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605s what is going on fortnite fam welcome to
610s the fncs Invitational all happening live
613s from Raleigh North Carolina this is day
617s number two and in case you missed out on
620s any of the action yesterday don't you
622s worry about it we're gonna get you up to
624s speed right now
631s [Music]
632s it's game time this is the fscs
636s Invitational
638s 2022 the battle bus is ready let's go
641s Jacob said he is fighting back Cammy is
644s fighting back they looking to get inside
646s there goes the elim they were looking
648s for just one player separates them but
651s acorn will not survive and Sadie and
654s Tammy take game number one game number
656s two and this is what we talked about
658s that wall there's nothing you can do
660s it's all or nothing down goes cobal
662s senses turn two but they have the angle
664s they're going to wait this one out just
665s for a little bit and allow the zone to
666s do the rest home finds the one and
669s that's it by the other game number three
672s Starts Now now we're moving at my Pace
674s topics there's so much damage he loses
678s the wall and no more shield now and it's
681s all over traffic's intakes and fall EU
684s versus Asian for zagu this man has the
687s world on his shoulder just a sliver of
689s HP a little bit of shield and it's not
692s going to be enough Joe and CNN he's at
694s game number three
697s game number four five Duos left and
700s about eight three of them are full duels
702s right now and Savage loses another one
704s he's a solo he's trying to take down the
705s na West team he takes down Yumi huge
708s stipend coming through Mr Savage does it
711s again commandment and Avery have
713s everything working for them he needs to
715s pick and choose this wisely do you go
716s for two elims on the low ground four
718s chance at first and down goes Savage
720s steady knows better and it's a great
722s game for commandment and Avery and all
725s of a sudden now it is looking so dicey
728s is just waiting
730s waiting for that perfect option they
732s have The High Ground they drop down low
733s the game is theirs after they take down
735s Bevy it is game six of the fncs
739s Invitational what can he do here to take
741s home the big prize and end with back to
744s back Victory Royale to end the day but a
747s team looking to take first place back
748s Cammy and seti and they try to steal it
751s away by getting that VR to end game six
754s and they get the first game they get the
757s last game of day one EU is on top right
760s now
761s [Applause]
764s foreign
769s what an incredible just day one of
771s fortnite action we're back here again to
774s do it once more for another six games
776s and at the end of it all we'll have one
779s fence yes Invitational champion and it
782s is an honor to be back with you guys for
784s day number two please let me give you uh
787s a nice little introduction here it's
789s none other than tokata and mini Miner
790s who'll be hanging out with us here on
791s the analyst desk boys it's day two of
793s the competition it's day two and seeing
795s how day one went I cannot wait to see
798s how day two unfolds we've seen
799s representation from all seven regions
801s throughout this tournament and currently
803s with three EU Duos in first second and
806s third place the action it's an all-time
809s high absolutely but day one was a story
811s of twists and tons we didn't just see
814s things going one way we saw everything
816s happening and of course we saw some
818s crazy plays that's right man queasy and
820s Vino the All-Stars the favorites to win
823s it all have come in after day number one
826s and they are sitting in that first place
828s spot 184 points and this is after the
831s interviews yesterday where they kind of
832s were saying you know there's a few
833s things we might have made a little
834s couple mistakes on and they felt that if
836s they buttoned those things up they could
837s come in today even stronger look what
839s more is it to say about this Powerhouse
841s Duo they've already taken home two
844s championships out of the three in this
846s current chapter three of the fncs is not
849s only that taking home both EU and NA
853s East crowns of the most recent Elite
856s cops queasy and Vino they're a Duo I
860s mean I wouldn't want to mess with the
861s mini I don't think anybody in this Lobby
863s wants to either no and they're not at
864s the moment they are really popping off I
866s mean let me throw you some stats your
867s way second most eliminations yesterday
869s Vino second most damage dealt yesterday
871s Vino this man is on fire and oh boy are
875s they showing it we've seen them popping
877s off in previous Seasons last season for
879s example day two they actually got 13
881s more points so although he's seen a
884s crazy performance on them today expect
886s no less on day two yeah yeah we kind of
888s touched on them and their performance
890s yesterday I talked about bino being a
892s player that's currently evolving right
894s he kind of Hit the scene was just this
896s player who just wanted to constantly
897s find the boxes but now with a little bit
899s of that control him paired up a queasy
901s absolutely insane I'm very excited to
905s get into today's games but is there kind
907s of anything you guys are excited about
908s I'm curious to see how this Duo changes
911s up today though so yesterday we did have
914s five north zones Cuisine Vino dropping
916s on the Northern side of the map as well
918s in shiny sound I want to see you know if
920s we have a little bit more south zones
922s today how that changes up their their
924s placements I am getting word Adam are
927s you standing by with none other than
928s queasy and Vino I certainly am Zeke
931s right now Riley could you please get a
932s huge round of applause for crazy
937s you hear that they're all here for you
938s guys all right we have uh so much to
940s talk about obviously yesterday finishing
942s uh top of the lead of up to six games
944s Vino uh how are you feeling last night
946s after a great day one
949s um it's very much the same as all nights
950s but a lot a bit more pressure uh to
953s close it out we've got Thomas and Tripp
955s and camian city right on our tails and
957s it's uh we're gonna try and finish out
959s today will you be keeping a close Sizer
961s on their performances as well as your
962s own then yeah but we can't change what
965s how well they're gonna do we can only
967s try and do our best our massage was all
970s queasy obviously we know yesterday a lot
971s of uh you know zones pulled North for
974s you guys is that a good thing or a bad
975s thing considering storm surge I mean uh
978s for us I think we prefer some zones to
980s pull like um bottom right and uh top
982s left uh because of our search play style
985s like you saw we died game three and four
987s at The Surge which was not the best and
989s those are the games there we board the
991s most of the zones so yeah interesting to
993s see well the guys best of luck today 6
995s small games let's see what happens let's
997s go back to the desk
999s thank you so much for that interview
1001s Adam and of course we'll be checking in
1002s with players periodically in between
1004s games before the show all begins we'll
1006s have plenty time to get their insights
1008s through it all let's take a moment
1010s though to talk about that format how are
1012s these players accruing these points in
1013s each game fncs fans you're well aware of
1017s this but maybe for those that might be
1018s tuning in for the first time why don't
1019s we break it down from Takata right so
1021s you start getting placement points all
1022s the way at 35th spot and all the way at
1025s the top you see the victory Royale is a
1026s total of 32 points which is equivalent
1029s to 16 eliminations so if you want to get
1031s a VR and elims you're gonna have to get
1033s double digit elims which was only done
1036s once as a deal yesterday but also once
1038s as a solo where Vico got 10 elims yeah
1042s absolutely of course that cascading
1043s placing Point kicks off of that 20 fifth
1045s spot but of course what are these
1047s players playing for this is the ultimate
1049s moment the second day this is where the
1051s prizing matters two hundred thousand
1053s dollars for the first place team a
1055s hundred thousand dollars each all the
1056s way down to one thousand dollars for
1058s that 50 Place team everyone walks away
1060s with some couch it's good it's easy of
1062s course we also can't forget mini Miner
1063s they're also walking away with a trophy
1066s handed out from Swarovski look at this
1069s thing shine just to have that somewhere
1071s in your room oh you start on stream oh
1073s yeah what's going on guys oh this back
1075s here no big deal just happened to win
1076s The Advocates Invitational no big deal
1079s uh guys we have a little moment here so
1082s what we love to do is show you this we
1084s had a moment to catch up with our Duos
1086s and actually get their insights from the
1088s end game check this out I think the end
1090s game of this Invitational is going to be
1091s hectic because obviously you have a lot
1092s of good teams a lot of good teams are
1094s gonna be looking for refreshes so a lot
1095s of fighting going on so it's gonna be
1097s crazy every game's different so you
1099s can't really you can't really like
1100s pre-load the end game but we we know how
1102s to play in game so whatever happens
1104s happens
1107s that's how we played endgame he's doing
1109s everything I just follow him I think the
1111s fncs end game is going to be chaos
1116s yeah the difference between public
1118s matches and competitive Pro lobbies is
1121s like literally night and day and games
1122s at a professional level are a lot more
1124s complicated than end games at a casual
1126s level there's so much action as well
1128s like um High grounds overall mid-ground
1130s biggest difference is getting refreshes
1131s is way harder because people are way
1133s more aware
1137s coming into the end game what do you
1138s like to have in your Loadout oh I like
1140s to have a of course in the hour and then
1142s I usually like having pads to just
1144s rotate max math Mobility launch pad gold
1148s Prime hopefully he's you know locked in
1150s because he's guessed the refresh as I
1152s tarp and it's really uh
1162s [Music]
1168s priorities and end game depends on the
1171s situation also but in the best of a
1173s situation we like to just stay front and
1175s stay together and be able to be ahead of
1177s everyone the first moving Zone we
1179s usually launch pad and try Place second
1181s height
1182s and we stick around there and if we get
1184s an opportunity to take High Ground we'll
1185s take it the best thing in the moving
1187s zone is like when you're like on the
1188s side or on the dead side so you can't
1190s get shot like from people
1191s like if you're like on the left side of
1193s moon Zone you can't get shot by people
1195s on the left and I have no idea you do
1197s everything so I just follow you
1199s [Music]
1201s we'll usually play Anywhere honestly mid
1203s ground height low ground the one thing
1205s that's important is like after like
1207s second moving or so you should probably
1208s either be on height or low ground or
1210s trying to get one of them
1225s boys
1240s like to be low ground you know we're a
1243s low ground team meaning basically we're
1244s the lowest the lowest so when there's a
1246s lot of people low ground it's a lot more
1248s fighting based on low ground and that's
1250s what we are really good at I think it's
1253s gonna be chaos because since it's every
1255s top team from every region I think it's
1257s going to be way harder we'll see who's
1259s better at the end
1262s bam style and fast obviously the most
1265s wholesome Duo I believe we have here in
1267s the competition you do love to see it
1269s why don't we take a moment here to take
1270s a look at our lobby list we touched on
1273s that duo in first place queasy and Vino
1275s let's talk about second place Thomas HD
1278s trippin they were showing up in huge
1281s yesterday this Duo has been playing
1283s incredibly right the Danish Duo I have a
1286s crazy stat for this Duo they got at
1288s least 20 points every single match in
1292s day one and what's so crazy about it is
1294s there wasn't another single Duo that
1296s even got more than 10 points every match
1298s yesterday not only that they placed top
1301s 15 in every single game as well yeah
1304s they actually have the highest average
1305s placement Yesterday by almost three
1308s places so these guys are absolutely
1309s popping off and you can see on the
1310s screen right now Thomas HD is absolutely
1312s absolutely fragging out every single
1314s game I mean out of the 20 total
1316s eliminations they have across the six
1317s games Thomas HD has 18 of them so
1321s trippin is on two which is not as much
1323s but Thomas HD is definitely doing great
1325s trip and plays such an important role in
1327s this year as well we can't forget
1328s they're definitely a dynamic between
1330s themselves it's not just a case of two
1331s solos combining together they have that
1333s brain that almost synergizes both of
1336s them and we can see Thomas HD absolutely
1338s popping off yeah they are kind of like
1340s we talk about this consistency factor a
1343s lot right in the fncs being able to put
1345s up those numbers make sure you're not
1347s falling you're having these games is
1348s like oh we are limited off spawn no
1350s they're making sure they can be
1351s consistent across the entirety of the
1354s game and that's what's helping them
1355s maintain that second place now how are
1359s they feeling coming into the competition
1361s day two well guess what Adam has is
1363s standing by he's got the answer
1365s I certainly am thank you very much Zeke
1367s I'm joined by tripping and Thomas HD
1369s yeah if you know what's great guys we're
1371s actually talking about consistency a
1373s second ago but you heard some of the
1375s great stats from yesterday uh Second
1377s Place what is it specifically do you
1379s think that's gotten you into this
1380s position
1382s and you were just playing from there and
1384s yeah we have our search and good
1387s position and that's all we need because
1388s prices I mean I'm getting a sense of
1390s confidence really oozing confidence back
1392s here uh Thomas going into this as well
1394s obviously Rave cave other teams dropping
1396s in the same POI maybe even a fourth team
1398s today as well how do you manage that
1401s um I don't know if we're gonna come but
1403s if we are they can just come we're
1405s confident so yeah I'm pretty sure we're
1408s gonna win obviously you've got teams
1411s around you we talked to queasy and Vena
1412s earlier on are you keeping tabs on who
1414s else is doing well in the competition or
1415s you focus on your game specifically as
1417s well we're mostly focused on our
1419s game but I don't know we
1421s yeah we just we look like if we see in
1425s the kill feed someone is like doing good
1427s to shoot at them or whatever yeah like
1429s excellent but it's looking very good
1430s right now tripping and Thomas actually
1432s feeling confident it's back to you seek
1436s thank you so much Adam and what I love
1438s to hear from that is they're considering
1440s other factors right watching an
1442s elimination feed saying okay we know a
1444s Duo is doing well how can we slow them
1446s down what can we do to ensure they're
1448s not just walking away winners or getting
1450s themselves at a position where they can
1452s win get big Royals refreshes whatever
1454s they're trying to say no no we want to
1456s affect the game we want to make sure we
1457s can stop whatever they're trying to
1459s accomplish I mean that's what you have
1460s to do when you're at this level of
1462s fortnite competitive right they drop in
1464s the south side of Rave cave and there's
1465s so many Duos around them that they have
1467s to pay attention to the feed they have
1468s to pay attention to what's happening
1470s around them so they can adapt and act
1472s quickly on that yeah absolutely you'll
1475s love to see it adapting is the key to it
1477s all let's talk about our duo in third
1480s place it's seti it is Cami long time
1483s competitive veterans coming out of the
1485s EU region recently they took home the
1488s dream hack right it was a soulless
1489s competition they came in first and
1491s second the two best players now back at
1494s it again they win game one they start
1496s the competition strong they win game six
1498s they end day one strong what can we
1501s expect from them coming into today look
1503s we talked about Thomas and tripping
1504s being consistent but when you ask me
1506s about consistency I think of this polish
1508s Duo seti and Kami it's the seventh time
1511s they've competed together so they have
1513s the Synergy and not only that they've
1515s placed top 10 in every finals they've
1518s competed together in this is a
1520s consistent Duo but what I find most
1522s interesting is that five percent of
1525s their eliminations come from the first
1527s to the third Zone only five percent
1529s meaning a majority of their elims is all
1532s in that late game they play safe and
1534s they play for the long run yeah they
1535s definitely do and what's interesting
1536s about the way they played yesterday it
1537s was completely different to what they've
1539s been doing for the whole season we were
1540s looking at some of their Elite cup plays
1542s and some of their League Cup uh sort of
1543s finals performances and what we were
1545s noticing was what I was noticing was
1546s that they were going down a lot in that
1548s first moving Zone they haven't actually
1550s done that today they've actually solved
1551s that problem by staying back in the
1553s storm a little bit fighting it out and
1555s of course that does come with some risks
1556s I've noticed about yesterday's games is
1558s they either had a really really solid
1559s end game or they went down to about 30
1561s 30 second 34th one of those places so
1563s when you are fighting in the back side
1565s of that zone and your latest rotating in
1567s all the other players that are in the
1568s zone are gonna be looking at you and
1569s that's where their problems are at the
1571s moment so although they're solving the
1572s problem of going down early they're kind
1574s of solving it with some of the such
1575s that's right well hey we got Adam
1577s sitting by let's check in with Cami and
1578s seti right now
1580s thanks very much Zeke yes indeed I have
1582s Cami and City here everyone uh it was a
1584s great end to the day yesterday with that
1586s game six Victory Royale talked about
1589s last night and preparation what did you
1591s guys do yesterday when you got back
1592s amongst yourselves did you kind of
1594s prepare for today my vodka reviewing
1595s what did you do like I watched some
1597s games how we rotated and everything and
1600s then I just I'm just focusing on today
1602s we saw some great rotates yesterday the
1605s shield bubble on the boats being one of
1606s them City last night uh rumor has it a
1608s lot of the players are watching both of
1610s you guys and how you do rotate how do
1612s you feel then the other players are
1613s watching you guys for tips on how
1615s they're going to progress in this
1616s competition uh for me it doesn't matter
1618s because they are not going to be able to
1620s do what we do because of the position on
1622s the map that we are in excellent stuff
1624s we're listening Cami and said he could
1625s be fncs Invitational Champions later six
1628s games will determine that let's go back
1629s to Uzi and you gotta love that Focus
1632s that resolve right coming in saying we
1634s know what we got to do let's just run it
1636s one more time let's see if they can
1638s respect the rest of the company petition
1640s and how the rest of competition will
1642s respect each other
1644s at the invitation I think everyone has a
1646s chance to win you know anyone can take
1647s this home there's so many trolls and
1649s differences winners World Cup winners as
1651s well there's all the best players in the
1653s world it's just exciting that we're
1654s playing and all the players will be near
1657s us and being able to walk around the
1659s lobby of our hotel room and to see so
1660s many people I used to look up to yeah
1662s and now they have my competition it's
1663s such a sick experience
1665s I think the player I respect the most
1667s coming into Invitational would be Alice
1669s pretty impressive that he's going to be
1671s competing all the way from Asia and I
1673s think he does have a shot of doing
1674s really good Acorn at the moment is a
1677s really really good player probably the
1678s best in na but I mean
1688s players respect the most I think it's
1690s queasy because of his experience the way
1693s that he's playing the game Ray inspired
1695s me I was about to quit one season and he
1698s convinced me not to so I wouldn't be
1700s here if it wasn't for him Deborah I
1701s respect the most is probably bugger when
1703s she won World Cup I saw that anyone can
1706s win any tournament if you just work on
1708s it
1709s I'm excited to play against all the EU
1712s players just because of how good they
1714s are for me it's got to be like the
1716s Brazil oce Middle East people like we
1718s never ever face off against I'm really
1720s excited to get up against meron Buddha I
1722s Think Jesus this is the best two in the
1724s world we'll definitely see how they play
1725s and I'm excited to see them on the
1726s leaderboard as well
1732s I'd like fighting Kanata again on the
1734s same thing even though we follow them on
1736s 120 thing I think yeah that's gonna be
1738s up there
1739s if I was to do it with someone outside
1741s the region I'd probably choose epic well
1742s because he's the most complete player I
1744s think the only other player from another
1746s region I'd want to do it with was
1747s probably Tayson I like his gameplay I
1749s think we have similar Styles if I was
1751s going to do it with anyone from any
1752s region I think it would definitely be
1753s then I agreed here he's got really good
1756s igling skills and he's a great fighter I
1759s think if I had to pick someone from a
1760s smaller region to do it with I think I'd
1762s pick Zinn uh he's dominating Brazil
1764s right now and I think he's a good person
1766s to look forward to playing an
1768s Invitational
1769s a robin rocks chai picks they are
1773s underrated but they're all good good
1774s mechanics good brain yeah I think they
1777s will do good the Brazilian dios are
1778s really underrated and they could
1780s surprise people
1788s tend to sleep on him but his skills in
1790s fortnite is still just as sharp as they
1791s used to be thank you my bro I got you my
1794s bird on my bro
1798s dude that's what I love to see coming to
1800s this competition right of course
1802s everyone's laser focused they want to
1804s win there might even be a little Trash
1805s Talk here and there but everyone
1807s respects everyone and that's what I love
1808s about the competitive Community why
1811s don't we take a moment though let's talk
1812s about some offspawn fights boys we got
1816s two here to break down so Takata where
1818s do you want to start let's start at Fort
1819s Jonesy this is where it gets interesting
1821s right we have clicks and Dukes going
1823s head to head against pink and anas now I
1825s don't know if I'd call this an offspawn
1827s fight or an offspawn disengagement
1829s because this Duo did not fight each
1831s other once yesterday six matches and
1833s neither of them ended up getting
1835s eliminated off the start but what did
1837s end up happening is that pink and an
1839s awesome we're the duo that had the most
1841s time inside of the Storm at 14 minutes
1844s in day one yeah they didn't I think the
1845s big reason for that is clicks and Duke
1846s they're not interested in fine they're
1847s not interested at all they are just
1849s getting straight out of there they're
1850s getting the loot even if it's not that
1851s great loot they're just hopping right on
1852s out of there they don't want anything to
1854s do with that fight what's interesting
1855s about these two Duos and the way they
1856s performed is that clicks and juice
1858s they've kind of had a bit more of an
1859s erratic performance all day they've had
1860s three really really solid games and then
1862s the other three games weren't so great
1863s whereas you look at pink and a Nas those
1865s guys have been really really consistent
1866s not necessarily popping off in any of
1868s the games we've seen I think a ninth
1869s potentially from one of those uh games
1871s as well but they've had sort of between
1872s 10 to 20 places so it's not too bad from
1875s this team they're being consistent and
1876s that's why pink and NASA above them
1878s that's right well Kelly you're standing
1880s by let's talk about this head-to-head
1882s matchup that is right Zeke joining me
1884s right here I have clicks and peak
1886s fighting at Fort jonesian clicks
1889s obviously obviously these zones have not
1891s necessarily been pulling in your favor
1892s what's been your strategy to deal with
1894s it uh you know we need to find some
1896s eliminations on the way and hopefully
1897s get a refresh because arlu is getting
1899s out of Johnson's especially this bad
1901s side that we're on is terrible but we
1903s got him today and pink for you you had a
1906s great performance your best game
1907s yesterday was 11th place with seven
1909s eliminations and that was all solo but
1911s what changes are you making to break
1913s into that top ten
1915s um as click said hopefully we get a few
1917s zones because like we had to use all our
1919s mats and all our loot to like get to the
1921s zone so if we pull a few zones we'll be
1923s able to save our mats and get deeper
1925s into the game and obviously you two are
1927s facing off against each other is there
1929s anything that you want to say to him
1930s before you go into the game
1935s I'm in a few words everyone I love to
1938s see I can't wait to see you face off in
1939s the final six games today let's head on
1941s back to the desk
1943s [Laughter]
1946s sorry ah man you guys are absolutely
1948s amazing what a great time you can tell
1950s everyone's in High Spirit they're still
1952s Focus we're all having a good time from
1954s here let's talk about our next offspawn
1956s fight we watched kind of unfold
1958s yesterday coming into today we got Baca
1962s going up against him against Mr Savage
1964s over a chrome Jam Junction
1966s what were expectations going into today
1968s and did they change coming into or
1971s yesterday rather and then change coming
1972s into today look it was interesting it
1974s was actually a very fair I mean match-up
1976s right they ended 3-3 so Mr Savage eye
1979s drop ended up winning three offspawn
1981s engagements and on one also ended
1983s up winning three offspawn engagements
1984s but if we look at the leaderboard Mr
1986s Savage and eye drop are a bit higher
1988s yeah 14 places or 14 points ahead of the
1991s latter Duo so it's going to be
1993s interesting to see whether they can
1994s continue that today who's going to be
1995s winning the Osborne fight Mr Savage and
1997s eye drop when they do make it they'll
1998s spawn they do seem to be a little bit
1999s more confident on their surge rotations
2001s their surge parts of course Mr Savage
2002s clutching up so well yesterday but I
2005s think that when they're 50 50 in that
2006s main building we see background on one
2008s on top in that engagement because when
2010s that was when that bus is moving from
2011s the north to the South it is a lot
2013s easier for them to have that drop for
2014s the main building that's there and I
2016s think what we're seeing is a little bit
2017s less of that 50 50. we only saw it
2019s happen in one of the games maybe today
2021s as things get a little bit more
2022s desperate we'll see that happen more
2023s that's right guess what we got another
2025s interview to grow your way Kelly she's
2029s standing by we have both of these
2032s players we get to hear from them about
2033s how they're preparing coming into the
2036s competition
2038s thank you so much Zeke joining me here I
2040s got Mr Savage and Baca and Mr Savage
2042s yesterday you had an incredible solo run
2045s walk me through what was going on in
2047s those moments
2049s um well I just died so I was just trying
2051s to make the best out of the situation
2052s and I managed to find like two three
2053s eliminations so it worked out pretty
2055s well yeah so they did work out for you
2057s well in Baca there was one game
2059s yesterday that was really you performed
2060s really well well in it the other five
2062s not so much what was so different about
2064s that game uh we pulled a good Zone we
2066s got a lot a lot of tags on people got a
2068s lot of Surge and we went 10 game with
2070s good loot and we played the game out
2072s hello love it thank you guys so much for
2074s joining me in this interview good luck
2075s in your six games and we're gonna head
2076s on back to the desk
2079s they're ready man they are ready to
2082s start the competition and we'll get
2084s there in just a moment what I want to do
2085s is take a quick second here to kind of
2087s talk about what we're hoping to see
2089s coming into today's games I think for me
2091s I'm really looking forward to Zago and
2093s marum Wright Champions out of the Asia
2095s region we saw them just come out
2097s swinging yesterday and then after that
2099s kind of halfway point they kind of fell
2101s off now they're not that far away from
2104s first place we could see a huge shake-up
2106s coming to the next six games today so I
2108s really have high hopes for them tokata
2110s who are you maybe looking forward to
2111s seeing maybe even a story line what are
2112s you excited about I also want to look
2114s and you know talk a little about Acorn
2116s and edgy we talked about our top three
2118s Duos but in the fourth place nae's 308
2121s corn and edgy they've been playing very
2122s well they land in tilted Towers on the
2124s blimp and acorn actually had the most
2127s damage dealt in the first two zones out
2129s of any player competing in day one
2131s almost 3 500 damage so they have been
2135s prepping well yeah they're already
2136s having us so I tell you how they're
2137s getting that you know that blimp outside
2139s now it's just to the west side of it
2141s they're sitting on top of there they are
2142s getting so many surge tanks in there
2144s we've got to talk to Acorn yesterday and
2146s was saying what's it like he said it's
2147s brilliant everyone's rotating towards me
2149s the zones are falling North I'm getting
2150s a thousand tags on players rotating in
2153s they're loving life at the moment my
2154s only concern for this Joe how will they
2156s fare with the South Stones if we do get
2157s any today right we saw a lot of North
2159s zones yesterday so many of the players
2161s are rotating into that tilted Towers
2162s area it was a search bomb let's try
2164s we'll find out as it all unfolds before
2166s us but first Vivid I think you're
2167s standing by in the crowd
2169s thank you Zeke Raleigh and the world how
2174s we feeling for day number two I am
2178s feeling exactly the same I want to kick
2180s it off right here and go ahead and give
2181s my prediction I think Weezy and Vino
2183s they're obviously going to find
2184s themselves on The High Ground but I
2186s think Acorn and edgy are gonna find a
2188s couple more end games today kick it off
2190s strong and hopefully break into that top
2192s number three now I'm feeling excited and
2194s so is everybody else which is why I
2196s would love to kick it right over to MDF
2198s and Jacob wait a second we're doing
2200s early predictions hold up I want to give
2202s a blanket statement n a E's I absolutely
2205s needs to represent here at least for me
2207s I want to see a top five finish from our
2209s competitors I'm feeling Smite in Larson
2211s right now the young Bulls stepping up
2214s and not only that backing it up on the
2216s mic as well so I'm feeling them yeah I'm
2218s taking that blanket I'm gonna go ahead
2219s and wear it as well NA East is going to
2221s rise up but I got a little bit of a
2222s different team I got Acorn and edgy I
2225s think edgy is not gonna only win its
2227s second fncs in another region it's gonna
2229s be on National Sage I'm feeling that but
2231s you know who else wants an opinion it's
2233s Taco let's check it out appreciate you
2235s guys over on the cast but more
2236s importantly it's been awesome seeing the
2238s energy and help the players are all so
2240s amped up getting ready to set up for day
2242s number two here at the fncs Invitational
2244s but have to keep an eye out for Vico
2246s merim because Vico he's actually leading
2249s in individual eliminations 21 on his for
2252s his team collectively and I think that
2253s it's incredible that 21 out of 24 belong
2256s to him I'm just really excited to see if
2257s they can keep it going keep that
2258s aggression up he's just looking to frag
2261s out along with everybody else here but
2262s that's not the only Duo that we have to
2264s talk about today so let you guys go back
2266s on the desk
2269s thank you so much you got to hear a
2271s little bit from everybody now as we get
2273s just moments away from kicking off the
2275s competition today day number two six
2278s matches one fncs Duo Invitational Duo I
2282s mean I'm I'm excited to say the least
2284s what are you guys hoping to see today
2285s that may be a little different than
2286s yesterday look so we talked about the
2288s north zones right a Duo that was Landing
2290s all the way south in synapse station Joe
2293s and Zandy they had to travel over 8 000
2295s meters every single match just to get
2299s the third Zone look they did have Rifts
2301s it might have helped out a little bit
2302s but I'm curious to see how all these
2304s Duos adapt with a whole new day of zones
2307s they won a game though they won a game
2308s of course you can't complain about North
2310s Stones if you're winning games from them
2312s of course Joe and zandi not quite
2313s they're bearing that well in the rest of
2315s games but they're still up there on the
2316s lead will Miro and Booga one of our
2317s favorite teams going into this they're
2319s not quite faring as well they're not
2321s quite enjoying the north zone so
2322s hopefully for them at least we'll see
2324s some South zones today we have all
2327s things to break down for you across
2328s these six matches of fncs Invitational
2332s but to kick things off let's go on over
2334s to Adam and Kelly
2336s thank you very much Raleigh how we doing
2342s all right
2343s we are moments Away Kelly we've sent the
2346s seed and we are almost there with our
2348s last six games of this competition that
2350s is right everyone I hope you are ready
2352s for the games to begin and our players
2353s to come out everyone so let's join
2355s together nine eight seven six five four
2362s three
2364s [Applause]
2366s [Music]
2377s foreign
2398s [Applause]
2411s foreign
2428s [Applause]
2449s oh hello there and welcome to Advent CS
2453s Invitational
2455s 2022. live
2460s what are we doing well
2463s we're excellent stop it has been
2465s absolutely amazing I'm Kelly Lang this
2467s is Adam Savage and guys this is the
2468s final day of the fncs Invitational 50 of
2472s the best Duos from around the world
2474s representing seven regions duking it out
2476s for the Lion's Share of a million
2478s dollars first place walking away with
2480s two hundred thousand dollars but not
2483s just that they're fighting for the pride
2485s and the bragging rights and of course
2487s that trophy right there oh yeah that's
2491s right
2492s no of course Kelly we have we have set
2494s the scene here obviously we have the
2496s amazing audience I've got you guys
2499s watching at home everyone is ready to
2501s rock or missing one key element of
2503s course the players the stars of this
2506s show he's always try something before
2507s bringing them out here so if you'd like
2509s to Don't by all means you don't have to
2511s if you want to though do Stand Up Guys
2512s okay you can stand if you like to we're
2514s going to ask all of you guys to follow
2516s me in a clap all right I'm gonna start
2517s slow I'm gonna get faster and faster and
2520s faster I'm never gonna go absolutely
2522s Bonkers okay here we go with me you
2524s ready here we go
2526s [Applause]
2538s it's time it's time to meet the place
2543s [Applause]
2554s epic whale and read everyone it's time
2557s for a comeback if he wants that 7x next
2561s to his name currently in 22nd plays with
2564s 80 points they have a big day ahead
2568s give it up for fans and snacky with a
2571s contested off spawn situation in day one
2574s this team is looking for a more
2577s consistent day two and a huge comeback
2582s welcome to phn and Keystone's third
2586s place was their best finish after day
2588s one and with all the eyes on the prize
2591s are they ready for day number two
2599s [Applause]
2601s team's favor on day one today they'll
2605s need a comeback for the ages
2609s queasy and Dino folks a phenomenal start
2613s to the tournament yesterday leading the
2615s teams going into day number two these
2617s guys need to stay focused in order to
2620s secure the prize
2628s this is rapid and andalex with a popping
2631s performance in game three yesterday this
2634s recipe for success is there they just
2637s gotta repeat it today to take it off
2642s put your hands together for Basil and
2645s Jace Improvement is the key for these
2647s guys they have to show up today if they
2650s want to take that trophy home here in
2652s the fncs stage
2655s stand up and get loud for pink and Oz
2658s with its average elimination rate of
2661s three and a half per game on day one
2663s they're all set for keeping the points
2665s coming in hot today
2669s if you say Poland I say candy and seti
2672s these two legends had two Victory
2675s royale's yesterday and are the Front
2677s Runners for the trophy can they make it
2680s happen
2682s let's hear it for aqua and reason with
2686s challenges right off the drop this team
2688s might take a different approach today to
2691s get to the top of the leaderboard
2703s absolutely incredible once again just
2705s our first 10 Duos coming back onto the
2709s stage after six games yesterday I feel
2712s like we can't not talk about them right
2714s Brazil pH Zen ketos that back corner
2717s over there was going absolutely him for
2719s them and I want to know how you guys
2721s expect them to do
2722s [Applause]
2724s I don't know how I don't know how it's
2727s been amazing right pH then keep those 25
2731s fncs finals appearances pH Zen four
2734s championships alone one for quito's
2737s total of five fmcs championship titles
2740s for the duo I mean they're incredible
2742s yeah they really are they're playing so
2744s good against the front side of zone I'm
2745s excited to see them today that's right
2747s let's go ahead and meet the next 10
2749s players let's run it
2759s for I'm dropping Mr Savage coming in hot
2764s on his birthday run yesterday these guys
2767s faced in huge obstacle on spawn will
2770s this change today
2774s team that needs no introduction Chris
2776s and Duke with a Clash of the Titans
2779s currently happening in Fort jonesie Will
2782s clicks and Duke come out on top today
2786s foreign
2790s 's Banner high with the victory Royale
2793s in an eighth place after day number one
2795s this team is gonna try to make it happen
2798s for real today
2801s Make some noise for roona and Peppo with
2805s two top 15 finishes on day one these
2808s guys are looking to climb to the ranks
2810s in day two and take home the crown
2814s let's put our hands together for Noah
2817s Riley and bad sniper with an eight
2819s elimination game yesterday and an
2821s average of an elimination rounds up 2.7
2825s per game they're hot
2831s foreign
2833s give it up for threats and Alice this
2836s Asia and NA East combo needs to focus on
2840s the end game today to boost their
2841s leaderboard placement to take the first
2844s place spot
2847s the W keyers have arrived malibuco and
2851s mustache with a total of 13 eliminations
2854s this Duo it might be looking to change
2856s things up today and go for the comeback
2860s put your hands together for the true
2863s next and cheat Joe with some great
2865s performances on day one these guys have
2868s already proven that they belong in this
2870s Lobby and they belong at the top
2874s welcome to Bailey and Alex battling it
2878s out at the Coney Crossroads off spawn
2880s these guys can still make it today but
2883s it will take a hero's effort
2890s with a bumpy start to day one these guys
2893s are in full Focus mode for the comeback
2896s watch out because it might get dangerous
2904s foreign
2907s I am joined here by scented and cold
2910s your eighth place team out of day number
2912s one and scented we gotta talk about that
2915s Victory Royale run that you had
2916s yesterday what was the recipe for
2918s Success uh you know we just played our
2920s game we got some good loot we're gonna
2921s have for a loot taken so we were able to
2924s uh find some refreshes and uh put
2926s ourselves in a good spot throughout the
2927s game you know what I mean yeah
2928s definitely and obviously you know you
2930s guys are in a good spot right now eighth
2931s place is a great place to be in but
2933s what's the strategy for today you're
2934s changing things up or still sticking
2936s with what you did uh just thinking
2938s through the same thing just playing our
2939s game out hopefully just hoping for the
2941s best I I love it thank you guys so much
2943s and one last thing is there anything
2944s that you want to say to the audience
2946s right now
2947s uh I enjoy I guess like I don't know
2950s guys make some noise for scented and
2953s cold right now let's head on over to the
2954s next part
2955s [Applause]
2964s please welcome clown and refs guard with
2968s a total of 78 points and currently 25th
2971s on the leaderboard these guys will need
2974s to climb the ranks today and pop off
2978s let me give you mix it in our door
2981s coming out hot yesterday these guys are
2985s looking to keep it going for the best
2987s possible placement today on the day
2992s a big welcome to pars and Rays
2995s representing the N A west region they
2998s will need to focus up if they want to
3000s climb that leaderboard yesterday was of
3002s course a battle at the drop
3006s for the warm welcome together from Lucy
3008s and hi Joe with a central drop on the
3011s map these guys should have a smooth time
3013s reaching all the zones and that first
3016s place
3020s everyone with the highest single player
3024s elimination counts in game number six
3026s this team has to be ready to keep the
3028s ball rolling and try to grab that first
3031s place box
3036s foreign
3041s contest from the very first second of
3045s each game they're looking to take over
3047s day two and take over the top spot
3052s let's hear it for walks and robots they
3056s had a strong showing to close out day
3058s number one here at the fncs Invitational
3060s let's see what they can do today
3065s this is gold and rifty these guys got
3069s fired up on day one and will look to
3071s continue that streak today and take home
3074s the prize for EU
3079s let's get a big welcome for Larson and
3081s smite battling it out at the top of the
3084s leaderboard amongst the best of the best
3086s this duel had a lot to say before
3089s closing out the evening
3092s put your hands together for Falconer and
3096s hellfire this n a West and EU combo
3099s cracked the code towards the end of day
3100s one and let's hope they could keep it
3102s going today
3108s [Music]
3111s 20 Duos left to introduce but we have a
3116s little moment here let's talk about
3117s Smite and Larson sitting in seventh
3118s place we got to see them just two back
3120s how are you feeling about this dude
3122s coming to the competition today because
3123s I have really high hopes look I'm on
3125s your boat Zeke they're looking strong
3126s they're looking powerful winning 4-2 off
3129s spawn against Muzz and Luder currently
3132s in the Seventh Place spot I mean they're
3134s doing great yeah they're doing great
3135s another Geo that's doing great as well
3136s is of course Vico and Marine we thought
3138s they were gonna land till two towers
3139s yesterday but they switched it up they
3140s went to the reality tree and it's
3142s working out for them of course Vico with
3143s the highest solo eliminations of the day
3145s a 10 elimination game in the final game
3148s so they close things off strongly can
3150s they pick it up we'll find out but first
3152s let's meet the next 10 Duos from the
3155s fncs Invitational
3157s foreign
3164s together for Peter pot and Jeffer these
3168s guys are looking to make that great
3170s comeback today we all know they have the
3173s potential to do it but they won't have
3175s to step it up
3177s Make some noise for pass to hand patch
3180s currently finding themselves in the top
3183s ten these guys are running for the
3186s trophy now is the time for them to shine
3191s KBR is Zeke folks giving it their all
3194s yesterday they find themselves as the
3197s sixth best team in the tournament so far
3199s they are here to make the Brazilian
3202s region crowd
3205s let's give a warm welcome to Bevy and
3208s more texers coming out with an average
3210s elimination of 2.6 these guys are
3213s amongst the top fraggers in this Lobby
3215s let's see more of this today
3218s and a big welcome for retaking novice
3221s buying themselves in the bottom half of
3223s the leaderboard here they have to now
3225s make this day The Comeback a single game
3228s can change it all
3231s [Applause]
3237s give it up for scram and Jim showing
3241s they belong in this lobby with a top
3244s three finish in day one will they keep
3247s that momentum going
3251s put your hands together
3253s [Music]
3256s several fantastic late games will they
3259s can they repeat their opening success
3261s from day one
3264s a fantastic welcome to Jew and you three
3267s today is the chance for a comeback for
3270s this team and they are looking for that
3272s opportunity now more than ever
3278s this is the Andy and Joe SN everybody
3281s all eyes are on the prize for this team
3284s here as they are currently coming into
3286s the competition at fifth what a showing
3288s it was for day one
3293s give it up for cool and Yumi finding
3295s themselves close to the top ten
3297s everything is possible for this team
3300s today it's their final chance to make it
3303s happen
3308s foreign
3314s I am joined right now here in North
3317s Carolina face replays
3322s replays my guy what an amazing
3324s experience this is you're right welcome
3325s here we are at fncs Invitational how is
3328s the vibe been for you oh man it feels
3330s greater finally back at an in-person
3331s event The Vibes the air the atmosphere
3334s is feeling absolutely amazing so shout
3336s out to all of you guys is coming
3337s honestly let's make today a great day
3341s speaking of the community as well what
3343s does an event like to do this for the
3345s community a huge ambassador of the game
3346s here uh how great is it for these guys
3349s all right let's see this is like like I
3350s said it's being back again after like
3352s four years like I think this this is
3354s great for everyone to experience like
3355s just seeing all the players here from
3357s around the world one of the best all or
3358s I mean some of the best players around
3359s the world be able to watch in person is
3361s such a great experience so let's have
3363s fun let's see how these players do today
3364s and let's see who takes it all let's do
3366s it enjoy the show replays everyone let's
3368s meet the next and Duos
3379s this says
3381s with a strong ending on day number one
3384s the Brazilian Duo has to show up and
3387s perform even better here on day two can
3390s they do it
3393s please welcome focus and Spa the amazing
3396s Middle Eastern Duo is looking to make
3399s strides up through the leaderboard today
3401s are they ready to do it
3406s it's Thomas HD and stripper and folks
3409s with the best average placement of day
3411s one and a second place finish here they
3414s are locked in and ready to grab that
3416s first place today
3420s a huge welcome to mackwood and panata
3424s with an average of over 13 points per
3426s game on day one they show they are
3429s consistent but now it's time to pop off
3433s and let's hear it for acorn and edgy
3436s consistency is the key word here with
3439s three top six performances yesterday
3441s they secure themselves a solid Fourth
3444s Place coming in today too
3450s foreign
3452s make sure to get loud for hand and
3455s Vortex this incredible Duo showed they
3458s belong in this lobby with an amazing
3460s second place finish with seven
3462s eliminations yesterday
3466s a big welcome to commandment and Avery
3469s with an amazing Victory Royale on day
3472s one commandment and Avery are focused
3474s and ready to get even more here for day
3476s two
3479s a Duo that needs absolutely no
3482s introduction with the clash of the
3484s European Titans in Cloudy condo Tayson
3488s and chappix are looking to take over
3493s let's give it up for mods and looter
3496s with the contested drop spot get the
3499s Grim Gables I am sure we are in for a
3502s treat today it's gonna be a hero's
3504s effort to take it off
3507s and finally let's hear it for Google and
3511s Miro the fan favorite are ready and
3514s looking to make a comeback of a lifetime
3526s my goodness it'll never get old I'm
3529s telling you watching these Duos make an
3531s entrance like that is always going to be
3534s incredible we want to highlight a duel
3537s for you here and it's a lot of uh
3538s probably a duel that we're all hoping
3540s and we kind of touched on Hope does well
3542s Acorn an edgy edgy having a series of
3546s second place finishes in the fncs still
3549s hasn't seen that first place and man he
3551s wants it and he wants it here look he
3553s wants it he's not the only one that
3554s wants it Thomas and edgy both competing
3557s for that trophy their first trophy but
3560s talking a bit more on Acorn I couldn't
3562s emphasize enough how important their day
3565s one is and was for them I mean Acorn
3567s having the most damage dealt in the
3569s first and second zone out of any player
3570s shows that they prepared beforehand for
3573s this tournament but the question is in
3576s day two will they be contested will the
3578s change in zones cause them to not do as
3580s much damage there's so many factors that
3582s come into play yeah absolutely and their
3584s worst game was a 42nd and it was when
3586s Hai Joe and belusi rotating from that
3587s West Side it kind of made things a
3589s little bit difficult for them because
3590s they had so many teams in the area
3592s already of course we have no O'Reilly
3593s there as well it's very very difficult
3595s for them to all be there at once and
3597s unfortunately they did fall victims of
3598s that but their other games have been
3599s really really consistent they've been
3600s very very solid playing the end game
3602s layers really well I'm excited to see
3603s them perform today that's right Kelly
3605s standing by right now with Acorn and
3607s edgy as they prepare for the competition
3609s thank you so much Zeke I am joined by
3611s Acorn and edgy and guys make some noise
3612s for this team right here
3616s you guys are currently in fourth place
3619s what is that like to be in the top five
3621s uh it feels pretty nice especially one
3623s of the only n a teams up here but uh
3626s it's not over until it's over and it's
3628s gonna come down to last game well with
3629s how you guys have been playing one
3630s second place one third place what's
3632s standing in your way from grabbing that
3634s VR
3635s um honestly we just need to keep getting
3637s kills and refreshes and stuff and if we
3641s just get mats play with mats we'll do
3642s good it's we run out of math that's why
3645s I mean a good luck to you guys you have
3647s six more games to go but everyone it's
3650s time to head on back to the desk
3653s thank you so much Kelly as incredible as
3656s always but it is almost that time to
3658s kick off the competition so why don't we
3659s go hang out with monster deface and
3661s Jacob PR
3667s heading into the action let's go ahead
3669s and start gearing up of course for that
3672s first game there Jacob yeah first game
3673s of the day but it's the seventh game
3675s overall in the competition the fncs
3678s Invitational has not disappointed one
3681s bit that's right a two-day competition
3683s leaves a lot of uh stress of course on
3686s the shoulders you get that first day out
3687s the way and then you have to think about
3688s everything and how it played out yeah
3690s and luckily for them this is a two-day
3692s competition for some of these teams that
3694s might be on the low end of the
3695s leaderboard don't count yourselves out
3697s yet it's all about that mindset but that
3699s mindset has to be ready because game
3701s number seven starts right now here it is
3704s the players are on that battle Boston we
3707s get to see
3709s play out this is it folks it's day two
3713s of the fncs Invitational and we are just
3716s moments away from jumping off that bus
3720s let's get it yeah this time around we
3721s got a little bit of a different Buzz
3723s pass than the most of them then we saw
3725s yesterday all the way South moving North
3728s that means cloudy condos are gonna have
3730s action greasy Grove is gonna have Janice
3732s and Badillo and a lot of time this time
3734s around because that's one of the things
3735s that I felt like frustrated them a
3737s little bit five north zones on the day
3739s yesterday it left them very little time
3741s to get things going but hey that didn't
3743s stop the Andy and no from doing well
3746s that it not stop other teams that land
3748s in those Southern areas from performing
3750s well it is all a matter of how you
3752s strategize yep and already you see Cami
3756s and seti the only team with two vrs on
3760s the day they got their own drop spot and
3763s they held it for seasons and already you
3765s can see where they're getting a lot of
3766s their surge that early bus pass already
3768s proven to be successful that's right
3771s great job there early tags playing smart
3774s and luckily for us we get to really pick
3776s up where we left off this fight here at
3779s for Larson and smite didn't always go
3783s their way although they did manage to
3784s end inside that top 10 window it was
3787s still very much a competition for them
3789s and I mean this is the most room we've
3792s actually seen them have yeah yesterday
3794s you seen like a 4-2 and smite and
3796s Larson's favor over here towards Vico
3798s and Morant Vico has been going off as a
3801s solo all day long yesterday and you can
3804s already tell it looks like they're on
3806s the hunt trying to catch somebody off
3807s guard and that's a lone player that
3809s they're surrounding the first thing Vico
3811s told me was did you see me pop off last
3813s night I was like we all did you were
3816s going crazy and we get to see how
3818s they're feeling and you can tell the
3819s confidence is there look at the surging
3821s confidence to walk in with no builds and
3824s really try to make this a play here but
3826s that feels from girls is going to go out
3827s and discover that there's a opponent
3829s down here and up he goes yeah oh and
3831s finds the player on the other side what
3833s a read and they just cut him off that
3836s was beautiful that was a perfect read he
3838s checked him out of a book him at the
3839s library it didn't even return him back
3841s that is huge and you can see Vico Moran
3843s the only team currently in the top ten
3845s playing in their first Finals together
3847s that is natural chemistry that goes to
3850s show these are two fantastic individual
3852s players so you can find those Powers you
3854s get one dangerous Duo just like cold and
3856s scented they had one of the victory
3858s royale's yesterday a couple of top
3860s placements and that put themselves in
3862s contention to take the title and lucky
3863s for cold incentive they've managed to go
3865s ahead and find themselves a little bit
3867s of room to play the drop there and
3869s that's why we're noticing them in the
3870s end game and just think about the
3873s dynamic that's playing out right here
3874s for Larson and smite they have a huge
3875s decision to make do we go ahead and risk
3878s it all and take the fight for muslin
3880s looter or do we allow them to have a
3882s piece of this drop spot so that we play
3884s smart Play Safe And earn points yeah I
3886s think both of these teams realizing how
3888s dangerous that can be be in Smite and
3890s Larson they're in the top and you gotta
3891s imagine those two games that they got
3893s taken off spawn how much that could have
3895s changed things and 96 players alive this
3898s is the same passive style gameplay that
3900s we saw in game number one that only
3903s leads me to think one thing storm surge
3905s is going to get chaotic it's gonna be a
3907s tough one but hopefully not for Mr
3909s savington eye drop if they kick things
3911s off very nicely here it seems like the
3912s engagement against on one and Baka this
3915s is what we've been touching on this
3916s entire time right the fact that there
3919s are different ways to play the Chrome
3920s Jam Junction usually whoever gets The
3922s High Ground is the most benefit hold up
3925s Savage stepping up to the wall let's see
3927s how quickly he can turn this around damn
3928s right now it just seems like the
3929s aggressor is awesome oh my God Mr Savage
3933s just get absolutely done up by onward
3936s and Baka continuing that momentum from
3938s yesterday putting eye drop on back foot
3940s he's just trying to stay alive right now
3942s and stabilize the situation and if you
3944s didn't respect naos before you have to
3946s now onward and Bach have truly shown how
3949s their preparation has come into play
3951s here putting down arguably one of the
3953s stronger European Duos to show up here
3955s this weekend yeah they smell the fear
3957s right now and they're hot on the chase
3958s this is two more points this is a great
3960s start more storm surge everything for
3963s onward and Baka to keep it going to try
3965s to get that top spot because they know
3966s with a second place finish in any West
3968s last season anything is possible but I
3970s dropped he doesn't want to be a part of
3972s it but they're just not wanting to let
3973s him get away I like that they're chasing
3975s this one down here though I think it's
3977s very much worth it get those points make
3979s up for the games that you were bested
3981s out on and this time around
3985s everyone close your eyes you saw nothing
3987s we move on oh but look at look at that
3990s in the feed though King gets credit for
3992s the knock on the parka I don't know
3994s where they're at but you gotta know an
3996s aggressive team coming from Brazil if
3998s they see that green light they're gonna
3999s go
4000s the way their opposite after like what
4003s just happened
4006s luckily for us we get to jump on over to
4008s Janice and vadil here at the reality
4011s Falls this has been a very interesting
4012s position for them to play out of because
4014s Vico and Murano have found so much
4016s success and video and Janice are such a
4018s great team it's unfortunate they're
4019s being contested yeah this this is what
4021s more we were looking towards seeing
4023s today it may have started off a little
4025s slow but Smite and Larson know how
4027s dangerous they can be especially if they
4028s have The High Ground against muds and
4030s looter but the longer this one takes it
4032s looks like it was a little bit of a
4034s North Zone a lot of teams are begin to
4035s rotate in so you know as well as I do
4037s the longer you take the more chance of a
4039s third party and that's gonna be nice
4040s Larson and Spike's job right there to
4043s try to disengage but they don't
4044s disengage far they just continuously
4045s hold that High Ground
4047s smart of them they're showing us that
4049s they actually want to take this fight
4050s Smite and Larson some of the most
4052s confident players we have actually seen
4054s yeah he's not backing down looters like
4056s what's up you guys want to do this I
4058s play better box to box come see me
4062s that could have been a key that could
4063s have been one a huge key for success for
4065s Smite and Larson because winning those
4066s off spawn exchanges gets you the storm
4068s so you don't have to worry about later
4069s in the game but the two the duo from oce
4072s wants to challenge the NA East Muzz
4074s taking some layers away Larson just
4076s trying to stagger himself right there
4078s those angles are gonna be so important
4079s for both of these teams and players know
4081s better than to go too high as well you
4083s want to make sure you're respecting the
4084s distance but not too much in fact you
4086s get chopped down but it's a great angle
4088s here Moz finds a huge attack he's gonna
4090s win the exchange there and luckily the
4092s shots in the distance probably from King
4094s and Ed do not connect here yeah it's
4096s like an Eiffel Tower getting built you
4098s don't even see those shots already now
4100s coming in from all different directions
4102s everybody wants that surge they want to
4104s have as much flexibility through the mid
4106s game as possible and once again it looks
4108s like Larson and smite are trying to
4109s disengage they don't want to get stuck
4111s in this mess they fell and dealt with
4113s this lobby at the top spot and they know
4115s that you cannot fall behind you cannot
4117s put everything you all have in all one
4119s moment so for them it's about re-matting
4121s up because you look they barely have
4123s anything well lucky for us things are
4125s going to simmer down and Tacos gonna
4126s give us a quick update
4130s but more importantly it's going to be
4132s about some of these South Side teams
4134s that are again going to be financed
4136s making a huge Journey towards those
4137s North polling zones Jonesy Andy
4139s specifically they're sitting right now
4141s in that fourth place position on the
4142s leaderboard so it is absolutely crucial
4145s for these guys to gather as much
4146s materials as much loot and resources as
4148s possible and that's exactly what zandi
4150s and Joe are making sure to take their
4151s time to do because they know they've got
4153s quite the journey ahead of them and
4154s they're going to make the most of it but
4155s let's get back to the action
4158s thank you so much for that break down
4159s there Taco it really does give us the
4161s full picture about Joe and ziandy's
4163s journey in the game here right there one
4165s of the few teams like we said they
4166s Against All Odds performed very well
4168s with the Zone yeah you kind of seeing a
4170s little bit of how they're getting that
4172s job done but Smite in the feed look like
4174s he's already gonna take down Muzz
4175s leaving looter in a 1v2 situation I've
4177s got that feeling of deja vu from
4180s yesterday where they won V2 inside of
4182s the cave but it got really really
4183s dangerous
4184s it's a great angle for Smite here he
4187s almost catches little off guard he was
4189s so ready but here comes the defensive
4191s shots from down low he's got to be
4192s careful that wall is not his and now he
4195s has to break through this is how a pro
4196s player turns things around Larson comes
4199s from behind and throws Tomatoes off the
4203s body just like that showing exactly how
4206s he's feeling right now but there goes
4208s that first elimination this is how Muzz
4209s went down he's building in Wood the lack
4211s of resources right now he got did up
4214s like a sit-up sent back to the lobby now
4216s it's up to pars they're in an exchange
4218s he got the knock onto Bailey deciphon
4219s finally gonna come through and this is a
4221s chance for him to slow it down stabilize
4223s here for a moment while he figures out
4224s what is next Alex and Bailey have been
4227s contested this weekend Tarzan raised
4230s mixing things up seems like they haven't
4232s caught a break just yet
4234s what way to kick things off raise is
4236s down in fact as well so this is a
4237s one-on-one type situation
4240s the question is can he find his way to
4242s reboot van the longer this goes on the
4244s tougher it's gonna be for him to go
4245s ahead and turn this bad situation around
4247s yeah but don't worry if they're gonna go
4248s ahead and right now Alex has the
4250s opportunity with the men Miss and the
4251s Flopper they can try to get a reboot
4253s that is in storm but you got to do it
4254s sooner rather than later but it doesn't
4256s look like bars wants to let that one
4258s come easy and you can see the Zone in
4260s the left that is gonna be another
4262s Northern Zone it's over the players that
4264s we were talking about Janice and Badillo
4265s Joe and Z Andy and a lot of those teams
4267s that are on the southern portion of the
4269s map have to go ahead and figure out a
4271s way to go ahead and travel as fast as
4272s possible yet again looks like we're
4274s picking up the trend where we left off
4276s this is a full Zone pull but Joe is the
4280s end they've already proven to us they
4281s know how to play these one thing we do
4283s know for certain is so does Vino and
4285s Queasy when the Zone lands on top of
4288s them they have turned all of those games
4290s around into excellent end games
4292s we'll see if it ends up happening Joan Z
4294s Andy moving from outside the Zone they
4297s don't necessarily want to take the
4299s fastest course of action to the safety
4300s they have to go a little wide here to
4302s give themselves some room in the
4303s distance Cammy and studies so they're
4304s hot on their Trails as well and then of
4306s course Macklin and Kanata here to the
4307s left that's the resistance yep you see
4310s Joe and dandy five games five plus
4313s eliminations on day one most of any Duo
4316s the consistency coming out of some of
4318s these teams is absolutely insane but
4321s jumping on board queasy and Vino our
4324s first place team they got the zone that
4327s you talked about and you look how
4328s they're setting up right on top of the
4330s blimp they're not necessarily together
4331s that way they can continue to maximize
4333s their opportunity to get Surge and
4335s they're so far apart just look at where
4337s Vino is compared to where queasy was on
4340s that mountain they have that North Zone
4342s on block here's edgy and acorn
4345s one of Na east's Only Hope inside the
4348s top 10 right now
4349s last game yesterday fell slightly short
4352s of their expectation but one thing I
4354s didn't notice about Acorn and edgy they
4356s were in the player Lounge late last
4357s night bot reviewing studying how to
4360s adjust their gameplay to never drop
4363s another round if they can put all of
4365s those rounds and learnings into play
4367s game seven eight nine ten eleven twelve
4370s and that Bob's review absolutely paid
4371s off but we've seen this rotate from
4374s Cammy and seti everybody's hitting that
4376s mod review after day number one they
4378s want that free rotation especially since
4380s they are in the storm but I did see
4381s Booga go down malibuca getting a knock
4385s on to andelex but for this team I love
4388s this rotate now Cammy and said he were
4390s in a different position yesterday they
4391s were down on surge but for trulax and
4392s teacho they are over 300 above they have
4395s absolutely nothing to worry about other
4397s than finding that sweet spot in zone
4399s here's colon sent it playing very smart
4401s taking their time and of course hiding
4404s out where they can another team that is
4406s seemingly
4407s interested in playing as individuals
4409s here scented trusting in his teammate to
4412s watch his pack while he works on the
4414s loot
4415s trippern and Thomas HD coming in at
4417s second place today finding themselves 19
4419s above the surge oh big big task in front
4422s of them but this is perfect talk about a
4424s delivery you find a player it's gross
4427s one that we know was already taken out
4428s earlier so he's gonna have a limited
4430s amount of loot to work with
4432s seems like Tripper and takes the passive
4434s route they find a few tax they get away
4437s I wonder if that's a pressure of a day
4441s two finals is that the pressure of being
4443s in second place coming in were they too
4445s early nah I feel like this is them right
4448s now feeling that comfortability the
4450s flexibility of being at that top spot
4452s because you know as well as I do
4454s depending on where you're at and leading
4455s board dictates how you have to play
4457s coming into day number two if you're at
4460s the bottom you gotta find a way to mix
4461s those eliminations up with some victory
4463s Royale but if you're at the top you can
4464s do anything that you want and that's why
4466s that bad review in the practice is so
4467s important
4468s my problem is going to come down to that
4470s storm surge though we'll see what they
4471s can do seti and Cami find themselves
4473s very far above this surge but also deep
4477s inside the Zone that's something you
4479s don't see very often that's like water
4482s and oil they don't quite mix but let's
4484s get on over to Brazil region right here
4486s of seats and kvr they have big EU
4489s players on site here RushCard and clown
4492s are gonna get burned just outside of the
4495s zone as well kbrmz they have plenty of
4497s heels to work with and that's exactly
4499s why they're staggering themselves so far
4501s back 290 above for them that's a feeling
4504s of comfortability a storm surge begins
4506s to activate and this a thing for those
4508s players that are comfortable on storm
4509s surge this is an opportunity to look
4510s around the lobby figure out who is
4512s struggling because when that storm takes
4514s their Shields down you hear that crack
4516s you hear that audio cue and for some of
4518s these players that's a green light
4521s now we get to tune in what looks like a
4524s little hold up right looking at the Loop
4526s weighing the options nice little pick up
4527s there but hold up Brazil versus Middle
4531s East is going down right now spy is on
4534s the low ground here with Focus there
4535s it's not looking good Pete did lose the
4537s wall quick take there from spies he
4539s defends off p-8 Cinema Peterson has all
4542s the pressure off of his shoulders and he
4545s catches spy in the fly trap there with a
4547s quick finish and I can hear the
4550s Brazilian fans on the other side
4552s cheering for b8's and keep toes they
4555s jump up to four eliminations what a way
4558s to continue to climb their way up that
4560s top ten I just I just preface that type
4562s of situation if you're down on surge you
4564s almost have to beeline it to the first
4566s team and cool is even going down back
4568s side of Zone struggles for them looking
4570s like it's gonna start early here in game
4572s number seven marim's gonna go down to a
4574s corn Yumi is out the team from N.A West
4576s that took to chapter three season three
4578s Championship is out of the lobby in the
4580s first game you know yesterday 8 marine
4583s and zagu had so many people start to
4585s fall in love with who they are but
4586s they're gonna get taken out in this
4587s competition a little early on their
4589s first surge Joe enziani also feeling the
4592s pressures of a late rotate coming out
4594s the Zone Dr Lee there is of course the
4596s edge right in front of him so there's
4597s gonna be a slow mover they're gonna have
4599s to burn a second long side now which
4602s will open up an inventory slot button
4604s look at Joe and the end here they will
4605s have to do something big in order to
4608s bounce back and have Colton sent it off
4610s to the side here great early builds
4611s there that's the safety play don't want
4613s to risk it not worth it
4616s see right now since it's pulling Seoul
4618s for our North you see Chrome Jam
4619s Junction right there that southern
4621s portion of the zone is going to get so
4624s stacked and it's gonna get so hard for
4625s some of these players to Traverse
4626s through his Thomas HD and Tripper and
4628s still trying to hold on to as much of
4630s The High Ground as possible you can see
4631s him peeking through Gathering all that
4633s information and that's so important
4635s because you don't have to get ready if
4636s you stay ready this is my problem with
4638s them disengaging from girls and rifty
4640s little did they know that would have
4642s been an excellent fight for them to take
4643s they were just coming off of a reboot
4645s pickup
4646s and now looking back at it they could
4648s have used that damage this extra
4650s pressure here to perform is gonna force
4652s them into either peaking which will open
4654s up the risk or jumping onto a player and
4656s they're gonna go for High Ground here
4658s they're gonna go for a position they
4660s find a box no one's inside of it and a
4662s quick check just in case Tripper and all
4665s of a sudden finds himself in a world of
4666s trouble here just a couple of seconds
4668s before this search turns on
4671s right now you see they're just trying to
4672s look everywhere but that's the thing in
4674s these stack lobbies when you fall behind
4676s on surge it is so tough to find the
4679s shots that you need because everybody's
4681s just backed up nobody wants to peek
4683s nobody wants to bite off more than they
4684s could chew because then that is how you
4686s go down 329 above Acorn by himself he
4690s has very little to worry about in terms
4692s of surge for him it's just about making
4693s its his own game after game he's so
4696s lucky The Zone actually pulls out off we
4698s saw what Acorn was able to do yesterday
4699s as a solo he picked up so many points
4702s and that post-game interview was perfect
4704s you got to hear the uh the credit from
4706s edgy but Thomas HD The Surge is active
4708s no way they go in through the Chrome
4711s bill they are not playing around but
4713s this is some of naos best box fighters
4715s on the other side of the wall Thomas HD
4717s Jeff perk have to take this battle here
4720s they do not have time to sit around
4723s looking out anything for anything there
4727s it is Baka opens the wall No Tag that's
4729s a Miss that's a problem
4731s for my to find a little bit here he's
4733s now leading he does have the HP
4734s advantage and he goes and it comes from
4736s the side a great job EU one goes down
4739s can't they turn it around vodka needs to
4742s clutch up here no HP shot from behind as
4745s well he gets the trade this is such a
4747s tough position he has to try to find a
4748s stabilize to find a moment to breathe
4750s right now because it was game five
4751s yesterday he won V2 Mr Savage and eye
4754s drop at the top of chrome jam now he's
4756s trying to do the same thing but I don't
4757s know if he was able to get the
4759s opportunity to revive on one so Baka Is
4763s Now by himself but luckily for him they
4765s did get some early eliminations they did
4767s get some early damage so they don't have
4768s to worry about storm surge but oh my God
4770s how are Thomas and trippin still alive
4772s this is crazy the map awareness
4774s understanding The Vault was just nearby
4776s and fighting their way towards it for
4778s the heels it wasn't just for the battle
4780s it was the positioning to the vote what
4782s a big play here it all makes sense as to
4785s why they wanted to position themselves
4787s here but still they will need to find
4789s tags now better than ever they have
4791s Bubbles as well to protect themselves
4793s for the next box and for that that can
4795s easily close the gap on a couple teams
4796s if they want to go box to box wall to
4798s wall and have that be their plan you can
4800s see them breaking through the bills
4801s they're just trying to find anybody that
4803s is nearby because they don't want to
4804s peek and accidentally get shot up by the
4806s lobby so for them it's about finding
4808s whoever is closed and they hear the
4810s players nearby so they're just trying
4812s their best to figure out what they are
4814s gonna do just a couple tags now but also
4816s a few seconds away from the half and
4817s half out the surge will continue to
4820s the lobby is going to become more and
4822s more difficult now is the second rage on
4825s this is game seven of the fncs
4827s invitation on the action is really
4829s starting to pick up now Pam stew went
4831s down early on batch left by himself a
4834s consistent Duo on the day but he has 17
4836s below the damage threshold
4838s three in his line of sight he's trying
4840s to hunt but somebody that's steady who
4842s takes that one away that was Batch's
4844s best chance at storm surge damage it's
4846s gonna go all the way North here
4848s we know edgy was a solo now we have
4851s batch as a solo as well a tough position
4854s to be in take a look at the points it is
4857s looking very much like a three-way race
4860s continuing the trend here as EU leads
4863s the charge right now
4866s jumping over Shield bubbles are down
4868s tripping and Thomas HD has found their
4870s next targets and it's not an easy Choice
4872s by any means we are looking at kvr and Z
4876s on the other side of the wall and even
4879s though for Thomas and Tripper and storm
4880s surge is not activated right now they
4882s knew where they last stood when it came
4884s to that damage exactly that they are
4886s still below it is still a worry for them
4889s and they have to travel through all
4891s these players who are actually beating
4892s them to the punch this could get
4894s dangerous but for Janice if a deal they
4896s have The High Ground they have that
4897s perfect opportunity if they're low on
4899s surge to just clean up the lobby and we
4901s wanted to check in with Vino and tweezy
4903s how have they managed to take this Zone
4905s favor and turn it to their advantage
4907s heavy material big HP well Above This
4911s surge lost pads to work with this is a
4914s story written for them right now and
4917s again you saw how many points they had
4919s leading coming into this this can only
4921s end well for them at this point but
4923s let's go ahead and look at Aqua reason a
4926s much different story this is a team that
4928s will play for hype and you can see
4930s they're already positioned themselves to
4932s do it but Aqua put the drop shot and now
4935s punished for the risk was it worth it
4938s reason has to leave him behind he turns
4939s it around another team says whoa what
4941s are you doing that's a solo now and the
4943s burning of the mats here to try to
4946s survive that's unfortunate for aqua yep
4949s he was right there trying to chop down
4952s and that was tantalizing him to go for
4954s that shot right then and there and he
4956s went for it that was a huge opportunity
4959s unfortunately enough it didn't pay off
4961s but for acorn and edgy they were making
4963s it this far and actually seeing these
4964s guys get knocked a few times throughout
4967s this game that was the way AEG finally
4969s went down but for acorn he was one of
4971s the biggest damage dealers in the lobby
4973s throughout six games yesterday looking
4975s to keep that up for Cammy and seti they
4977s started the day in third they moved up
4979s to Second already so their game plan is
4981s continuing to pay off and Z finds Vico
4984s in the feed there too so things are
4985s really starting to get interesting now
4987s as we're seeing changes happen Joe is
4990s still in this game as well take a look
4991s Acorn as a solo right now making do with
4996s anything right honestly when we last
4999s tune in he barely had something but on
5001s High Ground queasy and Vino have now
5004s solidified themselves at the Titans up
5006s top yeah that feeling of deja vu sinks
5008s in yet again six moving Zone that's the
5010s same time they took it yesterday as
5012s Thomas and tripping this time around
5014s they're gonna have that flexibility
5015s because they're 141 above the damage
5017s threshold this time so they don't have
5019s to go hunting they can stay ahead of his
5020s own try to get themselves in a good spot
5022s and what a beautiful wave and usage of
5025s The Shield bubbles to make the rotate on
5026s the dead side while using the shield
5028s bubbles candy though caught slipping
5031s there and said he has left now as a solo
5034s in this end game to the hands of Larson
5037s Cammy Falls yeah this this end game is
5039s just getting so rough up and down these
5042s mountains these players are gonna have
5043s to figure out what they're gonna do
5044s especially Tripper who is out of builds
5047s him and Thomas have to figure out
5048s something but they have been through the
5050s ringer this game if anybody deserves it
5052s it's them this is crazy tripping and
5054s Thomas should not be alive right now but
5056s they are staying up
5057s again true let's with a huge refresh and
5060s he is back in the game it will come at
5063s the expense of trip and falling though
5064s but hey they have earned points and now
5067s we have another top three player inside
5069s the game here keeping up with the pace
5071s sent it cold still alive three elans as
5074s well looking to take a fight there but
5075s no they want to make this rotate they
5077s need to get to the Zone what a great
5078s layer change here from sentence and it's
5080s all about smart play from here yeah he
5082s had two Med Miz floppers on the backside
5084s of Zone Thomas doing everything he can
5086s to stay alive just like Larson here
5087s who's by himself five eliminations as a
5089s team but most of them coming off the
5091s back of Larson and that early game start
5093s but first place queasy and Vino Holding
5097s On High to The High Ground in the sky
5098s and Brazil is still alive in this game
5101s as well so we have EU and a and Brazil
5103s all in the same game you can see the
5105s heels coming out from Pete uh ketos and
5107s pH in there they still have so much to
5109s work with two of our top five teams
5111s already out so for Vino and Queasy they
5114s are starting to take away Tripper
5115s holding on with dear life here at 200
5117s points making sure the Gap does not go
5120s too far 60 limbs down for a Brazilian
5122s Duo Larson has a solo right now trying
5124s to steal away whatever he can get I only
5126s took those names trying to play his card
5128s carefully but somehow sent it again he
5131s goes down but it's Thomas HD with a run
5133s of a Lifetime right now going down right
5136s before our very eyes top 10 finish now
5139s he's in the top seven as well trying to
5141s keep it going KBR Larson all these solos
5144s coming around this is going to get good
5146s oh right through the Chrome and Vortex
5148s puts him down KBR it's your turn nope
5151s down he goes and now we're looking at a
5154s two on two plus one in the midst there
5156s in the low ground Cuisine Vino's are
5158s starting to run out of yo Matt's down
5160s low but that's all they have tons of
5162s heels to work with meanwhile bevy's is
5165s just clawing his way through the builds
5167s here it is not looking too good he's
5169s gonna get burned there for over peeking
5171s down low but this should be their game
5174s that feeling of deja vu comes in yet
5176s again picking up where they left off
5178s from yesterday but this time Janice and
5180s Badillo the team from greasy Grove
5181s making it this far and it's come down to
5184s a 2v2 situation between two of the top
5187s teams in EU with Janice and padillo
5190s feeling the pressure up The High Ground
5191s Running Out of builds this is basically
5194s crazy in Vino's game both sides are
5196s starting to run out now queases down to
5197s one build as well this is looking very
5198s dire they're gonna have a cap off Janice
5200s and bad deal know better they need to
5202s continue the pressure Vino goes down he
5204s takes a shot a few blocks it'll be done
5206s Janet stuck up from behind crazy with a
5208s great follow-ups
5210s it was so close but crazy
5215s for
5216s him to another first literally from high
5219s ground in sixth moving Zone the
5222s calculated play pays off they hold on
5225s through and through this is one team you
5229s don't want to give a single advantage to
5231s because you will regret it at the end of
5233s the day Vino inquisy are showing us why
5235s they are Cut Above the Rest they're
5237s looking good wow they do it these just
5240s the the ability to capitalize on pulling
5243s that North zone is just making it look
5246s so easy for them let's get caught up
5247s here
5249s time join now by your game seven winners
5252s is crazy
5256s what an incredible way we talked about
5258s this on your research a short time ago
5260s about coming in at like a strong start
5262s here Vino and you have done exactly that
5263s with an incredible end game finish
5266s yeah I know it's just this uh
5268s unbelievable
5269s um hopefully we can still close it out
5271s we're feeling good uh maybe we should
5272s get a bit more
5274s about a four kill win but we're feeling
5276s good we saw we saw some of the teams
5277s around you managed to score a lot of
5279s points as well were you conscious of
5280s that going through it were you focused
5281s simply on the task at hand which was
5283s seeing that out and getting the victory
5285s Royale uh we're just focused on playing
5286s our own game and winning the game that's
5288s it like brand new day brand new
5290s everything it was a great start of
5292s proceedings and a great start to this
5294s competition on day number two let's get
5295s back to Zeke on the desk
5299s shout outs to you Adam thank you so much
5301s and massive shout outs to queasy and
5303s Vino we interviewed them at the end of
5306s yesterday and they said we want to take
5308s a moment we need to go back we need to
5310s review a couple things and come back
5312s stronger tomorrow what a better way than
5314s just go ahead and win the game I mean to
5315s come out and in zone two be Zone favored
5319s to be sitting in Zone on height
5321s basically Max Materials basically Max
5324s heals
5325s they're not gonna lose they're
5327s Unstoppable Zeke we saw it yesterday and
5330s I don't know what's going on another
5331s North zone for this duo with the
5333s potential they have how confident they
5336s are how well they play we saw it going
5338s into the late game I think it was queasy
5340s almost had 12 splashes almost Max
5342s Materials and they know exactly how to
5345s capitalize on an Advantage like that and
5347s they did it perfectly you know how the
5349s new house capitalized game number five
5350s The Zone was almost in the exact same
5352s place yesterday today it's in the exact
5354s same place again it's just Deja Vu it's
5356s Groundhog Day for these teams that are
5358s playing it and of course Cuisine Veno
5359s it's the same outcome what I noticed
5361s about them doing really really well
5362s there was in second moving Zone they
5363s actually switched to metal now that's
5365s the time when most teams are gonna be
5366s using wood they're gonna be running out
5368s of steam because they use all their hard
5369s mats earlier on queasy and Veno are
5370s different they know how to play high
5371s ground the most turnover of height
5373s happens in second Zone and they were
5375s reinforced in metal little something to
5377s pick up on that gameplay I'm tired it's
5379s just one of those things right they kind
5380s of take that step step back and they say
5381s wait remember this is an Invitational we
5383s gotta be on we can't make those small
5385s mistakes and of course they come out
5387s strong Thomas hdn tripping as well we
5389s watch the top three they have not budged
5392s look I got scared for a moment watching
5394s Thomas HD and Tripper in it they went up
5396s against Baca and on one you can actually
5398s see it happening here and that was a
5400s close one one of them I believe it was
5403s Thomas I know it was tripperin who got
5405s knocked down here leaving Thomas alone
5406s but he did a huge amount of damage
5408s before getting knocked and was actually
5410s able to escape and get picked up again
5412s which allowed them to get those points
5414s that they needed yeah it was absolutely
5416s Valiant from tripping there as well if
5417s he'd just gone down without taking out
5418s one of the opponents there he wouldn't
5420s have been able to get rest right that
5421s was a crucial amount of damage that he
5422s did right there and it allowed Thomas HD
5424s to have that freedom to get the revive I
5426s didn't think they were going to make it
5427s through this end game their surge were
5428s looking pretty bad particularly for
5429s their Zone position here of course
5430s they're landing at the Rave cave they
5432s have all of the map mobility in the
5433s world to get there it did require a nice
5435s little solo clutch from Thomas HD who
5437s was synonymous with solar clutches
5438s consistency consistency consistency is
5441s what this Duo is showing yesterday they
5443s got more than 20 points in every single
5445s match also top 15 in every single match
5448s and today they're looking to do the same
5449s that's right well guess what these are
5451s just some of our insights Vivid is
5453s actually standing by on the stage let's
5455s hear what he has to say yes of course
5457s listen I am feeling for the players
5459s right now we saw them hit the search
5460s Souls they were complaining about all
5462s these North zones yesterday what are we
5464s going to start with here again today
5465s another Northern zone now I wanted to
5467s kind of explain why some of these Pro
5469s players are having such a hard time with
5470s this well first of all it's going to be
5472s all about tilted towers and the blimp
5474s that we can find there look what this
5475s position is doing around it there is not
5478s a single Arrow under this blend and what
5480s it does is gonna Force this funnel on
5482s the right side and the left side of it
5484s so as they're making this rotation all
5486s the way up to the northern side of this
5487s map they're all just rotating together
5489s right it's looking like the Mr Beast X
5492s fortnite line over there for these
5493s Burgers absolutely incredible and then
5495s when this Zone actually ends up closing
5497s in they're all just on the southern side
5499s of this and it's so congested that it
5501s makes it so hard for any of these teams
5503s to consistently handle this if you are
5505s coming from the southern side of the map
5507s but of course Cuisine Vino Landing up
5509s there they do take that Victory out
5510s congratulations to them that being said
5513s let's kick it back over to the desk
5517s thank you so much Vivid fantastic
5519s breakdown there I did want to take a
5521s moment to highlight some of the other
5522s duels we did see kind of Performing well
5524s Zeet KBR they finally find themselves in
5528s that top 15 and hold and fall in fifth
5532s place now remember we don't need the
5534s victory Royale to climb the standings we
5536s just need to be consistent look I love
5538s to see this deal performing well the
5540s audience loves it I hear the cheers when
5542s they're getting elim after elim and now
5544s being bumped up to Fourth Place seeing
5546s that this is the fourth finals they are
5549s playing together this Duo coming from
5551s being the champions of chapter three
5553s season two zet being an All-Star
5555s Champion as well to now on the main
5558s International stage performing you'd
5560s love to see it yeah we talked about it
5561s at the beginning of the show right can
5562s these teams pick up where they left off
5564s after day one and z and KBR one of those
5566s teams that ended the day better than
5568s they started their previous or their
5569s final three games yesterday they had one
5571s of the most points out of all the teams
5573s and they're picking it up once more
5574s let's try it another Duo pH Zen kitas
5577s also a lie there in the top 15 so real
5580s Brazil they're they're showing up he up
5582s huge today I feel like another duel that
5585s we actually got to see first time there
5587s kind of still under the radar the deal
5589s and Janice they've been relatively quiet
5591s but they did make top five in this last
5594s game so what are we kind of hoping to
5596s see out of this Duo look they adapted I
5597s saw Janice on social media yesterday he
5599s was like I don't know what to do I'm
5601s landing in an uncontested spot the zones
5603s are pulling North I don't have time to
5604s get enough surge I don't have time to
5605s get enough damage I need to change
5607s something and clearly Janice and video
5609s changed something because they got
5611s second place now going into today it's a
5613s huge match for them yeah they were doing
5615s great I sold the deal just doing a
5617s little bit of Boulder being as well and
5618s he's really making changes man a lot of
5620s these players they know today is the day
5622s to bring it all but as we prepare for
5624s game eight let's go hang out with
5626s monster defense and Jacob to get things
5627s started
5629s thank you so much there Zeke yeah we
5632s really get to pick things up it's
5633s looking like we're closing into a
5635s runaway train potentially yeah
5636s potentially it is so but there's still
5639s five games left on the day for some of
5641s these teams right now game number eight
5644s is their chance to close the gap on that
5648s leaderboard and fight for the chance to
5650s call yourself the fncs Invitational
5653s Champion well at this point if I'm a
5655s team I don't care where I'm landing I'm
5657s gonna maybe think to myself hey let's
5659s slide on North let's play the upper side
5661s of this early Road how do we get to
5664s those general areas sooner rather than
5666s later well now we get to find out folks
5669s here we are game number eight is kicking
5671s off got a little bit of a different bus
5673s path yet again I'm liking a little bit
5675s of variety that we are coming out with
5677s and for some of these teams we're gonna
5679s see a little bit of Fort Jones He clicks
5680s and Duke peeking an ass almost all day
5682s yesterday they completely split the POI
5685s with their two separate ways and that's
5687s how they were able to get the spot they
5688s did on the leaderboard that's right and
5690s also champion peterbot on that Coast
5692s having a tough time yeah contested
5694s pretty much for very little loot not
5696s much to work with and that is the
5699s Difference Maker sometimes when you have
5700s your route being imposed on it's not all
5703s about taking head-to-head engagements
5705s it's also about what you lose out on
5706s yeah because you also got to remember
5708s there is seven different regions being
5710s represented right now some of these guys
5712s are the top dog in their region and
5715s they're not contested on the usual so
5716s this is a new feeling and a new thing
5718s for some of them to have to work through
5720s as Cami and said yet again trying to get
5722s that early surge down as Larson and
5724s smite taking control of the entire house
5727s over at Grim Gables a split spot coming
5729s out for Muzz and looter but you got to
5731s watch out for being this split against a
5733s team that is this active in Larson and
5735s smite I did not expect Miro to fall so
5738s early but it looks like Kanata might
5739s have found himself a free knock in the
5742s air
5743s now we get to look over at chappix and
5745s Tayson the rotate out for aqua losing
5748s his teammate right now reason is down
5751s and aqua I could just feel the
5753s desperation the look on his face tells
5756s it all man as they are communicating
5758s with one another what went wrong
5761s you see seti and Cami join Aqua nairox
5763s as the only players with multiple vrs in
5767s an international event that is
5770s absolutely impressive as these two teams
5772s closing the gap between each other they
5774s want that off-spawn exchange of her
5776s mother they want revenge they want
5778s Redemption for what they've been going
5779s through the past seven games that last
5782s game was a great one for Smite and
5784s Larson officially jumping their way back
5786s up into the top five so if Muslim lose
5789s uh looter plays spoiler here it'll be a
5792s huge Landslide moment for Smite and
5794s Larson they can't afford that lovely for
5796s them to disengage and play this one out
5799s trooper and Thomas HD so far for me the
5802s play of the day has to go to them
5805s they have managed to turn that last game
5807s around with nothing arguably probably
5810s one of the worst positions we'll see
5811s them in over the course of the day
5814s and they had one of the most
5815s performances yesterday almost 20 points
5818s in all six game no other team had even
5821s 10 points in every game
5823s so you got to imagine how that really
5825s puts them on the confidence scale coming
5827s in today number two is Joe and Z Andy
5830s gonna have a little bit of a North Pole
5832s yet again it's gonna be on the Eastern
5833s side this time around so for some of
5835s these teams it's gonna be a little bit
5836s easier game but some of them it's going
5838s to be equally as hard as the last I'm
5840s happy we have to jump in with KBR here
5842s because Z is down we saw that exchange
5844s happen in the feed they remember they
5846s are not completely clear here at the
5848s illustrious Lagoon in this general area
5850s they do have tons of players that land
5852s in this general area Runa and Papo being
5854s a few chimp up at the North Side
5857s alongside scram being another set of
5859s Duos right so that is very much a
5861s contested area and now he has to play
5863s for the save yep on board queasy and
5866s Vino
5867s one of two teams in this event that has
5870s two Victory Royale so far in this
5872s tournament and you're seeing how they're
5873s getting the job done going from balloon
5876s to balloon to High Ground getting the
5878s surge surveying the lobby is absolutely
5881s important
5882s this is such a synergistic Duo that
5884s cannot be stopped at the way they're
5886s going right now I don't want to call it
5888s too early but hey zonus is leaning North
5891s is it is it going to end somewhere up
5894s there yes or no
5895s no no I I want to bet against it I want
5898s to bet against it because some of these
5900s teams have been just going through the
5901s ringer with those North zones I'd be
5903s okay with the Eastern one given some of
5905s our teams on that just a little bit of a
5907s chance to kind of climb up that
5908s leaderboard but a team that doesn't need
5910s a chance because they take it by forces
5911s walks with robot Kebab they're one of my
5913s favorite teams simply because a robot's
5915s name yeah you say it all the way through
5918s every time
5919s I don't have the heart to risk it Bailey
5922s and Alex in a box fight right now versus
5924s u3 and Jude this is a long awaited fight
5927s it's been happening all weekend long
5929s they're one of the few teams that have
5930s been contested but not have really
5933s turned their winning fights into
5936s anything big in the end game right
5939s wave
5940s Jew and yusri
5942s not backing down here this is a fight I
5944s think kind of settled every single game
5947s yesterday
5948s at least I'd guess so between Alex and
5951s Bailey June Usery but Alex and Bailey I
5953s was kind of talking to them anybody in
5955s this tournament realistically including
5957s them can pop off at a moment's notice
5958s you just have to find a way to do it
5961s while staying consistent at the same
5962s time and they want to go ahead and get
5964s this elimination they want to go ahead
5965s and fight this so that way they can get
5967s the surge that they need so they don't
5968s have to worry about it later on because
5970s unlike every regular fncs of the past
5973s our contested teams this side around are
5975s actually having very good tournaments I
5977s think what we're seeing right now is
5979s stage pressure kicking in I had a lot of
5981s time to kick up uh you know really catch
5983s up and get to know Alex and Bailey in
5985s the lead up to all of this and what
5987s they've managed to tell me is they were
5989s winning most of their creative head to
5990s head so I think when it comes down to
5992s Raw skill Alex and Bailey might have the
5995s edge over Julian usury who are newly or
5997s newer form duo in final style settings
6001s that's kind of what's Happening here
6002s let's go to catch up with mirror though
6003s what's going on with him down south yeah
6005s him and Booga I've been wanting to see
6007s more of this is a legacy style event for
6009s them and already they're switching it up
6012s as Miro finding an early elimination on
6015s to bevies and that was a thing for them
6017s they had such North Poles they weren't
6019s able to get to serve so they had to go
6021s hunting just like so many other players
6023s in the lobby and you don't you're not
6025s really able to control your game if
6026s you're just forced to go for surge game
6028s after game that's right but luckily for
6030s him he does find a little bit of success
6032s there and elim is huge especially
6035s considering he can go ahead and rotate
6037s sooner rather than later Thomas HD
6039s chipper taking their Destiny into their
6042s own hand this time around really turning
6044s up the action this is learning from your
6046s previous game they do not want to find
6047s themselves in another storm surge
6050s position where they have to fight for
6052s surge you can see that Thomas having
6054s more points as a solo than any other
6056s player in EU but to me that that's
6058s that's
6061s Glades we talk about how legendary of a
6063s player he is he just needs to seal that
6065s deal with an fncs championship and he
6068s could really cement himself as one of
6070s the best players of all time and you can
6072s see he also LED all damage on day number
6075s one really earning that respect there if
6078s you didn't believe it before seeing him
6079s do it in person is exceptional as City
6083s and Cami we can speak to the same
6085s accolades what a great great Duo here
6088s just really strategizing all the way
6091s through playing so well so far and
6094s continuing the trend last game not so
6096s bad right they did enough to maintain
6098s the pace they're in third place
6100s we're tasting and champix you can see a
6102s lot of those cloudy condos teams not
6104s able to get a ton of damage to put
6106s themselves up for a good mid game but
6107s right now they already took down
6109s mackwood looking to go back to back and
6110s take down kadata as well they're hot off
6112s the heels they don't want to let this
6113s one escape the damage continues the
6115s pressure is just insurmountable right
6116s now as Canada is just trying to survive
6118s luckily for him a couple of players
6120s joining on the fun the tags come in from
6122s a third party that's going to allow
6123s Canada just a few seconds to try to
6126s stabilize against this European
6127s Powerhouse Kanata and macwood are
6130s uncontested at their drop so they're
6132s playing with fire right now as they pull
6134s South to the edge of the Zone here to
6136s see what they can make happen but Kanata
6138s riding his way around the builds right
6140s now you can see Tayson now jumping on to
6143s all the loot some of it was already
6144s scavened through so NADA should have the
6147s reboot card there
6149s the distance shots come in that could be
6151s Booga and Miro if they Hill there as we
6153s know this is their area
6155s they do play those outskirts they will
6157s not rotate early to center it's not how
6159s they do it
6161s I'm trying to stay alive right now on
6163s the edge of Zone as well so it's not
6164s even gonna be a storm fight when it
6166s comes down to it so traffics and taste
6168s can do exactly anything they want and
6169s you can kind of see kbrz fourth place
6172s they go down in this one that's not
6174s where you want to be but the Fight
6175s Continues and Kanata is doing a
6177s absolutely fantastic job fighting back
6179s against one of the best teams in the
6181s region of EU let's see it chocolate for
6184s the wall here Kanata demanding respect
6186s but gets punished first 72 was a huge
6190s shot from chopics here and the ending
6192s comes through he fights back this is
6194s what Pro players do so well and taste
6197s and still Against All Odds we'll turn
6200s that one around but it was looking so
6202s dicey yeah unfortunately for Canada
6203s mackwood that's where that consistency
6205s of yesterday kind of comes to a hop but
6207s there's still a couple more games on the
6209s day they can climb back at any moment
6211s that's right let's get a quick update
6213s from Taco on how things are going
6216s been a lot of action taking place over
6218s in the Tilted Towers area as well
6220s throughout this game but absolutely
6222s wanted to highlight the way that Acorn
6224s and edgy have just managed to split
6226s their teamwork responsibilities you've
6227s got Acorn just spending all of his time
6229s securing the loot securing resources for
6232s this Duo meanwhile edgy he's taking sure
6234s he's making sure to take care of their
6235s search management the entire while he's
6237s just posted up on High Ground looking
6239s everywhere he can for as many tags as
6241s possible so that their rotations can be
6243s as free as they need it
6246s and those are the strengths of tilted
6248s Towers center location it doesn't matter
6251s where the Zone goes they have a strategy
6253s that has been so solid every single time
6256s and again as we gave you guys the
6258s updates top five has changed as fourth
6261s place is now out of the competition you
6264s see there the slight misplay from KBR he
6266s tries to throw down a chug's flash but
6268s unfortunately sends one's into the bush
6270s and look at that gets eliminated there
6272s by walks and robot and the reaction
6275s that's a tough one there because again
6277s they were doing very well pacing in
6280s gaming yeah hopefully right now mentally
6282s they realize that they can still do very
6285s very well they can still jump up a ton
6287s of placings in the next couple of games
6289s you just have to buckle down you can see
6291s the TSM Duo far below but now I want to
6294s go over to Larson and smite is this the
6296s longest either one of these teams have
6298s not only been alive but been in Grim
6300s Gables as well but at the end of the day
6302s they want to fight and that fight they
6303s will get and between Lars and despite
6305s they have a little bit of that High
6306s Ground their only team contested in the
6308s top five at this point I don't even know
6310s if they know it's looter and Muzz how do
6312s they you really like how do they it's
6315s been happening for so long maybe they
6316s walked away they came back said hey is
6318s this another Duo but no it's just Larson
6320s it's just my it's just Moz it's just
6322s looter and now out of material Larson
6324s trapped up box like a fish almost
6328s Mike turns it around though 2V1 they try
6330s to swing in and it's not looking good
6332s they are hurt no HP low material count
6334s it's down goes Smite Larson sneaks out
6338s the side there and Muzz catches their
6340s first elimination and the siphon is
6342s enough to get some mats there
6345s huge that's huge for them for their
6348s comeback attempt get as many placements
6350s as possible but there's a couple other
6352s teams that are stacked up here as well
6353s and it does look like the surviving
6355s member of that duo got out alive for a
6358s moment but he cannot go back into the
6359s storm otherwise he will get eliminated
6361s by somebody else and Thomas HD gets
6364s those two points that can be a
6367s Difference Maker three points for Thomas
6370s HD and tripping who are on the heels of
6372s Vino and queasy but now fourth place is
6375s down fifth place is down the top three
6378s have more of a Runway to start ramping
6381s up here King and end though under shots
6384s here they are making the rotate it's
6386s Avery and commandment who's up above low
6388s on material count as well King has to
6390s box up
6391s another another team towards the north
6394s side of the map on the western side as
6395s well that has a little bit of a pool to
6397s go I don't
6399s I wanted that little
6400s beside we don't want to go all
6402s we want to give a huge Fighting Chance
6404s as sent to Nicole they're just a follow
6407s surge but barely below as they're
6409s continuing to find the tags trying to
6410s get themselves above just like that it
6412s appears they did just enough damage but
6414s for them that's not a feeling of
6416s comfortability at all they know their
6418s job is not done just yet and that's why
6420s they keep surveying the field that is
6422s right great tags here receptors gonna
6424s find down low this is where you need to
6426s really hit your shots when your team is
6428s just on that line of danger when the
6431s storm surge is looming and when the
6433s pressure is on who can go ahead and put
6435s up the numbers that matter most no
6437s O'Reilly bad sniper very low on HP not
6440s even pausing to go ahead and heal one
6442s another instead pushing on in that's the
6444s Japanese Duo right there zaku and Marine
6447s they are champions of Asia the most
6450s recent fncs champions of their region
6452s you have to put respect on their name
6454s and these EU boys are learning very
6457s quickly as to why you don't walk up to
6459s that wall yeah and they're actually one
6461s of the teams that have the best
6463s performances when rebooting a player
6464s they got a 25th Place finish they got a
6466s second but no O'Reilly doesn't care he
6468s gets tagged up Dagu gets dropped as well
6470s multiple players Living on a Prayer but
6473s the Asian Powerhouse team do it again
6476s Let's Get Loud for Japan
6478s representing for Japan we love to see it
6482s it's a jam house here in North Carolina
6485s we love to see these teams stepping up
6488s under the lights under the action
6492s Thomas HD Tripper and doing that as well
6495s look at how they adjusted from game one
6498s on this day from game seven to game
6500s eight now right all of a sudden now they
6502s are so far above with the damage
6505s but historically when it comes to Thomas
6507s HD and trippin I will say their second
6510s half team their second day team
6511s historically they just perform better
6513s when their back is up against the wall
6515s and hopefully for Naes hopefully for
6517s North America all together Acorn and
6519s edgy can have that same fire you talk
6522s about them being in fourth place on the
6524s day it was only because they had a bad
6527s game two they had a zero point game two
6529s yesterday other than that they were
6531s among the top three in performances at
6533s the second half of the day if they can
6535s continue that here early they will be on
6537s the run to the race Vino's gonna find
6540s Hellfire in the feed there that's gonna
6541s be a huge refresh for him but ketos and
6544s phin holding on to Deer life right now
6547s just edging on the top 10 here as far as
6550s overall points though last game they
6552s were in fourth they slipped way on down
6554s and this time it seems like the storm
6556s surge has ran a number on them now let's
6559s take a look at their current game
6561s leaders rotates there Cami and seti
6564s being a few of the both that are still
6565s in this one finding themselves pretty
6567s much dead center here now remember if
6570s there's any Zone you want to be in the
6571s middle it's zone three as it gives you
6573s the highest odds to pull that fourth one
6576s beyond that it's it's anyone's ball game
6579s and the interesting thing about Cammy
6581s and seti and the way they're playing
6582s this weekend because historically we've
6585s talked about in the desk to kind of
6586s start the day yesterday they're not an
6587s aggressive team even though they're in a
6589s top placing team they're usually on the
6591s low but right now another top placing
6593s team on the leaderboard Joe and the Andy
6594s trying to get busy Malibu goes down Merc
6597s stash is by himself trying to live with
6598s just a sliver of HP as Joe wastes no
6600s time trying to get in the box but see
6602s Andy goes down to the storm well only
6603s one situation peace control goes right
6605s back over to mustache he peeks through
6607s that's the wrong time back to back by
6610s Joe to get the double elimination and we
6613s love to see it it's usually your friends
6615s that turn on your jump see Andy against
6618s malibucca and verstas tough one right
6621s there but they will be the EU team on
6624s top in that engagement
6626s queasy and Vino team that's sitting
6629s comfortably in first place is buga
6631s taking down Clicks in the feed and
6634s that's what we want to see we saw Miro
6636s getting a little bit busy earlier now
6638s we're seeing Booga start to get active
6640s this team is beginning to come online
6642s and for a team as dangerous as they are
6644s they have never placed out of the top
6646s three monster and they want to keep that
6648s Accolade intact it's gonna be a tough
6649s one though they will have to continue to
6651s turn off but Vico is in a fight up
6653s against zagu and marim and he will turn
6656s things around Vito have the biggest game
6658s closer yesterday of any other player of
6662s the day this man is an animal
6665s dangerous as can be and you can see pink
6667s in an ass very very similar situation
6670s top of the mountain they got some
6671s traveling to do a few teams around them
6673s as well but they're just trying to
6674s figure out where the rest of the teams
6676s actually went so right now they're
6677s trying to figure out what that slow side
6679s is
6680s see it Joe by himself oh Z Andy picked
6684s apart on the rotate no Hills for Joe
6687s what a tough spot to be in but hey at
6689s least he has Chrome splashes for the
6690s rotate
6692s it's gonna be tough
6693s we're holding our breaths I'm sure he is
6696s as well
6697s see he's just biting his lip looking
6699s around like oh man I gotta time this
6700s perfectly when do I move when do I go
6703s that's the question he's asking himself
6704s second after second as Thomas and trip
6707s from 271 above the damage threshold not
6709s much to go but they want to get there as
6711s fast as possible in his own like this
6713s you want to get yourself that sweet spot
6715s and it looks like they're going straight
6716s for The High Ground don't over commit
6718s here Shield bubble comes down to protect
6720s themselves this will allow the builds to
6722s get to Max HP and now they can start to
6724s read the room it's re it's epic whale
6727s that's not an easy Duo by any means but
6729s no High Ground cannot be claimed there's
6731s still some natural terrain off to the
6734s side there that's away their decisions
6737s Thomas HD
6738s so much better in this game here looking
6741s so much better
6743s Tripper as well
6747s like this I like this view of the lobby
6748s right now because it really shows us how
6751s stacked that right side actually is
6753s we're gonna probably see some teams
6754s launch pad early if they do not get the
6756s zone is hi Joe Blues he's picking up a
6758s couple on the Brazilian Duo of King and
6761s Ed you see epic well a player that
6764s usually is lighting up the leaderboard
6766s having a couple struggles but he is to a
6769s second half team a lot of these teams
6771s are known but they're backs up against
6772s the wall to come up big 800 edgy might
6775s have found some points there that is
6777s huge but no it's just gonna be taxed oh
6779s actually yes and she will get the uh
6782s elim credit there that's gonna
6783s effectively push them over cold and
6786s sensitive they have done enough to go
6788s ahead and continue to trade that seven
6790s and eight Place position the top ten is
6793s extremely competitive here Booga Miro
6797s four eliminations what a massive swing
6799s of points here
6801s and they're just continuously looking
6803s for the shots all around
6804s finally finding that comfortability here
6806s finally finding some sort of stride to
6809s work with and you can see the chili chug
6810s Splash is coming out and that's how
6811s they're gonna try to rotate across while
6813s all the other teams are stuck in that
6815s mess on the side they did just enough
6816s damage to weaken one team to try to put
6818s them the focus of that for Bobby Fino
6821s and Queasy already positioned up at the
6823s North Side here here comes another
6824s launch pad it's down and the heels are
6826s looking excellent for this Duo but the
6828s material count is halfway they will have
6829s to fight for a refresherbino is gonna
6831s get tagged by repsgard there and he
6833s loses his shield as well and now split
6835s from squeezy queasy bases out why here
6838s to put up a front on High Ground a scram
6840s and chimp who land outside of the
6843s lustrous Lagoon all of a sudden trying
6844s to turn us around edgy is down Acorn by
6847s himself world of trouble and he goes
6849s down to Avery from the side there
6853s that is huge because they're having a
6855s pop-up game right now seeing commandment
6857s getting a few eliminations already champ
6859s and scram finding success here on the
6862s day they had a top finish yesterday
6864s they're looking to replicate that some
6866s way shape or form fabino queasy you know
6868s what time it is fifth into sixth moving
6871s Zone this is where they typically try to
6873s go for that high ground and hold on to
6875s it for the rest of the game most of top
6877s 10 that we started this lobby with is
6879s now down and out but you know who is
6881s consistent is our remaining first three
6885s Vino queasy Thomas AZ Tripper and seti
6888s and Camis are still in this game and
6890s somewhere amongst all that you have the
6892s solo Joe who was just picked up and now
6895s Vico one of the only few who can
6897s actually jump back into this
6899s if anybody can do it and pick up some
6901s big placement points it is going to be
6902s him and if you look at his inventory he
6904s has that recipe for Success queasy Vino
6906s just looking for that information like I
6909s said there right now looking is High
6911s Ground take going to be possible as
6913s they're spotting all these players
6914s around figure out who is moving where to
6916s go is Tripper and Thomas 33 below the
6918s damage threshold they're going to launch
6920s that get ahead of Zone and as soon as
6921s they do even though they're not in zone
6923s they're gonna be looking all around them
6924s to try to find the tags that they need
6925s the best part of what we're watching
6927s right now is the preparation the hard
6929s work and all of that coming together
6932s here for the EU trios or Duos at the top
6935s right now because at the end of the day
6938s we know they put in all the work Vino is
6940s gonna find Reed and crack his way up to
6942s high ground and all of a sudden he is
6944s trying to go for a back-to-back they
6946s might just be the most winningest team
6949s of the fncs Invitational at this rate
6952s back-to-back game sixth moving Zone they
6954s take the high drive with a well-paced
6956s Launch Pad but scented and cold they
6958s fight two eliminations on their way to
6960s the end game and if they could just make
6962s it that far they're trying to stay ahead
6963s of Zone trying to find some elevation to
6965s work with but Champion scram fighting
6966s for The High Ground a good squeezy and
6968s Vino when Vino right now doing a great
6970s job building high enough to shut down
6972s that opportunity but he's gonna meet him
6974s there as well look at this it's gonna
6975s cost him a ton of material so it's not
6977s over yet lost track comes in and there
6980s it is he almost gets boxed out and
6982s Cuisine veto have to give up The High
6984s Ground Vino drops out takes some fall
6986s damage here and the defense it's Tropics
6988s it's tasted on hype out of nowhere and
6992s while all this action's going down in
6994s the mud towards the low ground Booga and
6996s Miro found two more eliminations they're
6999s continuing to light things up as
7001s angelic's finding one bino finds another
7003s on robot Kabob before going down
7005s Louisiana left by himself no build just
7008s a few bandages this man is trying to
7010s make miracles happen looking towards the
7012s back side of his own he gets shut down
7014s by Pablo and it's actually a time for
7016s Thomas and Tripper to catch up finally
7018s this Powerhouse Duo is out of the lobby
7021s but will they step up can they make do
7024s and take advantage of the fact that they
7026s cannot earn any points stripper is still
7027s alive right now no team's gonna take it
7029s out but no he's hurt and he goes down he
7031s does not manage to find anything what's
7034s left the city and Camera what's left is
7036s Booga and Miro here Ramiro down for
7038s elimination this is where he needs to
7040s perform best into the hands off zadie
7043s Miro has fallen and right now this is
7045s just an unorthodox way to take that top
7047s spot for Cammy and seti to where they
7049s weren't as aggressive coming to this
7051s event this is the most aggressive we
7053s have ever seen a team like them and it
7055s is paying off tenfolds as The High
7057s Ground switches on over but the World
7058s Cup champion the solo World Cup champion
7061s is stuck at just that a solo trying to
7063s stay alive figure out what the plan is
7065s going to be moving around the left side
7066s of zones where not too many players are
7068s at and the smart usage of the Chrome
7070s splashes as well denying the opportunity
7071s to edit through but he finds the shots
7073s on the scram but he gets shot back by
7075s Jim this is going to come down to that
7077s chip takes down Booga into the top 10 he
7079s goes though and look at Jim go look at
7081s the quick edits there see Madison has
7083s turned around now out of material It's
7084s All or Nothing a quick and down low as
7086s well to keep him in the game here with
7087s the low growl there's two and it's a
7089s dangerous two incentive it's called
7091s they're waiting here at the loot Rains
7093s Down the River unfortunately slips away
7095s from them said he's still alive here
7097s trying to squeeze out as many points as
7098s possible and he works his way on up to
7101s the top meanwhile Clown playing
7104s upsetting Champions and chasing her down
7106s Watson robot managed to find eight
7108s elimination and it's just wasps on
7111s height this is gonna be a big
7112s opportunity for walks to try to pick up
7113s as many placement points as he can as a
7116s solo same could be said with seti chrome
7119s Splash bobifying himself and dashing
7121s trying to take the high ground but a
7122s misstep a misstep by Golden setting as
7124s well they both go down to hand he is
7127s putting on a show to bring them to the
7129s top of the leaderboard it only takes one
7131s game to jump back into this top 10 here
7132s and you're watching players fight for it
7134s putting it all on the line nine eels for
7137s Watson robots three for clown who has a
7139s little high ground position here over
7141s the lobby but they're still a duo in
7143s this game it's head it's Vortex they're
7145s the only Duo alive standing right now
7147s 1v1 V2 Clown versus walks here walks
7149s looking up and high a great jump shot
7151s there and he is down and now cloud has
7154s to take on two of the best here on EU
7157s Gilton Focus Vortex it's not looking
7160s good but it's looking great for Vortex
7162s and head and they close out
7165s they had complete control of that game
7169s from eighth moving Zone at all the last
7172s Duo live teamwork really making that
7174s dream work and off the back of hand that
7177s two eliminations at the end to get the
7179s siphon that was the recipe for their
7182s success and they were just so close to
7184s pushing double digits there a low ground
7187s win is not something we've seen but
7188s let's get caught up in a little insight
7190s from the pros
7193s hello hello I am joined here by Vortex
7195s and hen after that incredible game how
7198s you feeling man pretty Plum pretty
7200s pumped just gotta keep it up I mean
7202s obviously grabbing what eight nine
7204s eliminations in that game what's the
7206s next step for the next game when next
7208s game again okay two vrs back to back I
7211s love it so much and obviously what was
7213s the recipe for Success there there was a
7215s lot going on all around you guys
7217s um we made lots of mistakes yesterday
7218s and we're trying to come back stronger
7220s so we're trying to fix all the mistakes
7222s made yesterday and you know win today so
7225s what were some of the mistakes that you
7226s fixed in this day search and rotation I
7229s love it I mean thank you guys so much
7230s for joining me here congratulations on
7232s your win can't wait to see what you guys
7234s do next game Let's head on back to the
7236s desk
7238s thank you guys so much hen and Vortex
7241s picking up game number eight and all
7245s with nine eliminations this is kind of
7248s what we talked about yesterday at the
7249s end of the day right yesterday was kind
7252s of like an initial setup let's go ahead
7253s and let's fight a few times let's play a
7255s few games but today we really want to
7257s bring it for them to come out in game
7259s number eight basically the second one of
7261s the day this is a really good jumpstart
7263s this is where they have to shine right
7265s see and they did exactly that in this
7268s match I mean one of the few victory
7270s royales that actually come from down in
7272s the dirt from below and they made it
7274s happen yeah they already did and what I
7276s you notice from that interview right
7277s there they were saying of course they
7278s had surge issues yesterday they had some
7279s positional rotational issues and this is
7281s something that I thought might happen
7282s with this Duo they're two frackers ready
7284s they don't really have that lead they
7285s don't have that igl I think hen is
7287s trying to take on the role at the moment
7288s but they're two fraggers by heart and I
7290s think that overnight sort of revolved
7292s viewing session they must have done has
7294s really helped them fix those issues
7295s because although they might not have
7296s that dominant leader in the game they've
7298s able to they've been able to look back
7300s at their games and think okay we're
7301s fixing this we're fixing that and
7302s clearly it's working out and just kind
7304s of like the holding right and reserves
7306s there being almost a game entirely of
7308s solos except this Duo they just kind of
7312s held out right they're saying there's
7313s why we don't know why but everyone's
7315s fighting all the way around us let's
7316s just wait it out top three hero oh it's
7318s a 2V1 close it out nine eliminations no
7320s big deal look crazy and Vino we're
7322s looking for High Ground pacing and shot
7324s picks we're looking for High Ground the
7326s battle up above was dangerous and it was
7328s actually too dangerous because the Duos
7330s kept getting eliminated losing a
7332s teammate ended up with too many solos
7334s where in the end hen and vertexer just
7337s made it happen and I feel like looking
7339s back at the game queasy and Vino they
7341s were looking good right for a moment
7342s they just well for most of the game they
7344s were actually low on build and then we
7346s kind of blinked and I was like hey
7347s there's someone in there and you guys
7348s like oh it's it's it's either it's I'm
7350s like no someone's above them it's
7352s tasting it's chappix where do they come
7354s from yeah they were uncharacteristically
7355s low on builds in that end game and I
7357s think the main the main reason for that
7358s was when they went for a pad in half and
7360s half Stone we saw Vino and Queasy very
7362s very split of course that had to expand
7364s so many more materials to not only box
7366s up in their own individual boxes but to
7367s get back together as well I think queasy
7369s may have gone a little bit higher up and
7370s Vino was getting sprayed out of the air
7371s so he had to do a little bit of a little
7373s slaling through all the bullets and he
7374s ended up Landing down below so so many
7376s of those builds were wasted there and I
7378s think ultimately that's what caused him
7379s to go down on hype I mean it was
7381s interesting but what I also find
7382s interesting is kind of the the duo in
7385s the mist and the Shadows right that are
7387s making their way up that leaderboard
7388s seti and Kami the consistency with the
7391s drop spot it's looking dangerous we'll
7393s talk more about them in just a moment
7395s first let's go to Adam who is standing
7397s by Adam what you got
7399s yes indeed thank you very much Zeke can
7401s I get a huge round of applause
7403s representing Brazil it's kbrnz
7409s amazing stuff I'm joined as well by
7411s their translator Gabriel Gabriel I'd
7413s love to ask zet firstly um currently
7416s sick position in this competition four
7418s games left what's the strategy for the
7420s last four games
7429s foreign
7437s [Music]
7441s so he said uh we're gonna take the
7444s strategy of our friend over there DK uh
7446s just to go on hike and so let's go
7448s Brazil let's go Brazil and lastly up to
7451s KBR as well we ask um what's it been
7454s like representing Brazil in front of
7455s these amazing fans here at fncs
7458s Invitational foreign
7463s today
7479s he said he said I'm incredibly excited
7481s to be here and I mean with all these
7484s people we only have a couple of
7485s Brazilians and we're louder than
7487s everyone else
7489s thank you very much
7492s let's head back to Zeke and the desk
7496s thank you so much Adam I mean what more
7499s can you say
7501s [Applause]
7504s right here they are going absolutely ham
7506s my goodness let's kind of focus back up
7509s now after this game is done I want to
7511s talk about Sammy Sammy I knew it was
7514s good as Cami and Teddy there it is story
7515s my brain just mixed up words all the
7517s time Cami and seti doing really where
7519s well they're in the middle of the game
7521s but you know fighting themselves kind of
7524s in an interesting position they had
7526s plenty of builds but it didn't quite
7528s help them make it to the end game look I
7531s don't think they're worried right they
7532s did what they need to do you can see
7534s right now seti getting elim after elim
7536s he was alone at the end there as his
7539s partner there you go Cami went down and
7541s said he was forced to clutch it up but
7542s he got an incredible amount of
7543s placements and they're playing for that
7545s crown and that Crown is dipping to a Duo
7549s after the 12th match so they still have
7551s time to rack up those points to play
7553s consistent and to do what they need to
7555s do and we've seen so many solo
7557s collections from seti across the seasons
7558s of course yesterday doing so the same
7560s and he's sort of becoming into that role
7562s in The Duo if Cami is down set he will
7564s clutch up and we throw him using the
7565s Chrome slashes so effectively there as
7567s well not only blobifying himself and
7568s rotating using that he was also throwing
7570s at enemy builds which of course they
7572s can't edit out on him so right there It
7574s ultimately fell to his elimination but
7575s of course he was able to use that so
7577s well in so many different ways a ton of
7579s chrome Splash Tech coming out that I
7581s didn't want to spend time in the future
7583s talking about but it's almost that time
7585s to begin the next set of games I will
7587s say for B watching this game has made
7589s something very very clear these Duos are
7592s getting way more aggressive we're seeing
7594s way more eliminations coming out of
7595s these players but it is is hampering a
7598s lot of them right when you're like hey
7599s we have five elims oh my gosh I have how
7601s many builds ten uh what do we do like
7604s they've also had time now after day one
7606s to kind of study a bit more of the exact
7607s paths that their opponents have been
7609s doing around them and how they can adapt
7611s to maybe take those engagements Janice
7613s of the deal they were having trouble
7614s finding storm surge being uncontested
7616s but now they were able to get to the
7617s late game in that first match and
7619s they're doing a better job adapting and
7620s that's what all these Duos need to do
7622s yeah adaptation is the most important
7623s you mentioned Jonathan deal of course
7624s last night the deal was sat in the vods
7626s the whole night looking back at what
7628s went wrong of course you mentioned the
7629s Janice social media post earlier on as
7631s well they were struggling for those
7633s search positions of course they used
7634s their synonymous with going on that dead
7636s side of Zone and of course they weren't
7637s able to find as many attacks there isn't
7639s as much action to the south of them as
7641s they may have had last season when of
7642s course they did win so it's a little bit
7644s rough for them but there's still plenty
7646s of games to go that's right game nine is
7648s on the way so Master D phase Jacob over
7651s to you
7652s let's go ahead and start gearing up here
7654s we have the pleasure of starting to get
7655s into the late half these are what we
7658s call the champion rounds game nine will
7660s solidify just about the halfway mark for
7662s day two yeah and you're seeing some of
7664s these teams heat up just like that
7666s battle bus monster you said it game
7669s number nine is about to start and for a
7672s lot of these teams this is the second
7674s half of the day this is the second
7676s chance they're gonna get here to try to
7678s pick up as many points as they can for
7680s teams like Muzz and looter Larson
7683s inspired over towards Grim Gables
7684s they're feeling each other out more and
7686s more and more last game was the longest
7689s it has ever taken in my opinion for any
7691s team off spawn to finish a fight that's
7694s right it was a drawn out battle for
7696s Smite and Larson a tough result from
7699s that as well as they were one of the
7701s first contested duels to actually fall
7703s there which is again that is how things
7706s change here starts affecting the
7708s standings and the leaderboards in
7710s general they came in around that you
7712s know up upper temp position and now they
7714s have allowed others to start to close
7716s that Gap Vico Moran over towards reality
7719s tree
7720s next time around we get to see how he's
7723s doing it oh look at that he got himself
7725s a little parkour spot knowing exactly
7727s what he wants to do in order to get that
7729s Loop and that's just quick thinking
7731s coming out of him and you can see why
7732s he's quick to act what's super
7734s interesting is now our top 16 from
7736s fourth to 16th has become extremely
7739s competitive amongst those standings in
7742s those positions from first through third
7743s it's definitely competitive there as
7745s well so we're starting to see a little
7747s bit of a divide meanwhile juga and Miro
7750s affected bevies and vortexer find the
7753s two early and they're gonna be one of
7755s the first Duos to fall here in the last
7757s game and it really shows us that teams
7760s and Duos regardless of how good you are
7762s you have to put up the numbers you have
7765s to perform and they are fully contested
7767s there now so as we jump on over to Pico
7770s and we've been playing excellent
7772s here they fought their way up to that
7773s ninth play position coming in with 158
7776s points very great performance so far
7780s which is amazing to see is their loot
7782s path right now they hadn't popped a
7784s single Shield big or small they got
7787s themselves almost 100 Shields each and
7790s that's because of reality tree and then
7792s those mushrooms at the bottom that get
7793s you about 15 HP or Shields That's Mike
7796s Marsh and this is the fight that we're
7797s talking about getting tagged up from the
7799s sky that high position going over to
7802s Muzz and looter and it's doing them
7804s wonders right out of the gate
7806s it's gonna be interesting to see what
7808s they do with the amount of damage that
7810s they got because they want to go
7811s aggressive and try to take advantage but
7813s you can see in the feed Mr Savage and
7815s eye drop already getting busy taking
7817s down on one first leaving Baka as a solo
7820s that's right and lucky for us he gets it
7821s tune in with zagu and Marine and this is
7825s very cool and also extremely interesting
7827s they have officially switched up their
7830s drop spot here on day two we have not
7832s seen anyone as notable as uh uh you know
7836s High placing as them actually try a new
7839s strategy and already they have had a
7841s pretty clean start to the day but
7843s they've also slipped down a little
7844s further than they would have liked to
7846s jump on over to retake
7848s versus Vico here little head-to-head
7850s action first hacks are gonna come in for
7852s Vico they're looking good so far they
7854s lead the points here Jacob and also the
7858s execution very much in their side and
7860s for all of it goes great games it starts
7863s here but a massive tag gonna have him
7865s back down in a defensive position but
7867s Mariah's gonna have to try to figure out
7868s a way to alleviate some of that pressure
7869s and you see the sharing is carrying
7871s minis being passed around knob is going
7873s for the peas control unfortunately
7874s enough a missed opportunity but that's
7876s not going to stop him from trying again
7878s and again and again he knows the amount
7880s of damage he just put on the Vico cannot
7881s go to waste now keep in mind Pico and
7883s are inside the top ten they cannot
7885s afford to fall now that will have
7887s devastating impacts to the standings and
7889s a huge side angle there Marine is her
7893s forced into the low ground position
7895s Force to run away from novice and retake
7898s they are proving why they were invited
7901s to the setting meanwhile zaku Falls to
7904s macwood there with a knock so the change
7907s is the adjustment it is heating up in
7909s the South Zone it's heating up from the
7911s West Zone we have a lot going on right
7913s now I don't know if they just saw but
7915s Mac when it could not have jumped on him
7917s from shimmering shines all the way to
7919s one of the highest spots on the map as
7921s bat sniper taking down both the Eddie
7923s West Duo pars and Rays so you said it
7926s before this one action is heating up
7928s rather quickly here on day two as team
7931s Brooks could take control of their own
7933s destiny but another prolonged fight as
7935s Mariah Biko trying to catch novice off
7937s guard
7938s the shots to come through that actually
7940s safety goes live even though it wasn't a
7942s ton of damage that would have allowed
7944s novice to keep going possum some time
7946s here and this is why he took those zip
7948s lines out the side there trying to find
7950s these new angles
7952s is something so special about watching
7954s High tier players navigate the map
7957s very much a strategy type of situation
7961s type of game when you really break it
7963s all down but
7965s riding Biko are gonna go ahead and
7967s settle down now
7969s they need to go ahead and recuperate all
7972s of these lost resources so was it worth
7974s it right wasn't worth it on average you
7976s need around I don't know four or 600
7978s damage right around that range around
7980s that first storm surge area
7982s I've managed to do enough but can they
7985s climb back to device they can keep
7986s finding those
7988s shrooms to regenerate as much of the
7990s health as possible it could it could
7992s definitely prove to be worth at the end
7993s of the day because it's not going to
7994s expend any of their utility in order to
7997s regain it back what do we think about
7999s this
8000s Larson is might leave the drop they say
8002s all right buzz looter you got it last
8004s game was solid you can have Grim Gables
8006s I'm getting out of here but it almost
8008s looks like they left TSM Duo trying to
8010s go ahead and still put the damage onto
8012s Muzz and looter as he Andy and Joe
8013s floating in all the way from synapse
8016s station trying to put the tiki tags on
8017s the canob and that's gonna be his
8018s Shields disappearing right before our
8021s very eyes but ultimately enough the
8023s Cloudy condos teams who lack damage very
8025s early on beginning to put in their own
8027s tags everybody right now feeling the
8029s pressure of the leaderboard to trying to
8032s get active to try to pick up as many
8033s points as possible and close the gap see
8035s the look of focus on Z Andy's face here
8038s is he's got a lot of things to think
8040s about players to the left players to the
8042s north
8043s very tough spot to be in
8046s Acorn on the other side Acorn edgy still
8048s housed up in their position remember
8050s Noah Riley is here but edgy is down so
8053s Acorn left to try to play this one out
8055s by himself right now he is in seventh
8059s second highest placing nae's team
8061s currently alive in the lobby
8064s cold in scented lead with the points but
8067s scented
8068s has done enough to go ahead and perform
8070s while Acorn is just behind them
8075s and right now this time around a little
8076s bit of a switch up when it comes to that
8078s zone from Northeast looking like we're
8081s getting a little bit of a South Western
8082s zone for some of these teams and cold
8084s and scented they spotted that one right
8087s away they moved a little bit South
8088s trying to take that position towards
8089s tilted Towers where you know a lot of
8092s teams are going to try to travel through
8093s to try to get their own spot in the
8095s zones that's a good opportunity for them
8096s to try to pick up as much storm surge
8099s damage as possible as Thomas trippin
8101s having such a fantastic day number two
8104s but that's those that should be no
8106s surprise to anybody like I said the
8108s history shows that they're a day two
8109s team I'm a bit concerned about this
8111s position here though this is very much
8113s reminiscent to the game seven
8114s positioning where they took their time
8116s played High Ground yes it's more
8118s textbook because they split up but
8121s professional players are very much not
8124s willing to rotate through those open
8125s areas
8128s meanwhile commandment Avery also hoping
8130s for the same playing The High Ground of
8131s the Rave cave you can see not a team in
8133s sight it's very very tough to play those
8135s positions out
8136s yeah I would love to see him kind of
8138s switch up their spot because right now
8139s they should know there's not too many
8140s teams above them and the Zone being on
8142s that edge it's gonna be a little bit of
8143s a slower side slower opportunities but
8145s peterbot and jamper trying to pick up
8147s some own opportunities for themselves
8148s trying to make that sneaky play all the
8150s way from that Far Eastern portion of the
8153s map slowly but surely trying to close in
8155s on some of these cloudy condos teams
8156s that are trying to go ahead and get
8159s their resources because you know as well
8160s as I do this has been a little bit of a
8161s split between all three European teams
8164s if you're looking for a highlight we
8165s might just find one we are just moments
8168s away from something big unfolding and
8171s Merced and malibucca know better but on
8173s the other side there's another fight too
8175s Moraine and Vico top nine such an
8178s important fight we have to see if Iran
8180s can actually clutch up for his teammate
8182s yes he will drop down and get on top of
8184s vico's body he doesn't even box him up
8186s because he doesn't have enough resource
8187s to do it he would rather save it in case
8191s he has to fight his way out of this one
8193s Falconer in Hell Fire managed to execute
8197s a big elimination here and now are
8199s extremely curious as to whether or not
8203s but Ryan is nearby
8206s Benson and Cole just took out the naus
8209s three-time Champions Fabs and snacky on
8212s their own way to the journey peterbot
8214s taking down mustache as well
8216s everybody really trying to
8219s prove their own path they don't want to
8222s have anything other than their own
8224s decisions really find out if they're
8226s gonna make it to the top or not but this
8228s one continues as malibucca is trying to
8229s stay alive here as a solo feed about
8231s jumper don't want to let these points go
8233s to ways they know the storm surge here
8234s is so important to them including those
8237s points on their way to the top peterbot
8240s refuses to end this day in last place he
8242s wants to fight for more points yesterday
8244s was a very very tough showing for them
8247s and now what can they do what can they
8249s earn chamfer's gonna get hurt there but
8251s he does close out in the end versus
8253s malibucca and that Ambush pays off
8257s looter Muzz spotting out Vino trying to
8260s put their own damage there from the
8262s distance
8265s that is huge that's a huge opportunity
8268s let's roll back hustle goes down to
8271s handle X this is an opportunity for
8272s everybody to take control of their
8273s Destiny crazy Vino boxer box
8275s wall-to-wall taking that Peak and a
8277s great attempt on the looter
8279s unfortunately enough didn't find its
8280s shot now Muzz and looted the difference
8282s between this fight and their early game
8284s battles is they actually have had time
8285s to fully loot out crimp Gables Vino is
8288s great he shows us what he has he puts a
8290s huge shot onto Luder mind you this is
8294s our first place current team leaning
8297s into game nine taking an extremely risky
8300s battle close to the edge but he is not
8302s fearful at all you know he's gonna swing
8305s around look for the angle to back up his
8308s teammate mozz opens the box with nothing
8310s just yet
8313s he's gonna be important in a fight like
8314s this as Veno finds yet another tag
8317s ontomas
8319s it's textbooks that's what you do right
8321s camera Peaks he's playing it very smart
8322s taking his time he knows what he's doing
8324s take a look at how he's trying to
8325s control the terrain as well Buzz doing
8328s just that as well but Maz is playing off
8330s his left side right now so he does have
8331s to be extremely costly commits in he
8334s tries to take on queasy but crazy is
8336s quick he defends doesn't even get
8338s touched yeah this is a good trade of
8339s damage for both these teams but it is a
8341s prolonged fight you see another team
8342s closing in on the distance want to join
8345s in on this fun especially if they don't
8347s have enough points they're trying to
8348s close the gap as well
8350s 266 below the damage threshold but not
8353s for long
8354s things are going to update now Vino and
8356s Queasy looking solid here they
8357s understand they are good and they do not
8359s need this fight currently and now they
8361s look for the disengage as they manage to
8363s not push over buzz and looter Muzz and
8367s looter have such an interesting history
8370s of how extremely respected they are
8373s especially as it pertains to muzz's
8375s Mechanical skill and looters accuracy so
8377s a wise decision there it may not have a
8380s lot of points but in that setting I
8382s think they're popping me on top and as
8384s we find out the zone is actually going
8385s to be a good zone for a good portion of
8388s the lobby to have their Fighting Chance
8389s here and this one is Cammy and seti
8391s honestly if you watch the beginning of
8392s their games you almost get that feeling
8394s am I watching the same thing am I
8396s watched the same game over and over
8398s because if it ain't broke you don't have
8399s to fix it and Camion said he's early
8401s game is one of the best and that's why
8403s they're currently in third place only 21
8406s points out of first see Andy Joe FN
8410s already on the Move very reminiscent to
8413s what we've seen before these extremely
8415s late rotates somehow though they've
8417s managed to consistently find tags so
8420s search hasn't been too much of an issue
8422s for them love this here finding some
8424s leftovers over at the Vault a launch pad
8426s as well big decisions to be made here do
8429s they use it now or do they save it for
8431s later take it for the road no instead
8432s I'm gonna go ahead and look for tags
8436s and this is
8437s gonna be interesting to see what they're
8439s finding as we see Acorn as a solo here I
8442s did see him go down to the beaver see
8444s now it's happened
8445s chance but Noah Riley one and done sends
8449s him back did you see his face he just
8452s blinked put his Turk stiff he was not
8456s having it at all he was even impressed
8458s by that shot he was shocked he was shook
8460s even right there you know they say life
8462s comes at you fast and that's one of
8465s those it's one of those moments there it
8467s is though it is but can you believe
8468s we're already in game nine
8470s passport right now and a lot of these
8472s teams are following that same pace
8475s and jump on board one of the best EU
8477s teams here in the lobby suffering to
8479s storm sir tripping is actually going to
8481s go down 23 below Thomas he's trying to
8484s do everything he can to find the damage
8485s what a huge huge engagement happening
8487s here there's a lot of story unfolding pH
8490s in his hurt as he finds what ketos is
8493s gonna go ahead and slide on in after the
8494s knock on the Tripper but they get off
8496s the engine slides in we just saw that
8499s happen before our eyes and now Thomas HD
8502s gets the opportunity to honestly try to
8505s play for a clutch here but it's not
8507s going to be easy as sphg in and ketos
8511s have already said in their interview all
8513s they are here to do is make Brazil proud
8516s and there's no way they're gonna let
8518s this one down and they slide Thomas HD
8520s that was second place second place is
8523s now down the aggressive Brazil region
8525s trying to rise to the top because Cammy
8527s and Teddy are now met with Canada and
8529s mackwood and honestly I don't think
8531s either one of these teams want to stay
8532s too much longer here in the zone They
8535s want to try to get themselves that good
8536s spot not too far behind any position
8539s right now but Cammy had said he putting
8541s the shots in from the distance they know
8543s storm surge right now might not be a
8544s wordy but later on in the game it might
8546s have to be something they think about
8547s again
8548s pivotal moment right there finding those
8551s tags giving themselves more time to work
8554s with as they are one of the last teams
8557s to have to make this rotate right now
8560s us casters have the wider look at the
8563s map so we can tell how much is really
8565s going on here and
8567s this southern area is looking dicey yeah
8571s so the towers this majority in there you
8573s can get different elevations got to be
8575s careful when traversing through that as
8577s KBR you see elimination on to peterbot
8580s came and jumper such a good run here on
8583s day two trying to make a comeback for
8584s themselves pumping up a couple
8586s placements for KBR and zet overall have
8589s been impressive game after game their
8591s consistency is absolutely insane to
8594s their game plan honestly has proven to
8596s be one of the best well those set of
8597s limb that now puts them just around that
8600s fifth place Mark they're on the heels of
8601s Joe and Z Andy
8603s looking to go ahead and wrestle that one
8605s away but the lobby is focusing on them
8607s it's not gonna be easy rotate the next
8609s time we tune in they might be extremely
8611s sports for where's Larson and smite also
8615s having a problem search is actually just
8617s soon 20 seconds away and they're below
8619s the search and you're seeing what
8620s happens when they don't take that off
8622s spawn fight both Muzz and looter are
8623s hunting for damage and you're seeing
8625s Smite and Larson have to do the same and
8627s it's causing them to use a lot of their
8628s resource to try to survive this as you
8631s see Reed picking up two take it down
8632s threats at Alice a team scored
8635s specifically for this event as Mike
8637s Larson still trying to peek through
8638s every angle that they have but still but
8641s low on surge not finding that
8643s comfortability just yet if you know that
8645s the body was eliminated there though so
8646s although no tags they will find some
8649s heels and that is going to be a
8650s different maker
8653s full amendments here but they need tax
8655s they need a couple more several players
8657s nearby they all have to also commit usri
8659s and Jew are gonna be one of the few Runa
8661s and Peppo on the other side of that as
8663s well
8664s I'm hearing the shields crack they're
8665s hearing the damage being dealt to Larson
8667s and smite so they know that they're
8669s Suffering The Surge so they're in a good
8671s spot they just need to play defensive
8673s and not let this team get any chances
8675s and it was crazy smart of them not to
8677s break the Chrome builds in front of them
8678s they know this team cannot edit so they
8679s start to turn the focus to the other
8681s duel in the distance but now a decision
8683s has to be made there it is they find a
8685s few tags and a down body that will count
8687s and a little moment to breathe here now
8689s it's either fire or stop and heal and
8691s instead they take the fight here Smite
8693s looking outwards and these are the
8695s crucial seconds right now that they have
8697s to think so once again storm surge is
8700s gonna shut off and right as they were
8702s falling right below it a lot of those
8704s Hills a lot of the resources being used
8705s just to stay alive here in this position
8707s so for them in the back of their minds
8709s they might be trying to look when can I
8711s get a refresh where can I get a refresh
8713s because sooner or later that is going to
8715s be a must if they want to continue their
8717s consistency
8718s might make sense for them to go ahead
8720s and look for another fight but on the
8723s other side King and Ed are still alive
8726s in another
8730s all of a sudden finding their footing
8732s here in the competition they're around
8734s the middle of the pack just around that
8737s top 25 marker
8739s they can still do big things they can
8742s still show up
8744s Parsons might steal dealing
8746s I'm trying to survive running out of
8749s absolutely everything box of box right
8751s now against man trying to find out the
8753s damage they want this could be huge and
8754s absolutely necessary for Smite and
8757s Larson to take him down you got to
8758s imagine scram as a solo jumping into a
8760s Duo's box he was probably hurting on
8762s surge as well but even with that
8763s elimination they are still a hundred and
8766s five below and the biggest elim Thomas
8768s HD and trippin are down and out the
8770s leaderboard will give us the Bulls
8772s picture here seti and Cami are now the
8775s only team that can start pushing for
8777s Vino and Queasy right now outside of
8779s cold incentive as fight Larson have a
8781s bigger problems here as they are looking
8783s for surge they are looking for a fight
8785s the focus comes in loses his teammate
8787s here and dips into the stone not much to
8789s work with they are gonna have to step in
8791s It's All or Nothing great tags there but
8793s not enough to do any serious damage
8795s Larson is down and out now for the count
8798s that is in seventh place out of the
8801s competition that is exactly why if
8804s you're in a stack Lobby like this
8805s falling behind sir it's gonna be one of
8807s the worst things you could do to
8809s yourself it almost makes you feel like
8810s you have no options you have no control
8812s over your game as Kanata trying to take
8814s control of his own Cami and seti as well
8816s 154 above even though they're just
8818s living in the zone at the beginning of
8821s the game you can see exactly why and you
8823s can see their game planning unfolding
8825s right before our very eyes is KBR 22 HP
8828s luckily for him he is above the damage
8830s threshold but only a few players needed
8833s to go down luckily this is not Brazil's
8835s Last Hope here King and Ed are still
8837s somewhere alive in this game but KBR at
8840s 22 HP you have to wonder he won't be
8843s making it too much further how far can
8845s he push the envelope Vino queasy
8848s absolutely executing
8850s putting in an exceptional performance
8854s not just one day but two days in a row
8858s here and if there's a team
8861s if there was a team that everyone was
8863s talking about it was queasy and Vino
8865s leaning into the competition we had that
8868s awesome videos segment where we
8871s interviewed the players and asked him
8873s who do you have as the best player here
8875s the player to look out for Vino was
8877s amongst that conversation everywhere
8879s that was the common denominator that's
8881s for sure as the Lucy and ijo have that
8883s eye ground trying to put damage onto the
8885s lobby and cold and scented trying to
8887s cement their side of Zone pick it up not
8889s one but two more eliminations to add to
8891s their totals add to their run
8894s his hand pick it up and taking down Aqua
8896s altogether that tag team coming out from
8897s him and Vortex proven to be successful
8899s as you can see where the leaderboard
8901s squeezes as Thomas and trippin went down
8903s early on Tammy and seti taking away that
8906s second place spot in last game we talked
8908s about it the same thing 21 points behind
8910s they have closed that Gap now they're
8912s only 13 points behind Vino and Queasy
8915s tough spot to be in here like we said
8918s KBR has to push the envelope he is by
8921s himself
8922s what exactly will he do here running
8926s wall material just a few builds locked
8928s as well so it's only going to get him so
8929s far commandment Avery about halfway
8932s through their resources but looking very
8934s much solid launchpad's gonna come out
8936s but the head bounds that's gonna cancel
8938s the Strat there unfortunately for him
8942s is still alive here alongside Duke they
8945s have plenty of deals to work with but
8947s already the lobby Focus he tries to
8949s fight his way to the long path this is
8950s tough It's just moments away from being
8953s ticked out and now he's holding on
8955s I don't think it's gonna be enough this
8957s is looking like it might be rocks for
8959s Duke he will need an elimination to stay
8961s alive here
8962s desperately running to the zone and
8964s nothing reveals itself to him and down
8967s he goes but from height to height hi Joe
8970s but Lucy are still up top they are so
8973s high up yeah time to get off of this
8975s reposition down later yeah check your
8978s watch because you know what time it is
8979s right now sixth moving Zone this is
8981s where typically quizo queasy and Vino
8983s try to make a shot for it and right now
8985s it does look like that was gonna come to
8986s fruition yet again these guys know how
8989s to play the end game and take control
8990s but hi Joe and beluzi won a few teams
8993s trying to fight for it as well backwood
8994s and Kanata flying through the sky they
8996s don't want to even contest it they feel
8997s safe towards the low ground in that
9000s chaos where it's so many eliminations
9002s even clown picking up two commandment
9004s going down cold gets another one as
9006s Camion City are just sweet strolling
9009s straight through the Zone finding
9011s themselves that sweet spot without too
9012s much to worry about hence got his eyes
9014s on cold cold is hurt shot from behind
9016s though and he's still on the prowl here
9018s there are many many Duos nearby in the
9021s tracking on hand in is exceptional but
9023s High Ground we the gambino Mana suits
9026s pull through honestly the resilience of
9029s this team to continue to play for height
9032s they are now just inches away from the
9035s Finish Line at this point as they
9036s continue to dominate the lobby and look
9039s at that they're going to be able to hold
9040s High Ground on top of the blimp they
9041s only just have to Force One Duo and then
9043s maybe Reet down off as cold scented
9045s working their way through the mud now
9048s where it's gonna be in treacherous
9049s Journey as they find themselves front
9050s side of Zone that is a recipe for
9052s success is hen Vortex all the way back
9054s six eliminations trying to find their
9056s way forward mackwood rap star they're
9058s all joined in the action it lets us be a
9060s lesson for every player here it is not
9062s over until it's over and was so far out
9064s of the competition and now he finds
9066s himself fighting inside of the top 10
9069s here for a spot at big money but pink is
9072s still alive now his story is yet to be
9074s told from contested drop now to an end
9077s game finally we have to see what pick is
9079s uh all made up here since Nicole arso
9082s live five for them this is where they
9084s play best the low ground you have to be
9086s careful though that's going with an
9088s elevation change we gotta start it now
9090s or never
9093s never read
9094s everybody having those struggles peek
9096s those down to the storm Cami gets credit
9098s for that elimination two more points six
9101s total overalls found a rap star trying
9103s to meet that total they get they're six
9106s as well four for refs guard these guys
9108s are lighting up the leaderboard but the
9110s team having free rotation after free
9113s rotation queasy and Fino pressuring the
9116s lobby from The High Ground they're
9117s looking so good doing it as well Lucy
9119s and hydro try to get out and now swatted
9122s out the sky it's over it's a no-fly zone
9125s and Vino and Queasy are just running
9128s away with high meanwhile sentence finds
9131s one of the feeds there sensing and gold
9133s might be one of nae's Last Hope inside
9135s this last Lobby Savage is still alive
9137s too just by himself though very hurt eye
9141s drops hunting nearby great way to start
9143s to turn around and put a little pressure
9144s on The High Ground but
9146s it's time here at 111 off the height
9149s Savage demands respect but queasy says
9152s stop that it shuts it all down perfect
9154s opportunity to stagger himself to the
9156s backside of his own spots I drop off but
9158s he continues to drop down low High
9160s Ground was taken away by Cami and seti
9163s better late than never as they're
9165s forcing everybody down and they have
9167s that re-rotation towards low ground if
9169s they want to take it this is excellent
9171s now Camion said he have a chance here to
9173s close the gap and take back first place
9175s they started it off that way and they
9177s want to remain mcqueezy is still here
9180s don't count him out another set of
9182s points and now it's called incentive
9184s versus Camion City on height and we also
9188s have Janice and Fidel in the mix three
9191s for teams alive six total players but
9194s all goes down but Genesis video get
9196s knocked as well 1v2 situation Naes the
9199s world on sentenced shoulders mccammy had
9202s said he going for their third Victory
9204s Royale and the fncs Invitational this is
9207s how you cement a legacy all they have to
9210s do is close out this game ascended
9212s trying to take control trying to fight
9213s for The High Ground but it's not enough
9217s taking their third Victory Royale I
9220s don't know how they do it but they have
9222s the face of Champions they go ahead they
9225s sit down and they play this one out
9227s through to the end an emotionalist
9230s reaction there as they say nope we still
9233s have a job to do here it's not over not
9236s over until that 12th game is done and
9240s dusted and that was only number nine
9243s this one is heating up quick as the
9246s teams at the top of the leaderboard are
9248s trying to take control of everything
9250s that they can they're trying to do
9252s everything in their power to not let it
9254s slip through because monster at this
9256s point in time nobody at the top can
9258s afford a bad game that is true they
9261s cannot as the winners start to take to
9264s the stage we will get to touch base with
9267s them one more time this weekend let's go
9270s ahead and send it on down to the floor
9272s to get the update
9274s thank you uh thank you very much MDF and
9277s Jake give it up for coming and shouty
9279s everyone
9284s spoken so many times the last few days
9286s we're almost approaching getting
9287s matching bracelets time this is crazy
9290s um congratulations what a great way to
9293s head into the half time another Victory
9296s Royale like we need to get more you need
9299s to get more yeah this guy's confidence
9300s uh looking at the last few games as well
9303s uh you wanted to start this strongly
9305s instead of you've done exactly that and
9307s uh managing you're managing to manage
9309s your games exceptionally well huh you're
9311s managing your games exceptionally well
9313s yeah thank you so much we just have to
9315s be confident going into the last three
9316s games and yeah good luck to everyone now
9319s looking at the leaderboard as well
9320s obviously uh we had crazy and Vino who
9322s are very close as well we now know that
9323s this is coming down Derek we we love a
9325s battle going into the last few games
9327s Cuisine video are there a few others too
9329s what are you guys gonna be doing in this
9331s this break now in terms from a strategic
9333s point of view to prepare yourselves for
9336s the last three games just chill and
9338s wait for the games just wait for the
9341s games city is it gonna happen could you
9343s be fncs Invitational Champions yeah of
9346s course they could guys give it up a
9347s camera setup
9349s [Applause]
9351s to the desk
9353s thank you so much Adam congratulations
9356s to seti and Cami I mixed up their names
9359s last time because my brain does crazy
9361s things a massive Victory out here in
9364s game number nine so right now we're
9367s heading into a little bit of a break
9368s period our our duels will be having
9370s about 20 to 30 minutes step away
9373s recollect themselves before the last
9375s three games now for you all at home and
9377s of course here don't forget stick around
9379s watch the end of the broadcast for some
9381s fncs news now Vivid Taco welcome back to
9386s the desk we gotta talk about City and
9388s Cami I would just like to set the stage
9390s a little bit for the duo these guys were
9393s stacked all game they had borderline Max
9395s Materials look at the loadouts they had
9398s the launch pads and I mean even in the
9400s situations where they would have been
9401s forced to use them Vivid they were just
9403s able to just casually navigate builds
9405s like it was nothing I mean they they're
9408s impressing me right now I'm not gonna
9409s you know day number one they did get
9411s those two Victor Royals as well and then
9412s this third one I really like wasn't
9414s expecting them to get another one but
9417s sure enough they find themselves on the
9418s higher ground again so uncharacteristic
9420s we've talked about it so many times that
9422s usually they are not a high ground team
9423s they like to play towards that mid
9424s ground just casually go throughout the
9426s game but no ending this game with five
9428s eliminations which yeah that's not too
9429s many especially when we saw Santa didn't
9431s go get 10 but again you know just
9433s realizing that Hey listen we're on the
9435s international stage and people are
9437s making mistakes and we have to go for
9439s the higher ground when we feel like we
9440s can it's just fact that despite the
9443s level of competition that we see here up
9445s against Kami and steady these two still
9447s control a third of the victory royale's
9450s for the matches that have taken place so
9451s far that alone is an incredible feat to
9454s accomplish here on a stage of this level
9457s and I'd like to think that really came
9460s down to that seventh eighth Zone period
9462s where you could really tell that cami
9464s and Teddy they started to recognize the
9465s fact tweezy Vino they're not really
9466s building out as much they're kind of
9468s taking their time they're working
9469s through these High Ground layers
9470s starting to see if they can actually
9472s find somebody for resources find a way
9474s to refresh themselves but it was just a
9476s beautiful overtake there and they had
9478s enough they only had 27 builds I believe
9480s when they first took control of height
9481s but sometimes that's all it takes they I
9483s loved it uh they were talking about
9485s confidence right finding that
9486s opportunity like you're saying they were
9487s just like hey they ain't building a high
9489s ground we have plenty of builds let's
9490s just rush them boom turns it into the
9493s victory Roy ow many Miner you were
9495s standing by here during this break
9497s period what you got thank you so much
9499s Zeke now let's take a little look at our
9500s game number nine winners candy and seti
9503s how did they manage to get into the
9505s position to win the game let's take a
9507s little look as you can see that is their
9508s drop shot the Cami split as they call it
9510s and we can have a look at how they're
9512s getting their surge of Spawn it was
9514s something I talked about on the desk
9515s these guys had a little bit of a problem
9516s right they were having a few issues with
9518s their Sarge going down in that first
9519s moving water from the knot and it was
9520s down to Surge but look at this they have
9522s the balloons to give them that elevation
9524s in the center of the map even staying
9526s back into the storm to take advantage of
9529s the fight that was going on we saw
9530s Canada MacBook basil and Jace going head
9533s to head and look at this camian said he
9535s just thought you know what that's free
9536s surge we're going to take that for
9537s ourselves and what's most beneficial
9539s about this position is of course you can
9540s wait lately because you have the balloon
9542s to rotate inlay this is a risky rotation
9544s I was watching this in the back and I
9546s was thinking oh no they could get beamed
9547s by so many of the teams that were
9549s pitched up inside of tilty towns but
9550s look at this beautiful plays using the
9553s buildings to prevent them from getting
9554s seen not just seen but also taken out
9557s and that is ultimately what this team
9558s are doing they're really adapting their
9560s playstyle to get that storm surge early
9563s on and they're even staying back in the
9564s zone to get those tags and then rotating
9566s in perfectly that's a look at what Cami
9569s and Seth are doing how are Thomas and
9570s trippin thinking Kelly over to you thank
9573s you so much many minor joining me here I
9574s have Thomas and Tripper and I want to
9576s start talking about yesterday's games
9578s just consistency is key and that's what
9581s you showed off ending off the day with
9582s back to back fourth place finishes what
9584s was the key to that success
9587s I know we just placed consistent we had
9588s our search and we just play Endgame and
9590s it was easy from there so obviously game
9592s nine not the best was Surge the issue
9594s for you guys there uh yeah we didn't get
9597s a really good spot so and we couldn't
9599s see a lot of players so we just had a
9601s really bad game and we didn't get enough
9603s search
9604s well obviously you guys have three more
9607s games to go here and you have a little
9608s bit of a break what's going to be the
9609s preparation for the second half of the
9612s day we were just too slow of Spawn like
9614s to get out and that's just it
9617s yeah I mean obviously you guys are going
9619s for consist
9620s eliminations though don't seem
9622s s for you guys why is that
9624s uh I don't see a reason to go for dumb
9627s kills so
9629s we just play our game and try to get
9632s placement I mean obviously it's working
9634s out for you guys even with a rough game
9636s time you are still in fourth place so
9638s still doing a great job thank you guys
9639s for joining me here we're going to be
9641s head on back to the desk I haven't
9643s watched all of them only a few
9646s fantastic
9647s um uh interview there and of course the
9649s raw emotions from the players we have a
9651s very special guest joining us here on
9653s the desk during a little bit of a break
9655s here it's none other than Somerset
9658s welcome thank you have you been joined
9661s things oh it's been great it's just so
9663s surreal to see everybody just here
9664s together and watching people competing
9666s it's been awesome yeah I mean it's a
9668s very different atmosphere right like
9669s when people are getting eliminations
9671s left and right you're just hearing the
9672s fans go crazy absolutely have you uh
9674s have you heard the Brazilian corner of
9676s the of the venue right up here that
9678s they're right up here anytime you see
9679s quito's they have actually I'm all the
9682s way on the other side and I can hear
9683s them all screaming I love the support
9685s it's great you you'll love to see it yes
9688s let's uh let's take a look at the the
9689s leaderboard here we'd love to kind of
9690s pick your brain Somerset you're one of
9692s the the best to do it I mean one of the
9694s toughest here competitive players uh
9696s don't act like we don't watch because we
9698s all know I want to kind of just get your
9700s thoughts here when we look at this top
9702s 10 is there anyone that kind of stands
9703s out to you that you're maybe thinking
9704s look I would really like these guys to
9706s do well or maybe even I want these guys
9708s to do better
9710s um for me personally I've been watching
9712s crazy Amino a lot recently they've been
9714s absolutely dominating but also I have a
9716s couple friends on the board like chipper
9718s and Thomas HD I really want them to do
9720s well and there's just they're all such
9722s good players and there's always
9723s something that makes them stand out so
9724s every game it's just a surprise to see
9726s how they play and how they play against
9728s one another after they've been doing it
9729s for years yeah yeah how do you keep
9731s yourself focused especially like in a
9733s situation like this
9734s ah I mean at this point you just have to
9739s know that when you're in the game you're
9741s in it to win it and you have to be so
9743s focused on the right things because
9745s whether you're an igl or you're a
9747s Fragger there's always a role you're
9748s needing to play and being able to
9750s communicate with your teammate properly
9752s is so so important especially for
9754s moments like these when you're trying to
9755s get those impact frags and to just win
9758s the entire game because it takes a lot
9760s there's so many different steps yeah
9761s what all goes into that because I know
9763s like I've watched a lot of you in recent
9765s tournaments especially like what role do
9767s you play and then like what are maybe
9768s just a few things you kind of have to be
9770s mindful of when you play that role
9772s um I'm personally a Fragger but I'm
9774s always having to make sure I'm calming
9776s everything properly being as quick as I
9778s can constantly staying close with my
9780s teammate because if you fall back you
9781s can easily just mess up the whole thing
9783s yeah yeah 100 I know recently Taco you
9786s got to cast an event that of course
9789s Somerset was in how you feeling about
9791s all this and of course Somerset now
9792s being here I mean I think it's awesome
9794s summer you had an incredible performance
9796s with your team and I think Vanessa
9798s especially she's got to be feeling
9799s awesome with everything that went down
9801s if you guys didn't walk away with the
9802s win but at the same time I still think
9804s that it was clearly a strong indicator
9807s of the fact that you know exactly what
9808s you're talking about
9809s thank you
9813s I'm just like stay humble you know yeah
9817s of course of course uh how do you feel
9819s about like seeing all the fans here in
9821s person they're all running around
9822s they're losing their minds like are they
9824s just running to be like oh Somerset I
9826s know you what's up I've actually it's
9828s it's so surreal because I'm trying to
9830s like walk 10 feet and I've got all these
9831s little like can I take a picture and I'm
9833s like hi like it's like I'm the one
9834s that's more excited than you you know
9836s what I mean like it's like completely
9838s office opposite experience for me
9840s because it's not what I'm used to I'm
9841s used to streaming at home looking at the
9843s chat go wild and now I get to put like a
9845s name to a face and meet all these people
9846s that I've known for years in my
9848s community that's just been so supportive
9849s over the years that is amazing well
9852s summer said thank you so much we hope
9854s you continue to enjoy all of the action
9856s Kelly I believe you're standing by what
9859s you got
9859s I am indeed Zeke I'm joined here by Joe
9861s anzi Andy the current eighth place team
9864s right now in top ten you got to be
9865s feeling good yeah I feel okay the Lost
9869s games couple of games I'm going to best
9870s just need to play good next free so what
9874s exactly happened and what do you plan to
9875s change to make it a better second half
9877s of the day we're just gonna start
9878s doubling everyone
9880s I mean it seems
9881s that you guys go down a little bit
9885s earlims so what is the part that you're
9886s able to do so well there
9889s all we can do is just get killed
9891s like can't get any placement points just
9894s gotta keep running across the map
9896s obviously there's a lot of people
9897s watching hopefully being being able to
9899s learn from you guys wanting to be Pros
9901s like you guys when you do have these far
9903s pulling zones what is something that
9905s could be a good piece of advice for
9907s these people watching
9909s you just need to make sure that you have
9911s enough sales to survive and then go to
9913s that side and follow me on that side
9915s rotation always works or it works
9917s sometimes guys thank you so much for
9919s joining me here Joe and Z Andy and can't
9921s wait to see how you do in the second
9922s half of the game but guys it looks like
9924s it's time to head back to the desk
9926s you'll love to see it Kelly thank you so
9928s much and again I'm always gonna shout
9930s out the players for giving us that
9931s moment of time just checking with them
9933s see how they're doing see how they're
9934s feeling we have another special guest
9937s line up Nick a30 my boy it is so good to
9942s see you how I don't know if you can hear
9944s it but the the venue is actually losing
9946s their minds that you're here with us I
9949s can't I can't hear too much but actually
9951s that's one of the best parts about those
9952s events like the crowd reaction and the
9954s hype like I was just looking at the
9956s crowd when they were showing it on the
9957s broadcast and there was people dressed
9959s up as peelys there's people with signs
9961s like that is the best part I love it
9964s that is so awesome Nick welcome we hope
9966s you are having a great watch party with
9968s the A Team the a squad all of the homies
9970s out there uh how are you enjoying the
9972s competition so far what's standing out
9974s to you
9975s so I love it I mean I tweeted about this
9978s but like the walkouts were epic and the
9980s commentary from Monster and everyone was
9982s just phenomenal it was on point it was
9984s crisp uh the quick stats are so cool
9986s they add such another element and um I
9988s think the spectator client has improved
9990s so much I mean there's no lag you can
9992s see everything in real time uh
9994s phenomenal production quality is great
9995s Zeke you're looking good and you're
9997s killing it too you guys got some nice
9999s setups like I just want to say uh and
10002s you know it's been interesting to watch
10003s a lot of these top players like Kami and
10005s seti Cuisine Veno
10007s um and you know I'm ready for clicks
10008s Booga Savage there's so many it's like
10010s you just can't I I don't know who to
10013s root for now that's right yeah we just
10014s had Summer Set on and we had kind of got
10016s her like thoughts and insights I wanted
10018s to pick your brain as well watching some
10021s of these players especially I mean
10022s you've competed in a number of these
10023s tournaments as well what kind of goes
10025s through your mind in these situations in
10027s these like high intensity like obviously
10029s we here get to see everything but when
10031s you're a player your your vision's a lot
10033s smaller
10035s yeah oh and I'm like I get really
10037s nervous too but I'd say the way to get
10039s not nervous is to practice when you're
10041s practicing you become more confident
10043s when you're confident you're thinking
10044s right and you can actually like make
10045s those calls
10046s um I was really impressed with like Cami
10048s and steady uh because they popped off
10050s early in day one and they're still
10052s showing up
10053s um I also was very impressed with
10055s Cuisine benno like they're so calm
10057s completely opposite of me when I'm in
10059s that situation
10060s um like they're they're always on height
10061s they're always finding it and actually
10063s game seven I wanna like call out that
10066s like they did a fantastic job when they
10068s dropped down so I think it was Veno who
10071s dropped down first and Queasy was
10072s waiting lurking from above and the duel
10074s on the bottom Drew their attention to
10075s Veno and then queasy comes in from
10077s behind he stalled a bit after Veno Drew
10080s their attention it's just such great
10081s teamwork and like this is what it's all
10083s about Zeke like you're seeing the top
10085s level plays like that that you don't see
10087s in like public matches so it makes it so
10089s fun for hopefully everyone watching and
10091s you know it's just great I love it thank
10093s you so much Nick we love hearing from
10095s you and of course that Insight Next
10097s Level we hope you have a continued
10099s awesome watch party we'll catch up with
10102s you a little bit later on once again
10104s massive shout outs Nick 830 and Somerset
10106s we love you guys so much uh why don't we
10109s check in with our casters monster deep
10110s face Jacob PR what you got you know what
10113s I like Nikki so much I might actually
10115s just take his jacket for you Nick I got
10117s you I'm gonna take Zeke's jacket we're
10119s gonna split it in half though and we'll
10121s we'll go ahead and send it out but let's
10122s talk about some of our favorite moments
10124s um dude Thomas HD Tripper insane we
10127s agreed right we agree on this one lutely
10129s insane and what they went through at the
10130s start of the day we were surprised they
10133s even stayed alive as long as they did
10135s and that was absolutely important
10136s because them staying alive throughout
10139s all that chaos is the reason why they
10141s are still in contention and that is just
10143s amazing on a stage this big yeah if
10146s there's been a team to stand out it's
10148s moments like this especially with game
10150s one when they can just pull out those
10152s clutch points Against All Odds but we
10154s have so much unfold holding here this is
10156s what I love so much about the fnc's
10157s Invitational stage we get to get an
10159s update on a special guest for you guys
10162s yes thank you very much monster and Jake
10165s I'm joined by the almighty Vanessa
10169s Vanessa welcome to the wonderful
10171s audience here at fncs Invitational how
10173s was your time been here so far it's been
10175s absolutely incredible after seeing World
10178s Cup all those years ago I've always
10179s wanted to go to a land and I'm way into
10181s fortnite more now than I have been so
10184s it's a really insane to see all this in
10185s person it really is I mean you guys are
10187s fantastic yeah amazing I mean obviously
10190s you play competitively as well um what
10192s has it been like for you seeing all the
10193s players talk to us 100 of the top
10194s players from around the world here to
10196s compete it's been incredible it's been
10199s insane I'm trying to steal some of their
10200s strats they keep doing little things I'm
10203s like yeah let me keep that in mind let
10204s me kill you next time also I mean
10206s community-wise as well obviously World
10208s Cup now here Invitational a few years
10209s later how great has this been for
10211s everyone watching at home and for these
10213s audiences as well I can only imagine how
10215s good the broadcast looks just on a
10217s laptop or a phone or on a PC because
10219s it's incredible in person everyone
10222s backstage has been really nice all the
10223s media looks great production is just
10225s fantastic so far it really is any
10228s particular Duos you think to look out
10229s for you think could go all the way who
10231s kind of sticks out for anyone in
10232s particular do you think it's still very
10233s much an open race
10235s at this point I think it's kind of an
10237s open race I mean there's still three
10238s games left uh but with Vino and Queasy
10241s close with Cami and steady that's like
10242s honestly what everyone's looking out for
10244s right now is who comes out on top yeah
10245s who will be on top of EU or a dark horse
10248s would come through you never know
10249s there's three games to play uh one more
10251s time give it up for Vanessa everyone
10253s let's head back to Zeke and again
10257s thank you so much Adam and look we just
10259s talked about Somerset paired up with
10260s Vanessa that was Vanessa way over there
10262s I don't know how we pulled this off it
10264s is absolutely crazy now we've had a
10266s couple moments throughout both of the
10268s two days of competition to do a little
10269s bit of listening right to catch these
10271s raw moments from the player in those
10273s high intensity elimination moments or
10275s even just like what are we gonna do next
10277s let's take a listen
10282s I got two gorgeous and like I got
10284s nothing bro
10285s broke here I got three godches bro
10289s nothing bro we got Zone by the way we
10292s need to get rid of the search yeah I'm
10293s gonna look towards uh thingy
10295s I see one
10298s 26 39
10301s Southeast he's coming towards and he
10303s stopped
10305s what if it's a solo maybe a kid coming
10307s in behind
10311s the party in here I think
10313s I got it nice bro
10319s nice
10321s it is not bad
10331s [Applause]
10333s let's see what zone is in 30 seconds if
10336s it's far keep the bubbles
10338s yeah drop your bubbles
10343s nice
10348s get ahead get ahead yeah
10354s 150 150 height I'm coming down though
10356s that tell me I go buddy yeah adding
10376s we hope you enjoyed that now guess what
10378s we got a really special interview from
10380s Adam who is on the stage this is around
10383s the world it certainly is thank you very
10385s much we have two phenomenal players here
10388s on the stage those big round of applause
10389s for pause and
10391s yes
10393s all right guys good to see you um
10396s obviously uh what a fantastic experience
10398s been passed uh representing na West here
10400s what has it been like being here in
10401s North Carolina with these beautiful
10403s people here and competing against this
10406s stacked Lobby it's been an amazing
10408s experience honestly it's my first land
10410s so I didn't really have any expectations
10411s going into this but the whole thing's
10413s just been incredible has it made a big
10415s difference playing in front of the
10416s audience knowing I mean as well being
10418s the player Hotel being around the other
10420s players has it really added to the
10421s experience for you yeah just the
10423s atmosphere in general is just incredible
10425s it's electric it really is and Jace as
10428s well from oce
10429s um what's it been like for you as well I
10431s guess you know all the way from from
10432s like Australia yeah uh what's it been
10434s like being here in North Carolina
10435s competing in front of out and everyone
10437s at home yeah no it's been cool uh it's a
10440s new experience because I've never been
10441s at lamb before but yeah it's been fun
10443s what do you think you'll take away from
10445s this obviously the community I've been
10446s absolutely loving this as well whatever
10447s you take away from this experience as
10449s well
10450s um just experience for more lands in the
10453s future hopefully and hopefully next time
10455s can win and I'll come last but
10459s it's a missed oh
10461s one more time give it up a pause the
10463s chase
10465s thank you fellas uh back to you see
10467s thank you so much Jace listen You're
10470s Gonna Go You're Gonna Go Far all right
10471s believe in the middle three games okay
10473s we still got three games ain't nothing
10474s come on Jace you got this fantastic to
10477s see now our players are slowly kind of
10479s making their work but way back onto the
10481s stage and kind of had this little bit of
10482s a break to collect themselves Talk
10484s Amongst their Duo potentially a coach
10487s what are kind of some of our
10488s expectations we only have three games
10491s left to go David now more than ever it
10495s is vital for these duels to put
10497s everything on the table
10498s it is yeah there's only three more you
10501s know when we were playing yesterday it
10502s was like oh we have tomorrow when we
10503s started the day it's like oh there's a
10505s lot of games left six games but no now
10507s at the halftime like you mentioned is
10508s over only three more left to do it and
10512s the top three on the top of the
10514s leaderboard right now they are pulling
10515s away from the rest of the competition so
10517s not only do you have to perform but you
10518s also have to stop them from Gaining
10520s points if you want to break into that
10521s it's it's two things from how I look at
10523s it because as far as the top three to
10525s five are concerned you don't want to
10527s start hitting that autopilot region and
10529s what I mean by that is you don't want to
10530s start thinking about oh well this is
10532s what it looks like to be first place you
10533s start thinking about yourself having
10534s already won Cami and steady queasy and
10537s Vino these two are just duking out
10538s non-stop back and forth between who's
10541s actually going to stay in that first
10543s place position and I want to see the
10546s bottom as well those teams I don't want
10548s them to check out necessarily because
10550s there are still three games there is
10552s still a substantial amount of prideful
10554s money up for grabs and some pretty
10556s significant jumps if you can get just
10557s one two three three more placements yeah
10560s I think that's kind of my key takeaway
10561s as well when we watch things like the
10563s fncs for their respective regions it's
10565s not over until game 12. anything can and
10569s anything will happen right so for all of
10572s you here in the venue for all you
10574s watching at home if you have a favorite
10576s tool that maybe isn't where you want
10577s them to be continue to cheer them on
10579s right until that last game anything can
10581s happen they can find that refresh they
10583s can make it into that top five and get
10585s the victory out anything can happen you
10589s can see these players are zeroed in
10592s they're focused Vivid the pressure is on
10595s you've been in situations like this oh
10598s gosh what is going through these guys
10600s mind do you think some of them are maybe
10601s racing are some of them trying to calm
10604s that storm or something I'm just like yo
10606s I'm the best let's keep that going I can
10608s tell you right now for probably a lot of
10610s them the the end result right every
10612s single possibility is one of their minds
10614s we're gonna end up on top what if we get
10616s second I wonder if you lose by one point
10617s what if you lose by two points what that
10619s one elimination in the last game all of
10620s it right now is racing because we are in
10622s this little bit of a break but the ones
10624s there are a couple of them out there
10625s that are still thinking strategy that
10627s are still fully mentally reset and
10629s they're locked in for this game and
10630s those are the ones that have the edge
10631s and look I know I just mentioned about
10633s how we are primarily looking towards
10635s queasy and Vino and Camion City in that
10637s first and second place position but cold
10639s and scented by the way each of them in
10642s that last match with five elims a piece
10645s that's Penny limbs collectively and a 20
10647s point difference in their actual
10649s scoreboard so as far as the leaderboard
10651s is concerned these guys have just been
10653s steadily climbing climbing climbing I
10655s believe they're actually third currently
10657s in that leaderboard position and if
10659s we're talking about a dark horse
10660s entering the race I'd say these two are
10662s the ones to keep an eye out for it's
10663s incredible the storyline really because
10665s I think that they were you know
10667s expecting themselves to be contested
10668s actually and I don't think that they
10670s have been been getting tested pretty
10672s much any of these games which is why we
10673s can see them rising at the leaderboard
10674s so fast but then even coming into the
10676s day right like we were talking about
10677s there was five you teams in the top 10
10679s and four Naes and acorn on the energy
10681s were that top nae's team whereas Colton
10684s said that I believe were in eighth
10685s coming into the day but now in third
10687s place as well so taking that top Nae
10689s spot and they're on a hot streak right
10691s now like they're coming for top two yeah
10693s man and I think one of uh I guess a
10696s reminder for us as we watch these games
10698s remember these players only have their
10701s perspective right so to us when these
10703s players are possibly making what we
10705s would consider a mistake they don't have
10706s all the data right we're watching all
10708s these perspectives we have the bird's
10710s eye view so we can see a lot more so I
10712s think for a lot of these players kind of
10714s being able to go back last night to
10715s spend that crucial time to say okay yeah
10717s let's bond review what happened what
10719s what what actually led to Us ending the
10723s day the way we did I'm happy to like
10725s report a lot of these players pretty
10727s much all of them were back at the hotel
10729s reviewing every little thing man yeah
10733s and that's what it's all about right
10734s like we we talked about it on day number
10735s one you know Hey listen some of these
10737s teams are gonna go back to the hotel
10738s they're gonna reset they're going to
10739s watch the bars watch some of the
10740s mistakes I was there in the room I know
10742s Acorn and edgy they were working hard as
10744s well like I mentioned earlier they did
10746s come into the day fourth place position
10748s they were still VOD review and working
10750s hard even though they did get that top
10752s four spot so the hard work is being put
10754s in for sure and it's also just awesome
10756s seeing the amount of dedication as well
10758s because it is quite the grind both
10760s physically and mentally I think to just
10762s sit here playing through those six
10764s matches go home sit through more VOD
10766s review and you're still staying mentally
10768s honed in that's not an easy
10770s accomplishment by any means for all of
10772s these Duos that are here competing and I
10774s also want to just try and keep an eye
10776s out in that top 10 specifically because
10778s we talked about cold and sunny kind of
10780s making their way up in the leaderboards
10782s but there has been a whole lot of
10784s shake-ups as far as fourth through ninth
10786s are concerned in the placements that's
10788s right I mean here the tension is real
10791s Raleigh North Carolina here the Raleigh
10794s Convention Center I know y'all have been
10796s able to hear This Crowd go absolutely
10799s insane we've had three games already
10803s with three left there was a break
10805s between the these three sets of games so
10808s a lot of these players have collected
10809s themselves
10811s and you can just tell man anytime we
10813s take a look at these faces they're just
10815s thinking like okay look whatever
10816s happened doesn't matter like I just have
10818s to perform here for the next three games
10820s yeah and some of them don't even really
10822s care for the break even right like I
10823s know that we have that interview with
10824s Cami and seti right before or right
10826s after they got that Victory route right
10828s before the break basically and uh Cami
10830s was just like for Adam asked Kevin you
10832s know hey like what are you gonna do on
10833s the break and Kevin was like I'm just
10834s I'm just gonna wait for the next game
10835s like right yeah some of them are still
10837s locked in that break isn't even phasing
10838s them at all and then said he said he's
10840s been loving it right he's got a big
10842s smile on his face all the time feeling
10843s confident what I want to see is what the
10846s momentum shift is going to be for having
10848s this break period though because it's
10850s not necessarily the players are going to
10851s go cold by any means in terms of their
10853s aim because I'm sure just from the
10855s energy In This Crowd alone looking out
10857s into that audience as a player it's got
10859s to be an invigorating feeling but as far
10862s as the Catalyst aspect because it's
10864s something I kind of highlight from
10866s earlier in the day for our first game
10868s with game seven there was a moment with
10870s tripping and Thomas HD were tripping
10873s literally challenged a box fight in a
10875s 1v2 situation gets a trade and
10879s essentially forces out on one and Baka
10882s while picking up an elim in the process
10884s and from that moment on we kind of just
10885s saw Thomas HD and Tripper and just
10889s really make a strong move up in the
10891s leaderboard positions because of the
10892s fact that they were able to just take
10894s that instance and just run with that
10896s momentum yeah there's a pretty big tonal
10898s shift coming into today right we
10900s observed a lot of duels yesterday it's a
10902s storm surge was rampant right and a lot
10904s of them kept kind of saying the same
10905s thing we need to get more aggressive
10907s today duels are realizing that we have
10909s to go absolutely him if we want that
10912s solves our storm issue issues that
10914s solves our issue of we don't have mats
10915s or weapons or whatever we just have to
10917s get refreshes right we always go into
10918s that mid-game zone ready to go but for
10922s some duels it's still not enough it's
10923s what I'm like the trend we're seeing is
10925s they're getting aggressive they're
10926s finding eliminations they're doing all
10927s the things but they have nothing left in
10929s the tank
10930s I mean that's that's just fortnite and
10932s storm surge in general unfortunately
10933s right and I love that you've kind of
10935s pointed out that aggression I feel like
10936s Vico has been one of those players that
10938s we have seen constantly try to get
10940s aggressive off spawn in that early game
10942s Landon over at the reality tree I just
10944s feel like every single time we tuned in
10945s with him he was like looking for a fight
10947s so he himself knows that he has to go
10949s get aggressive but he's also confident
10951s in his aggressive coming on the back
10952s foot of that a phenomenal game yesterday
10954s I would be feeling confident too I'm
10956s glad you brought up vika though because
10957s even last night in the player Lounge he
10959s was so energetic so excited and the one
10962s thing that I remember him distinctly
10963s talking about was I'm aiming for that
10965s third place position at a minimum he
10968s wanted to make sure that everybody there
10971s was aware of the fact that he is doing
10973s everything in his power to try and
10974s Elevate himself from that nine points
10976s positions where he started out today and
10978s I believe is still a decent amount of
10979s work put out for him but if he's able to
10981s keep consistently putting up elims like
10983s what we've been witnessing you never
10984s know because we've already seen Duos
10986s such as hen and Vortex for example where
10989s they secured 50 points in one match I
10992s love the fact that uh that we're talking
10993s about players right now and uh one of
10995s them that we have to talk about yeah man
10998s just take a look at these stats I mean
11000s Vino uh I I will always continue to talk
11003s about this player specifically his
11005s evolution
11006s ever since he hit the competitive scene
11008s he was always known as just the guy that
11009s could do one thing he will not lose a
11012s fight ever you put him on any team you
11014s got a problem you send him in he takes
11015s care of the issue but now he's evolving
11017s right he's understanding okay maybe I
11019s can kind of do both and we see many
11021s players not capable doing that some
11023s cannot say well I can igl but I'm not
11025s most comfortable fighting and then we
11027s see the same on the other side Vino is
11030s one of the very few players that can
11032s kind of do both
11034s yeah look at him two thumbs up right
11036s there two peace signs he's feeling
11037s confident once again to the next game
11038s and shout out to Nick a30 right I'm
11040s supposed to be the analyst and he was
11042s the one to break it down one of their
11043s plays it's actually one of their like
11046s um their highlight plays that they do
11047s all the time they do this thing where
11049s one of them drops down on one side and
11050s then the other comes right down on the
11052s other side and Nick a30 spotted Asher
11054s shout out to him for having that
11055s analytical mind having the game
11056s knowledge but Cammy and seti talk about
11058s game knowledge being well aware of their
11060s surroundings at all points during the
11062s game so much so that we have seen them
11063s take High Ground twice now when that has
11065s like never been done before by this Duo
11067s no but they understand fully that when
11070s it comes to the competitive environment
11071s especially an in-person event like the
11073s fncs Invitational you're going to have
11075s to be flexible and that is exactly what
11077s they have managed to deliver time and
11079s time again the fact again that they have
11081s a third of the victory Royale of the
11083s matches that have been played so far
11085s speaks volumes and again I think that as
11088s far as Cameo inside they're also keeping
11090s in mind we might have three Victor
11092s Royals but at the same time we're still
11093s not in in first place that as well I
11096s think is an incredible metric to gauge
11098s things by for just how in control queasy
11101s and Vino just have been throughout each
11102s of these rounds
11104s that's right you guys this Insight is
11107s next level why don't we check with mini
11109s Miner to get his thoughts on the
11110s competition
11111s thank you Zeke now yeah this is a huge
11113s moment in the tournament right we're
11115s halfway through day two game nine has
11117s been completed I want to talk about how
11118s these players are feeling mentally how
11121s strong do you have to be to be in these
11123s moments as a player on that huge stage
11125s in front of this incredible crowd to
11128s stay calm stay confident and stay
11130s effective in your plan we've seen so
11132s many teams switch things up on day one
11133s and I feel like we've seen less of that
11135s in day two we've seen teams that are
11136s sort of thinking about you know what
11138s let's just stick to our guns let's just
11139s stick to what we know and let's try and
11141s see if it works right we're seeing
11142s Camion City retaining to low ground
11144s quite often as well picking up
11145s elimination after elimination I touched
11147s on their storm strategies earlier on as
11148s well and these guys are looking really
11150s really strong when they are in that
11152s position and I think they could take it
11154s all you know these are one of those
11154s teams that if they aren't getting those
11156s end games if they're getting there
11157s consistently with this great storm surge
11159s plan that they have they could
11161s definitely take it all of course we talk
11162s about queasy and Vino taking The High
11163s Ground but that is of course very
11165s relevant and very Reliant if you like on
11168s their material management as well so
11170s it's exciting back here the hypers real
11172s I can't wait to see what's happening
11173s next
11176s thank you so much for that Insight mini
11179s Miner once again we just had a little
11182s bit of a break so if you're just tuning
11183s in you're wondering what's going on
11184s we've played three matches we gave the
11186s players a moment to breathe we had them
11188s step away collect themselves and now
11190s they are back we will be getting into
11192s games in just a little bit I want to
11194s turn attention to the standings Weezy
11197s Vino have maintained this lead almost
11200s all day but Cami seti they are right
11205s there man they are in lockstep with this
11206s door they are looking waiting for queasy
11209s and Vino to make a mistake now last game
11212s we did see that they finally said High
11214s Ground we're sick of it and they pushed
11216s them and it worked now this goes go back
11218s to mini miners point though they haven't
11220s been managing resources as well as it
11223s could be exactly but I love the fact
11225s that you mentioned that you know came
11227s inside of your quanticore are sick of
11228s The High Ground because another team
11230s that was kind of sick the haggone even
11231s actually so much so that they love
11233s playing the low ground it's cold and
11236s scented and they were just running
11237s through the lobby throughout the Logan
11239s 10 eliminations is what they finished
11240s that game number three with and they're
11242s hot on the heels of that top two in cold
11245s incentive I think have just been working
11247s very seamlessly with each other you can
11249s really see this Duo's chemistry come to
11252s light whenever they're playing through
11253s these first and second movie zones and I
11255s think more specifically scented as well
11258s has really been surprising a lot of
11261s these other Duos just taking such
11263s aggressive instances that I don't think
11265s you would naturally expect those
11267s challenges right away but it just
11269s doesn't seem as though cold or scented
11271s or willing to miss today and the
11273s teamwork is always there this is one of
11274s the things that I am most impressed by
11276s when I watched these two guys play on NA
11279s East you can see in almost every single
11281s highlight pay attention they are always
11283s doing the exact same thing they know
11287s what the other person is doing they know
11288s where that other person is at whether
11290s they're going to get that shot in and it
11291s seems like they always get that Prime
11293s shotgun shot off at the same exact time
11295s collectively those like two people just
11298s firing that shot at the same exact time
11300s every single time whether it's an edit
11301s whether it's peace control anything it's
11304s about that Synergy Factor right this is
11307s kind of something we've danced around I
11309s would say over the past two days of
11311s competition rights some of these duels
11312s they've been doing as long as we can
11315s remember right Cami seti some people
11317s come together for the first time in this
11318s competition for this duo in particular
11322s they to your point are basically the
11325s same person they act as a single entity
11327s right when we watch tools like queasy
11329s and Vino it's like oh uh I don't know I
11331s gotta go take High Ground uh Vena go
11332s down there and deal with it for this Duo
11333s they're like hey we need to accomplish a
11335s goal yeah let's just go put our heads
11338s together and take that uh together and
11340s it works so well especially when they
11341s get to that hot or that lower almost
11343s that high ground that low ground
11345s position because something has been
11346s playing it for so long Throwbacks when
11348s he got multiple second places so he
11350s himself you know not to mention is still
11351s chasing that championship title and you
11354s know right now I think he's like 54
11356s points behind definitely within Striking
11358s Distance that's like one game if queasy
11360s and Vino and Camion City both go down
11362s early then cold incentive are being set
11363s up very very well and that's another
11365s thing that I love about looking at the
11367s top 10 of the leaderboard and even
11368s seeing some of the players that are in
11370s those 11 through 20th positions is that
11372s there are so many Duos out here that we
11374s see in that top 10 who are chasing The
11377s Prestige of their first championship
11378s title for an event and to accomplish it
11381s here at the fncs invitation National one
11384s of the first in-person events that we've
11385s been able to witness in quite some time
11387s for fortnite it's just absolutely insane
11389s and now you can understand why these
11391s players are just so excited to continue
11394s the competition to keep trying to
11396s Showcase that this is what we've been
11398s grinding for I mean just look at these
11400s emotions right these are just a handful
11402s of highlights from every Victory Royale
11405s we've seen you could just see on their
11407s face well unless they're cabins yeah
11409s cami's just like single clap yeah yeah
11411s you know what One Clap another day in
11414s the office I mean we're starting to see
11415s a lot of familiar faces here getting
11418s back to back Victory Roy owls or
11420s cumulative Victory royale's man oh man
11423s it just kind of begs the question what
11425s the heck are we gonna see in these last
11427s three games man you know
11430s um game number let me think let me do a
11431s little bit what was that game number
11432s nine yeah game number nine so Belushi
11434s and hydro right they were kind of tired
11436s of seeing Cuisine you know up on The
11437s High Ground and they themselves were
11439s actually up there so much so that they
11441s had it going into the moving zones right
11442s and then they
11443s who would have thought but then they
11446s went for it again later on so the battle
11448s was kind of continuing not something
11449s that queasy and Vino are actually known
11450s for so maybe they're stealing a little
11452s bit of a strategy out of their book
11453s because I have seen Cuisine and Vino
11454s actually lose that high ground on a
11456s multiple you know multiple occasions
11458s throughout the Invitational alone but
11460s it's like you know a minute later
11462s they're just back on that higher ground
11463s so I feel like that strategy where you
11465s kind of just let somebody take Higher
11466s Ground and you're like all right
11467s whatever let me reset let me go get a
11469s more advantageous position and then just
11470s take it right back that's something that
11471s Cuisine Vino love to do however like I
11474s mentioned hi Joe and Lucy were the ones
11476s that put it out that game and they're
11477s not the only Duo that's been aiming to
11479s try and keep that high ground level
11481s suppressed away from queasy and Vino
11484s it's just another kind of instance where
11487s we see queasy and you know they're doing
11489s everything in their power to try and
11490s maintain but again we have seen them
11492s encounter some material issues they're
11494s built haven't necessarily been able to
11496s match their aspirations in terms of
11497s maintaining High Ground four games eight
11500s and nine but heading into game number 10
11502s whenever we do to get to that instance
11504s after the players get their nice little
11506s break have to keep in mind these are the
11508s players that I really wanted to kind of
11510s keep an eye out for for the 11th through
11512s 20th because I think clicks and do we've
11514s been seeing a lot of action coming out
11516s from that Fort Jonesy section pink and
11518s NOS especially I mean these are all
11520s names that we have been watching over
11523s the past couple of years just making
11526s themselves known yeah and I really
11528s quickly wanted to turn attention to
11529s Thomas HD and tripperin we've watched
11531s the top three be unmoving to kind of
11534s start the day right queasy because you
11535s know right Thomas HD trippin and now for
11538s the first time cold incentive actually
11540s dethroned Thomas HD trippin and now we
11543s still have three games anything can
11544s still happen right but to see them
11546s finally kind of have that moment where
11548s they're like oops we were in top three
11549s we have to take a step back now to cold
11551s and scented what can we what are we
11553s hoping to see from this Duo right
11555s because they got the passion they got
11556s the fire that's why they're in your top
11558s five but this is a Duo capable of
11560s winning it all so quoting says that are
11562s in two far ahead right now right I think
11564s it was like three points Four Points
11566s exactly so we consider maybe a little
11568s bit of a tie right now right you just
11570s have to have a good game out of Thomas
11571s and tripping I mean it was just one game
11573s right one slip up I want to see them
11575s return to the Forum that they had in
11577s game seven and game eight if they do
11579s that then I think that they're fine in
11581s in terms of uh securing that top three
11583s unfortunately you know for the Annie
11585s East hopers it would be an all EU top
11588s three at that point but you know what
11590s can we hope for you still have to keep
11591s an eye out though for hen and Vortex it
11593s really seemed as though hen is trying to
11595s remind everybody hey I was considered a
11598s kind of goaded player for a reason and
11600s his bragging potential has really been
11602s highlighted throughout these last couple
11604s of rounds and I think especially getting
11607s 50 points in a single match on top of
11610s the victory Royale but it is unreal to
11613s think that he went back to back with
11615s strong elim performances because I don't
11618s think that a lot of people really had
11620s too many expectations for him he's been
11622s relatively quiet especially given
11623s everything that happened throughout the
11625s entirety of the last season funneling
11627s into the fncs Invitational but here
11629s today he just seems like he's alive
11631s again yeah for a lot of these duels
11633s they're they're kind of thinking that
11634s right last opportunity three games let's
11637s just play with an open heart let's see
11639s what can be done for sure it is almost
11641s that time so very quickly just for don't
11643s forget watch all the way to the end of
11645s the show for some fncs news for Vanessa
11648s Somerset Nick a30 we really appreciate
11651s y'all coming hanging out with us and
11652s giving us your Insight we're gonna check
11655s in with MDF and Jacob really quickly I
11658s want to hear from them yeah big shout
11659s out to the community coming together I
11661s saw Bucky sending me some messages like
11663s hey get me on broadcast I'm like can I
11664s trust you Bucky everybody but uh yeah
11666s everybody's seeing the biggest stage and
11669s they want to go ahead and take part of
11670s that biggest stage but that's exactly
11672s what the atmosphere is like even
11674s everybody in the crowd knows this is one
11677s of the biggest moments in some of these
11679s players careers and it says a lot the
11682s way I say this usually should have
11683s gotten a flight and came out here and
11685s hung out and enjoyed this atmosphere
11687s because it is nothing like we have ever
11689s experienced before
11691s um one thing I also want to give huge
11693s credits and shout outs to let's just
11694s think about how well Europe is playing
11696s as a whole one of the questions I think
11698s the community was asking was why is it
11701s that they have been so good it's the
11702s practice it's all the practice they put
11704s in over the last year it's no surprise
11706s that European scrims have just been at
11709s an all-time hunt you have to shout out
11710s the noble scrims of course for putting
11712s on these uh uh games for them because it
11715s is showing off that they are doing very
11718s well now yeah practice makes perfect and
11720s one of the oldest things that I've said
11722s throughout my career in general is you
11724s got to do twice the work to stay on top
11727s that's what you did to even get there in
11729s the first place because there's a thing
11730s that some people like to feel complacent
11732s oh I achieved first place I got my fncs
11735s Champion now it's time to relax and
11736s though that is actually the complete
11738s opposite especially when you get invited
11740s to a global competition like this there
11744s is nobody that is really going to give
11746s you any single chance and it's super
11748s interesting when we got to talk to the
11749s pro players a lot of what they say is
11751s hey the way you improve nowadays that
11753s what we do is actually we just play in
11755s Creative we just go head to head on a
11757s very frequent basis but you're seeing
11759s now that you know playing those those
11761s end game tournaments really putting in
11763s the work in uh Zone war-esque style
11765s tournaments that's what we love about
11767s creatives you can take it anyway that is
11769s some of the best practice you can use to
11771s start to hone in and become some of the
11773s best of the best yeah and you can even
11775s see like that practice that you're
11776s talking about queasy and bino time and
11778s time again that sixth moving Zone that's
11780s when you can really count on them to
11782s really try to go ahead and take some of
11784s that hype but we can count on the desk
11786s to go ahead and Hold Us Down with more
11788s information
11791s thank you all so much fantastic as
11793s always we're getting ever closer to
11794s starting game number 10 we're almost
11797s there we're making sure we're checking
11798s that battle bus making sure all players
11800s are on board before we kick off the last
11802s three games of the fncs Invitational my
11806s goodness the crowd here has been
11808s electric they've been cheering on the
11810s fans you guys are allowed to be hyped
11812s it's okay
11814s there they are they're awake they're
11816s focused just as focused as some of these
11819s players are vivid I wanted to kind of
11821s ask your uh you a quick question here
11824s okay about aggression okay we're seeing
11826s these players they think the answer to
11829s winning the answer to solving many of
11831s our problems is aggression whether that
11833s be pushing A Duo whether it be making a
11835s single edit and hoping for the best what
11837s are your thoughts we need to be even
11838s more aggressive do we need to maybe slow
11840s things down for the last three games
11841s you know I tried to uh remove bias as
11844s the best I can sometimes you know it
11846s slips through okay and this right here
11848s this answer is going to be biased
11849s because I was like like I should have
11852s tell you I was like one of the most
11853s passive players to ever play fortnite
11856s right so aggression to me would have
11858s never have been the answer I personally
11860s would just be maybe looking at the
11861s positions that I'm setting up on
11862s throughout that mid game in the early
11864s game hey you know maybe this hill isn't
11866s working the the people that are landing
11867s around me they're not rotating towards
11869s me they already know that I'm gonna be
11870s setting up here what other positions
11871s around can I go set up in or maybe I can
11873s go get some like you know sneaky little
11875s Beam on somebody that is rotating one of
11877s these crazy other rotations and maybe
11879s you know figured out that way but if the
11881s Topic's aggression one thing that I love
11883s to see is that we have some of these
11885s newer Duos I think as far as competitive
11887s experience is concerned especially when
11888s it comes to playing at an in-person
11890s event but Smite and Larson they have
11892s been a Duo that have been very open
11895s about how aggressive they want to be
11897s they've been looking for that challenge
11899s it begins Muslim looter all day
11901s yesterday specifically and now here
11903s today even I think that we've still been
11905s seeing some instances between and Larson
11908s but at the same time they just gotta be
11911s careful to not necessarily go too hot
11914s ahead into some of these engagements but
11916s I I think for the most part their aim
11918s has looked pretty strong and as when
11920s you're on point it kind of makes sense
11922s if you want to go all in
11923s I love the fact that you bring up that
11925s aggressive because one of those games I
11927s was watching between Smite and Larson
11929s and Muslim leader I think Muslim looter
11930s like left Grim Gables it was like going
11931s into the third zones I don't know how
11933s they were fighting for that long but
11934s they were like 700 above and you already
11935s know that they did basically all of that
11937s damage to Smite Larson so I have no idea
11939s how they're doing so much damage when
11940s there's literally only one Duo around
11942s them
11944s I'm getting word we have mini Miner
11946s who's standing by with a special guest
11948s in the player area many minor who you
11949s got we have a very special guest indeed
11951s we have Blake one of our Pro players one
11953s of our ultimate players Here Blake of
11955s course you're a pro player yourself
11956s you've been in this situation before all
11958s of these players going into the final
11959s few games what must be going through
11961s their mind from your own experience uh I
11963s mean it's just an incredible experience
11966s being here
11967s um probably the question but yeah
11969s they're definitely nervous like going
11970s into these last three games you know
11972s they gotta like bring it all and keep it
11974s up yeah for those teams that aren't
11976s doing so well how do you how do you
11977s resolve those problems right if you're
11978s going into this final three games things
11980s can change so how do you approach the
11983s sort of attempt at fixing those so I
11985s mean like look at him they started in
11987s like 40th Place and they climbed all the
11988s way up today so I mean you just gotta
11990s like keep your mentality straight and
11992s not get tilted and I feel like that's
11993s like the biggest thing like everyone has
11995s a chance to absolutely everyone has a
11997s chance what I was indeed thank you very
11999s much Blake for the interview now back to
12000s Unique on the desk
12002s thank you so much Blake you are
12004s absolutely incredible never forget it
12005s now I'm getting word we are standing by
12007s with Adam and Kelly hey what do you two
12009s have
12010s we have so much for you here guys
12013s we have had a lot of action thus far
12015s nine games gone three to go 27 countries
12019s seven regions fncs Invitational 2022
12022s only three games left but everyone
12025s before we can get into game number 10
12027s we're gonna need your help because the
12029s players need to hear you the world needs
12031s to hear you so we need to make some
12032s noise on three one two three hey
12046s he called excitement energy and
12048s everything more in the room yeah the
12050s arena is just impeccable right now
12053s waiting for the moment that we Crown an
12055s fncs Invitational Champion but we got a
12058s few more games to go that is right and
12060s we are getting the taste and here it is
12063s it's the the battle boss sounds like it
12065s is ready we get to gear up for game 10
12068s and this is going to be an important
12071s game we have had this extended break
12073s they have gotten the chance to sit down
12075s and really strategize think about the
12078s way they want to approach this next half
12081s and it's all or nothing now yeah big
12084s change up of zones from day number one
12086s to day number two but for some of these
12088s teams at the top tripping Thomas Kami
12092s seti include at the top queasy and Vino
12095s nothing has really changed they've
12098s stayed consistent through and through
12100s and they are your Front Runners right
12102s now but like Blake said in that
12104s interview you cannot count anyone out I
12106s bring flashbacks to chapter three season
12108s three NA East where Commander Avery
12110s started day number two in ninth place
12112s and had an ending of a lifetime that is
12115s right well there are just three more
12118s games in front of us as we are now
12121s kicking this off Mr Savage and eyedrop
12124s are going for an extremely wide split
12126s here
12127s giving respect and distance to on one
12130s and Baka who have had quite the day if
12133s we do say so ourselves putting up the
12135s performance you can see they really
12136s earned the respect here at Chrome Jam
12139s Junction early on of course we got to
12141s talk to eye drop and he all he had to
12143s say was hey I've been uncontested I
12145s absolutely feel extremely confident here
12148s but that has changed so far yeah with
12150s the fncs Invitational this is where
12152s Worlds Collide and last game we saw an
12155s early game drop from Booga and Marrow
12156s and shotsky already being fired off by
12158s vortexers but Pepe's he takes a huge
12160s amount of damage marrow gets targeted he
12163s is going to be the first one down from
12164s this Duo leaving a ton of pressure on
12167s puga's shoulders yeah what's crazy about
12168s this is they have just switched up the
12170s strategy all the way and have decided
12173s they are just gonna contest puga and
12176s Miro
12177s got their chances at performing any kind
12180s of comeback story here and earn
12182s themselves a real drop that some of the
12185s that some of the uh things you have to
12187s weigh right these are the decisions you
12189s have to make there's nothing wrong with
12191s getting a side drop a split drop but
12193s realistically if you want to win you
12195s need to have winning lose the trunkers
12197s has got it yep going over to Grim Gables
12199s a fight that we know oh so much off
12202s spawn Larson and Spike they have the
12205s majority of the victories over here but
12206s last game you saw them kind of disengage
12208s not really take that fight but a fight
12210s that we know so well cold incented
12212s taking down rays and you gotta imagine
12214s pars was there to follow both of them
12216s sent back to the lobby the nae's duo
12219s starting off game number 10 hot that's
12222s crazy because we haven't seen him
12223s actually contest them in that way so
12226s they are mixing it up and for them to do
12228s that tells us hey let's play for first
12230s we want to play for points let's play
12232s for first we gotta close that Gap we
12234s need healing and presented and cold a
12238s couple second place finishes close calls
12241s right there really smelling and tasty
12244s what could be theirs but Falling short a
12246s few times Larson is Mike they know how
12249s bad it was to disengage before they want
12251s to be able to try to take this one but
12252s two separate 1v1 fights it's all about
12254s the individual in a Duo competition
12256s meanwhile I saw Vino find an elim as
12259s well in the feed so our first place team
12260s already picking up the pace as well onto
12262s Alice
12264s shots on the other side though must put
12266s number three defensive attempts here but
12268s Larson is hurt
12270s Larson right now Jacob yeah he's trying
12273s to backtrack box the box I didn't do a
12275s fight they want to bring it back to the
12276s duo they don't want to let one person
12278s really decide everything as Muslim or
12280s they have the advantage they have The
12281s High Ground builds and peace control
12283s going over but a huge shot to really
12285s back him up and stabilize right now for
12288s Spite and Larson are doing everything
12289s they can to fight back from the low
12290s ground
12291s not looking too hot right now from
12293s bosses he has to reset
12295s starting to run low on the heels there
12297s as well for a second
12299s and again Alice the full finish there in
12302s the feed so Vino does find himself a set
12304s of points Smite and Larson one of the
12307s few Duos from n a that have managed to
12309s put up an exceptional performance this
12311s weekend if there is any takeaway here it
12314s is that every region has such Stand Out
12316s performers
12318s on this International stage I am sure
12322s there have been such surprises great
12324s surprises this weekend that have been
12326s revealed for us yeah you can see this
12328s one being another prolonged fight more
12330s teams slowly but surely rotating in this
12332s direction
12334s trying to go ahead and get their own
12336s storm surge so it's not going to be a
12337s worry later on in the game as Larson in
12339s spite
12340s trying to fight around keep control of
12342s the pieces leader to him but he can
12343s crashes coming out a lot of their
12345s resources monster being used very very
12348s early yeah definitely you can see
12350s they're gonna Double Down Start to farm
12352s up some material here this will make a
12354s difference
12355s Martin Court for the waltick has to be
12357s careful that ends at 2V1 Peak this is
12359s one of the most dangerous things you can
12360s do but there it is Smite comes from the
12362s side there to back him up
12365s wasting no time there to fight Jack
12367s meanwhile June Street start to step on
12369s in remember June U Street are contented
12372s by Alex and Bailey but they have moved
12373s out of their draw spot a little early so
12375s might recognizes what's going on here
12377s and all of a sudden Larson also doubles
12380s down on the defensive Maneuvers everyone
12382s will possibly have to get out of here
12384s now
12386s yeah and even then I think there's an
12388s additional team putting their attention
12390s into the mix there it is shots from up
12392s above yep that's our team from the
12394s Copenhagen Flames that's Pablo wingu and
12396s swag wow he didn't have the best day
12399s to have a great day number two shots
12402s being fired on goloss and Pablo picking
12404s up that elimination and this is where
12406s it's gonna get hectic because everybody
12407s also still has to rotate South to Zone
12410s and bevy's in the elimination feed he
12412s did take down Booga that's that's not
12415s what you want to have happen and even Mr
12417s Savage getting dropped by Paco the N A
12419s West Duo rising to the top on day number
12421s two
12422s yep so fights are starting to conclude
12425s now
12426s Tayson finds Aqua as well so all of our
12429s contested drops are leaning towards a
12431s conclusion KBR and Z KBR by himself
12436s right now our fifth place team currently
12439s in the back half here already has a big
12443s task in front of him it's making up the
12445s points and a much tougher one we get to
12447s see how bugatt was actually eliminated
12449s deputies and Vortex there just catch him
12452s trying to escape
12455s all the while a tough tough day for buga
12459s Here Comes queasy and Vino flying high
12462s through the sky watching all that action
12464s from Glenn Gables as the dust settles
12466s and you can even see what their plan is
12468s they know some action is down there and
12470s they too want to take part their early
12472s game aggression on the back of Vino
12474s already netting themselves a lot of
12475s elimination but they know how stacked it
12477s has actually been but since it goes down
12479s since it goes down for the duo from oce
12481s and do not forget scented and cold are
12483s the highest current positioned nae's
12487s team cold is now by himself this is a
12491s problem the full thirst has already
12492s happened
12494s this is a tough spot to be in for our
12497s young player cold Cole who has just had
12499s an exceptional year
12501s being picked up by scented playing
12503s alongside one of the greats in our space
12507s and trying to work his way up earn his
12510s stripes throughout this scene they are
12512s in third place coming into game ten and
12515s what a position to be in I said
12517s represent for your entire region
12519s and if there's any pressure right now
12522s it is still on cold shoulders to stay
12526s alive I said early on that at this point
12529s in time with house stacked the top side
12530s of leaderboard is you cannot afford to
12533s have any sort of bad game
12537s that Pam still fall there too Jonesy
12540s Andy just looking around NA East is
12542s getting chopped out of this Lobby
12546s but what stands true is seti and Cami
12549s alive right now looking very well
12552s baiting out potential opponents to fire
12555s inwards to see if they can entice
12558s someone to take a fight against them
12560s at longer ranges of course
12562s that's what they do best there's no
12564s O'Reilly trying to go ahead and sneak
12565s some shots from the bush him and bad
12567s sniper land towards tilted tower
12569s and for them it's just about trying to
12571s get these angles they spot epic well at
12573s the top that's gonna be one shot to kind
12574s of add to the total for them
12576s is when it comes to loot when it comes
12578s to positioning they're not in such a bad
12580s spot but they're also not in a spot to
12582s really find tag after tag there's only
12584s such few teams near him actually in
12586s tilted
12587s it's one of the best things we've seen
12589s from Thomas HD and Tripper and this
12590s weekend is that they have been probably
12593s the most malleable team the most
12595s flexible team great tags here Tripper
12597s manages to land on a rotating Duo just
12600s in the distance there but it just shows
12601s you they play so Dynamic Zone to Zone
12605s there is no same strategy but they
12607s execute and they've been executing all
12610s day long
12611s consistency is key and right now see
12615s clicks and Dukes going over towards
12616s Shimmer and shine they got a knock and
12617s elimination arm to one trying to hunt
12619s down that solo
12620s Jace is gonna be that guy and on the
12623s other end of him is pink and a nice the
12625s other team from Fort Jonesy Duke gets
12627s the Beast control going right in trying
12629s to take down Jace who's trying to play
12631s the defense right here backs down just
12633s enough to buy himself some more time to
12635s try to stabilize but we talked about the
12636s pressure about multiple teams looking to
12639s get this elimination and it's crazy
12640s there driver's placement has been around
12643s 22.6 it shows us that they are making it
12646s far every game but they are just having
12649s a tough time around that halfway mark in
12651s the competition getting beyond that
12653s point is some of the most difficult
12655s parts of fortnite and if you're not
12658s executing perfectly one mistake will
12660s cross you up yeah and you gotta imagine
12661s that when you split Fort jonesie you're
12664s not really getting too much damage on
12665s storm surge not getting the best loadout
12667s you're forced to kind of either look for
12669s tags or look for any sort of resources
12671s clicks spotting out the tags coming from
12673s the bush tries to fire back not being
12675s able to connect with anything but Duke
12677s once again trying to push up this team
12679s is in complete Focus mode trying to take
12682s control of their Destiny shoot to the
12685s top of the leaderboards and that is
12687s exactly what you have to do as the games
12688s are coming to a close Okay cold still
12690s alive right now manages to put up a
12692s great defensive hold here
12695s it looks like they might have found an
12697s elim along the way as well or pushed off
12699s what was the opponents and now the play
12701s to go ahead and get out and play for the
12704s reboot play for the pickup there's a
12706s medkit he's got well
12708s time information of this entire area
12711s look at that scented will be rebooted
12714s our third place team have a chance in
12717s this game the crowd giving them some
12720s life as well let's see if they could
12722s take a page out of Asia's fncs champion
12725s zagu and Miriam after their reboot they
12727s ended up with a second place finish but
12729s hold that thought Middle East has
12731s arrived Falcon spy and bravado focus is
12734s just nearby they will absolutely know
12737s there's a player at the reboot
12739s the information was perfectly handed to
12741s them they have everything they need to
12743s execute an ambush there it is Buy opens
12745s up and now it's his time to shine here
12748s it's his moment this is the first fight
12750s we get to see him kick it off I've
12752s watched him in Creative he is gross but
12755s can he hit the shots when it matters
12757s most a worst case scenario is a scrappy
12760s player like spy and focus here looking
12762s to fight back a huge 100. gold puts down
12765s Focus though in a great fight and gold
12767s is 1v2ing here as he only has a little
12770s bit of loot set to five something in the
12772s distance comes back to support and he's
12774s here and they turn it around
12777s Make some noise for Anna he's accepted
12781s and cold do it again they have an entire
12784s region on their shoulders so make sure
12787s we show them some laws every single time
12789s but for KBR doing it for Brazil 138
12793s below the damage threshold for him
12795s getting that reboot if he tries is not
12797s going to be enough because so many teams
12799s are around he needs to get damaged all
12800s at the same time his options are slowly
12803s closing I must say that was so
12806s impressive I haven't let it down just
12809s yet but let's look at KBR here he needs
12812s 160 damage
12813s to get safe here it's only bound 30 you
12816s need big times you cannot miss these
12818s that's huge there it is very nice very
12821s nice he sees another team in the
12822s distance and look at this turning off
12825s when it matters most
12827s doing just enough just enough tag by tag
12830s not getting too greedy this is huge 29
12832s more only 28 below top of the madness
12835s just trying to top himself off the shots
12837s continue to get landed kpr doing
12839s everything that he can but you can see
12841s the numbers
12842s in this Lobby everybody taking part but
12845s finally the dust settles just enough two
12848s above the damage threshold that is the
12849s miracle KBR needed for now imagine if he
12851s hadn't found any tag he would be
12854s hundreds below the safety line there but
12857s instead he gets active he does enough
12859s Cammy and seti in a Zone fight this
12862s could be a defining moment EU versus
12865s Asia now pepo and Runo
12868s absolute Savages you know what we've
12872s seen this weekend is that Asia can hang
12874s with the best of the best do not count
12876s them out
12878s can't count them out can't count them
12879s out at all but it almost makes me wonder
12880s are they suffering desserts a chase out
12882s of nowhere trying to enter into the fade
12884s basil was lost long ago but Jay's
12887s finally goes down pepo's gonna be able
12889s to clean that one up but Sammy Sammy and
12892s seti
12893s getting the top once again 657 finally
12897s leaving their drop spot literally on
12900s replay right now after every single game
12902s and this is what they do best now they
12905s will play extremely passive they don't
12907s need to do much they will be fine damage
12909s wise all they have to do is focus on
12911s positioning that will be the name of the
12913s game for them and also let's just talk
12915s about finally we get a little bit of a
12917s mix up here the Zone pulls South there
12920s are new teams in this General era that
12921s need to step up Vino doesn't care where
12924s it goes he finds an elim in the feed
12925s showing us that you can pull South you
12928s can pull North he's gonna make the best
12929s of the situation yeah Noah Riley and bad
12932s sniper knows somebody is under pressure
12934s outside and I not only hear the storm
12935s surge but see the shots getting fired
12937s off in the distance Ed that's a revive
12940s and I think King is at least going to
12942s try and go for it but no O'Reilly and
12944s bad sniper are going to be The
12945s Gatekeepers for them if they're trying
12947s to look for an exit what's crazy about
12948s that is no rally bats ever have no idea
12950s that that is heading King right there
12953s and yes you might have assumed he saw
12954s the feed
12955s take a look at how bino picked up his
12957s elimination just boxes up Janice like
12960s it's nothing and ticks him right out the
12964s lobby look at his face he knows he knows
12967s for a fact that that was a huge
12970s elimination and he made it look easy if
12972s anybody is full of confidence it is Vino
12975s 100 yes who the best player in the world
12978s is he's gonna point at himself with two
12980s fingers and honestly it would be more if
12981s he had more
12983s if you needed a clip to show you why
12986s that's probably one of them
12989s I wanted Baka also getting busy but
12991s Lucy's gonna go down cleaned up all
12993s together a team from N.A West Scrappy as
12996s can be and that's why I kind of looked
12998s at him as a very under the radar team
13001s crazy reaction time there from Thomas HD
13004s to defend off snacky speak he saw Thomas
13006s HD
13007s swinging a little wide there here's KBR
13010s still alive remember you survived the
13012s storm surge with just excellent tags and
13015s still it seems like he may not have a
13018s reboot card to save his teammate
13020s and now he has to rotate out but we've
13023s seen some interesting stats when you
13026s actually pick up your teammate you have
13028s Believe It or Not lower chances as far
13031s as the stats go to place higher and
13033s that's because more often not you are
13035s worried about splitting your loot
13037s effectively lowering your chances so he
13040s actually has a great odds right now just
13042s playing by himself play his gameplay
13043s yeah it's all about those solo points
13046s that you can get here in game 10 and
13048s sent it and cold coming back from the
13051s devs that play cold if anybody can do it
13054s it is going to be him
13056s just hopefully they don't run out of gas
13058s because right now they are in reach you
13061s see it right there
13062s 247 points in third place
13066s they still have a gap to close though
13067s monster and they are doing just that I
13069s mean they picked up those two elims on
13071s spy in focus
13073s again you don't see a team get rebooted
13075s in just fine points like that this is an
13077s incredible
13079s situation that's unfolding for cold
13081s intensive like giving quite literally a
13083s second chance in this game here but
13086s you have a Zone that's going to start to
13088s play out now things are going to begin
13089s to constrict The Zone pulls East and
13092s this is gonna favor cold and scented
13094s perfectly Kami and seti are already here
13096s as well it couldn't get any better for
13098s them
13101s I like I like Cami and seti right now
13103s the dust is settling they're not getting
13105s overly aggressive letting these
13107s opportunities naturally present himself
13108s as they're Gathering all that
13110s information
13111s blocks real bad in the distance followed
13113s by mustache and Malibu who are a little
13115s separated and in Vortex as well looking
13118s good four eliminations gotta be feeling
13120s pretty confident when it comes to storm
13122s surge especially since you're Landing
13124s even more shots as players fly through
13126s the sky showing you with that hammer
13128s assault rifle can do once you let it rip
13130s two of them in hand big damage
13134s more Texan hen this has been a great day
13136s for Vortex ahead yeah we talked about a
13138s team that was well outside the top 15
13140s and then just all of a sudden turn
13142s online coming
13144s now earning them something fifth place
13146s after after several rounds today
13150s throwback goes down to Duke and clicks
13152s we're trying to make up for that thing
13154s number one trying to kind of bolster
13156s their position as merge Dash gets one as
13158s well Avery and commandment Under
13160s Pressure they have a victory Royale of
13162s the day yesterday trying to replicate
13163s that success today but they've come to
13165s focus of the lobby all directions now
13167s joining in but luckily for them they
13169s have so much position here so much
13171s control over these pieces they can back
13172s out and still be safe
13174s I need someone to send Avery a tweet and
13176s just ask him how does he play leaning
13179s with that posture I'm so confused
13182s he's just chilling he's advised right
13183s now he is fully invested into the game
13186s but here's Keith sells the pH in
13188s 300 above the surge in a very long
13191s rotate in front of him can they find the
13194s launch pads do they have something to
13196s work with here to get out of this spot
13199s a little loose foot for them
13201s so everybody's good Cuisine Vito looking
13203s like they got another elimination on to
13205s Alice bringing their total so four in
13208s this game alone trying to run away with
13211s it trying to build themselves the
13212s biggest cushion possible going in to
13215s what could be a big game number 12 and
13218s even though we didn't see it on screen
13219s but let's see how Vino was able to get
13221s that kill he just continues to add more
13224s and more here
13226s up Alice is gonna fall there
13230s and it happens once again
13232s so here it is the half and half out
13234s pulls Far East Camion City Pool half in
13236s half out are they destined to take it
13239s all away can they swing their way back
13242s over will it be cold and scented they're
13244s one of the few there as well in the
13247s conversation here
13249s need to do more 14 above is not gonna be
13251s enough he's gonna slide right past Avery
13253s commandment this is dangerous territory
13255s to be in we all know you don't want to
13257s walk past enemy builds like that but
13259s luckily they do not swing open not worth
13261s the risk
13263s but if anybody's ready for that
13264s dangerous territory it's Biko meringue
13266s from the start of the game every single
13268s game towards reality tree they get busy
13270s very early and they're looking for the
13271s shots looking for that peace control and
13274s you see that duo that was once there
13275s they just completely abandoned that
13277s position they don't want to risk at all
13279s too early in this game mackwood encanada
13281s on high ground this is what we love to
13284s see you know you put them in a Lobby
13286s like this you expect a couple of games
13288s maybe one maybe two to go this way this
13291s is a high ground team now with the
13294s problem of today or this weekend has
13296s been these High Ground teams haven't
13298s made it we've only seen Aqua in a few
13300s end games and whenever he is there he's
13301s going for it we've only seen Kanata
13304s maybe once or twice make an end game now
13306s he's going for it and you know what time
13308s it is right now you know what time it is
13309s right sixth moving Zone
13311s got them on the big screen queasy and
13314s Vino this is where they typically always
13316s and I mean always at least try to make a
13318s play for The High Ground and I feel like
13320s they have the most success in the lobby
13322s so far when it comes to making those
13324s plays happen but sensing and cold talks
13326s about the position they are third place
13328s on the leaderboard Thomas and tripping
13330s just a little bit above 453 when it
13332s comes to that Hammer's threshold for
13334s them the only focus is getting to the
13336s next Zone but their loot looks great the
13338s Lost crowds in the inventory they have
13340s everything they need queasy and Vino are
13342s playing such an interesting strategy
13343s late from behind they try to swing all
13346s the way on in and that is such an
13348s interesting way to play this one out
13350s because what they want to do is allow
13352s the Zona pull very very far give them
13354s room and then time that entrance and now
13357s look at this it puts them in a prime
13359s position to start eyeing and sizing up
13361s high ground but since it's cold already
13363s there beating them to the points start
13365s to look in someone lands in the box and
13367s gold is possibly there to defend yes
13370s he's still there it's Avery who tries to
13373s land in the Box no no sir that was a
13376s mistake and they instantly close in on
13378s him like a venus fly trap as queasy and
13380s Vino they've done it yet again they have
13383s that portion of the high ground but you
13384s see they're staggering bino back wanting
13386s to let nobody get any opportunity to try
13389s to steal it away and the only person
13390s that does gets taken down almost
13392s immediately adding to their elimination
13394s total they're making it look easy
13396s setting Cami now
13399s also very much positioned to make
13401s another big end game 15 Duos remaining
13403s here Thomas HD and trippin still have so
13406s much left in the tank as well but they
13407s get broken down oh no a great block
13409s there though they were just one build
13411s away
13412s from potentially again taking out the
13413s lobby too much shot starts to come in
13415s now the focus is here he has to swing
13417s around this is even terrible for a Tech
13419s play Team trip and there's nowhere to be
13420s found Thomas hits the launch pad he
13422s swings class High ground and Queasy and
13425s crew and there it is Sherman Falls
13428s Thomas is still by himself they're
13430s trying to go for The High Ground right
13431s now but Chapman's just shut down but
13433s Jason's having to do it by himself but
13434s please he's gonna abandon it for now
13436s Vino's gonna follow suit shots coming in
13438s this is huge jackets goes down though
13441s the refresh and the Seifert is
13442s absolutely important Jason trying to
13444s break into the box but he goes down Vino
13447s and Queasy will not be denied that this
13449s is why they're some of the best he was
13451s there to back him up and it works out so
13453s well bevy's and more texter from
13455s contesting Booga and Miro at the drop
13458s running them out of chapter Speedway now
13460s running it up to The High Ground here in
13462s an end gamer looking like they want to
13464s take home their first victory of the
13466s weekend down goes Pino down goes one
13468s member of the first place team give me a
13471s chance right now for teams to try to
13473s overtake that top spot and one of them
13475s is going to be Thomas HD as of solo
13477s doing everything that he can try to move
13479s to the builds he has enough resources to
13482s make it happen but queasy no bill to his
13484s name we'll be one against you but he
13486s gets taken down thanks to the storm and
13488s Thomas CG is still alive right now
13489s clutching which is so Monumental as
13492s first place has finally Fallen they have
13494s a chance to earn some points here cold
13496s incentives are still alive and as well
13498s Thomas HD needs to make up 15 points in
13502s order to close the gap here sent it
13504s needs 30. that's a huge jump up Cami and
13508s seti are also still alive right now on
13510s the heel so close Cold incentive don't
13513s want any of it and they back him off
13515s there's more than enough points of set
13517s to the cold can keep up this pace keep
13520s up this pressure for them to have a shot
13522s at the last game at the end of the day
13524s but Cami will not be stopped as well
13526s Thomas HD goes down said he gets dropped
13529s but Cami knows he can't be the hero of
13531s this situation he has to try to continue
13532s on without him but he finally gets
13534s dropped Thomas HD is on a roll he's done
13538s a lot but you can't find yourself out of
13539s that spot there Clinton Duke are alive
13542s sets it and cold are alive and on High
13544s Ground Vortex and Buffy it's EU on top
13547s down goes all in a great tag there from
13550s board Texas and the Finish now bevies
13552s slides his way down painting The Loop
13554s here does the couple and it's there but
13555s no doesn't hit the shot Bevy is so quick
13558s but not fast enough you're going to get
13560s some of the best of great loads
13562s I get from Duke
13563s this is huge this is huge for Duke and
13565s clicks they have The High Ground right
13566s now but for Bevy and vortexers taking
13568s out some big names already on the day
13570s using these bills to try to keep that
13572s Advantage dude he's in afraid
13575s him
13586s that's the game
13591s does not let us down what a tag and a
13595s great moment perplexing tooth Fair
13597s progression throughout each and every
13600s moment they finally got the chip off
13603s their shoulder taking the victory Royale
13606s in game number 10. they gotta be feeling
13609s good they got to be feeling like they
13611s have nothing to lose at this point and
13613s all that matters is that they managed to
13616s show us what they can do against some of
13618s the greats let's go ahead and get a word
13620s from them
13621s thank you so much MDF I am joined here
13624s by clicks and Duke and my goodness it is
13627s better late than never grabbing that VR
13630s in game 10 how you feeling clicks we're
13633s feeling good you know we struggled at
13634s the start but we finally brought it home
13636s you know so and Duke
13645s more whites because he got the siphon
13647s from the full kill and then I heard a
13649s pump shot in E1 clicks I don't know if
13652s you heard it but the audience went
13653s absolutely insane let's do it again guys
13661s before it's crazy I'm the best I'm the
13664s best fans by far just look at look at
13666s them in the crowd congratulations guys
13668s two more to go and let's head on back to
13671s the desk
13675s massive congratulations Duke and clicks
13679s clicks fans
13681s rise artist that moment where it's the
13684s 2v2 we are literally sitting here going
13686s this is literally where you want to be
13688s clicks this is what you're known for is
13691s being put in these situations now is
13693s your time to shine and so masterfully
13697s handled from clicks and Duke those
13699s head-to-heads they're so easy for them I
13702s loved watching this ending because we
13703s were like oh my gosh candy and said
13704s you're going crazy oh my gosh Tom and
13705s JD's top leaderboard and then we went to
13707s that wide and all of a sudden clicks and
13708s duker on the lower ground looking
13710s healthy and right here the teamwork is
13712s just so clean of course Duke takes the
13714s blunt of the damage right there ends up
13716s going down the bevies but clicks is so
13718s smart in these end game 1v1 situations
13720s that he recognizes this player can
13722s potentially have heels he hears the
13723s splash to go up makes the push for it
13725s and the little mantle cancel right there
13727s and gets the shot off too so clean that
13730s was just an absolutely disgusting clutch
13732s moment though from clicks he saw the
13733s work that Duke was putting in as well to
13736s take the brunt of that damage like you'd
13738s mentioned but it was just such a clean
13741s finish here and I think that that's
13742s really a moment for clicks especially
13744s that is going to permanently be in a
13746s highlight reel for him that's right
13748s we're going to talk about more of these
13749s duels in just a moment but first we have
13751s Adam who is standing by with cold and
13754s scented
13756s yeah thank you guys let's give it up
13759s a coin
13761s call we uh we're gonna talk about the
13764s clutch up earlier on that he rebooted
13767s then you suddenly find FKS and spy
13769s coming through you managed to stay in
13771s the game the crowd went wild walk us
13774s through that one
13775s um
13776s I don't even know scented had flew to
13779s the the Coney Vault yeah and I kind of
13782s just they just caught me alone as a solo
13785s and I just kind of tried living
13787s and I had no more mats left so I kind of
13790s had to fight and
13791s it ended up winning you did and
13793s obviously you know that that puts you
13795s had a great contention now you're
13796s currently third in the leaderboard right
13797s now 44 points off the top you guys two
13800s games to go you must be feeling
13802s confident here uh we're feeling good
13804s we're locked in we're just gonna play
13805s our games and see how they go honestly
13807s love to see it Colin send everyone
13810s foreign
13812s [Applause]
13817s you guys are currently sat in seventh um
13820s we haven't taught you much this weekend
13821s but what incredible display thus far
13823s with two games left
13825s um I will get top five at least and then
13828s I'm happy
13829s top five seems to be the target are you
13831s feeling the same way Pastor what do you
13832s guys do now with two games left how do
13834s you manage the next two games I mean we
13837s just have to do the same thing we did
13838s the last games uh keep consistency and
13841s it will be fun it'll be we're very chill
13844s over here Z back to you buddy
13847s hey you know just keep it fine
13848s everything's fine that's what I like to
13850s hear personally uh my goodness this game
13853s though game number 10 of 12. was
13856s actually insane uh I think the the big
13859s kind of overall storyline for me was
13861s Cuisine Vino right then they're kind of
13865s counterpoints Kenny and seti right uh
13868s and what was interesting to me about
13870s this was actually I for a long time I've
13872s seen him thinking yeah yeah Cami Saidi
13874s versus like queasy and Vino it's
13876s actually a cold and scented versus
13877s Camion city tournament that's happening
13879s here Cuisine Vino are just kind of like
13880s happened to orbit around both of them
13883s yeah 100 listen I think that so far you
13886s know we do have two games left but I
13888s think cold right there in that 1v2
13889s situation that's got to be like the play
13891s of the tournament so far for me
13893s literally
13894s keeping their contention for second and
13897s first place alive right here look at
13898s this FKS and spy coming in they're
13901s trying to get these sneaky shots in cold
13902s literally isn't a 1v2 if you look at the
13904s mini map in the bottom right scented is
13906s so far away so this is literally like a
13909s straight up 1v2 and cold ends up finding
13911s both of them emissions beautifully
13913s handled right there oh look his name
13915s might be cold but he just absolutely lit
13918s FKS and spy on fire with that display I
13922s I don't even know where they came from
13924s because that was almost that reboot band
13925s was literally the bad signal for those
13927s two they were full on expecting a prime
13930s opportunity to try and snag a quick and
13932s easy elim probably like to clean up the
13934s other part of the duo in the process
13936s because I don't believe they had any
13937s idea that it was specifically cold and
13939s scented in that instance but it's that
13941s momentum shift that I was asking for
13943s during the halftime break that was the
13945s primary example of one of those
13947s instances because the soon as that took
13949s place you could just feel a change in
13952s the venue and you could definitely see
13954s it in cool golden sent its gameplay and
13956s the fact that they went from needing a
13958s reboot onto scented to a literal third
13960s place finish for this matchup yeah
13963s that's that's a that's awesome
13964s absolutely and if we look at these
13966s standings queasy and Vino still holding
13968s strong they are the the I would say the
13971s end game Boss of the story we're telling
13972s here but Cammy and seti are actually the
13975s secret boss to this story because they
13977s have been single-handedly shutting
13979s queasy and Vino Down for games now it
13983s was in fact Cami that actually knocked
13985s Vino out in that game and kind of put
13986s queasy in that difficult situation of
13988s like okay what do you do now you don't
13990s have your silver bullet and now there's
13992s two of us yeah 100 but I mean Cuisine
13994s and Vino I don't know how they do it
13996s it's like every single time we're in
13998s that end game around fifth sixth in that
14000s first movie and it's like I I'm almost
14001s guaranteed to look up for a tight and
14003s see them up there they have gotten it it
14005s seems like every single game and it's
14008s not like it's just like a repeat of
14010s strategy it's something different every
14011s single time I beg to question is anybody
14014s in even like looking up in the skies for
14016s these guys at this point I think that
14017s that's just an attestment as well though
14019s to queasy's ig yelling capabilities and
14021s the fact that Vino himself can also kind
14024s of fulfill that role even despite the
14027s fact that he's an insane Fragger at the
14028s same time but more going a little bit
14031s more in depth there with with queasy I
14034s think it's kind of cool to see because
14035s he is definitely someone that is
14037s definitely a little bit more emotional
14039s but at the player frustration level
14041s mental fortitude becomes so impactful
14043s here and we've seen him make a comeback
14045s before that's right that is three games
14048s this means we have two left here we go
14053s let's send it on over monster D face
14054s Jacob PR purpose for game 11.
14058s that's right we have the honor to call
14060s all the action we're starting to get
14061s into the final moments now I do want to
14063s give so much credit as well to Avery and
14066s commandment representing as the last
14068s Anna East fncs finalist Champions but
14070s here we have it game 11 Jacob it's here
14073s and the pressure is on for some of these
14076s teams that are looking to call
14078s themselves Champion looking to get the
14080s Lion's Share of the million dollar prize
14083s pool a trophy that have never been seen
14087s like this before in fortnite and then
14088s that chance to call yourself literally
14091s one of the best players in the world
14093s after this Global competition that is
14095s absolutely right and what a better way
14097s to kick this game off than a perfect
14099s split down the middle and this is it it
14102s doesn't get any better than that last
14104s game we saw clicks and Duke have their
14108s moments and take a win and that just
14110s tells us anything can happen here on
14114s this stage these players have been
14115s invited to this event for a reason they
14118s are some of the most skilled players we
14121s have in the space yep
14123s yep is he already
14124s clicks living with all the momentum
14128s over towards Fort Jonesy business as
14130s usual for these teams looting up getting
14133s some resources starting your game off
14134s and trying to replicate that success
14137s when it comes to clicks and Duke
14139s specifically
14140s see it get the touchdown
14144s get their loots together rotate early
14146s they do not want to take a fight here's
14147s a tough spot to be in bevies and Vortex
14149s serves were moments away from taking a
14153s victory Royale before things change Miro
14155s finally starts to clap back but what
14157s you're seeing is just the cold hands
14160s unfortunate hookah does fight back
14162s though he will be able to save his
14164s teammate here and does of course get the
14166s siphon as well material is more
14168s important though because if vortexor
14170s pushes up he's got everything to gain
14172s here
14173s really nothing to lose at this point
14175s trying
14178s to will themselves back into this one
14181s saving the play for now Hero's still
14184s down trying to hide his body not wanting
14185s to get that one give it up to vortexers
14188s yes
14189s two more points for them puga doing what
14191s he can backtracking trying to go ahead
14193s and get his Shields up as well trying to
14195s get as many mats as possible he knows
14196s the fight is inevitable and the shot's
14199s gonna be landed Booga back
14202s ing up all he needs is one more shot but
14205s he's gonna find this moment to breathe
14206s and stabilize before he goes at it again
14207s it looks like we will see all of our
14210s faves start to have their moment here
14212s Booga does need to of course finish it
14214s now and he does and there it is they win
14218s back the drop talker Speedway swings
14221s back to bugen mirror you know did
14224s finally go down there but it's not going
14225s to be any trouble for Booga to get that
14228s reboot back up
14229s Vico and Moraine though trying to sneak
14232s their way towards the bottom catch we
14234s take a novice off guard but Bevy and
14236s Vortex is down all together six plays
14239s 212 points
14241s it's gonna be a chance for some of these
14244s teams that are outside of that top five
14246s to try to jump right in it and out past
14248s them that is crazy because they had such
14251s a great game prior pushing them so far
14254s up and now all of that Zap to It
14257s momentum gone hits the reset all down to
14261s now just one more round
14263s and that's something else to think about
14265s every engagement as you get sent back
14268s the players have to sit there wait for
14270s the next game and start to formulate a
14274s plan for their last chance here at the
14276s fncs Invitational
14278s but first of course you have to get
14281s through this one right here Vico and
14282s playing so smart here last round
14285s they were taken out a little early to
14287s the hands of retaking novice not
14289s something we've seen too many times
14290s before meanwhile I drop gets boxed up by
14293s on one and Larson is Mike still fighting
14296s here they've lost so much momentum as
14299s well in the back half of the tournament
14301s this could be the key though this
14303s offspawn fight right here could be the
14305s key that unlocks what we've seen
14308s yesterday that potential we know they
14310s have because they're just trying to go
14312s ahead and stay towards the low ground
14314s right now stay in a position that they
14316s think is advantageous to them the shots
14319s coming in on the side of the moon are
14320s trying to take that piece control over
14321s he peeks through lunar gets out Justin
14324s the nick of time you can see the with
14325s that bubble Shield flirting with the
14327s opportunity
14328s that's it play out that bubble shoot
14330s will influence how it's going down
14333s let's see if smite's gonna find a huge
14335s tag there onto looter he's gonna buy him
14338s a little bit of time here now remember
14339s Smite was in top five before the last
14342s two games were pretty tough now he's
14343s fighting all the way and he boxes him up
14346s and sends him right back to the lobby
14348s we'll see you later Buzz we'll see you
14351s in the last game Smite is here and he's
14354s not messing around
14356s leaders doing what he can land's a good
14358s shot but the angles right now everything
14360s is gonna be cleaned up Larson and smite
14363s trying to replicate that success of Dave
14367s number one and bring it here to day
14369s number two as we check on board retake
14372s and novice they were able to catch Vico
14374s out I love sneaking around they tell him
14376s that's going to slip them down further
14379s and further for Smite and Larson though
14381s they jump up a position that puts him in
14383s 13. air closing their way back towards
14386s that top ten top five spot that they
14389s started the day off
14390s in meanwhile City and Cami sticking to
14393s the usual giving us that great update we
14396s thank you for that just letting us know
14398s Hey listen first place they're killed
14400s second place they're chilling don't
14402s worry about it
14404s tilted no Riley bad sniper on over to
14408s bliff trying to steal away the loop from
14409s Acorn and edgy locks in the feet taking
14412s down the scram cleaning it up all
14414s together you know him and robaff got
14415s love to be aggressive in any lobby let
14419s alone an international stage
14421s yeah big shout outs to bad sniper of
14423s course representing for the French
14424s Community they are some of the coolest
14428s spaces that we have out there one of the
14430s coolest communities always building
14432s amazing content but let's get back to it
14435s cold incentives who are in third place
14437s leading for n a East right now that
14440s interview was so perfect cold is just
14442s like hey man you know we're just doing
14443s our thing doing our game all right
14452s is having a phenomenal tournament along
14455s with Vortex honestly flying onto the
14458s radar
14459s right now this is a perfect opportunity
14461s to see exactly what they're doing into
14463s the distance finding the shots necessary
14465s so they don't have to worry about Surge
14467s and thankfully they not only have The
14469s Vault but they have the rotation right
14471s above them so once they feel that
14472s comfortability of the damage threshold
14474s they can instantly try and find a good
14476s rotation out an enemy Vortex are in
14479s fifth now as well 230 points picked up a
14483s a great day two showing so far for
14486s hidden Vortex here to put them back in
14487s the game tripping and Thomas not too
14489s happy about that last game they've gone
14491s from second to Fourth falling slightly
14493s earlier than their counterpart so
14495s everyone else starting to really pick up
14497s when they're letting things slow down
14499s meanwhile picking the NOS still in a
14502s fight right now
14503s so player on Heights
14505s seems like they might be giving
14506s themselves a little bit of distance as
14507s Jason crew who land at the coastal areas
14511s even the team giving p ieterbot and
14513s jamper are hard time this weekend very
14516s little room to I guess contest here and
14519s Jason basso are one of the few that have
14521s stuck to it all weekend long you see
14523s them tempting fate baiting Jays to run
14526s away allowing basil to get a couple more
14528s shots as he possesses that height
14530s Advantage thinking of doing but they
14533s can't fire back not finding any success
14535s Landing any damage for them but first
14538s you don't see you try to try again and
14540s with bazel continuously putting out the
14541s shots that's where they're going to try
14543s to peek through he's going to cover pink
14544s while he begins to rotate out and Lead
14546s the Way
14553s up this game because they took down
14555s bugga and Miro here at the chopper
14557s Speedway and now they're being focused
14559s by another team in the distance a big
14562s knock there and they're gonna break all
14564s of those but it's actually macwood and
14566s Kanata looking South trying to figure
14569s out what's going on here Joe will get
14570s the save lucky for him and take a look
14573s at how much they have excess and much
14575s more as they get to double back into
14576s chances go ahead and make up for what
14579s they lost out on but time you don't get
14581s that back especially right now the
14583s blessing of those chonker Speedway teams
14585s one of them going down the other one
14587s rotating out but scented and cold
14590s they we talked about it almost all
14592s weekend long even coming into this
14594s contested again towards Luke Lake but
14597s they're not fighting it at all they want
14598s to go ahead and play these games out
14600s because right now that has been the
14602s recipe for their success and honestly
14605s with that last game clutch up from cold
14607s they have to be feeling like they could
14610s take it all at a moment's notice you
14612s said it yourself all it takes is one big
14615s game and little by little we're seeing
14617s players like cold really come into his
14619s own finding his own here
14623s what a story it has been for that player
14627s there but who's in vino
14629s chilling in shiny sounds No Sweat at all
14633s up here okay we're fine we have launch
14635s pads we have plenty of heels we'll be
14637s just okay
14640s and now they're gonna go and get start
14642s moving south there back on over to no
14645s rally Ambassador Belushi and hydro are
14647s here with someone in the distance it's
14648s bad sniper who takes down Belushi
14651s and look at how much loot they get
14652s rewarded with as well now they have
14654s decisions to make here but they already
14656s have two launch pads a chord and edgy
14658s are still here as well lurking and back
14661s snipers much smarter than that he knows
14663s there's a teammate behind him you can
14665s see
14666s oh he's looking back just to double
14667s check he's going to drop a legendary
14668s Ranger
14669s for the Epic shot in here this is
14672s interesting that's because it just does
14673s better in close range fights like this
14676s but that end game Ranger shotgun is just
14678s amazing
14680s let's see it the distance right now but
14683s they're off the hunt for that
14685s elimination you said it yourself they
14686s know he's a solo but Acorn and edgy
14688s hearing all this action go down they
14689s wanna also take part in it there's a
14692s couple eliminations up for grabs
14694s just on the Move High Joe goes down
14698s finally they get cleaned up no Riley and
14700s bad sniper adding two more points to
14703s their total getting all that loot
14705s surviving in the storm
14707s and look for us we do get a quick update
14709s with mini Miner here for game 11.
14717s really really good on the storm surge
14719s all day and you might be wondering how
14720s do they have the heels for that look at
14722s this Cami emptying his entire inventory
14724s into the base that they've built on the
14726s top of this Cami split area on top of
14728s the balloon and they're able to take
14729s damage now because of course they have
14730s those extra heals on standby all we can
14733s see just Cami getting as much heals as
14735s possible bringing it up into the top of
14737s that and of course seti is meanwhile
14739s while while he's doing this he's getting
14740s his tags you can see on top of the
14742s balloon if he does get tagged as he did
14743s do earlier on he can go all the way back
14745s down use all of those heels that were
14747s inside of the base and they don't have
14749s to waste any so we're seeing them go
14750s into Zone with eight 900 surge tags and
14753s having Max heals great stuff in this Duo
14756s you might be Minnie but his brain is Big
14760s giving us all the information we might
14762s have lost and I know a couple people at
14764s home might be jotting that one down oh
14766s that's how they're getting the surge
14767s that's how they're looking so well when
14769s it comes to end game with all those
14771s resources as mixin takes down fatch hen
14774s is going to be by himself and I talked
14776s about his incredible run now he's gonna
14778s have to really put that to the test with
14780s 75 damage above the damage threshold
14782s when it comes to storm surge that is not
14784s much at all
14785s you can see hen just sitting back there
14789s by himself right now needs to continue
14791s to earn his way up if he wants to hold
14793s this fifth place spot he's managed to
14795s claw his way towards
14797s you wouldn't have thought it was
14799s possible looking at the way things
14800s played out yesterday but that is what
14802s those extended moments between the
14805s halfway mark and of course two-day
14807s formats have to offer us
14809s is the full spectrum of the best
14811s strategies and plays that can be
14813s developed since it getting a little
14816s greedy there to get a Flopper but it
14818s seems like it was worth it and that's
14820s because they can tell that they are just
14822s above the surge
14824s and this is where I always say only the
14827s best of us have to hit these shots when
14829s it matters the most
14832s Lucy Dino talk about the best of the
14834s best well they might have heard your
14835s monster and we can see them be 97 below
14839s the damage threshold this is yeah this
14841s is a big switch up but that because the
14843s zone is pulling so far south they're not
14846s able to stay on top of those balloons to
14849s get the damage but they're gonna find it
14850s either way that's Graham and chimp who
14852s are under pressure right now queasy Vino
14854s using that launch pad they're trying to
14855s get ahead of all these teams that they
14857s know are stuck on his own oh queasy
14858s marked up queasy marks and off he's
14860s gonna go for it you can tell and no a
14862s third party swings in this might be the
14865s moment that changes it all queasy and
14868s Vino are extremely hurt that's gonna use
14870s all of their chunk splashes they're
14872s below the storm surge and it's even more
14874s desperate now pink and anas versus Vino
14877s and Queasy it's on taking that piece
14880s control and what a pace it was Big Shots
14883s can be fired crazy drop down low but
14885s they clean them up one two three they
14888s are out they are showing us by they are
14891s in the lead this is a force that cannot
14894s be stopped I would hate to end up in
14897s front of them because they are looking
14898s like a runaway train at this point
14902s Escape yards eat phenomenal run Staying
14904s Alive by himself for Brazil KBR getting
14907s tagged out of the sky 11 HP storm surge
14909s are also doing its thing
14911s but the pressure of the zone as they get
14912s stuck inside not too many Hills between
14914s them both so they gotta hurry up and
14916s find their way out of here or all that
14918s damage they did will go to waste and
14921s Brazil must be so proud KBR and Z have
14924s managed to hold top 10 and pH in and
14926s ketos as well this entire weekend just
14929s putting up such phenomenal performances
14931s with again some of the least
14934s representation of the region we've seen
14936s here on this International stage but
14939s Cammy and said he as always in the storm
14942s a huge hit there
14943s zet's gonna feel that one KBR ditches
14946s his teammate he's gonna take the bull
14948s for the shots first he loses shield and
14950s no picked out the sky Sammy
14954s said he here has found it all in the
14957s Finish there on to KBR down goes the
14961s Brazilian Duo I don't want to get and
14964s these guys line of sight everybody is
14966s getting terrorized by Kami and seti next
14969s up it looks like it might be the TSM Duo
14971s na West six time Champion epic well Reed
14974s is becoming under pressure as well
14977s dropped to about half HP multiple
14979s players taking focus of him as well hens
14981s by himself one elimination 268 about the
14984s damage threshold slowly falling below
14986s but for him it's about finding that spot
14988s into Zone going ahead and building more
14990s than just a one by one and the reason
14991s why you want to do that is because if
14993s nobody spotted you there you don't want
14995s people to know that you are Solo fourth
14998s place housed up right next to fifth now
15000s little do they know and then you have
15001s just the ever so dangerous trulucks
15004s cheat shell just in the distance
15007s Thomas HD are below the storm surge with
15009s zero elims coming into game 11 right now
15011s so this is that kind of position that's
15013s going to force them into a box if they
15015s start to recognize
15017s the opportunity that's nearby it's going
15019s to be tough and here it is they say
15021s let's start working our way towards it
15023s we need to get to the edge here there's
15025s only a couple teams there
15027s it does a great job of fighting back
15028s King and Ed are starting to jump into
15030s this conversation as well with shots
15032s right in tripping is hurt
15035s sacrifice sacrificing some of his own
15038s Shields just to get the damage but once
15040s again they fall below seven at that just
15044s one shot but nobody is peaking these
15046s stack Robbies know when and where to try
15048s to go for everything but hens on the
15050s other side is the solo more damage is
15052s setting in on the Thomas HD and now
15054s storm surge begins to tick and sometimes
15057s that's all you need right there and
15058s there it is tripping looking around in
15060s the distance he's worked his way up
15061s trulis and Chicho are willing to open up
15063s a big box there and Tripper now has the
15065s decision to make do you go for the gun
15067s fight or try to heal this one out and it
15069s looks like he takes the ladder he's just
15071s gonna go ahead and look to survive right
15073s now King and Ed work their way towards
15076s the loot it is a matter of time and it
15078s looks like our fourth place team Thomas
15081s HD does just enough to be in the game
15084s but he falls there and the look
15088s on the camera tells us that they are
15091s devastated to fall in fourth
15094s fourth place just fall like you said and
15097s scented just went down as well
15099s clutch up big by himself these are the
15102s final two games every moment matters
15105s including this one right here where our
15107s hand is just under pressure from True
15108s Lexus Chicho trying to stay alive trying
15110s to fight her out a way to stabilize
15112s backing up slowly but surely for those
15114s pieces are going over to Tito truelex
15116s one by one and they know that he's by
15118s himself this is theirs for the taking
15122s this is going to be interesting because
15123s for them they also don't want to get too
15126s far behind the rest of the lobby when it
15128s comes to the Zone they have to make a
15129s decision quick
15131s see how it's going to play out looking
15133s very tough let's go there and watch how
15134s hen Falls there because now what this
15137s tells us is that things are starting to
15140s open up all the standings look at this
15141s hen finds King walks in plays with the
15144s elimination and he actually gets that
15147s one too afterwards he does go down to at
15150s least he earned some points but that's
15152s gonna freeze him in time lock him in at
15155s fifth and open things up first second
15158s and third has so much less to worry
15160s about this is by far one of the toughest
15162s games queasy and Vino have had on the
15165s day and it all makes sense it's pulled
15168s in such a far
15170s direction that you can see that it
15173s finally has caught up yeah especially
15175s since game after game after game they
15177s had that recipe for success and such a
15179s drastic change they might have not been
15181s too prepared for it but these guys have
15184s dealt with almost everything and adapted
15186s on the Fly their flexibility is insane
15188s as cold peeking through trying to get
15190s that information on these players that
15192s are in the backside of Zone trying to
15193s wait for that perfect moment to strike
15194s for True like to Chicho spots another
15196s Duo right in front of them picking and
15198s choosing his battles here and with you
15199s going down I don't think that's a battle
15201s he wants to take anymore cold is now by
15204s himself in third place
15206s 282 earned points in the competition
15210s right now the Zone could not be better
15213s though he gets the half in half out and
15216s you know he is so happy about that you
15219s know sometimes you just need that little
15221s bit of favor on your side
15223s 78 above the damage threshold it's Mike
15226s Larson wow off spawned Grim Gables all
15229s the way to here and that really was the
15231s Difference Maker from last game to this
15233s that damage onto Muzz and looter really
15235s is propelling him this far into the game
15238s because they don't have to worry about
15240s surge they all they have to worry about
15241s is getting to the front side of Zone
15243s time and time again it's so crazy after
15245s every tournament we always look at where
15248s was EU where was na who was in the top
15250s 10 representation and we have truly had
15252s such an a fair balance of fear
15255s representation
15257s on the stage here it's been amazing
15259s while all this is going on queasy and
15262s Vino continue to earn more this time
15266s onto the international Duo the mixed Duo
15270s of champ and scram so they knock down
15273s scram they catch him in the spider's web
15276s and through the trap door the trap hole
15278s chip gets caught as well
15281s you can see just punches his fist there
15284s he says man I missed that one again a
15286s prime example right there why you try to
15288s use as much as your hard Maps first
15290s before you go ahead and try to use that
15292s wood because it's easily destroyable
15294s they can break through it shots can fly
15296s through and it's gonna be hard to hold
15297s and game number 10 Victors or just one
15300s box away from crazy and Vino that's
15301s clicks that's Duke trying to have some
15304s replicated success into this one as
15306s Kanata Mac would Under Pressure trying
15308s to trade the shot 693 above the damage
15311s threshold that is not even a slightest
15314s of a worry clickson Duke had their
15315s moment last game Mac wouldn't come out
15317s of Mike just be doing it here right now
15318s I have not seen them in a better
15320s position yet they have the maps they
15322s have the launch pad they have the
15323s positioning
15324s they could do the unthinkable which is
15328s play for high ground and take this all
15330s home and get their win today and
15332s honestly I see it's six moving Zone
15334s normally I would say it's queasy and
15336s Vino time but this has not been the most
15338s friendly game for them they might not be
15340s in the same position they might have to
15342s adapt just like Spite and Larson trying
15344s to adapt accidentally faces through the
15346s build luckily for him nobody was on the
15348s inside but the pressure is there Larson
15349s forced to slow down just a little bit as
15352s they continue to fall below the damage
15353s threshold alone with clicks and Duke
15356s there 61 below but these guys are
15357s Scrappy these guys are Fighters they
15359s know how to get the job done that's
15361s right and they're in 15th right now so
15362s clicks and Duke have a chance to fight
15364s for top 10 but like I said I called it
15367s if I know Mac wooden Kanata well I know
15369s that they absolutely want to make a
15371s statement but they get chopped down
15373s backward saves himself it's all good the
15375s deal Janice are the team closest right
15377s now putting the most threat textbook
15380s plays here to go ahead and jump down
15381s position up boys up cold is still alive
15384s burning points queasy goes for Heights
15387s they said n a what we're up here let's
15390s do it with or without resources that is
15393s their play call it their signature move
15395s five eliminations but now they find a
15397s way to stabilize they have done it
15399s Monster they have secured The High
15401s Ground and taken it away from Canada and
15403s mackwood for the launch pad going out
15404s that's gonna be recycled for sure
15406s everybody has to go up and down these
15408s terrain this one monster is a literal
15410s roller coaster we might see a three-way
15412s fight for height bad sniper Noah
15414s touchdown and go for a jumper in Peter
15416s box they want their win too everyone
15419s wants a win here today bad sniper gets
15422s slapped up by Canada though on this side
15425s canado takes down Vino wow he's at it
15428s and just like that queasy is left by
15430s himself and cold gets another one as
15432s well the solo plays are coming out big
15435s and those are absolutely necessary
15436s because he's still in 30 close he's
15438s still in contention Cole's trying to do
15440s it again pops another player out finally
15442s his run comes to an end but he did so
15444s much and to get this far as pH in ketos
15447s trying to do that same thing with Brazil
15449s on their shoulders four eliminations
15451s trying to get as many points as possible
15454s clicks to Duke trying to do the same we
15456s talked about replicating the sex sex
15457s they're trying to take that High Ground
15459s away from
15461s Cammy and seti are here six eliminations
15464s Now High Ground looking down they can
15466s get a fourth Victory Royale when was the
15469s last time you show up to the finals and
15471s seen that much I don't know Martin is
15473s not messing around either down goes Duke
15475s and a huge elimination there and that is
15477s in England for Larson it's Mike they're
15481s just showing us why they are dominant
15483s for some of the best fighters to rise
15485s out of this last year and I'm so happy
15488s we get to see it play out on the big
15489s stage we have no Riley taking some
15491s damage sacrificing that so we can get
15493s that clean pad trying to get in the zone
15495s but 19 HP in a dream has to find a way
15498s to stabilize here pop those minis gets
15499s as much Shield as possible as players
15501s are continuing to drop toward the low
15503s ground Jennifer gets dropped clinics
15504s versus peterbot here towards the mud and
15507s trying to do everything they can to stay
15509s alive Larson we talked about eight
15511s eliminations but they added one more
15512s nine total but Spike gets stuck down but
15514s Larson's there to save the day taking
15516s out Runa already at 10 eliminations
15518s Martin and smite have fought their way
15521s all the way back up Larson steps the
15523s clicks and puts them down with a quick
15526s drop kicking the low ground and now we
15528s have EU versus n a but Larson and smite
15532s are hurt they're damaged they're down to
15534s low material it's all or nothing right
15536s now Cammy and said he know what to do
15538s here they've been here before and they
15540s have the resources to hold this one out
15544s is going to come down to it they could
15545s get their fourth Victory out the only
15547s team's gonna stop him comes from Naes
15549s trying to rise up and it does look like
15551s they are out of builds but they find a
15553s little bit of loot here Larson goes for
15555s the medkit he's trying to get as much HP
15557s as possible setting now starting to run
15559s out of material on The High Ground this
15561s is it it's gonna come down to nothing or
15564s everything here as he has no match green
15567s tag near and a trade and open exchange
15569s it's not looking good for EU right now
15572s into the zone They Go soya Larson are
15576s down Larson is by himself
15584s Victory Royale of the fnc as
15587s Invitational goes to show that it
15590s doesn't matter if it's EU doesn't matter
15592s if they're playing on Naes it doesn't
15594s matter where they're at in the world
15596s they will come out on top but I will
15598s tell you that was close Smite and Larson
15602s put some respect on their name game if
15605s you counter them out now you know why
15607s they were brought here to the
15608s Invitational but hey we got game four
15611s winners another winning the win
15614s at catch up
15616s wow I've gone ahead and ordered the
15618s matching bracelets at this point it's
15619s been I think this has been a bunch of
15621s times now challenge you guys over the
15622s weekend and another Victory Royale going
15625s into the very last game seti what's a
15628s performance there it went all the way
15630s but could you see as well on the
15632s elimination of feed that you were the
15633s last team in the top five there still in
15635s contention I didn't know you didn't know
15638s yeah obviously you can see the points
15640s here things have changed currently 360
15641s points 12 points at a second place we
15644s still have to be confident keep calm and
15646s focus on the last game the the zones as
15649s well here are asking me the zones have
15650s changed a lot now aiming more towards
15652s the southern side how does that affect
15653s your play at all like the South zones
15655s are so much better for us because it's
15657s so easy so much easier to rotate for us
15660s from balloon so nice it's great a good
15664s battle there against smile last at the
15665s end as well um and you guys came out on
15667s top you managed to take The High Ground
15668s back how advantageous was it having that
15671s High Ground uh it doesn't really matter
15673s for us because we play low ground just
15675s as well as we play High Ground
15676s yeah okay well there you heard of that
15678s folks one game to go Cammy and silly
15680s everyone
15682s it's getting hot here Zeke I'm excited
15684s man
15687s for the first time
15689s here in the fncs Invitational queasy and
15694s veto are asked to step aside and it's
15697s not even an ass it's Cammy and said he
15699s kicking in the door and saying hey we
15702s want first place
15704s oh man listen uh am I ready to say am I
15707s ready to say that camian City or High
15709s Ground team is that what's happening
15710s right now poor Victory Royale
15712s what is happening this is a team that is
15715s so used to just playing consistently
15717s from the logo from that mid-ground layer
15719s and but you heard it right there said he
15721s he said he plays the low ground just as
15723s well as he plays a higher gun the
15724s preparation for this event must have
15726s been insane for them to get this good at
15728s high ground and we know how excellent
15730s they are when it comes to that low
15731s ground display so to see them here at
15734s the fncs Invitational with this hike
15736s around debut performance it has just
15738s been an absolute blast to follow along
15740s with but more importantly it's the
15742s composure that cami and seti have just
15745s managed to maintain throughout the
15747s entirety of these final moments
15749s especially in this instance it looked as
15751s though Smite and Larson for a moment
15753s we're about to get the better end of
15755s this trade but again Cami seti they have
15758s been in these kinds of situations in the
15761s past they know what it takes to close it
15763s out and I just know for a fact that that
15766s kind of mental preparation comes from
15769s just multiple reps of running it over
15772s and over again and for four Victory
15775s royales to take place in the same
15777s tournament and they're still maintaining
15779s by the way because there's only one game
15780s left so technically speaking they have
15783s basically closed out on a third of these
15786s matches being Victory royale's take a
15789s look at the standings right now for the
15793s first time Cami and seti are holding
15796s that number one spot but it's only 12
15799s points if either of these duels make a
15803s mistake look at the rest of the points
15805s man it will absolutely close now before
15809s we kind of talk more about the Duos more
15811s about this kind of setting the stage
15813s going into the last game Kelly is
15815s standing by she's with queasy and she's
15817s with Vino right now
15818s that is right Zeke joining me right now
15820s I have queasy and Vino and guys you
15823s gotta talk to me about that game the
15825s early game fight that you had and
15826s survived I didn't think it was possible
15828s but you're able to clutch it out
15830s um a lot of people just fighting around
15832s us this kind of makes it really scuffed
15834s we did manage to clutch out of the game
15836s well at least a decent amount stay in
15838s County one which is unfortunate he comes
15840s down to the last game it's competitive
15842s it's obviously a bit rough after game 11
15845s having first place for so long going to
15848s second but it's the final game final
15850s opportunity how are you feeling
15851s I'm feeling good we'll see what happens
15854s I guess not much more to say but yeah
15856s fair enough I totally under
15863s team that is currently in third place
15865s right now
15871s hey guys how's it going how you doing
15873s good how are you I'm doing for asking
15876s you know you guys uh started or ended
15878s off day one in eighth place moving all
15881s the way up to third place right now how
15883s you feeling about that
15885s um
15886s I'm excited I'm happy I'm hyped
15889s um we just made our mistakes from
15890s yesterday and just didn't make them
15891s again today and now we're doing good
15893s what's the plan for the final game right
15895s now how are you feeling what's going
15896s through your mind uh we're playing for
15898s third we're playing with sticks and
15900s stones well first and second as Godly
15902s compared to us so we're playing for
15903s third
15904s I'm just gonna hopefully we can keep our
15906s lead on Thomas and that's about it all
15908s right guys good luck in the final game
15910s and let's head on back to the desk
15913s thank you so much Kelly for those
15916s interviews getting those raw emotions
15917s getting the thoughts of the players now
15919s we just want to take a moment and kind
15920s of remind everyone of course we're
15922s looking for the duel that's going to
15923s walk away in that first place but for
15924s everybody else they still want to plays
15926s high in this tournament there's a lot of
15928s prize money on the line so they can even
15930s move up that leaderboard even one space
15932s we're talking thousands of dollars
15934s indifference of prize money but let's go
15936s back let's focus in on these two teams
15938s Titans at the Top Quiz and Vino now we
15943s we can't lie right that game was kind of
15945s insane for them kind of a for a moment
15948s there finding an elimination being 200
15950s above surge right
15952s they get put in a situation where in
15954s storm they get pushed okay
15957s against scram and chimp and even after
15959s that fight yeah ending with only eight
15962s being only above 80. in storm surge how
15965s is that even possible uh I mean playing
15968s like that crazy and video backs up
15970s against the wall tough rotate for them
15972s they mentioned a lot of a lot of scout
15973s flights going on around that just
15974s because the lobby how it's going to play
15975s out throughout these last couple of
15976s games everybody just want to fight right
15978s they want to get as many points as they
15979s possibly can eliminations being worth
15980s two points that's how you gotta go for
15982s it for sure so Cuisine Vino playing well
15985s in game 11 about to see what they got in
15986s game 12. uh oh Adam what's this he got
15991s this is it the big moment everybody make
15994s some noise please
15995s [Applause]
16019s my oh my you heard it here first folks
16023s you gotta jump into fortnite December
16025s third there to catch the end of chapter
16028s event now I'd love to talk more about it
16030s but we gotta Focus back in on the
16032s competition one last game two Duos are
16036s sitting there face to face neck and neck
16040s 12 points separate queasy and vinob from
16044s seti and Cami how can this go down this
16049s is their moment though to really for
16052s either of these Duos but as far as
16054s queasy and being our concerned a little
16056s reminiscent even of yesterday granted
16058s it's not the finals necessarily that's
16060s on the line like it was in yesterday or
16062s today excuse me for yesterday but anyway
16064s queasy envino did not have a great
16067s showing in game four yesterday and yet
16069s in game five they were able to bounce
16071s back and find a victory Royale instance
16074s so it doesn't really matter what kind of
16076s frustrations this Duo might be facing on
16078s a game by game basis it's evident that
16081s as soon as they enter the next match as
16082s soon as they get that Fresh Start they
16084s are immediately locked in and prepared
16087s to try and make the most of any
16089s situation that they're given because
16090s despite all the scuffs fights
16091s surrounding them they've still been
16092s managing to find consistent points
16094s they've still been managing to stay
16095s consistently in that top two position to
16098s now be buying between themselves and
16100s Camion City for the title of fncs
16102s Invitational Champion it's definitely
16104s still an incredible performance out of
16107s these two the dream for the players here
16109s obviously is the trophy the dream for me
16111s I want whichever one of these deals is
16114s going to win it I want them on the
16115s higher ground and I want them taken to
16116s Victory out that they both have proven
16118s that they can play from the higher
16119s ground so I want it to be decisive in
16122s its entirety through game 12. I I I'm
16125s very worried though right we just kind
16126s of took a look at them a moment ago cold
16128s and scented it feels like for these two
16130s Titans that are kind of have now you
16132s know set themselves apart from everyone
16133s else Cole Sent to Thomas H.D trippin
16135s they're looking to isolate these Duos
16138s and slow them down at all costs we've
16140s seen Cole incentive fight came and said
16142s he time after time and then there's
16143s times where they walk up to Vino Vito
16145s says Whoa all right sit back down their
16147s time where they look if you know they go
16148s hey Vino no you sit down this is being
16150s traded back and forth and it will all
16153s come down to a single moment for both of
16156s these Duos where one will be it will be
16158s made clear one of these two duels is a
16160s winner
16162s traveled from all around the world the
16164s international stage the 200
16167s 000 for first place a trophy to take
16171s home and it comes down to two teams and
16174s the last game I mean could we ask for
16177s anything better well maybe
16180s your circumstance Vivid as
16186s as about first and second place between
16188s Europe I think Europe has definitely
16190s established here at the fncs
16192s Invitational that they do have some of
16195s the best Duos and one of them is about
16197s to find out if they are the best deal in
16199s the world right now at least everybody
16200s that's competing here have these 50 of
16202s the best deals but I love the fact that
16204s study and Cami throughout this entire
16206s time so composed they have not been
16210s going so heavy in the reveling of their
16212s celebrations for their Victor Royals
16214s despite the fact that it's happened four
16215s times over now they just know and
16217s understand we're this far but we still
16220s have more to go yeah and I think mini
16222s Miner pointed out their storm surge
16224s strategy I think the biggest takeaway
16226s for this Duo is they have not had to
16227s deal with storm surge when you go into
16229s mid game even Lincoln you're like yeah
16230s we're 800 above storm surge cool man do
16233s whatever you want crazy and Vino have
16235s not had that luxury 200 above down to 80
16238s above down a shambles situations right
16241s this is going to come down to what
16243s happens how this all unfolds what loot
16246s they get if for queasy and Vino they
16248s need to do something they need to ensure
16249s they have those storm surge tags and
16251s it's not even just to keep up it's to
16253s make sure they have the breathing room
16254s to adapt and make the right choices
16256s moving into those last few moments of
16259s this last game
16261s here we go Game 12 almost here
16264s Jacob MDF let's set the stage
16269s thank you so much Zeke here we have it
16271s the final game let's give it up one more
16275s time as we start to gear up for this
16278s it's all or nothing because we get to
16282s decide who gets to take this all home
16285s you got the two top players that have
16288s won four games so far from become
16292s Legends
16293s and Cami
16295s the other two contesting them from the
16297s same region
16299s from Tundra you got Vino gxr you got
16301s queasy and in third place you heard him
16304s in the interview he's trying to hold on
16306s to that spot from N.A East you got cold
16309s and you got scented this is what it all
16312s comes down to the final game the final
16315s moments to take what you have
16319s that's right and what a weekend it has
16322s been to celebrate International
16325s competition here in person with all of
16328s you in attendance we absolutely love to
16332s see it here we go
16335s One Last Ride let's do it 50 50 right
16340s out of the gates on game number 12 but
16342s there's gonna be nothing on top for
16344s anybody to work with and they
16346s immediately change their Roots they
16348s don't want to go ahead and contest the
16349s same building with Mr Savage have that
16351s best drop at that time what is this
16354s queasy Vino are trying to take it by
16357s force you only win in what way and
16361s that's taking that Crown Vino is here
16365s crazy is here
16368s it's a big dream it's a one-on-one this
16371s has to be one of the most explosive
16374s head-to-heads we have ever seen Vino has
16377s to get this thirst here he knows now it
16379s means everything we might as well seal
16381s this deal why wait
16383s humble Shield going out he's trying to
16385s bait it he's trying to bait the revive
16387s so that way Cami might peek straight
16390s through the walls
16394s stop become Legends has officially
16398s managed to win the biggest fight of
16402s their careers coming and steady put it
16405s all on the table and you know what I
16408s absolutely respect queasy and Vino for
16411s giving it that chance the heart of that
16414s team is unlike any we have ever seen
16417s before
16418s Kami and seti have done it they have
16421s taken it
16422s Point Gap is 70 points between them and
16427s the next players that are alive called
16429s incented Cammy and seti are your fncs
16433s Invitational Champions we have never
16436s seen anything like this before let's put
16439s our hands together for at least the
16442s number one and two teams that came into
16443s this and got crazy you have to show them
16446s so much love we have never seen a better
16449s head to head in person like that ever
16452s before I don't even think
16466s through and even though they kind of
16469s cemented themselves the top spot they're
16471s not happy at all they wanted that first
16474s place spot but you've still gotta give
16476s Vino and Queasy a huge round of applause
16479s for doing what they did all weekend long
16482s that was the most craziest thing Vino
16487s and Queasy could have done and it just
16488s shows you the heart of our competitors
16491s the courage of our players in this space
16494s what a moment things are gonna open up
16497s now sent it and cold walked into this
16500s thinking to themselves hey we got third
16502s well not anymore boys you have some room
16505s here the runway is open the floor is
16508s yours there are still tens and hundreds
16510s of thousands of dollars on the line and
16513s you put that weight on your shoulders
16515s you allowed that to be left to chance
16519s now we get to see this ride out what
16522s what a fight yeah you talked about that
16525s thousands of dollars still a huge
16527s life-changing amount of money to be
16529s fought for from our competitors still in
16532s the game right now and that fight's
16533s coming down and in Vortex trying to take
16535s The High Ground away from Joe and Z Andy
16537s both players have been playing out of
16540s their minds but we talked about that top
16542s spot Joe and Z Andy are just right there
16545s as well as they dropped down low they
16548s want to try to clean this one out you
16550s can see our champion still they don't
16552s want to just take part they want to take
16554s over they want to cement their legacy
16556s and it looks like just winning isn't
16558s enough as Joe and zianni this fight is
16560s going to continue 86 players alive
16562s everybody is getting more and more busy
16564s more and more proactive because they
16567s realize how much money is still on the
16569s line and with the first place team going
16571s down and getting overtaken overall it's
16574s gonna be a huge moment for a lot of
16575s players here today such a big chance now
16577s for Joe and Z Andy to Katie to see what
16579s they have but hen puts the numbers on
16582s the market he gets taken down first see
16584s Andy with a great elimination there and
16587s all of a sudden Z Andy and Joe are the
16589s kings of the flutter Barn they should be
16591s able to finish this one up right now
16593s away vortexor gets attacked for 26
16595s nicely done there here comes the edits
16598s all they gotta do is Coast right this is
16600s still a big moment here
16603s Vortex was in fifth place if they go
16605s down now
16606s that's it Joe and Z Andy have room to
16609s start jumping back into a top 10 as well
16611s yeah and we talked about it you talked
16613s about one being in fifth place you got
16616s Joe and Z Andy in about 14th Place to
16618s start this game off but Lucy and hi Joe
16621s still haven't to want to have a great
16623s performance as well but you can see
16624s they're just looking in the distance
16626s trying to see if this ball is looted or
16629s not finally gonna go ahead and get in
16631s you can see them kind of checking their
16632s angles they're still wanting to go ahead
16635s and change their lives with the amount
16636s of money that's still up for grabs
16638s Thomas HD and trippin battling for third
16640s place against scented and cold they
16642s still have an opportunity at some money
16646s Thomas HD Tripper and working their way
16648s around right now really looking around
16651s and just one more time the standing
16653s shows you
16654s what is on the line here for our
16656s competitors
16658s Thomas HD
16660s Chrome Jam Junction what are they doing
16662s here what will they do king and Ed are
16665s also just lurking about
16669s towards the low ground you got Brazil
16671s versus EU High Ground you got EU as well
16674s traumas and tripping just trying to wait
16677s for that perfect moment they could have
16678s taken the shots on the king long long
16680s ago but they're just waiting and biting
16682s their time to try to go ahead and take
16685s out the same player at the same time but
16687s it looks like they're baiting baiting
16689s that opportunity if any of them dares
16691s comes up to the top of that building and
16692s tries to take that balloon as an exit
16694s out
16696s hovering over them serving patience is a
16700s virtue for Thomas HD and tripping that
16702s battle for third
16704s could come down to A Moment Like This
16705s you bite off more than you can chew you
16707s go down early
16708s you lose out on that opportunity and you
16710s got Muzz Alice both of them getting a
16713s little bit more active in this game and
16714s overall game number 12 is going to be a
16716s menace
16718s and they're still lurking about here
16720s looking for anything meanwhile the
16721s rotates are going through let's jump on
16723s back over to Joe NZ Andy right now
16726s who are trying to close out this Duo but
16728s no they don't manage to find it somehow
16731s Vortex is just slippery enough and you
16734s know what that gives him a chance he has
16735s a chance at still holding off to fifth
16737s place six is down seventh is down Smite
16741s and Larson did not do it
16743s that's that's unfortunate the only teams
16745s right on the Cuffs as well is team from
16748s Brazil huge in they still have a chance
16751s to jump up some big placements as well
16752s I'm looking at him about 221 points pen
16756s and Vortex you talk about them sitting
16758s in fifth place
16759s 239 points so it's still within grasp as
16764s Cami said he just feeling it from all
16765s over the lobby they already know they
16768s won but they don't they don't want to
16770s just stop playing just because of that
16772s they want to get as many points as
16773s possible they want to open that Gap wide
16776s open so that way when that Legacy is
16778s cemented at the end of game number 12.
16780s they could say we just dominated
16783s everyone in the world of fortnite
16787s things are gonna settle here
16790s the dust settles for sensing and cold
16792s they have the elim that they need to go
16795s ahead and step their way closer and
16798s closer to that prestigious second here
16804s but of course they have a lot of work to
16807s do as well that will probably come off
16808s the backs of a super high placing game
16812s so there's a massive massive uphill
16816s battle that they still will have to
16817s perform Tripper and Thomas HD
16820s are looking to catch up to cold and
16822s scented that's their task here
16826s High ground right now they're trying to
16828s take the shots they see somebody
16830s trying to fly through the sky using
16832s other Rift and that might be a decision
16834s they might regret because you have two
16835s of the most accurate players aiming at
16838s you to take you down Vortex it's gonna
16841s be that lone player alive and it almost
16843s makes me wonder if he has that reboot
16845s card he could make magic happen but it
16848s all depends and that's a big if and you
16850s can kind of see it spotted out trying to
16852s go to this slower side of zone or the
16854s slower side he thinks that would be
16857s and this is a good move for him to go
16860s ahead and just keep a low-key
16862s meanwhile peterbot and jamper are like
16864s hey we got a lot of Zone here in front
16866s of us what do we want to do about it
16868s they go ahead and double on back they
16870s get theirselves two eliminations there
16872s possibly onto pink in a Nas they're on
16875s the outskirts of the Zone this is a
16877s fight that's been raging on picking an
16878s ass officially lose the opportunity to
16881s break towards top 10. they were getting
16883s so close and unfortunately now for fall
16886s short what's crazy about seti and Cami
16889s now they have two options here
16892s ruin this Lobby take everyone's chances
16896s and play because they have nothing to
16898s lose at this point
16901s people coming out from vortex at hand
16903s fifth place right now
16905s trying to squeeze themselves in and pass
16908s Thomas HD and tripperin and that's gonna
16911s come and be needed for them to have a
16914s fantastic game if that's gonna be the
16916s case so that for them it's just holding
16918s on to that fifth place spot if they spot
16919s out Biko trying to take some high
16921s immediately Target him and trying to
16923s take him down but when it comes to the
16924s HP they have none they have no ability
16927s to try to regain it Vortex Under
16929s Pressure our aim is trying to go ahead
16930s and end one as Vortex The High Ground is
16933s going to be taught four not gonna have
16934s any success there quickly build towards
16936s his backside so he can't get knocked
16938s down but hen does there goes Vortex back
16940s to the lobby Vico and Ryan are going to
16942s stand tall what a big moment for them if
16945s only they could have done that in game
16947s number nine where they were taken out
16949s they lost all that momentum they were
16951s just quite literally moments away from
16954s maintaining but Vigo and Mariah now have
16955s a real chance to also continue to March
16957s their way on up to top ten the points
16960s are so close as you start to see who was
16964s eliminated fifth sixth seventh down and
16966s out
16967s pH didn't ketos have an exceptional
16971s opportunity to represent for their
16973s entire region here
16975s [Applause]
16977s still available
16979s for Seventh Place 14 for 16.
16983s this is literally Within Reach they can
16986s make the Run of a lifetime and put
16988s Brazil on the map when it comes to
16990s fortnite you have to respect the entire
16992s Brazilian region it won't go down they
16995s won't be denied they are just so good
16997s they have stepped up they have performed
16999s they have given us such a show clown and
17002s refs guard now they'll have to play
17003s defensive here this is the first time
17005s we've seen a far Northeast Zone like
17007s this so this is gonna get very dicey for
17009s most of the lobby if you were and I hate
17013s to say it Dino and Queasy you would have
17016s quite literally had them soon here
17019s business as usual when it comes to candy
17022s and setting staying as far back into
17024s Zone they make sure they got all the
17025s storm surge they need they started the
17027s game off taking down queasy and Vino so
17029s this is just all bonus at this point as
17031s they continue to hold their spot not
17034s wanting to let that team below him
17035s survive because that group talks about
17036s they have nothing to lose at this point
17038s Janice the video have everything to gain
17040s as it does look like they're fine gonna
17042s try to get out Thomas HD goes down to
17044s Alice tripping and Thomas got their game
17047s on the run but Cami goes down to Janice
17050s oh back to back that's going to be huge
17054s for janison bediel taking out your fncs
17057s Invitational Champions so now with first
17060s place going down it's going to be all
17062s about the money for everybody else left
17064s in the lobby that is what's on the line
17066s here tens and hundreds of thousands of
17070s dollars is still at play don't forget
17072s everyone here was invited for the chance
17076s out of course the trophy but the money
17079s too there's so much to fight for in the
17082s respect of the region which we already
17085s know so many have earned throughout the
17088s course of this week and that's what
17089s these shows are all about putting new
17091s names and new faces on the map
17094s as they put in all that hard work
17096s while I'm sleeping trust me
17099s Orion's gonna take down padillo so it
17100s looks like Vico went down as well early
17103s on I did see that one so it's going to
17104s be Janice versus Marion that far back in
17106s zone
17107s and honestly that's just a few placement
17109s points between the both of them because
17111s you really want to try to survive there
17112s as buga finally goes down Joe FN is
17115s going to get the spoils of that one even
17117s though he doesn't get credit for the
17118s elimination overalls trippin's just
17119s trying to survive biting his time as
17121s that solo for him everything comes down
17125s to this because he's only a few points
17127s away from third place let's watch that
17130s one more time
17132s your fncs Invitational champions
17136s fall here to the hands of Jonas and
17139s vadio
17141s with a beautiful time he just opens
17144s things up for himself and he makes it
17146s look easy and then the the guts on that
17149s kid to go all the way up camian said he
17152s know better than to fall like that but
17155s it is what it is you can't be perfect
17157s all the time
17159s that's gonna be trying to get as close
17161s to it as possible found in rap scar they
17164s got themselves a great spot in the
17166s center of the zone to where there's very
17169s few players around and when it comes to
17172s this Zone it pulls yet again to the
17174s Northeast this one's gonna be a struggle
17176s from everybody on the Southwest part of
17178s the zone to try to find their way in
17180s there's 30 Duos Left Alive and for Joe
17183s and ziani 1500 above the damage
17185s threshold hunting down yet another team
17188s in belusian Hydro for them it's all
17190s about the Benjamins they want to
17191s continue to rack up that boy's
17194s breaking through the box Joe and Diane
17196s getting yet another angle they know they
17197s have one player week they know he's at
17199s least going to try to heal and now as
17200s they go ahead and let that player and
17202s team try to stabilize they're going to
17204s use that as a way to go around them and
17206s in front of them to the zone and try to
17207s hold them out of it let's see if they
17209s can continue to do just that
17211s smart play is all that Joe and Z Andy
17213s need in order to make this top 10 and
17215s earn themselves so much more this
17218s weekend but of course there's a big task
17221s in front of you see the see the name
17223s starting to house up here scented and
17224s cold know what they have to do too King
17227s and Ed are just housed up nearby that
17229s would be the wrong move to walk to that
17232s box I'll tell you right now it's not a
17234s box I would want to enter as cold and
17236s scented have one elimination so far not
17239s having to worry about storm surge until
17240s now but they know there's at least one
17242s team behind them
17244s Gathering that information trying to
17245s figure out what that plan is going to be
17247s and you can see a lot of our top
17249s competitors from around the world all
17251s boxed up just waiting for that next Zone
17253s which is going to come in just a few
17255s seconds and let's see who's gonna get
17257s that reward it's actually gonna be a
17260s good person alive this is actually a
17261s good zone for everybody here to try to
17263s make it way in except for maybe one or
17265s two teams that is right
17267s this north side is starting to become
17269s very contentious here Muzz and looter
17271s walking up tripping and Thomas
17273s have a problem right a real problem
17277s there's a little too many players on
17280s their heels here and he doesn't want to
17281s go first
17283s it's eye drop Savages stocking pops up
17286s there here's ketones here's Pizza
17288s looking to put up the numbers here he
17292s still has zero eliminations
17294s but the lobby is thinning out and it all
17296s makes sense look at this Zone this is as
17299s far to the corner as you can quite
17302s literally imagine for a final game for
17306s that they just gotta make it just a few
17309s more teams to stay alive and they're
17310s gonna start getting those cascading
17312s placement points and you said it
17314s yourself first and second place going
17315s down you got Fifth Sixth and seven the
17319s team's directly in front of them already
17321s back to the lobby watching Hope and
17323s praying somebody takes down his shining
17326s stars from Brazil's tripping finally
17328s Falls basically cement scented and cold
17331s with a minimum of third place but Vino
17334s inquisia are already down that is true
17337s and now
17339s things are completely available for phn
17342s ketos commandment Avery clown rap scar
17346s Josie Andy all of these players have a
17348s real opportunity to honestly fight for a
17352s fifth place a top five position
17355s in one of the most competitive
17357s competitions we have seen today an
17360s Invitational setting
17362s um some of the best of the best players
17365s in the world on one stage for two days
17369s of competition eight top five here would
17372s be phenomenal to seal
17376s success for a lot of these players even
17377s to make it to this point getting into
17380s that top five
17381s gotta be feel so amazing as clicks goes
17384s down to high Joe Duke is down as well
17386s they both get sent back to the lobby but
17388s Lucy and hydro get very very active a
17390s lot of our EU players still left with a
17393s Chance into this one trying to take that
17395s chance and run with it
17397s see it play out Joe and ziandy have The
17399s High Ground now and there it is they
17401s have managed to earn themselves just
17403s enough points to go ahead and break into
17406s that top ten the glass ceiling has been
17409s lifted for p8 Zinn and ketos they find
17413s two more
17414s we bleach and we might have missed it
17417s but lucky for us we get to go back into
17418s the replays to get caught up how did it
17421s end for Duke and clicks they had Pelosi
17425s and hydro dive into the box
17427s and that's how it ends but you know what
17429s a round of applause for them they did
17432s get a win today clicks and Duke did put
17435s up a huge win in game 11. that was such
17438s a performance
17440s okay not not many people can say they
17443s got a victory around exactly on an
17444s international stage especially when he
17446s got setting and cam he taken four of
17448s them by themselves I was gonna say you
17449s know Wise because they're all up top
17451s between first and second place
17454s here's cold and scented how many points
17457s can they earn here it's actually it's
17459s actually doable for them if they start
17461s picking up some eliminations they don't
17463s even need to be greeting and get all the
17464s eliminations remember there's like three
17466s just for winnings that's what I'm saying
17467s to second place is within reach for them
17470s I think if Vino and Queasy knew that and
17472s they knew the zone that they would get
17473s maybe they would have thought twice but
17475s that was the most exciting start to any
17478s game I have ever seen
17480s let's review me he goes down wrap it
17483s goes down as well cool has a chance to
17485s probably get Yumi back into this one
17486s because he was just knocked all together
17487s but Jews on the other side of the line
17489s would use three trying to finish that
17490s one up they not only want that
17492s elimination they want the loot to keep
17494s themselves going to the rest of this
17495s game as Acorn and Angie in a very very
17498s similar position but luckily for them
17500s they're not forced with a backup against
17502s the wall their game plan is smooth they
17503s get that early Game Surge so that way
17505s they only have to worry about rotation
17507s after rotation and with that launch pad
17509s at hand if they get that far pull that
17511s is going to be their next plan let's go
17513s Acorn and edgy have a chance here to
17515s represent for n a
17517s reps guard and clown are one of the
17521s teams that would have to get pushed and
17522s toppled over who is currently holding
17525s and tied for seven or for nine with
17527s commandment who's just right there as
17530s well so it's all or nothing kingen is
17533s going for hype King and Ed want to win
17535s they want to get at least the game two
17538s can they do it for the last game of the
17541s evening here
17543s in Raleigh North Carolina here at the
17545s Advent CS Invitational
17550s though because they have high ground
17552s they have front side of Zone anybody
17553s launch padding trying to get past them
17556s is going to feel the pain and that
17558s concludes the same region feeds into
17562s keto's fine High to the sky he
17564s immediately becomes the target Shields
17566s just getting ripped off of him but he
17568s found himself a little bit of an oasis
17570s in a moment to breathe except it looks
17572s like he fell off the build there holds
17574s by himself now down goes Kohl's
17577s second place dream is out of the
17579s question they will now be cemented at
17582s third
17584s the only teams who can jump up now pH in
17587s and ketos still have a chance to fight
17590s for fifth they have to do a little bit
17593s more and put Brazil on the map of King
17595s is being contested he's gonna crank his
17597s way out of there but the shots are
17598s coming in he gets tagged one time hits
17600s Kanata on the other side of the wall
17601s they're putting big pressure in
17603s trying to figure out a way is Ed's gonna
17605s go ahead and lead the charge allowing
17607s King to try to stabilize an air in that
17609s moment he's going to be the person that
17611s igl's his way through and through but
17613s Zone pulls back the next way he
17614s immediately has to go back the way he
17616s came luckily for him he does have enough
17618s resources he has a great layer not to
17620s get stuck in the chaos that is below but
17621s Joe and Zee Addy it's their turn with
17624s Vino and Queasy out of the game they
17626s have a chance to hold on to the height
17627s and take the game with seven
17628s eliminations who will win the last game
17631s of the bitsy ass Invitational here the
17634s engine has lost Tito's on this very
17636s dangerous rotate he will have to use
17638s both the Chuck spots here to heal up KBR
17641s is by himself too he has to save king or
17644s azine here meanwhile on the distance
17645s King gets thirsted by Acorn he's out of
17649s the game
17651s do what he can until he Chuck's glasses
17653s yet again trying to use that speed boost
17656s but the high ground's gonna be fought
17657s for Canada and mackwood they don't want
17658s to go without a victory but they get
17660s chopped down set back to the lobby Joe
17663s and Z Andy with their seven elimination
17665s are poised to try to take the top spot
17667s but with no resource to try to
17669s regenerate any Shield or health it could
17671s look dangerous just like malabuka and
17673s mustache wasting no time getting into
17674s the box of Runa and sending him right
17676s back to the lobby as well the pH in is
17678s still here and he is pushed off Miro he
17681s says turn around and get away if you
17683s don't want to be taken out just here and
17686s take a look now he's looking around he
17688s bites Alice oh no that's Alice on the
17690s other side of the wall and threats the
17692s Japanese and American Duo the
17694s combination brought together here for
17696s this very special event
17698s engine cold as ever look at the focus on
17702s his face here he is waiting to land this
17704s shot
17710s where's his way through the bill such a
17712s good play there but he has no time to
17714s weighs down he goes to layer change here
17716s tall or nothing to low ground now that's
17718s a fresh build that's an enemy he doesn't
17720s want to be there
17721s he's the best player right now when it
17723s comes to taking the top positions away
17725s from those players that were eliminated
17727s early on but High Ground goes over to
17729s acord and edgy it's their chance to
17732s secure themselves to Victory Royale in
17734s an international stage they have 13
17736s splashes they have more than enough
17738s ammunition between the foes to put down
17740s pressure and not let it stop but one of
17743s the big teams the big name mustache are
17746s standing in their way trying to make
17748s sure threats doesn't have a chance to
17749s survive that's two more elimination
17750s points plus the placement points that
17753s they could Garner here as they enter
17754s into the top six and they haven't
17756s combined of about 15 chub splashes or so
17759s they have so many heels they can top off
17762s at any time Zeke gets brought down after
17764s being saved by KBR and now Malibu Denver
17767s stash earn themselves more this might be
17770s the most deal is a no PBR Falls there to
17774s the hands of you three but now it's all
17776s up to Malibu can use and mercy staff
17777s down on the low ground roll Bob's in
17779s between Acorn and edgy have a chance
17781s here today take a win but they have to
17783s stop the W keyers of EU mustache and
17787s malibucca that's an insane amount of
17789s splashes between the two Duos left alive
17791s bro Bob trying to put a wrench into the
17793s mix but this comes down to a TV to EU
17796s versus NA East and both of these teams
17799s have all the resources in the world to
17801s make this one go forever so it's about
17803s thinking outside of the box making the
17805s Move That Matters Most as Acorn gets
17807s tacked up has to find some height to
17809s three heal and they're both out of field
17811s both of these teams are out of build
17812s this spike is going to come down to this
17814s as edgy gets chunked down he gets strong
17817s Malibu gun mustache trying to take game
17820s number 12 away from Naes and it's down
17823s to Acorn the last member we talked about
17825s his splashes this one's gonna come down
17827s to a heal off does he have enough to
17830s take the game men Miss coming out five
17833s more splashes he has so much time left
17836s in zone but Malibu good and mustache
17838s they have splashes of their own Acorn
17840s trying to put down the shots to try to
17842s minimize the effectiveness of it they're
17844s still in zone it looks like Acorn has
17846s ran out of opportunity he goes down
17849s for stats take game number 12. and just
17852s like that the 12 games are over but your
17855s champions of the f
17857s es Invitational are seti
17862s with congratulations with four Victory
17865s Roy owls in This Global competition they
17869s get it change up their strategy too much
17871s throughout 12 different games it didn't
17873s matter who I reviewed them because you
17876s can have that blueprint but if you don't
17878s know how to execute it's going to be all
17880s over and give it up one more time for
17883s your fncs Invitational Champions seti
17886s and Gabby congratulations
17891s have done it an incredible weekend an
17894s incredible opportunity and they did not
17897s miss a beat this entire room is on their
17900s feet and they deserve every ounce of
17903s support here because these are two of
17905s the hardest workers we have ever seen
17908s two of the hardest players in this space
17910s and you know what becoming Legends must
17913s be so proud congrats Reno
17915s they became Legends for sure on the
17919s grandest stage of them all emotion
17921s passion running wild let's throw it to
17923s Adam so we can get inside the minds of
17925s our champions
17927s thank you very much
17928s [Music]
17932s wow wow wow what an incredible
17936s incredible display this weekend uh if we
17939s go any further we must ask how are you
17941s feeling being fncs Invitational
17944s Champions very good I have no words we
17948s both worked so hard for this and it's
17950s just an amazing moment
17953s it's amazing like I waited for it so
17955s much
17963s it's a 1v1 what's going through your
17966s mind like
17968s I just wanted to eliminate him and ask
17971s you guys and as I can I don't know
17973s because I was thinking that he's low but
17975s I think he missed one shotgun shot so
17977s that's why I killed him
17980s I mean you go down it's just your
17983s teammate and this is what makes the
17985s difference to win what are you thinking
17988s I believed in him for like till the end
17991s and he's just an amazing player and I
17994s knew that he's gonna win them it was
17995s just amazing you you
18003s celebrate you guys it's been not just
18007s the last game where we saw the most
18009s incredible
18011s events the last two days four Victory
18014s Roy owls consistency of all rounds
18017s incredible Fortnight for the both of you
18019s I mean this has been something very very
18021s special yeah
18024s elaborate would have been the most
18025s special part of this was about your
18027s teamwork that's really stuck up we're
18029s separated from the rest of the world
18031s here at Invitational I think it's
18033s because we play we play with each other
18035s for the past few years so we have the
18037s chemistry of like gods and that's it
18040s obviously we could tell the chemistry
18041s there and I feel like there's a lot of
18043s chemistry in the audience right now is
18044s there anything that you want to say to
18047s your fans family friends everyone
18049s watching around the world I wanted I
18052s want to thank everyone watching from
18053s Poland gurum
18056s [Applause]
18059s anything else you'd like to share with
18061s the world yeah I just want to thank all
18063s too like every fan my parents my
18066s girlfriend and all the BL boys thank you
18068s so much amazing stuff we're gonna ask
18070s you to lift your trophy one last time
18072s give it up your fncs Invitational 2022
18076s champion
18077s [Applause]
18089s that was awesome
18106s once again
18108s massive congratulations
18111s to Cami and to seti from one in-person
18115s event to another these guys are racking
18119s up at accolades like they are
18121s eliminations like they are
18124s pois like they are notches on the Belt
18127s it's nothing to them this is fortnite
18131s this is impossible events this is fncs
18135s and I couldn't be more happy For Cami
18138s and seti they are some of the hardest
18140s workers on the European region
18142s constantly putting in the grind scrims
18144s Zone Wars you name it they are grinding
18148s it and oh boy I couldn't be more happy
18150s for them what a ride what air ride 12
18153s games before
18154s Victory Roy owls right we were coming
18157s into this event expecting to play one
18159s style they show us both the amount of
18161s preparation that for sure went into this
18164s look at that they are holding that right
18166s there because of that hard work my
18168s absolute favorite part though aside from
18170s that game till closer is is the
18172s competitive shock that kind of you you
18174s realize it it's almost like it's still
18176s taking time to set in for Cammy and said
18178s that they are in fact the fncs
18180s Invitational champion and I don't blame
18182s them because when they just kept
18184s grinding back to back to back cranking
18187s out all of these games and just never
18189s once wavering it is just so much
18192s pressure and yet they still overcame
18195s every single instance of it we have an
18198s opportunity here to just relive this
18201s moment that will I I'm telling you we'll
18203s go down in fortnite history We Begin the
18207s final game of the tournament with these
18209s Duos tied neck and neck only leading by
18212s 12 points for Vino and Queasy they
18215s decide what do we do do we play out a 25
18217s minute long game do we hope that the
18219s rng's aren't our favorite do we hope
18220s that we have the surge no let's take the
18222s fight to them at their POI at their
18224s front door huge respect for Vino and
18228s Queasy it takes some courage to land on
18232s first place team and do it in that
18234s fashion they knew that that was what it
18236s had to be we know Kami seti they're so
18238s effective in that end game they knew
18239s that they weren't going to go down early
18241s especially looking at their search but
18243s huge props to Vino and Queasy they've
18244s been one of the most exciting teams to
18246s watch High Ground mid ground they've
18248s dominated it all you yeah Cuisine video
18250s definitely earned the respect of the
18252s fortnite community you can already see
18254s it on socials everybody's like wow
18256s respect for that I mean from season to
18257s season we have seen this exact same
18260s situation there's a leader and second
18262s place is close behind I have raised this
18264s question multiple times and every single
18266s time everybody turns me down do they go
18269s and land on the team in second place or
18271s right now Vice Versa and everybody's
18273s like no when it never happens queasy and
18275s Vino here to change the script and they
18277s try to pull it off in good fashion and
18279s it's the amount of jitters that goes
18281s into these sorts of instances you can
18283s just read the hesitation that was
18285s running through both Cami and Vino's
18287s Minds In This Moment Vino undecided do I
18289s build do I Rush do I wait and
18292s unfortunately like Cami and I believe
18295s Cami was the one who mentioned it
18296s directly that it was an unfortunate
18298s missed shot there from Vino at the end
18301s but at the same time I am so glad that
18304s they delivered us a finale like that
18306s yeah and we can of course like shout out
18309s to Queen queasy and Vino you guys came
18311s second place that is nothing uh short of
18314s amazing you know please keep your heads
18316s held high because you came in second
18318s place against six other regions against
18320s your own region that is a testament to
18323s their skill set of course we can't deny
18325s though Kami seti a massive W for them
18328s for this Duo this is what we love to see
18331s but also when we consider the other dual
18333s tools here pH Zen and yeah
18337s vamos Brazil they had this opportunity
18341s you guys
18345s at your standings for PhD and ketos to
18348s climb in a situation where they start
18352s all the way in eighth place to watch
18354s everyone else around them fall they say
18357s look we can make it top five it's within
18359s our grasp and they do it so many people
18362s would accounted this Duo out so many
18363s would have looked at them and thought
18364s you know what they're not capable but
18366s they have they've done it I was watching
18368s some of their votes going into this they
18369s look strong they look like a team that's
18371s willing to be aggressive to take this
18373s whole tournament by storm and they have
18374s look at that fifth place for phc and
18377s ketos they have been some of the most or
18379s the least expected Euro to pop off but
18381s they absolutely deserve it a hundred
18383s percent I loved watching those final
18385s moments I saw two Duos go down I was
18387s like wait they only needed I think three
18389s points to jump up and sure enough they
18391s do jump into that fifth place spot so
18393s congratulations the phn and ketos top
18397s five at an International Event just a
18401s great way to represent your region and I
18403s also loved how well contained the
18406s mindset was there from phn in those
18409s final instances because he was a solo
18411s for the latter duration of Game 12 and
18413s yet he still managed to stay alive just
18416s long enough he knew that it was within
18418s his reach to jump up into that fifth
18420s place position and so just a huge
18422s congratulations to him as well to secure
18424s it
18424s if you would ask me Z Kyle is this event
18427s going to go in fact what Blake ghost
18429s Blake a player we interviewed asked me
18432s who do you think is going to win I said
18433s queasy Vino of course I never would have
18435s imagined that this would have all gone
18438s down the way it did that it all
18439s culminated in a game 12. let's just land
18441s right out the beginning and take it all
18443s and for the take a look at the prize
18445s money two hundred thousand dollars going
18447s to them and I want to even look back at
18449s Peeps and quito's right it's going up
18451s from eighth to fifth that's a 30k
18454s difference it's a huge difference and
18456s that's all to me what this is all about
18457s right those extra placements those extra
18459s points that were being squeezed out of
18460s that last game made all of the
18462s difference and that's what this is all
18464s about this is what these final moments
18466s are about and of course this Duo popping
18468s off you know how many are on the
18470s Brazilian on the Brazilian train we have
18472s to also look at zeed and KBR who are
18476s also in top 10. Brazil is showing up at
18481s the Invitational aim is a universal
18484s language and as far far as Brazil is
18485s concerned they have got it locked down
18488s I love it man guess what ladies and
18492s gentlemen we have queasy and we have
18494s vino they are standing by we're gonna
18496s get their emotional reactions to the end
18498s of the competition yes we do queasy Vino
18502s fellas thank you for putting on the most
18504s unbelievable display these last two days
18507s it has been incredible
18509s um one of the boldest place we've seen I
18512s think ever before uh walk us through the
18515s last game and and what was going through
18517s your minds going into it as well
18520s um I guess crazy we'll say best
18522s so first of all I think I was like fully
18525s committed to it and then I was like I
18527s think his nerves were getting a little
18529s bit in you know and uh then he decided
18531s like let's do it and then we just full
18533s sent it uh we somehow outdropped him I
18537s don't even know and uh yeah then I like
18539s made a big mistake like I picked the
18542s second guy which I shouldn't and then
18543s the rest is history the rest is history
18545s but what a historical moment it was I
18547s mean we mustn't deny as well but you put
18549s on such a great display this last two
18551s days I mean you must be very proud as
18553s well Vida of what you boys achieved here
18554s at Invitational no no you go back to the
18558s drawing book I mean the thing is bold
18559s play is what it's all about in fortnite
18561s and and you prove that you have that in
18563s your lock and it was incredible
18565s yeah uh yeah we we played well we could
18568s have played City played uh amazing shout
18571s out saying Kami
18572s um they're good friends of mine and
18573s quizzes there's uh there's hope there's
18576s no hard feelings there we try to make a
18577s play that and then a day they won I
18579s think one thing we've noticed this week
18580s entire weekend we've experienced this is
18582s the the community the players everyone
18584s together I mean shout out to Cami said
18586s he saw they you guys played incredibly
18587s they played incredibly and it could have
18589s gone either way at the end though queasy
18590s yeah I agree it was all up to that last
18592s game but
18594s hey there's always next time obviously
18596s this experience as well for you both I
18598s know you must be deflated but I I really
18600s appreciate guys what's your experience
18602s been like though with the rest of the
18603s players the audience screaming for you
18604s guys I mean it must been such a great
18606s experience being here yeah it was a
18608s great experience I can't wait for the
18609s next one you can't wait for the next one
18610s because it's been amazing it's been
18612s amazing thank you so much once again
18613s queasy and Vino thank you for making
18616s this just legendary uh boys back to uh
18619s the rest of the desk thank you so much
18620s boys
18622s are we picking up here it's our turn to
18625s go ahead and say again big shout outs
18627s and thanks honestly they move so not
18629s only graciously in the interview like
18632s it's a tough position to be in but at
18634s the end of the day they allowed
18636s themselves to make history they did
18638s something that I don't think many people
18639s will have the heart to do yeah much
18641s respect to those guys gracious in defeat
18643s these guys are humble these guys came
18645s here to win and even though they didn't
18647s I can guarantee you they're still
18649s leaving with a smile on their face
18650s they're still leaving with their heads
18651s held high every single person should
18653s including your fncs Invitational
18656s Champions Cammy and seti from become
18659s Legends you got to think Reno at home is
18660s probably laughing and screaming and all
18662s of these emotions running through him as
18664s well and I'll say it for him I know he
18665s wanted to be here he couldn't make the
18667s trip but I'm sure he is so elated right
18670s now listen Cammy and seti these guys
18672s drill at the facilities day in day out
18675s and you heard what they said they have
18677s been playing together for three years
18679s this type of competition that they were
18681s able to put up these numbers again is no
18684s simple task and they did it and they
18686s they haven't just been doing it here
18687s they've been doing it everywhere yeah
18688s and they do it from their own POI season
18690s after season they create their own luck
18692s but that's gonna be it from me and
18694s monster D face dreams do come true but
18697s back to the desk
18701s thank you so much monster D face Jacob
18703s PR what an amazing set of casts out of
18706s the two we'll do 12 games and my
18709s goodness unlike anything we have ever
18711s experienced in our life you'll love to
18714s see it I gotta say after two days of the
18716s fncs Invitational once again several
18719s countries represented
18721s 47 fncs Champions 88 titles you know
18725s this was some of the best fortnite we've
18727s ever seen some of the most hype plays
18729s the the highest highs the lowest lows it
18732s had at all seven different regions 27
18735s unique countries competing here today
18737s seti and Cameo the were the ones that
18740s lifted the trophy up but this is the
18742s start of a storyline for Vino and Queasy
18745s they got second place it's an amazing
18747s accomplishment but I feel like this is a
18750s start for these players they want that
18752s trophy they want to lift it up and I'm
18754s excited to see what they're gonna do in
18756s the future 100 that's what it's all
18758s about for those that were here competing
18760s right they got taste of it they got to
18762s witness somebody lift that Trophy up
18765s right in front of them I'm sure all of
18766s them want to feel that tenfold yeah just
18769s shout out to the players you know these
18770s international events we were talking
18772s about stats from you know throwback to
18774s World Cup at this event that event was
18776s three years ago which is why we're
18778s talking about history being made right
18780s here from the moment that we did the
18783s player walkouts with the actual crowd in
18786s the venue that was the instance where I
18789s think you could really see all of the
18791s excitement being read in these Duo's
18793s faces and all the players regardless of
18795s their placements they were just so happy
18798s to be here it was just so obvious how
18801s locked into the competition they were
18803s how much they wanted to just proudly
18805s represent their region and just showcase
18808s the fact that they are capable of
18811s competing and I love seeing this
18813s International debut that's right I mean
18815s that's such a great point right to just
18817s be able to come here and just say like
18818s hey I'm repping this region let's do
18819s this let's do that it's incred
18821s incredible you know and sure maybe the
18823s duo didn't land exactly where they
18825s wanted but these are some of the very
18826s best across seven regions that were all
18829s brought to one stage to compete here in
18833s Raleigh North Carolina at the Raleigh
18834s Convention Center amongst fans I mean
18836s y'all truly put on some of the greatest
18839s fortnite I'm telling you please hold
18841s your heads High wherever you landed you
18843s deserve it and I'm telling you even if
18845s it's not where you want come back we'll
18847s do this again soon and we'll absolutely
18849s put on some more fortnite action uh
18852s before we say goodbye or we got any more
18854s closing thoughts oh Kelly Kelly you want
18856s are you gonna stand up here Kelly okay
18858s yeah hi why not hello yeah come on sure
18861s why not you're pointing at me yeah why
18863s not uh yeah you guys can sit in here
18866s I'll buy still am I still gonna be here
18868s yeah yeah all right mini Miner you might
18870s as well come up here my friend oh my
18872s goodness uh let's get final thoughts
18874s real quick Taco go from you then we'll
18876s end back over here I've just absolutely
18878s loved every single moment so far and I
18881s truly cannot wait for the next Fortnight
18883s event
18884s uh shout out to the crowd the crowd was
18886s amazing every single time Adam hyped
18888s them up every time anybody hit them up
18889s anytime anything happened on the screen
18891s they were all out of their seats
18893s cheering for everybody loved that and
18895s the players were also great as well yeah
18897s I was it was this was incredible right
18899s and you guys did an amazing shot here on
18901s the on the yeah on the desk as well big
18903s shout out to monster and Jacob as well
18905s who crushed you on the casting from as
18907s well and uh see leading the charge my
18909s friends absolutely amazing we had to
18912s just hit come up here because this has
18913s been such an incredible experience with
18915s all of you guys and I wanted to enjoy
18917s this last moment with everyone it's been
18918s such a journey it really has it's so
18920s exciting in person again the
18923s excitement's at another level you said
18924s it all though I don't want to repeat you
18926s guys it's really been an amazing
18928s experience that's right to all of you
18930s the fans this is not possible without
18932s all of you that wraps up 2022. we're now
18936s kind of winding down at the off season
18938s of the fncs but listen if you want to be
18941s on the next fncs stage your journey will
18943s begin February 2023 now if you want to
18947s keep up to date FN competitive over on
18950s Twitter and Instagram great place to
18951s keep up to date until then we love you
18955s happy holidays and we'll see you
18957s on the battle bus
18981s foreign
19006s [Music]
19014s foreign
19017s [Music]
19027s [Music]
19033s [Music]