trying to do
11682s wonders not a lot of HP on phn so these
11685s guys down on damage in terms of storm
11687s surge have to figure out what they're
11688s going to do because if they wait too
11690s much longer they will be down they will
11692s be out well here it is luckily for them
11695s the threshold is met and they do not
11697s have to fight but they know what's in
11699s front of them now they have a huge
11700s Monumental task to step up here you can
11703s see there that's a wall that cannot be
11704s built there
11706s here it is so it's all it's all or
11708s nothing now right we know the Brazilian
11710s region to be one of the most aggressive
11712s beards in is literally tied for third
11715s for the most fncs Champions individually
11718s in his region and globally so that's a
11722s team that has everything to play for
11724s right now but jumping over to zaku and
11726s Marine they're still alive right now
11727s some of Japan's best are here
11731s they're running from Thomas HD one of
11732s eu's best as well and honestly one of
11735s the fan favorites to take it off 296
11737s above the damage threshold Joe and Z
11739s Andy right in front of them peace
11740s control is gonna be important towards
11742s this end game because you go into the
11744s wrong box the wrong time they're gonna
11746s take you out and they're just trying to
11747s gather that information they know they
11749s don't have far to go as the shot's gonna
11750s be fired and landed on to hen who's
11752s dropped down about 50 HP and with that
11754s you see other teams taking notice and
11756s they're also putting that pressure on
11758s Sheppard has full trust in his teammates
11760s but their elim gets sniped up right now
11762s is zagu and Marine who are just coming
11765s out and and literally reaping the
11767s benefits taking all the spoils edgy and
11770s acorn have high ground right now what in
11773s the world an excellent game one second
11775s place finish leading into game three in
11779s a such dominant position right now yeah
11781s and that was one of those people last
11783s season saying edgy can do it on Naes try
11786s to be the two region Champion what would
11788s you call that here would he be the seven
11790s region Champion eighth region Champion
11792s if he wins this I mean at this point
11793s he's looking to break that second place
11795s curse too he wants to make sure he gets
11797s one mcqueezy and Vino caught lacking
11800s don't forget they were the most stacked
11803s duo in this Lobby this is their home
11806s position the drop spot of shiny sound
11808s and now all of that luck and in Hardware
11812s preparation out the window yeah it was
11814s two different teams one Mage one from EU
11817s that actually got an elimination each on
11819s the team ascented and cold trying to get
11821s to that front side of Zone they have
11822s that Victory Royale in the last game 32
11825s above the damage threshold luckily for
11827s them not too many players have to go
11829s down before they go ahead and have to
11832s not worry about his Aqua reason
11834s not too much to worry about in terms of
11835s storm surge but they have to find that
11837s sweet spot in zone they're gonna use the
11838s launch pad to get there
11840s the reason knock we're looking up you
11846s have a problem in front of him he gets
11847s punished he backs up great defensive
11849s removers right now okay and Thomas takes
11852s the lead he says hey you go ahead pause
11853s downhill I'll continue to tarp out we
11856s have the zone right here see Andy and
11858s Joe even with the messed up finger Joe
11861s is not gonna allow him to stop playing
11862s for the big positions right now and he's
11865s got this High Ground it doesn't even
11866s look like it's been affecting him at all
11868s look at this three elims
11876s trying to fight for it but they're gonna
11878s get stuff they're gonna get shut down
11879s for now and you can see the pressure
11881s from Joe and see Andy they're looking
11883s toward the back side of his own and
11884s they're putting another players who are
11886s suffering the storm surge
11888s oh he goes for the low pad Aqua wants to
11890s get down to the low ground here no
11892s reason to play for the bills he doesn't
11894s have enough to make it his reason behind
11896s him is the real question meanwhile
11899s another end game for ketos and pH in
11902s they have four elims representing for
11904s Brazil right now and they are almost
11906s inching their way to the top 10 right
11908s now but cold incentive are right in
11910s front of them this is where they do the
11912s most work this is where they play best
11915s and they're just recycling a lot of
11917s those builds towards the low ground
11918s tripping trying to take that cheeky shot
11919s to the backside of Zone elevation up
11922s Thomas HD probably leaving the charge
11923s making sure that these guys are on the
11925s same page through and through move the
11927s back side of its own two men Miss he's
11928s just trying to go ahead and stagger
11930s himself out and he found an elimination
11932s under two more HP for him and look at
11934s the resources he found and it's huge
11936s right now he is managing to fight his
11938s way through he finds another one there
11940s in the zone a huge tag is gonna keep him
11942s alive right now and look at him start
11944s the Sprint here but no he touched it
11947s down and taken out back by Thomas HD and
11950s all of a sudden now Thomas has all the
11952s extra refreshes here but he's starting
11954s to run out is he gonna go for low ground
11956s or is he gonna continue to hold out here
11957s reason has a decision to make as well
11959s off to the side he goes this players in
11961s front cold is down we saw that exchange
11963s it's a big one
11965s just trying to stay alive reasons doing
11966s a good job staying ahead of Zone and now
11968s he just has to Mad Men and stuff to find
11970s a way to stabilize his Thomas HD he's
11972s trying to stagger himself towards the
11973s backside of Zone running out of sticks
11975s onto that men a huge shot's gonna be
11978s fired Thomas HD is trying to stay alive
11980s but he goes down zagu from Asia strikes
11983s again it's just not enough Zach who says
11986s I am here to play and put some respect
11988s on Austin it's gonna fall to EU scram
11991s and again side moves Now by himself
11993s Chrome flash comes out he finds his
11995s teammate does he get deceived now this
11998s is what you want to see a big save here
12000s in the ultimate low contains the entire
12002s story this could be huge for Asia this
12004s could be huge for Zago and Miriam but
12006s Joe and Tiani they have The High Ground
12008s oh no wasn't able to get the revive off
12010s this is going to be huge he's the only
12012s solo left in the world of Duos oh no but
12014s he knows that's enemy built he goes out
12016s the side jump he has enough he takes
12018s High ground but no see Eddie is here to
12020s back them up he goes for the Fallen shot
12021s doesn't quite find it chip and scram
12023s healed this going down and they are
12025s having the opportunity here but no chimp
12028s does not take advantage he is now by
12030s himself he has lost his teammate can he
12032s find a steal of points here he's looking
12034s for it zagu jumps at ultimate low Jim's
12037s trying to time his exit and he gets
12038s caught out and down he goes see Andy and
12041s Joe now have eight eliminations and a
12044s win set up potentially in front of him
12046s yeah 2V1 situation EU versus Asia for
12050s zagu this man has the world on his
12052s shoulders just a sliver of HP a little
12054s bit of shield and it's not going to be
12056s enough Joe NC Andy take game number
12058s three
12059s EU class back once again it takes game
12063s three with the big win finish there but
12065s what
12067s um performance for zaku and Marine to
12069s show up that is an incredible way for
12073s them to go ahead and make a statement to
12074s that yeah incredible indeed because it's
12076s all about consistency not necessarily
12078s getting a victory out in every single
12081s game if they could keep this up at this
12082s pace it'll do wonders but for EU Joe and
12086s Z Andy they take the game and they have
12088s all the momentum now and this is what I
12090s love about in-person events because they
12091s get to take that walk straight to center
12094s stage and we actually get to hear from
12097s the competitors what a treat for us to
12100s really dive inside the mines off these
12102s players right to to understand what
12104s makes them tick and how they find a
12107s success kill it uh Kelly please give us
12109s the update
12112s joined here by Z Andy and Joe everyone
12115s Make some noise for our game three
12117s winners
12119s foreign
12121s I was watching the game and I saw Acorn
12124s and edgy had high I turned around looked
12126s back and then you guys had it how were
12128s you able to take it uh we just fed it up
12130s and came 90 students Academy it was
12132s absolutely incredible not only did you
12134s get the VR but you also walked away with
12135s nine eliminations I believe is
12137s aggression a big part of your play style
12139s yeah we won't hike just spraying now
12141s we're getting killed so from now on are
12143s you guys gonna be going for high every
12144s game or is it mostly circumstantial
12147s what do you see yeah and how are you
12149s feeling about the remaining three games
12151s today feeling good after our game now I
12153s you should be feeling good everyone one
12155s more time Make some noise for these two
12157s right here
12157s [Applause]
12161s we'll be heading on to the desk
12164s Joe and Z Andy
12166s Victory Royale in game number three of
12169s the fncs Invitational a huge way to show
12172s up and not only the victory Royale but
12175s accompanied by nine eliminations tokata
12179s that's what you want to see on this
12180s stage it's what you love to see right
12182s Zeke those big vrs that boost you up in
12185s that leaderboard I mean we saw cuisi and
12187s Vino dominating The High Ground in the
12188s first two games initially but Jonesy
12190s Andy now showing how it's done not only
12193s securing the VR but also with a good
12195s amount of Helix and you know what's more
12196s impressive right this is a very very
12197s North Zone these guys land all the way
12199s down to the South down in sign up
12201s station just before the Zone started
12202s closing it was fifth Zone I believe it
12203s was they had three eliminations they
12205s sorted out their storm surge early on
12207s they got the materials and they were
12208s able to take High Ground so effectively
12210s and by the way they played it too Takara
12211s they were playing one up front side one
12212s at backside no one was getting up there
12214s I love how they've adapted they're
12215s actually originally going to be
12216s contested by Barca and on one in the
12218s synapse station but now having it on
12220s contested they have to figure out how to
12222s get that damage you know before the late
12224s game and not have to worry too much
12225s about those rotations but they've done
12227s it and it's showing
12229s looks so good here especially to finally
12232s be able to kind of to get those Wheels
12234s moving right get these players finally
12236s in that place where they can say like
12237s okay game one regardless of what has
12240s happened in the previous two games we're
12241s all ready to go and we're ready to put
12243s numbers on the leaderboard let's take a
12245s look at Seth leaderboard and see how
12246s things are shaking out remember we have
12248s another three games left today we'll be
12250s back tomorrow for under the last six
12252s queasy and Vino now tied with Miriam and
12257s Zago and I just gotta say the
12259s International Teams here Japan Brazil
12261s y'all are showing up huge this is what
12264s you love to see from an International
12266s Event queasy and Vino were fan favorites
12268s coming in from EU but now seeing Miriam
12271s and sagu tied for that first place spot
12274s remember queasy and Vino they got
12276s knocked out in sixth Zone this last
12278s match they had a very strong first two
12280s games but this third one was not so
12282s strong but if you want to get that first
12283s place spot you have to stay on top and
12285s that is what the duo from Asia is doing
12287s yeah and things were looking peachy for
12288s them right they were up eliminations
12290s they were looking good they had the
12291s materials to go for their classic High
12293s Ground take but unfortunately it
12294s couldn't quite work out for them right
12295s they were just getting sprayed from all
12296s different angles maybe it was a
12297s positional issue maybe queasy might have
12299s to take blame for that but you know what
12300s there's still plenty of games to go you
12302s gotta hope that they can just make the
12304s adjustments right it's fine they're
12305s still in first place right even with the
12307s situation they go down in 21st place in
12310s that game they're still in first overall
12312s in the leaderboard but for right now why
12315s don't we tossing it over Adam is
12317s standing by with Vortex what's he got to
12319s say
12320s thank you uh thank you very much Zeke
12322s actually him was just commenting me on
12324s my I smell a candy candy floss or candy
12327s cake cotton candy kind of smell I'd love
12329s to take credit it could be the point
12330s you've scored thus far second place in
12332s game two hen how are you feeling after
12334s the first three games of fncs invitation
12338s uh not good enough obviously we've got a
12342s second place in the second game
12344s but the first and the third game weren't
12347s good enough and hopefully we can fix
12349s that after the break
12351s yeah that's about it I mean Vortex
12354s coming into this competition he said
12355s it's not good enough do you set real
12357s high expectations every game do you set
12359s certain things you must do on a
12361s game-to-game basis each time yeah we did
12364s okay the first three games first game I
12366s did the dumb mistake and yeah
12370s we need to fix it
12372s gotcha and I think when it comes down to
12374s this competition as well playing against
12376s the rest of the world there is a
12377s pressure but there are still nine games
12379s to go nine games to go that sounds like
12382s fun sounds like fun indeed uh thanks
12385s very much Master shout out to head and
12387s vortex uh let's head back to Zeke on the
12390s main stage
12393s just kidding Adam surprise for you here
12395s it's actually me Vivid on the stage
12397s shout out to the players game number
12399s three is done into the halftime we go
12401s some of the players will have the
12402s opportunity to make some changes just
12404s like Booga and Mira have as you can see
12406s here some of those early games the storm
12407s surge wasn't necessarily looking in
12409s their favor so they're actually gonna go
12411s ahead and make sure to prioritize some
12413s of these tags before they're even fully
12414s loaded up mirror right here has a pistol
12416s and he's still making sure to find those
12418s opportunities in that early game now of
12420s course this is something that we love to
12422s see out of bougain there's something
12423s that they usually do move just to the
12425s north of them over here at this area set
12427s up on this hill and find plenty of tags
12430s throughout this early game to make sure
12431s that they are set on storm surge and
12433s they actually sit up here for so long
12434s that Hannon Vortex are not even
12437s expecting them to still be up there and
12438s they get this nice sneaky beam in here
12441s to make sure that their storm surge is
12442s looking good and then listen this is the
12444s adjustments I was talking about look at
12445s this Booga and Miro sitting all the way
12447s back in the storm knowing that malibucca
12450s and mustache have been making this late
12451s rotate with the balloons as well making
12453s and to make sure that they get some
12455s storm surge tags on them as they fly
12456s through the air he does get the knock
12457s ultimately doesn't find the elimination
12459s but the adjustments are being made and
12460s that's what we love to see now let's
12462s check out what Zeke has for us
12467s thank you so much Vivid for that
12470s breakdown as we come back to the desk we
12472s have a very special guest joining us
12474s here on the analyst desk it's none other
12477s than Cypher PK you guys can give it up I
12482s mean we all know Cypher is pretty
12483s incredible at everything he does I mean
12486s you can hear the fans actually losing
12488s their mind Cypher how's it going man
12493s okay
12496s yeah that's awesome that's awesome uh
12500s how are we feeling so far uh about this
12502s these games uh the first three underway
12505s done we have three left what are your
12508s thoughts it's been exciting man we've
12509s seen some crazy changes right I mean we
12512s went into it kind of having expectations
12513s we thought you know we thought these
12514s teams were gonna do well we saw the
12515s queasy and Vino of course still doing
12516s very very well but some of the smaller
12518s regions some of the maybe lesser known
12519s players have turned up today it's been
12521s great to see we've seen changes in
12523s strategy of course as well some crazy
12524s zones that have already put these teams
12526s to the testicular it's what you love to
12527s see though right in an international
12529s competition like this teams from all
12531s over the globe popping off right I mean
12533s the leaderboard right now I saw some
12535s predictions coming into this tournament
12537s and they did not look like the leader
12538s Brothers reflecting currently yeah
12540s that's right we are back here and let's
12542s start with that I forgot to turn on your
12544s mic that's funny it's all good it's all
12546s good I play it welcome how are you
12548s feeling now that everyone can hear you
12549s I'm feeling great you know first four
12551s night event since World Cup and uh you
12554s guys blew it out of the water that's
12555s awesome what are you thinking about the
12556s competition far how you enjoying the the
12558s games well it's great to see some of
12560s these players like in a lan environment
12562s and because there has been one in such a
12563s long time a lot of these players this is
12565s their first ever in-person event so it's
12567s a completely different kind of shock
12569s when you're playing in front of a crowd
12570s and you hear the the cheering and
12572s roaring so uh some of them are veterans
12574s some of them have Land Experience and
12576s that is going to benefit them but then
12578s the rest are kind of here for the first
12579s time yeah yeah is there like a duel you
12581s feel like you're falling like yo I'm
12582s five with this Duo and then maybe one
12584s that you're like yo these these are the
12585s ones I think are gonna win uh well the
12587s duo from Japan I mean I'm glad to see
12589s like a small region pop off on like an
12591s international level so I'm kind of
12592s rooted for them that's right dude Zago
12594s Miram they are absolutely like it's
12595s weird too they're just running around
12597s and it's like wherever we look they're
12598s action they're just there like they're
12599s just like hey there's action over there
12600s I want to be with there finding
12602s eliminations uh who are you hoping to
12604s see change things up as we kind of move
12607s into the later half of the day well
12608s there's a lot of off spawn fights
12610s happening right now you got a little bit
12612s in Joneses a little bit in tilted towers
12614s and uh whoever's just on the bad end of
12616s that I want to see some adjustments from
12618s them and see if they can like put aside
12619s their ego and just make the right play
12621s Maybe land somewhere else or change it
12622s up I mean there's some spots on the map
12623s that might still be uncontested yeah but
12625s you know you're looking for that scrap
12627s Loot and trying to make it the end game
12628s you might not want to make that change
12629s in the little tournament but it could be
12630s beneficial yeah I mean you are pretty
12632s much known as like one of the guys that
12634s can adapt to anything right think back
12636s all the days of like I'm gonna build a
12638s tower here and I'm gonna throw a million
12639s traps in here and oh it was a convenient
12640s launch pad uh do you maybe have advice
12643s for some of these players maybe things
12645s you you would hope they kind of like
12646s consider as would now have that time to
12649s kind of collect ourselves okay so my
12651s biggest advice I mean if someone has
12652s played some of the pro-ams and in-person
12654s events my biggest regret sometimes is
12656s just not going for it there's a little
12658s bit of like Panic a little bit of uh
12660s nervousness on some of the plays you
12662s gotta really just get into that mindset
12664s like you're playing at home if you can
12665s get to that mindset play very
12667s comfortably like you'll make plays and
12669s and people will be shocked by it they
12670s won't expect you to make those plays
12671s yeah yeah if you have like a favorite
12673s moment that has happened so far like
12674s anything it stands out like yo that
12676s moment is wild I mean I've seen some
12679s crazy 1v2s which is I mean just think
12681s about this Lobby right here yeah like we
12683s we talked about the accolades that these
12684s Duos have and the amount of fncs
12687s championships it's it's insane I would
12689s not want to be playing against these
12690s guys so to do a 1v2 and we've seen a few
12693s already and I think we're going to see a
12694s little bit more going on
12696s um that's super impressive yeah I mean
12698s watching a lot of these 1v2s happen kind
12700s of like to what you're saying it doesn't
12702s just happen right like it's it's kind of
12704s like walking up to Professionals of of
12707s your equal calibers be like I'll just
12709s want to be to you guys in front of a
12710s live audience kind of casually no big
12712s deal look it's it's a feeling that's
12714s unique though especially in an in-person
12716s event like this you hear the crowd cheer
12718s when you get that clutch and it's
12720s exciting but I'm curious Cipher we've
12722s seen multiple Duos from Brazil right now
12725s in the top five in the top ten a Duo
12727s from Asia tied for first place we've
12730s seen a lot but I want to know are you ex
12733s what do you want to see that has not
12734s happened yet let me know if there's
12736s something that that you're looking
12737s forward to happening well I guess one
12740s thing that I did want to see was some of
12741s these smaller regions pop off but we're
12743s saying that with Brazil and Japan and I
12744s think like some of the less conventional
12746s play Styles and Duos that people don't
12747s know about showing up on the main stage
12749s and doing really well like that kind of
12751s shakes up the scene and that's what I
12753s wanted to see and we're seeing it live
12754s and then you see also feeling the the
12756s crowd react and they're rooting for some
12758s of the underdogs as well which is great
12759s to see so uh it's been a blast yeah it's
12762s obviously incredible I mean seeing all
12763s these players here together with with
12765s each other as well getting to interact
12766s how important do you think that is on a
12768s player level how important do you think
12769s it is to like you know have some friends
12770s make some communities and enjoy them I
12773s mean it's it's so important on a player
12774s level but even just from a competitive
12775s standpoint like this is Esports like
12777s competing in front of an audience and uh
12780s you know having having that pressure on
12782s you and still performing and still doing
12783s well that is a true Testament to what
12786s kind of player you are in my opinion if
12787s you win online tournaments that's great
12789s but this is the true test of skill yeah
12791s Cypher BK thank you so much for your
12793s Insight brother it's great to have you
12795s here in person fans if you see them make
12797s sure you stay what's up to cypher he's
12798s one of the coolest people you'll ever
12800s meet in your entire life the players are
12802s currently on a little bit of a break as
12804s they collect themselves so why don't we
12805s go hang out with the casters monster
12806s deep face and Jacob PR
12808s ank thank you so much Zeke there for of
12810s course introducing us now listen all
12812s that hype about what your favorite
12814s moments I want to talk about what I've
12816s loved the most so far let's talk about
12818s how this script has been flipped way
12820s upside down not a single person expected
12822s I think uh what we've seen today and for
12825s me the Brazilian region Ed in the 2V1
12829s situation there on the outside of Zone
12831s wait for him to clutch up and then PhD
12834s in and ketos coming through putting up
12837s incredible performances so far what a
12839s way for them to represent for the entire
12841s Brazil region I like how you're going
12843s for a region that isn't necessarily the
12845s most talked about no EU no n-a at all
12847s neither one of east or west and I'm
12849s gonna follow suit I'm going over that
12851s Asia region I want to visit Japan one
12853s day and I hopefully get to meet zagu and
12854s Miriam these guys are lighting up the
12857s leaderboard they are putting on a show
12859s and it does show that I don't think
12861s anybody expected to see and they put
12863s every single competitor on Lobby on
12866s notice we are here we're here to contend
12868s we didn't fly that long just to come
12870s home which is a thousand dollars 50th
12872s plays just for top ten they want first
12873s and not to mention they are coming off
12875s the heels of being the champions of
12877s their region that was a big part of the
12880s entire story as to why we began rooting
12883s for them from the beginning because we
12884s have never seen such a a gathering like
12888s this before and now they're second this
12891s is their second finals appearance that
12893s one Championship that was their first
12894s time playing together they have 100
12895s incredible absolutely incredible you
12897s guys get to see some of those highlights
12899s right there as well just coming through
12902s performing playing these end games and
12904s doing it in a way that not a single
12907s person on the internet that I follow not
12909s expected I can tell you that no and
12911s that's exactly what I want to keep
12913s seeing though and I want to see also the
12915s TSM Duo re-end epic well I need to see
12918s them really step it up to the plate and
12920s to begin to knock it out of the park but
12921s am I necessarily surprised not
12923s necessarily because they do have slow
12925s starts but they have great finishes well
12927s that's right that's a quick temperature
12928s check from us let's keep this thing
12930s going
12932s thank you guys so much fantastic
12934s insights just all the way around as you
12937s can see we've got a lot of empty chairs
12939s here our players after the first three
12940s games have a moment here to collect
12942s themselves go back to the player Lounge
12944s talk amongst themselves potential
12946s coaches there whatever they need to do
12948s to kind of recollect and prepare for the
12950s last three games on the day now earlier
12953s we had a really cool moment we gotta
12954s like to listen between buga and his Duo
12958s and kind of hear what was going on well
12959s guess what we've collected a few of
12961s those for you guys you might have missed
12962s her in the game so check this out
12966s nice
12968s traffic
12972s yeah yeah they're here
12978s they said they said
12981s you're running away I'm gonna go towards
12983s them and get some turned okay
12984s go to the pandem farmer
12988s that's stupid
13001s one one
13004s let's go
13008s again
13013s getting surge
13015s 48
13016s break uh five 150 250 what about you say
13020s it again sorry five two five okay
13022s awesome
13027s come I have no minutes yeah I have like
13030s two builds three two one go
13033s ready let's we need that let's go
13036s [Applause]
13039s if you're looking to get into
13040s Competitive Gaming in any space comms
13043s are vital understanding keeping calms
13047s clear even if you're panicking don't
13049s freak out don't yell just say hey this
13050s is what I got going as I throw my pen up
13052s here I did I was I was way too excited
13054s through my fan uh guys I wanted to kind
13056s of take a moment here as our players are
13058s recollecting themselves we see a few
13059s trying to make their way back on the
13061s stage as we prepare for the next of the
13062s games what are maybe a few duels you
13065s guys are feel like might be under the
13066s radar uh I love that our tasks kind of
13069s touched on zaggler we've been hyping
13071s this duel up from Japan and for me I'm
13073s thinking to myself bro this is just like
13075s a team from Japan if there was more
13077s Japan representation Invitational I'd be
13079s even more concerned look I don't even
13081s know if I like saying under the radar
13083s right because this Duo champions of
13085s Japan now tied for first place in one of
13088s the first international events we've had
13090s in years right the first we've had in
13092s years the way they're performing coming
13094s from the Rave cave there's another two
13096s Duos surrounding them so they don't
13098s necessarily have free loot path that's
13100s on con they have to be cautious they
13101s have to be careful but they've done that
13103s every single game and got into the late
13105s game got in their eliminations they are
13107s playing so well yeah you know what Vivid
13109s earlier on the show he said he wasn't
13110s usually impressed by Geo when he's World
13112s reviewing Vivid I hope you are impressed
13114s by these because oh boy are they putting
13116s on an impressive show right now these
13117s guys when I first looked at them right I
13118s was looking at them landing at the north
13119s side of sleepy sound Vino and cuiser
13121s decided you know what we're going to
13122s take control of this area I think right
13124s away they went to the Rave cave that's
13125s where they're currently dropping and you
13126s know what at that point I thought I'm
13128s nervous I'm nervous with this Geo are
13130s they a little bit nervous are they a
13131s little bit scared going into this
13132s running away from one of the biggest
13133s teams it's not a bad idea of course
13134s because seemingly it's working out I
13136s mean they're just going absolutely ham
13138s and remember this is like in that last
13140s game we saw Miriam go down right and in
13142s that game some civilizago actually tried
13144s to go for the revive in an alternate
13146s universe there's a universe where
13148s Miramar was revived and they 100 go on
13151s to win that game so we'll have to keep
13152s an eye on this duel is there another
13154s duel for you guys you feel my maybe you
13156s might be under the radar like truly
13158s under the radar look I don't want to say
13159s just one Duo I want to shout out both
13161s Zeke KBR and also bachatina and quitos I
13164s mean they've been playing so well
13165s especially in this most recent game
13167s they're getting to the late game and not
13169s only that they're getting in with a good
13170s amount of elims if they keep up this
13171s consistency I wouldn't be surprised if
13173s they maintain that spot in the top of
13175s the leaderboard yeah and the latter day
13176s you mentioned Pac and ketos those guys
13177s are doing really really good at getting
13179s that early aggression off spawn they're
13180s getting their storm Sage out of the way
13181s because of course they're landing at a
13182s central POI that sort of Red Bridge just
13184s to the just the left of that sort of
13185s mid-map area they're doing a really
13187s really good job of getting the surge of
13188s course we had a few questions about that
13190s maybe there could be third parties
13191s coming in of course with there being
13193s such a central location but they're
13195s answering all of the questions and oh
13196s boy are they fighting with some prowess
13198s they're fighting with some aggression
13199s and it's good to see they're not nervous
13201s yeah storm surge we saw it very
13203s prevalent in game one right A lot of
13205s these teams coming out and saying this
13206s is a massive issue and already within
13208s two games we're seeing some of this
13210s being corrected what might be a couple
13212s of changes like obviously a lot of
13214s people kind of what we've hinted as
13215s they're just getting aggressive man
13216s they're just saying like you want to
13218s fight at my poi let's do this let's go
13220s look speaking about a change I want to
13222s see what queasy and Vino do after this
13225s half time right they've had three games
13226s the first two went really well and then
13228s this last one they ended up getting
13229s eliminated a little early I bet I
13231s believe it was queasy that was the last
13233s one standing Vino got knocked down and
13235s then he went for the revive and got
13237s taken out as well so it might have just
13238s been you know a little mistake that
13240s happens mistakes always happen but it's
13241s all about overcoming that you know
13243s leaving it behind you adapting and
13244s playing better in the upcoming matches
13246s so I'm curious to see what they changed
13247s yeah of course they've had that break
13248s now right we don't usually have this in
13250s traditional tournaments we don't usually
13251s have this half time break in between
13253s three and uh all the the first three
13255s games the last three games so this is
13257s something that I'm excited to see who's
13258s made the most of this time who's been
13260s really looking at that gameplay who's
13262s been analyzing how can we solve the
13263s problems that we've had and it's going
13265s to be up to the teams that have used
13266s that time most effectively I think
13268s they're going to be the ones that come
13269s out on top and I hope some of them even
13270s taking this time and just said like
13271s let's just calm our nerves down like as
13274s incredible it is to have an audience
13276s just lose their mind when elimination
13277s goes out or a victory all happens we
13279s just need to contain ourselves even if
13281s something goes wrong we're limited
13282s enough spawn it's not the end of the
13284s world just calm the nerves right these
13286s are 100 of the best Duos that all seven
13289s regions have right so if if they lose an
13292s offspawn fight doesn't mean they're a
13294s bad Duo doesn't mean they're not capable
13295s of winning the competition they just had
13297s one off spawn bad fight and they need to
13299s correct it right I mean if you're gonna
13301s have a bad off spawn fight or even a bad
13303s match the best time to have that bad
13305s match is right before the break right
13307s because you have to find the state comp
13308s stay collected refresh your mind get a
13310s bit of water get hydrated get some food
13311s in you and continue playing cools and
13313s things can change so quickly as well we
13315s saw very very North Zone in that
13316s previous game all the way up to shiny
13317s sound and it wasn't necessarily the zone
13319s that we would expected a team that
13320s landed all the way on the South Joe and
13322s Z Andy to do one in but it just shows
13324s things can change and it's about the
13325s teams that are most adaptable to those
13327s changes they're gonna be able to find
13329s the success I'm impressed so far with
13331s all these High Ground plays because all
13332s these teams they are high Grand teams
13334s particularly on some of the regions that
13335s we haven't talked about so much those
13336s guys they know how to play Heights so
13338s nobody's safe that's right man all these
13341s duels are back at it just look as we've
13343s kind of taken moments to just visit with
13345s each Duo you can tell the focus is there
13347s a lot of them are ready to get back at
13350s it what are you guys hoping to see
13351s changes for these next three games look
13353s we've seen a lot of Victory royale's
13355s come from the clouds right from up above
13357s I want to see people down in the dirt
13359s biting back and showing what they're
13361s made of right getting those e-libs on
13364s the teams up above and you know getting
13366s a VR from it you know I think you can do
13367s that I mean seti right we saw it in game
13370s one they won on high ground right which
13371s is very uncharacteristic for this Duo
13373s we're usually seeing them playing their
13374s materials riding just on the edge of
13376s Surge and just trying to keep their
13378s materials going throughout that end game
13379s with some refreshes but they play very
13381s very calmly if you like which is
13383s something that could be really really
13384s useful for them I was thinking like you
13385s know they won game one of all the teams
13387s that you want to win game one for the
13389s other players you don't want it to
13389s become the insetti because they can play
13391s so consistently and I'm expecting to see
13393s more of that from them hopefully this
13394s half time break let's give them some
13395s time just to chill it's like hang on a
13397s sec we won game one on height like
13398s what's this alien to us I think what's
13401s interesting too is we're I've seen a
13402s couple Duos now it's like hey you look
13404s over they got like five elims but they
13406s still don't have what it takes right
13407s they're out of uh ammo they have no
13409s heels they have no builds why is that if
13412s we're capable of finding five
13413s eliminations on a stage like this at
13415s calibers like this
13417s what are we lacking there's so many
13419s types of engagements that you can
13420s encounter during a match right it could
13422s be early game engagements that staggered
13424s out and last a long time we have
13425s mustache and malibucca going against
13427s patient and chappix I mean those two
13429s Duos alone are literally Titans of their
13432s own region and having them go head to
13434s head those engagements can last a little
13436s while and if it takes a long time to
13437s finish an engagement you use a lot of
13439s materials you lose resources you lose
13441s Shields and even if you end up coming
13442s out on top from that engagement you've
13444s already used everything and it's
13446s difficult to come back from that and of
13448s course I mean look at the lobby right
13450s let's just take a look at it because
13451s everyone in this Lobby is incredible
13453s they're not going up against the likes
13454s of me and you they're coming against
13455s Some solid players and they're free yeah
13457s I'm a walking 50 Shield refresh don't
13459s even worry about me uh we do have Adam
13462s and Kelly standing by friends over to
13465s you
13470s yeah
13474s thank you everyone thank you so much
13477s Dusk and thank you guys for hanging out
13479s with us we want to make sure that our
13480s players had a break between games three
13482s and four get some food get some drinks
13484s and now they are ready to go all right
13487s we have got ourselves a game for
13489s imminently but we need the entire world
13491s right now to hear us North Carolina let
13493s us hear you Mike some noise
13498s Mars
13504s we are here we are ready everyone let's
13507s go to game number four
13509s [Applause]
13510s [Music]
13518s now that's what we like to see let's go
13521s ahead and just pick things up and get
13524s right to it game four is underway the
13527s players are already landed off the
13530s battle bus if you were walking around
13532s take a seat because it's time to get
13534s into the action and it's already looking
13536s like Kanata trying to get busy taking
13538s down Fort Texas for the first
13540s elimination of the game is centered
13542s trying to put shots on in the distance
13544s it does look like Cole got a knock on
13546s the bars the Angles and the pressure is
13548s already coming out these guys have been
13549s battling all weekend long for that
13552s contested drop spot in the middle
13554s islands and with pars dropping Rays has
13557s the world of pressure on his shoulder in
13559s this game it's so crazy because we
13562s didn't think they were going to be able
13564s to do it get past this what feels like
13567s crazy hurdle being contested on an
13570s in-person event should honestly cross
13573s you out of it the equation here but not
13576s for these competitors they don't let
13577s that little inconvenience stop them if
13579s anything they weaponize it they've
13582s turned it into surge tag they've turned
13584s it into uh great standings even sagu and
13587s Marine here from Team Alba representing
13590s for their entire region at the Rave King
13593s Yep this is huge you got Thomas HD and
13595s trippin commandment and Avery all
13598s Landing towards the rape let's see
13600s enough this is one of the biggest Bois
13601s with a ton of loop to go around you're
13603s kind of seeing not too many early game
13605s fights going down over there keep those
13607s and pH Zinn trying to have that early
13609s game that they want because for them
13611s they've been doing so consistent lately
13613s out of this drop spot not too much
13615s contested going by and for their storm
13617s surge they have so many players around
13619s them so they can gather it now what's
13620s crazy is that the story of Brazil is W
13623s key but not for them they've made all
13625s their points through placement they
13627s actually have some of the lowest
13628s eliminations overall when you when you
13631s stand them against the others inside the
13632s top five they're actually at the lower
13635s action but Vico and here starting
13638s to get into some dangerous territory you
13640s can see the reality tree is no uh a free
13643s position by any means you have retake
13645s and crew up above Z Andy and Joe who
13647s have just taken home a huge uh moment
13650s and win for themselves are now poised up
13653s at the sign up station just so I'm
13654s putting a mirror yeah and right now even
13656s though they have uncontested drop it
13658s almost makes me wonder with his own kind
13660s of being towards the Northeast portion I
13662s was gonna say exactly this what Grim
13664s Gable looks like for Larson and Spike
13666s who actually did win that off spawn
13668s exchange last game against buzz and
13669s Luder trying to have that repeat success
13672s here in this game but right now they're
13674s just kind of taking their time they're
13675s high up on the mountain so they got to
13677s be careful for those third-party
13678s attempts to come through now Muzz and
13680s looter are playing potentially spoiler
13682s here outside the Grim Gables because we
13685s have this Larson and smite Duo who have
13687s fought their way on up to seventh and
13690s again the limbs are the name of the game
13692s for Larson and smite but this is where
13694s they have built their a reputation
13696s fighting in the early game managing to
13699s get so much experience being contested
13701s season after season it started way back
13704s North where Vino greasy our but hold up
13706s Larson 5-1 the train is good and smite
13709s gets the other and down goes oce and
13713s looter that was a fantastic play by
13716s Larson reading him like a book he's on
13718s the page and got an elimination as Mr
13721s Savage strikes again onward goes down
13723s Baca has to go ahead and figure out what
13725s to do next is eye drops trying to get
13727s those angles right now they're just
13728s trying to alleviate the Press but the
13730s Brazilian Duo that you're talking about
13732s King and Mr Savage they're looming in
13734s the distance waiting for that perfect
13736s moment to strike and that's right this
13738s is such a huge opportunity now remember
13739s they land just west of the Chrome Jam
13741s Junction for them to come in swoop
13743s things up could change the story around
13744s there it is they open up with a couple
13746s tags that I drop gets to the loot first
13748s he's got the refresh he's got a little
13750s more material and you have to assume
13751s King and Ed are just a little bit more
13753s positioned and ready for this but a good
13756s defense a good uh a good bluff is all
13759s you need here to back them off and it is
13761s going to be enough King and Ed don't get
13764s to show us what they're made of in a
13766s clean 2v2 another team is kind of
13768s floating in towards Chrome jams the
13771s Asian Powerhouse but over here towards
13773s the island towards Body Mod
13779s you make number one that's basil that's
13781s chase that are under pressure high
13783s ground and seemingly right now cemented
13785s to the psgt and a Duo now Yumi is very
13790s solid Cool's gonna find Jason to be
13791s there it's up to battle by himself bezo
13793s has no teammate to work with here and he
13796s is trapped inside this Stone build here
13798s this is a very tough Tower to play out
13800s of awkward positions to build and the
13803s terrain gets extremely weird he does
13804s drop a few layers but there's only two
13807s exits and one of them's cut off by tons
13809s of enemy territory so look at this he
13813s goes out the back with the windows there
13814s and that is that game knowledge kicking
13817s in there Yumi and core looking so solid
13819s this is what they do on a day-to-day
13822s basis isn't it Jacob yeah this is
13824s exactly what they looked they came to do
13826s here with that stunning performance last
13828s season even though it was a two-day
13830s competition they ran away with it on day
13833s one and when push came to shove they
13835s held on to it in day two to take home
13837s that Crown but you can kind of see the
13839s Brazilian Duos slowing things down just
13841s a little bit they thought it was going
13843s to be an easy third party under Mr
13845s Savage and Baka and on one but it wasn't
13847s as easy as we thought definitely and of
13850s course plenty of highlights as well
13852s let's get caught up with how the Sun
13853s played and unfolded so on one just gets
13856s snuck up on there you saw the all the
13859s Chrome builds he says no no I'm not
13860s going through that we're gonna go and
13861s take the easy path here
13864s but that's exactly what uh eye drop was
13866s kind of talking about he said I've been
13868s dropping here for 12 months right I'm
13869s ready to fight I'm not splitting loot I
13872s came to take what's mine he doesn't game
13874s after game after game if they can keep
13877s up this type of consistency mix that
13879s with an opportunity to take the end game
13881s this is a recipe for a Duo that can
13884s catch fire at any moment because you got
13886s to remember one of the last in-person
13888s events that we had not the last one but
13890s one of the last Mr Savage took it out on
13892s top you had Bizzle in second and the
13894s place was down far after that's right
13896s but look at this seti and Cami going to
13899s the old trusty right on top of this air
13901s blimp this is what you expect this is a
13903s huge double-edged sword here where you
13905s expose yourself but you just open up the
13908s entire terrain before you as we jump on
13910s over to ketos and pH in here looking
13914s absolutely phenomenal they have more
13916s eliminations to get players inside the
13918s top ten than any other Duo just showing
13921s us exactly what they are capable and
13924s made of this is literally the story of
13926s them on their region as well they
13928s consistently take out teams at the top
13931s and that is perfect preparation for a
13933s Lobby like this because you got to think
13935s the Brazil region they're Fighters they
13936s love to fight and right now they're
13938s playing against the best and it's
13939s working out let's talk a little bit
13941s about this zone for a second here for
13943s the first time now we see a little
13944s Northern hole off to the east so we get
13947s another kind of shake up so the last
13950s time we went to shiny it didn't quite
13953s work out for Vino and queasy but what we
13955s did see was that they were so just
13958s suited for a big game and now that we
13961s know that it should be the same story
13963s but let's get on over to lustrous Lagoon
13965s here it's crazy to me how Runa and pepo
13968s have demanded so much respect from this
13970s entire Regional competition that no one
13973s has decided to contest them here at the
13975s Lagoon we've known in season's path this
13978s is a hot spot yeah and I love how
13980s they're playing they know exactly what
13982s happens to any team unless you're so
13984s Lagoon soon if they have it uncontested
13985s you take too long to Lou these other
13987s team on the outskirts will begin to
13989s climb up onto that mountain and put the
13990s shots down they met chimp and scram
13992s there they don't want to let anything go
13995s easy in a Lobby like this but chimp you
13997s can kind of see him crouching down
13998s fighting his time trying to minimize the
14000s audio that he does give out reuniting
14002s with scram trying to get that elevation
14004s in but no opportunity is going to be
14006s given up by Runa and Peppo love the
14008s focus that was here for Kim right now
14010s as he is starting out line up Bruna and
14013s Peppo here not afraid of taking a fight
14015s but also playing extremely smart he does
14017s have the slightest Advantage but rudo
14019s swings the thing around there he said
14021s hold up might just go up for High Ground
14023s meanwhile queasy looking for tax here in
14025s the distance so there is all types of uh
14027s battles starting to shape up and
14029s potentially heat out right now and
14030s remember this is all in Loom of
14033s potential storm surge right
14036s Instagram chips still still in that High
14038s Ground fight the thing is they're in
14039s zone every team that landed South is
14042s going to come here on this side this is
14044s going to be the most congested side of
14045s the map monster they have to be careful
14047s they gotta start looking to end this
14048s fight quick whether it's taking the
14050s actual fight or just trying to disengage
14053s Saku doesn't stop though he finds
14054s popular in the feed there while this
14056s fight is Raging on here Jim still
14059s looking around just saying hey scrim I
14061s trust you do your thing take that Toe to
14063s Toe keep them busy meanwhile Tim's like
14065s I'll look for tags in a distance make
14067s sure no one sneaks up the confidence to
14070s trust in scram to play by himself here
14076s yeah zagu the team from Asia you see
14079s Hellfire and Falconer in the distance
14081s the shots just hold oh my God you can
14083s see how he went down he had no choice
14084s but to go forward storm was going to eat
14086s him alive and I think that's still
14087s queasy and Vino on top of the flip
14090s Landing that helping hand inadvertently
14091s and then they just W key straight across
14093s as well they're like you're not gonna
14095s get that save whether you want to or not
14097s we're here to fight and we're gonna make
14099s sure we solidify the elim that will
14101s effectively allow them to take first
14103s place breaking the tie now Vino
14105s inquisite of course are just behind them
14108s and this is gonna become a matter of who
14111s can survive the longest and play the
14112s best of course so this is still a moment
14116s an old big decision to make Chrome
14117s splash the launch pad it looks like they
14119s drop them what are you choosing I like
14121s the Chrome splashes personally I'm
14122s trusting in their gut it doesn't matter
14125s what I want they ain't got lost right I
14127s want the launch pad too they go in
14129s actually does give you options short pad
14131s you can do the high pad you can go ahead
14133s and try to take High Ground to be able
14134s to hold on it towards the end game and
14136s this could be the first instance of
14137s storm surge in game number four that
14139s we're gonna see all day long we've seen
14141s teams not necessarily manage it the best
14143s and that being the sole focus of why
14145s they get down but game number three
14146s Victory Royale winners Joe and Ze Andy
14149s 58 below the damage threshold and
14151s continuously falling now they did win a
14153s game but that's not enough to stay in
14155s you have to continue to perform and
14158s maybe just maybe that long awaited break
14160s has allowed other teams to figure it out
14163s hit that drawing board they're slowly
14165s slipping down now
14167s 91 below here but the longer they wait
14170s the more likely enemies are to set up so
14173s they have to get going
14174s off to the air vent they go can they get
14177s there in time he misses it just slightly
14179s but Joe fights back and he doesn't miss
14182s how quick was the setup there nicely
14184s done that little bit of defense is
14186s something sometimes all you need to go
14188s and buy you some time but there's still
14190s 46 below the damage threshold they have
14194s a lot more room to cover as well but
14195s luckily for them they have the chili
14196s chug Splash they have the mighty
14198s Monument oh
14199s elimination onto Miriam can he be able
14201s to clean that one up and get the spoils
14204s after his foes all together Moraine and
14207s Biko really trying to show up this game
14208s and you talked about it during that
14210s break about how stacked that top of the
14212s leaderboard actually is and it looks
14214s like they were waiting around just a
14215s little too long they try to bait out the
14217s Vault and instead they get punished and
14220s now zaku is by himself The Shield bubble
14223s is gonna buy in some time but it's only
14225s a matter of time if he stays there yes
14227s they're just going to 2v one of them he
14229s goes up for high ground and he's trying
14230s to get on out of here Vico and
14233s decide better they say all right I'm
14234s okay with that with swag and Pablo here
14237s let's just get to the new storm let's
14239s get saved and that's what they do first
14241s but it is not looking good for our first
14244s place team now yeah so many teams just
14246s barely on the threshold either above or
14248s below as roona and pepo trying to keep
14250s things going they are 244 below the
14253s damage threshold going up against Pete
14254s and anas who've also had their own
14257s struggles when it comes to storm surge
14258s this could be a good fight for both of
14260s them a huge shot coming out of pepo
14262s speaking and off they have their backs
14263s up against the wall trying to get out
14265s alive but the backfire comes through the
14267s deal gets an elimination as well
14269s everybody in this fight is under Seas
14271s pink with his backs up against the wall
14272s takes them both down and EU takes down
14276s Asia into 2v2 head to head with no
14279s interference in the distance chappix
14281s cleans things up onto Z Andy and Joe are
14284s game three winners and now choppix and
14286s Tayson continue to play upset let's just
14290s take a look at the Highlight how did it
14292s all go down he walks up man this is why
14295s chop fix is so good this is what he did
14297s in the World Cup this is what he's doing
14299s here now and oh you can see the pain
14302s that was a tough one yeah that's
14303s definitely tough here but luckily for
14305s them they did get that Victory Royale
14307s they're at the top side of the
14308s leaderboard one bad game does not decide
14310s your future as queasy and Vino Under
14312s Siege yet again just a sliver of HP
14314s storm surge doing it's wonders but they
14316s have 10 splashes but Vino has to try to
14318s get him out that means please he has to
14320s alleviate some of the pressure with the
14321s build but shots coming in from the
14322s distance luckily for them there's
14324s another team that is struggling to serve
14326s so they're not the sole focus of the
14328s lobby just yet now this is insane first
14330s place has already lost a teammate now
14332s Vino and Queasy were in second just just
14334s points behind our soul hurt here and the
14338s surge is continuing they will have to
14341s take this fight that's not an easy Duo
14343s and that one isn't either this is
14345s looking very very tough now for queasy
14347s and Vino as maram gets knocked down
14349s again to edgy there's just going through
14351s this game we talk about consistency
14353s being the key 44 below the damage
14355s threshold commandment Avery become the
14357s targets to queasy and Vino but how long
14360s can they last just only a few ticks away
14362s the short pad coming through they get
14364s the damage but is it gonna be enough to
14366s go above the damage threshold no it is
14368s not what it is finally at the tail end
14370s barely gonna be enough launch pad going
14372s out they're gonna live monster to fight
14374s another day how cloudy queasy survived
14377s that with one HP and now he gets the
14380s fight back just a little bit here can he
14382s find anything was there something left
14384s behind they should know better this is
14387s their landing spot this is their home
14389s territory and they're just gonna go
14391s ahead and look for scraps now and just
14394s like that they knew what they left
14396s behind and they are gonna be back in
14398s this game in no time some of the biggest
14400s pains in fortnite to kind of remember
14402s something like that that is outside of
14404s the box thinking but the storm surge has
14407s not left them just yet 49 still below
14411s the damage threshold commandment Avery I
14413s don't know how they made it out alive
14415s either but they're still doing a good
14416s job this time around 187 above the
14419s damage threshold let's see what they can
14421s do when it's not going to be worried
14422s let's not forget these are our previous
14424s NA East champions but hold up Vito says
14427s we need some elions but no he gets taken
14429s out and Queasy it's up to him and he
14431s falls too and all of a sudden vino
14434s inquisia or down
14436s is there to play in the mess here he is
14440s putting his own two thoughts into the
14442s battle he has not given up and this is
14444s an opportunity now look at Zappos HP he
14446s is so hurt there off to the side and now
14448s he turns and burns he's like yeah I
14450s believe it's you Avery I believe it's
14452s you commandment you guys can have it but
14454s it's Savage and I drop who get all the
14455s loot yeah that's a huge that's huge for
14458s the loot for Savage and eye drop because
14459s now they can kind of pick and choose you
14462s see he still has some bandages there so
14463s he's trying to look for something else
14464s to maybe trade it off but with two
14466s launch pads the zone right now is not
14468s going to be a worry at all especially
14470s since commandment Avery are already
14471s making their rotation outward but
14473s another team landed towards cloudy
14475s Combos
14476s malibucca and mustache so let's think
14478s about this right third place is out Joe
14480s and the Andy are out that's gonna allow
14482s things to get really competitive at the
14484s top but now that we see queasy and Vino
14487s crossed out as well it is that much
14490s closer here let's take a look at these
14492s quick highlights here how are they so
14495s far part ahead of the surge well there
14498s you go you asking you receive jamfer
14500s just gets clotheslined
14502s without any notice it almost looks like
14505s they were thinking the same thing let me
14506s knock on this door take this piece away
14508s but jamper was just a little bit too
14509s slow to the punch Pros are empty trying
14512s to fly high through the sky tripping and
14514s Thomas it's like target practice for
14516s them as macwood does go down to high
14517s tone there goes the leaderboard fifth
14519s through ninth look how stacked it is
14521s only eight points separating those teams
14523s and remember Joe ensies Andy are down
14526s and out
14527s zagu has jumped back into the game here
14530s impressive 46 damage above the surge all
14533s he has to do is out survive two players
14535s and you would think it would not be
14538s possible but he has found his way back
14540s into this game here and he is still
14542s getting that much more lucky sometimes
14545s all it takes is a little bit of luck and
14548s look at the heels come back to reward
14550s him here
14551s he's gonna hold on and continue to earn
14553s seti and Cami have an opportunity to go
14556s ahead and close this Gap they lost out
14558s on it at the last game falling short but
14561s as we know they're slow they're steady
14564s yeah for them it's not just chasing
14567s after elimination they're not forcing
14568s any of these plays like you said slow
14570s and steady wins the race and for them
14572s they let these opportunities naturally
14573s present itself while Gathering all the
14576s information in the lobby they know
14577s exactly what to do as long as they're
14580s not playing with their backs up against
14581s the wall clicks and Duke another highly
14583s skilled team 353 above the damage
14586s threshold they already have an
14587s elimination for them it's just making it
14589s to the end game itself and it's crazy to
14591s show the disparity the point difference
14594s between clicks and Duke there and first
14597s place 47 points separate 20th from first
14601s it shows you that's about a two-game
14604s spread you have to play very very well
14607s but it also shows you one big win and
14609s you're inside the top 10 undoubted you
14612s are very much right back into this game
14614s if you can just get one yeah mindset and
14617s handling this pressure is going to be
14619s huge because it's easy you know 12 games
14621s being in a stage like this you go down
14623s early it starts to sink in that doubt
14625s it's easy to believe in that doubt but
14627s right now you guys have the best of the
14628s best on that stage you need to snap
14630s yourselves out of it and really pick it
14631s back up because this is game four out of
14633s 12. you have every chance in the world
14635s to make a comeback June user have been
14637s contested on the drop to the hands of
14639s oce uh Alex and Bailey we have seen what
14643s they've managed to do all day they are
14645s an exceptional do well and finally now
14648s user and you get to show us what they
14650s are made of they are playing for high
14651s ground but they're below the surge
14652s they're gonna have to take a box fight
14653s the walls his but not quick enough on
14655s the edit there and instead he backs off
14657s what do you do in this situation do you
14660s look around or take a box fight is the
14662s question and do says hold that thought
14664s let me go ahead and get these tacks real
14666s quick don't worry monster I got you you
14668s ask a question I'll definitely give you
14670s an answer in a moment 40 8 about the
14672s damage threshold they know their job is
14674s not done just yet but they can at least
14676s slow things down start to gather the
14678s information like a lot of these other
14679s teams are going to be needing but them
14681s having The High Ground if they pulled
14683s Zone they're gonna be in the perfect
14684s position to terrorize the rest of the
14686s lobby
14687s and nobody gets it Smite and Larson so
14690s live here
14695s but now effectively has to jump them on
14698s up for a fight for top three potentially
14701s first as well I have a question though
14703s is agu still alive is he somehow uh
14706s snaking his way around the game we're
14709s gonna have to find out Stephanie Cole
14710s Austin in an end game that consistency
14713s paying off right now as we know it
14715s should sensing and cold are just proving
14718s that they are so good at fortnite no
14722s matter what the setting is online or in
14725s person and the team after that first
14726s game is finally finding their Rhythm 251
14729s above the damage threshold three
14731s eliminations so far three Chili's truck
14733s splashes onto mustache so you got to
14735s imagine on the other side probably
14737s having some rotation as well but tinted
14739s and cold right now trying to find a way
14741s to stabilize 29 below the damage
14743s threshold luckily for them though that's
14745s not too much that's one good shot but
14746s the same thing happened to them they're
14748s under pressure 19 HB trying to get the
14750s splashes off but that zone is kicking
14752s them out cold goes down it's all
14753s descented and it looks like Acorn energy
14755s were just waiting for that wall to open
14757s up and there it is Acorn is the one who
14760s finds cold and since it is now left to
14762s do it by himself but he has been here
14763s before that is where he feels most
14765s comfortable meanwhile pinking and off
14767s they have so much catching up to do they
14769s have already picked up five elims this
14771s is exactly the type of pacing they want
14773s to be on coming into an end game but
14776s Cami and seti are here in the mid ground
14778s pH scene and ketos are there as well
14781s this is one of the most dangerous layers
14784s that we have seen and it's players who
14786s are fighting to get that number one spot
14789s oh it sent it because it'll take down
14791s our Thor but he needs that siphon to
14792s come through and it goes in just in the
14794s nick of time trying to stay alive chili
14796s Chuck Splash to try to go ahead and gain
14798s the speed to get to the outside Zone
14799s somehow enough is down he got a fake
14801s commandment Avery for that one so now
14802s pink has left us a solo what can he do
14805s with only three bills to his name and
14807s they take High Ground again in this game
14810s here four he lives now things are really
14812s starting to get interesting for Naes
14814s Avery says come down let's go to the low
14816s ground and wait for him to start taking
14818s the lead here now usually we call
14820s commandment the Mr Clutch and
14823s Commandments says trust in me I have
14825s this High Ground all month meet me at
14827s the top yep for one of the most insane
14830s end game finishes for the fncs chapter 3
14833s season 3 Championship they're looking to
14835s do it here again in this game as Malibu
14837s is by himself he ends up into the box
14839s takes another player out a huge siphon
14841s and refresh to come through just a nick
14843s of time that was Ed from Brazil who went
14845s down but he's doing a good job malibucca
14847s immediately beelining to the front side
14849s of his own and back to Pink here look at
14851s Pig's perspective he's on that low with
14853s seven elims he has not stopped picking
14855s up malibucca
14858s use trees gonna fall there and a quick
14860s healing someone's behind him though now
14861s he turns around and it's just enemy
14862s territory everywhere which way are you
14864s gonna go son that's the Zone Larson is
14867s fight are still alive this is where they
14868s do the most work but no it's not enough
14870s they get wiped up and taken out shot
14873s Miss Duke clicks take advantage In The
14875s Bleak of an eye another end game they're
14877s trying to move up in the top
14878s leaderboards as Thomas HD goes down
14880s tripping feeling the pressure as a solo
14882s here changing elevation that was a huge
14885s play because look how many teams are
14886s stuck down low towards the low ground
14888s but now he has to meet him down there as
14889s commandment Avery begin to put on the
14891s pressure balabooka for eliminations as a
14893s solo six has a team the damage continues
14897s and he's putting on a show he doesn't
14898s stop down goes rifty five heels hitting
14901s in another no it's not enough different
14904s fights back he's got it in him and now
14907s look at this behind the wall is BL and
14909s edgy from the storm BL is still in this
14912s it's seti who's representing on this low
14914s ground another huge consistent game for
14917s Saturday is everything here there's five
14920s Duos left and about maybe three of them
14922s are full Duos right now and Savage loses
14925s he's trying to take down the na West
14927s team he takes down Yumi huge side from
14929s coming through Mr Savage does it again
14932s and gets into the top four you have to
14934s love the move in here oh my God
14937s said he might just be next Savage is on
14940s fire let's see it High Ground is still
14943s winning East 1v1v2 commandment and Avery
14946s have everything working for them as
14948s Savage is looking to do so much work but
14949s said he says hold up I could find a
14951s chance here he needs to pick and choose
14953s this wisely do you go for two elims on
14955s the low ground four chance at first and
14957s Jazz goes Savage steady knows better and
14959s it's a great game for commandment and
14961s Avery a huge Victory Royale and a huge
14965s boost for the NAU's champions of chapter
14967s three season three commandment in Avery
14970s switched up their games after halftime
14972s and it pays off big and that's why you
14975s have to love that little moment where
14977s the players get to hit the drawing board
14979s look at that smell on commandment you'll
14982s love to see it as they have managed to
14985s put up a huge win and represent and
14988s again The Story Goes now two for you two
14992s wins for any East it's just back and
14994s forth showing us how close the
14996s competition is and you're seeing the
14998s polar opposite of what happens to some
15001s of these teams but let's go ahead and
15002s listen to them as Kelly is going to dig
15004s deep to figure out how they did it
15006s thank you so much Jacob clearly you guys
15009s have made a great change what exactly
15011s have you done differently in game four
15013s uh we just looked for height way more
15016s than like game three one two three and
15018s like we just landed on it and we're like
15020s won the game bro I don't know so is that
15022s going to be the strategy for the next
15023s game oh when it's free like that we're
15026s definitely gonna be on higher on I mean
15028s you obviously seem to be feeling great
15030s right now man what's going through your
15031s mind I don't even know bro my hands are
15033s tingling
15035s that is awesome everyone Make some noise
15037s for commandment and Avery
15039s let's head on back to the desk
15044s thank you so much Kelly for checking in
15046s with our Victory Royale winners from
15048s game number four commandment and Avery
15051s and I'm so thankful they kind of had
15053s that moment to be like yo my hands are
15054s shaking right like that's what's going
15056s on this pressure is unlike anything and
15058s the moment that these guys start to pop
15060s up you could hear the crowd going
15062s absolutely hammed because this is what
15064s we want to see right this game was like
15067s way more aggressive than anything else
15068s we've seen it's what you'd love to see
15069s right malibucca popping off like a solo
15072s Mr Savage popping off like a solo pink
15074s in six Zone with five elims but then
15077s Avery and commandment taking it from
15080s above taking The High Ground and
15082s finishing it off with a nice little VR
15084s look we just had halftime they had a
15087s little break I don't even think they
15088s changed up their strategy a lot but just
15090s that little moment of time to reflect
15092s and get back into the game it's changed
15094s a lot and you saw that right there the
15096s refreshment that was so crucial in them
15098s holding The High Ground out at the end I
15099s have a little look come on had 200 wood
15101s when they're on high ground in a second
15103s moving Zone it wasn't gonna be enough
15105s that was a crucial refreshing
15106s commandment and that is ultimately what
15108s got them the victory right they were
15109s able to take the high ground and spray
15110s down below right at the perfect time as
15112s well look at the standing oh man and you
15114s know it's crazy too Cammy and seti we
15116s saw cedi make top three there right and
15119s even though he was a solo he held on but
15123s really quickly Adam I think you're you
15126s want to talk about special what you got
15127s friend
15128s hi guys so much for you guys right now
15130s I'm joined by the almighty clicks and
15132s Duke everyone
15135s we're working so hard over here
15137s right now uh Duke's hand warmer has
15139s exploding his hand because he's working
15141s that hard uh dude currently you guys are
15143s starting in 13th Place 82 points after
15145s four games how's it been being out there
15147s amongst the rest of the competitors
15149s um I'm feeling good playing uh with the
15152s loot that we have we're doing really
15154s well for we're leaving off Swan with
15156s like two minis Max maybe like a big pot
15160s um and we're still doing good I'm
15161s feeling good right now doing fantastic I
15164s mean clicks as well uh prior to this
15166s sort of competition you almost partnered
15167s with uh with pink who was obviously is
15169s dropping in the same area Fort Jones as
15171s you guys how's it being testing
15173s yourselves against them uh hpoi at each
15175s drop uh you know it sucks like like what
15178s Duke said we're leaving terrible Loot
15179s and we always have to come back but you
15181s know good luck to them and you know it's
15182s pretty close right now it is only 20
15184s points at the top I think yeah it's like
15186s 10 we're 10 points between each other
15187s okay good luck to them you know looking
15189s good I love that great sportsmanship
15190s there big up for clicks and Duke
15192s everyone
15193s and heading down this way too I'm coming
15197s over to Pink and an ass
15200s what's up pig how are we I couldn't miss
15203s you with the hair looks great
15205s um how's the competition been thus far
15206s as off you guys uh
15208s anas is playing good and he's just
15210s following me and I'm playing good so so
15213s far it's good lots of good that's good
15216s as well uh partnering with pink in this
15218s competition uh we just asked clicks the
15220s question as well for Jonesy uh you're
15222s both dropping the same POI have you
15224s managed to manage it thus far
15226s yeah I think we're playing pretty well
15228s it's some minor mistakes that we make
15230s that make us die but like the wall is
15232s pretty good but you've still got plenty
15234s of time to change things up
15236s yeah I think we're gonna keep adapting
15238s and just do what it takes I think in
15240s this competition you have to adapt being
15241s all the regions combined in one lobby so
15244s a big up for a NASA and pink everybody
15247s let's head back over to Zeke and again
15251s thank you so much Adam and fantastic
15253s just to hear from these players I love
15255s this setting right we can literally just
15256s go I I wanna know what those players
15258s thinking let's walk up let's ask a
15260s couple questions and kind of see them
15261s you can even tell like they're still
15263s pretty focused right like of course
15264s they're gonna answer Adam's questions
15265s but there is definitely like a level of
15268s resolve right there where they're like
15269s look I just want to get in this next
15270s game I want to get the run back look I
15272s want to speak a little bit on our
15274s current first place Duo setian Cami
15276s right we normally see them XL
15277s X and day two but now they're bumping
15280s off in day one
15281s 20 points they're showing their
15282s consistency but I just really hope that
15284s they can keep it up yeah what's
15285s interesting about this Geo right we saw
15287s them in the mid-ground layers that time
15288s and usually we do see them there but a
15290s little bit higher up than usual that's
15291s what they've been doing this season
15292s they've been switching up their play
15293s Star which hasn't worked out too well
15295s for them in the past they're
15296s traditionally low ground very very calm
15298s very very passive if you like in the in
15300s the early stage of the game they're just
15301s riding on the surge of course I
15302s mentioned earlier but they are really
15304s trying to change things up and you can
15305s see it didn't quite work out of course
15307s Cami going down early so you know what
15309s city thought he thought you know what
15310s I'm just gonna go back to basics back
15311s down to low ground we've seen him solo
15313s clutching so many times and oh point was
15315s he doing it again absolutely crazy
15317s season
15318s I mean they always put on a show right
15321s seti and Cami they're well known they've
15323s accomplished so much and now if today
15327s and tomorrow combined they can keep it
15329s up they can take home a title an
15331s international title it would be
15333s something that I'd love to see but them
15334s having secured the VR game one from
15336s height was surprising and now seeing
15338s them keep up the consistency is not as
15340s surprising we know how strong they are
15341s but you know we're only four games in
15343s there's still so much more to be played
15344s out that's right man two day two games
15346s left on the day and remember this is
15349s kind of setting the the pace because
15351s we're back tomorrow for another six
15352s games and we're gonna walk away winners
15355s but it is that time we are ready for
15357s game number five here from Raleigh North
15360s Carolina this is the fncs Invitational
15364s thank you so very much Zeke there we get
15367s to kick things back off one more time as
15369s Monster deface and Jacob PR calling all
15372s the action here what a set of games we
15374s have had so far yeah this is nothing
15376s short than entertainment at its finest I
15380s feel like a gladiator calling all the
15381s action in an arena this has just been
15384s dreams come true but right now game
15387s number five is about to be underway and
15390s this is where some dreams could become
15392s nightmares hopefully no one's dreams get
15394s crushed here but it is inevitable at the
15398s end you have to step up you have to
15400s perform and we've seen so many great
15402s performances already especially when it
15406s comes down to this becoming Legends Duo
15408s of Cami and seti waiting for them to
15410s represent not only for Poland but the
15413s organization I know my boy Reno is crowd
15415s sitting back right now as these players
15418s are competing at the best of their
15420s capabilities but once again this
15423s Northern Bus shows us there's going to
15424s be trouble for Savage and eye drop here
15427s or Bakken on one yeah I want to see Baka
15430s and on one kind of really either do one
15432s of two things be the aggressors first or
15435s just kind of get what they got out of
15436s their Loot and try to get out because
15438s right now it just seemingly time and
15440s time again Mr Savage and eye drop have
15442s that high ground but waste no time us
15444s and looter getting busy putting damage
15446s onto Larson before he can even touch the
15447s ground Baka Baka does it he does it over
15450s towards Grove Jam he gets the double and
15453s takes down Mr Savage and eye drops man
15455s oh man there are big stories developing
15458s now grin Gables will have a fight soon
15461s here Luder and Moz have a chance at
15463s Redemption but this story has been told
15466s for the Chrome Jam Junction we have to
15468s close that book out for now meanwhile
15472s don't forget condo has the battles there
15474s too let's take a look here this is how
15476s they go for High Ground hit he beats
15478s them to the drop whoa best Sarah turns
15482s and burns on idrop what an incredible
15486s 2V1
15487s representing for N.A West you didn't
15490s think it was possible but they're
15492s putting it up that's two for two and
15494s another action going down very early yet
15497s again cloudy condos we haven't seen too
15500s much of it right out of the gates but
15501s chappix is down Aqua was able to get the
15504s knock and they're hunting they're
15505s hunting for tasting right now let's see
15508s it uh cloudy condos isn't as a tough
15511s spot to fight especially at the south of
15513s the southern area the southern area is
15515s more often taken by a singular team of
15518s Reason in aqua but malibucca and
15521s mustache got a little lucky here s
15524s Tayson tries to steal in and sneak away
15526s some loot but you see the knock body
15528s there no save just yet they're gonna
15530s leave him behind they're baiting it they
15532s want Tayson to try to go to Tropics here
15534s Aqua gets punished though now little
15538s lesson learning slows down this is
15540s fabulous for Malibu gun mustache though
15542s because now they have options they can
15544s lose up they can get the resources
15546s everything that they want and more Aqua
15548s gets knocked but Tayson gets taken out
15550s chapix and Tayson are the second team EU
15554s are the only two teams down out of this
15556s game so far but if you look at the
15558s leaderboard seti and Cami sitting strong
15560s in first Thomas and tripping close by
15563s but now malibucca and mustache knowing
15564s that that fight just ended they can
15566s either go right away and try to clean it
15568s up or they can continue doing what
15570s they're doing loot up and try to get out
15572s but we know how aggressive this team is
15573s going to be and I think it's going to be
15575s the first choice let's see it there's
15577s still a chance there's still time left
15580s in the ticker here but things are not
15582s looking too hot let's jump on over to
15584s Larson and smite Larson Smite Grim
15586s Gables this is now again the second time
15589s you get to catch it real early where
15590s they have this this slight Advantage the
15593s last time it was Luder who fell first
15595s and then left it all up to Mars it's
15597s looking like this might be the same
15598s story once again looter and Muzz
15602s notably not that successful in early
15604s game battles versus Larson and smite as
15608s a comparison we have such better odds
15610s just historically and so far it's been
15614s just like that yeah that was a huge a
15615s huge shot landed by Muzz but in that 2V1
15618s situation it's easy to kind of stabilize
15620s yourself heal up and out musk is just
15622s trying to get out he's trying to survive
15625s and he's gonna be up to Larson his might
15626s kind of let him do you let him survive
15628s you continue to chase it right now they
15630s are hot on his heels they don't want to
15631s let these two points they don't want to
15633s let that refresh they don't want this
15634s elimination slip through and right now
15636s it stops but that was an explosive
15638s ending almost makes magic happen Smite
15642s says you want to show I'll give you a
15645s show hold this pickaxe and down goes
15649s Muzz what a way to really assert
15651s yourself here meanwhile on the other
15654s side Vico and Moran push up on retaking
15656s novice here inside the Box Vico with a
15658s quick finish and then steps over to the
15661s side he too P ones at the reality tree
15664s as well and all the punishment there
15666s that's tough but it happens yep from the
15670s fights they continue all around pink and
15672s a nice they're trying to do it yet again
15673s but it's not clicks it's not Dukes it's
15675s Peter bought and janfer this time around
15677s what are they doing they're ready to
15678s fight they're ready to take it to him
15680s and this is what happens when teams go
15682s the last couple of games struggling to
15684s storm surge on an uncontested drop
15685s they're trying to get active they're
15687s trying to find what damage they can
15688s gather and for peterbot and jamper it
15690s does look like they fit off a little bit
15692s more than they could chew because Beacon
15694s and Oz have every single advantageous
15696s position right now yeah but peterbock
15698s camper already picking up big end games
15700s they know how to navigate these early
15703s game situations and more importantly
15705s peterbot is just gross when it comes
15707s down to head to head that is not a
15709s player you can sleep on by any means and
15711s jumper is a veteran he does not get the
15713s credit he deserves he has put in so much
15716s work for years now on the na east region
15719s and he always seems to fly under that
15721s raid are what more can do and this is a
15724s respectable disengage right they come on
15725s in and say oh look these guys are
15726s healthy I don't know where the clicks
15729s and Duke maybe you know let's get out of
15731s here yep but now you can see Rob Bob
15733s kebab and walks trying to bring it over
15734s towards chimp and scram towards the
15736s outskirts another team looming in the
15737s distance that's pepo and Runa and
15739s another team coming from the lighthouse
15741s that could be Pam still in fast who
15743s knows either way we're gonna have a
15744s house party in a couple moments let's
15746s see if the breakdown though looking for
15747s the chop here tell them by nothing and
15749s now it starts toppling over but there
15751s are players in the distance here making
15753s it tough for them ruining their plans
15756s but down come chimp and scrams okay
15758s there is a little development here they
15760s do get to reset blind shots into the
15763s bush robots is like hold my mini Shield
15766s let me show you what I can do and he
15769s hits some huge huge tags there pepo and
15772s Runa though are looking at chip right
15774s now and all they open five with no tags
15776s there yeah and you can kind of see chimp
15778s and scram chimp are you talking about
15780s one of the most consistent players on
15781s the region he knows exactly what to do
15784s in a lot of these different situations
15785s he's just trying to get out he realized
15787s so many teams are here so many teams are
15789s trying to disrupt and kind of put their
15790s hand into the mix and that's not
15792s something they want to be a part of but
15793s that peace control and the Peaks the
15795s shots of the defensive end are huge for
15797s chimp and scram because now that put
15799s that fear into Peppa and Runa and we
15801s continue to fight this off we continue
15802s to lose Health as it looks like they're
15804s even trying to keep their distance Yeah
15805s Tim doing an excellent job defending
15807s here but you know a refresh should be
15809s even better in this instance but the
15810s pressure comes in he loses his shield
15812s and they are starting to run out of gas
15814s here throw Bob and walks walk up to the
15816s wall they say hey Jim you thought we
15818s forgot about you but no too much
15820s pressure for maruna and pepper and they
15822s leave the damage to them they go ahead
15825s and take this as a small W for scrim
15827s really left to defend himself here and
15830s he's doing an excellent job
15833s is going to be interesting right now
15834s because the date everybody tried to
15836s disengage in a moment but at the same
15838s time they're so close together there's
15839s only so much you can do but Runa he
15841s takes a huge amount of damage they got
15843s to figure out a way to stabilize right
15845s here but chimp and scram they know so
15846s many teams are around they don't want to
15848s buy that far they can chew they don't
15849s want to put it yourself in a position
15850s they might later regret as the shots are
15852s still coming in scram goes down chimp
15854s Under Siege is trying to figure out a
15856s way to survive he has no Fields left to
15857s his Dave rapam Kebab as well every
15860s single one of these players are now
15861s going to be stuck in zone this is crazy
15863s Runo and Peppo start to fight back they
15866s have to uh The Shield chug there and
15868s it's gonna allow them to go ahead and
15869s heal back up and now they run in to the
15873s Zone hunting for robot Temple is like no
15876s I want this fight robot plays the low
15878s ground Runa comes to support and all of
15880s a sudden he is trapped like a mouse
15882s chasing cheese and it might just be all
15884s over here 10 HP moments are ticking
15887s Rooney's down he's hurt but blocks Falls
15889s first and Peppo gets the first
15892s elimination there for his Duo one HP for
15895s Runa he got the men missed stay alive
15898s can they okay there's another Rift I was
15900s gonna say I thought they were gonna get
15901s the rift in time but there's another
15902s Rift there not too much to worry about
15903s for them but every one of those teams
15905s that were fighting there that might not
15907s be the most healthiest are still gonna
15908s have to go through Pam's doing fetch but
15911s on board but Lucy and hi Joe they're
15913s feeling good they got themselves a spot
15914s in his own yeah and you know what this
15916s is a perfect time to catch up with Vivid
15918s with a mid game analysis
15921s guys the action is popping off so much
15923s so that we missed the fight over here at
15925s Chrome Crossroads Alex and Bailey
15927s haven't had the best of starts today but
15928s game five here they find these two early
15930s eliminations and we know that they love
15933s to play The Higher Ground just we want
15935s to show you guys these reactions they're
15936s so happy to find this as well the dances
15938s come out we'll have to see what type of
15939s momentum this uses for them
15945s excellent and now we jump over with p h
15949s Zen and ketos but we're sitting up on
15951s High Ground you know hands off the desk
15953s relaxing right now just soaking in what
15957s an exceptional day it has been for them
15959s they have played so well and the zone is
15962s now going their way so for the first
15963s time we have this Zone pulling far
15966s Northwest this is the backyard of King
15968s Ed Miram of course in zaku here
15971s excellent players up top
15975s this could be actually a recipe for
15976s success for the Asian Powerhouse the
15979s Japanese team to kind of take a big game
15981s and take up that first place spot right
15983s back there right now in Center Zone they
15985s have the highest elevation in the lobby
15987s and a couple teams all around in case
15989s storm surge does become a problem as
15991s commandment Avery over steel towards
15994s Rave cave they have launch pad to use
15996s they have enough rotation so they're
15998s going to be one of the last teams to
15999s leave the spot all together and again
16001s just excellent commandment Avery coming
16003s off of Victory Royale Zone pulling their
16005s way this is a perfect recipe to take
16009s that momentum and bring it on home so we
16012s are watching several teams now literally
16014s catch a little bit of that favor in the
16016s feed Hell Fire finds Booga and down he
16019s goes trouble in chonkers down south
16022s that's that late Zone rotate and that is
16025s what happens when the Zone pulls far
16027s north you could do your little dead side
16029s Western rotates but at the end of the
16031s day there are players waiting there too
16033s it's just textbook reads oh it's on the
16036s feed there just a few seconds ago queasy
16038s and Vino they were able to get a knock
16039s onto I think it was marim or zagu there
16043s for a moment are they gonna be able to
16044s kind of run up and clean it up I think
16046s they got the elimination all together
16048s now keep in mind Marine coming into that
16050s last game they were in first and second
16052s time leading and they have fallen to
16054s fifth so this is a huge opportunity here
16057s that's where you take it into your own
16059s hands take full control of that one and
16061s you can see he was just out of position
16063s you cannot be out of position in a Lobby
16066s like this that is what is going to be a
16069s decision to regret for the rest of your
16070s life but Miriam we see zagu pick up a
16072s ton of points as a solo last game now
16074s it's mayor's turn to return the favor
16075s and see what he does here he recognizes
16078s hey wait a second that's scary Vito and
16080s Queasy might know I am the solo I think
16083s I've been outed let me defend myself to
16085s the west and put all of my focus on Vino
16087s increases that they do not sneak up
16089s excellent plays right there just smart
16091s smart player we're seeing what Asia is
16093s capable of meanwhile seti Kami inside
16097s the storm this is their home territory
16099s dead center more or less on the split
16101s and now they get to hit that rotate Zen
16105s and ketos from Brazil we talked about
16107s them 186 below the damage threshold but
16109s they're a team that can pop off at a
16112s moment's notice they have the most
16113s eliminations in on players in the top 10
16116s on six look at that stat flies up right
16118s when I'm going to read it right there
16119s but the 189 below the damage threshold
16122s that is so concerning for me but it
16124s looks like midton and Arthur are closing
16126s the distance they might be below as well
16128s this is between two teams two
16130s powerhouses trying to land Big Shots bxn
16132s loses his teammate 2V1 situation Arthur
16134s and Nixon trying to get into the box
16136s this is the first time we see pH Zen
16139s loses teammate this early in the game
16141s it's a huge development for him and
16143s notice the problem is he didn't quite
16145s get to the Zone early enough in Z Andy
16148s and Joe capitalize on that solo
16150s opportunity and pH Zim Falls and now
16154s they have a chance to fall down the
16156s standings here quite substantially this
16159s is really beginning to open up and
16161s become much more interesting and let's
16162s not forget fifth place again is Marine
16166s left by himself as well so this is the
16168s second game now too where the Japan duel
16171s is struggling here yeah you can see
16173s outside of Zone 270 above damage
16176s threshold and this is exactly the plays
16178s that you have to make especially on a
16180s team that's booming into the distance
16181s bazel in a 1v2 situation he tries to
16183s peek and take a shot the two prime
16185s shotguns are better than one they take
16187s him down in a blink of an eye Baca
16189s trying to carry that momentum from the
16190s early game but only 62 above the damage
16193s threshold that's something that is
16194s looming in the back of their mind and
16195s they haven't even left Chrome Jam
16196s Junction all game long is true and they
16200s have King and Ed some of the regional
16203s dangerous Fighters right there we saw
16206s what Ed can do he took out two of eu's
16208s finest by himself inside the storm while
16212s being pressured snacky returns a huge
16215s favor onto Duke there so down he goes as
16218s clicks managed to find the trade too so
16220s for them it's still a tough situation an
16223s even worse story unfolding here as
16225s mustache and Malibu are being Lobby
16227s focused by clicks on the rotate now so
16229s all around tough spot to be in here
16232s versus barely holds on and survives in
16235s so no knock there that could be the
16236s Difference Maker Thomas got two on the
16239s hen and Vortex not just one you see Babs
16242s trying to reunite with snacky Malibu
16243s cover mustache also in the distance for
16246s them that Shield keg was absolutely
16248s needed especially since they're only 67
16251s above the damage threshold oh but I was
16253s just gonna say soon we might have to
16254s turn our Focus to Peppo and Runa they
16256s find clicks right above snack improve
16259s Cammy and said he put the shield bubble
16262s on the boat and they are gone with a
16264s clean rotate right up the river that is
16267s just a 500 head play look at the play
16271s right here we absolutely love to see
16274s these crazy strategies play out and
16277s there's a reason they're up at the top
16280s this is just outside of the box thinking
16282s at its finest that is the euphria's
16284s rotation I think we'll see all weekend
16286s long and they're only 85 below the
16289s damage threshold that's not much at all
16291s no they're below they don't have heels
16293s the same very tough spot to be in for
16296s Camion city as they have a true chance
16298s to once again break away with a big lead
16301s here but they are you know fighting with
16303s one hand tied behind their back
16305s peterbot Shields get dropped clown
16309s finally goes down huge siphon for
16311s peterbot is like I just said his shield
16312s just got dropped now you're looking at a
16313s short pad from rev scar trying to make
16315s it into Zone as soon as peterbot hears
16317s that he might try to recycle it but
16318s nobody wants to leave this one just yet
16320s 195 above ready for any challenge
16322s rapscard goes up and over around each
16326s other and it does look like this might
16327s be the moment they got blessed now
16328s they're gonna try and disengage now when
16330s it comes down to N8 East players that
16332s know how to fight peterbot is one of the
16334s few that represents by doing the work
16337s not the talking he is one of our most
16339s leading elimination leaders on the NH
16341s Naes region in general so for refs guard
16344s to make the rotate out is an excellent
16346s decision there but he has met with pamsu
16349s and batch firing directly inside but we
16352s jump on over to camian settings the
16353s story continues here they need a tag
16356s they need more than that Kanata opens
16358s the Box they look to fire back nothing
16359s comes out of it and now they say hey we
16362s gotta get to these boxes maybe it's more
16364s important maybe it'll be easier to box
16365s by a cami Falls to bad sniper and it's
16369s up to seti to do it all can he get
16371s pretty much a full elim worth of damage
16374s here oh
16377s I didn't mean to curse him luckily for
16379s him no more he instantly goes down I was
16380s gonna talk about the launch pads the
16382s push game to shove but now Joe and zian
16384s he found two more launch pads and so
16386s much room to work with his Balboa
16388s mustache two eliminations not no no
16391s Shield to work but I'm saying not much
16393s but none at all to work with as fast
16395s gets one on the swag as well Malibu come
16397s mustache they are in the most congested
16399s side of the map right now they're going
16401s to need everything they got to try to
16403s stay alive other than that Launch Pad
16404s but with no shields on mustache that
16407s could be a risky play and what's crazy
16408s remember Cammy and seti falling they
16410s were in first place 11 point lead over
16413s trippard and Thomas third place the page
16416s and quitos we already talked about them
16418s just being completely devastated there
16420s and here's the updated standing Thomas
16423s HD and trippin have a chance to catch up
16425s Smite and Larson Vino and Queasy as well
16428s this is such a competitive fncs
16432s Invitational if we've ever seen one
16434s especially after just four games and now
16438s the fifth is unfolding before our eyes
16440s top of the leaderboard stacked like
16442s pancakes in a waffle house right now
16444s because Thomas and tripping two
16446s eliminations at the edge of zone and
16449s right now there's so many teams on the
16451s outskirts they can continue to peek and
16452s just put so much pressure on the lobby
16455s before they figure out what's next the
16456s choices are definitely there you see
16458s Acorn edgy they're sitting clean they
16460s found themselves a nice spot for Lucy
16462s and hydro as well not too many teams on
16464s this side of the map and this is what we
16466s would call the slower side to where you
16468s don't have too much to worry about
16469s especially if you're a chord and edgy
16471s and you're
16472s 676 above the damage threshold that
16476s allows you that flexibility that allows
16478s you options to pick and choose do you
16479s want to go and put pressure on another
16481s team do you want to rotate around the
16482s map the choice is now theirs but a team
16485s that might not have those same choices
16486s as battlebuka and mustache they're only
16488s 105 above we talked about the lack of
16490s resources that they have so they're
16492s gonna have to figure out something here
16493s and you know as well as I do they're
16495s gonna have to look for a siphon they're
16496s gonna have to for refresh they're gonna
16498s have to look for a team to catch off
16500s guard and really pounce on them let's
16502s see if they can do just that 87 damage
16504s it's good but it's not good enough
16506s potentially your six players are the
16509s difference between this surge continuing
16511s to stay online and turning off here it
16513s is three seconds before the reveal
16515s they're gonna take the fight against
16516s Alex and Bailey Alex and Bailey are
16518s multi-fncs champions of the OC region
16521s mustache malibucca looking to step up to
16523s this huge challenge here gotta be
16525s careful though this is what they love to
16527s do and a great tag here this is why
16529s Mustafa Melaleuca are some of the best
16531s the Chrome Shield comes down though and
16534s that'll buy them some time and right now
16535s storm surge taking out a lot of these
16537s teams if you get your Shields cracked
16539s they will hear it and they will go as
16542s Malibu swimmer stash they know the
16544s position that they're in it's all
16545s they're nothing because you can't make
16546s it too much farther with the resources
16548s that you have Alex goes down or takes
16551s down threat mustache and malibuco
16553s they're gonna be the ones that get all
16554s the loot because of it that's
16557s trying to stay alive they're trying to
16558s protect what's theirs and they do just
16561s that they get a little bit for their
16563s efforts not much but they're alive and
16565s they've done some damage they've
16566s defended the territory and everyone
16568s backs up let's take a wider look here
16571s but deal has to give up The High Ground
16573s everyone's making the rotate Thomas HD
16574s and tripping still a launch pad in the
16577s back as they get to half a nap out this
16579s is excellent such an excellent position
16582s to be in switches over to hard material
16584s and they fortify up and Branch out what
16588s and a play here just to even play for
16591s territory to open up the domain right
16593s now Malibu current mustache met their
16595s demise
16596s both King and hellfire get an
16599s elimination each taken out one of eu's
16602s exciting teams is queasy and Vino
16604s another exciting team coming in with all
16607s the momentum in the world winning an EU
16610s Elite Cup winning the nae's elite Cup
16612s finals back to back in the same day if
16615s that's not what you call preparation I
16617s don't know what is and they're showing
16618s us why they're up at the top right now
16620s and they are taking advantage a
16622s Northwest so it's excellent for a team
16624s Mike Vino and Queasy they find at us
16627s down low that can be their fourth elim
16629s pink does not stand a chance if they
16631s decide to focus together but it's more
16634s important for them to maintain the
16636s position right now and this Zone's going
16638s far it's going to cut back towards Acorn
16640s and edgy side scented and cold have more
16643s of a dominant rotate here and this isn't
16645s all shaping out to be a great game look
16647s at that mountain they got to go down the
16649s hill and then back up the hill this is
16652s literally going to be a roller coaster
16654s ride of an end game and if you don't
16656s have a launch pad if you don't have
16658s Chrome splashes I wish you best of luck
16660s well we do know if you do cold and
16662s simply go ahead and put the Chrome
16663s splashes to the use here until the test
16665s and they jump right over that bushing
16667s into it it's gonna be a great spot
16669s meanwhile everyone else takes to The
16672s High Ground pepo finds an Elin and Yumi
16676s is gonna fall there too he is the victim
16679s of the loot that we are watching gets
16681s sniped out by Larson and smite here you
16684s know they they called it though they
16685s called it's going to start at the drop
16686s spot of grim Gable if they take out
16688s mother and they keep things going rap
16690s scar peeks at the right time finds the
16693s shots on the cool another elimination
16694s going over this could be a moment for
16697s him to remember for the rest of his days
16699s if you continue to clutch up big like
16700s that as Joe and Z Andy trying to be the
16702s first team on the day to win two Victory
16705s Royale it's Smite and Larson are still
16707s in the game as well Vino and Queasy have
16711s The High Ground squeezy manages to crank
16713s his wing on up and that is what you call
16715s a well executed did launch pad play
16718s there to keep them in the run here but
16720s they're still more points that they have
16723s to close out here goes Smite he's gonna
16725s go for the path play the Andy and Joe
16726s get to the front side of zone now they
16728s rotate their way on out as well and this
16730s is coming back off way off the height
16732s this is such a talk in uh Rick it's just
16736s honestly difficult soap to play if the
16739s epic games fortnite roller coaster
16741s continues yet again down the mountain up
16744s the mountain I wouldn't be surprised if
16745s we saw a loop-de-loop come through a
16747s graphic cards trying to catch one off
16748s guard but it's he who gets caught off
16750s guard by C Andy and just like that he is
16752s down and out tripping and Thomas HD we
16754s get to get a little temperature sharp
16755s with them they are on the mid round
16757s right above sensing and cold Smite loses
16759s Larson on the rotate and he is now left
16762s by himself just places away from temp
16766s here can he hold on Peppo does enough
16768s but not enough to beat more texter
16770s here's onward and Baca can mean such an
16773s excellent use of surviving their jaw
16775s spot double time so what down he goes
16778s and Joe's hurt 20 hp this is not looking
16781s good quick moving quick thinking trying
16783s to get out but he gets caught and Tail
16785s land is queasy and Vino tone after Zone
16788s after zone no matter where this roller
16789s coaster went they stayed on top Baka
16792s loses onward but he takes down fast back
16793s up against the wall he gets two Baca
16796s gets two seven eliminations for the naw
16798s and he will have shown you how good he
16801s is and why he deserves to be here even
16803s when he is counted out he is showing up
16806s but hold up sends it cold now back in
16809s the midst here they already have done
16810s one but can he get another but growls
16812s and ripsy are showing they finally have
16814s an end game and they are making big do
16816s with it there's a third elim 30 points
16819s already earned in this round box fights
16822s back but Coleman scented get to get all
16824s that sweet loot yep towards the low
16826s ground along with Thomas HD and trip
16827s from this one is gonna get messy for
16829s everybody that's stuck down low but for
16831s spino and Queasy they have the elevation
16834s they have a huge Advantage plenty of
16836s maps to work with that's a recipe for
16838s success but it's up to cold and scented
16840s and a few other teams to try to take
16842s down The High Ground team and don't
16844s forget trifford and Thomas who had a 10
16846s point lead is still here as well Thomas
16849s HD wants more though down goes rolls and
16853s they are closing the Gap buddy loses
16854s teammate he's gonna fall top three now
16856s scented is still in the mix here in the
16859s conversation but no build big shot comes
16861s in from up top and all of a sudden now
16863s it is looking so dicey it's just waiting
16868s waiting for that perfect option do they
16870s have The High Ground they drop down low
16871s the game is theirs after they take down
16873s Bevy that is game number five sealed up
16877s by bino and queasy
16880s biggest game we've seen so far in terms
16883s of elims coupled with a victory Royale
16886s huge 11 piece pickup right there for
16890s Vino and Queasy now think back to that
16893s interview when they sat there Vino very
16896s not slowly hands behind his back he said
16898s we are the best undoubtedly EU takes yet
16901s another game honestly this was the
16904s hottest team coming in to the fncs
16908s Invitational
16910s and a East EU wins and in that reign as
16913s well they want about like five games in
16915s a row I think that's impressive that is
16918s right Vino and Queasy are coming off
16920s some of the hottest streaks we have ever
16922s seen and they've managed to maintain
16924s that momentum let's just go ahead and
16927s tune in and see what's going on in their
16928s minds
16930s yes that's right I'm here with a game
16933s five winners quiz you winner ah
16937s queasy uh fantastic work the
16940s eliminations an extraordinary end to
16942s game number five yeah
16945s what else is there to say what else is
16947s there to say I mean I mean the
16949s competition has been great to you guys
16950s today you've had unbelievable work thus
16951s far it's got a lot of points in this
16953s competition how much are you enjoying
16954s your time here as well a lot to be fair
16956s it's amazing like the atmosphere and
16958s everything is just sick to be here yeah
16960s and we saw as well you know we saw that
16962s obviously uh the the storm moved up
16964s mountains down again how integral is
16966s resource material Management in
16968s situations like that
16970s um is very important but it's also great
16972s again Refreshers me and quizzy got good
16974s refreshes we kept our Maps alive
16976s um we used our Splash as well we played
16978s that game really well now you've got one
16980s game left today before we could have put
16982s the curtain down on day number one you
16984s should be feeling confident you seem
16985s very laid back has it been a competition
16987s you expected or has been other things at
16989s work here that you didn't didn't expect
16990s coming into this the Asia team surprised
16992s me yeah they've been they've been doing
16994s really good Brazil's been doing good and
16996s he's not so good but um I think
16999s everyone's doing good you know and uh
17001s the competition's been good no one's
17003s really been on high ground and it's
17005s going well for us and you guys delivered
17006s the goods uh one more time give it up a
17008s crazy Aveeno your game five is let's
17011s head back to Zeke
17013s [Applause]
17016s cool calm collected and memes that is
17019s also how I live my life sometimes
17021s occasionally queasy and Vino we've
17024s watched him come so close to the top
17025s several times now right almost making it
17028s taking High grounds at those pivotal
17029s moments but it hasn't quite lined up
17031s perfectly and now that it does it's not
17034s even just the victory Royale it's also
17037s the 11 eliminations they put on the
17040s board look all day they've been trying
17042s to set themselves up for this match we
17044s saw it in the beginning of this
17046s tournament today I mean they were going
17047s for High Ground they were going for the
17048s setup but they just had these little
17050s mistakes that then permit them to get it
17052s but now they showed why they are one of
17055s the fan favorites coming into this
17057s tournament to take it home the first Duo
17060s to reach more than double digit elims
17062s they had 11 total eliminations and it's
17065s what you'd love to see you know what it
17066s doesn't happen by accident either these
17067s guys have definitely seen some
17069s progression throughout today we saw in
17070s the previous game we saw them go down to
17072s Surge it wasn't ideal for them this time
17074s though we saw them rotate all the way up
17075s towards those wrists towards the top
17078s left the very Northwest side of the map
17079s and they were they were aggressive they
17081s were looking for those eliminations
17082s instead of sitting on those blimps on
17083s those balloons at their drop spot they
17085s were looking to be aggressive for Surge
17086s and it paid off we saw them take high in
17089s that 50 50 zone of course I think queasy
17091s had about I don't even know how many
17092s amounts he had about a thousand
17093s materials going into that second moving
17095s as well so he's looking great absolutely
17097s we also have Kelly who was standing by
17099s to chat with some more players Kelly
17101s over to you joining me right now I am
17103s with Thomas and Tripper and the team
17105s that is currently in second place on our
17108s leaderboard right now how are you
17109s feeling about that yeah I'm feeling
17111s really good we just need to keep on
17114s going being consistent and we'll make it
17116s yeah obviously consistency is the name
17119s of the game right now you guys had a
17120s great game five but how do you make that
17123s into a VR
17127s I don't know like we played midcar most
17129s of the game I think we should like
17130s either like commit it to hike on a low
17132s ground to like win the game but like
17134s we're just playing for consistency so it
17135s doesn't really matter yeah and obviously
17137s consistency is working for you guys
17138s you're doing a great job on the
17140s leaderboard good luck in the game six
17142s guys let's head on back to the desk
17146s thank you so much Kelly shout out to
17148s Thomas HG and Tripper and they are
17150s currently holding strong in second place
17152s and if you look at that little that
17153s little Dash that means they've not gone
17155s anywhere right and I do want to
17157s highlight them for just a single moment
17158s two games back we watched malibucca go
17161s on an absolute tear but then Tripper and
17163s said no son this is my Lobby take a seat
17166s and that's how they're still holding
17168s strong we have to kind of talk about the
17170s the top 10 here right with only a single
17172s game left to go we're setting ourselves
17175s up for tomorrow right and Thomas 18
17177s tripping they're looking real good I
17178s mean they're looking more than good Zeke
17180s queasy and it's dual partner we're in
17182s the first place spot but second place
17183s that's Thomas Tripper and they are
17186s playing so well just looking at their
17187s highlights here they're setting
17188s themselves up for the late game and just
17190s now with the interview with Kelly you
17192s saw they're still always thinking right
17193s well we can change what can we adapt to
17195s how can we play better how can we take
17197s home that trophy yeah and these are two
17199s very very talented solo players for
17201s those who don't know the region very
17202s well of course tripping and Thomas those
17204s guys are incredible solo players we seen
17206s solo clutch after solo clutch from both
17208s of them in the elite clubs in the cash
17210s cops leading before that and they are
17212s just a dynamic duo when things go well
17214s sometimes things can be a little bit
17216s difficult for them when they do get
17217s split up you know they have to rely on
17219s the other person we've seen that a
17220s little bit throughout the elite cups
17221s this season but they're bringing it all
17222s together now oh boy is it looking good I
17224s also want to talk about Smite and Larson
17226s this is a Duo coming from NA East right
17229s and they have five total fncs finals
17232s appearances together now it's a lot but
17234s it's also the fewest out of any NA East
17237s Duo competing here today but that is not
17239s showing because even though they have
17241s the fewest fncs finals appearances
17243s they're in the top three right now in
17245s this event that's right they everyone
17247s currently is looking right to just try
17249s and say okay look the first six games we
17251s just want a strong footing as we go into
17253s those next six games tomorrow I
17255s guarantee you there's strategies little
17257s things that these players are holding on
17258s to for those last six games I do want to
17262s turn our attention back to the standings
17264s we continue to kind of go top to bottom
17266s I'm here mini Miner
17268s um obviously Cuisine Vino massive right
17270s to now jump up into first place up by
17273s five spots after that game if it happens
17276s again
17277s we could be in trouble we could be in
17279s trouble and I think the rest of the
17280s lobby could be in trouble as well
17281s because yep you don't want crazy and
17283s Vino to be playing as good as they are
17285s it all sort of it'll sort of form
17287s together for them in that final game
17288s that we just saw right there so if
17290s they're on form they can definitely make
17291s a make a push for this one yep that's
17293s right Kelly you are standing by with
17295s some more players let's hear it that is
17297s right I am joined here by Ed and King
17300s our Brazilian region players right now
17302s you can already hear the audience going
17304s crazy for you guys and I know that you
17307s recently got announced that you are
17309s represented by Team Liquid how are you
17311s feeling about that liquid
17316s foreign
17327s of being in it so I'm really excited
17329s about it and I'm sure they're proud of
17331s you thank you so much and then of course
17333s King you've been around since the World
17334s Cup days or what is it like to be back
17336s here on the stage
17343s um
17353s I'm really incredibly excited to be here
17355s I mean it's been about three years and
17357s I'm excited to be back I mean I know
17359s that Argentina and Brazil are proud of
17360s you guys right now thank you for joining
17362s me with a quick interview and let's head
17363s on back to the desk
17366s I don't know if you guys can pick up the
17368s hype coming through these mics from uh
17370s everyone who is repping Brazil but every
17372s time you see Kate
17379s that's right Eddie King sign they're
17381s holding up the flag you love to see it
17384s now really quickly as we gear up for
17386s game number six we come back to the
17388s standings right currently we see Camion
17391s City they keep kind of ping-ponging
17394s right they have a really strong game
17395s then they have a game where they finally
17398s throw a shield bubble on a boat one of
17400s the funniest things I think I've ever
17401s seen But then can't transition that
17403s because of the shambles positioning so
17405s what has kind of been happening I mean
17407s it's it's fortnite right it's hard to
17409s predict what's gonna happen next because
17411s you have so many opponents changing
17412s their playstyle and adapting for the
17413s same match you're in but knowing candy
17416s and seti they know how to deal with it
17418s right they can adapt stronger than their
17420s opponents that they're facing against
17421s then it's all about doing it in the most
17423s effective way possible yeah still
17424s massage for this Duo at the moment is
17426s kind of a little bit of a problem of
17427s course so many teams that I noticed that
17429s were fighting on the edge of Zone not
17430s many teams are rotating in early on
17432s enough and I think that runs that makes
17434s coming into everyone to a few issues
17435s right because they're of course Landing
17436s in a very Central position they rely on
17438s all the teams rotating in into their
17440s domain to get their storm surge because
17442s we saw it with the with the boat rotate
17444s as well the boat take as well we could
17446s call it that uh but yeah they were
17448s looking strong but of course when you
17449s have that Shield level you can't shoot
17450s out as well so they were like they were
17452s lacking on the surge tags in that end
17454s game and unfortunately they didn't quite
17455s have the answer they got a little bit
17456s desperate things didn't work out too
17458s well seti I was hoping that he would
17459s solo clutch but it wouldn't quite happen
17461s that's right it's okay right it's fine
17462s we're still sitting in top five
17464s everything is okay we've got one game
17466s left to go with the single game left
17468s what are some adaptations we're hoping
17470s to see because remember this is it for
17473s the day and then we have all night to
17474s VOD review we go back to the hotel we
17476s try and get more games in we talk to our
17478s coaches our our dual mates Etc and come
17481s back stronger tomorrow look you said it
17483s yourself right it's one game but it's
17484s really seven games left right this is
17486s the last game of the day and six more to
17488s be played out tomorrow this last match
17490s is just about doing it the best you can
17491s and when you're really going to be
17492s reviewing studying seeing what you can
17495s change up is going to be overnight for
17497s day two yeah this is such an important
17498s game for these teams right especially if
17499s you looking for a little bit of a change
17501s up so for these teams that are thinking
17502s you know what let's try and change
17503s things up in day two this is the time
17505s this is the time to test things out
17507s because what better practice than the
17508s lobbies themselves I mean we saw it with
17510s Vico Marine as well of course landing at
17511s the tilted Towers area they've sort of
17513s shifted their rotation over towards the
17514s reality tree we saw them fighting out
17516s there of course Vico doing so well to
17518s close out those eliminations on the team
17519s that were Landing there and they just
17520s they're they're switching things up and
17522s they're a prime example of a team that's
17523s thinking you know what things aren't
17525s quite working out tilted as we know it's
17526s a bit busy so let's switch things up
17528s let's go to the reality tree and that's
17530s ultimately what these teams are
17531s hopefully going to be doing tonight
17532s that's right A lot of these duels man
17533s look at them look at the focus they're
17535s waving the camera which beloved
17536s appreciate
17538s but they are lasered in they're thinking
17539s themselves they understand right with
17541s one game left okay what are the things
17543s we need to do to accomplish what do we
17545s need to just kind of say look this is it
17546s we left our Mark and we can walk away
17547s happy uh I think for me zagal and Mara
17550s I'm like this team that we saw pop off
17552s we've now they've kind of gone a little
17554s bit radio silent what do we think is
17556s happening here I mean we've seen them
17557s they've having they've been having a bit
17559s of trouble doing enough damage or even
17562s staying close together I've seen two
17564s times now one of them Mariam was left
17566s alone and the other is zagu was left
17567s alone having their Duo partner get
17569s eliminated so I'm not sure if it's
17570s because they're not playing together
17571s enough if rotates have changed from
17573s their opponents and it's cutting them
17574s off while they're trying to get to Zone
17576s yeah there's a lot of possibilities but
17578s they really have to focus on seeing what
17580s went wrong after those initial matches
17582s and see what they can change going into
17583s day two they were trying though of
17585s course they made a really really solid
17586s rotation up towards that riffs area they
17588s had just the best position on the map
17589s and if you mentioned to Carter they they
17591s were a little bit split right they
17592s didn't quite execute his Perfection of
17593s course queasy and then they decided you
17595s know what let's just take them out we'll
17596s take this position and ultimately that's
17597s what one of the game but it's just a
17599s little bit of confidence maybe a little
17601s bit dropping potentially with the studio
17602s we saw it early on the aggression was
17604s what made them so impressive so let's
17606s set them apart from the rest of the
17608s teams here and that were really we
17609s admired it right we admire their their
17611s confidence in fighting maybe now they're
17613s thinking actually maybe we need to tone
17614s it down a little bit when in fact keep
17615s it up you know keep that aggression
17617s because if you're toning it down you're
17618s not getting the storm surge tanks you're
17619s not getting the damage that you need to
17621s make it to end game guys I want to see
17623s more of their aggression yeah and
17624s honestly they're kind of reminding me of
17626s a Cuisine Aveeno right like they're
17628s doing what Cuisine Vino are doing you
17629s watch on The High Ground you're like
17630s okay queases up there if there's one
17632s person up there they're tarping they're
17634s not doing anything and then suddenly
17635s there's someone knocking on your wall
17636s like hi it's me Vino I'm just gonna pick
17638s up both of you thanks like they are
17640s capable this so I'm not ready to count
17642s them out I think like you're saying
17643s there's maybe just a couple things they
17644s need to shore up and then they're going
17646s to get right back to it right is there
17647s anybody else you guys are seeing that
17648s you're like oh maybe I want to see more
17650s of this do I want to see more of that
17651s duo look I was looking at the birthday
17653s boy right Mr Savage
17655s solo clutch in a late game but directly
17658s after got taken off out of the spawn
17661s right Baka and on one eliminated both
17663s players there but I kind of saw the
17665s flames in his eyes right Mr Savage was
17667s getting ready he was feeling good and
17669s I'm hoping that he can come out on top
17671s in one of these next early games and
17672s show what he's really made of yeah he's
17673s got that experience right of in-person
17675s events and you can sort of see it in the
17676s Swagger the way he plays like you know
17678s what I've been here before I mean look
17679s how quick it's like school yeah I want
17682s to be like him I don't know what it is
17683s he's just so cool and it's reflecting
17685s his gameplay as well he is really uh
17687s taking the game to store he is really
17688s popping off in the end game he's
17690s performing and he's not he's not showing
17692s any signs of nerves he's really just two
17695s of you wanting we're seeing TV ones
17696s we're seeing some crazy clutches and
17697s that's what you need at this level you
17699s need to have those individual pop-offs
17701s because without it you can't make your
17702s way to the top believable and on screen
17703s right now we've got Reit and epic whale
17706s in case you didn't know epic will a
17708s six-time efforts Champion paired up with
17710s Reed who's on controller representing
17712s the controller gang uh we have this Duo
17715s has actually been pretty quiet right
17717s over in any less we've seen it you know
17720s it's a much slower game overall and a
17723s slower meta and now when we're trying to
17725s get way more aggressive feels like an
17726s epic whale maybe you need to kick it up
17728s two slow I mean I'm wondering what's
17731s happening because I was watching this
17732s Duo practice right in the player Lounge
17735s they were prepping themselves getting
17736s ready for this tournament and in the
17738s scrims right and the practice matches
17740s they were three four even five elims in
17742s the mid game before the late game even
17744s started they were playing aggressive and
17745s they were doing it right against the
17747s opponents they're competing against
17748s today so I'm wondering what happened but
17750s we'll we'll have to see if they adapt
17751s today too that's right really quickly
17754s hanging out in the player Lounge we've
17755s got Adam Savage standing by
17758s you have indeed here Zeke but I am
17761s joined by the one and only cease
17763s everybody
17763s [Music]
17765s [Applause]
17769s how has it been for you one of our
17771s backup players this weekend how great
17772s has it been to be around the crowd the
17774s players how much we enjoyed this it's
17776s been a pleasure man I mean being here
17778s back at another International land event
17780s it's amazing I mean everyone said it so
17783s far you've heard it on repeat all day
17784s but it's such a great experience and
17787s feeling to be here what's it been like
17788s the vibe with the players as well
17789s obviously the chance to kind of spend
17790s some time with them the player Lounge is
17792s right behind us as well what's up on the
17794s DL what's been the kind of Vibes amongst
17796s the players from your perspective
17797s cold-blooded man these guys are locked
17800s in especially some of these EU players
17802s headphones on listening to music they
17804s don't play around no they are they are
17806s focused what does this mean for the
17807s community as well a competition like
17809s this like fncs Invitational it seems
17811s It's been massively well received dude
17814s I mean we've been waiting for this to
17816s happen I mean obviously covet delayed
17817s things so much since World Cup but it's
17820s such a great time to experience like see
17822s all the fans and see the whole Community
17824s the whole competitive scene all together
17826s in one area it's awesome it's really
17827s awesome and you're awesome too thank you
17829s thanks so much uh one more time give it
17830s up a seats everybody
17832s what Legend ah let's go back
17836s cease one of just the coolest people I
17838s think I've ever met gotta hang out with
17839s him a couple times over media day uh
17842s legitimately one of the coolest people
17843s so thankful that he could be here I want
17846s to set the stage here for us once again
17848s we take a look at the top 10 coming into
17850s this game now please don't try to freak
17853s out your Brazilian team in 10th Place pH
17856s did kitas right now sitting on a tie
17859s breaker vortexers and bevies look I want
17862s to talk about this deal batch I think he
17864s does they have 25 fncs finals
17866s appearances pH in alone has four fncs
17871s championships and kitas with one for a
17873s total of five together all right the duo
17875s that dominates their region and seeing
17878s them in top 10 internationally on the
17881s stage it's really something you love to
17883s see yeah there are no slabs as well I've
17884s been doing a little bit of voting having
17885s a little look at how they play and oh
17887s boy are they aggressive they're very
17888s very confident in the way they go about
17890s things and of course in endgame as well
17891s they're looking strong what they often
17892s do is they rotate towards the front side
17894s of the first moving Zone just to get
17896s head of all the other players and that's
17897s why we're seeing them really making the
17899s most of their materials right they don't
17900s have to build they don't have to make
17902s those tarps into the front side because
17903s they're already there it just shows that
17905s there's different strategies that maybe
17906s we haven't seen too much of that are
17908s really on show today that's right we saw
17910s them in eighth place there centered and
17912s edgy once again edgy always hitting that
17914s second place now of course second place
17916s is still absolutely incredible but he
17919s wants that first place that he wants to
17920s do on a stage like this look but if he's
17922s able to keep getting second places and
17924s it's able to get them that trophy I
17927s think it's okay right as long as you're
17929s able to consistently get those points
17930s make your way up the leaderboard it's
17932s what you want to see that's right ladies
17934s and gentlemen here in Raleigh North
17936s Carolina you all need to make some noise
17940s because this is the last game here of
17943s the day this is game number six
17946s defenses Invitational let's run it one
17950s more time
17951s here we go game number six is just
17955s moments away and we get to close out
17957s this crazy day one yeah and you're
17960s already seeing from game number one all
17962s the way till here it is action-packed
17964s and that action continues to improve and
17967s continues to get better each and every
17969s game that we watch that's right and
17971s listen fortnite is at its best when we
17974s get to see everyone go head to head from
17976s all of our favorite regions but listen
17979s up there is only one more round in front
17982s of us which means there's no time to
17984s lose out now if you want to be set up
17986s for day two yeah and honestly if you
17988s didn't necessarily have the best day
17989s don't worry because game number six is
17993s about to start and if you are at the
17995s bottom half of that leaderboard it's not
17997s always how you finish it's not always
17998s how you start it's how you finish and a
18001s lot of these teams they can finish
18002s strong well listen up let's give it up
18005s one more time for game six here for our
18007s players as we start to load on to this
18010s battle bus here we go
18013s go different bus path this time around
18015s and a good chance for an off spawn
18018s cloudy condos five games we didn't see
18021s too much our four games didn't see too
18024s much but in that fifth game that's when
18025s we saw a lot of activity and it helped a
18028s team like valibuko and mustache who
18030s wasn't necessarily in the fight they got
18031s the Surge and they got out right away
18033s that's right well listen up as things
18036s start to
18037s get ready here and we sell in looks like
18040s we're gonna have to gear up this battle
18041s bus one more good time and it wouldn't
18044s be a fun event if we didn't just give
18047s you a little bit more air time for us
18049s some of our favorite players while we
18052s were at it so give us a moment here take
18055s a look at the focus of our players Jacob
18057s we have ourselves still one more game
18060s left today yeah and just take note that
18063s Victory Royale there from queasy was his
18066s eight straight finals with a VR that is
18070s impressive that means queasy and vrs go
18074s together in finals like peanut butter
18075s and jelly spaghetti and meatballs they
18078s are a Duo so you better watch out Vino
18080s not only that Vino was talking about how
18082s NA East hasn't shown up I was looking at
18085s that top 10 I saw three nae's teams on
18089s that top 10 leaderboard but not only
18091s that they are three contested nae's
18094s teams showing up so there really has
18097s been some some crazy uh performances and
18099s put ups but let's go to send on over to
18101s the analyst desk let's just continue to
18102s gear this thing
18105s thank you guys so much sorry about that
18107s we're making sure all of our players are
18108s on that battle bus and ready to go we
18111s cannot miss anyone on this pivotal game
18113s here in game number six the last one on
18116s the day
18117s now if you're just tuning in welcome
18119s this is the fncs Invitational you've
18120s missed a lot but hey we're happy you're
18122s here now and there's a lot to talk about
18124s started with queasy and Vino these guys
18126s have been absolutely running the EU
18128s region as of late and now after winning
18131s that last game 11 eliminations they're
18134s sitting pretty in first place I mean
18135s they were the first thrill to break the
18137s double-digit Elin record at this
18139s tournament right previously being eight
18141s eliminations but now 11 for this Duo I
18144s mean they're playing very well you know
18146s Cuisine Vino incredible let's talk about
18148s Vino right yes how good is this guy
18151s right we got 17 eliminations on the day
18153s today that is the most of any individual
18156s player and consistently fncs final after
18158s fncs final this guy is doing the most
18161s damage in the lobby he is an incredible
18164s Fragger we can see it
18166s 5932 damage Dell that's a lot of damage
18169s that he's outputting and he's really
18170s helping we saw it in that previous game
18172s we saw the refreshes he's helping them
18174s out so much and when you have a high
18175s Ground Play Star like they do he's
18177s really yeah and we've watched a lot of
18179s the the moments right where again it's
18181s like Vino just says oh uh queasy you
18183s need me to go eliminate a threat yeah
18185s man I'm down like let me just hop down
18186s there get a bunch of refreshes and bring
18188s all the stuff back and then we're ready
18189s to go again but I think too I think Vino
18192s has actually shown quite a bit of uh
18195s he's evolved as a player right when Vino
18198s first hit the scene he was just this
18199s like aggressive players like I want a w
18201s key every single person in my face but
18203s now he understands like Okay this may
18206s not be the moment but with that moment
18208s arrives I promise you I will be knocking
18211s on your wall look not only having the
18213s strong mechanics but also that strong
18215s mentality it's what you need to be a top
18218s tier professional player but I want to
18219s see if any of these other Duos are gonna
18221s be able to contest The High Ground as
18222s much as they have been doing especially
18224s in day two which with more time to adapt
18226s right we have Duos like Alex and Bailey
18228s coming from oce I mean at one point I
18230s believe they had on height in their name
18231s right because of how much they like
18233s going for The High Ground so I'd like to
18235s see some more teams up there going for
18238s the clouds and seeing what they can
18240s really do but we mentioned it right Vino
18241s his his progression of play I think his
18244s overall play style has developed so much
18246s but it's also he's got so much of a
18248s smarter player right he used to have his
18249s name as uh Tundra igl so he's not
18252s necessarily taking on the iGo role in
18254s this Duo but he has the brain to take it
18256s on that's right another Duo sitting here
18258s in your top ten it's Thomas HD and his
18261s Tripper and Thomas HD uh for those of
18263s you that have not followed the EU scene
18266s if there is a sniper in the game you
18268s might as well just rename that sniper to
18270s Thomas HD sniper because this guy does
18272s not miss and if there's a sniper in his
18274s hands he will find every single angle
18276s even if it's a pixel on the screen
18278s you're gonna take Max damage and it
18280s shows he has the most damage dealt out
18282s of any player here today and if there
18285s were snipers in competitive currently
18287s I'm sure he'd not only have the most
18289s damage but also the most elims with
18291s those headshot Snipes would like to see
18292s him yet yeah it's interesting because of
18293s course Thomas HD is widely guarded that
18295s has the best sniper and we got a chance
18297s talk to me and Vivi we were behind the
18298s scenes and we we spoke to him we're like
18300s Thomas are you sad about the removal of
18302s sniper you think that it's bad but he
18304s was like no I love it I think it's great
18305s so he's adapting his playstyle not only
18307s is he incredibly good with snipers also
18310s when they're not in the game and enables
18311s them to get so many more surge tanks of
18313s course you can overfeed you don't have
18314s to worry about getting that 200 damage
18316s to the head because you can overthink
18317s and you can see it right now they're
18318s getting the surge tags early on they're
18320s getting the the mid game rotations
18322s perfectly on point and they're playing
18324s the mid-ground layers as well they just
18326s bounce off each other so well and I'm
18327s curious to see what they're thinking
18328s about now right being in that top three
18330s spot with just Cuisine Vino right above
18332s them right it's all about figuring out
18334s what they can do to overcome their
18336s opponents right the consistency they
18338s need tomorrow to get the trophy what
18340s will they change what can they do or
18341s maybe we'll just you know keep playing
18342s the same hope they make less mistakes
18344s and that's all they have to do yeah I
18345s mean we know Thomas HD is kind of one of
18347s those players that says like I I have to
18349s be the best and if I'm not the best I
18351s will continue to grind until I am you
18354s pair him up with Tripper and who's just
18355s mechanically insane I mean we watched
18357s him shut down malibuccari right we when
18360s he's in situations where he's by himself
18361s he still finds points he finds High
18364s placement so it's cool to see these guys
18365s finally come together they've been doing
18367s for like what like three Seasons Four
18369s Seasons since the beginning I don't even
18370s know at this point I mean that's another
18372s interesting fact to bring up right
18373s there's a lot of Duos here that have
18374s been competing together they're like
18376s brothers right they're like Companions
18378s and then we have other newly formed Duos
18380s right King and Ed first tournament
18382s competing together and they kind of have
18383s that Synergy disadvantage right that
18386s some of these other Duos might have yeah
18387s it's definitely true but it's not
18388s showing of course we can see them
18390s popping off every single time
18392s particularly that Ed 1v2 clutch that we
18394s saw earlier on I know the guys look back
18396s there really really like that one uh
18397s they were cheering a lot for that
18399s that's right my friends we're drawing
18402s ever closer we're just counting heads
18403s making sure everyone's on that bus
18405s because once again we don't want to
18406s leave anyone behind we want to make sure
18408s everyone is here ready to go you can see
18410s it on their screens they're getting
18412s prepared and I just gotta say it's been
18414s an honor and a pleasure to be here with
18416s this amazing crowd here at the Raleigh
18418s Convention Center you guys are just
18420s losing your minds and that's what I love
18422s to see that's right that's right we have
18425s one game left to go and guess what I'm
18429s getting word it is that time game number
18432s six of the fncs Invitational starts
18435s right now
18437s let's do it one more time here in
18439s Raleigh North Carolina it is game six of
18442s the fncs Invitational Jacob we get to
18445s close out day one soon and this is going
18447s to be a huge closeout event five games
18450s five different Victory Royale teams
18453s coming out on top just going to show
18455s that it's honestly anyone's game at this
18457s point that's right and we've seen so
18459s much new attempts and and ways for this
18461s to all play out we gave the players time
18463s to go ahead and think about how they
18465s want to strategize but here it is let's
18467s see if it was all worth it game six in
18470s front of us once again let's make some
18472s noise for our players as they take
18476s forward the battle bus and that time
18478s that you were talking about for
18480s Preparation has run out everybody now
18483s taking their position on the map we've
18486s seen wonders over towards Chrome Jam
18488s Junction we've seen so many fights go
18491s down towards for Jonesy as well but
18493s honestly interesting enough neither of
18495s them involved these two teams going
18496s added off spawn not only that the coast
18499s has two teams as well so there's so much
18502s going on in this area and we've seen it
18504s play out a few times now round after
18507s round but this is a first take at clicks
18511s and dupe not necessarily being right on
18514s top of their opponents taking it off
18515s there they've given each other some
18517s space and this is you know honestly last
18519s game Vibes are here it just makes sense
18521s everyone wants to take it slow and try
18523s to play this one out yeah that's respect
18525s to them too because they they know the
18527s position that each of them are in you
18528s know what I mean if you go ahead and
18530s take that fight and it doesn't go well
18531s for either one of you that's kind of
18533s throwing away that game so they want to
18534s split the loot and try to get more on
18536s their path to the center of the Zone but
18539s just like very many games before we're
18541s gonna have a little bit of a northern
18542s Zone which looks like it bode well for
18545s queasy and Vino yet again can you
18546s believe Smite and Larson are in third
18549s place being contested at the Grim Gables
18553s what a way to play some fortnite today
18556s for the them it looked like it was all
18559s over when you when you viewed the paper
18561s and you you crunched the numbers but
18563s they have really turned all that lemon
18566s into lemonade yeah I believe they lost
18568s game number one but I think that was the
18570s game one Jitters of an international
18571s stage the first in-person fortnite event
18574s in quite a long time they shake those
18577s off and they're rising to the occasion
18579s na east's best hope right now to close
18582s out day number one with a top spot you
18584s can see Vico over towards reality tree
18586s last ride pretty early and that was me
18589s taking novice who also land over here
18590s Hey listen I'm from the Bronx I know all
18593s about being Scrappy vehicle and
18595s are clawing their way up out of the mud
18597s here officially breaking back into top
18599s 20 with those two elims right there
18602s that's a big Point swing for them it's
18603s gonna mean all the difference what's
18605s wild about these two-day formats is
18607s anything can happen right now we have
18610s seen teams just in this bubble area
18613s range jump all the way back up you have
18615s to stay consistent assistant
18617s Larson's might get defended off of their
18620s drop effectively they're pushed out by
18622s Muzz and looter so that fight will
18624s continue we jump on over to Savage and
18625s eye drop
18626s versus blocking on one
18629s not that 50 50 we saw before this one's
18631s gonna be a little bit prolonged and I
18633s think that kind of sits a little bit
18635s better for eye drops and Mr Savage
18637s simply because I drop knows this POI
18639s like the back of his hand he knows
18641s exactly where to get through he knows
18643s where a lot of the chests are he knows
18644s every single thing and he also knows any
18646s papping in order to disengage in a lot
18648s of these fights but it does look like
18650s the TSM Duo epic well strikes first
18653s taking down scented that's a big
18655s elimination right there as well as sent
18657s it in cold and one of the few maest
18659s teams inside of that top 10 and for them
18663s to fall to the hands of Epic whale just
18665s around the Tilted Towers is definitely
18668s not a part of the plan
18671s uh Marine finds Falconer in the feed
18673s there but peterbot in jumper looking to
18677s continue their battle here we talked
18678s about these contested Coastal battles
18680s and now we get to see it unfold for the
18683s first time from the beginning
18685s going up against Jace and basil
18688s so this is gonna be an interesting one
18690s because sooner or later you cannot
18691s continue to go down the chest is down
18693s there and that's where bazel's at and
18694s he's actually just trying to get out
18696s he's trying to escape you already know
18698s that he lost his teammate trying to do
18699s wonders as a solo and finish off the day
18702s strong because that's the thing
18704s fncs nae's chapter 3 season 3 after day
18708s one commandment in Avery were in Ninth
18711s Place day number two they had the
18713s comeback for the age to paint the top
18715s spot as peterbock takes the elimination
18718s but flies High to the sky just a little
18720s too high the shots are coming in he's
18722s finally able to land on his two feet and
18724s try to stabilize that's what peterbot is
18726s known for
18728s off one rimbaka though fight back here
18731s the last time they won their drop they
18733s turned that into a monstrous end game
18735s and now they're clawing back in Savage
18738s already down I drop
18742s actually Savage is on the run right now
18745s oh he's gonna be able to get out alive
18747s but do on one and Baka want to chase him
18750s there's so many other teams in the mix
18751s as well including Brazil's very own King
18753s and Ed where they're at on the
18755s leaderboard right now they want to start
18757s getting aggressive they want to take the
18758s game into their own hands adding King
18761s here trying to do something big we
18763s haven't quite seen them put up the
18764s numbers on show yet
18766s you can see right there King attempts to
18770s hit some shots but does fall slightly
18772s short and Now options in front of him
18774s does he go for the duo below but no
18776s instead he's gonna go and hunt down the
18777s solo this is by far the better play but
18779s the reboot is starting to come out for
18781s Mr Savage will you get our drop in time
18783s King arrives just there to maybe play
18785s spoiler
18787s but again this fight over towards cloudy
18789s it's those same two teams while malibuco
18792s and we're stash are always trying to
18793s find an angle so that way they can get
18795s the damage they need for storm surge and
18796s try to get out alive and I think and
18798s even found pepo somewhere but no they're
18800s actually chasing down Mr Savage and
18802s they're gonna clean that one up that's
18805s huge and King get their first two
18807s eliminations onto Mr Savage and eye
18810s drops
18811s here in game number six
18814s huge deal for him right there
18816s and lucky for us we are hot on the
18819s replay take a look there out the sky and
18822s wastes no time he says King you might
18824s have missed some shot before but I got
18826s your back that was a huge outside of the
18828s box play they could have easily pushed
18830s Mr Savage got the elimination and got
18833s two points done over with easy they
18835s allowed Mr Savage to get the reboot off
18837s got the elimination on eye drop got the
18840s elimination on to Mr Savage and got four
18842s points instead of two that's right way
18844s to play Big Bear and they need it
18847s back to Larson and smite they could have
18850s left this battle but they've won so many
18852s times already
18854s they decide hey let's stick around let's
18855s fight Martin Luther oh a big 86 on
18858s looters he tries to go on up
18860s Smite was waiting with the side angle
18862s there Larson now has just enough time to
18864s get back with Smite they're going to be
18866s trading minis here as you saw Larson's
18868s inventory was definitely short
18871s here it is that little exchange the
18873s material count too
18875s and honestly if you're Smite in Larson
18877s though winning every single one of these
18879s fights except for game number one you
18882s have no reason to leave it's up to Muzz
18883s and looter to try to change up their
18885s plan while you have a hot Larson and
18887s smite on their heels exactly who's going
18889s one on one with Hellfire this is for a
18892s huge finish for zaku because right now
18894s they've skid just a little bit down low
18896s on the leaderboard more than they would
18897s like and what's crazy about this this is
18899s how the region plays this is how Asia
18901s gets down they will W key they play
18904s aggressive they play fast fortnite and
18906s although it has been a a day of
18908s performance in end games for zagu and
18911s Marine this is where he does best who
18913s would have been a one-on-one put him in
18915s a heads ahead and look at how quick he
18916s is able to capitalize no shots come in
18918s from the distance it's not looking good
18919s he's gonna have to pause down here he
18921s does have some white heels but that will
18922s kill all the momentum unfortunately it's
18925s commandment and Avery with a dual angle
18927s here you can see we're out of this
18929s strategy Landing over towards Rave cave
18931s they're trying to go to the slower side
18932s of Zone they're trying to go as far
18934s north as possible but they're gonna go
18936s east first before they make that happen
18938s trying to clean up a quick elimination
18939s or what they think could be a quick one
18941s at that but the shot continued to come
18943s in storm doing work as well it's only a
18946s matter of time Hellfire is gonna be able
18948s to clean that one up Hellfire slides in
18950s and down goes Japan's best there zagu
18955s and Marine send back to the lobby back
18957s to the drawing board to rethink for day
18960s number two
18962s of the fncs Invitational that's how
18965s quickly things can change yeah hen was
18967s already down now they're just trying to
18968s find the second half of that duo Joe and
18971s Z Andy one of five teams to get a VR on
18975s the day favico somehow took down Avery
18977s they were waiting they were trying to
18979s hunt down the team and it was them who
18980s ended up getting hunted but Joe and Z
18982s Andy they don't want to let this team
18983s out of their sight they have at least
18986s one elimination against players from six
18988s different regions that's the most of any
18990s Duo and that goes to show how adaptable
18992s they truly are that is right
18995s Vortex is a solo as we touched on hen is
18998s out the lobby you can see the look of
19001s focus on his face here he recognizes oh
19003s big Reed there he finds to make it right
19005s in the nick of time he should get it off
19007s with about 2 Hp left that's gonna be a
19010s huge save for him meanwhile sensing and
19012s code now making their move like we said
19014s before they have been uh somewhat
19016s contested right their draw spot uh maybe
19018s not going head to head against pars and
19021s raised there but possibly trading out
19023s kind of coming into effect here as the
19026s loadout's very much uh not quite where
19028s you want it to be
19030s and that's Acorn and edgy sitting on top
19032s of the limb being that nuisance as
19034s golden scented they have to rotate right
19036s back in the way they came from see if we
19039s can make it happen they're actually
19040s taking some elevation right now this
19041s could be huge
19044s very interesting freedom to go up to
19046s high ground it is such a risk right but
19049s of course we never really know they want
19051s some of that look at that they get to
19052s the vote they steal some leftover loot
19054s that's gonna be a huge situation or
19056s meanwhile Moz and looter get to see a
19058s replay here remember this is up against
19060s Smite and Larson and Muzz turns this
19062s around third place Smite and Larson now
19065s effectively dropped yeah for them though
19069s you got to give them credit 128 points
19071s on the day they've done wonders and now
19074s they get to sit back relax collect their
19076s thoughts and plan for day number two
19078s while everybody else is kind of going
19079s through this Minefield of chaos which is
19082s game number six and like I said from
19084s game number one where you have 95
19086s players alive when storm swords
19088s activated the lobby is now feeling
19090s themselves out they're feeling a little
19091s bit more comfortable to try to attack in
19093s these moments Tripper to Thomas sitting
19096s on top of blimp just trying to get the
19097s storm surge so that way when they do
19099s find another rotation eventually it's
19101s gonna be their focus where they have
19103s don't have to go ahead and hunt the
19105s damage they can go ahead and do exactly
19106s what they want when they want let's take
19108s a look at you being cool here on the
19110s move
19111s some of our greats from na West right
19114s now they have really represented
19116s that you found their moments I'm proud
19117s they've caught their highlights Panda's
19120s probably proud of the crowd too oh yeah
19122s cold and scented now changing their
19125s rotation yet again
19126s don't want to go through Acorn and edgy
19128s anymore they got the heels that they
19130s wanted out of the ball and now they're
19131s trying to find another way around and
19133s for them they need scraps they are in
19136s shambles right now and that's another
19138s team right in front of them they spotted
19140s them out and that would have been a
19141s great sneak attempt coming out from
19142s scented and cold but now they have to
19143s think of Plan B what's crazy Cole gets
19146s caught out by Thomas H.D Thomas h d Mr 6
19150s 000 damage coming into game six here and
19153s adding to the Chart here Joe fn's gonna
19155s be the victim of a few shots there but
19157s not enough for scented to claw out of
19159s this tough situation he is in now mind
19162s you Na's third place Larson Smite are
19164s down colding Center we're in fifth
19167s coming into this
19169s and it's looking very very Grim now yep
19172s the only other nads team in there we've
19174s got the acorner edgy who came into this
19176s game in eighth place but in the distance
19178s sentences Fabs and snack he sees Joe and
19181s D Andy trying to get his storm surge
19183s damage up while being in the storm
19185s without any heals but luckily enough his
19188s Escape Plan you can already see it it is
19189s gonna be that launch pad
19191s explain a very dangerous game here he's
19193s already already been tagged for whites
19195s there there it is he doubles back now
19197s protects himself as well
19199s there's a med kit okay he knew that
19202s I'm trying to get sent its card likely
19205s there it is
19207s okay time to met off
19209s he will have enough time will he play
19211s for the reboot is the true question
19213s we'll find out soon on the other side Z
19216s in k b r are still alive right now 39
19220s above they're looking pretty solid said
19222s he finds Jumper in the feed peterbock
19225s goes down too so that's had to be an
19227s Eastern End Zone rotate that just did
19229s not go their way yeah and that that
19231s south side of the zone right now is
19233s going to become so congested we're gonna
19235s have to figure out another way to try to
19237s rotate around as Chicho's trying to find
19239s some damage barely gets above the damage
19241s threshold you get to knock on the rapid
19242s in the distance as well and you see some
19244s other shots coming through they know
19246s that the player is under pressure now
19247s the lobby is now taking hands to trying
19249s to take him out all together bevies is
19251s now joining The Fray along with vortexes
19253s as well andalix has his back up against
19255s the wall he's trying to survive and Alex
19257s and Bailey are also rotating in it's
19259s gonna be cut such a hard way for him to
19263s try to survive this is such a tough spot
19264s to be in right now as it's all going
19267s down our 10th plate PH Zen looks like he
19269s falls in the feed there too it's looking
19272s extremely desperate now for Brazil right
19275s now in this last game
19278s here's Booga on the other side of a nest
19280s and takes wall they're gonna heal up
19283s eyes on Miriam Booga but no they want to
19285s get out of here this is a little too
19287s dicey for them now Lopez gonna get them
19289s right to the same Zone pretty decent
19290s it's a great spot to be in right now
19292s they're okay on the surge but they could
19294s use a refresher here plenty options up
19297s to be served as well hell fireless that
19299s he found Avery Hellfire was a solo in
19301s the zone Way North as commandment of
19304s Avery went pointing inwards and look
19306s Avery fully finished there The Surge
19308s possibly finishing the deal yeah that's
19311s not good you can kind of see why they
19313s rotated out of Ray pave trying to third
19314s party some of those fights but they
19316s ended up getting snuck on which probably
19318s turned their entire story around is
19320s Google Nero trying to get in towards his
19322s own focus of the lobby begins kanbuka
19325s try to survive 43 HP and a dream miro's
19328s there to try to alleviate some of the
19329s pressure and it does look like it's
19331s gonna stop
19333s that was tough very very close right
19336s there
19337s usually when that happens it's all over
19339s but luckily the teams decided not it's
19341s the last game I can't burn all my
19343s resources if I cannot disappoint pick up
19345s the loot so everyone slows down for case
19347s and choppix they are very much
19348s comfortable right now
19350s no pressure on them but there's a lot of
19353s players in this vicinity here
19355s movement little scarce
19358s not a Mac wood over there pars and Rays
19360s surviving as well Cami and seti trying
19363s to take that top spot back you hear the
19367s analysts they're having great games and
19368s then they're kind of having a little
19369s slip UPS here and there but luckily for
19371s them this is day number one as long as
19373s you keep it competitive you'll be in the
19375s mix and look at our top four top four is
19378s all EU right now monster that is right
19381s 21 points for Cammy and seti to catch up
19383s to Vino and queasy but that top three is
19386s just European territory right now Vino
19390s queasy Thomas HD tripping and of course
19393s Kevin and steady all fighting for that
19395s top three currently it's what you expect
19397s we've seen a lot of our community folk
19400s really put those three up in the
19402s standings
19404s and wait for them knobs to let down the
19406s fans right I think Malibu come or stash
19408s might be low on storm search yet again
19410s being one of the three teams over
19412s towards cloudy condos nobody really
19414s going at it off of Spawn but a team that
19416s doesn't have much to worry about you saw
19418s them high at the top of the blip Acorn
19419s and edgy almost 500 above they're just
19422s picking and choosing their battles
19424s trying to figure out what the right play
19425s is gonna be and it does make you wonder
19427s although malibucca and mustache are
19430s contested being below the surges means
19432s that hey that first game was a wake-up
19434s call we can't just go battle aqua and
19438s crew will just come in third party
19440s look at this that's finds malibucca
19442s there that's a huge one and now we get
19445s to see Adam phase Kings perspective here
19448s King from Argentina Ed from Brazil right
19451s here right now two elims already
19453s potentially going head to head against
19456s on one in vodka
19458s the young Duos from naos no the peak the
19462s punishment down those Baca is this going
19466s to be able to get it though doesn't he
19467s look like in the mini map that they're
19468s going over so yeah you are correct he is
19470s gonna get a second chance at life as on
19472s one is placed in the top ten in every FN
19475s CS final he has played in trying to put
19478s na West on his back along with Yumi and
19481s cool Fabs and snacky so many top
19484s competitors in this tournament still and
19486s this is only day number one time to have
19488s a deal 120 below make it 60 now they do
19491s need a little bit more damage it's going
19494s to continue to fluctuate Vico finds
19496s vodka down goes on one as well Vigo just
19498s cleans that up meanwhile Canada and
19500s matchwood they started off so hot and
19503s now all of a sudden they are in a world
19505s of trouble here surrounded by some of
19507s Europe's most dangerous here on this
19510s south side of the Zone but hey they have
19512s time they have plenty to work with here
19513s you shouldn't get too sketchy just yet
19516s if they can keep a low profile for a
19518s while he'll survive for the next moving
19520s zone or the hop in half out reveal
19523s here's a look at third fourth fifth
19525s sixth seventh are down fifth is down hey
19529s that that's a blessing for some and a
19531s curse for others for the teams from
19533s eighth and below this is their chance to
19534s really close the gap in the final game
19536s that's all of any East
19538s out in game six that hurts just a little
19541s bit
19542s just a little bit but still got Acorn
19545s and Edge he's still alive catching one
19546s on to Joe Janice is gonna be left as a
19549s solo this video just get knocked in that
19551s moment that tasting that chapic that are
19553s hot on the heels but pressure is coming
19555s from all sides for a lot of these teams
19557s leaving macwood and kadata are trying to
19558s put some shots on to tasting the chappix
19560s you see Janice trying to break through
19562s he is that solo that we were looking at
19564s trying to survive the deal finally goes
19566s down Janice still knocking on the door
19568s storm surge taking him down but Tayson
19570s gets the last laugh and in the end it's
19572s gonna mean four eliminations for tasting
19575s and shopping they absolutely needed it
19577s they were slipping so far behind well
19579s outside that top 20 bubble way to make a
19582s hero's effort push in game six to set
19584s yourself up for a good day too but they
19587s still have a long road in front of them
19588s they have to close out this round the
19590s zone is going to pull far Northeast it's
19592s on a little piece of his own so if you
19594s have that mountain top just right there
19596s you're gonna be in a sound in strong
19598s position for edgy and acorn to be some
19600s of the last to jump on over and we that
19602s we want to see epic whale and read
19604s they're just above sitting down so this
19606s might be their game but first Vino and
19608s Queasy have to show us why they're in
19610s the lead they don't really have to do
19612s anything here look at the blue right now
19613s they're on the edge of Zone they have
19615s some High Ground all these players
19616s flying through the sky easy shot so just
19620s like serving it up on a silver platter
19621s for a team that has been playing this
19623s good but only seven damage below the
19626s threshold and let me tell you something
19628s this is not bad for a team that lands
19630s North and then has this half and half
19632s out whole North it makes a big
19634s difference when you are already
19636s positioned there and this comes your way
19637s now they just have to worry about damage
19640s management and closing out this last
19642s game but you can see Griffin and Thomas
19644s HD are there as well they have that same
19646s story they are very much close by here's
19649s our high ground Kings three in Epic
19652s whale the 6X and of course Reed a
19655s multi-fncs winner himself
19658s going head to head against refs guard
19659s right now they're starting to crank up a
19660s reap does not want to give it up not
19662s just yet he jumps down this is what he
19664s does best is take those fights but no
19666s plays a little smarter he has to play
19668s for the end game and I saw pink and a
19670s knock go down to pars he's finally
19672s starting to heat up Tyson gets another
19673s one Kanata as well ref guard as a solo
19676s stole Hideaway from the TSM Duo that is
19681s absolutely insane right now but you got
19684s to take note of where they actually
19685s landed though they still landed at a
19687s high enough layer so they could take it
19689s back at a moment's notice just need to
19690s evaluate the situation no need to burn
19693s material this early smart play it's the
19696s best play Vino with a huge tag your
19699s shield crack there that's gonna go ahead
19700s and get him a little excited but Acorn
19702s energy now revealed himself to his later
19704s as well he's not too happy about that
19706s one and you see him back up just a
19707s second there meanwhile rap scarred on
19709s High Ground by himself just looking down
19712s here enjoying the few but 130 damage is
19715s what he needs he gets Four Tags that's
19717s great but not enough here comes the big
19719s drop in he hits it okay he stays in the
19723s game almost seeing his life flash before
19725s his eyes just a few centimeters in the
19727s wrong direction he goes down he goes out
19730s but queasy and Vino are trying to go up
19733s they're trying to take the game by storm
19735s and they get it monster they got The
19737s High Ground for now but it's not for
19738s free they do have a duel on their heels
19740s who is it it's wrestler who try to fight
19743s for it but he is not going to be
19745s successful this time around High Ground
19748s can get you one thing that we know for
19750s sure and that's amazing placement if you
19752s can ride it out when you're a solo like
19754s that that was an excellent attempt but
19756s now back into the heat of things seti
19759s Cami two elims another end game in their
19761s biggest threat trippered in competition
19763s is alive Acorn edgy Nae slash hole
19766s potentially in this Lobby still in the
19768s Run
19769s saw threats go down to the bottom half
19771s of the map that's true Lex and Chicho
19773s taking down Kanata Falls as well Ed's
19775s gonna get one queasy Vino trying to go
19777s ahead and put themselves outward so they
19780s can continue that damaged seat so solo
19782s stuck at the outside of his own four
19783s floppers to work with the siphon comes
19785s through onto Ed this is an opportunity
19787s for him to pick out placement points
19788s while being outside of the Zone not only
19790s that clicks is still alive too but
19791s here's taste and taste is gonna fall
19793s inside the storm now it's up to Acorn
19794s and edgy making their way up the
19797s outskirts here look at the clean rotate
19799s here from Acorn he is just exceptional
19801s but we get to jump into Duke 200 hp now
19804s down to 72 make it less than that it's
19807s not looking good from Zero to Hero he's
19809s trying to claw his way into this they
19812s find the player on the edge no elim
19814s there do catch the fight back and down
19816s he goes and it is all over and once
19819s again we might be seeing our first team
19821s who is setting up for a back to back and
19824s back to back that is going to leave them
19825s with all the confidence in the world to
19827s end day one and go into day two they 10
19830s eliminations onto Biko from the low
19832s ground he's trying to have a comeback
19833s for the ages to close out day number one
19835s shots on a trip from a huge amount of
19837s damage he drops them down as well but
19839s goes down all together Valiant effort by
19842s Pico it is a worst case scenario for
19844s Thomas HD because his biggest threat is
19847s on high ground but Reap is fighting back
19850s retakes down queasy on height he is
19854s turning this around and to try to turn
19856s us into potentially a solo game
19859s meanwhile Thomas finds blocked Thomas
19862s still live and Reed Falls there in the
19864s end look at Thomas holding the low
19866s ground Chicho's right next to him
19867s trulics hurts him too but Vino has a
19870s grip of height Acorn waiting on the side
19872s out of builds he's gonna have to come
19874s down too it's all over the gas tank is
19877s empty down he goes and now off the
19879s setting it's Cami instead of the only
19880s two are left and they find another one
19882s Vino trying to put wonders won't be two
19884s situation what can he do here to take
19886s home the big prize and end was back to
19889s back Victory Roy owls to end the day but
19891s a team looking to take first place back
19893s Cammy and seti and they try to steal it
19896s away by getting
19902s one what a story for Cami and seti
19907s becoming Legends but be so proud right
19910s now off these players they put in the
19912s hard work they put in the effort and way
19915s to watch it play off that is huge for
19919s them because they're not like a lot of
19920s these other teams who are consistently
19922s fighting to get to the top of the
19924s leaderboard they play their play style
19926s through and through from the drop spot
19928s all the way to the end game they're one
19930s of the few teams time and time again
19932s that has their own spot they call it the
19934s Cami split and it works out every single
19937s season and now they get to take that
19940s Victory lap to center stage where they
19943s will be greeted by Adam Cyrus for a
19945s quick update and Adam please tell me how
19948s they do it
19950s right now they're looking mighty fine
19952s giving up the caveat City
19955s [Applause]
19957s ggs Boys
19959s two Victory royales out of six games
19963s afncs Invitational that must feel
19965s amazing yeah it's really amazing it's
19968s really amazing
19970s oh talk a suit what you saw there that
19972s uh we had we had cuising Vino on the
19974s high grounds we saw queasy went down
19976s Vino was so low when you saw that happen
19978s was there an opportunity for you guys to
19980s get your way in and win that game yeah
19983s but we didn't want to take the high
19984s ground because we wanted to get more
19985s kills on Logan that's why you stay
19986s though yeah in terms of today and the
19990s six games has it played out as you both
19993s thought coming into this or have things
19994s been very different
19996s like we dive two games to search like
20000s we plant everything differently but it
20003s didn't went
20004s as we planted
20006s I think we just adapted well and uh
20008s going into tomorrow we're gonna be more
20010s confident and more prepared so yeah
20012s talking of preparation for tomorrow what
20015s do you do now do you go back and and
20017s review boards do you kind of work on
20018s strategy or do you relax
20021s like I think relax and what review
20024s tomorrow a big day six more games could
20027s Cami and seti go all the way and win
20030s fncs Invitational of course of course
20032s there you go give it up but Gary had
20034s said day your game six winners
20038s let's go back to Zeke and the Gang
20043s I made this joke
20046s game one of the fncs Invitational
20049s Cami and seti are living their life on
20052s repeat right now they they've done this
20054s dance before right this happened at
20056s dreamhack they win game one they win
20058s game six they say on top for Cammy and
20061s seti all of EU right now is thinking
20065s this is it we are the best look EU is on
20069s top right now but Cammy and seti they're
20072s gonna have a stressful night it ended on
20074s a high note it started on a high note
20076s but with the history of Canyon City
20078s having two back-to-back good days is it
20082s a curse that we haven't seen too often
20084s so I'd be really happy to see them
20086s continue this momentum forward from this
20088s last match into day two yeah instead he
20091s said it himself right they're really
20091s really adaptable they're adapting very
20093s very well and that's what I like to see
20094s from this team what I've noticed about
20095s the way they play in the way they sort
20097s of carry themselves they don't get down
20098s after a bad game you know we saw as they
20100s said two bad games surge wasn't quite
20102s looking too good for them but look at
20103s that they come back they make the
20105s changes that are required to bring them
20106s up in the leaderboard and you can see
20108s it's working out yeah right now they're
20110s holding right they're not in that first
20111s place spot and of course as they talked
20114s about they had they were eliminated two
20116s games to search right and they
20118s identified those issues and now we see
20120s the correction in game six of Victor
20121s Royale right so to your point to cut it
20124s tomorrow they come back stronger
20127s we can see it we can see them win it all
20128s look the tricky part is they did adapt
20131s very quickly and effectively in that
20134s last match they had a difficult
20136s midsection of the tournament but the
20138s thing is now overnight those Duos that
20140s didn't have the best day one will also
20142s change they'll also a dab room and maybe
20144s the adaption that Cameo said he had for
20146s this last match won't be valid in day
20148s two we will find out right now we have
20151s Kelly standing by with the duo in first
20155s place Kelly take it away
20157s everyone I am joined by Vino and Queasy
20160s our first place team out of day one
20166s all right so this is a stat that was
20168s happening I think even before game six
20171s was going on but you had the most solo
20173s eliminations with 17 elims I'm sure that
20176s is even more now how do you do it
20180s um
20181s I'm the best player in the world I I
20183s love it I love the confidence
20186s but how do you know when to go for the
20188s elimination and when to like step back
20191s um it's nice having a ballon it's good
20193s having a balance we have chugs so a lot
20196s of the time when we're playing High
20197s Ground I can drop back and look for
20198s kills especially when I have the ranger
20200s shotgun because of the range on it and
20202s that's when you can at least get a lot
20204s more kills and I use the arrange shotgun
20206s really well the other game I got a kill
20207s on the Asia team zagu I think and that
20211s led us to winning that game I mean
20212s obviously it's not just winning you the
20213s game but it's also winning you the whole
20215s tournament right now queasy after that
20216s VR in game five to almost do it again in
20219s game six as well I mean obviously you're
20221s going into day two pretty confident yeah
20224s of course I mean the lobby is not that
20226s hard I feel like we should have been way
20228s better than we are right now we had like
20230s a hard joke in game four and five I
20233s think or no wait you got the V heart
20235s game four three and four uh but yeah
20238s other than that feeling confident going
20239s tomorrow I mean obviously you guys are
20241s doing something right you're in first
20242s place right now good luck in day two and
20244s thank you for joining me here for an
20246s interview and we're gonna head back on
20247s to the desk
20250s thank you so much Kelly and this is just
20252s like I talked about this earlier on the
20254s day Vino is a player who is constantly
20257s evolving I just want to kind of consider
20260s what how this could have gone
20262s differently right for Kami and Teddy it
20264s was a 1v2 against Venom and it's because
20268s Reit played spoiler and eliminated
20270s queasy in the uh another the same other
20273s Universe I talked about you know this
20274s one earlier on in the show you know what
20276s I'm talking about and this other
20277s alternate universe queasy still alive
20279s and then we see a true 2v2 against
20281s queasy and Vino versus Kami and seti the
20285s way these guys have been playing I think
20286s he would have gone to Cuisine Vino look
20288s we could have seen the back-to-back
20290s Victory Royale from Vino and Queasy
20292s right they had it all lined up but I'm
20294s also I mean happy to see what we saw
20296s right when Cammy and seti got the VR it
20298s was the first VR from down to the ground
20300s right on the low ground they managed to
20302s secure it all the victory royale's came
20305s from that High Ground Up Above So it was
20307s great to see a little change up but that
20309s change up was because queasy ended up
20311s going down and Vino was left in the 1v2
20313s yeah we saw it right we saw queasy going
20316s down but of course it opened the
20317s floodgates for the players down below to
20318s really just rack up eliminated rack up
20320s the placements as well and there was a
20322s few moments here I thought well you know
20323s what we talked so highly of Vino and you
20325s could tell by the interview he's oozing
20326s with confidence I can feel it over here
20328s um he could clutch this right he could
20330s clutch this 1v2 couldn't quite work out
20332s for him though although we've seen it
20333s doing so many times yeah and I I don't
20335s want to take anything away from City and
20337s Cami they are phenomenal players and
20340s they deserve that Victory out in that
20342s moment I just want to see some good
20343s fortnite man and in this alternative
20344s Universe we got to see a 2v2 against who
20346s the greatest in the world now I do want
20349s to take a moment I'm getting word that
20351s none other than Adam Savage is sitting
20354s by with one of our Duos currently in the
20355s top ten it is Smite and Larson that is
20359s right thank you very much Zeke smile
20361s Larson everybody
20364s Larson are an average size I'm just an
20367s anomaly I am massive
20368s um guys it's been an amazing day seventh
20371s after the first six games you must be
20374s feeling great was there was there a
20375s Target prior to this after day one that
20377s you aimed for and did you exceed
20379s expectations well we try to end around
20381s 150 we didn't really reach that but off
20383s Swan we did way better than we thought
20385s we would and it was amazing talking
20387s about spawners obviously Muslim looter
20389s Grim Gables going head-to-head Larson
20391s how many of the of the six battles did
20393s you guys win one four out of six but um
20396s it should have been better it should
20397s have been six though but it's all good
20398s we saw your reaction as well we loved
20401s seeing your reaction to some of the
20402s moments you like you're enjoying
20404s yourself and getting quite passive
20406s aggressive at the same time yeah to let
20408s them know that they're trash and we're
20409s beating them every game tomorrow okay I
20411s like that I like I like the fighting
20412s talk here as well uh Smite going into
20414s this evening as well how do you guys
20415s prepare for day two tomorrow uh I do you
20418s go and relax or is it back to grinding
20420s this evening I'm gonna go over bar to
20421s see what we did wrong and fix it for
20423s tomorrow and we're gonna hopefully win
20424s every game okay everybody Smite and
20427s Larson thank you so much let's head to
20429s my Mount Vivid on the main stage
20431s here we go we've had plenty of
20433s opportunity to talk about the teams in
20435s top three Cuisine video included and of
20437s course Cami and Teddy but Thomas HD and
20439s trippin sneaking into that second place
20441s position here and you know I want to
20443s check and see how they were doing
20444s awesome obviously they are landed over
20445s at Rave cave alongside commandment and
20447s Avery how are they getting out of this
20449s so unscathed right every single game you
20451s can see here it's kind of this race to
20453s this balloon and Mountain position over
20454s here and this game Thomas HD and trippin
20457s win that race they instantly Poise up on
20460s top of this balloon and on top of this
20462s mountain and basically what this allows
20463s them to do is sit here for pretty much
20464s the rest of the game and this is where
20466s they get a lot of their storm surge from
20468s but it also allows them to control
20469s pretty much this entire side of the map
20472s since they are so high up on that Higher
20474s Ground they can just fire down shots on
20476s anybody that decides to rotate through
20478s so as you can see here look at the map
20480s there is not a single soul around them
20482s and that's really really good coming
20484s into the rotations that are going to
20486s have to happen for the end game and then
20488s the balloon is awesome right because it
20489s does provide you with that immense High
20491s Ground but then they can also just use
20493s it for those rotations that I was just
20495s mentioning of course that is not
20496s possible if they aren't allowed to
20498s control that much of an area so well
20501s done for them coming into day number two
20502s I want to see more of that out of them
20504s now Adam Tolson I'm gonna toss it right
20506s back to him
20508s thank you very much my man uh I'm with
20511s right now Thomas and tripping everyone
20513s the dynamic Danes here what a great day
20517s we talked earlier on at the beginning of
20518s the show about this being uh potentially
20520s Third Time Lucky for you guys and so far
20522s second place Thomas after day one surely
20525s you guys are thrilled yeah I'm I'm proud
20528s of chiffon and me like we played a lot
20530s of really good today and
20532s yeah and hopefully we can do like even
20534s better tomorrow to take the win
20536s absolutely how do you improve on
20538s tomorrow is anything today in your game
20539s that you thought could use Improvement
20541s or did you feel it went pretty solidly
20543s games could have gone like gone better
20545s like we've done more kills we had like
20547s three or four kills every game I think
20548s it would be like I don't know I feel
20550s like we played pretty average today like
20552s from what we can play so hopefully we
20554s pop off tomorrow again Absolutely I'll
20555s be sure as well uh in that game six she
20557s managed to get high ground quite early
20558s you managed to get storm surge attacks
20560s as well how important are those tags in
20562s situations like that where you can kind
20564s of maintain and hold for up to up high
20566s uh we didn't really play High Ground
20568s today but like the search takes are of
20571s course important that's why he asked me
20573s yeah
20576s dare I say I'm gonna ask you guys
20578s do you think potentially you could be
20581s the famous you could win the fncs
20582s Invitational tomorrow satin second
20584s tripping it's looking it's looking
20585s pretty good maybe we'll see maybe we'll
20588s see guys give up a trip with ADD Thomas
20590s HD yeah love to see it let's head back
20593s to the desk over to you guys thank you
20596s so much that's crazy Adam did an
20598s interview with Spain Larson and said he
20600s was the anomaly I guess there was three
20601s anomalies
20602s there I'll see myself out don't worry
20604s about that uh
20609s and thoughts on the day it has been a
20611s great day indeed listen I enjoyed every
20614s single moment of this awesome
20615s competition I've been entertained
20617s through and through from games one to
20619s game six it honestly exceeded my
20621s expectations and you know what the
20622s player that's set out the most to me the
20624s duo that set up the most to me to us for
20628s sure it has to be marine and zagu
20631s representing for the Asia region the
20633s Japanese Powerhouse the champion of the
20636s Asia region let's talk about it yeah and
20637s honestly could you even believe that
20640s this is their second fncs finals
20642s together they played together last
20643s season they took home the acts of
20645s Champions and they're looking to do it
20648s here yet again but no story would not
20651s come without its ups and downs they had
20653s a good start to the day not necessarily
20654s the best start in the end but they're
20657s still exceeding my expectations as they
20659s can somehow come out on top of that same
20660s fire tomorrow it'd be amazing and that's
20662s the interesting thing about the way the
20663s song played out you have these first
20664s three games they popped off and they
20667s could have probably took that momentum
20668s but then we hit that small break right
20671s everyone gets to reset reevaluate and
20673s all of a sudden it was a tougher back
20676s half so tomorrow they get the full day
20678s to reset if they can kick things off and
20679s stay explosive I think we'll be in for a
20681s great show yep but that's gonna be it
20683s from us you guys thank you for enjoying
20686s this great day that's right take it away
20688s thank you so much Jacob and MDF joining
20691s me right now I have marim and Zago the
20693s fncs chapter 3 season 3 title winners
20696s right now and I have to ask how exactly
20699s did they achieve that chapter three
20701s season three win season 3
20707s oh
20708s yeah
20715s we were able to do that because we were
20717s able to capture The High Ground about
20719s four times and that's why we were able
20721s to Win It High Ground always wins games
20723s and I do want to ask obviously the
20725s Invitational is a very big deal what is
20727s your preparation and practice been like
20736s this is
20746s I really appreciate it and obviously you
20748s guys started the day off oh I'm so sorry
20752s so
20753s um yeah the the low there's quite a big
20755s level difference in terms of the players
20757s on the uh Asian server so we just tried
20760s to you know reevaluate how we performed
20763s by revisiting the replays over and over
20766s again
20770s to prepare for tomorrow
20779s oh
20782s so this way
20790s so we're gonna try and reevaluate what
20792s we did wrong so we can improve upon that
20794s and do our best to win tomorrow I would
20796s love to see it thank you guys so much
20797s again for joining me here for an
20798s interview and we're going to head back
20799s on to the desk
20802s a fantastic interview there and I just
20805s got to say before we kind of wrap up the
20807s day the thing that's impressed me the
20808s most is just how humble a lot of these
20811s players have been obviously there's been
20812s quite a bit of smack talk you know oh
20814s you know sure this is competition that's
20816s gonna happen but you can tell for a lot
20819s of these players when they are kind of
20820s talking about their game play what what
20822s they want to improve on there is that
20823s level of respect like look I I am trying
20826s to be the best at this and I'm aware
20828s that I'm not yet I gotta do a couple
20829s things and then I'll be there and I
20831s think that's kind of my key key takeaway
20832s it's an understandable Reserve
20834s celebration though from the players
20835s because you have to keep in mind this is
20837s only day one the first six games we
20840s might have found a conclusion for our
20842s top 10 leaderboard today but tomorrow
20844s could be a different story all together
20846s a lot of these players have already
20847s talked about the fact they want to
20849s basically run it back with the VOD
20850s review see where they can try and
20852s correct some of the mistakes or just
20854s moments that didn't necessarily go their
20856s way earlier on but I do have to give it
20858s to EU they kind of ruined the pattern
20860s for today because we had for every
20862s single game today
20865s e-u-n-a-e-u-n-a and then e-e for the
20867s victory Royale finishes look they did a
20869s great job but I'm also impressed on how
20871s every region performed right seven
20873s regions competing today and we saw some
20876s nice showings from Asia from Middle East
20879s from Brazil and just looking at the top
20882s 20 of that leaderboard there I saw
20883s multiple regions scattered all over and
20886s with six more matches to be played out
20888s tomorrow anything is still possible it
20890s really is and we saw a few of our Titan
20892s teams as well a little bit lower down
20893s than we would have expected maybe Malibu
20895s mustache one of them tasting the
20896s champions of course as well not quite
20898s having the best day and I think it just
20899s shows that although we've seen these
20901s teams popping off in their own regions
20902s when we're on an international stage
20904s like this Anything Can Happen although
20906s Tyson traffic they're so decorated in
20908s the EU region when you throw a few
20909s spanners in the works from different
20910s regions with different play Styles
20912s different metas things can really go
20914s south and you know it's okay right we
20915s have tonight to reset come back even
20917s stronger tomorrow now Kelly is standing
20920s by with one of our more wholesome Duos
20922s Pam's doing fetch hey guys I am indeed
20925s joined by Pam Stowe and fashion you know
20927s I just wanted you to talk a little bit
20928s about your drop spot what was the
20930s decision behind it uh we got pretty
20932s lucky with zones we were really a lot of
20935s node zones today and it's kind of hard
20936s for a search for us because everybody's
20938s just like it's like they go away from
20940s Hugo and that's where we sit usually so
20942s we had to find like new strategies but
20944s we managed to work around it pretty well
20946s yeah obviously is the name of the game
20949s after day one how are you feeling I'm
20951s feeling pretty good then I think it's a
20953s really good place if we keep going
20954s tomorrow so any changes that you're
20956s going to be making in your play self for
20957s tomorrow and how are you going to be
20958s preparing tonight uh probably just
20961s voting for a coach just watching the
20962s game seeing how teams play and maybe be
20964s a bit more aggressive tomorrow so
20966s aggressive obviously is a double-edged
20968s sword you can get those eliminations but
20969s you can also be taken down how do you
20971s know when the right time is to strike
20973s it's very right but the more you play
20976s the game the more you're gonna have a
20977s good mindset on when to kill someone but
20980s yeah
20980s thank you guys so much for this quick
20982s interview and obviously good luck
20984s tomorrow guys let's head on back to the
20986s desk
20988s shout outs once again to the players for
20990s just giving us a moment of their time
20992s right hearing that Insight from them but
20994s that's pretty much it for us from today
20996s and don't forget we have another six
20998s games tomorrow so Before We Say Goodbye
21000s any last words we need minor so many but
21003s so little time right but we have uh
21005s we've had an incredible day today we've
21006s had day number one of the offensive fncs
21008s Invitational it has been so much fun to
21010s see all of these different teams popping
21012s off we've seen High eliminations Vico in
21014s that final game 10 eliminations on his
21016s own just to highlight one it's just been
21018s crazy and I'm excited to see what
21019s changes in day two there's really
21021s nothing like it right an International
21022s Event to this caliber we haven't had it
21025s in years the emotion from the crowd the
21028s expressions of the players the
21030s excitement from the solo clutches and
21032s the Roaring you hear from the audience
21034s it's really something that's unique and
21037s it's got a special place in my heart and
21038s it it feels amazing to live it once
21040s again I'm just ready for day two already
21042s like I I kind of wish it could just be
21045s tomorrow already well we don't have to
21047s wait all that much longer fortnite fans
21049s we love you all so much remember
21051s tomorrow coming back at you six games
21054s one incredible trophy all live from
21056s Raleigh North Carolina we love you keep
21059s yourself safe and as always
21061s see you on that battle bus
21065s [Music]
21097s foreign