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Transcript (by Youtube)

2s 50 of the best duos
4s from all over Europe will go head to head for their lion's share
8s of not only prize money but the Axe of champions.
11s 2.0. Buckle up.
16s Now go harpoon. 150 takes him down.
19s Still has a chance there and he'll hit it!
21s Are you kidding me?!
22s Six eliminations. All to himself.
25s What a game.
28s You can see a battle
30s is breaking out. Fastroki with a huge shot.
33s Can Vadeal connect with a big shot?
36s It is looking like it. Needs to mantle his way on up. Vadeal.
40s That is breathtaking.
41s Wow.
42s Hundred thousand dollars between first and second.
45s He's hitting shots again.
47s Then look at the scream.
49s Merstach falls, Nebs falls.
50s Belusi is also falling.
52s They are falling down like dominoes.
54s Malibuca making it a bit more difficult for them. They're running out of HP .
58s Oh my goodness.
60s how did Malibuca manage to do that?
63s That was a fat shot though from Fastroki.
64s Just absolutely dominating zAndy on the end point there.
68s Six games yesterday, six games today.
71s And at the end of it all, we will crown two players
75s as the FNCS champions.
78s Kiduoo, that was clean.
80s Kiduoo will fall, Vadeal will connect.
82s And so now you should- Vadeal is that guy!
85s Game number 12.
86s This could be a nail biter, man.
88s It will go down to the final game.
89s Jannisz and Vadeal, they're not taking any risks.
91s They want to hold onto this top spot.
93s Merstach is just down to such low HP, will he fall?
96s It's looking like it. Vadeal and Janice are riding the wave to first place.
100s He has one shot away from going down How long is he going to be
104s able to stay up?
105s He gets out a refresh and other elimination for Vadeal.
108s Are you kidding me?
109s They've won the tournament, but he is now just showing why he is revered
114s as one of the best Fragger's in all the Fortnite. Continuing to hit shots as well
118s and eventually will fall. First place is sealed.
121s Amazing.
122s The German giants to bring it home.
126s 50 teams competing in 12 games over the next two days
130s but there can only be one number one It's time everyone for the FNCS
134s Chapter three season three NA East finals.
137s Breaks open that door. Knock, knock. Who's there.
140s Don't care.
140s These are placement points, he has jumped up to 12 points on his own here.
144s He can look for another one.
145s That's two for the finish.
147s There it is.
148s Gets one knock. But Ajerss he's there
153s This is a dumb angle from Khanada, but he's making it work.
156s How is that even possible?
157s Jamper and Eomzo playing very, very aggressively.
160s Ceice right now, molding the rest of the lobby, though.
162s Huge shot from Khanada. The clutch does not stop.
165s Khanada is back.
166s They're making this absolute torture.
168s Oh My gosh. Commandment!
170s Up close and personal. It's a horror movie.
173s There's monsters on height.
176s The big upset there and Bank gets crushed.
179s Fatch is down low, no he finds it.
182s He finishes it.
183s See you later, Khanada.
184s Low ground.
185s Turn around. Here it is. Offense will win in the end.
188s Clix, hits the shot. Game 12th NA East.
190s $692,000 is on the line.
194s You see Bugha and Mero are being very, very careful.
196s They're playing it very, very safe.
198s Terrible spot here.
199s If they fall this early that is wraps, the floor will open up.
203s Oh no!
205s The first team falls.
206s We thought it was a guarantee
209s Commandment, one mission: survive.
212s 12 points still left for him to catch up.
215s He needs something, anything.
217s A miracle, a chance of desperation.
218s It's doubled over to the right side.
220s Moving through the zone 1 player to 110.
223s Huge take out. Two from commandment! Three! Up to 305 points, he's six away.
229s There is only an opportunity now for Commandment. This is it.
233s No mats, the edit comes in.
236s I cannot believe he survived.
238s But will there be enough placement points there?
241s Your first place... Oh my god!
244s No. He did it.
245s By 1 Point!
247s The Mr Highlight, the clutch man, the 200-zero.