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2s Hi I'm Wert,
3s and this is my Fortnite map, Parkour Universe.
6s Parkour Universe is a collectathon disguised as a parkour course.
10s I created 13 different worlds where everything is different.
14s The whole gimmick is different, but still parkour.
16s You may start by playing a couple of stages,
18s then you realize there's branching paths, there’s secret worlds,
22s there’s feats, achievements. You feel like you're paving your own way as a player.
26s As a creator,
27s I get more motivated to work on secrets than the actual game.
31s You can take your playthrough to a whole new level
34s that is hidden within the game.
38s So Parker Universe has a lot of secrets,
41s so let me show you one.
42s In Corrupted Castle,
44s you go this way just to continue with the stage.
46s What we can do instead is actually climb up here.
50s And then go this way.
51s It is a little bit more tricky to get right through the trap right there.
55s And,
56s you find a secret world.
57s And a secret world contains a completely different experience.
61s That’s one secret to get you started, but the rest - you have to find yourself.
66s I'm super passionate about that stuff.
67s It keeps me going every day.