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3s what's going on fortnite fam it is so
5s great to see all of you once again 50
8s teams competing in 12 games over the
10s next two days but there can only be one
12s number one and of course the acts of
14s champions 2.0 all to give away it's all
17s to play for it it starts right now
22s after coming together this season and
23s making it to finals off of vr in
25s semifinals day number one hail on and
27s rapid had to channel that momentum in
28s the finals in order to have the best
30s chances to win on day one they had an
32s amazing performance overall with two
34s second place finishes and even a nine
36s elimination vr in game five but after
38s all that they only led first by three
40s points
42s day two was a different story and a
44s rollercoaster of emotions but when push
45s came to shove in the final game they
47s were able to pick up nine eliminations
49s and a third place finish to claim the
50s top spot in the fncs chapter three
53s season three championship
56s now time for oce alex and bailey finally
60s managed to get their fncs win off the
62s back of the third and second in the
64s first two seasons of the chapter after a
66s rough day one they put themselves in
68s tenth position going into day two so had
70s it all to play for the hard work and
73s determination that they showed
74s throughout the whole chapter was
75s replicated with a stellar performance to
78s mount a huge comeback in the second day
80s of finals
83s chapter 3 season 3 knows
136s the kings on top of eu's castles were
138s the deal and janus they placed in the
140s top 10 and 75 of their matches a feat
143s only a few have ever achieved both video
145s and janus over the last few years have
146s developed from players who had to take
148s fights to players who can choose to take
150s fights only when it benefits them
152s despite the zones being largely against
153s them they repeatedly found themselves in
155s some of the best positions out of all
156s teams in the lobby undoubtedly this was
159s due to their incredible volume of
160s practice playing every scrim session
162s available to them after repeatedly being
165s on top of the scrim leaderboards and
166s grinding harder than anyone else in the
168s lobby video and jealous are the owners
170s of the new acts of champions 2.0
182s second
225s the leader changed nine times over the
227s course of the two days as we entered the
230s final match three duos were neck and
232s neck buga and miro held the lead avery
235s and commandments stood at their heels
238s while pamsu and thatch were ready to
240s steal away a championship if the top two
243s teams fell bougain miro sputtered out in
246s 21st leaving an opening then commandment
249s stunned with the clutch of a century he
252s took a game that should have ended in
254s third zone when avery got knocked and
257s turned it into an fncs title commandment
260s grabbed one refresh then another elim
262s and yet another with ice in his veins
265s commandment snatched the championship
269s on na west the tides have shifted as new
272s champions rise to the top day one finals
275s showed a very different leader board
276s than in seasons past while we expected
278s to see snacky fafs or read an epic whale
280s at the top this wasn't the case the new
283s contenders and yumi and cool showed up
285s on day one to challenge the norm after
288s the first day they had a 58 point lead
291s over second place all they needed to do
293s was be consistent and the axa champions
295s was theirs game seven and eight were the
298s opposite of day one though as they fell
300s in 35th and 26th place this didn't
303s discourage them though they immediately
305s won the next game with seven
307s eliminations from this moment on they
310s continually showed up putting points on
312s the board after the 11th game they knew
315s they had won yumi and cool are now your
318s new champions of na west fncs
323s until next time the invitational we love
325s y'all keep yourself safe and we'll see
327s you on the battle bus
340s you