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0s What's up Fortnite Fam! The Global Championship duos have been decided.
4s And I'm going to give you the rundown
6s of what OCE is bringing to the international stage.
10s Kicking things off with a top tier team that will be making their presence
13s known at Global's. With back to back grand finals wins in Major one
18s and Major two, Suns and Anon on are known for their ability
22s to be consistent while also picking up eliminations.
25s In all 24 games of grand finals across major one and two,
29s they only failed to pick up an elimination in one of those games.
34s Expect this duo to be going into Global's looking to continue that consistency.
39s Making their way through major two was Sorif and Skits.
42s With Sorif being one of the most experienced players on the region
45s qualifying for every one of the 18 grand finals so far,
49s Pairing up with Skits who's considered one of the best controller players in OCE,
54s This is a very exciting duo.
56s As long as their duo synergy is on top form,
58s they'll be expected to have a successful Global Championships.
62s First to qualify through Major three was Repulse and Jace,
66s an impressive showing from a duo
67s That only teamed up at the beginning of Chapter four, Season three.
71s Keep an eye out for this duo at the Global Championships as they show us
75s what they can do against the world's best.
78s Just missing out on first place in major three,
81s but claiming a spot at the Global Championships was Alex and worthy.
85s With Alex having experience from the FNCS Invitational last year
89s and also being regarded as one of OCE's most promising talents,
93s Both him and Worthy will be looking to make waves in October.
97s One of the closest finishes in the OCE region this year
101s Was in the Last Chance Major, where Gazer and River managed to secure themselves
105s a spot at the Global Championships with their game six clutch. For a duo
110s That only came together at the beginning of Major three
113s Their performances so far have been incredibly consistent
116s and it's going to be amazing to see this duo go head to head
119s against the best from all over the world.
122s All those teams aren't going to have an easy battle bus
125s ride though, with 8 amazing duos coming from the Asia region.
129s After an exciting display at the Fortnite Invitational,
131s Zagou and Pepo have since joined forces
134s and will be Asia's major one Representatives at the Global Championship.
138s With some international experience already under their belt,
140s This duo is sure to create some buzz and showcase the development
143s of the region's high eliminations playstyle.
147s Next up, Yuma and Jaemon,
148s two players who both managed to qualify for every grand finals this chapter.
152s But their clutch performance
153s In major two to beat out the reigning FNCS champs of their region indicates
157s that this team is only aiming for the top and Globals will be no different.
162s Knowing that their region is sometimes overlooked,
164s Boby and Larkpex are determined to prove that aggressive box fight
167s heavy gameplay is a valid tactic for securing wins on a global scale.
171s They completely dominated Asia's major three grand finals and are hoping to carry
175s some of that momentum with them to Copenhagen.
178s Another duo that punched their ticket to the Global Championship,
181s a major three from Asia,
182s is Stain and Daydus, having just teamed up at the start of Chapter four,
186s Their constant improvement in placements throughout each major grand finals
189s suggests that this team has great
191s potential when it comes to adaptability at a competitive level.
195s Despite Asia building a label as a region of fraggers, Mkmkpapa
199s and Shelom are breaking the mould
201s and instead keeping their gameplay more centralized around smart rotations
204s and good positioning to yield four solid placements in end game lobbies.
208s Definitely keep an eye out for these two
209s as they're primed to sneak up on the leaderboards at Globals.
212s Lastly Dog and Raru, Cl4x and Wicx3sy
216s and Zazi and Aim all duked it out
217s for the final three regional spots for Asia at the Global Championship,
221s with only eight teams present much like the OCE teams these
224s Asia duos fully understand how important it is
227s to remind the rest of the world that sometimes less is more.
230s Every region wants to win, but only one team can actually walk away victorious.
235s Find out who at FNCS Global Championship.

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