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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s Do the Bugha celebration! COME ON!
2s There’s the GOAT. The GOAT can 1v2!
4s I mean, that moment’s something else.
12s It’s Reet! This is old.
13s Yeah, this is like Misty Meadows.
15s 1v3- there we go 100 damage.
18s There are so many clips of Reet 1v3-ing people- back then he was so good.
21s Is this when controller was OP?
24s Still is now.
24s I mean, this might be. Yeah. What?
26s He was going so crazy at that time otherwise, and that’s one knocked.
31s Imagine having someone like that 1v3-ing off-spawn.
33s It’s really good. Yo
37s yo, yo, lets go!
41s That was actually a good clip.
42s They’re NPC’s though but it was a good clip.
45s Oh, I don’t know this guy.
45s Ok we’ve got Bugha on low-ground.
49s Some NA gameplay. Wait, oh it’s duos, it’s duos.
50s We were spectating him, and then they were like,
52s Wait, they're going to lose this like that other team.
55s Broken item, slurp.
56s Siphon! Siphon’s still in the game.
58s Siphon! Nice.
60s There’s the GOAT. The GOAT can 1v2!
62s Little random peek, at the end.
64s Come on! Do the Bugha celebration!
66s COME ON! Oh
68s yeah.
69s The Veno and Queasy.
70s I mean that moment’s something else. Yeah.
73s I didn't even know that it was them at that moment
75s I was thinking those like a random team from 50th place there.
78s Queasy actually trolled here. Yeah.
80s If you didn't- if you just like chilled and didn't do anything.
84s And Kami just knows the spot better.
85s I mean what a fight, like, whole tournament on the line,
88s If they don't go for it, tournament's over.
91s I mean, that's so intense.
93s And now I wanted to destroy the wall and place a ramp in front of me,
97s so he shoots his prime shot into the ramp, and then I knew that he
101s couldn’t build there so I just ran up on him.
103s Yeah. My ramp placed behind me, so. Yeah.
105s And then I won, yeah. Really nice moment.
107s That’s so sad bro, I feel so bad for Veno.
108s I feel so good for Kami.
111s Goes both ways!

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